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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 70297 packages here.
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2015-11-30 oaserver 0.1.2 Computation server oriented OpenAlea
2015-11-30 Mambu 0.0.3 Python module for Mambu API
2015-11-30 SDH-Curator 0.1.1a9 The service responsible for supporting resource enrichment on a Linked Data platform
2015-11-30 runenv 0.2.5 Wrapper to run programs with different env
2015-11-30 io3d 1.0.26 3D data read and write
2015-11-30 eopayment 1.3 Common API to use all French online payment credit card processing services
2015-11-30 mongoengine 0.10.5 MongoEngine is a Python Object-Document Mapper for working with MongoDB.
2015-11-30 py-altimetry 0.3.2 PyAltimetry: Python tools for altimetry data and much more
2015-11-30 qtarmsim 0.3.1 Qt graphical frontend to ARMSim
2015-11-30 askbot 0.7.55 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
2015-11-30 pyretrace 0.2 A python reimplementation on Proguard's Retrace, with a deobfuscation API for python.
2015-11-30 PythonScript1 1.1.1 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-11-30 certifi 2015.11.20.1 Python package for providing Mozilla's CA Bundle.
2015-11-30 rhubarbe 0.55 Testbed Management Framework for R2Lab
2015-11-30 eureka-client 0.1.0 A python interface for Netflix Eureka
2015-11-30 articleDateExtractor 0.13 Automatically extracts and normalizes an online article or blog post publication date
2015-11-30 collective.searchandreplace 6.0 Batch Search and Replace
2015-11-30 skitai Skitai App Engine
2015-11-30 modsecurity-exception-factory 0.1.4 A tool that generates ModSecurity exception rules by automatically analyzing ModSecurity audit logs.
2015-11-30 CLAUDE-tools 0.1.6a1 Tools package, which is used by workers scripts
2015-11-30 progressbar2 3.5.1 A Python Progressbar library to provide visual (yet text based) progress to long running operations.
2015-11-30 fut 0.1.7 fut is a simple library for managing Fifa Ultimate Team.
2015-11-30 pip-tools 1.2.0
2015-11-30 zmon-cli 1.0.16 Command line interface for Zalando's monitoring tool ZMON
2015-11-30 grabfeed 0.3.1 Detects and return RSS feeds for a given website.
2015-11-30 0.10.1 OneGov web application for small towns.
2015-11-30 django-phonenumber-field 1.0.0 An international phone number field for django models.
2015-11-30 coala 0.3.0.dev20151130103217 Code Analysis Application (coala)
2015-11-30 seantis.dir.eventsportlet 1.2 Portlet for displaying events.
2015-11-30 my4geks 0.1.1 MySQL for Gevent kept Simple.
2015-11-30 docloud 1.0.69 The IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud Python client
2015-11-30 bash_kernel 0.4.1 A bash kernel for Jupyter
2015-11-30 halonctl 1.4.0 Manage Halon nodes from the commandline
2015-11-30 sacrud 0.3.4 CRUD interface for SQLAlchemy.
2015-11-30 django-wsgi 1.0b1 Enhanced WSGI support for Django applications
2015-11-30 scrollphat 0.0.1 Scroll pHAT Driver
2015-11-30 redmine-gitlab-migrator 1.0.2 Migrate a redmine project to gitlab
2015-11-30 dependency_injector 1.11.1 Dependency injection framework for Python projects
2015-11-30 muffin-session 0.2.0
2015-11-30 vmware-clones 0.2.11 Clone running vmware virtual machines running on preconfigured cluster

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