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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 99536 packages here.
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2017-02-26 django-cms-articles 1.0.0 django CMS application for managing articles
2017-02-26 Eureqa 1.61.0 Nutonian Eureqa API
2017-02-26 drf-schema-adapter 0.9.20 Making using Django with frontend libraries and frameworks DRYer
2017-02-26 Landport 1.1.2 Game Server Framework
2017-02-26 django-simple-shop 0.1.39 Generic e-commerce application for Django
2017-02-26 audiosync 0.1.0 audiosync syncs digital audio workstation projects between computers.
2017-02-26 QTPyLib 1.5.6 Quantitative Trading Python Library
2017-02-26 trellio 1.1.24rc3 Python3 asyncio based micro-framework for micro-service architecture
2017-02-26 ocflib 2017. libraries for account and server management
2017-02-26 putio-automator 0.4.2.dev34 Automate management of torrents and files on Put.IO.
2017-02-26 tag-expressions 1.1.0
2017-02-26 copd_classifier_model 0.1 get best model for data
2017-02-26 cchardet 1.1.3 Universal encoding detector. This library is faster than chardet.
2017-02-26 protect 2.4.0a1.dev274 Prediction of T-Cell Epitopes for Cancer Therapy
2017-02-26 sqlitebiter 0.6.2 A CLI tool to convert CSV/Excel/HTML/JSON/LTSV/Markdown/TSV/Google-Sheets to a SQLite database file.
2017-02-26 beautifultable 0.1.1 Utility package to print visually appealing ASCII tables to terminal
2017-02-26 feng 0.2.3 Feng is a module for feature engineering.
2017-02-26 dork-compose docker-compose with magicks.
2017-02-26 usexif 1.0.2 get geo data and taken date
2017-02-26 youngshine_nester 1.3.1 A Simple printer of nested lists
2017-02-26 NautilusPy 0.1.1 Nautilus library provide easy and convenient way to connect to nautilus servers.
2017-02-26 MishMash 0.3b0 Music database and web interface.
2017-02-26 Redberry Flask Blueprint for adding simple CMS functionality
2017-02-26 pytablereader 0.8.10 A python library to load structured table data from files/URL with various data format: CSV/Excel/HTML/JSON/LTSV/Markdown/TSV.
2017-02-26 delfick_app Customized App mainline helper
2017-02-26 ofxutils 1.1 Provide tools for financial file parsing and conversion.
2017-02-26 entigen 0.1.2 Metamodel entity generator
2017-02-26 0.5.14 Common Python utils (App, logging, config, etc.)
2017-02-26 ansible-cmdb 1.21 Generate host overview from ansible fact gathering output
2017-02-26 Sphinx 1.5.3 Python documentation generator
2017-02-26 pyRSKTools 0.1.4 A simple Python toolbox to open RSK SQLite files generated by RBR instruments.
2017-02-26 excel2img 1.1 Save ranges from Excel documents as images
2017-02-26 quite 0.1.1 QT UI Extension
2017-02-26 upstox 0.1 Assignment for Upstox
2017-02-26 vert 0.0.1 Graphs for Python
2017-02-26 multiuploader 0.1.1 Adds jQuery dynamic form for uploading multiple files
2017-02-26 huckle 0.1.0.dev4 A generic CLI that can be used with any API that abides by the standard hypertext command line interface (HCLI) semantics.
2017-02-26 GutenbergPy 0.1.7 Library to create and interogate local cache for Project Gutenberg
2017-02-26 location-extractor 6.9 Extract locations from text
2017-02-26 python-libldap 0.8.16 A Python binding for libldap

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