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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 122245 packages here.
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2017-11-20 zalo-python-sdk 1.13 Python SDK for Zalo API
2017-11-20 uiautomator2 0.0.1.dev48 Python Wrapper for Android UiAutomator2 test tool
2017-11-20 WunderWeather 0.2.5 Wrapper for Weather Underground API
2017-11-20 GoodTests 2.2.0 A fast, parallel, featured python unit-testing framework
2017-11-20 restible 0.2.1 Python library to help building RESTfull APIs
2017-11-20 gdom 1.0.0 DOM Traversing and Scraping using GraphQL
2017-11-20 cs207-g7 1.0.9 A simple chemical kinetics library
2017-11-20 chemkin_CS207_G9 1.63 The vital Chemical Kinetics packages - a life-changing module.
2017-11-20 py3rijndael 0.1.1 Rijndael algorithm library for Python3.
2017-11-20 python-canfix 0.1.0 CAN-FIX Protocol Implementation Library
2017-11-20 uqer 1.2.11 Package for DataYes Uqer API access
2017-11-20 swytcher 0.3.2 Automatically switch layout based on your active window
2017-11-20 tfnz 1.1.4 SDK for
2017-11-20 mojang-api 0.1.0 A Python interface to Mojang's API and Authentication scheme.
2017-11-20 re-ver 0.2.4 Release Versions of Software
2017-11-20 moneywagon 1.21.6 Next Generation Cryptocurrency Platform
2017-11-20 ProsperCommon 1.2.2 Common Utilities for EVEProsper Projects
2017-11-20 chemkin207 0.1.6 Simple chemical kinetics library.
2017-11-20 modis-util 0.1.0 Modis-util is a tool to make it easy to search and download MODIS data from AWS
2017-11-20 footmark 1.1.17 A Python interface to Aliyun Web Services
2017-11-20 BlastRadius 0.1.3 Interactive visualizations of Terraform dependency graphs
2017-11-20 modeldb-basic 0.1.4 A system to manage machine learning models
2017-11-20 WindAdapter 0.3.1 Windpy data adapter
2017-11-20 ftpknocker 1.0.5 ftpknocker is a multi-threaded scanner for finding anonymous FTP servers
2017-11-20 enumap 1.5.0 Ordered collections inspired by Enum
2017-11-20 Lightflow 1.9.0 A lightweight, distributed workflow system
2017-11-20 polyinterface 1.0.10 UDI Polyglot v2 Interface
2017-11-20 django-letsencrypt 2.0.1 A simple Django app to handle Let's Encrypt ACME challenges.
2017-11-20 auroraapi 0.0.3 Python SDK for Aurora
2017-11-20 labstack 0.10.1 Official Python client library for the LabStack API
2017-11-20 my-awesome-helloworld-script-tyler 0.1
2017-11-20 mlinsights 0.1.15 Look for insights about machine learned models
2017-11-20 iappsdemo 0.2
2017-11-20 umap-learn 0.1.4 Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection
2017-11-20 X1 0.1 X1 Cipher
2017-11-20 chooser Choose browser when opening a URI
2017-11-20 scdlbot 0.9.0 Telegram Bot for downloading MP3 rips of tracks/sets from SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube with tags and artwork.
2017-11-20 expfactory 3.0 software to generate a reproducible container battery of experiments.
2017-11-20 jobmanager-common 0.12.1 Job Manager Common Library
2017-11-20 bearlibterminal 0.15.7 BearLibTerminal is a pseudoterminal window library

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