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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 65371 packages here.
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2015-08-28 pydemon 0.0.7 Monitor for any changes in your Project
2015-08-28 ssh_manage_api 2.2 simple batch manage ssh_keys and support web api
2015-08-28 saika.path 0.1.19 UNKNOWN
2015-08-28 swiglpk 1.2.0 swiglpk - Simple swig bindings for the GNU Linear Programming Kit
2015-08-28 Control_DB_date 1.5.0 get dbname from date and dbname , According to the monthly
2015-08-28 genmod 2.1.1 Annotate genetic inheritance models in variant files
2015-08-28 pyLruCache 1.4.0 use Lru for dict cache.
2015-08-28 PySPH 1.0a3 A general purpose Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics framework
2015-08-28 collectd-haproxy 1.0.0 HAProxy stats plugin for collectd.
2015-08-28 vyked 2.1.24 A micro-service framework for Python
2015-08-28 okpy 1.4.1 supports programming projects by running tests, tracking progress, and assisting in debugging.
2015-08-28 nester_nmz 1.3.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-08-28 zml 0.6.1 zero markup language
2015-08-28 python-qwt 6.1.2a5 Qt plotting widgets for Python
2015-08-28 pth2 0.1.17 UNKNOWN
2015-08-28 CodeConvert 2.0.1 Code Convert for Humans
2015-08-28 cliquery 0.6.8 a command-line browsing interface
2015-08-28 corpkit 1.38 A toolkit for working with linguistic corpora
2015-08-28 rtcclient 0.2.0 RTCClient for Rational Team Concert
2015-08-28 fio_product_elasticsearch Product-ElasticSearch
2015-08-28 dork 0.1.2 Docker and ansible based development containers.
2015-08-28 bisque_engine 0.6a6 The BisQue module engine: build add-on modules for BisQue
2015-08-28 ntracer 0.7.4 A fast hyper-spacial ray-tracing library
2015-08-28 django_ember_toolkit 0.1 Tools to integrate develop an Ember app using Django as the backend.
2015-08-28 Flask-JsonSchemaValidator 0.2 Basic JSON Schema Validator for the Flask web framework.
2015-08-28 bcmwindow 1.0.0 bcmwindow
2015-08-28 goatools 0.5.8 Python scripts to find enrichment of GO terms
2015-08-28 mf2util 0.2.3 Python Microformats2 utilities, a companion to mf2py
2015-08-28 django-nav-menu 0.1 A Django app for creating the simplest menu trees in admin panel
2015-08-28 courseraprogramming 0.6.0 A toolkit to help develop asynchronous graders for Coursera based on docker images.
2015-08-28 Somiy 1.3.0 A simple printer of nester lists This is Mode Exercise
2015-08-28 google_places_python_3_wrapper 0.0.1 A lightweight wrapper of the Google Places API based on "Pithikos/Google-Places-v3-Python3-wrapper"
2015-08-28 nester_ouy 1.3.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-08-28 marshmallow-sqlalchemy 0.3.0 SQLAlchemy integration with the marshmallow (de)serialization library
2015-08-28 keyor 1.3.0 A simple printer of nester lists This is Mode Exercise
2015-08-28 geoshape-geonode 1.3.1 The GeoNode used for the GeoShape (formerly ROGUE) project (
2015-08-28 django-maploom 1.2.7 Use MapLoom in your django projects.
2015-08-28 youtube_dl 2015.08.28 YouTube video downloader
2015-08-28 smallvectors 0.3a1 Efficient linear algebra in low dimensions
2015-08-28 FGAme 0.4a1 A game engine for 2D physics

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