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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 112962 packages here.
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2017-07-23 importio2 0.3.6 API for Python
2017-07-23 gpgmailencrypt 3.2.2 an e-mail encryption, virus- and spam- checking module, gateway and daemon
2017-07-23 kallikrein 0.12.1 spec framework
2017-07-23 pbraw 0.1 A library to extract plaintexts from pastebins
2017-07-23 modus 0.0.5
2017-07-23 zprocess 2.2.2 A set of utilities for multiprocessing using zeromq.
2017-07-23 okta-awscli 0.1.1 Provides a wrapper for Okta authentication to awscli
2017-07-23 python4yahdlc 1.1.0 Python bindings for the yahdlc library
2017-07-23 subclrschm 2.0.post1 GUI for editing Sublime Text color schemes.
2017-07-23 atomate 0.5.6 atomate has implementations of FireWorks workflows for Materials Science
2017-07-23 PoTrans 0.1.7 gettext PO files translate by Yandex translator
2017-07-23 Pyliner 1.0
2017-07-23 htmlele 0.0.2.dev0 create HTML files of website
2017-07-23 mycelyso 1.0.0rc1 MYCEl anaLYsis SOftware
2017-07-23 pytsv 0.0.83 pytsv is a module to help with all things TSV
2017-07-23 pytest-yamltree 0.1.1 Create or check file/directory trees described by YAML
2017-07-23 prophyle ProPhyle metagenomic classifier
2017-07-23 automl 2.5.0 Automated machine learning for production and analytics
2017-07-23 progressbar2 3.31.0 A Python Progressbar library to provide visual (yet text based) progress to long running operations.
2017-07-23 auto_ml 2.5.0 Automated machine learning for production and analytics
2017-07-23 0.1.14 Library for reading JSON-stat format data.
2017-07-23 skitai Skitai App Engine For Microservices
2017-07-23 ampersand 0.5.1 The really, really minimalistic static site generator
2017-07-23 termicoder 0.1.5 a CLI to view, code and submit problems directly from terminal
2017-07-23 Clique 1.4.2 Manage collections with common numerical component
2017-07-23 aionationstates 0.1.1 An asyncio wrapper for the NationStates API
2017-07-23 BiblioPixel 3.1.0 BiblioPixel is a pure python library for manipulating a wide variety of LED strip based displays, both in strip and matrix form.
2017-07-23 BiblioPixelAnimations 3.20170723.154431 BiblioPixelAnimations is an animation repository for animation classes that work with BiblioPixel:
2017-07-23 pdfconv 1.0.1 PDF Converter
2017-07-23 django-mp-shop 2.19 Django shop apps
2017-07-23 rectangle-packer 1.0.0 Pack a set of rectangles into an enclosing rectangle with minimum area
2017-07-23 spectrum 0.6.3 Spectrum Analysis Tools
2017-07-23 listorm 0.0.2 SQL ORM API for table type of Python dict-list
2017-07-23 grapheme 0.0.1.dev0 Unicode grapheme helpers
2017-07-23 vncdotool 0.11.1 Command line VNC client
2017-07-23 athena-cli 0.0.4 Presto-like CLI for AWS Athena
2017-07-23 dnnSwift 0.1
2017-07-23 decorator 4.1.2 Better living through Python with decorators
2017-07-23 diff_cover 0.9.12 Automatically find diff lines that need test coverage.
2017-07-23 DYV 0.1.4 DYV

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