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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 108777 packages here.
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2017-05-23 django-export-csv 0.1.1 a CSV exporter for Django
2017-05-23 jog 0.1.0b2 JSON Structured Logging for Python
2017-05-23 saganvm 1.1.5 Python library for interfacing with launchpad website
2017-05-23 django-asset-definitions 0.1 django-asset-definitions allows to define collections of static files (JavaScript, CSS) in Python code and (re)use them in Django views and templates.
2017-05-23 odoo9-addon-web-timeline Interactive visualization chart to show events in time
2017-05-23 odoo9-addon-subscription-action Run a server action on a newly created document
2017-05-23 odoo8-addon-website-hr-department Display the structure of your departments and their members.
2017-05-23 odoo8-addon-website-hr-contact Display your hr address book in your website
2017-05-23 odoo8-addon-sale-order-type Sale Order Types
2017-05-23 odoo8-addon-newsletter Send newsletters to customers, employees or other entities
2017-05-23 odoo10-addon-website-sale-hide-empty-category Hide any Product Categories that are empty
2017-05-23 odoo10-addon-user-immutable Add Immutable User Support
2017-05-23 odoo10-addon-sale-automatic-workflow-payment-mode Sale Automatic Workflow - Payment Mode
2017-05-23 odoo10-addon-sale-automatic-workflow Sale Automatic Workflow
2017-05-23 odoo10-addon-project-issue-timesheet-time-control Project issue timesheet time control
2017-05-23 odoo10-addon-product-weight Allows to calculate products weight from its components.
2017-05-23 odoo10-addon-l10n-it-ricevute-bancarie Ricevute Bancarie
2017-05-23 odoo10-addon-hr-holidays-leave-auto-approve Leave type for auto approval of Leaves
2017-05-23 overrides 1.8 A decorator to automatically detect mismatch when overriding a method.
2017-05-23 ptm 0.0.1a1
2017-05-23 django-htcpcp 0.2.2 Django HyperText Coffee Pot Protocol Middleware (HTCPCP)
2017-05-23 eleme.openapi.python.sdk 1.4.0 eleme openapi python sdk
2017-05-23 ovation 1.16.0 Ovation Python API
2017-05-23 python-pkcs11 0.0.5 PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) support for Python
2017-05-23 deploybot-cli 0.2.3 Deploybot API Client
2017-05-23 daovoice-sdk 0.0.2 DaoVoice Open API Python Sdk
2017-05-23 snfilter 0.4.2 Spotter Network Filtered Feeds
2017-05-23 baseZhang 1.3.23 My own base util code
2017-05-23 cloudpassage Python SDK for CloudPassage Halo API
2017-05-23 hycc 0.0.4 HyCC - A static compiler for Hy
2017-05-23 print-simi 1.0.1 this is a test package for print similarities between pdfs
2017-05-23 SSLyze 1.1.1 Fast and full-featured SSL scanner.
2017-05-23 trouve 0.4.4 Event detection for time-series data
2017-05-23 sol_vj 2.0.2 sol - fixes for resolume
2017-05-23 kawaiisync 0.3.1 Make your async code cuter.
2017-05-23 kwconfig 1.0.1 A Python module for managing config files in keyword style json format.
2017-05-23 byte-pysqlite 0.3.0 PySQLite executor for byte
2017-05-23 gwc 0.2.1 GeneDock command-line workflow client for interacting with GeneDock platform
2017-05-23 Lawes
2017-05-23 TSAnalyzer 1.1 Python GNSS Time Series Analysis and Visualaztion

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