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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 58719 packages here.
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2015-04-28 1.2.4.dev0 UNKNOWN
2015-04-28 pyEOS 0.56 Python API to interact with network devices running EOS
2015-04-28 sputnik 0.3.4 A solution for continous deployment.
2015-04-28 resif 1.2.0 Command line interface to deploy an EasyBuild infrastructure and manage it.
2015-04-28 scdl 1.3.2 Download Music from Souncloud
2015-04-28 arvados-python-client 0.1.20150428134658 Arvados client library
2015-04-28 monk_tf 0.15.2 regression test scripting framework for embedded systems developers
2015-04-28 streamcorpus 0.3.49.dev1 Tools for organizing a collections of text for entity-centric stream processing.
2015-04-28 django-leonardo 0.0.2 A platform for fast building modern web applications with Django, FeinCMS, Horizon, Oscar and tons of another apps.
2015-04-28 ld4apps 0.9.2 Linked Data for Applications Server Library
2015-04-28 django-multipleformwizard 0.2.16 An extension to the official Django form wizard supporting multiple forms on a wizard step.
2015-04-28 OBITools 1.1.16 Scripts and library for sequence analysis
2015-04-28 destral 0.2.0 UNKNOWN
2015-04-28 django-filechooser 0.1.3 jQuery Filechooser for Django projects
2015-04-28 python_moztelemetry Spark bindings for Mozilla Telemetry
2015-04-28 bucket 0.20150428.1 Bitbucket from command line
2015-04-28 LabtoolSuite Package to deal with LabToolSuite
2015-04-28 pyshaker-agent Shaker Agent
2015-04-28 helga-youtube-meta 1.0.5 Provide information for youtube related metadata
2015-04-28 address_book_lansry 1.0.0 a command-line address-book program using to browse, add, modify, delete or search for your contacts
2015-04-28 prestapyt 0.6.2 A library to access Prestashop Web Service from Python.
2015-04-28 JayDeBeApi3 1.3 JDBC API for Python3
2015-04-28 jetee 0.7.4 Lightweight deployment tool
2015-04-28 django-gerencianet 0.1.1 Uma aplicação django para comunicar com o gateway de pagamento Gerencianet
2015-04-28 fedmsg_meta_fedora_infrastructure 0.5.2 fedmsg metadata providers for Fedora Infrastructure's deployment
2015-04-28 r2pipe 0.6.3 Pipe interface for radare2
2015-04-28 crash 0.12.0 The Crate Data Shell
2015-04-28 kappa 0.3.0 A CLI tool for AWS Lambda developers
2015-04-28 flickr_download 0.2.9 Download a Flickr set
2015-04-28 turn 0.2.1 A shared-resource-locking queue system using python and redis.
2015-04-28 wekeypedia 0.1.5 toolkit to build datasets around wikipedia pages and to compute extra metrics
2015-04-28 tushare 0.2.8 A utility for crawling historical and Real-time Quotes data of China stocks
2015-04-28 customer.lascatalinascr_com 1.5 Custom Implementations of the propertyshelf MLS embedding for
2015-04-28 marcxml_parser 1.1.2 MARC XML / OAI parser, with few highlevel getters.
2015-04-28 prophy 0.7.1 prophy: fast serialization protocol
2015-04-28 epoch_analyzer 0.1 Utility detect probable date/time formats given a numeric input.
2015-04-28 powny 2.4.0 Distributed events processor, based on stackless technology of PyPy3
2015-04-28 Dragline 2.0.1 Distributed Python web crawling framework
2015-04-28 plone.batching 1.0.4 Batching facilities used in Plone.
2015-04-28 ydcommon 0.1.26 YD Technology common libraries

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