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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 124008 packages here.
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2017-12-11 ccxt 1.10.352 A JavaScript / Python / PHP cryptocurrency trading library with support for 90+ exchanges
2017-12-11 lex-bot-tester 0.9.6 lex-bot-tester is a library that simplifies the creation of Amazon AWS Lex Bot tests.
2017-12-11 keras-lr-finder 0.1 Learning rate finder for Keras.
2017-12-11 iterablepythonwrapper 0.1 Python Client for the Iterable Api
2017-12-11 jikkensol 0.0.7 jikken package
2017-12-11 django-assertmaxnumqueries 0.1.2 Provides a Django TransactionTestCase.assertMaxNumQueries(), analogous to the existing TransactionTestCase.assertNumQueries()
2017-12-11 aliyun-python-sdk-actiontrail 1.0.0 The actiontrail module of Aliyun Python sdk.
2017-12-11 eventsourcing 4.0.0 Event sourcing in Python
2017-12-11 logomaker 0.5 Package for making Sequence Logos
2017-12-11 runoncluster 1.0.1 CLI tools for interaction with tl-app
2017-12-11 paddlepaddle 0.11.0 Parallel Distributed Deep Learning
2017-12-11 HerosRPG 1.1 A simple console based Role Playing Game in Python
2017-12-11 restframework-definable-serializer 0.1.16 restframework-definable-serializer
2017-12-11 arvados_fuse 0.1.20171208184747 Arvados FUSE driver
2017-12-11 arvados-node-manager 0.1.20171208184747 Arvados compute node manager
2017-12-11 arvados-cwl-runner 1.0.20171211025241 Arvados Common Workflow Language runner
2017-12-11 arvados-python-client 0.1.20171208184747 Arvados client library
2017-12-11 arvados-pam 0.1.20171208184747 Arvados PAM module
2017-12-11 udicOpenData 0.2 udic dictionary, stopwords module
2017-12-11 registerMap 0.2.0 YAML based register map definitions for digital hardware and embedded software development
2017-12-11 tai5_uan5_gian5_gi2_kang1_ku7 0.6.32 臺灣語言資訊系統(Toolkit for Languages in Taiwan)
2017-12-11 chemkin_g10 0.4 A chemical kinetics library
2017-12-11 tdx_wrapper 0.52 A Python wrapper of pytdx
2017-12-11 LeetCodeCrawler 0.1.2 A LeetCode Crawler
2017-12-11 BlackBoxAuditing 0.1.23 Sample Implementation of Gradient Feature Auditing (GFA)
2017-12-11 peachai-lambdarest 2.2.6 pico framework for aws lambda with optional json schema validation
2017-12-11 languageflow 1.1.6a3 Useful stuffs for NLP experiments
2017-12-11 yu 0.2.1 pYthon Utilities.
2017-12-11 qacode 0.3.8 Main automation lib
2017-12-11 aos-cube 0.0.7 aos command line tool for repositories version control, publishing and updating code from remotely hosted repositories, and invoking aos own build system and export functions, among other operations
2017-12-11 test120816 1.3.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2017-12-11 python-nest 3.5.0 Python API and command line tool for talking to the Nest™ Thermostat
2017-12-11 kneed 0.0.2 Knee-point detection in Python
2017-12-11 apprise 0.0.5 A universal notification service
2017-12-11 stravalib 0.7.0 Python library for interacting with Strava v3 REST API
2017-12-11 amaascore 0.7.6 Asset Management as a Service - Core SDK
2017-12-11 x-utils 0.3.5 utils for quantitative research
2017-12-11 placeholder 0.7 Operator overloading for fast anonymous functions.
2017-12-11 python-derrick 0.0.14 An automation tool to help you dockerize App in seconds
2017-12-11 drep 2.0.0 De-replication of microbial genomes assembled from multiple samples

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