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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 117610 packages here.
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2017-09-22 runtime_typecheck 0.4 Runtime type checking with Python 3.6 typing
2017-09-22 jetconf 0.3.1 Pure Python implementation of RESTCONF server
2017-09-22 chellow 1883 Web Application for checking UK utility bills.
2017-09-22 M2Crypto 0.26.3 M2Crypto: A Python crypto and SSL toolkit
2017-09-22 pynginx 0.0.0 control your nginx with python
2017-09-22 range-coder 1.0 A fast implementation of a range coder
2017-09-22 bob.db.ijba 2.0.3 IJB-A Database Access API for Bob
2017-09-22 evernode 0.1 EverNode is built by expanding upon flask by adding great features and easy-to-use modular design.
2017-09-22 quantarhei 0.0.15 Quantarhei: Open Quantum System Theory for Molecular Systems
2017-09-22 django-codenerix-pos 1.0.17 Codenerix Products is a module that enables CODENERIX to set Point of Services on serveral platforms in a general manner.
2017-09-22 bob.db.hci_tagging 1.0.4 Mahnob HCI-Tagging Database Access API for Bob
2017-09-22 dashbase 1.0.0rc14
2017-09-22 modefit 0.2.0 modefit: Simple minuit<->mcmc fitting tools.
2017-09-22 groundwork_validation 0.1.5 Package for hosting groundwork apps and plugins like groundwork_validation_app or groundwork_validation_plugin.
2017-09-22 dialectal-arabic-tools 0.0.2a0 Dialectal Arabic Tools comprises the different modules developed in Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) developed by the ALT team to handle Dialectal Arabic Segmentation, POS tagging, daicrtization and more
2017-09-22 dolph 0.4.0 A lightweight wrapper around pymysql
2017-09-22 cadbiom 0.1.5 Cadbiom library
2017-09-22 blockstack Name registrations on the Bitcoin blockchain with external storage
2017-09-22 gecosistema_lite 0.0.250 A simple python package
2017-09-22 ta-report 0.12.0rc10 CLI for Tehnoad
2017-09-22 ceedub 0.1.0 (CW) an awesome and simple continuous wavelet transform
2017-09-22 pycasso 0.0.3.dev0 Picasso Python Package
2017-09-22 nanowire-plugin 0.4.26
2017-09-22 dashops 0.2
2017-09-22 starseqr 0.6.2 RNA-Fusion Calling with STAR
2017-09-22 pyqrllib 0.1.12 QRL core library
2017-09-22 animateimages 0.2.3 Animation of matplotlib images
2017-09-22 bob.db.gbu 2.1.4 Database Access API of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (GBU) image database for Bob
2017-09-22 cltk 0.1.68 NLP for the ancient world
2017-09-22 cubicweb-jsonschema 0.2.1 JSON Schema for CubicWeb
2017-09-22 apsconnectcli 1.7.9 A command line tool for APS connector installation on Odin Automation in the relaxed way.
2017-09-22 crudlfap 0.1.2 2017 OOAO DRY BUZZWORDS FOR DJANGO 2.0 with Material design
2017-09-22 pyrple 0.3 Python wrapper to make simple get requests with the Purple Wifi API.
2017-09-22 sendgrid-sdk-python 0.0.1 A Python wrapper for the SendGrid API.
2017-09-22 snipsskillscore The Snips skills core utilities for creating end-to-end assistants
2017-09-22 vireo 0.11.1 A library and framework for event-driven application development
2017-09-22 bob.db.frgc 2.1.3 Database Access API of the Face Recognition Grand Challenge (FRGC) ver2.0 image database for Bob
2017-09-22 snipsskills Snips Skills Manager
2017-09-22 1.2 Implementação Modelo da Identidade Digital de Governo
2017-09-22 emonoda 2.0.43 A set of tools to organize and manage your torrents

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