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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 124139 packages here.
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2017-12-12 BitstampClient 2.2.1 Bitstamp API python implementation
2017-12-12 parski Helper library for parsing vpc data feed
2017-12-12 django-fobi 0.12.6 Form generator/builder application for Django done right: customisable, modular, user- and developer- friendly.
2017-12-12 aws-xray-sdk 0.95 The AWS X-Ray SDK for Python (the SDK) enables Python developers to record and emit information from within their applications to the AWS X-Ray service.
2017-12-12 OLCTools 0.3.23
2017-12-12 cerlet 0.0.1 Certmonger helper for Let's Encrypt
2017-12-12 virt-backup 0.1.5 Automatic backups for libvirt
2017-12-12 febraban2 0.1.1 A library to generate files that conform to the FEBRABAN formats
2017-12-12 dask-ml 0.4.0 A library for distributed and parallel machine learning
2017-12-12 pynimations 0.2.0 All-in-one python library for program loading animations
2017-12-12 pydf2json 2.0.3 PDF analysis. Convert contents of PDF to a JSON-style python dictionary.
2017-12-12 polylx 0.4.9 A Python package to visualize and analyze microstructures.
2017-12-12 populus 2.2.0 Ethereum Development Framework
2017-12-12 zou 0.3.9 Zou is an API to store and manage the data of your CG production.
2017-12-12 birdears 0.1.1 Functional Ear Training for Musicians
2017-12-12 brython 3.3.5 Brython is an implementation of Python 3 running in the browser
2017-12-12 django-mailmate 1.2.0 Django email tools.
2017-12-12 draftjs_exporter 2.0.0 Library to convert rich text from Draft.js raw ContentState to HTML
2017-12-12 appier 1.13.37 Appier Framework
2017-12-12 pytrend-cli 1.13 Get trending GitHub repositories daily/weekly/monthly and by language
2017-12-12 readthedocs-sphinx-ext 0.5.6 Improved Client for Sphinx.
2017-12-12 cantools 14.2.0 CAN BUS tools.
2017-12-12 hops 2.0.1 A helper library for Hops that facilitates development by hiding the complexity of discovering services and setting up security.
2017-12-12 gazu 0.3.8 Gazu is a client for Zou, the API to store the data of your CG production.
2017-12-12 my-chatik 0.1.2
2017-12-12 uralicNLP 1.0.1 An NLP library for small Uralic languages such as Skolt Sami, Moksha and such
2017-12-12 DummyPdf 1.0.0 Generate dummy pdf files with configurable paper size and number of pages.
2017-12-12 vk-requests 1.1.0 requests for humans. API library for
2017-12-12 cabrita 1.1.2 Create dashboard from docker-compose.yml
2017-12-12 digIndicators 1.1.9 Domain: indicator
2017-12-12 hermes-core 0.5.1 python bindings for Hermes
2017-12-12 gene-map 0.2.0 Map gene ids using uniprot's website.
2017-12-12 datanommer.models 0.9.0 SQLAlchemy models for datanommer
2017-12-12 buffer-buda 0.5.1
2017-12-12 colossus 1.2.0 Cosmology, halo, and large-scale structure tools
2017-12-12 rapidpro_controller 0.2.7 Management tools for RapidPro components
2017-12-12 backports.socketpair Python 2 support for socket.socketpair() on Windows
2017-12-12 linode-api 4.1.5b0 The official python SDK for Linode API v4
2017-12-12 strsync 1.3 strsync - Automatically translate and synchronize localizable resource files from defined base language for Xcode.
2017-12-12 ghgforcing 0.1.6 Calculate radiative forcing from GHG emissions

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