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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 110820 packages here.
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2017-06-26 nap-token-auth 0.1.2 A Minimal Token-Based Auth for Django
2017-06-26 pygments-hackasm-lexer 0.3 Pygments lexer for the Nand2Tetris Hack Assembler
2017-06-26 porthole 0.3.3 An automated reporting package.
2017-06-26 vectorvondoom 0.4.0 An SVG-based vector image tool.
2017-06-26 html-testRunner 1.1.0 A Test Runner in python, for Human Readable HTML Reports
2017-06-26 fileserve 0.24 tornado simple HttpService.
2017-06-26 sparsereg 0.5.4 Modern sparse linear regression
2017-06-26 makecli 0.0.10 Tookit for generating command line interfaces
2017-06-26 objdict 0.4.3 The ObjDict class has many uses including: as a tool for processing and generating json information, for ad-hoc classes and mutable named tuples, or just as dictionaries that allow dot notation access.
2017-06-26 awslimitchecker 0.10.0 A script and python module to check your AWS service limits and usage, and warn when usage approaches limits.
2017-06-26 a3rt-sdk-py 0.0.2 Python SDK for A3RT
2017-06-26 heat-translator 0.9.0 Tool to translate non-heat templates to Heat Orchestration Template.
2017-06-26 scikit-dsp-comm 0.0.3 DSP and Comm package.
2017-06-26 copernicus 1.5.1 Osint Tool to get infos about peoples
2017-06-26 webhook2lambda2sqs 0.2.0 Generate code and manage infrastructure for receiving webhooks with AWS API Gateway and pushing to SQS via Lambda.
2017-06-26 champollion 0.5.0 Sphinx extension to document javascript code.
2017-06-26 ucwa 0.3.0 Skype for Business UCWA API client
2017-06-26 datalad 0.7.0 data distribution geared toward scientific datasets
2017-06-26 optimus_ml 0.2 Automated machine learning tool
2017-06-26 SERP-History-Visualization 1.2.0 View trends in serps over time using AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and matplotlib
2017-06-26 MonitorRequests 0.0.0 Check remote calls via request
2017-06-26 dashbase-cmdline 1.0.0
2017-06-26 unityapiclient 0.0.3 Client library for the Unity IDM APIs
2017-06-25 rcpy 0.3.4 Python Library for Robotics Cape on Beaglebone Black and Beaglebone Blue
2017-06-25 tripleo-common 7.2.0 A common library for TripleO workflows.
2017-06-25 plawt 1.1.1 JSON-like sugar for plotting with matplotlib
2017-06-25 kipartman 0.0.23 Kicad part manager
2017-06-25 yagmail 0.9.178 Yet Another GMAIL client
2017-06-25 haystack-reverse 0.41 Reverse C Structures from a process' memory
2017-06-25 tstl 1.0.13 Template scripting testing language (TSTL)
2017-06-25 PyGnuplot 0.10.0 Python Gnuplot wrapper
2017-06-25 asteriskvm_server 0.2.2 The server portion of a client/server to interact with Asterisk voicemail mailboxes
2017-06-25 udb 0.1.0 micro db
2017-06-25 ipwb 0.2017.6.25.1924 InterPlanetary Wayback (ipwb): Web Archive integration with IPFS
2017-06-25 quantumworldX 0.18.38 Basic library for the QuantumWorld edX course
2017-06-25 tvlinker 4.0.0 Scene-RLS TV show link scraper integrated w/ real-debrid to unrestrict links + support for download managers: Built-in (window/linux), Aria2 RPC Daemon (windows/linux), Internet Download Manager (windows), KGet (linux), pyLoad (windows/linux), and Persepolis (windows/linux)
2017-06-25 dvh-analytics 0.0.33 Create a database of DVHs, views with Bokeh
2017-06-25 mnemosyne-client 0.10.4 mnemosyne service grpc client library
2017-06-25 burger 0.9.8 Burger Becky's shared python library.
2017-06-25 hookery 1.1.2 Trivial, primitive, naive, and optimistic hook registry in Python

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