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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 110889 packages here.
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2017-06-26 shijian 2017.6.26.1538 change, time, file, list, statistics, language and other utilities
2017-06-26 blmath 1.2.1 A collection of math related utilities used by many bits of BodyLabs code
2017-06-26 image_featurizer 0.2.7 Featurize images using a decapitated, pre-trained deep learning network
2017-06-26 keras-microscopy 0.0.1
2017-06-26 tdx 0.1.5 Tools for working with container types, command data operations, and concise exception handling
2017-06-26 mecab-python-windows Python wrapper for MeCab on Windows: Morphological Analysis engine
2017-06-26 keras-rcnn 0.0.2
2017-06-26 cf-nlp 0.0.4 ClowdFlows natural language processing module
2017-06-26 pkgtool 0.1b14 python makefile system
2017-06-26 GloboNetworkAPI 0.7.1-rc1 GloboNetworkAPI Client Python
2017-06-26 platformio 3.4.0 An open source ecosystem for IoT development. Cross-platform build system and library manager. Continuous and IDE integration. Arduino, ESP8266 and ARM mbed compatible
2017-06-26 wpm 1.18 Console app for measuring typing speed in words per minute (WPM)
2017-06-26 wcc 1.1.17 Wikicivi WCC (Wikicivi Crawler Client) SDK
2017-06-26 ninjadog 0.2.2 Pug template support in Python
2017-06-26 heidelberg-subtyping 0.3.0 Subtype Salmonella Heidelberg genomes using a 33bp k-mer typing scheme
2017-06-26 tensorgraph 3.4.5 A high level tensorflow library for building deep learning models
2017-06-26 l33tcolors 0.1 Provides a list of valid HTML colors in L33T speak.
2017-06-26 openreview-py 0.5.7 OpenReview client library
2017-06-26 django-test-plus 1.0.18 django-test-plus provides useful additions to Django's default TestCase
2017-06-26 sovrin-node-simple-election 0.3.6 Sovrin node
2017-06-26 mnemosyne-client 0.11.0 mnemosyne service grpc client library
2017-06-26 httplib2shim 0.0.3 A wrapper over urllib3 that matches httplib2's interface
2017-06-26 insta_browser easy parsing/automation
2017-06-26 stp-dev 0.1.58 Secure Transport Protocol core
2017-06-26 omin 0.0.1 A dummy module for the preservation of the namespace.
2017-06-26 udata 1.1.0.dev2278 Open data portal
2017-06-26 charon-client 0.11.0 charon service grpc client library
2017-06-26 tmdeploy 0.3.0 TissueMAPS deployment in virtual environments.
2017-06-26 pnc-cli 1.1.0 CLI wrapper for PNC REST calls
2017-06-26 VantiveCommerceSDK 9.12.0 Vantiv eCommerce Python SDK
2017-06-26 tmclient 0.3.0 RESTful API client for TissueMAPS.
2017-06-26 udata-gouvfr 1.1.0.dev250 uData customizations for
2017-06-26 testinfra 1.6.4 Test infrastructures
2017-06-26 nrc_ngs_dl 1.2.6 software for downloading and handling sequence data from NRC-LIMS website
2017-06-26 django-ms-utils 0.2.8 Django Master Soft utilities
2017-06-26 wiredtiger 2.9.2 high performance, scalable, production quality, NoSQL, Open Source extensible platform for data management
2017-06-26 quantumworldX 0.18.42 Basic library for the QuantumWorld edX course
2017-06-26 chainladder 0.1.4 Chainladder Package - P&C actuarial package modeled after the R package of the same name
2017-06-26 attk 0.0.3 Audio Tagging Toolkit: A collection of scripts to expedite audio annotation and classifier training.
2017-06-26 sca-pyssm 0.1 Provides a simple wrapper for getting, working with, and refreshing ssm_params

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