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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 57194 packages here.
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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python install" it.

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2015-03-28 pdbreak 0.1.1 A quick break to your python script
2015-03-28 cmd3 1.5.0 cmd3 - A dynamic CMD shell with plugins
2015-03-28 pdb_set_trace 0.1 A quick break to your python script
2015-03-28 buzz_agent 1.1.10 agent for buzz system
2015-03-28 schemaconvertor a tool to serialize objects by schema
2015-03-28 0.3.0 a tiny and smart cli player of based on Python
2015-03-28 nester_recur 1.3.0 A printer for nested list with optional indenting
2015-03-28 recur_recur 1.3.0 A simple printer of list with optional indenting
2015-03-28 contex 1.1 Contextual string manipulation
2015-03-28 streamcorpus_pipeline 0.6.6 Tools for building streamcorpus objects, such as those used in TREC.
2015-03-28 gitwhoosh 0.2 git repository indexer using whoosh
2015-03-28 nester_ksj 1.3.0 a simple printer of nested lists
2015-03-28 argument 0.0.4 Command line argument parsing library for python
2015-03-28 krxholiday 0.91 krxholiday
2015-03-28 mongoengine 0.9.0 MongoEngine is a Python Object-Document Mapper for working with MongoDB.
2015-03-28 eatiht 0.1.14 A simple tool used to extract an article's text in html documents.
2015-03-28 setuptools-version-command 2.0a0 Adds a command to dynamically get the version from the VCS of choice
2015-03-28 django-instagram-api 0.1.2 Django implementation for instagram API
2015-03-28 spp 0.0.6 My Simple Protocol Parser For Python, Built For Speed
2015-03-28 wanish 0.4.1 open source implementation of summly
2015-03-28 scout 0.1.4 scout
2015-03-28 youtube_dl 2015.03.28 YouTube video downloader
2015-03-28 print_each 1.0 UNKNOWN
2015-03-28 crange 0.1.2 Crange is a tool to index and cross-reference C/C++ source code.
2015-03-28 django-xross 0.4.0 Reusable application for Django nicely bridging client and server sides.
2015-03-28 xamcheck_utils 0.0.11 Utility functions used in python projects of Xamcheck.
2015-03-28 html2latex 0.0.22 Convert HTML to latex.
2015-03-28 ufp 1.5.0 ufp 라이브러리 python 버전. 각종, 편리한 함수들의 모음.
2015-03-28 wpedit 0.4.2 Sends (offline) articles written in MarkDown to WordPress via the XML-RPC API, and loads the draft articles from WordPress to the local machine. Works with proxies too.
2015-03-28 gmls 0.0.3 GitHub Markdown Local Server.
2015-03-28 requests-ucloud 0.2.0 authentication for ucloud service
2015-03-28 zbox 1.0.0 Get cytoolz or toolz, whatever's around
2015-03-28 sqs_consumer 0.1.dev1 AWS SQS Consumer helper
2015-03-28 django-waitinglist 1.4.4 a Django waiting list app for running a private beta with cohorts support
2015-03-28 hyou 1.2 Pythonic Interface to manipulate Google Spreadsheet
2015-03-28 openlabs_nereid_webshop_elastic_search Elastic seach powered full text search for Nereid Webshop
2015-03-28 tc_nester 1.1.2 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-03-28 PDFutils 1.1.1 Django PDFutils
2015-03-28 halogen 1.0.8 Python HAL generation/parsing library
2015-03-28 jira-cli 2.0.3 command line utility for interacting with jira

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