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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 55796 packages here.
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2015-03-03 poppy-ergo-jr 1.1.0 Poppy Ergo Jr Software Library
2015-03-03 redditcurl 0.1.1 Download the images you saved on Reddit.
2015-03-03 rtv 1.0a2 A simple terminal viewer for Reddit (Reddit Terminal Viewer)
2015-03-03 homekeeper 3.1.0 Homekeeper can version your dotfiles with Git.
2015-03-03 django-postal 0.96 A Django app for l10n of postal addresses.
2015-03-03 powa-web 2.0.4 A User Interface for the PoWA project
2015-03-03 Starbucks 0.2.1 Unoffical Starbucks API.
2015-03-03 msmb_theme 0.3 theme for Sphinx, 2013 version.
2015-03-03 googlefinance 0.4 Python module to get real-time (no delay) stock data from Google Finance API
2015-03-03 mutablerecords 0.2.2 Mutable records
2015-03-03 django-multipleformwizard 0.2.2 An extension to the official Django form wizard supporting multiple forms on a wizard step.
2015-03-03 nodeenv 0.13.0 Node.js virtual environment builder
2015-03-03 youdao 0.1.4 基于有道API和有道词典web版的在terminal查询词的小工具
2015-03-03 licen 0.1.0 generate the license for you
2015-03-03 Control_DB_date 0.1.4 get dbname from date and dbname , According to the monthly
2015-03-03 django-fobi 0.4.22 Customisable, modular user- and developer- friendly form generator/builder application for Django
2015-03-03 photocollage 1.3.0 Graphical tool to make photo collage posters
2015-03-03 scriptnado 2.0.9 DevOps Scripts, IGN Style
2015-03-03 cinemate 0.2.1 api
2015-03-03 runHiC 0.3.7 A easy-to-use Hi-C processing software based on hiclib
2015-03-03 FlexGet 1.2.288 FlexGet is a program aimed to automate downloading or processing content (torrents, podcasts, etc.) from different sources like RSS-feeds, html-pages, various sites and more.
2015-03-03 jsonapi 0.7.1 JSON API realisation
2015-03-03 json_serializable 1.0.1 enables python class to be serializable/deserializable
2015-03-03 django-seo-js 0.3.1 SEO support for angular, backbone, ember,, and other SPA apps built with django.
2015-03-03 xray 0.4.0 N-D labeled arrays and datasets in Python
2015-03-03 tcp-libra 0.1.0 The simple tcp load balancer written in tornado
2015-03-03 bree 0.1.1 a micro library for happy coding tornado.
2015-03-03 tkScenarist 1.0.3 tkScenarist - screen writing made simpler
2015-03-03 XStatic-Magic-Search Magic-Search 0.2.0 (XStatic packaging standard)
2015-03-03 bpolicy 0.1.4 A collection of basic policies for resources anti-spammer
2015-03-03 django-ldap3-sync 0.1.8 A Django application for synchronizing LDAP users, groups and group membership. (Forked from django-ldap-sync).
2015-03-03 alphabet-detector 0.0.2 A library to detect what alphabet something is written in.
2015-03-03 django-senex-shop 0.2.2 Senex Shop
2015-03-03 syncloud-image-boot 0.76 Syncloud boot image tweaks
2015-03-03 rollbar 0.9.7 Logs exceptions and other data to Rollbar. Provides a generic interface, as well as a Django middleware and a Pyramid tween.
2015-03-03 ginga 2.2.20150303042350 An astronomical image viewer and toolkit.
2015-03-03 tropofy 1.8.0 Tropofy enables problem solvers to deploy their solutions as web apps, without the need for any web development knowledge or experience. Vist for more info
2015-03-03 coconut 0.1.0 The Coconut Programming Language.
2015-03-03 pandoc-zotxt 0.1.27 Pandoc filter for interacting with Zotero via zotxt.
2015-03-03 0.1.6 Machine learning without the PhD.

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