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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 70079 packages here.
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2015-11-26 RILseq 0.35 Processing RILSeq experiments results
2015-11-26 django-generic-follow 0.4.2 Generic follow system for Django
2015-11-26 django-shells 0.1.0 Better shells for your
2015-11-26 xtls 0.0.16 xtls: tools by xlzd
2015-11-26 atsd_client 1.1.3 Axibase Time-Series Database API Client for Python
2015-11-26 baidupy 0.0.2 baidupy: baidu SDK for Python
2015-11-26 arvados_fuse 0.1.20151125180607 Arvados FUSE driver
2015-11-26 arvados-python-client 0.1.20151126021402 Arvados client library
2015-11-26 arc_cache 0.1.1 Memoization decorator using an adaptive replacement cache.
2015-11-26 pyramid_tm 0.12.1 A package which allows Pyramid requests to join the active transaction
2015-11-26 0.2 Client for interacting with the AbiosGaming API
2015-11-26 scrape 0.6.3 a command-line web scraping tool
2015-11-26 machinae 1.1.2 Machinae Security Intelligence Collector
2015-11-26 relatime 1.0.1 Python parser for a simple relative time syntax
2015-11-26 cgcloud-toil 1.2.1a1.dev161 Setup and manage a toil and Apache Mesos cluster in EC2
2015-11-26 fio_sale_channel UNKNOWN
2015-11-26 cgcloud-mesos-tools 1.2.1a1.dev161 Setup and manage an Apache Mesos cluster in EC2
2015-11-26 cgcloud-mesos 1.2.1a1.dev161 Setup and manage a Apache Mesos cluster in EC2
2015-11-26 cgcloud-spark-tools 1.2.1a1.dev161 Setup and manage a Apache Spark cluster in EC2
2015-11-26 cgcloud-spark 1.2.1a1.dev161 Setup and manage a Apache Spark cluster in EC2
2015-11-26 cgcloud-jenkins 1.2.1a1.dev161 Setup and manage a Jenkins continuous integration cluster in EC2
2015-11-26 cgcloud-agent 1.2.1a1.dev161 Management of ~/.ssh/authorized_keys for a fleet of EC2 instances
2015-11-26 cgcloud-core 1.2.1a1.dev161 Efficient and reproducible software deployment for EC2 instances
2015-11-26 cgcloud-lib 1.2.1a1.dev161 Components shared between cgcloud-core and cgcloud-agent
2015-11-26 utilex 1.3.0 A sample
2015-11-26 dynomite 0.1.1 Dynomite
2015-11-26 grokcli 2.0.0 Grok Command Line Interface
2015-11-26 assisipy 0.9.0 Python API for the ASSISbf project
2015-11-26 airwing_auto_publish_geoserver 1.0.3 this is a package for auto publish web map service in geosever and get geoinfo from the WMS.
2015-11-26 comptests 1.3.0 Testing utilities for projects that use ConfTools for handling their configuration.
2015-11-26 pelican-minify 0.9 An HTML minification plugin for Pelican, the static site generator.
2015-11-26 toil 3.1.0b1.dev79 Pipeline management software for clusters.
2015-11-26 un-xtab Un-crosstab data in a text file.
2015-11-26 AlgoTrading 0.1.4 algorithmic trading framework for multiple assets
2015-11-26 VisualPortfolio 0.1.3 VisualPortfolio 0.1.3
2015-11-26 Finance-Python 0.3.14 PyFin 0.3.14
2015-11-26 metaweb 1.7.3 A web framework based on other web frameworks.
2015-11-26 wagtailtestutils 0.1.0 Test utils for Wagtail sites
2015-11-26 aws_syncr Application that reads yaml and syncs definitions with amazon
2015-11-26 summarizer 0.0.7 A text summarizer

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