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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 106542 packages here.
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2017-04-24 hedgehog-field-agent 4.2.0 Hedgehog station controller.
2017-04-24 hublib 0.6.2 Python library for HUBzero Jupyter Notebooks
2017-04-24 easyqueue 0.1.2 An easy way to handle amqp queues. Focus on your app logic, forget about the protocol.
2017-04-24 akilib 2.1.5 This Library is Hardware Library. and You can buy parts in Japan Akihabara .
2017-04-24 prosaic 6.1.0 prose scraper & cut-up poetry generator
2017-04-24 gridaurora 1.0.3 Gridding for auroral and ionospheric modeling
2017-04-24 arrogant 1.3 An API for 企業徵才.
2017-04-24 Ledger-dev 0.2.7 Immutable Ledger python library
2017-04-24 gnewsclient 1.0.2 Python client for Google News feed.
2017-04-24 nasa-api-wrapper 0.1.4 A convenient wrapper for NASA's APIs
2017-04-24 protect 2.5.0a1.dev329 Prediction of T-Cell Epitopes for Cancer Therapy
2017-04-24 pytest-peach 1.2.4 pytest plugin for fuzzing with Peach API Security
2017-04-24 peachweb-api 1.2.4 Peach Web Proxy API module
2017-04-24 neutron-zvm-plugin 8.0.0 zVM ML2 mechanism driver and zVM neutron agent.
2017-04-24 ereb 0.17.6 Tornado based cron with web interface, JSON API and history
2017-04-24 shtrihm-fr 0.2.0 Driver for Shtrih-M cash (fiscal) registers.
2017-04-24 simulator 0.0.15 Electrical Power System Simulator
2017-04-24 AWSScout2 3.0.0rc8 Scout2, TODO
2017-04-24 pymap3d 1.2.2 Python coordinate conversions, following convention of several popular Matlab routines.
2017-04-24 verto 0.5.1 Verto is an extension of the Python Markdown package, which allows authors to include complex HTML elements with simple text tags in their Markdown.
2017-04-24 odoo9-addon-partner-firstname Split first name and last name for non company partners
2017-04-24 odoo8-addon-partner-firstname Split first name and last name for non company partners
2017-04-24 odoo8-addon-l10n-es-aeat-mod340 Generación de fichero modelo 340 y libro de IVA
2017-04-24 odoo10-addon-printer-tray Report to printer - Paper tray selection
2017-04-24 odoo10-addon-partner-firstname Split first name and last name for non company partners
2017-04-24 odoo10-addon-base-optional-quick-create Avoid 'quick create' on m2o fields, on a 'by model' basis
2017-04-24 odoo10-addon-base-location-geonames-import Import better zip entries from Geonames
2017-04-24 odoo10-addon-base-location Enhanced zip/npa management system
2017-04-24 opinel 3.0.8 Code shared between Scout2 and AWS-recipes.
2017-04-24 botocore-meiqia 1.5.43 Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3.
2017-04-24 djangox 0.1.15 Another way of using django. Convention over configuration for urls, mako template language support,json response, REST style API, convenient scripts, ...
2017-04-24 vlcp 1.3.2 Full stack framework for SDN Controller, support Openflow 1.0, Openflow 1.3, and Nicira extensions. Also a powerful coroutine-based web server.
2017-04-24 mesos-cook 0.3.4 Python client for Two Sigma's Cook scheduler
2017-04-24 JYAliYun 0.1.6 Aliyun Service Library
2017-04-24 pyEight 0.0.1 Provides a python api to interact with an Eight Sleep mattress cover.
2017-04-24 django-geojson-serializer 0.2 Geojson serializer decorator for django rest framework
2017-04-24 pymns 0.1.2 ali mns simple client
2017-04-24 msise00 0.9.0 Python API for Fortran MSISE-00 neutral atmosphere model.
2017-04-24 QueryableList 3.1.0 Python module to add support for ORM-style filtering to any list of items
2017-04-24 trimesh 2.10.10 Import, export, process, analyze and view triangular meshes.

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