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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 122665 packages here.
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2017-11-25 zencore-django 2.2.0 Zencore Django Utils
2017-11-25 cffi_magic 0.0.6 A module that define a cffi magic for IPython
2017-11-25 myutil 1.0.18 This is my util package.
2017-11-25 buildlib 1.0.14 A library to help build projects.
2017-11-25 shuup-testutils Some personal testutils for Shuup E-commerce Platform
2017-11-25 Kato-FlaskAppBuilder 1.0.16 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
2017-11-25 apistar-prometheus 0.1.0 A Prometheus component for API Star.
2017-11-25 micropython-random 0.1 Dummy random module for MicroPython
2017-11-25 c2cgeoform 2.0.dev20171125 c2cgeoform
2017-11-25 torrench 1.0.58 Command-line torrent search program for Windows, Linux and MacOS
2017-11-25 csvinsight 0.2.0 Fast & simple summary for large CSV files
2017-11-25 mountwizzard tooling for a 10micron mount
2017-11-25 slim 0.1.2 github:
2017-11-25 jnrbase 0.8.1 Common utility functionality
2017-11-25 toolkity 1.0.9 simple function tools.
2017-11-25 hops 1.9.6 A helper library for Hops that facilitates development by hiding the complexity of discovering services and setting up security.
2017-11-25 versionah 0.16.0 Simple version specification management
2017-11-25 gease 0.0.3 simply makes a git release using github api v3
2017-11-25 Flask-Datepicker 0.1 date picker flask extension
2017-11-25 gm 掘金3 sdk
2017-11-25 pywallet 0.0.5 Simple BIP32 (HD) wallet creation for BTC, BTG, BCH, LTC, DASH and DOGE
2017-11-25 tem-py 1.1.0 Python OOP Templating System
2017-11-25 infraboxcli 0.5.0 Command Line Interface for InfraBox
2017-11-25 pyramid_oereb 1.1.0.dev20171125 pyramid_oereb, extension for pyramid web frame work to provide a basic server part for the oereb project
2017-11-25 pew 1.1.1 tool to manage multiple virtualenvs written in pure python
2017-11-25 dfvfs 20171125 Digital Forensics Virtual File System (dfVFS).
2017-11-25 mxnet-mkl 0.12.1b20171125 MXNet is an ultra-scalable deep learning framework. This version uses MKL-ML.
2017-11-25 django-rest-generators 0.1.6 Simple tool to add a bunch of commands related to django_rest_framework, django_guardian and behave
2017-11-25 sqlplus 0.1.7 data work tools
2017-11-25 picobox 1.0.0 Dependency injection framework designed with Python in mind.
2017-11-25 libyaz0 0.3.1 A library for compressing/decompressing Yaz0/1 compression formats
2017-11-25 mxnet-cu80mkl 0.12.1b20171125 MXNet is an ultra-scalable deep learning framework. This version uses CUDA-8.0 and MKL-ML.
2017-11-25 chattymarkov 1.1.0 Generate random sentences through markov chains
2017-11-25 pyYify 1.7 This Module is used to get the Top seeded torrents at any given time and get the entire movie details and ratings . Its also useful to search for any movie using different parameters and obtain their magnet link or torrent file of any prefered quality.
2017-11-25 quantaxis 0.5.21 QUANTAXIS:Quantitative Financial Strategy Framework
2017-11-25 phono3py This is the phono3py module.
2017-11-25 MorseStation 0.1 Tool for converting A-Z messages into Morse code Wave files
2017-11-25 coconut-develop 1.3.1.post0.dev8 Simple, elegant, Pythonic functional programming.
2017-11-25 gshell 5.3.0 Tool to handle google drive as shell
2017-11-25 mxnet-cu90 0.12.1b20171125 MXNet is an ultra-scalable deep learning framework. This version uses .

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