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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 96966 packages here.
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2017-01-19 Acquisition 4.3.0 Acquisition is a mechanism that allows objects to obtain attributes from the containment hierarchy they're in.
2017-01-19 site_config 0.1.2 Django configuration Utility to manage multiple "websites" in a project.
2017-01-19 PyScreeze 0.1.9 A simple, cross-platform screenshot module for Python 2 and 3.
2017-01-19 dotplot 0.4.1 Small bioinformatic package for dotplot's generation (in command line and in GUI)
2017-01-19 ctext 0.263 Chinese Text Project API wrapper
2017-01-19 openlut 0.1.0 OpenLUT is a practical color management library.
2017-01-19 lib_fabric_dreamhost 0.0.1 Lib with shared Fabric tasks to be used with Dreamhost.
2017-01-19 CherryPy 9.0.0 Object-Oriented HTTP framework
2017-01-19 shisensho 0.9.5 Shisen Sho Game
2017-01-19 toil 3.5.0 Pipeline management software for clusters.
2017-01-19 sporestack 0.2.1 Create servers for Bitcoin. library.
2017-01-19 awscli 1.11.40 Universal Command Line Environment for AWS.
2017-01-19 botocore 1.5.3 Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3.
2017-01-19 broomer 0.0.6 Your github house-keeper
2017-01-19 fdscli 1.3.37 Formation CLI + SDK
2017-01-19 Flask-Intercom 0.1.0 Flask-Intercom
2017-01-19 psypg 1.6 Simple Python wrapper for Psycopg2
2017-01-19 landsat-util 0.13.1 A utility to search, download and process Landsat 8 satellite imagery
2017-01-19 pluralsight 0.16.0 Pluralsight client library for API management
2017-01-19 edx-i18n-tools 0.3.6 edX Internationalization Tools
2017-01-19 pybbn 0.0.1 Exact inference in Bayesian Belief Networks using Probability Propagation in Trees of Clusters (PPTC)
2017-01-19 azure-translator 0.1.2 Python SDK for Azure Translator API.
2017-01-19 myusps 1.0.2 Python 3 API for My USPS, a way to track packages.
2017-01-19 epistasis 0.1.2 High Order Epistasis Models/Regressions for Genotype-Phenotype Maps
2017-01-19 bqplot 0.9.0b5 Interactive plotting for the Jupyter notebook, using d3.js and ipywidgets.
2017-01-19 eptransition 0.6 EnergyPlus file transition in Python.
2017-01-19 xanespy 0.1.0 Tools for analyzing X-ray absorbance spectroscopy data
2017-01-19 challenge.uccs 1.0.0 Running baseline experiments and evaluations for the IJCB 2017 UCCS challenge
2017-01-19 djangocassandra 0.7.5 Cassandra support for the Django web framework
2017-01-19 neo4j-driver 1.1.0 Neo4j Bolt driver for Python
2017-01-19 django-ohm2-handlers 1.3.3 Django application to easily handle database requests and other tools
2017-01-19 static_grader 0.1.29 A Static grader
2017-01-19 fei-ws 1.2.1b1 Wrapper for the FEI Web Services v1.1 and v1.2
2017-01-19 ipympl 0.0.3 Matplotlib Jupyter Extension
2017-01-19 plectrum 0.1.0a0 Interactively select items from a list in a terminal.
2017-01-19 signalflowcli 1.2.6 SignalFx Python Library
2017-01-19 django_mako_plus 3.7.1 Combines Django framework and Mako templating engine, plus a few bonuses.
2017-01-19 pds_cdf 0.1.0 A python CDF reader
2017-01-19 rnnlab 2.2.0 Python API for training RNN Lanugage Models with Tensorflow
2017-01-19 maps 0.1.0 Python dictionaries with items also accessible via dot-notation

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