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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 91585 packages here.
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2016-10-27 stups-berry 1.0.25 Credentials distribution agent
2016-10-27 tfce-mediation 0.1.0.dev4 TFCE_mediation
2016-10-27 CGEA 0.918 Chemo Genomic Enrichment Analysis
2016-10-27 stups-cli-support 1.0.10 STUPS CLI support library
2016-10-27 pronto 0.4.2 Python frontend to ontologies - a library to parse, create, browse and export ontologies.
2016-10-27 op_return 0.2 Simple python library for Peercoin OP_RETURNs
2016-10-27 coala 0.9.0.dev20161027163329 Code Analysis Application (coala)
2016-10-27 peercoin_rpc 0.42 Library to communicate with peercoin daemon via JSON-RPC protocol.
2016-10-27 cosmos-wfm 2.0.12 Workflow Management System
2016-10-27 peercoin_rpc 0.41 Library to communicate with peercoin daemon via JSON-RPC protocol.
2016-10-27 dreqPy 01.beta.39 CMIP6 Data Request Python API
2016-10-27 otree-core 1.0.6 oTree is a toolset that makes it easy to create and administer web-based social science experiments.
2016-10-27 peepdf 0.3.3
2016-10-27 sed 0.2.1 Streaming editor toolkit
2016-10-27 bluepyopt 1.2.77 Bluebrain Python Optimisation Library (bluepyopt)
2016-10-27 wagtailmenus 1.6.0 An app to help you manage menus in your Wagtail projects more consistently.
2016-10-27 etcd3 0.3.1 Python client for the etcd3 API
2016-10-27 datawire-mdk 2.0.25
2016-10-27 mzml2isa 0.4.29 mzml2isa - mzML to ISA-tab parsing tool
2016-10-27 0.0.19 Enigma Bridge Python Utilities for AWS
2016-10-27 kenjutsu 0.1.0 Python utility functions for slices.
2016-10-27 gocd-dashboard 1.0.1 A dashboard to highlight GoCD pipeline statuses.
2016-10-27 apio 0.1.8 Experimental micro-ecosystem for open FPGAs
2016-10-27 aiohttp_debugtoolbar 0.1.3 debugtoolbar for aiohttp
2016-10-27 tradenity 0.1.1 Python SDK for the Tradenity e-commerce REST API
2016-10-27 certbot-external-auth 0.0.5 External authenticator for Certbot
2016-10-27 custodia 0.2.0 UNKNOWN
2016-10-27 django-wordpress-api 0.1.13 Easily Install your Wordpress blog in your Django project using wp rest API v1
2016-10-27 django-simple-autocomplete 0.5.2 App enabling the use of jQuery UI autocomplete widget for ModelChoiceFields with minimal configuration required.
2016-10-27 neurocurator 0.3.2 GUI-based application and API to perform systematic and collaborative scientific literature curation. This is a front-end for the NeuroAnnotation Toolbox (NAT).
2016-10-27 nat 0.3.5 # NeuroAnnotation toolbox (NAT) This project is a sprout from the NeuroCurator project which has been divided in a front-end (NeuroCurator) and a back-end (NAT) to provide more flexibility for programmatic interaction with created annotation corpora. This toolbox provides the necessary functions and utilities to reliably annotate the neuroscientific literature, curate published values for modeling parameters, and save them in reusable corpora.
2016-10-27 scenario 0.0.1 Load test scenario generator
2016-10-27 canister 1.4.3 A bottle wrapper to provide logging, sessions and authentication.
2016-10-27 peewee-moves 1.5.0 Simple and flexible migration manager for Peewee ORM.
2016-10-27 sshtunnel 0.1.2 Pure python SSH tunnels
2016-10-27 gevent-socketio-master SocketIO server based on the Gevent pywsgi server, a Python network library
2016-10-27 textile 2.3.5 Textile processing for python.
2016-10-27 thumbor-s3 0.2.0 Load images from private S3 buckets for thumbor
2016-10-27 manhattan_forms 0.0.12 A set of classes, functions and utilties that extend WTForms for use with manhattan.
2016-10-27 manhattan_secure 0.0.2 A set of functions and utilties that broadly fall under the topic of security for manhattan.

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