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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 55599 packages here.
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2015-02-27 svvamp 0.0.3rc1 Simulator of Various Voting Algorithms in Manipulating Populations
2015-02-27 django_image_proxy 0.0.3 Simple Django Image Proxy especially for Horizon Openstack Dashboard.
2015-02-27 yandex-tank-api 0.0.6 Yandex.Tank HTTP API
2015-02-27 aws-minion 0.65 Manage Immutable Docker Application Stacks on EC2 with ELB and Route 53
2015-02-27 yaul 0.4 Yet Another Utility Library
2015-02-27 1.5.5 a Fortran Building System for poor men
2015-02-27 django-yubin 0.1.5 A reusable Django app for composing and queueing emails Adds django-mailer2 + django-mailviews + others
2015-02-27 postage 1.2.1 A Python library for AMQP-based network components
2015-02-27 parabam 0.2.dev5 Parallel BAM File Analysis
2015-02-27 graphite.theme 1.1.1 Graphite Theme for Bika LIMS
2015-02-27 pyProCT 1.7.2 pyProCT is an open source cluster analysis software especially adapted for jobs related with structural proteomics
2015-02-27 ocdev 0.1.2 ownCloud development tool
2015-02-27 CosmoABC 0.1.11 Python ABC sampler
2015-02-27 ftw.mobilenavigation 1.4.1 Defines a special navigation.
2015-02-27 pre_commit 0.4.0 A framework for managing and maintaining multi-language pre-commit hooks.
2015-02-27 Flask-RAML 0.1.3 Flask-RAML (REST API Markup Language) API server with parameter conversion, response encoding, and examples
2015-02-27 PyRAML 0.1.6 RAML (REST API Markup Language) enhanced loader, parameter converter, and API wrapper
2015-02-27 pwkit 0.4.1 Miscellaneous scientific and astronomical tools
2015-02-27 transmogrify 1.0.1b6 Allows for the dynamic alteration of images using the URL.
2015-02-27 taca 0.1.1 Tool for the Automation of Cleanup and Analyses
2015-02-27 logging_yamlconfig 0.1.4 Python dictconfig helpers for yaml config files
2015-02-27 pyfnnd 0.3 A Python implementation of fast non-negative deconvolution
2015-02-27 powa-web 2.0.0 A User Interface for the PoWA project
2015-02-27 lumberjack_formatter 0.1.4 Python logging framework JSON formatter for use with the lumberjack transport (logstash-forwarder)
2015-02-27 bpolicy 0.1.1 A collection of basic policies for web application anti-spammer use.
2015-02-27 asciitree 0.3 Draws ASCII trees.
2015-02-27 cloudmesh_base 2.1.5 A set of simple base functions and classes useful for cloudmesh and other programs
2015-02-27 fdb 1.4.4 Firebird RDBMS bindings for Python.
2015-02-27 iyi 0.1.0 a terminal tool for youdao dictionary
2015-02-27 isbntools 4.2.1 Extract, clean, transform, hyphenate and metadata for ISBNs (International Standard Book Number).
2015-02-27 drf-timestamp-pagination 0.0.3 DRF Pagination to work with Timestamp Paginator.
2015-02-27 django-timestamp-paginator 0.0.3 Timestamp Paginator for Django.
2015-02-27 prov 1.3.1 A library for W3C Provenance Data Model supporting PROV-JSON and PROV-XML
2015-02-27 django-facebook-api 0.4.4 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API
2015-02-27 django-odnoklassniki-api 0.2.2 Django implementation for odnoklassniki API
2015-02-27 django-twitter-api 0.2.4 Django implementation for Twitter API
2015-02-27 django-vkontakte-api 0.7.10 Django implementation for vkontakte API
2015-02-27 django-oauth-tokens 0.5.0 Application for getting, refreshing and storing OAuth access_tokens for Django standalone applications
2015-02-27 emencia_paste_djangocms_3 1.3.8 Epaster template to build DjangoCMS 3.x projects
2015-02-27 chargebee 1.4.3 Python wrapper for the ChargeBee Subscription Billing API

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