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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 130038 packages here.
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2018-02-18 fuocore 1.1.0a0 feeluown core
2018-02-18 mori_utils 0.2.7 Mori Personal Utils
2018-02-18 importlib_resources 0.3 Read resources contained within a package.
2018-02-18 pymunge 0.1.2b0 A Python interface to MUNGE
2018-02-18 quantaxisbackend 0.1.0 QUANTAXISBACKEND: WEB
2018-02-18 py-seed 0.1.0 A Python API client for the SEED Platform
2018-02-18 modelx 0.0.6 Build and run complex models composed of formulas and data
2018-02-18 easyhid 0.0.2 A simple interface to the HIDAPI library.
2018-02-18 colorcalendar 1.0.6 A calendar for command-line in Linux
2018-02-18 pyriemann-slim 0.3.2 Riemannian Geometry for python for embedded systems
2018-02-18 djaodjin-survey 0.2.2 Survey Django app
2018-02-18 teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-legends-hack-tool-for-free-greenbacks-and-warp-passes-2018 1.0.9 teenage mutant ninja turtles legends hack tool for free greenbacks and warp passes 2018 Claim your Greenbacks and Warp Passes for TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES LEGENDS within 2 Seconds. This is updated version from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends Hacking Tool. So many update and patch applied on this script.
2018-02-18 lifelib 0.0.3 Actuarial models in Python
2018-02-18 tootstream 0.3.3 A command line interface for interacting with Mastodon instances
2018-02-18 libpasta 0.1.0rc0 Password hashing library
2018-02-18 adobe-analytics 1.2.1 A wrapper for the Adobe Analytics API.
2018-02-18 masonite 1.3.2 The core for the Masonite
2018-02-18 ldap-simple-search 0.1 Easily perform simple LDAP queries
2018-02-18 design-home-hack-tool-for-free-cash-and-diamonds-2018 1.0.7 design home hack tool for free cash and diamonds 2018 Claim your Cash and Diamonds for DESIGN HOME within 2 Seconds. This is updated version from Design Home Hacking Tool. So many update and patch applied on this script. Enjoy pal
2018-02-18 hypothesis 3.45.2 A library for property based testing
2018-02-18 strict_functions 2018.2.17.3 collection of helpful strict_functions that should have been in itertools
2018-02-18 netron 1.4.8 Viewer for neural network models
2018-02-18 war-wings-hack-tool-for-free-gold-and-silver-2018 1.0.9 war wings hack tool for free gold and silver 2018 Claim your Gold and Silver for WAR WINGS within 2 Seconds. This is updated version from So many update and patch applied on this script. Enjoy pal
2018-02-18 PedalPi-PluginsManager 0.7.0 Pythonic management of LV2 audio plugins with mod-host.
2018-02-18 onyxerp 1.38.1 Utilities do OnyxERP
2018-02-18 pyfrc 2018.1.6 Development tools library for python interpreter used for the FIRST Robotics Competition
2018-02-18 prysm 0.8.2 A python optics module
2018-02-18 raynbow 0.1.0 A python module for analysis of spectral data
2018-02-18 sensenet 0.0.16 SenseNet
2018-02-18 EmbyPy Python API wrapper for emby media browser
2018-02-18 FlexGet 2.12.9 FlexGet is a program aimed to automate downloading or processing content (torrents, podcasts, etc.) from different sources like RSS-feeds, html-pages, various sites and more.
2018-02-18 pycerebro 0.8.0.dev4 Python client for the Cerebro Data Access Service
2018-02-18 django-automated-logging 3.0.0a1 Django model based logging - solved and done right.
2018-02-18 gkeepapi 0.10.2 An unofficial Google Keep API client
2018-02-18 tkpane 0.10.0 Encapsulates Tkinter UI elements in 'panes' that can be combined into an overall UI, integrating them by specifying callback functions and data keys.
2018-02-18 trackerjacker 0.8.2 Finds and tracks wifi devices through raw 802.11 monitoring
2018-02-18 abrawlpy 1.3.1 An async Python API wrapper for the Brawl Stars API
2018-02-18 cli-pipeline 1.5.66 PipelineAI CLI
2018-02-18 numina 0.15 Numina reduction package
2018-02-18 djangocms-page-meta 0.8.1 OpenGraph, Twitter Card and Google+ snippet tags for django CMS 3 pages

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