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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 94550 packages here.
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2016-12-11 DedupeCopy 0.4.1 Find duplicates / copy and restructure file layout command-line tool
2016-12-11 opwen-shared 0.0.9 Source code shared between the various Opwen components
2016-12-11 confyio 2.1.0 Official Confy API library client for python
2016-12-11 vortexpy 0.1.4 Synertys observable, routable, data serialisation and transport code.
2016-12-11 txhttputil 0.1.6 Synerty utility classes for serving a static site with twisted.web with user permissions.
2016-12-11 socketIO-client 0.7.2 A client library
2016-12-11 log4python 0.2.15 log for python like log4j2
2016-12-11 libsass 0.12.0 SASS for Python: A straightforward binding of libsass for Python.
2016-12-11 pyiss 1.0 a simple python3 library for info about the current International Space Station location
2016-12-11 colour-valgrind 0.3.1 Wraps Valgrind to colour the output.
2016-12-11 django-sass-processor 0.5.3 SASS processor to compile SCSS files into *.css, while rendering, or offline.
2016-12-11 Atemon-SMSAPI Rename Atemon to atemon
2016-12-11 django-isbn-field 0.3 Provides a model field to manage and validate isbn numbers
2016-12-11 pingparsing 0.4.0 pingparsing is a python library of parsing ping command output.
2016-12-11 alerta-server 4.8.19 Alerta server WSGI application
2016-12-11 corgi 0.2.2 Python data and analysis tools
2016-12-11 larigira 0.4.2 A radio automation based on MPD
2016-12-11 nester_heheda 1.0.0 a simple printer of nested lists
2016-12-11 denonavr 0.2.1 Automation Library for Denon AVR receivers
2016-12-11 gems 0.1.9 Python utilities for data manipulation and management.
2016-12-11 phono3py This is the phono3py module.
2016-12-11 ipython-cypher 0.2.4 Neo4j Cypher cell and line magic for IPython, Pandas, NetworkX and matplotlib
2016-12-11 drep 0.2.0 De-replication of microbial genomes assembled from multiple samples
2016-12-11 ssd1306 1.3.0 A small library to drive an OLED device with either SSD1306 or SH1106 chipset
2016-12-11 cycloudpickle 0.1.0 A cython version of cloudpickle
2016-12-11 astrocats 0.2.10 Package for downloading, analyzing, and constructing open astronomy catalogs.
2016-12-11 flash_services 0.4.1 The services that can be shown on a Flash dashboard.
2016-12-10 greenlet 0.4.11 Lightweight in-process concurrent programming
2016-12-10 irs 0.1 A music downloader that just gets metadata.
2016-12-10 tikteck 0.3 Python API for controlling Tikteck LED bulbs
2016-12-10 cloudflare 1.4.1 Python wrapper for the Cloudflare v4 API
2016-12-10 codetype 1.0.1 A source code identification tool.
2016-12-10 django_mce_pygments 0.1.3 Django app that provides a pygments plugin for tinymce and backend functionality. Particularly useful for Mezzanine
2016-12-10 frs 0.0.0.dev3 Flask-RESTful Swagger(-driven) Validation
2016-12-10 avendesora 0.15.0 An XKCD-style password generator.
2016-12-10 natura 0.0.36 Find money / currencies talk
2016-12-10 pfweb 0.1.0.dev4 Simple web interface for the OpenBSD Packet Filter
2016-12-10 django-reservation 0.2.3 Powerful and dinamic reservation system in django.
2016-12-10 sparc.logging 0.0.1 Logging facilities for the SPARC platform
2016-12-10 Nielsen 0.7.1 Rename and organize TV show files.

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