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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 89451 packages here.
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2016-09-26 OASYS-XOPPY 1.0.12 XOPPY: XOP (X-ray oriented programs) in Python
2016-09-26 django-cas-minimal 2.3.7 A Django CAS library for version 1.7.4 which actually works
2016-09-26 jabber-bot 0.1.1 UNKNOWN
2016-09-26 luizalabs-django-toolkit 0.1.0 The LuizaLabs set of tools to develop projects using the Django framework
2016-09-26 lassie 0.8.0 Lassie is a Python library for retrieving basic content from websites
2016-09-26 barman 2.0 Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL
2016-09-26 pmisc 1.1.9 This module contains miscellaneous utility functions that can be applied in a variety of circumstances; there are context managers, membership functions (test if an argument is of a given type), numerical functions, string functions and functions to aid in the unit testing of modules
2016-09-26 kiwi 8.20.20 KIWI - Appliance Builder
2016-09-26 ytree 1.0.0 Merger-tree for FoF, Rockstar, and consistent-trees based on yt.
2016-09-26 cuckoo-modified-api 20160926.1 A Python library to interface with a cuckoo-modified instance
2016-09-26 raccoon 1.1.5 Python DataFrame with fast insert and appends
2016-09-26 rowingdata 0.89.1 The rowingdata library to create colorful plots from CrewNerd, Painsled and other rowing data tools
2016-09-26 plonetheme.onegov 2.0.0 Theme package for OneGov
2016-09-26 pymarkoff 0.4.2 A simple Markov chain modeller and generator aimed for word and sentence generation.
2016-09-26 ftw.tabbedview 3.5.2 A generic tabbed view for plone content types.
2016-09-26 game-of-life 0.1.1 A short description for your project.
2016-09-26 smart-sentinel 0.1.1 an incredible python package
2016-09-26 ftw.calendarwidget 1.1.12 A plone widget for archetypes using the jQuery UI calendar widget
2016-09-26 series 2.19.1
2016-09-26 diffantom 1.0.2a0
2016-09-26 ftw.theming 1.7.1
2016-09-26 ftw.contentnav 1.0.1 Provides a content navigation behavior, which allows you to show sub content by category.
2016-09-26 limnoria 2016.09.26 A modified version of Supybot (an IRC bot and framework)
2016-09-26 dolang 0.0.1 Dolo Modeling Language
2016-09-26 cfn 0.0.2 Small script to manipulate AWS CloudFormation stacks
2016-09-26 pyknowsis 0.1.5 API Wrapper for the Knowsis API
2016-09-26 kcli 1.0.17 Libvirt wrapper on steroids
2016-09-26 ravello-sdk 1.28 Python SDK for the Ravello API
2016-09-26 emails 0.5.10 Modern python library for emails.
2016-09-26 django-bulbs 3.19.dev4 America's Finest Namespace
2016-09-26 graphene-sqlalchemy 1.0 Graphene SQLAlchemy integration
2016-09-26 paasta-tools 0.49.8 Tools for Yelps SOA infrastructure
2016-09-26 3.5.1 Produce books with Plone and export them in a high quality PDF.
2016-09-26 graphene-django 1.0 Graphene Django integration
2016-09-26 wheeler.pygtkhelpers 0.14.post5 PyGTKHelpers is a library to assist the building of PyGTK applications.
2016-09-26 ftw.publisher.core 2.7.3 Staging and publishing addon for Plone contents.
2016-09-26 ftw.simplelayout 1.9.0 SimpleLayout provides block based content pages
2016-09-26 graphene 1.0 GraphQL Framework for Python
2016-09-26 bob.learn.em 2.0.10 Bindings for EM machines and trainers of Bob
2016-09-26 ftw.subsite 2.2.0

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