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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 106647 packages here.
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2017-04-25 mpf-mc 0.50.0.dev2 Mission Pinball Framework Media Controller
2017-04-25 hamutils 0.1.0 Amateur radio utils library
2017-04-25 the_truth 0.1.2 UNKNOWN
2017-04-25 coalition 0.0.0.dev5 A suite of office tools developed in Python.
2017-04-25 word2wiz 0.2.0 A tool to create wizard configurations from MS word documents
2017-04-25 cull 0.1 A cli parser for AWS output.
2017-04-25 plenum-dev 0.3.62 Plenum Byzantine Fault Tolerant Protocol
2017-04-25 mpf-monitor 0.3.0.dev1 MPF Monitor
2017-04-25 kibitzr 3.0.9 Self hosted web page changes monitoring
2017-04-25 django-und 0.1.0 Django Up and Down, django appto add upvote and downvote to models
2017-04-25 glimix-core 1.2.3 Fast inference for Generalized Linear Mixed Models.
2017-04-25 draftjs_exporter 0.9.0 Library to convert the Facebook Draft.js editor's raw ContentState to HTML
2017-04-25 twitter-analytics 0.0.2 A twitter analytics reports downloader. The only way to get tweet impressions data with Python
2017-04-25 girder-client 2.2.1 Python client for interacting with Girder servers
2017-04-25 anydo_api 0.0.2 Unofficial AnyDo API client in object-oriented style.
2017-04-25 iotlabcli 2.4.0 IoT-LAB testbed command-line client
2017-04-25 catplot 1.2.2 A Python Library for Energy Profile and 2D/3D Lattice Grid Plotting
2017-04-25 knpackage 0.1.19 KnowEng toolbox
2017-04-25 pybili 0.1.2 A helper library for
2017-04-25 rqalpha 2.1.3 Ricequant Algorithm Trading System
2017-04-25 docassemble.webapp 0.1 The standard web application for the docassemble system.
2017-04-25 docassemble.demo 0.1 A demonstration package for docassemble.
2017-04-25 docassemble.base 0.1 A python module for assembling documents from templates while automatically querying a user for necessary information.
2017-04-25 docassemble 0.1 A python module for assembling documents from templates while automatically querying a user for necessary information.
2017-04-25 s3pypi 0.3.0 CLI tool for creating a Python Package Repository in an S3 bucket
2017-04-25 plenum-3pc-batch 0.3.63 Plenum Byzantine Fault Tolerant Protocol
2017-04-25 flavio 0.21.1 A Python package for flavour physics phenomenology in the Standard Model and beyond
2017-04-25 django-push 1.0 PubSubHubbub (PuSH) support for Django
2017-04-25 dedupe 1.6.10 A python library for accurate and scaleable data deduplication and entity-resolution
2017-04-25 kinto-pusher 0.6.0 Plug Kinto notifications into
2017-04-25 codeforlife-portal
2017-04-25 graphjoiner 0.4.0b19 Implementing GraphQL with joins
2017-04-25 django-api-log 0.1.2 Django reusable app for record request/response information to database for alert and audit.
2017-04-25 stp-3pc-batch 0.1.14 Secure Transport Protocol core
2017-04-25 heralding 0.1.16 Credentials catching honeypot.
2017-04-25 py-context 0.1.0 Python dict with stacked context data
2017-04-25 envmgr-cli 1.7.2 Environment Manager CLI tool.
2017-04-25 qqbot 2.2.4 QQBot: A conversation robot base on Tencent's SmartQQ
2017-04-25 django-arctic 0.9.6 Django framework to create custom content management systems
2017-04-25 tap-facebook 0.1.5 tap for extracting data from the Facebook Ads API

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