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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 74190 packages here.
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2016-02-07 django-continue-reading 0.2.1 Templatetag for truncating blog post bodies...
2016-02-07 HEpigram 0.1 HEpigram provides a friendly interface for documents that need to be generated/compiled by tools like MkDocs.
2016-02-07 ChineseTone 0.1.2 汉字转换为拼音,支持多音字
2016-02-07 pyql-weather 0.2.3 YQL Queries and Yahoo Weather in Python v.0.2.3
2016-02-07 girc 0.3.0 A modern Python IRC library for Python 3.4, based on asyncio. In Development.
2016-02-07 pywrapper_config 0.3 Wrapper to ConfigParser
2016-02-07 django-bakery 0.7.8 A set of helpers for baking your Django site out as flat files
2016-02-07 django-commweb 0.3.3 Django module for interfacing with the CommWeb merchant gateway.
2016-02-07 PytSite 0.53 The Simple Web Framework
2016-02-07 ratesetterClient 0.2.2 python library for
2016-02-07 robotreviewer 0.0.4 Automatic extraction of data from clinical trial reports
2016-02-07 docx2txt 0.5 A pure python-based utility to extract text and images from docx files.
2016-02-07 opentracing_instrumentation 0.3.11 Tracing Instrumentation using OpenTracing API (
2016-02-07 observable 0.3.1 event system for python
2016-02-07 sickrage 7.0.3 Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows
2016-02-07 pysnappy 0.5.0 Cython bindings to libsnappy
2016-02-07 json-schema-validator 2.4 JSON Schema Validator
2016-02-07 pfr 0.5.14 Scraping data from
2016-02-07 freeport 0.1.8 Simple Python library to free a port
2016-02-07 fluids 0.1.18 Fluid dynamics component of Chemical Engineering Design Library (ChEDL)
2016-02-07 pypi-up 0.2.0 pypi-up a simple command line tool to increase version number of package and release it on Pypi
2016-02-07 inform 1.2.4 print & logging utilities for communicating with user
2016-02-07 utrunner 0.0.3 Simple test runner that wraps unittest and Coverage
2016-02-07 spacy 0.100.4 Industrial-strength NLP
2016-02-07 durable_rules 0.33.48 for real time analytics (a Python Rules Engine)
2016-02-07 vdiff 2.1.4 Efficiently manage the differences between two files using vim.
2016-02-07 culour 0.1 Print colored strings in a curses window
2016-02-07 django-drynk 0.1.0 django-drynk gives you DRY natural keys.
2016-02-06 ducky 2.0 Simple virtual CPU/machine simulator
2016-02-06 ReversionUp 0.4.0 ReversionUp ReversionUp, is a straight simple python module that helps you increment the version number of your project. It can be used in the command line or accessed from your code. ReversionUp follows strictly the 2.0.0 version of the [SemVer]( scheme. Version must be in the following scheme: - major.minor.patch - major.minor.patch-prerelease+build > [ReversionUp]( Usage: reversionup -v : show version number reversionup -p : increment path reversionup -n : increment minor reversionup -m : increment major
2016-02-06 freezer-web-ui 1.2.0 Freezer - Backup as a Service User Interface
2016-02-06 flopy 3.2.4 FloPy is a Python package to create, run, and post-process MODFLOW-based models.
2016-02-06 django-missing 0.1.18 Some missing features in Django. Are not missing anymore.
2016-02-06 packtree 1.0.0 packtree makes ASCII tree representation of Python packages.
2016-02-06 python-iprofile 0.0.1 A CLI for handling IPython 4+ profiles startup scripts.
2016-02-06 geographiclib 1.46 The geodesic routines from GeographicLib
2016-02-06 frida 6.2.4 Inject JavaScript to explore native apps on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
2016-02-06 deplib 1.0.10 An elegant way to provide an app specific lib dir at runtime.
2016-02-06 humilis 0.1.5 Helps you deploy infrastructure in the AWS cloud
2016-02-06 lastrun 0.1 Record the date and time a program was last run

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