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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 94451 packages here.
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2016-12-08 bacula-stats 0.0.2 CLI tool to display recent or all backups in table blocks.
2016-12-08 omada-nagios 1.0.17 A framework for writing Nagios plugins
2016-12-08 processout 5.0.7 ProcessOut API bindings.
2016-12-08 notebook 4.3.0 A web-based notebook environment for interactive computing
2016-12-08 fpview 0.1 Visualization tool for raw fingerprint data generated by NBIS
2016-12-08 datafs 0.1.3 DataFS is an abstraction layer for data storage systems. It manages file versions and metadata using a json-like storage system like AWS's DynamoDB and relies on PyFilesystem to abstract file storage, allowing you to store files locally and on the cloud in a seamless interface.
2016-12-08 greenstack 1.0 Lightweight in-process concurrent programming
2016-12-08 zc_events 0.1.2 Shared code for ZeroCater microservices events
2016-12-08 pytify 3.3.1 Spotify remote. Search, start and navigate through songs.
2016-12-08 pytify 3.3.0 Spotify remote. Search, start and navigate through songs.
2016-12-08 seed 0.11.0 A utility for easily creating and releasing Python packages
2016-12-08 baiji 2.6.0 High-level Python abstraction layer for Amazon S3
2016-12-08 pixiedust-flightpredict 0.9 Flight delay predictor application with PixieDust
2016-12-08 serial_device2 1.8.1 Extends serial.Serial to add methods such as auto discovery of available serial ports in Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X
2016-12-08 defusedivision 0.0.6 Terminal based multiplayer (and singleplayer) minesweeper
2016-12-08 text-fabric 1.2.1 Processor for Text Fabric Data
2016-12-08 overpy 0.4 Python Wrapper to access the OpenStreepMap Overpass API
2016-12-08 rivescript 1.14.3 A Chatterbot Scripting Language
2016-12-08 sayhello 0.1.1 say text on the command-line
2016-12-08 pex 1.1.17 The PEX packaging toolchain.
2016-12-08 mparticle 0.9.5 Python client for the mParticle platform
2016-12-08 PyECLib 1.4.0 This library provides a simple Python interface for implementing erasure codes. To obtain the best possible performance, the underlying erasure code algorithms are written in C.
2016-12-08 rattail-demo 0.1.0 Rattail Software Demo
2016-12-08 twod_materials 1.1.3 High throughput 2D material modules
2016-12-08 juno-magic 0.2.3 IPython magics and utilities to work with bridged kernels
2016-12-08 bsxprinter 0.3 BSX Printer Python Lib
2016-12-08 apssh 0.5.4 Asynchroneous Parallel ssh
2016-12-08 slackbot_wems 0.2.481231022 Python Code for Tech Em Studios WEMS Class
2016-12-08 plaster-spring-boot 0.1.9 Generates scaffolding for new models for Spring Boot projects
2016-12-08 apium 0.0.6 A simple remote task queue, with no dependencies.
2016-12-08 paasta-tools 0.56.13 Tools for Yelps SOA infrastructure
2016-12-08 travis2docker 3.0.11 Script to generate Dockerfile from .travis.yml file
2016-12-08 django-dbfilestorage 0.1.0 Database backed file storage for testing.
2016-12-08 financial_life 0.9.1 A framework for analysing financial products in personalized contexts
2016-12-08 wagtail-factories 0.0.2 Factory boy classes for wagtail
2016-12-08 zxcvbn-python 4.4.2 python port of Dropbox's zxcvbn library
2016-12-08 qtpandas 1.0.2 Utilities to use pandas (the data analysis / manipulation
2016-12-08 toil-rnaseq 3.0.0a1.dev34 UC Santa Cruz Computational Genomics Lab's Toil-based RNA-seq pipeline
2016-12-08 minfraud 1.3.2 MaxMind minFraud Score and Insights API
2016-12-08 parallel_sync 1.8.8 A Parallelized file/url syncing package

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