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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 65863 packages here.
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2015-09-05 ascetic Lightweight python ORM (Object-relational mapper).
2015-09-05 sqlbuilder SmartSQL - lightweight sql builder.
2015-09-05 orderedattrdict 1.2 OrderedDict with attribute-style access
2015-09-05 python-timbl 2015.09.05 Python language binding for the Tilburg Memory-Based Learner
2015-09-05 python3-timbl 2015.09.05 Python 3 language binding for the Tilburg Memory-Based Learner
2015-09-05 vt 2.0.4 VirusTotal Full API
2015-09-05 jungle 0.1.3 AWS operations by cli should be simpler
2015-09-05 thefuck 2.9.1 Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command
2015-09-05 pinkfish 0.5.1 A backtester and spreadsheet library for security analysis.
2015-09-05 validater 0.5 a python tool to validate json/dict/list and convert value by schema
2015-09-05 ocrmypdf 3.0 OCRmyPDF adds an OCR text layer to scanned PDF files, allowing them to be searched
2015-09-05 docpie 0.0.8 An easy and Pythonic way to create your POSIX command line interface
2015-09-05 input_algorithms Thin DSL for creating input_algorithms
2015-09-05 pylast 1.4.1 A Python interface to and
2015-09-05 xymath 0.1.6 A GUI and API that creates, documents and explores y=f(x) curve fits
2015-09-05 wfw 0.3.0 command-line interface for WorkFlowy
2015-09-05 cauldron 1.0.12 Utils to reduce boilerplate code
2015-09-05 privacyIDEA 2.6dev4 privacyIDEA: identity, multifactor authentication (OTP), authorization, audit
2015-09-05 pycorn 0.16b0 A script to extract data from UNICORN result (res) files
2015-09-05 jim_nester 1.0.0 Python Learning
2015-09-05 miftpclient 0.5 connect to your xiaomi phone's ftp server automatically.
2015-09-05 saika 0.1.38 provide develpment tools all you need
2015-09-05 GitHub-Flask 3.0.0 GitHub extension for Flask microframework
2015-09-05 path_manifest 0.2.21 Inject a manifest of a directory structure and generate patches against it later.
2015-09-05 otree-core 0.3.37 oTree is a toolset that makes it easy to create and administer web-based social science experiments.
2015-09-05 Python-EasyConfig 0.1.2 A simple library for loading configurations easily in Python, inspired by `flask.config`.
2015-09-05 sorno-py-scripts 0.26.2 Herman Tai's python scripts all prefixed with "sorno_"
2015-09-05 tickeys 0.1.7 Instant audio feedback when typing. For Linux.
2015-09-05 ethjsonrpc 0.1.0 Ethereum JSON-RPC client
2015-09-05 pottery 0.23 Redis for Humans
2015-09-05 django-autotest-command 1.0.1 Django command for quickly re-running tests when ever a file changes.
2015-09-05 AIKIF 0.1.5 Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Information Framework
2015-09-05 unixpackage 0.1.6 One command to install equivalent packages in Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat and Mac OS X.
2015-09-05 0.5.0 A python wrapper for the Discord API
2015-09-05 celerybeat-redis 0.0.9 A Celery Beat Scheduler that uses Redis to store both schedule definitions and status information
2015-09-05 django-mailgun 0.3.0 A Django email backend for Mailgun
2015-09-05 python-piwik Python implementation of the Piwik HTTP API
2015-09-05 deepdish 0.3.0 Deep Learning experiments from University of Chicago.
2015-09-05 parm 1.7 Markdown to html convertor tool
2015-09-05 pyactiviti 0.1.0 An SDK that helps with interacting with Activiti.

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