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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 62169 packages here.
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2015-06-30 ndex 1.0.0.dev7 This client allows you to interact with an NDEx server from Python.
2015-06-30 qipipe 5.3.1 Quantitative Imaging Profile pipeline
2015-06-30 mockpy 0.1.5 Mockpy is a python open source line utility to quickly create mock servers on Mac OS X.
2015-06-30 qiprofile-rest-client 5.5.4 Quantitative Imaging Profile REST client
2015-06-30 hypatia_engine 0.2.8 2D action adventure game engine
2015-06-30 vyked 1.2.49 A micro-service framework for Python
2015-06-30 hgsTools 0.2.14a1 hgsTools Python project
2015-06-30 ampcrowd_client 0.0.2 A python client for using the AMPCrowd service.
2015-06-30 oioswift 0.3.1 OpenIO Swift Gateway
2015-06-30 GridDataFormats 0.2.5 Reading and writing of data on regular grids in Python
2015-06-30 amazon-mws 0.1 A python interface for Amazon MWS
2015-06-30 ceacoest 0.1.dev3 CEA control and estimation library.
2015-06-30 myopresenter4linux 1.0.0 Present remote for the Myo on Linux
2015-06-30 nose-seed-faker 0.1.2 A Nose plugin that seeds the faker package.
2015-06-30 cmsplugin-tabs 0.1.11 A simple tabs plugin for django-cms
2015-06-30 makeprojects 0.3.4 IDE project generator for Visual Studio, XCode, etc...
2015-06-30 PytSite 0.1.0 The Simple Web Framework
2015-06-30 pip 7.1.0 The PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages.
2015-06-30 Melvil 0.1 A general purpose AIS I/O library using the GPSd AIVDM schema.
2015-06-30 orator 0.6.3 The Orator ORM provides a simple yet beautiful ActiveRecord implementation.
2015-06-30 tzwhere 2.0 Python library to look up timezone from lat / long offline
2015-06-30 bisque_base 0.6a4 Bisque Utility Classes
2015-06-30 horsephrase 0.3.0 Secure password generator.
2015-06-30 convertbng 0.1.13 Fast lon, lat to BNG conversion
2015-06-30 flask-ripozo 1.0.1 An extension for ripozo and that brings HATEOAS/REST/Hypermedia apis to flask
2015-06-30 bisque_engine 0.6a4 The BisQue module engine: build add-on modules for BisQue
2015-06-30 nadamq 0.4 Embedded-friendly transport layer, inspired by ZeroMQ
2015-06-30 django-bulbs 0.5.17 America's Finest Namespace
2015-06-30 compysition 1.1.11 Build event pipeline servers with minimal effort.
2015-06-30 menester 1.1.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-06-30 clang_helpers 0.3 High-level API using `clang` module to provide static C++ class introspection.
2015-06-30 django-fobi 0.5.5 Form generator/builder application for Django done right: customisable, modular, user- and developer- friendly.
2015-06-30 Products.SQLAlchemyDA 0.6.2b2 A generic database adapter for Zope 2
2015-06-30 python_mozaggregator Telemetry aggregation job
2015-06-30 pylease 0.3 Easy package versioning and release management
2015-06-30 streamrpc 1.0.1 XML-RPC / JSON-RPC over pipe pair.
2015-06-30 grub2-theme-preview 1.3.0 Preview a GRUB 2.x theme using KVM/QEMU
2015-06-30 scription 0.74.32 simple script parameter parser
2015-06-30 pyrsslocal 0.8.117 Local RSS reader/viewer
2015-06-30 pymyinstall 1.0.291 Easy installation of modules for data scientists

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