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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 106859 packages here.
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2017-04-27 django-embed-video 1.1.2 Django app for easy embeding YouTube and Vimeo videos and music from SoundCloud.
2017-04-27 sliders 0.2.0 Refactor and reformat text data
2017-04-27 deployv-addon-gitlab-tools 0.1.3 Deployv addon: Gitlab tools. Generated by cookiecutter and cookiecutter-deploy-addon.
2017-04-27 zenmai 0.1.0 toy language on yaml or json
2017-04-27 mleap 0.7.0 MLeap Python API
2017-04-27 astrobase 0.1.18 Python modules and scripts useful for variable star work in astronomy.
2017-04-27 bentodev 0.1.5a0 BentoBox Local Development System
2017-04-27 zxbasic 1.4.1997 The ZX Basic compiler
2017-04-27 pyaqara 0.18.0 Python API for interfacing with the Aqara gateway
2017-04-27 spexcript 0.3 Spexcript -- easy layout for theater scripts
2017-04-27 petname 2.1 Generate human-readable, random object names
2017-04-27 kudubot 0.15.0 A messaging bot framework
2017-04-27 Sanic-CookieSession 0.1.0 Sanic-CookieSession - Simple Cookie-based Session for Sanic
2017-04-27 pio-cli 0.24 PipelineIO CLI
2017-04-27 shellbot 17.4.27 A bot that is also a responsive shell
2017-04-27 lucterios-documents documents managment module for Lucterios framework.
2017-04-27 lucterios-contacts contacts managment module for Lucterios framework.
2017-04-27 recordinality 0.0.2 A Python implementation of the Recordinality sketch
2017-04-27 lucterios Lucterios framework.
2017-04-27 diacamma-syndic Condominium application.
2017-04-27 diacamma-financial Diacamma financial modules for Lucterios framework.
2017-04-27 diacamma-asso association application.
2017-04-27 populus 1.6.9 Ethereum Development Framework
2017-04-27 askhome 0.1.2 Alexa Skills Kit library for working with Smart Home Skill API
2017-04-27 parametrix 0.0.2 Parametric analysis librairy for estimation and detection
2017-04-27 alas-ce0-client 0.4 API client for Alas.Ce0 project
2017-04-27 ansunit 0.1.5 Declarative unit testing for answer set programming projects
2017-04-27 gigalixir 0.3.0 UNKNOWN
2017-04-27 markdown-to-presentation 0.0.14 Takes markdown and turns it into an html slideshow.
2017-04-27 readtagger 0.3.20 Tags reads in a BAM file based on other BAM files.
2017-04-27 cskipdict 0.0.2 A fast CFFI-based SkipDict implementation.
2017-04-27 tfinterface 0.0.2 A light wrapper over TensorFlow that enables you to easily create complex deep neural networks using the Builder Pattern through a functional fluent immutable API
2017-04-27 vsts-cd-manager 0.117.2 Python wrapper around some of the VSTS APIs
2017-04-27 nau-orchard 0.0.1 A pipeline management generation tool
2017-04-27 dockerscript 0.7.0 Tool for generating Dockerfiles from Python
2017-04-27 vcstool 0.1.24 vcstool provides a command line tool to invoke vcs commands on multiple repositories.
2017-04-27 virtual-ipm 0.2 Virtual-IPM is a software for simulating IPMs and other related devices.
2017-04-27 pip-upgrader 1.3.0 An interactive pip requirements upgrader. It also updates the version in your requirements.txt file.
2017-04-27 lorax 0.93.2 Server for phylogenetic tree generation and extension
2017-04-27 grappa 0.1.4 Behavior-oriented, expressive, developer-friendly assertions library

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