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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 99224 packages here.
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2017-02-21 wxpy 0.0.2 微信个人号 API,基于 itchat,告别满屏 dict,更具 Python 范儿
2017-02-21 sistr-cmd 0.3.2 Serovar predictions from Salmonella whole-genome sequence assemblies by determination of antigen geneand cgMLST gene alleles using BLAST. Mash MinHash can also be used for serovar prediction.
2017-02-21 palettable 3.0.0 Color palettes for Python
2017-02-21 Flask-Dropzone 1.1 Upload file in Flask with Dropzone.js.
2017-02-21 django-honeypot 0.6.0 Django honeypot field utilities
2017-02-21 netdisco 0.8.3 Discover devices on your local network
2017-02-21 dask-kafka 0.1.0.dev0 Dask-Kafka reader
2017-02-21 paramiko 2.1.2 SSH2 protocol library
2017-02-21 awacs 0.6.2 AWS Access Policy Language creation library
2017-02-21 sugartensor A slim tensorflow wrapper that provides syntactic sugar for tensor variables.
2017-02-21 paramiko 2.0.5 SSH2 protocol library
2017-02-21 sovrin-common 0.1.6 Sovrin common
2017-02-21 dlvm 0.0.1 a distribute storage system base on lvm and iscsi
2017-02-21 stack-composed 17.2.21 Compute and generate the composed of a raster images stack
2017-02-21 paramiko 1.18.2 SSH2 protocol library
2017-02-21 relay2slack 0.2.1 relay2slack is a tool for capturing and forwarding incoming Slack webhook events
2017-02-21 hoverpy 0.2.0 A python library for HoverFly
2017-02-21 EasyBlogger 1.1.1 A (very) easy CLI interface to Blogger blogs
2017-02-21 paramiko 1.17.4 SSH2 protocol library
2017-02-21 interminal 0.2.5 Utility for launching commands in a GUI terminal
2017-02-21 prob140 A probability library for Berkeley's Prob140 course
2017-02-21 python-gitlab 0.19 Interact with GitLab API
2017-02-21 spatula 0.0.1 spatula is for scraping
2017-02-21 ib3 0.1.0 IRC bot framework using mixins to provide common functionality
2017-02-21 ricotta 0.0.6 Visualize bird songs
2017-02-21 flarecast-service Flarecast Service is the base package of all flarecast connexion services.
2017-02-21 flarecast-utils Flarecast utils provides tools to interact with the flarecast infrastructure.
2017-02-21 credsmash 2.2.2 A utility for managing secrets in the cloud using AWS KMS and DynamoDB
2017-02-21 Flask-Sitemap-Domain 0.2.1.dev20150105 Flask extension that helps with sitemap generation (Plus a little more).
2017-02-21 sovrin-node-rc 0.2.125 Sovrin node
2017-02-21 sovrin-common-rc 0.1.125 Sovrin common
2017-02-21 ledger-rc 0.1.125 Immutable Ledger python library
2017-02-21 plenum-rc 0.2.125 Plenum Byzantine Fault Tolerant Protocol
2017-02-21 insteonlocal 0.43 InsteonLocal allows local (non-cloud) control of the Insteon Hub 2245-222
2017-02-21 tidy-page 0.1.1 html text parser,get the content form html page
2017-02-21 sirepo 20170221.41054 accelerator code gui
2017-02-21 rask 0.0.111 Viking Makt Framework
2017-02-21 sprint 0.1.4 A toolkit for accurately identifying RNA editing sites without the need to filter SNPs
2017-02-21 pyrev 0.43 Another Re:VIEW (lint) tool
2017-02-21 rivescript 1.14.5 A Chatterbot Scripting Language

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