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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 57338 packages here.
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2015-03-31 pygling 0.8.7 Pygling is a C++ workspace generator written in Python.
2015-03-31 cs 0.6.5 A simple yet powerful CloudStack API client for Python and the command-line.
2015-03-31 docker-build-ami 0.1.5 Build Amazon EC2 AMI image using a Dockerfile
2015-03-31 dbb 1.0.1 Bin scaffolds into population genomes.
2015-03-31 magneto 0.1.5 Magneto - Command your droids.
2015-03-31 bloop 0.2.3 ORM for DynamoDB
2015-03-31 pyblish-maya 1.0.12 Maya integration of Pyblish
2015-03-31 django-formapi 0.2.0 Django API creation with signed requests utilizing forms for validation.
2015-03-31 anybox.nose.odoo 0.1 Console script to run nose with the good import
2015-03-31 syseleven.cloudutilslibs 0.1.4 Libs for the cloud
2015-03-31 GB2260 0.3.1 The Python implementation for looking up the Chinese administrative divisions.
2015-03-31 lizard-ui 5.1 Basic user interface for lizard websites
2015-03-31 pagan 0.0.1 Python Avatar Generator
2015-03-31 pyblish-qml 0.2.7 Frontend for Pyblish
2015-03-31 openlabs_sale_channel UNKNOWN
2015-03-31 django_pony_forms 0.3.8 Django-pony-forms helps you to write better html for your Django forms
2015-03-31 waliki 0.4.1 An extensible wiki app for Django with a Git backend
2015-03-31 trytond_magento Tryton Magento Integration
2015-03-31 niprov 0.1.post6 provenance for neuroimaging data
2015-03-31 consumerism 0.3.4 Expert360 Python SQS consumer library
2015-03-31 circleclient 0.1.5 Python client for CircleCI API
2015-03-31 ezcf 0.0.1.post1 Import JSON/YAML like importing .py files
2015-03-31 numtogreek 0.8.0b7 Converts Numbers to Greek Words
2015-03-31 schemaconvertor a tool to serialize objects by schema
2015-03-31 nest_p 1.0.0 It is my first modle.
2015-03-31 django-happenings 0.2.3 A simple event calendar app for Django.
2015-03-31 list_nested 1.0.1 A simple palindrome checker
2015-03-31 Flask-WTF-Polyglot 0.1 Flask-WTF companion library providing `PolyglotForm` for polyglot HTML output
2015-03-31 airflow 0.4.6 Programmatically author, schedule and monitor data pipelines
2015-03-31 cwltool 1.0.20150331014533 Common workflow language reference implementation
2015-03-31 cliquery 0.2.8 a command line search engine and browsing tool
2015-03-31 chargebee 1.4.4 Python wrapper for the ChargeBee Subscription Billing API
2015-03-31 WTForms-Polyglot 0.1.1 WTForms companion library providing `PolyglotForm` for polyglot HTML output
2015-03-31 rsocks 0.2.3 A SOCKS reverse proxy server.
2015-03-31 ReactiPy 0.0.95 Compiles React Components server side using python
2015-03-31 amqp-dispatcher 0.1.1 A daemon gevent to run AMQP consumers
2015-03-31 line 0.4.1 May the LINE be with you...
2015-03-31 ak_nester 1.3.0 A simple printer of nested lists.
2015-03-31 pug-nlp 0.0.16 # pug-nlp
2015-03-31 bombast v0.2.1 An obfuscator for Python source code that manipulates the AST.

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