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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 114957 packages here.
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2017-08-19 log_utils 0.3.0 Utils for generic python logging package
2017-08-19 pinax-ratings 2.0.0 a ratings app for Django
2017-08-19 remindr 0.1 Automatically send toots/tweets to remind people about the last blog entries on social networks
2017-08-19 lyrics-dl 1.1.0 A tool to obtain the lyrics to your favorite songs
2017-08-19 0.16.10 A python wrapper for the Discord API
2017-08-19 py-heat-magic 0.0.2 py-heat as IPython magic
2017-08-19 py3d 1.0.0 A library for reading and writing Arma P3D files.
2017-08-19 geocoder 1.28.0 Geocoder is a simple and consistent geocoding library.
2017-08-19 alphahome 0.0.1b0 An SDK for AlphaHome smart home open platform.
2017-08-19 mooquant 0.1.0 quant lib
2017-08-19 emiz 0.1.1 Set of tools for the DCS mission builder
2017-08-19 helputils 1.3.22 Bunch of random useful functions and classes
2017-08-19 cppa3 0.30.1 Libraries for processing ebCore CPPA version 3 documents
2017-08-19 medioex 0.1.23 Python MedIOEx module
2017-08-19 tushare 0.8.7 A utility for crawling historical and Real-time Quotes data of China stocks
2017-08-19 babbage 0.3.1 A light-weight analytical engine for OLAP processing
2017-08-19 pnutpy 0.2.0 API library for python
2017-08-19 ipxact2systemverilog 1.0.2 Generate VHDL, SystemVerilog, html, rst, pdf from an IPXACT description
2017-08-19 grammpy 1.1.10 Package for representing formal grammars.
2017-08-19 EPAB 0.1.1 Set of tools for the DCS mission builder
2017-08-19 agfusion 0.149 Python package to annotate and visualize gene fusions.
2017-08-19 img-pipe 2017.8.19.2 Image processing pipeline for localization and identification of electrodes for electrocorticography
2017-08-19 hnbex-cli 0.2.0 CLI tool which displays exchange rates for Croatian Kuna (HRK)
2017-08-19 azure-cli-ml 0.1.0a21 Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools AzureML Command Module
2017-08-19 pygost 3.4 Pure Python GOST cryptographic functions library
2017-08-19 django-saas-email 0.1.0 An email manager for sending emails with templates, mail history and admin.
2017-08-19 ergonomica 2.1.9 A cross-platform modern shell written in Python.
2017-08-19 odinweb.django 0.4.0 Toolkit for building web API's using Odin and Django.
2017-08-19 concordia-class-search 1.0.0 Concordia Class Search Python module and command line tool
2017-08-19 isclib 0.31 ISC: Inter-service communication layer for Python. Compatible with gevent.
2017-08-19 libscrc 0.1.0 Library for calculating CRC8/CRC16/CRC32/CRC64
2017-08-19 BiblioPixel 3.3.0 BiblioPixel is a pure python library for manipulating a wide variety of LED strip based displays, both in strip and matrix form.
2017-08-19 pyvips 2.0.0 binding for the libvips image processing library
2017-08-19 swjsq 0.7 A command line client for Xunlei SWJSQ (aka. 迅雷快鸟)
2017-08-19 python-thenounproject 1.0.1a1 A Python client for the TheNounProject API.
2017-08-19 rgf_python 2.0.0 Scikit-learn Wrapper for Regularized Greedy Forest
2017-08-19 sheepdoge 0.1.0 Manage your personal Unix machine(s) with Ansible.
2017-08-19 b-labs-models 2017.8.19 Ready to use CRFSuite models for sentence segmentation and tokenization
2017-08-19 nsbl 0.0.42 elastic ansible configuration
2017-08-19 freckles 0.1.101 a dotfile manager, and more; quite qute

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