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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 115153 packages here.
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2017-08-22 calliope 0.5.3 A multi-scale energy systems (MUSES) modeling framework
2017-08-22 Signal_Analysis 0.1.15 Determines different characteristics of signals.
2017-08-22 web3utils 0.1.0 Convenience tools for
2017-08-22 deepmachine 0.1.2 Deep Learning Framework
2017-08-22 tcex 0.5.8 ThreatConnect Exchange App Framework
2017-08-22 unbox 0.0.1a2 Dependency injection framework designed with Python in mind.
2017-08-22 spyder-terminal 0.2.1 Spyder Plugin for displaying a virtual terminal (OS independent) inside the main Spyder window
2017-08-22 BiblioPixelAnimations 3.20170822.182252 BiblioPixelAnimations is an animation repository for animation classes that work with BiblioPixel:
2017-08-22 epitran 0.35 Tools for transcribing languages into IPA.
2017-08-22 percy 1.0.5 Python client library for visual regression testing with Percy (
2017-08-22 arable 0.2.dev4 A client library for connecting with Arable data service
2017-08-22 foremast 3.23.1 Tools for creating infrastructure and Spinnaker Pipelines.
2017-08-22 rqpop 0.0.1 A package to enqueue a variable number of jobs with variably distributed TIME x CPU "areas"
2017-08-22 yattag 1.9.0 Generate HTML or XML in a pythonic way. Pure python alternative to web template engines.Can fill HTML forms with default values and error messages.
2017-08-22 esst 0.1.25
2017-08-22 mamonsu 2.3.1 Monitoring agent for PostgreSQL
2017-08-22 civis 1.6.1 Access the Civis Platform API
2017-08-22 pybullet 1.2.4 Official Python Interface for the Bullet Physics SDK Robotics Simulator
2017-08-22 mdspy 1.0.5 Mnubo Data Science Library
2017-08-22 pywinpty 0.2.0 Python bindings for the winpty library
2017-08-22 holepunch 0.2.1 Punch holes in your AWS account security
2017-08-22 kfront 0.1.0 A library for using the Knowledge Front monitoring REST API
2017-08-22 coala_utils 0.6.6 A collection of coala utilities.
2017-08-22 django-spgateway 0.1.5 Django support for Spgateway
2017-08-22 shorttext 0.5.1 Short Text Categorization
2017-08-22 AbPyTools 0.1 Python package for antibody analysis
2017-08-22 hypothesis 3.20.0 A library for property based testing
2017-08-22 certbot-openshift 0.1.1 Openshift / Certbot Integration
2017-08-22 bitprim 1.0.11 Bitcoin development platform
2017-08-22 coralillo 0.1.3 A Redis Object Mapper
2017-08-22 sphinx-tabs 1.1.0 Tab views for Sphinx
2017-08-22 pycontractions 1.0.1 Intelligently expand and create contractions in English text leveraging grammar checking and Word Mover's Distance.
2017-08-22 sickrage 9.1.9 Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows
2017-08-22 pycake 1.5.0 A python wrapper for working with the CAKE API
2017-08-22 OLCTools 0.1.17
2017-08-22 filesdb 0.2.4 A simple tool for tracking files
2017-08-22 cget 0.1.4 Cmake package retrieval
2017-08-22 ModernGL.ext.examples 0.9.0 ModernGL extension
2017-08-22 pfurl 1.3.0 (Python) Path-File URL comms
2017-08-22 appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics

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