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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 94375 packages here.
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2016-12-07 transmute-core 0.2.12 a utility library to help provide api route generation form function signature for web frameworks.
2016-12-07 plotly 1.12.12 Python plotting library for collaborative, interactive, publication-quality graphs.
2016-12-07 tdx 0.0.5 Tools for working with container types, command data operations, and concise exception handling
2016-12-07 tribe-client 1.1.6 Portable Python package to connect with the Tribe web service at the University of Pennsylvania
2016-12-07 termius 1.0.1 Termius ssh-config utility.
2016-12-07 pyvss 0.7 Python client for the EIS Virtual Cloud RESTful API
2016-12-07 hope-of-ropes 0.2.8 Game of hour.
2016-12-07 dpdktest 0.1.1 Tool to test if your NIC is supported by DPDK framework.
2016-12-07 cosmicpi-web 0.1.0 Web frontend for Cosmic Pi
2016-12-07 cosmicpi-server 0.1.0 Cosmic Pi server application.
2016-12-07 zschema 0.4.4 A schema language for JSON documents that allows validation and compilation into various database engines
2016-12-07 simpleflow 0.12.5 Python library for dataflow programming with Amazon SWF
2016-12-07 pygypsy 0.2.7 Forestry Growth and Yield Projection System
2016-12-07 pyorg 0.1.3 The org-mode parser for python
2016-12-07 bibfix 0.2 Puts curly braces around acronyms in titles in bibtex files.
2016-12-07 moya 0.6.12 web development platform
2016-12-07 fs 2.0.0 Filesystem abstraction layer
2016-12-07 larch 3.3.21 A framework for estimating and applying discrete choice models.
2016-12-07 nesterscorp 1.3.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2016-12-07 opensm 0.1.2 Sound mixer
2016-12-07 juno-magic 0.2.2 IPython magics and utilities to work with bridged kernels
2016-12-07 magistral 0.5.9 Python SDK for Magistral
2016-12-07 swagger-schema 0.3.0 a utility library to help provide api route generation form function signature for web frameworks.
2016-12-07 gdas 0.1.0 GNOME Data Analysis package
2016-12-07 ezIBpy 1.12.42 Pythonic Wrapper for IbPy
2016-12-07 Donald 0.0.18 Donald is here
2016-12-07 SPRS 1.1.2 A Simple Python HTTP Request Sender
2016-12-07 wavefront-cli 0.0.78 Wavefront client CLI utility.
2016-12-07 beach Simple private python cloud framework
2016-12-07 splat 0.31 SpeX Prism Library Analysis Toolkit
2016-12-07 bnpy 0.1 Bayesian nonparametric machine learning for Python
2016-12-07 PingMePy 0.3 A wrapper library around the MongoDB OpsManager / Cloud Manager API
2016-12-07 qumulo_api 2.5.1 API for the Qumulo file system
2016-12-07 digimat.pronoo 0.1.0 Digimat Pronoo
2016-12-07 CommonBWC 0.2.1 A BlazeWeb component to hold libraries shared by other components and apps.
2016-12-07 dlogr UNKNOWN
2016-12-07 abnet 0.1.post3 UNKNOWN
2016-12-07 kmsurvival 0.11 Kaplan-Meier survival estimator
2016-12-07 dreemchest 0.30 Dreemchest engine command line tool.
2016-12-07 wordpress-to-puput 0.3 Import your Wordpress blog data into Puput.

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