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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 62515 packages here.
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2015-07-07 Flask-LDAPConn 0.6.3 Pure python, LDAP connection and ORM for Flask Applications
2015-07-07 pythreejs 0.1.1 Interactive 3d graphics for the Jupyter notebook, using Three.js from IPython widgets.
2015-07-07 humanhash3 0.0.3 Human-readable representations of digests.
2015-07-07 streamcorpus_pipeline 0.7.11.dev3 Tools for building streamcorpus objects, such as those used in TREC.
2015-07-07 Kalman 0.1.3 Kalman Filters
2015-07-07 thumbor 5.0.4 thumbor is an open-source photo thumbnail service by
2015-07-07 ProbabPy 0.1.3 (Multivariate) Probability Distributions
2015-07-07 MathFunc 0.1.3 Python Function with Conditions and Scope
2015-07-07 django-profiles2 0.7 User-profile application for Django
2015-07-07 django-agent-trust 0.2.1 A framework for managing agent trust, such as public vs. private computers.
2015-07-07 droneapi 1.3.1 Python language bindings for the DroneApi
2015-07-07 pymyinstall 1.0.301 Easy installation of modules for data scientists
2015-07-07 MathDict 0.1.3 Python dict / collections Mapping sub-class that can work with mathematical operators
2015-07-07 paegan 1.1.3 Processing and Analysis for Numerical Data
2015-07-07 paegan-transport 1.0.2 Particle transport packages for the Paegan library
2015-07-07 seedmeopenmm 0.1.2 seedmeopenmm contains a stated data reporter that connects post Openmm simulation results to SeedMe
2015-07-07 surveil 0.13.1 Monitoring as a Service for OpenStack
2015-07-07 django-split-json-widget 1.01 Provides a widget that renders JSON data as separate, editable inputs.
2015-07-07 django-taggit-serializer 0.1.4 The Django Taggit serializer for tDjango REST Framework
2015-07-07 facebook-online-friend-tracker 1.0.4 This tool tracks the number of online friends a user has on Facebook at a given time.
2015-07-07 HelpyFuncs 0.1.3 Miscellaneous Python "helper" functions
2015-07-07 rattail_locsms 0.4.20 Rattail Software Interfaces for LOC SMS
2015-07-07 yaprt 0.4.0 Repository builder for python source code
2015-07-07 packit 0.10 Python packaging in declarative way (wrapping pbr to make it flexible)
2015-07-07 torrentcatcher 2.1.1 Takes torrent or magnet links from rss feeds you provide, parses them and sends them to transmission via the transmission-remote command line utility.
2015-07-07 OpenAddresses-Machine 1.13.0 In-progress scripts for running OpenAddresses on a complete data set and publishing the results.
2015-07-07 proso-apps 1.0.3 General library for applications in PROSO projects
2015-07-07 nexusformat 0.1.3 nexusformat: Python API to access NeXus data
2015-07-07 ssh-run 1.0.3 A tool for running commands on remote servers
2015-07-07 2.1.2 Access from the shell
2015-07-07 python_mozaggregator Telemetry aggregation job
2015-07-07 ForgeHg 0.2.5 Mercurial (Hg) SCM support for Apache Allura
2015-07-07 agora 0.5.5 A portfolio and risk management system based on onyx.
2015-07-07 justitie 3 JUSTITIE - Met mishandeling wordt gelijkgesteld opzettelijke benadeling van de gezondheid
2015-07-07 django-admin-tools 0.6.0 A collection of tools for the django administration interface
2015-07-07 dredd_hooks 0.0.2 Python Hooks Bridge for Dredd API Testing Framework
2015-07-07 colander_tools 0.5.0 Extensions to `colander`, particularly useful as part of REST API validation.
2015-07-07 jcvi 0.5.6 Python utility libraries on genome assembly, annotation and comparative genomics
2015-07-07 jeni 0.3.7 jeni injects annotated dependencies
2015-07-07 yelp_cheetah 0.12.0 cheetah, hacked by yelpers

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