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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 126883 packages here.
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2018-01-17 ged4py 0.1.3 GEDCOM tools for Python
2018-01-17 dict 0.0.37 dict replacement
2018-01-17 NURBS-Python 3.0.6 NURBS 2D/3D curve and surface evaluation library in native Python
2018-01-17 modus 0.0.27
2018-01-17 stepic 0.4.1 Python image steganography
2018-01-17 0.1.11 Shell exporter for cloudtoken.
2018-01-17 cloudtoken-plugin.saml 0.1.11 SAML plugin for cloudtoken.
2018-01-17 cloudtoken-plugin.json-exporter 0.1.11 JSON exporter for cloudtoken.
2018-01-17 cloudtoken-plugin.centrify 0.1.11 Centrify plugin for Cloudtoken.
2018-01-17 cloudtoken-plugin.awscli-exporter 0.1.11 AWSCLI credentials exporter for cloudtoken.
2018-01-17 cloudtoken-plugin.adfs 0.1.11 Microsoft ADFS plugin for cloudtoken.
2018-01-17 cloudtoken 0.1.11 Command line utility for authenticating with public clouds.
2018-01-17 ppmoney-testdata 1.0.1 include chinese personal four element and offen use datetime
2018-01-17 idataapi-transform 1.0 convert data from a format to another format, read or write from file or database, suitable for iDataAPI
2018-01-17 pypack.skeleton 1.0.2 This is test package for skeleton, DO NOT INSTALL IT
2018-01-17 nycdb 0.1.0 database of nyc housing data
2018-01-17 dc_nester 1.4.0 A printer for nested lists
2018-01-17 detectem 0.6.1 Detect software in websites.
2018-01-17 json-in-pandas json_in_pandas
2018-01-17 mapbox 0.15.1 A Python client for Mapbox services
2018-01-17 query_string 0.0.22 query_string(string) function - get url query string dict
2018-01-17 pylogrotate 0.0.13 Logrotate in Python
2018-01-17 amaascore 0.7.10 Asset Management as a Service - Core SDK
2018-01-17 emergency-git-server 0.0.4 A minimal Git HTTP server
2018-01-17 tensorgraph 4.0.0 A high level tensorflow library for building deep learning models
2018-01-17 pyjtalk 1.1.3 Open-Jtalk Python wrapper
2018-01-17 cxc-toolkit 0.0.1 Toolbox contains a lot of utility functions
2018-01-17 owndc 0.9.1a1.dev37 owndc: An FDSN Virtual Datacentre for SeisComP3
2018-01-17 googlesheet-python-sdk 1.0.1 Google Sheet API python client
2018-01-17 pinax-boxes 3.0.1 An app for including boxes of admin-controllable content in templates.
2018-01-17 nimbus-scrapy 0.4.4 nimbus_scrapy
2018-01-17 bxml 1.6.0 XML library
2018-01-17 pytorch-monitor 0.6 Monitor pytorch modules with minimal code.
2018-01-17 bf 1.5.0 File interface library
2018-01-17 bl 1.12.0 Black Earth core library
2018-01-17 xy-speech 11.0.0 Speech Recognition
2018-01-17 pygrin 0.1.0 Gradient Index (GRIN) Lens Calculations
2018-01-17 AMQPStorm 2.4.0 Thread-safe Python RabbitMQ Client & Management library.
2018-01-17 lfdocs-conf 0.1.2
2018-01-17 xy-riddle 3.0.0 Get The riddle

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