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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 87407 packages here.
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2016-08-28 unicodemoticon 2.5.0 Like a Color Picker but for Unicode Emoticons. Trayicon with Unicode Emoticons using Python3 Qt5.
2016-08-28 ts 0.3.1 Twitter Search CLI
2016-08-28 spyking-circus 0.4 Fast spike sorting by template matching
2016-08-28 python-gitlab 0.15 Interact with GitLab API
2016-08-28 s3bp 0.post0.dev51 Read and write Python objects from/to S3.
2016-08-28 cs.urlutils 20160828 convenience functions for working with URLs
2016-08-28 cs.upd 20160828 single line status updates with minimal update sequences
2016-08-28 cs.tty 20160828 functions related to terminals
2016-08-28 cs.threads 20160828 threading and communication/synchronisation conveniences
2016-08-28 cs.serialise 20160828 some serialisation functions
2016-08-28 plotcat 1.0.0 tool to plot live serial input
2016-08-28 cs.seq 20160828 Stuff to do with counters, sequences and iterables.
2016-08-28 cs.rfc2616 20160828 RFC2616 (HTTP 1.1) facilities
2016-08-28 cs.resources 20160828 resourcing related classes and functions
2016-08-28 cs.range 20160828 a Range class implementing compact integer ranges with a set-like API, and associated functions
2016-08-28 cs.queues 20160828 some Queue subclasses and ducktypes
2016-08-28 cs.py3 20160828 Aids for code sharing between python2 and python3.
2016-08-28 20160828 convenience facilities related to Python functions
2016-08-28 cs.predicate 20160828 fnctions for expressing predicates
2016-08-28 cs.obj 20160828 Convenience facilities for objects.
2016-08-28 cs.nodedb 20160828 a simple and versatile collection of nodes with attributes, accessed as direct Python objects and automatically transcribed to assorted backing stores (CSV, SQL, GDBM, etc); the CSV backend can be (loosely) shared between multiple clients
2016-08-28 cs.mailutils 20160828 functions and classes to work with email
2016-08-28 cs.logutils 20160828 Logging convenience routines.
2016-08-28 metaextract 0.0.6 get metadata for python modules
2016-08-28 cs.lex 20160828 lexical analysis, tokenisers
2016-08-28 cs.later 20160828 queue functions for execution later
2016-08-28 cs.inttypes 20150120 various trite types associated with integers, such as bitmasks, flags and enums
2016-08-28 tcconfig 0.6.6 ``tcconfig`` is a Simple ``tc`` command wrapper. Easy to set up traffic control of network bandwidth/latency/packet-loss to a network interface.
2016-08-28 anglerfish 1.5.0 Helper Library for Python3 Apps.
2016-08-28 cs.html 20160828 easy HTML and XHTML transcription
2016-08-28 cs.fileutils 20160828 convenience functions and classes for files and filenames/pathnames
2016-08-28 cs.excutils 20160828 Convenience facilities for managing exceptions.
2016-08-28 cs.env 20160828 a few environment related functions
2016-08-28 cs.debug 20160828 assorted debugging facilities
2016-08-28 cs.csvutils 20160828 CSV file related facilities
2016-08-28 cs.configutils 20160828 utility functions for .ini style configuration files
2016-08-28 cs.asynchron 20160828 Result and friends: callable objects which will receive a value at a later point in time.
2016-08-28 20160828 email message filing system which monitors multiple inbound Maildir folders
2016-08-28 20160828 a cs.nodedb NodeDB subclass for storing email address information (groups, addresses, so forth)
2016-08-28 20160828 Beyonwiz PVR and TVWiz recording utilities

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