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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 55859 packages here.
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2015-03-04 newspaper Simplified python article discovery & extraction.
2015-03-04 jdubpy 1.1.0 A simple printer of nested lists(Test module)
2015-03-04 pyboleto 0.2.14 Python Library to create "boletos de cobrança bancária" for several Brazilian banks
2015-03-04 newspaper3k 0.1.5 Simplified python article discovery & extraction.
2015-03-04 slash 0.14.1 A Testing Framework
2015-03-04 PyNaCl 0.3.0 Python binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library
2015-03-04 uranium 0.0.62 a build system for python
2015-03-04 flotilla 0.2.5 Embark on a journey of single-cell data exploration.
2015-03-04 otree-core 0.2.273 oTree is a toolset that makes it easy to create and administer web-based social science experiments.
2015-03-04 AllTray 0.1.0 Tray all application
2015-03-04 postal-address 0.3.0 Parse, normalize and render postal addresses.
2015-03-04 paynova-api-python-client 0.1.1 Python client for Paynova's API
2015-03-04 python-twitch 0.4.1 Python Module for interaction with
2015-03-04 screwjack 0.3.3 ScrewJack is a tiny command line tool for manipulating modules.
2015-03-04 openlabs_nereid_webshop Nereid Webshop
2015-03-04 nester_mucky 1.3.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-03-04 TorMySQL 0.0.8 Tornado asynchronous MySQL Driver
2015-03-04 pdbinject 0.2.0 UNKNOWN
2015-03-04 gala 0.2.1 Hierarchical nD image segmentation algorithms
2015-03-04 sphinx-javalink 0.9.1 Link to Javadoc APIs from Sphinx documentation
2015-03-04 pytunes 3.2 Module for itunes library management and remote control
2015-03-04 django_ckeditor_improved 1.0 CKEditor bundled as a django staticfiles app.
2015-03-04 ultimatum 4.0.7 Sysadmin utility modules and scripts for FreeBSD
2015-03-04 spawningtool 0.2.0 Build order parser for SC2 replays
2015-03-04 darwinist 4.1.1 Sysadmin utility modules and scripts for OS/X
2015-03-04 nosepicker 1.0.3 Scripts to parse nose xunit XML output files
2015-03-04 jsontester 1.1.2 Scripts to test JSON API requests from command line
2015-03-04 soundforest 3.4.5 Audio file library manager
2015-03-04 musa 3.4.2 Module for music tagging and library management
2015-03-04 seine 3.0.2 Various network address and url related utilities
2015-03-04 redis-sniffer 1.0.0 A redis event sniffer and capture utility
2015-03-04 systematic 4.2.6 Sysadmin utility classes and scripts
2015-03-04 ansiblereporter 1.5 Scripts for ansible to report host output data
2015-03-04 django-pyodbc-azure 1.2.6 Django backend for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database using pyodbc
2015-03-04 pgcli 0.16.1 CLI for Postgres Database. With auto-completion and syntax highlighting.
2015-03-04 django-inline-wrestler 3.2 Wrestle your django inlines with jQuery and Grappelli.
2015-03-04 pyjks pure python jks file parser
2015-03-04 jshloadoffline 0.1.0 Load offline prefetched data in JSH
2015-03-04 django-multipleformwizard 0.2.3 An extension to the official Django form wizard supporting multiple forms on a wizard step.
2015-03-04 simiki 1.3 Simiki is a simple wiki framework, written in Python.

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