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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 87333 packages here.
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2016-08-26 pykube 0.13.0 Python client library for Kubernetes
2016-08-26 pyequib 0.0.1 pyEQUIB: Python package for equilibrium atomic populations and line emissivities
2016-08-26 django-extensions 1.7.3 Extensions for Django
2016-08-26 python-arango 3.2.1 Python Driver for ArangoDB REST API
2016-08-26 bam_reheader 0.33 reheader a BAM to include GDC @SQ info
2016-08-26 compose-to-rancher 0.1.0a4 Convert Docker Compose V2 to Rancher compatible Docker Compose V1
2016-08-26 pystorm 3.0.3 Battle-tested Apache Storm Multi-Lang implementation for Python.
2016-08-26 placeholders 1.1 Create placeholder images by embedding keywords into regular jpg images.
2016-08-26 EvoDAG 0.2.20 Evolving Directed Acyclic Graph
2016-08-26 stoqdrivers 1.2.1.post1 Python fiscal printer (ECF) drivers
2016-08-26 django-redis-cache 1.7.0 Redis Cache Backend for Django
2016-08-26 appier 1.6.15 Appier Framework
2016-08-26 git-spindle 3.3 Git subcommands for integrating with central services like github, gitlab and bitbucket
2016-08-26 fabulaws 0.3.0a20 Simple tool for interacting with AWS in Python
2016-08-26 frida 7.3.4 Inject JavaScript to explore native apps on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
2016-08-26 rohdeschwarz 0.6.0.dev1 Rohde & Schwarz general purpose instrument control toolbox
2016-08-26 thonny 2.0.0b2 Python IDE for beginners
2016-08-26 Sonance-Music-Player 0.1.Alpha This is a music player using PyQt5
2016-08-26 libaudioverse 0.9a6 A library for 3D, environmental audio, and synthesis.
2016-08-26 appier_extras 0.7.13 Appier Framework Extra Elements
2016-08-26 gneiss 0.1.2 Compositional data analysis tools and visualizations
2016-08-26 molml 0.3.0 An interface between molecules and machine learning
2016-08-26 visJS-2-jupyter 16.8 visJS_2_jupyter is a tool to bring the interactivity of networks created with vis.js into jupyter notebook cells
2016-08-26 xlsconv 0.2.0 Tool to convert ODK-style XLSForms into Django models and HTML templates for use with wq (
2016-08-26 vos 2.3a0 Tools for interacting with CADC VOSpace.
2016-08-26 BACpypes 0.14.1 BACnet Communications Library
2016-08-26 OASYS-XRayServer 1.0.5 X-Ray Server: Sergey Stepanov's X-Ray Server on OASYS
2016-08-26 microcosm-flask 0.36.0 Opinionated persistence with FlaskQL
2016-08-26 google-compute-engine 2.2.2 Google Compute Engine
2016-08-26 ish_parser 0.0.5 Parser for NOAA ISH (integrated surface hourly) reports
2016-08-26 mpf-mc 0.30.3 Mission Pinball Framework Media Controller
2016-08-26 BethLib 1.1.0 Create, read and modify several file formats from the popular game series The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.
2016-08-26 LMSQuery 0.1.5 Query library for Logitech Media Server
2016-08-26 knowlify 0.1.1 Add context dependent information to a html file
2016-08-26 stitch2d 0.30 Stitch a planar set of tiles into a mosaic
2016-08-26 pyramid-crow 0.3.2 http context compliant automatic raven integration for pyramid
2016-08-26 serpost 0.1.2 CLI tool for search tracking number in SERPOST page
2016-08-26 tmep 0.0.1 Template and Macros Expansion for Path names.
2016-08-26 deblur 0.0.1.dev0 Deblur
2016-08-26 vcstools 0.1.39 VCS/SCM source control library for svn, git, hg, and bzr

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