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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 110789 packages here.
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2017-06-25 montre 0.0.2.dev1 A timed pattern matching package
2017-06-25 Cuckoo 2.0.4a3 Automated Malware Analysis System
2017-06-25 hitchstory 0.2.4 BDD, strongly typed with StrictYAML and Python.
2017-06-25 cppmat 0.1.4 Matrix (n-d) and tensors in C++
2017-06-25 pywal 0.1.6 🎨 Generate and change colorschemes on the fly
2017-06-25 coala 0.12.0.dev20170625134003 Linting and Fixing Code for All Languages
2017-06-25 jug-schedule 0.2.5 Automatic DRMAA scheduling with resource management for Jug
2017-06-25 pybitflyer 0.1.6 Python wrapper for bitFlyer's REST API.
2017-06-25 tika-app 1.1.1 Python client for Apache Tika App
2017-06-25 comp 0.3.7 Curses Omni Media Player
2017-06-25 mpf 0.50.0.dev8 Mission Pinball Framework
2017-06-25 pycurvature 0.0.dev3 Curvature Classification
2017-06-25 coon 1.1.4 Erlang package management and build system
2017-06-25 wpm 1.10 Console app for measuring typing speed in words per minute (WPM)
2017-06-25 youtube-python-sdk 1.0.0 YouTube API python client
2017-06-25 python-gestpay 0.1.2 Gestpay WSs2s SOAP Client
2017-06-25 trellio 1.1.25rc24 Python3 asyncio based micro-framework for micro-service architecture
2017-06-25 instagram-python-sdk 1.0.0 Instagram API python client
2017-06-25 scikit-kinematics 0.4.3 Python utilites for movements in 3d space
2017-06-25 wpiformat 2017.59 Linters and formatters for ensuring WPILib's source code conforms to its style guide
2017-06-25 lcba 0.1.6 lint clean android and compress android resources
2017-06-25 gampc 0.2.7 Graphical Asynchronous Music Player Client
2017-06-25 mooncake_utils 0.2 just a useful utils for mooncake personal project.
2017-06-25 PySynth 2.2 A simple music synthesizer for Python 3
2017-06-25 simpleflow 0.18.0 Python library for dataflow programming with Amazon SWF
2017-06-25 conllu 0.4 CoNLL-U Parser parses a CoNLL-U formatted string into a nested python dictionary
2017-06-25 pytimetrack 0.0.dev7 Track Classification
2017-06-25 pars-green 1.0.0 Python Pars Green
2017-06-25 flowmap 0.2.14 Command line utility to transform model output into a flowmap that can be used for games or gpu-based visualizations.
2017-06-25 agent-admin 0.0.2 Agent Admin
2017-06-25 iwant 1.0.13 CLI based decentralized peer to peer file sharing
2017-06-25 meltsubtitles 1.5.0 Melt subtitles to learn English
2017-06-25 FoxDot 0.3.4 Live Coding with SuperCollider
2017-06-25 deepcut A Thai word tokenization library using Deep Neural Network
2017-06-25 cowry 0.0.1 a secure distributed file transfer and share system
2017-06-25 clid 0.4.2 Command line app to edit ID3 tags of mp3 files
2017-06-25 Flask-JSON 0.3.2 Better JSON support for Flask
2017-06-25 PyCoTools 4.0.2 A python copasi toolbox
2017-06-25 django-codenerix 1.0.27 Codenerix it is a framework that goes on top of Django so it makes easier development and building of ERPs.
2017-06-25 panoply-python-sdk 1.3.3 UNKNOWN

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