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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 85324 packages here.
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2016-07-27 llfuse 1.1.1 Python bindings for the low-level FUSE API
2016-07-27 digpe 0.1.2 extract price from text
2016-07-27 collective.nitf 2.0b2 A content type inspired on the IPTC's News Industry Text Format specification.
2016-07-27 tokenize_uk 0.2.0 Simple python lib to tokenize texts into sentences and sentences to words. Small, fast and robust. Comes with ukrainian flavour
2016-07-27 fulfil 0.0.1 Placeholder
2016-07-27 fulfilio 0.0.1 Placeholder
2016-07-27 0.0.1 Placeholder
2016-07-27 devhub 0.0.1 Placeholder
2016-07-27 humann2 0.8.0 HUMAnN2: The HMP Unified Metabolic Analysis Network 2
2016-07-27 subdl2 1.0.0 Subtitle File Downloader
2016-07-27 schema 0.6.2 Simple data validation library
2016-07-27 simple-engine-core 1.7 Reads in HTML, reads out JSON
2016-07-27 snoopy 0.4.4 Browser based quality control tool to expedite reviewing predicted variants in next generation sequencing files.
2016-07-27 StructuralEngineering 0.1.336 structural engineering package
2016-07-27 minpy 0.1.3 Pure NumPy practice with third-party operator integration.
2016-07-27 aimmo
2016-07-27 djson 0.1.0 A different JSON parser for Python.
2016-07-27 tstat_transport 0.5 Tools to send Tstat (TCP STatistic and Analysis Tool) log data to archive servers.
2016-07-27 big_letters 0.0.3 prints text in big letters in your terminal
2016-07-27 mangopaysdk 2.1.0 MANGOPAY API
2016-07-27 h5writer 0.5.6 Tool for writing HDF5 files
2016-07-27 dividebatur 0.1.0 process single-transferable-vote elections as used for the Australian Senate under the Commonwealth Electoral Act (1918)
2016-07-27 resolwe-bio 1.2.1 Bioinformatics pipelines for the Resolwe platform.
2016-07-27 captiv8 0.0.1 Captive Portal Evasion Tool
2016-07-27 sevenbridges-python 0.4.2 SBG API python client bindings
2016-07-27 zopyx.plone.hyphenator 0.1.1 Hyphenation support for Plone
2016-07-27 tag-processor 0.2.3 Application for processing tags inside string, like ${tag}
2016-07-27 carl 0.1.4 The Headless HAR Crawler
2016-07-27 quickstartutil 0.1.26 A simple utility for building application quickly
2016-07-27 prawtools 0.19.3 A collection of utilities that utilize the reddit API.
2016-07-27 ftw.publisher.sender 2.5.0 Staging and publishing addon for Plone contents.
2016-07-27 spotify-ripper 2.10.2 a small ripper for Spotify that rips Spotify URIs to audio files
2016-07-27 jupyter-react 0.1.0 React component extension for Jupyter Notebooks
2016-07-27 mklibpy 0.2.1 Python library created by Michael Kim
2016-07-27 pyramid_jsonapi 0.4.2 Auto-build JSON API from sqlalchemy models using the pyramid framework
2016-07-27 nighthawk 2016.0.1 a powerful science and cryptography library
2016-07-27 indiaDND 0.2.0 A python project to detect whether a given indian mobile number is DND(Do Not Disturb) mode or not
2016-07-27 brilws 2.1.0 bril worksuite
2016-07-27 gaw 0.7.1 A small library that helps you developing microservices over simple TCP socket with ease
2016-07-27 CIpipe 1.102 CRISPR Indel pipe

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