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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 79951 packages here.
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2016-05-04 djangocassandra 0.3.7 Cassandra support for the Django web framework
2016-05-04 fcn 1.3.5 Fully Convolutional Networks
2016-05-04 stripe 1.33.0 Stripe python bindings
2016-05-04 empath 0.83 A tool for text analysis
2016-05-04 svtools 0.2.0 Tools for processing and analyzing structural variants
2016-05-04 hbmqtt 0.7 MQTT client/brocker using Python 3.4 asyncio library
2016-05-04 img2pdf 0.2.1 Convert images to PDF via direct JPEG inclusion.
2016-05-04 flake8-bugbear 16.4.1 A plugin for flake8 finding likely bugs and design problems in your program. Contains warnings that don't belong in pyflakes and pep8.
2016-05-04 bgmi 0.2.14 BGmi is a cli tool for subscribed bangumi.
2016-05-04 only 0.0.1 UNKNOWN
2016-05-04 pyramid_orb 2016.0.43 Bindings for the pyramid webframework and the ORB database ORM library.
2016-05-04 orb-api 2016.0.94 Database ORM and API builder.
2016-05-04 pyramid_restful 2016.0.32 Library for generating RESTful services with Pyramid.
2016-05-04 django-expvar 0.1.0 Django expvar endpoint
2016-05-04 pyramid_okta 2016.0.36 Bindings for the pyramid webframework and the Okta authorization system.
2016-05-04 git-hooks-sync 0.0.2 UNKNOWN
2016-05-04 udacity-dl 1.2.2 Download udacity class videos and resources
2016-05-04 atmdb 0.0.2 Asynchronous API wrapper for TMDb (
2016-05-04 bumps Data fitting with bayesian uncertainty analysis
2016-05-04 maasclient 0.4.2 Python 3 bindings for MAAS
2016-05-04 commandlib 0.1.7 Pythonic command runner
2016-05-04 curl-content-length 0.0.1 UNKNOWN
2016-05-04 pywb 0.30.1 Python WayBack for web archive replay and live web proxy
2016-05-04 stratumgs 0.1 A turn based game engine designed to pit autonomous players against each other.
2016-05-04 WKB-Raster 0.6 Read WKB rasters to Numpy arrays.
2016-05-04 Fabric3 1.11.1.post1 Fabric is a simple, Pythonic tool for remote execution and deployment (py2.7/py3.4+ compatible fork).
2016-05-04 django-authsch 0.8.6 Easy-to-use auth.sch client.
2016-05-04 cloudmesh_vagrant 0.1 cloudmesh_vagrant - A real simple interface to virtualbox via vagrant
2016-05-04 drow 0.1.0 A flexible, user-friendly Riak ORM
2016-05-04 EVE-SRP 0.12.7 EVE Ship Replacement Program Helper
2016-05-04 usergrid-tools 0.3.5 Tools for working with Apache Usergrid
2016-05-04 cloudmesh_vagrant 1.0 cloudmesh_vagrant - A real simple interface to virtualbox via vagrant
2016-05-04 slither 0.2.5 A Python module that uses PyGame to bring Scratch-like features to Python
2016-05-04 fleece 0.3.0 Wrap the lamb...da
2016-05-04 neuropower 0.1 A package to perform power analyses for neuroimaging data
2016-05-04 pyglottolog 0.1 python package for glottolog data curation
2016-05-04 polyline 1.3 A Python implementation of Google's Encoded Polyline Algorithm Format.
2016-05-04 clld-glottologfamily-plugin 1.2 clld-glottologfamily-plugin
2016-05-04 sirepo 20160504.192838 accelerator code gui
2016-05-04 dataRX 0.4.1 Extension used to import, read, and give preliminary descriptive stats of data files.

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