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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 109162 packages here.
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2017-05-27 pidan 1.0.46 添加产生32位随机字符串的函数
2017-05-27 odoo8-addon-newsletter Send newsletters to customers, employees or other entities
2017-05-27 odoo8-addon-business-requirement-deliverable-cost Control the cost of your Business Requirements
2017-05-27 odoo8-addon-business-requirement-deliverable Manage the Business Requirement Deliverables and Resources for your customers
2017-05-27 odoo8-addon-account-invoice-kanban Add Kanban view in Invoice to follow administrative tasks
2017-05-27 odoo10-addon-stock-picking-delivery-rate Adds a concept of rate quotes for stock pickings
2017-05-27 odoo10-addon-sale-order-lot-selection Sale Order Lot Selection
2017-05-27 odoo10-addon-product-contract Product Contract
2017-05-27 glpi 0.2.0 GLPI API SDK
2017-05-27 odoo10-addon-contract-variable-quantity Variable quantity in contract recurrent invoicing
2017-05-27 odoo10-addon-contract-show-invoice Button in contracts to show their invoices
2017-05-27 odoo10-addon-contract Contracts Management - Recurring
2017-05-27 odoo10-addon-account-payment-order Account Payment Order
2017-05-27 odoo10-addon-account-analytic-required Account Analytic Required
2017-05-27 tushare 0.7.9 A utility for crawling historical and Real-time Quotes data of China stocks
2017-05-27 pycreate2 0.5.3 A library to control iRobot Create 2 with python
2017-05-27 wechat-sender 0.1.0 将程序运行结果及报警信息通过微信发送给你自己
2017-05-27 pycloudfn 0.1.67 GCP Cloud functions in python
2017-05-27 pyoctree 0.2.0 Octree structure containing 3D triangular mesh model
2017-05-27 aiodownload 0.2.4 Asychronous downloads made easy
2017-05-27 requests 2.16.0 Python HTTP for Humans.
2017-05-27 cfn-environment-base 0.9.18 Base environment for Troposphere based CFN project environments
2017-05-27 mbq.metrics 0.0.2
2017-05-27 requests2 2.16.0 Python HTTP for Humans.
2017-05-27 mbq.env 0.0.1
2017-05-27 django-htcpcp 0.2.6 Django HyperText Coffee Pot Protocol Middleware (HTCPCP)
2017-05-27 skitai Skitai App Engine For Microservices
2017-05-27 tencent 0.0.1 MyTest API
2017-05-27 python-secrets 0.1.dev0 Encrypt/decrypt files with a password
2017-05-27 databench 0.6.4 Realtime data analysis tool.
2017-05-27 qcos 0.0.2 腾讯云对象存储库,支持命令行
2017-05-27 querify 0.0.4 InfluxQL / MySQL / Mongo query generator from json-represented filters (mongodb-like query objects)
2017-05-27 Python-CartolaFC 0.5.26 Uma interface em Python para a API Rest do Cartola FC
2017-05-27 map_merge 0.0.1 Merge Python mapping instances
2017-05-27 pmfp 0.0.10 a simple package manager for python like npm.
2017-05-27 essay 0.0.2 持续部署工具
2017-05-27 gophish 0.1.3 Python API Client for Gophish
2017-05-27 django_busybody 0.1.21 django misc
2017-05-27 py-validate 0.0.1 Python function validators
2017-05-27 nameshark-vcard 1.0.0 Converts vcards to the json format expected by the Name Shark app

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