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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 91612 packages here.
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2016-10-28 souwapy 1.0.0 This is a library for Python to sum array elements with high speed.
2016-10-28 tos-algos 0.3
2016-10-28 pylogrotate 0.0.4 Logrotate in python
2016-10-28 MimirNotes 0.4.7 A simple, command line, note taking utility.
2016-10-28 databrowse 0.7.4 An Extensible Data Management Platform
2016-10-28 helcli 0.2.0 A python base cli class
2016-10-28 convertextract 1.0.7 Extract and find/replace text based on arbitrary correspondences while preserving original file formatting.
2016-10-28 dark-matter 1.0.51 Python classes for working with genetic sequence data
2016-10-28 zplgrf 1.1 Tools to work with ZPL GRF images and CUPS
2016-10-28 wagtail-modelchooser 0.1.0 Model choosers for Wagtail admin
2016-10-28 pycf 1.4.0 Python access to the LibCF library
2016-10-28 pysagereader 0.1.0 SAGE binary file readers
2016-10-28 slashlockgui 0.2.1 SlashlockGUI - A simple GUI for Slashlock
2016-10-28 slashlock 0.1.5 Slashlock - A Simple File and Folder Encryptor
2016-10-28 tendenci 7.2.47 Tendenci - The Open Source Membership Management Software
2016-10-28 unitth 0.0.9 Python interface for UnitTH unit test history report generator
2016-10-28 passflip 0.6.1 Command line tool to mutate passwords for different websites.
2016-10-28 orange-kit 0.1.4a5 orange
2016-10-28 ledger-autosync 0.3.2 Automatically sync your bank's data with ledger
2016-10-28 subfind 4.5.1.dev0 Subtitle crawler written in Python
2016-10-28 Flask-NewProject 0.0.0 Create new Flask project.
2016-10-28 themis-autoscaler 0.2.3 Themis is an autoscaler for Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) clusters on Amazon Web Services.
2016-10-28 estrato 0.1.1 Interact with an Electrum / Stratum server.
2016-10-28 pyramid-webpack 0.1.1 Pyramid extension for managing assets with Webpack.
2016-10-28 SquirroClient 2.4.4 Python client for the Squirro API
2016-10-28 ansible-lint 3.4.1 checks playbooks for practices and behaviour that could potentially be improved
2016-10-28 django-lionheart-helpers 2.1.2 Django decorators and some other utilities.
2016-10-28 dockalot 0.7.0 Build Docker images for the real world using ansible playbooks
2016-10-28 anagram-solver 1.0.7 Python command line application bare bones template.
2016-10-28 rabbitpy 1.0.0 A pure python, thread-safe, minimalistic and pythonic RabbitMQ client library
2016-10-28 PyNLC 0.0.3 Convolutional networks based text classifier (use word vectors to get word representation)
2016-10-28 nyaa-cli 0.0.1.dev12 Anime Stream CLI for torrents and online videos
2016-10-28 rebound 2.20.6 An open-source multi-purpose N-body code
2016-10-28 ansible-review 0.12.0 reviews ansible playbooks, roles and inventory and suggests improvements
2016-10-28 serializable 0.1.1 Base class with serialization helpers for user-defined Python objects
2016-10-28 grako 3.16.3 Grako (for "grammar compiler") takes a grammar in a variation of EBNF as input, and outputs a memoizing PEG/Packrat parser in Python.
2016-10-28 aws-vapor 0.0.13 Generates AWS CloudFormation template from python object
2016-10-28 rattail_locsms 0.5.15 Rattail Software Interfaces for LOC SMS
2016-10-28 pyLOCSMS 0.1.16 Python Interface to LOC Store Management Suite
2016-10-28 bdworkbench 2.0 Appstore SDK for BlueData EPIC platform.

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