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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 114857 packages here.
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2017-08-18 pyttanko 1.0.8 osu! pp and difficulty calculator
2017-08-18 autograd 1.1.12 Efficiently computes derivatives of numpy code.
2017-08-18 artcamp 0.161 Query similarity between articles, orgs, and/or campaigns
2017-08-18 chanFilter 0.0.1 A filtering tool for 4chan to find relevant threads
2017-08-18 flightby 0.1.7 Library for BYROBOT Drone Fighters
2017-08-18 tetrisrl 0.6.5
2017-08-18 ARCCSSive 0.3.2 ARCCSS Data Archive Tools
2017-08-18 PS_TIFF_Reader 0.1 TIFF FILE READER
2017-08-18 cassiopeia 3.0.10 Riot Games Developer API Wrapper (3rd Party)
2017-08-18 django-nimbus-api 0.7.5 djangorestframework extend
2017-08-18 qtip 5.0.0.dev176 Platform Performance Benchmarking
2017-08-18 rstwatch 1.0.2 Watch directories for changes to RST files and generate HTML
2017-08-18 reactjo 1.7 Extensible scaffolding engine.
2017-08-18 find-job-titles 0.3.0.dev0 Fast extraction of job titles from strings
2017-08-18 tinyintError-package 0.1 Validacion de tinyInt
2017-08-18 infeed 0.1.0 Configuration management tool
2017-08-18 foremast 3.23.1.dev15 Tools for creating infrastructure and Spinnaker Pipelines.
2017-08-18 metallum 0.1 Console current lyrics visualizer
2017-08-18 riko 0.56.3 A stream processing engine modeled after Yahoo! Pipes.
2017-08-18 diffengine 0.1.1 Tweet changes to stories in RSS feeds
2017-08-18 Markdown 2.6.9 Python implementation of Markdown.
2017-08-18 notebook 5.1.0rc2 A web-based notebook environment for interactive computing
2017-08-18 faadata 1.1.0 Models and load scripts used to import FAA (and FADDS) data into Django
2017-08-17 mo-collections 1.1.17229 More Collections! Some useful data structures for dealing with Data
2017-08-17 aiounittest 1.0.1 Test asyncio code more easily.
2017-08-17 geepal 0.2.2 From Google Calendar to dataframes
2017-08-17 PyCBC 1.7.8 Analyze gravitational-wave data, find signals, and study their parameters.
2017-08-17 cloud-volume 0.0.1.dev17 Read and write neuroglancer Precomputed formats to cloud storage
2017-08-17 Mezmorize 0.24.1 Adds function memoization support
2017-08-17 jdoe_yt_downloader 0.9.0 Download YT video in mp3 format
2017-08-17 hypothesis 3.18.4 A library for property based testing
2017-08-17 lore 0.1.17 a framework for building and using data science
2017-08-17 xsd-to-django-model 0.8.2 Generate Django models from an XSD schema description (and a bunch of hints)
2017-08-17 glean 1.10.0 Simple program to write static config from config-drive
2017-08-17 django-recontact 0.1 Django contact application with invisible recaptcha
2017-08-17 mapclassify 1.0.1 Classification schemes for choropleth maps.
2017-08-17 pyconfig 3.2.0 Python-based singleton configuration
2017-08-17 cuzcatlan 0.0.9 Edwin Juarez's personal library.
2017-08-17 pyexcel-ods3 0.4.1 A wrapper library to read, manipulate and write data in ods format
2017-08-17 moleskin 0.0.7 A print and debugging utility that makes your error printouts look nice

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