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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 74468 packages here.
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2016-02-12 quorum 0.3.20 Quorum Extensions for Flask
2016-02-12 openstack-release-tools 0.0.0
2016-02-12 netius 1.6.26 Netius System
2016-02-12 rackspacesdk 0.5.0 Rackspace plugin for the OpenStack SDK
2016-02-12 appier 1.2.5 Appier Framework
2016-02-12 HTML-Auto 0.0.1 Just another HTML tag generator (for Python)
2016-02-12 solar 0.2.0 Deployment tool
2016-02-12 hyuki-cvs-graph 0.2.5 view graph for working log
2016-02-12 byte_to_humanity 1.3 convert bytes to kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, ...
2016-02-12 dmsa 0.5.8 SQLAlchemy models and DDL and ERD generation from chop-dbhi/data-models style JSON endpoints.
2016-02-12 pyRiffle 0.2.5 Riffle client libraries for interacting over a fabric
2016-02-12 abilian-sbe 0.2.0 Social Business / Enterprise Social Networking platform
2016-02-12 pymesync 0.0.1 pymesync - python module for the OSUOSL TimeSync API
2016-02-12 twtxt 1.2.0 Decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers.
2016-02-12 diff_match_patch_python_python2_fork 1.0.1 A Python extension module that wraps Google's diff_match_patch C++ implementation for very fast string comparisons.
2016-02-12 devpi-server 3.0.1 devpi-server: reliable private and caching server
2016-02-12 case_insensitive_dict 0.1.2 Case Insensitive Dict for python.
2016-02-12 grizzled-python 1.0.7 The Grizzled Python Utility Library
2016-02-12 51degrees-mobile-detector-v3-trie-wrapper 51Degrees Mobile Detector (Lite C Trie Wrapper).
2016-02-12 rst.linker 1.3.2 rst.linker
2016-02-12 plone.scale 1.4.1 Image scaling
2016-02-12 urubu 1.2.0 A micro CMS for static websites with a focus on good navigation practices.
2016-02-12 Flask-TokenAuth 0.0.2 Token-based authentication for Flask routes
2016-02-12 jenkins-job-wrecker 1.0.5 convert Jenkins XML to YAML
2016-02-12 oic 0.8.2 Python implementation of OAuth2 and OpenID Connect
2016-02-12 51degrees-mobile-detector-v3-wrapper 51Degrees Mobile Detector (C Pattern Wrapper).
2016-02-12 cubicweb-saem-ref 0.10.1 Référenciel de Système d'Archivage Électronique Mutualisé
2016-02-12 django-zappa 0.10.1 Serverless Django With AWS Lambda + API Gateway
2016-02-12 jupyter_declarativewidgets 0.4.0.dev0 Jupyter extensions for supporting declarative widgets
2016-02-12 django-stdimage 2.3.0 Django Standarized Image Field
2016-02-12 ligo-gracedb 1.20 Gravitational Wave Candidate Event Database Client Tools
2016-02-12 aldryn-faq 1.0.12 FAQ addon for django CMS
2016-02-12 tornado-retry-client 0.4.0 Simple retry tornado http client
2016-02-12 aldryn-people 1.1.6 Aldryn People publishes profile pages for people in your organisation including team members, collaborators, partners, clients, and so on, including photographs and address information.
2016-02-12 detect_linux_distro 1.3 Detect Linux distribution
2016-02-12 battalion 0.5.6 Python framework for commandline applications
2016-02-12 pyatomdb AtomDB python library. This is a very early development version.
2016-02-12 zappa 0.10.3 Serverless WSGI With AWS Lambda + API Gateway
2016-02-12 btsbots 0.0.15 trade bots for Bitshares
2016-02-12 btspusher 0.0.7 push service for Bitshares

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