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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 119475 packages here.
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2017-10-17 aiohttp 2.3.0a1 Async http client/server framework (asyncio)
2017-10-17 django-silver 0.3.6 Django app for automated billing with an API.
2017-10-17 makrdown_full_yaml_metadata 0.0.1 YAML metadata extension for Python-Markdown
2017-10-17 gm 掘金3 sdk
2017-10-17 numericalmodel 0.1.13 abstract classes to set up and run a numerical model
2017-10-17 velenxc 0.1.20171017173855 Machine Learning utility lib
2017-10-17 arartekomaps 5.92 Django application serving
2017-10-17 beauty 0.3 convenient API to download beauty picture.
2017-10-17 horast 0.2.0 human-oriented ast parser/unparser
2017-10-17 kcem 2.6 kcem class file
2017-10-17 pycsspeechtts 1.0.1 Python 3 interface to Microsoft Cognitive Services Text To Speech
2017-10-17 orbeon-xml-api 0.1.0.dev14 A Python object API for Orbeon XML
2017-10-17 ushuffle 1.0.2 A Cython wrapper over uShuffle - a useful tool for shuffling biological sequences while preserving the k-let counts.
2017-10-17 hnqis-cli 0.0.13 Command-line tools for interacting with PSI DHIS2 instances
2017-10-17 python3-indy 1.0.0-dev-229 This is the official SDK for Hyperledger Indy (, which provides a distributed-ledger-based foundation for self-sovereign identity ( The major artifact of the SDK is a c-callable library.
2017-10-17 rekall 1.7.0rc1 Rekall Memory Forensic Framework
2017-10-17 conan_package_tools 0.5.11 Packaging tools for Conan C/C++ package manager
2017-10-17 whistle 1.0a2 Event dispatcher for Python 3.5+
2017-10-17 tfspark 1.1.9 Deep learning with TensorFlow on Apache Spark clusters
2017-10-17 rekall-agent 1.7.0rc1 Rekall Incident Response Agent
2017-10-17 rekall-core 1.7.0rc1 Rekall Memory Forensic Framework
2017-10-17 rekall-lib 1.7.0rc1 Rekall Support Libraries
2017-10-17 conan_package_tools 0.5.10 Packaging tools for Conan C/C++ package manager
2017-10-17 ttnmqtt 0.8.5 small package to make mqtt connection to ttn
2017-10-17 static-typing 0.1.1 add static type information to Python abstract syntax trees
2017-10-17 sourced-spark-api 0.0.9 API to use Spark on top of source code repositories.
2017-10-17 pyfbi 0.1.4 pyFBI enables 'as much as needed' profiling by decorator
2017-10-17 mcommons 1.3 Some common utility methods I use often
2017-10-17 pyramid_oereb 1.1.0.dev20171017 pyramid_oereb, extension for pyramid web frame work to provide a basic server part for the oereb project
2017-10-17 wellcome-lambda-utils 1.0.0 Common lib for lambdas
2017-10-17 chem_gm Graph Machine Application Programming Interface
2017-10-17 py-chillog 0.3 SFE Custom Logger based on GELF for python
2017-10-17 lomond 0.1.12 Websocket Client Library
2017-10-17 kqueen 0.3 Kubernetes cluster orchestrator
2017-10-17 conan_package_tools 0.5.9 Packaging tools for Conan C/C++ package manager
2017-10-17 grafana-dashboard-builder 0.2.0a3 Generate Grafana dashboards with YAML
2017-10-17 deeptracy-core 0.0.18 Deeptracy Dependency Checker
2017-10-17 aria-extension-cloudify 4.1 Enable ARIA to utilize some of Cloudify's abilities, such as interfacing with AWS and Openstack.
2017-10-17 sqlalchemy_json_api 0.4.5 Fast SQLAlchemy query builder for returning JSON API responses.
2017-10-17 martian_chatbot 0.3.6 Chatbot creation module

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