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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 94183 packages here.
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2016-12-05 trafaret_validator 0.2.5 trafaret validator wrapper
2016-12-05 pywemo 0.4.8 Access WeMo switches using their SOAP API
2016-12-05 aiohttp-swagger 1.0.4 Swagger API Documentation builder for aiohttp server
2016-12-05 python-stack-cli `stack` is a Python version of [stack](,
2016-12-05 confluence-publisher-ex 1.0.0 Tool for publishing Sphinx generated documents to Confluence
2016-12-05 parallel_sync 1.8.4 A Parallelized file/url syncing package
2016-12-05 django-djcopyright 0.3.0 Django reusable app to show pretty formatted copyright years
2016-12-05 jsontableschema-sql 0.4.0 Generate SQL tables, load and extract data, based on JSON Table Schema descriptors.
2016-12-05 pandas_plink 1.0.6rc0 Read PLINK files into Pandas data frames.
2016-12-05 musicrepair 2.7 Lets you repair your music files by adding metadata and album art
2016-12-05 apssh 0.4.7 Asynchroneous Parallel ssh
2016-12-05 asynciojobs 0.4.4 A simplistic orchestration engine for asyncio-based jobs
2016-12-05 pymesos 0.2.9 A pure python implementation of Mesos scheduler and executor
2016-12-05 geomeppy 0.2.14 Geometry editing for E+ idf files
2016-12-05 fastzbarlight 0.0.14.dev0 A fork of zbarlight, which includes a vendored copy of zbar compiled with optimization flags
2016-12-05 jsondiff 1.1.0 Diff JSON and JSON-like structures in Python
2016-12-05 deepTools 2.4.1 Useful tools for exploring deep sequencing data
2016-12-05 djangocms-blogit 0.4.9 A simple djangoCMS blog app.
2016-12-05 nos-python-sdk 1.0.1 NetEase Object Storage SDK
2016-12-05 chem_gm Graph Machine Application Programming Interface
2016-12-05 nester_liuciuse 1.1.0 test
2016-12-05 django-ttdb 0.4 Creates a django test database using a postgres template database.
2016-12-05 bitcoinaverage 0.1.15 Library to integrate with the BitcoinAverage API
2016-12-05 postmarker 0.6.0 Python client library for Postmark API
2016-12-05 Axelrod 1.20.0 Reproduce the Axelrod iterated prisoners dilemma tournament
2016-12-05 todotxtio 0.2.0 A simple Python module to parse, manipulate and write Todo.txt data
2016-12-05 dmgbuild 1.2.1 Mac OS X command line utility to build disk images
2016-12-05 ds_store 1.1.0 Manipulate Finder .DS_Store files from Python
2016-12-05 sequana 0.1.15 A set of standalone application and pipelines dedicated to NGS (new generation sequencing) analysis
2016-12-05 sickrage 8.8.5 Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows
2016-12-05 VMAgent 0.1.4 Openstack instance monitor agent
2016-12-05 logwrap 1.0.3 Decorator for logging function arguments by human-readable way
2016-12-05 biomaj-cron 3.0.0 BioMAJ cron management
2016-12-05 colormap 1.0.0 Utilities to ease manipulation of matplotlib colormaps and color codecs (e.g., hex2rgb)
2016-12-05 pump-client 0.4.0 Python SDK for pump APIs
2016-12-05 hostlist 1.1.0rc1 Sync hostlist and builds config files for services.
2016-12-05 biomaj-daemon 3.0.3 BioMAJ daemon service
2016-12-05 django_cradmin 2.0.0a33 A role based admin UI for Django that produces a user friendly and beautiful UI.
2016-12-05 payline 1.0.13 Payline API Python client
2016-12-05 bobot 0.1.2 Telegram Bot API Wrapper

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