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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 101848 packages here.
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2017-03-30 startpro 1.1.7 build a script project
2017-03-30 textarbeit 0.7.2 Routinen für die Bearbeitung von Texten im .txt-Format
2017-03-30 udata 1.0.6.dev1710 Open data portal
2017-03-30 pyseidon 0.1.0 A boot-once, run-many-times framework for Python
2017-03-30 plaster 0.4 A loader interface around multiple config file formats.
2017-03-30 pygics 0.1.6 Python Gevent Interface for Corresponding Service
2017-03-30 Aesthetics 0.1.0 Image Aesthetics Toolkit
2017-03-30 ortoolpy 0.1.27 `ortoolpy` is a package for Operations Research.
2017-03-30 pythonrestclient 1.0.5 Python rest client
2017-03-30 SubDownloader 2.0.19 SubDownloader is a Free Open-Source tool written in PYTHON for automatic download/upload subtitles for videofiles (DIVX,MPEG,AVI,etc) and DVD's using fast hashing.
2017-03-30 chloop 0.2.3 A Redis-backed REPL that saves command history, output, & errors
2017-03-30 aKountable 2.0.0 aKountable: Safe, accountable AI in the Blockchain
2017-03-30 pyPheWAS 0.1.26 MASI Lab Port of PheWAS into Python
2017-03-30 wagtailtranslations 0.2.1 Page translation plugin for Wagtail
2017-03-30 eclsdk 0.0.1 SDK for building applications to work with Enterprise Cloud 2.0
2017-03-30 dns-lexicon 2.0.1 Manipulate DNS records on various DNS providers in a standardized/agnostic way
2017-03-30 cetus 0.3.2 asynchronous working with PostgreSQL/MySQL based on asyncpg/aiomysql
2017-03-30 noisyopt 0.2.0 Python library for optimization of noisy functions
2017-03-30 bg-helper 0.1.1 Common CLI background helpers
2017-03-30 bosonnlp 0.8.0 API wrapper.
2017-03-30 PyPokerGUI 0.0.4 GUI application for PyPokerEngine
2017-03-30 elasticsearch-bdoc 2.4.1 Python client for Elasticsearch
2017-03-30 es-loghandler 0.0.3 Elasticsearch log handler.
2017-03-30 reclaimer 1.0.9 A libray of SupyrStruct structures and objects for games built with the Blam engine
2017-03-30 rattail 0.7.84 Retail Software Framework
2017-03-30 env-diff 0.1 Compares expected environment variables to those set in production.
2017-03-30 django-cbrf 0.1 Django app to integrate Wrapper for The Central Bank of the Russian Federation site API with your project
2017-03-30 python-pmap 1.2.0 Clojure's pmap implementation for Python.
2017-03-30 wandb 0.2.1 A CLI and library for interacting with the Weights and Biases API.
2017-03-30 Smail 0.1.1 Python send mail
2017-03-30 tirds 0.0.2 tirds is a command-line tool to backup and restore Google Cloud Datastore Entities via local
2017-03-30 pybufrkit 0.2.4 Python toolkit to work with BUFR files
2017-03-30 clikraken 0.4.0 Command-line client for the Kraken exchange
2017-03-30 PyBabeljs 0.0.7 The python binding for babel compiler
2017-03-30 python-logging-rabbitmq 1.0.6 Send logs to RabbitMQ from Python/Django
2017-03-30 bitmex-websocket 0.1.26 Bitmex websocket API
2017-03-30 rqalpha-mod-shipane 0.2.0 RQAlpha Mod ShipanE to support stock real time trading
2017-03-30 0.0.6 Tagged union types and immutable records (product types)
2017-03-30 libpagure 0.9 A Python library for Pagure APIs.
2017-03-30 glossary 0.2.0 Glossary with common Ionosphere data

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