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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 60543 packages here.
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2015-05-30 vpk 0.8 Library for reading/extracting files from VPK
2015-05-30 Flask-Blogging 0.1.0 A flask extension for adding blog support to your site
2015-05-30 glinda 0.0.3 Helping your through the Tornado.
2015-05-30 bidict 0.9.0rc0 Efficient, Pythonic bidirectional map implementation and related functionality
2015-05-30 gwsurrogate 0.3.1 An easy to use interface to gravitational wave surrogate models
2015-05-30 vlermv 1.3.2 Easily dump python objects to files, and then load them back.
2015-05-30 cffi 1.1.0 Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code.
2015-05-30 aiohttp 0.16.3 http client/server for asyncio
2015-05-30 resolver_deco 1.0.4 Decorator for resolve function arguments
2015-05-30 django-monit-collector 0.3 This app collects data from monit instances on one or multiple servers, stores them and visualizes them.
2015-05-30 webstack-django-endless-pagination 2.0.1 Django Endless Pagination can be used to provide Twitter-style or Digg-style pagination
2015-05-30 abclinuxuapi 0.3.8 API for
2015-05-30 jldesmear 2015.530.1 Desmear small-angle scattering data by Jemian and Lake
2015-05-30 django_microsip_consultaprecio 1.0.3 Consulta de Precios
2015-05-30 rawphoto 0.4.1 Utilities for managing raw photos
2015-05-30 dj-obj-update 0.1.0 A Django app for adding object tools for models in the admin
2015-05-30 Flask-Material 0.0.6 An extension that includes Materialize CSS ( in your project, without any boilerplate code.
2015-05-30 firecall 1.0.1 Python helper library for Firebase <>
2015-05-30 webstack-django-sorting 0.4.2 Easy sorting of tables with Django
2015-05-30 pytwitcherapi 0.7.2 Python API for interacting with
2015-05-30 django-mobileesp 1.0.1 Detect request's mobile user agents using the mobileesp lib.
2015-05-30 wet 17 Wetsvoorstel tot het strafbaar maken van behandeling met antipsychotica.
2015-05-30 so-stacker 1.0.0 An awesome feature stacked CLI interface for StackOverflow.
2015-05-30 goulash 0.58 toolbox, random shared stuff from my other projects
2015-05-30 mkdocs 0.13.2 Project documentation with Markdown.
2015-05-30 minister 30 Antipsychotica zijn dodelijk en zonder verpleging is behandeling moord.
2015-05-30 diffpy.srmise 0.5.1 SrMise - Peak extraction and peak fitting tool for atomic pair distribution functions.
2015-05-30 fatek-fbs-lib 0.1.3 Fatek FBs communication lib
2015-05-30 1.2b1 Default content types for Plone based on Dexterity
2015-05-30 issue2branch 0.0.8 A feature branch namer / Issue tracker manager
2015-05-30 4.0.4 Plone integration for plone.contentrules
2015-05-30 baidufm 0.2.4 BaiduFm cli python
2015-05-30 sacrud 0.2.6 SQLAlchemy CRUD.
2015-05-30 0.5 Provides a python interface to interact with a device running OpenWebIf
2015-05-30 DeepCL v5.9.0 python wrapper for DeepCL deep convolutional neural network library for OpenCL
2015-05-30 DeepCL 5.9.0 python wrapper for DeepCL deep convolutional neural network library for OpenCL
2015-05-30 djangocms-admin-style 0.2.6 Adds pretty CSS styles for the django CMS admin interface.
2015-05-30 kevinarpe-rambutan3 1.6.0 Python3 Utilities
2015-05-30 DeepCL v5.8.4 python wrapper for DeepCL deep convolutional neural network library for OpenCL
2015-05-30 rnginline 0.0.2 Flatten multi-file RELAX NG schemas

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