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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 42396 packages here.
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2014-04-16 protowrapper 0.0.1 Decorator that monkey patches protobuffer classes to do validation and other things.
2014-04-16 appier_extras 0.1.4 Appier Framework Extra Elements
2014-04-16 appier 0.4.9 Appier Framework
2014-04-16 music21 1.8.0 A Toolkit for Computer-Aided Musical Analysis and Manipulation.
2014-04-16 wangrongyi5 1.2.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2014-04-16 twiggy-goodies 0.2.1 Handlers and helpers for Twiggy logging library.
2014-04-16 nose2-gae 0.1.2 nose2 plugin to run the tests in the Google App Engine environment
2014-04-16 bw2calc 0.13 UNKNOWN
2014-04-16 jmbo-banner 0.3 Jmbo banner app.
2014-04-16 pyonedrive 1.1 Onedrive REST api client
2014-04-16 aldryn-quote 1.0.2 Easy to use quote plugin for Aldryn and django CMS.
2014-04-16 sphinx_infinidat_theme 1.0.0 Infinidat adaptation of the RTD theme by Dave Snider
2014-04-16 mcash-mapi-client 0.1.0 Thin python wrapper around mCASH's merchant api
2014-04-16 scorched 0.4 solr search orm like query builder
2014-04-16 nester_test 1.3.1 A simple printer of nested lists
2014-04-16 django-rforum 0.0.22 Yet another Django Forum App
2014-04-16 ShelfCMS 0.5.2 Enhancing flask microframework with beautiful admin and cms-like features
2014-04-16 souper.plone 1.2 Plone Souper Integration: Container for many lightweight queryable Records
2014-04-16 yunbk 0.1.33 make backup easier
2014-04-16 stormssh 0.6 Management commands to ssh config files.
2014-04-16 0.9.1 Robot Framework testing resources for Plone
2014-04-16 python-designateclient 1.0.3 DNS as a Service - Client
2014-04-16 Clay 2.9.2 An amazing prototyping tool
2014-04-16 multisuite 0.2.3 run independent nose test suites together
2014-04-16 Moar 1.2.2 Easy thumbnails for everyone
2014-04-16 arartekomaps 5.5 Django application serving
2014-04-16 django-pluggable-apps 1.1 A pluggable system for django applications
2014-04-16 dexcell 0.4.1 DEXCell Energy Manager HTTP/JSON REST API for python
2014-04-16 dbarray 0.0.1 .
2014-04-16 django-toffee 0.26 A simple Django app to layout your applications.
2014-04-16 Shinken 2.0 Shinken is a monitoring framework compatible with Nagios configuration and plugins
2014-04-16 py3status 1.4 py3status is an extensible i3status wrapper written in python
2014-04-16 python-troveclient 1.0.5 Client library for OpenStack DBaaS API
2014-04-16 haii 1.0
2014-04-16 pingo 0.1.7 Generic API to control boards with programmable IO pins.
2014-04-16 gfirefly 0.1.4alpha Achieve firefly based on gtwisted
2014-04-16 isass 0.1.3 compiles indented-SASS-syntax to CSS stylesheets
2014-04-16 il2-mis-parser 1.0.0 Parse IL-2 mission file and produce detailed information about mission.
2014-04-16 ftw.contentpage 1.6.4 Contentpage based on Simplelayout for for web/intranet
2014-04-16 Fritzl 0.0.2 Control Fritz AVM DECT200

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