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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 117677 packages here.
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2017-09-23 papertrail-cli 1.0.31 Papertrail Command Line Utils
2017-09-23 githubstars 0.0.3 List repository stars and info through Gituhb v4 GraphQL API
2017-09-23 listorm 0.2.3 SQL ORM API for table type of dict-list
2017-09-23 nanohttp 0.16.6 A very micro http framework.
2017-09-23 iterm-theme-generator 0.1.0 Generate iTerm2 colors from an image
2017-09-23 grole 0.2.0 A simple asyncio based web framework
2017-09-23 cartoview 1.3.0 Cartoview is a GIS web mapping application framework to easily share and deploy apps based on Geonode
2017-09-23 wpm 1.20 Console app for measuring typing speed in words per minute (WPM)
2017-09-23 panic 6.3.2 PANIC, a python Alarm System for TANGO
2017-09-23 spinners 0.0.6 Spinners for terminals
2017-09-23 passme 0.1.3 Password management with command line
2017-09-23 texools 0.1.3 Package containing tools for working with text and text files.
2017-09-23 libtiff 0.4.1 PyLibTiff: a Python tiff library.
2017-09-23 netmiko 1.4.3 Multi-vendor library to simplify Paramiko SSH connections to network devices
2017-09-23 xdice 1.1.2 The swiss knife for Dice roll : Command line, API (documented!), advanced dice notation parser, compilable patterns...etc.
2017-09-23 python-locker 1.0.1 A place to keep your valuables.
2017-09-23 labelord 0.0 Simple toolkit for manipulating the GitHub labels of multiple repositories.
2017-09-23 partridge 0.1.0 Partridge is python library for working with GTFS feeds using pandas DataFrames.
2017-09-23 log_symbols 0.0.4 Colored symbols for various log levels for Python
2017-09-23 nanoscope 0.12.1 Library to parse and process of Nanoscope Dimension AFM files
2017-09-23 reactjo 2.2.1 Extensible scaffolding engine.
2017-09-23 extract-todo 0.1.1 extract TODOs
2017-09-23 scotchwsgi 0.1.9
2017-09-23 ekphrasis 0.2.0 Text processing tool, geared towards text from social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook. Ekphrasis performs tokenization, word normalization, word segmentation (for splitting hashtags) and spell correction.
2017-09-23 youtube_dl 2017.9.24 YouTube video downloader
2017-09-23 hcprequestanalytics 1.1.0 hcprequestanalytics - analyze HCP HTTP request logs
2017-09-23 snipsskills Snips Skills Manager
2017-09-23 whitenoise 4.0b4 Radically simplified static file serving for WSGI applications
2017-09-23 semver 2.7.9 Python helper for Semantic Versioning (
2017-09-23 3.1.1 Tools for running speaker recognition experiments
2017-09-23 km3pipe 7.5.3 An analysis framework for KM3NeT
2017-09-23 nemea-pycommon 1.3.2 Common Python modules and methods of the NEMEA system.
2017-09-23 tem-py 0.5.1 Python OOP Templating System
2017-09-23 2.1.4 Youtube Faces Database Access API for Bob
2017-09-23 eyeD3 0.8.2 Python audio data toolkit (ID3 and MP3)
2017-09-23 bob.db.xm2vts 2.1.4 XM2VTS Database Access API for Bob
2017-09-23 bob.db.kboc16 2.0.11 KBOC16 Database Access API for Bob
2017-09-23 bob.db.voicepa 1.0.2 Audio voicePA Presentation Attack Database Access API for Bob
2017-09-23 bob.db.scface 2.1.5 SCface Database Access API for Bob
2017-09-23 jsonextended 0.6.2 Extending the python json package functionality

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