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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 96813 packages here.
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2017-01-18 nester_roger4 1.2.0 A simple printer of nested list
2017-01-18 neurodesign 0.0.11 Package for design optimisation for fMRI experiments
2017-01-18 g3ar 0.1.9 Python Coding Toolkit for Pentester.
2017-01-18 xdocs 0.2.0 Documentation drives developing.
2017-01-18 log-to-kafka 1.0.5 log to kafka
2017-01-18 rnnlab 2.0.9 Python API for training RNN Lanugage Models with Tensorflow
2017-01-18 char2image 0.0.1 Creates a dictionary of character to font image in JSON format.
2017-01-18 p2p-latimes 2.0.27 Tribune P2P API wrapper
2017-01-18 spyder 3.1.0 Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment
2017-01-18 ocflib 2017. libraries for account and server management
2017-01-18 django-ohm2-handlers 1.3.2 Django application to easily handle database requests and other tools
2017-01-18 pyangbind 0.5.11 PyangBind is a plugin for pyang which converts YANG datamodels into a Python class hierarchy, such that Python can be used to manipulate data that conforms with a YANG model.
2017-01-18 easyutils 0.1.2 A utility for China Stock
2017-01-18 falsy 2017.1.10.dev27 falcon.swagger.yaml
2017-01-18 ren_nester 1.1.1 A simple print function for nested list.
2017-01-18 boxsdk 2.0.0a4 Official Box Python SDK
2017-01-18 cluster-func 0.0.5 Run a function many times on many processes / machines
2017-01-18 vy 1.7.1 A vim-like in python made from scratch.
2017-01-18 opentaxforms 0.4.17 Modernizes tax forms and provides an API for new tax form interfaces
2017-01-18 stockeye v1.5 Keep track of short term stock movement by monitoring breaking news activity
2017-01-18 schemaman 0.1.42 SchemaMan is a schema manager and query wrapper for multiple database backends, with Version and Change Management.
2017-01-18 selectors2 1.1.0 Drop-in replacement of the selectors module for Python 2.6+ that integrates PEP 475
2017-01-18 padsniff 1.0.0 Command-line tool to sniff Puzzle & Dragons data.
2017-01-18 protobuf 3.2.0rc1.post1 Protocol Buffers
2017-01-18 oscookie 0.0.1 Cookie cutter for generating random operating systems and software
2017-01-18 toil 3.5.0a1.dev323 Pipeline management software for clusters.
2017-01-18 auxly 0.3.3 Python library for common shell-like script tasks.
2017-01-18 Meg-Tools 2.0.10 Dev tools for Megalus Web Applications
2017-01-18 bgionlinecli used for
2017-01-18 pyCrusher 0.1 Generate lossy image compressions for fun!
2017-01-18 atx 1.0.15.dev26 Automation test library for android based on opencv
2017-01-18 tinker-access-client 2017.1.18.262 tinker-access-client
2017-01-18 DeFCoM 1.0.1 A supervised learning genomic footprinter
2017-01-18 cornice-swagger 0.3.0 Generate swagger from a Cornice application
2017-01-18 pytest-ordering 0.5 pytest plugin to run your tests in a specific order
2017-01-18 Automatedscreenshots 0.3.0 Useful screenshots stuff.
2017-01-18 eemeter 0.4.16 Open Energy Efficiency Meter
2017-01-18 threadspider 0.1.2 UNKNOWN
2017-01-18 pyqb 0.2.1 Quickbase API Python Wrapper
2017-01-18 python-whois 0.6.5 Whois querying and parsing of domain registration information.

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