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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 101796 packages here.
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2017-03-29 PyBCY 1.1.8 Python Interface For API
2017-03-29 Flask-PyBankID 0.3.1 Flask Extension for PyBankID client
2017-03-29 pybankid 0.5.2 BankID client for Python
2017-03-29 djangocms-spa-vue-js 0.1.11 This package prepares your django CMS and vue.js project to create a single-page application (SPA).
2017-03-29 fastread 0.0.3 UNKNOWN
2017-03-29 dbaas_cloudstack 0.8.8 A cloudstack adapter to DBaaS
2017-03-29 neuropythy 0.2.21 Toolbox for flexible cortical mesh analysis and registration
2017-03-29 zq 0.3 ZQL - Zabbix Query Language
2017-03-29 spacy_api 0.4.33 Server/Client around Spacy to load only once
2017-03-29 hpack 3.0.0 Pure-Python HPACK header compression
2017-03-29 qtconsole 4.3.0 Jupyter Qt console
2017-03-29 isclib 0.14 ISC: Inter-service communication layer for Python.
2017-03-29 1.5.2
2017-03-29 kibitzr 2.6.8 Self hosted web page changes monitoring
2017-03-29 island 0.2.0 island generic source manager (like repo in simple mode)
2017-03-29 invoice2data 0.2.51 Python parser to extract data from pdf invoice
2017-03-29 Netbase 0.1.18 Netbase : Wikidata World Graph
2017-03-29 maildrake 0.1.2 Development tool for testing email traffic.
2017-03-29 osa_differ 0.2.2 Find changes between OpenStack-Ansible versions
2017-03-29 django-virtual-pos 1.6.4 django-virtual-post is a module that abstracts the flow of paying in several virtual points of sale.
2017-03-29 burocracy 0.3.2 Templating and pdf generation for docx/pptx files
2017-03-29 algos-py 0.3.3 Classic computer science algorithms in Python
2017-03-29 chanjo-report 4.1.0 Automatically render coverage reports from Chanjo ouput
2017-03-29 emrt.necd.content 2.0.15 Content-types for EMRT-NECD Review Tool
2017-03-29 apistar 0.1.2 Blazingly fast & beautifully expressive Web APIs
2017-03-29 pylef 0.1.1 Python module for controlling isntruments and support IFGW LEF
2017-03-29 asynchttplib 0.1.0 Lib for creating microservice on asyncio
2017-03-29 sphinxcontrib-needs 0.1.13 Sphinx needs extension for managing needs/requirements and specifications
2017-03-29 ips 0.1.0 UNKNOWN
2017-03-29 seed-message-sender 0.9.9 Seed Message Sender mircoservice
2017-03-29 aio_manager 2.0.0 Script manager for aiohttp.
2017-03-29 pyAndroZoo 0.3 A Python library to access the AndroZoo data set.
2017-03-29 DeepGraph 0.0.9 DeepGraph is a scalable, general-purpose data analysis package. It implements a network representation based on pandas DataFrames and provides methods to construct, partition and plot graphs, to interface with popular network packages and more.
2017-03-29 usfm-tools 0.0.9 A framework for transforming .usfm files into specified targets
2017-03-29 pyFpcap 1.2.0 A pure Python library designed to make it easy and quick to capture RTP on FREESWITCH's established session
2017-03-29 molo.core 4.4.8 Molo is a set of tools for publishing mobi sites with a community focus.
2017-03-29 OGN-Flogger Realtime logging of glider flights from Flarm data
2017-03-29 lets 0.1.0 Several gevent utilities
2017-03-29 tsfresh 0.7.0 tsfresh extracts relevant characteristics from time series

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