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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 99140 packages here.
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2017-02-20 webtemplate-dpaw 0.4.5 Base HTML templates for DPaW Django projects
2017-02-20 olegdb-python 0.1.6 Python wrappers for generic OlegDB methods.
2017-02-20 nnp 0.0.1
2017-02-20 fish-hook 0.1.0 A tool who Manages your webhooks easily.
2017-02-20 redis-helper 0.3.12 Easily store, index, and modify Python dicts in Redis (with flexible searching)
2017-02-20 pyPheWAS 0.1.22 MASI Lab Port of PheWAS into Python
2017-02-20 python-pankoclient 0.1.0 Python client library for OpenStack Panko project.
2017-02-20 hd-es-tools 0.1.9 haodou elasticsearch tools
2017-02-20 tweetfeels 0.1.0 Real-time sentiment analysis for twitter.
2017-02-20 trimesh 2.7.6 Import, export, process, analyze and view triangular meshes.
2017-02-20 alchemlyb 0.1.0a0 the simple alchemistry library
2017-02-20 slackbot_ce 0.2.487561688 Python Code for Tech Em Studios Create Em Class
2017-02-20 datascience 0.9.4 A Jupyter notebook Python library for introductory data science
2017-02-20 insteonlocal 0.41 InsteonLocal allows local (non-cloud) control of the Insteon Hub 2245-222
2017-02-20 iplock 0.3 duoshoubang copyright
2017-02-20 s2g 0.2.6 Shapefile to graph/network converter in Python
2017-02-20 YAROM 0.9.0 Yet Another RDF-Object Mapper
2017-02-20 Sagan 2.3.0 Python library for interfacing with sagan board
2017-02-20 robotpy-wpilib-utilities 2017.0.5 Useful utility functions/objects for RobotPy
2017-02-20 protect 2.4.0a1.dev271 Prediction of T-Cell Epitopes for Cancer Therapy
2017-02-20 chainer-cv 0.1
2017-02-20 Lifetimes Measure customer lifetime value in Python
2017-02-20 properties 0.3.1b1 properties
2017-02-20 lycon 0.1.5 A minimal and fast image library
2017-02-20 pq_nester 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2017-02-20 extargsparse 0.8.2 extension class for argparse with json configuration
2017-02-20 hdmi2usb.modeswitch 0.0.0.post151 Module and command line tool for control the mode of HDMI2USB devices.
2017-02-20 aiohttp 1.3.3 http client/server for asyncio
2017-02-20 durable_rules 0.33.93 for real time analytics (a Python Rules Engine)
2017-02-20 tfgraphviz 0.0.4 A simple graphviz wrapper to visualize a graph like TensorFlow and TensorBoard
2017-02-20 qzonesecret 0.12 Find QZone Secrets
2017-02-20 saganvm 1.0.0 Python library for interfacing with launchpad website
2017-02-20 cubicweb-celerytask 0.4.0 Run and monitor celery tasks
2017-02-20 py3web 0.1.5 py3web is a fork of for Python 3.5, with improvement in request param, session and samples.
2017-02-20 cashflows 0.1.5 Investment modeling and advanced engineering economics using Python
2017-02-20 juriscraper An API to scrape American court websites for metadata.
2017-02-20 flask_singleview 0.1.3 A flask micro extension for building single-view web apps.
2017-02-20 cachish 1.2.1 Stale cache-ish thingie
2017-02-20 todoman 2.1.0 A simple CalDav-based todo manager.
2017-02-20 bitlist Minimal Python library for working with little-endian list representation of bit strings.

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