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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 108860 packages here.
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2017-05-23 say 1.6.1 print and format on steroids
2017-05-23 django-bulk-update 2.1.0 Bulk update using one query over Django ORM.
2017-05-23 quickshear 1.1.0 Quickshear Defacing for Neuroimages
2017-05-23 tcex 0.4.9 ThreatConnect Exchange App Framework
2017-05-23 protobuf-ntypes 0.4.3 protobuf nilable data structures
2017-05-23 wagtailatomicadmin 0.2.5 An admin UI for Wagtail that encourages nesting StreamField blocks.
2017-05-23 flask-jsontools-slippers 0.1.5 JSON API tools for Flask
2017-05-23 protobuf-qtypes 0.3.4 qtypes data structures
2017-05-23 easyaccess 1.4.1 Easy access to the DES DB. Enhanced command line SQL interpreter client for DES
2017-05-23 pendulum 1.2.1 Python datetimes made easy.
2017-05-23 RPi.bme280 0.1.3 A library to drive a Bosch BME280 temperature, humidity, pressure sensor over I2C
2017-05-23 netutils-linux 1.1.9 Bunch of utils to simplify linux network troubleshooting and performance tuning.
2017-05-23 pybolt 0.1.1 Fast approximate matrix and vector operations
2017-05-23 cleaner 0.3.0 Clean your repositories with a cool interactive shell
2017-05-23 awscli 1.11.91 Universal Command Line Environment for AWS.
2017-05-23 botocore 1.5.54 Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3.
2017-05-23 easypost 3.6.2 EasyPost Shipping API Client Library for Python
2017-05-23 kolibri-exercise-perseus-plugin 0.5.5 Kolibri plugin for rendering Khan Academy Perseus style exercises
2017-05-23 intspan 1.5.9 Sets of integers like 1,3-7,33
2017-05-23 morphium 0.1 Tools for scrapers on
2017-05-23 deploybot-cli 0.2.6 Deploybot API Client
2017-05-23 instaLooter 0.9.8 Another API-less Instagram pictures and videos downloader.
2017-05-23 coquery Coquery: A free corpus query tool
2017-05-23 em_examples 0.0.7 em_examples
2017-05-23 ptbr_postag 0.7 Part-of-Speech tagging module for brazilian portuguese language
2017-05-23 tale 3.1 Interactive Fiction, MUD & mudlib framework
2017-05-23 tk-tools 0.1.2 Tkinter-native toolset and widget library
2017-05-23 sporestack 0.6.6 library and client. Launch servers with Bitcoin.
2017-05-23 django-djeddit 0.1.3 Bare bones Django forum application with Reddit like features
2017-05-23 Moar 2.1.2 Easy thumbnails for everyone
2017-05-23 pymultigen 0.0.3 Multi-file frontend for single-file code generators.
2017-05-23 manv 0.1 Minimal gtk man viewer
2017-05-23 humilis 1.4.0 AWS cloudformation-based deployment framework
2017-05-23 py3Dmol 0.6.3 An IPython interface for embedding 3Dmol.js views
2017-05-23 humilis-decrypt 0.0.1 Humilis plug-in to deploy a Lambda humilis_decrypt
2017-05-23 clink 0.13.0 HTTP APIs Framework
2017-05-23 lander 0.1.0b8 HTML landing page generator for LSST PDF documentation deployed from Git to LSST the Docs.
2017-05-23 minghu6 1.5.4rc1 minghu6 Utils
2017-05-23 conversionutil 1.0.3 A collection of conversion utilities.
2017-05-23 awshelpers 0.0.21 A package containing modules for common AWS SDK tasks.

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