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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 57265 packages here.
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2015-03-29 pignacio_scripts 0.0.1 Reusable python scripts and snippets I find useful
2015-03-29 syncloud-platform Syncloud platform
2015-03-29 logdog 0.2.9 logs watching + webui
2015-03-29 onespacemedia-cms 1.6 CMS used by Onespacemedia
2015-03-29 pycmt3d 0.1.0 a python port of cmt3d softward for 3 dimensional centroid moment tensor inversion
2015-03-29 Raspberry-Pi-IO 0.0.2 A Python service for remotely controlling GPIO.
2015-03-29 qwfilter 0.1.dev1 "QW" filtering and smoothing library.
2015-03-29 redisext 1.1.6 Data models for Redis
2015-03-29 planetfilter 0.3.4 Filter for blog aggregators
2015-03-29 project 20 2012-2014 69389/12
2015-03-29 ExifRead 2.0.2 Read Exif metadata from tiff and jpeg files.
2015-03-29 nupic_studio 1.1.0 NuPIC Studio is a virtual studio that allows developers to create, debug, and visualize HTM networks from NuPIC library
2015-03-29 Ziyi_nesternester 1.1.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-03-29 backslant 0.0.4 Python template engine.
2015-03-29 sym2num 0.1.dev1 Sympy to numpy code generator.
2015-03-29 mgplottools 1.0.0 Collection of Utilities for plotting and visualization
2015-03-29 mbe 0.7.1.post1 MBE is a backend written in Python 3 that provides database access, authentication, access control and other features on top of the MongoDB document database.
2015-03-29 ecyglpki 0.2.0 A Cython GLPK interface
2015-03-29 websql 1.1.2 Asynchronous Python interface to MySQL
2015-03-29 TxPx 0.1 Robust process management and communication for Twisted
2015-03-29 Freezes 1.0.3 Transform the plain text or blog to static website
2015-03-29 PyECLib 1.0.6 This library provides a simple Python interface for implementing erasure codes. To obtain the best possible performance, the underlying erasure code algorithms are written in C.
2015-03-29 oordeel 5 XMPP, IRC, CLI, UDP, HTTP, UDP, RSS, EMAIL
2015-03-29 django-direct 0.7 A simple Django application that provides a RESTFul Direct certificate validation API.
2015-03-29 jirafs 1.6 Edit Jira issues as text files locally.
2015-03-29 dynpacker 10.0.0 UNKNOWN
2015-03-29 boek 11 BOEK - XMPP - IRC - CLI - RSS - UDP - API
2015-03-29 getdc 0.9.4 Library of tools for fetching an x509 certificate from DNS and LDAP
2015-03-29 okpy v1.3.18 supports programming projects by running tests, tracking progress, and assisting in debugging.
2015-03-29 proc 0.1 Simple interface to Linux process information
2015-03-29 archlinux-metapkg 0.3.5 Creates metapackages for Arch Linux.
2015-03-29 mf2util 0.1.6 Python Microformats2 utilities, a companion to mf2py
2015-03-29 rudiments 0.1.0.dev20150329 Rudiments – Fundamental elements for any Python project, like configuration handling.
2015-03-29 nesasm 0.0.6 NES Assembly Compiler
2015-03-29 emonoda 1.3.0 The set of tools to organize and manage your torrents
2015-03-29 Cahoots 0.3.0 A Text Comprehension Engine in Python.
2015-03-29 validoot 1.2 Simple validation for function arguments using a decorator.
2015-03-29 python-pmap 1.0.2 Clojure's pmap implementation for Python.
2015-03-29 django-vagrantize 0.1.0 Run Django dev server from VM
2015-03-29 django-js-reverse 0.4.6 Javascript url handling for Django that doesn't hurt.

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