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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 63987 packages here.
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2015-08-03 django-admin-methods 0.1.6 Quickly create admin related actions, list properties and single instance properties for Django
2015-08-03 gamepad 0.1.6 Gamepad and Joystick support for the Jupyter notebook.
2015-08-03 emailqueue 0.1 Non-blocking Email Queue for Tornado Web Framework
2015-08-03 saika 0.0.6 provide develpment tools all you need
2015-08-03 blockcypher 1.0.13 BlockCypher Python Library
2015-08-03 completeme 0.5.14 Automagic ctrl+t filename completion to launch in your favorite editor
2015-08-03 fang 0.7.3 A dependency injection system for python
2015-08-03 godaddycli 0.1.4 Command Line Interface to based on PyGoDaddy Library
2015-08-03 django-medusa-unstoppable 0.3.1 A Django static website generator. Fork of django-medusa
2015-08-03 fuzzyhashlib 0.0.6 Hashlib-like wrapper for several fuzzy hash algorithms.
2015-08-03 preprocessor 1.0.7 Preprocessor for files.
2015-08-03 django_coverage_plugin 0.6 Django template plugin
2015-08-03 hug 0.0.8 A Python framework that makes developing APIs as simple as possible, but no simpler.
2015-08-03 python-digitalocean-backup 1.0.7 Python module to manage Digitalocean droplet backups.
2015-08-03 agarnet 0.1.3 client and connection toolkit
2015-08-03 hdfs 1.4.3 HdfsCLI: a command line interface for WebHDFS.
2015-08-03 pyjarowinkler 0.1.1 Find the Jaro Winkler Distance which indicates the similarity score between two Strings
2015-08-03 cachey 0.0.2 Caching mindful of computation/storage costs
2015-08-03 coverage 4.0b1 Code coverage measurement for Python
2015-08-03 robotframework-archivelibrary 0.3.2 Robot Framework keyword library for handling ZIP files
2015-08-03 pysentosa 0.1.14 Pysentosa - Python API for sentosa trading system
2015-08-03 nhlscrapi 0.3.4 NHL Scrapr API for Python
2015-08-02 gipsy-sections 0.1.8 Gipsy Sections
2015-08-02 django-optionsfield 0.1.2 django-optionsfield
2015-08-02 Quokka-Themes 0.1.3 Provides infrastructure for theming Quokka applications
2015-08-02 python-engineio 0.4.0 Engine.IO server
2015-08-02 pyin 0.5 basic streaming text processing
2015-08-02 movieInfo 1.0.0 UNKNOWN
2015-08-02 Pyrebase 0.2.936 A simple python wrapper for the Firebase API
2015-08-02 tomorrow 0.2.2 Magic decorator syntax for asynchronous code.
2015-08-02 hooklib 0.2.2 Hook helper library in python
2015-08-02 representor 0.3.1 Generic interface for hypermedia messages
2015-08-02 efilter 1438554658 EFILTER query language
2015-08-02 ansible-docgen 0.0.2 Generate Documentation from Annotated Ansible Playbooks and Roles
2015-08-02 trw_text_string 0.0.5 Package for a challenge.
2015-08-02 ocflib 2015. libraries for account and server management
2015-08-02 django-wysiwyg-redactor 0.4.9 django-wysiwyg-redactor is a lightweight responsive wysiwyg editor for Django
2015-08-02 PyStanfordDependencies 0.2.0 Python interface for converting Penn Treebank trees to Stanford Dependencies
2015-08-02 leonardo-module-blog 2015.8.0 Elephant Blog integration module for Leonardo
2015-08-02 backtrader BackTesting Engine

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