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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 129837 packages here.
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2018-02-19 face 0.0.1 A command-line interface parser and framework, friendly for users, full-featured for developers.
2018-02-19 pyred 0.0.4 Easily send data to Amazon Redshift
2018-02-19 mxnet 1.1.0b20180219 MXNet is an ultra-scalable deep learning framework. This version uses openblas.
2018-02-19 succubus 1.0.post239 Lightweight Python module for daemonizing
2018-02-19 wiz 0.7 wiz note sdk
2018-02-19 sat5ptools 0.2.0 5P Self Assessment Tools - commands to work with sat5p conversations
2018-02-19 shmock 1.0.0.post110 SHell command MOCKer for integration testing
2018-02-19 cnn-finetune 0.1.3 Fine-tune pretrained Convolutional Neural Networks with PyTorch
2018-02-19 tilesman 0.1.3 A library to tile photos at different resolution levels, for loading performance
2018-02-19 dohq-tfs 1.0.61 Microsoft TFS Python Library (TFS API Python client) that can work with TFS workflow and workitems.
2018-02-19 uforgecli 3.8.2.dev20180219
2018-02-19 uforge_python_sdk 3.8.2.dev20180219 UForge python SDK
2018-02-19 nastranpy 0.1.2 A library to interact with nastran models
2018-02-19 apistar-peewee 0.3.2 Peewee integration for Apistar
2018-02-19 kle 0.0.0 Python library for parsing keyboard layout files from
2018-02-19 amaasinfra 1.0.0 This is an essential package for managing AMaaS infra layer.
2018-02-19 pysnmpcrypto 0.0.1 Strong cryptography support for PySNMP (SNMP library for Python)
2018-02-19 cli-pipeline 1.5.71 PipelineAI CLI
2018-02-19 saltypie 0.2.3 Saltypie - salt-api wrapper and return parser
2018-02-19 bggcli2018 1.0a1 Command Line Interface for
2018-02-19 iotile-core 3.18.3 IOTile Core Tools
2018-02-19 iotile-build 2.5.0 IOTile Build Support
2018-02-19 sipyapns 1.0.0 A python library for interacting with the Apple Push Notification Service
2018-02-19 niltech 0.2 A various purpose library intended to be used in Raspberry pi workshops
2018-02-19 floodfill 0.0.1 Python Floating Point Flood Fill Tool
2018-02-19 pyeventbus 0.5 A Python EventBus
2018-02-19 smartdistributor 0.1.1.dev1 Multiprocessor task distributor
2018-02-19 duckietown-swarm 1.0.41
2018-02-19 zeugma 0.35 Unified framework for word embeddings (Word2Vec, GloVe, FastText, ...) compatible with scikit-learn Pipeline
2018-02-19 shenko 0.1.0 visit us at
2018-02-19 phonopy This is the phonopy module.
2018-02-19 sahara-dashboard 6.0.3 Sahara Management Dashboard
2018-02-19 sahara-image-elements 6.0.3 Image elements for Sahara
2018-02-19 sahara-extra 6.0.3 Extras for Sahara: hadoop-swiftfs
2018-02-19 dover 0.1.0 A tool for tracking and incrementing project version numbering.
2018-02-19 trackerjacker 0.8.9 Finds and tracks wifi devices through raw 802.11 monitoring
2018-02-19 ava-engine 0.1.1 Official Ava Engine Python SDK.
2018-02-19 emarker 0.1.4 Fast, submit a report to server
2018-02-19 redisbeat 1.0.5 Redis Scheduler For Celery, Support Add Task Dynamic
2018-02-19 bs-cli 1.0.1 burning series command line downloader

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