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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 101539 packages here.
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2017-03-26 Facebook_PyBot 0.7a1 This is an Unofficial Facebook bot API in python. Facebook Bots can be build using this library.
2017-03-26 pyaimp 0.2.2 Python AIMP remote API wrapper with some extras
2017-03-26 pytest-allure-adaptor 1.7.7 Plugin for py.test to generate allure xml reports
2017-03-26 recursive_print_list 1.0.2 A simple recursiving print list item fun
2017-03-26 shuup-ucoms Product reviews addon for Shuup E-Commerce Platform
2017-03-26 pyLibrary 1.1.17085 Library of Wonderful Things
2017-03-26 mo-json-config 1.0.17085 More JSON Configuration! JSON configuration files with `$ref` and template overlays
2017-03-26 mo-json 1.0.17085 More JSON Tools!
2017-03-26 mo-testing 1.0.17085 More Testing! Extends the `unittest.TestCase` to provide deep, yet fuzzy, structural comparisons
2017-03-26 mo-collections 1.1.17085 More Collections! Some useful data structures for dealing with Data
2017-03-26 mo-times 1.0.17085 More Time! Time as a vector space, the way it was meant to be.
2017-03-26 mo-math 1.0.17085 More Math! Many of the aggregates you are familiar with, but they ignore Nones
2017-03-26 mo-kwargs 1.0.17085 More KWARGS! Let call parameters override kwargs
2017-03-26 friskby 0.62.0 The friskby module
2017-03-26 mo-threads 1.2.17085 More Threads! Simpler and faster threading.
2017-03-26 mo-files 1.0.17085 More Files! Steamlined for UTF8 and JSON.
2017-03-26 mo-logs 1.1.17085 More Logs! Structured Logging and Exception Handling
2017-03-26 mo-dots 1.3.17085 More Dots! Dot-access to Python dicts like Javascript
2017-03-26 elasticsearch-dsl 5.2.0 Python client for Elasticsearch
2017-03-26 friskby-controlpanel 0.3 Friskby device control panel
2017-03-26 pyjapc 1.2.5 Python to FESA/LSA/INCA interface via JAPC
2017-03-26 towel 0.10.0 Keeping you DRY since 2010
2017-03-26 sphinx-tsegsearch 1.0 Sphinx extension to split searchword with TinySegmenter
2017-03-26 yamlifier 1.0.1 Utility to create yaml files from a template. Perfect for cloud-config or cloud-init creation.
2017-03-26 sphinx-autodoc-typehints 1.2.0 Type hints (PEP 484) support for the Sphinx autodoc extension
2017-03-26 arcas 0.0.1 A library to gather data from academic apis
2017-03-26 COVERnant 0.3.0 A tool to generate and manipulate coverage plots of high-throughput sequencing data.
2017-03-26 pet 0.3.2 This program or lib can download torrent file throughemail account and send the torrent file to transmission web controller
2017-03-26 jsondiff 1.1.1 Diff JSON and JSON-like structures in Python
2017-03-26 proxy_pool 0.0.3 A proxy pool which you can get an avaiable proxy http server.
2017-03-26 pyCore 17.3.2 CoreCluster API Library
2017-03-26 vdf 2.3 Library for working with Valve's VDF text format
2017-03-26 hurumap 0.7.5 A Django application for exploring census and other place-specific data
2017-03-26 django-ftpserver 0.4.1 FTP server application for Django.
2017-03-26 alignak_webui Alignak - Web User Interface
2017-03-26 SerpScrap 0.3.7 A python module to scrape, extract, analyze data from search engine result pages and urls. Extract data, like url, title, snippet of results or ratings for given keywords.
2017-03-26 alignak_webui 0.7.7 Alignak - Web User Interface
2017-03-26 napalm-yang 0.0.2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
2017-03-26 GPlayCli 0.2.2 GPlayCli, a Google play downloader command line interface
2017-03-26 py-processors 3.0.0 A wrapper for interacting with the CLU Lab's processors library.

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