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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 60244 packages here.
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2015-05-25 yamli 0.1 UNKNOWN
2015-05-25 pyDHTMLParser 2.1.0 Python HTML/XML parser for simple web scraping.
2015-05-25 pyexpect 1.0.14 Python expectaton library
2015-05-25 Lucidity 1.4.0 Filesystem templating and management.
2015-05-25 mintapi 1.10.1 a screen-scraping API for
2015-05-25 metriccounter 0.0.1 Metric Counter for recording time series
2015-05-25 restmapper 0.0.7 A Python wrapper for restmapper
2015-05-25 flask_https 0.1.0 Make HTTPS required on any Flask app
2015-05-25 aio.web.server 0.1.2 Web server for the aio asyncio framework
2015-05-25 python-librtmp 0.3.0 Python bindings for librtmp, built with cffi
2015-05-25 awslogs 0.0.2 awslogs is a simple command line tool to read aws cloudwatch logs.
2015-05-25 google_oauthclient 2.2 UNKNOWN
2015-05-25 trmaid Tool to maintain transmission (bittorrent) settings, add items from feeds and redis queues
2015-05-25 mergic 0.0.6 workflow support for reproducible deduplication and merging
2015-05-25 CRISPResso 0.5.4 Software pipeline for the analysis of CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing outcomes from deep sequencing data
2015-05-25 hgsTools 0.1.3a1 hgsTools Python project
2015-05-25 humanfriendly 1.21 Human friendly output for text interfaces using Python
2015-05-25 mockingjay 0.1.1 A simple library to build mock http services based on HTTPretty
2015-05-25 pypackage 0.0.8 Pypackage looks to package python without writing a
2015-05-25 euston 0.1a1 FileIO and geometry functions for analysis of quantum chemical simulations mostly to work with CP2K
2015-05-25 pycrunchbase 0.3.1 Python bindings to CrunchBase
2015-05-25 widget-party 2.2.1 A collection of widgets to add functionality to django-dashing.
2015-05-25 holocron 0.1.dev0 An extendable static blog generator powered by the Force. =/
2015-05-25 xcs 1.0.0a5 XCS (Accuracy-based Classifier System)
2015-05-25 odfio 0.0.1 A library for the input / output of ODF documents
2015-05-25 leap.soledad.client 0.6.5 Synchronization of locally encrypted data among devices (client components).
2015-05-25 leap.soledad.server 0.6.5 Synchronization of locally encrypted data among devices (server components)
2015-05-25 leap.soledad.common 0.6.5 Synchronization of locally encrypted data among devices (common files).
2015-05-25 exist 0.1.7 Exist API client implementation
2015-05-25 drf-tracking 0.1.1 Utils to log Django Rest Framework requests to the database
2015-05-25 pyejabberd 0.2.2 A Python client for the Ejabberd XMLRPC API
2015-05-25 django-webpack-loader 0.1.2 Load your webpack bundles and chunks in django
2015-05-25 OpenWeatherForecast 0.2.3 Openweather python wrapper to forecast weather data.
2015-05-25 picup 0.4 PyQt based Picflash upload tool
2015-05-25 mongo-doc-manager 0.0.2 Algolia Mongo Connector
2015-05-25 SCET 1.3.0dev4 Sistema de Control de Entradas de Taller
2015-05-25 0.1.4 Aio application runner
2015-05-25 LinearAlgebra 1.1.0 Tools for working with matrices and vectors.
2015-05-25 censusprotocollib 1.0.0 Simple interface for using the Census Protocol
2015-05-25 edn_format 0.5.5 EDN format reader and writer in Python

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