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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 62145 packages here.
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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python install" it.

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2015-06-30 bidon 0.1.8 A simple, easy to use, and flexible data handling library
2015-06-30 dataplicity 0.3.11a6 Platform for connected devices
2015-06-30 behave-django 0.2.1 Behave BDD integration for Django
2015-06-30 pokitdok 1.1 PokitDok Platform API Client
2015-06-30 meteorpi_client 0.1.4 Client to the MeteorPi HTTP API
2015-06-30 meteorpi_server 0.1.4 HTTP server based on Flask providing a remote API
2015-06-30 meteorpi_fdb 0.1.4 Data access layer, uses FireBird to persist and retrieve MeteorPi classes
2015-06-30 meteorpi_model 0.1.4 Model classes used across the MeteorPi project
2015-06-30 pygnip 1.0.0.a1 A wrapper for the Gnip API
2015-06-30 walt-server 0.4-8 WalT (Wireless Testbed) server daemon.
2015-06-30 SoftLayer 4.0.4 A library for SoftLayer's API
2015-06-30 drf-tools 0.9.3 Multiple extensions and test utilities for Django REST Framework 3
2015-06-30 efel 2.3.73 Electrophys Feature Extract Library (eFEL)
2015-06-30 jsh 0.3.4 Junos-like shell library for Python
2015-06-30 plugit 0.2.0rc1 PlugIt is a framework enhancing the portability and integration of web services requiring a user interface.
2015-06-30 wheeler.base_node_rpc 0.6.post2 Arduino RPC node packaged as Python package.
2015-06-30 rpcpdb 0.4.4 Debug support for RPC servers
2015-06-30 pywinauto 0.5.0 pywinauto is a set of python modules to automate the Microsoft Windows GUI
2015-06-30 m3-objectpack Инструментарий для упрощения разработки реестров и справочников
2015-06-30 aldryn-apphook-reload 0.2.1 Reload urls of django CMS Apphooks without a restart
2015-06-30 rsb-python 0.12.1 Fully event-driven Robotics Service Bus
2015-06-30 oslo.versionedobjects 0.5.1 Oslo Versioned Objects library
2015-06-30 pyidml 0.3.dev0 A Python IDML library
2015-06-30 fastcomp 1.1.0 Limited-but-faster computation of Levenshtein distance
2015-06-30 django-sql-stacktrace 0.3.0 Pluggable application, which puts a python stack trace in the SQL query as a comment (useful for debugging)
2015-06-30 pyndamics 0.0.2 Python Numerical Dynamics
2015-06-30 kivy-okapi 0.1.0 Grid-based game framework built with Kivy 1.9
2015-06-30 onegov.core 0.4.3 Contains code shared by all OneGov applications.
2015-06-30 clandestined 1.0.1 rendezvous hashing implementation based on murmur3 hash
2015-06-30 djedi-cms-jinja2 1.0 Jinja variants of the Djedi template tags.
2015-06-30 dshelpers 1.1.0 Provides some helpers functions used by the ScraperWiki Data Services team.
2015-06-30 django-statsy 0.1.3 Statistics for Django projects
2015-06-30 dataql 0.1.1 ``dataql`` is for "Data Query Language". It allows to query data in a simple way.
2015-06-30 django-cas-sso 1.1.2 Django Cas SSO Client (inherited from django-cas)
2015-06-30 aldryn-newsblog 1.0.1 Adds blogging and newsing capabilities to django CMS
2015-06-30 network_tester 0.1.2 SpiNNaker network experiment library.
2015-06-30 campagne 9 ANTI SUICIDE - niet de verboden maar de geboden vrucht. medicijnen eerst.
2015-06-30 confidant 0.0.9 Simple configuration management
2015-06-30 skitai Skitai App Engine Library
2015-06-30 igz 7 Hoe is de IGZ van plan om onder de WvGGZ de kwaliteit van de behandeling te controleren nu de multidisciplinaire commissie uit de wet geschrapt is ?

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