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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 64127 packages here.
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2015-08-05 gocept.reference 0.9.2 Intrinsic references for Zope/ZODB applications.
2015-08-05 scholarly 0.2 Simple access to Google Scholar authors and citations
2015-08-05 gocept.month 1.3.1 A datatype which stores a year and a month.
2015-08-05 JPype1 0.6.1 A Python to Java bridge.
2015-08-05 opinel 0.11.0 Code shared between Scout2 and AWS-recipes.
2015-08-05 lasio 0.6 Read borehole data from Log ASCII Standard (LAS) files
2015-08-05 threebot-stats 0.0.6 Your project description goes here
2015-08-05 vxsandbox 0.5.2 A sandbox application worker for Vumi.
2015-08-05 bitmerchant 0.1.7 Bitcoin/altcoin merchant tools
2015-08-05 defrost 0.2.0 A tool to audit pip freeze outputs and test version requirements
2015-08-05 dns_sprockets 1.1.1 Command-line DNS Zone validation tool
2015-08-05 syncano 4.0.0 Python Library for api
2015-08-05 chainer 1.1.2 A flexible framework of neural networks
2015-08-05 project_generator 0.7.1 Project generators for various embedded tools (IDE). IAR, uVision, Makefile and many more in the roadmap!
2015-08-05 blog.policy 0.1b10 A policy for blog suite
2015-08-05 python-ev3dev 0.2.1.post17 Python language bindings for ev3dev
2015-08-05 pcassandra 0.0.5 Utilities to use Cassandra with Django
2015-08-05 django-subsites 0.1
2015-08-05 schemalite 0.1.5
2015-08-05 relationships 0.0.1 redis backed user relationships
2015-08-05 trytond_sentry Sentry Client for Tryton
2015-08-05 tofab 0.0.5 Fabric utils, intend to use with Tokit.
2015-08-05 qizx 1.0.2 Qualcomm Qizx Python API
2015-08-05 django-suit-locale 1.0.10 Django Suit localization.
2015-08-05 cloudify-diamond-plugin 1.2.1 Cloudify Diamond monitoring plugin
2015-08-05 sw-python-utils 0.0.3 Soft Way company python utils.
2015-08-05 cloudify-script-plugin 1.2.1 Plugin for running scripts
2015-08-05 cloudify-plugins-common 3.2.1 Contains necessary decorators and utility methods for writing Cloudify plugins
2015-08-05 cloudify-rest-client 3.2.1 Cloudify REST client
2015-08-05 cloudify-dsl-parser 3.2.1 Cloudify DSL parser
2015-08-05 themes.realestate_ecuador 0.1 Theme for Real Estate Agents
2015-08-05 cloudify 3.2.1 Cloudify CLI
2015-08-05 preprocessor 1.1.2 Preprocessor for files.
2015-08-05 datpy 0.5.2 Python dough for making Dat-flavored pies
2015-08-05 pgcli 0.19.1 CLI for Postgres Database. With auto-completion and syntax highlighting.
2015-08-05 AdvancedHTMLParser 6.1.0 A Powerful HTML Parser/Scraper/Validator that constructs a modifiable, searchable DOM tree, and includes many standard JS DOM functions (getElementsBy*, appendChild, etc) and additional methods
2015-08-05 pysesa 0.0.18 PySESA is an open-source project dedicated to provide a generic Python framework for spatially explicit statistical analyses of point clouds and other geospatial data, in the spatial and frequency domains, for use in the geosciences. The program is detailed in Buscombe, D. "Spatially explicit spectral analysis of point clouds and geospatial data", forthcoming.
2015-08-05 swagger-py-codegen 0.1.10 Generate Flask code from Swagger docs.
2015-08-05 foostache 1.0.1 Implementation of foostache template language
2015-08-05 qizx_pytools 0.1.0 Qualcomm Qizx Python Tools

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