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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 119755 packages here.
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2017-10-20 irmacl 1.1.8 Irma command line tool for API v1.1
2017-10-20 pycodcif 0.7.0 COD CIF parser
2017-10-20 bapt 1.0.0 Band alignment plotting tool
2017-10-20 tf-nightly-gpu 1.5.0.dev20171020 TensorFlow helps the tensors flow
2017-10-20 pyConfigAnalysis 1.0.3 This is a python project that parses the configuration file for the "key = value" type.
2017-10-20 pyspark_db_utils 0.0.1 Usefull functions for working with Database in PySpark (PostgreSQL, ClickHouse)
2017-10-20 text-fabric 3.1.0 Processor for Text Fabric Data
2017-10-20 hops 1.2.2 A helper library for Hops that facilitates development by hiding the complexity of discovering services and setting up security.
2017-10-20 pymathjax 0.1.1 install MathJax on local
2017-10-20 tf-nightly 1.5.0.dev20171020 TensorFlow helps the tensors flow
2017-10-20 nanopack 0.1.4 Install all Oxford Nanopore scrips and modules for processing and analysis
2017-10-20 pyueye pyueye - Python bindings for uEye API.
2017-10-20 monal Python Neural Network Engine
2017-10-20 emailtrail 0.3.16 Analyse hops taken by an Email to reach you. Get structured information about each hop - Hostnames, Protocol used, Timestamp, and Delay
2017-10-20 wellcome-lambda-utils 1.0.6 Common lib for lambdas
2017-10-20 ahqapiclient 0.7.8 AbuseHQ API Client
2017-10-20 openjudge 2.0.15 LAN Programming Contest Judging Program
2017-10-20 NanoPlot 0.20.1 Plotting suite for Oxford Nanopore sequencing data and alignments
2017-10-20 NanoComp 0.3.1 Comparing runs of Oxford Nanopore sequencing data and alignments
2017-10-20 msb_client 0.4.0 MSB client implementation for python 3
2017-10-20 NanoFilt 1.5.2 Filtering and trimming of Oxford Nanopore Sequencing data
2017-10-20 capy 1.1.4 CAPY is a helper for running calabash tests on iOS and Android
2017-10-20 NanoStat 0.6.1 Calculate statistics for Oxford Nanopore sequencing data and alignments
2017-10-20 nanoplotter 0.16.5 Plotting functions of Oxford Nanopore sequencing data
2017-10-20 nanoget 0.15.0 Functions to extract information from Oxford Nanopore sequencing data and alignments.
2017-10-20 pytorch-skipthoughts 0.4.4 Multi-GPU Customizable Implementation of Skip-Thoughts in PyTorch
2017-10-20 lambda_tools 0.0.9 A toolkit for creating and deploying Python code to AWS Lambda
2017-10-20 knoema 1.0.8b1 Official Python package for Knoema's API
2017-10-20 yara-procdump-python 0.1.0.post1 A Python extension to wrap the Yara process memory access API.
2017-10-20 hpcbench 0.3 Specify and run your benchmarks
2017-10-20 aiorun 2017.10.1 Boilerplate for asyncio applications
2017-10-20 asammdf 2.6.3 ASAM MDF measurement data file parser
2017-10-20 datary 0.1.11 Datary Python sdk lib
2017-10-20 err-hunter Enhanced traceback and logging utils
2017-10-20 edx-enterprise 0.52.8 Your project description goes here
2017-10-20 1.0.0 Vein Recognition Library
2017-10-20 quantdsl 1.3.5 Domain specific language for quantitative analytics in finance.
2017-10-20 SpiderKeeper-2 0.1.1 Admin ui for spider service
2017-10-20 tester-LX 10.0.1 a simple printer of nested lists
2017-10-20 aio-pika 1.5.1 Wrapper for the PIKA for asyncio and humans.

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