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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 115085 packages here.
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2017-08-21 nlpia 0.0.27 Natural Language Processing in Action examples, data, and utilities
2017-08-21 ccxt 1.4.76 A library for cryptocurrency trading and e-commerce with support for many bitcoin/ether/altcoin exchange markets and merchant APIs
2017-08-21 papermill 0.8 Map Reduce for Notebooks
2017-08-21 htsprophet 0.0.33 Creates Hierarchical Time Series Forecasts with Facebook's Prophet tool
2017-08-21 plone.tiles 2.0.0b3 APIs for managing tiles
2017-08-21 ast2vec 0.2.3a0 Part of source{d}'s stack for machine learning on source code. Provides API and tools to train and use models based on source code identifiers extracted from Babelfish's UASTs.
2017-08-21 execsql Runs a SQL script against a PostgreSQL, MS-Access, SQLite, MS-SQL-Server, MySQL, MariaDB, or Firebird database, or an ODBC DSN. Provides metacommands to import and export data, copy data between databases, conditionally execute SQL and metacommands, and dynamically alter SQL and metacommands with substitution variables. Data can be exported in 13 different formats, including CSV, TSV, ODS, HTML, JSON, LaTeX, and Markdown tables, and using custom templates.
2017-08-21 cfe 0.0.3 Coding For Entrepreneurs Project Generator
2017-08-21 api-sdk-python 0.1.0 wrapper to api banregio
2017-08-21 resp 0.1.0 Making the Redis Mass Insertion simple.
2017-08-21 column 0.5.1 A thin wrapper on top of ansible with a stable API.
2017-08-21 epitran 0.33 Tools for transcribing languages into IPA.
2017-08-21 simpleflow 0.18.8 Python library for dataflow programming with Amazon SWF
2017-08-21 django_mobile_auth 0.2.7 A Django app that allows users to authenticate using email, phone number or username.
2017-08-21 columnclient 0.0.1 A thin client to communicate with the Column API.
2017-08-21 pubkeeper.protocol 0.2.2 Brew, Fill, Consume
2017-08-21 pubkeeper.communication.websocket 0.2.2 Brew, Fill, Consume
2017-08-21 pubkeeper.communication 0.2.2 Brew, Fill, Consume
2017-08-21 pubkeeper.client 0.2.2 Brew, Fill, Consume
2017-08-21 pubkeeper.brew.zmq 0.2.2 Brew, Consume, ZMQ!
2017-08-21 pubkeeper.brew.websocket 0.2.2 Brew, Consume, Websocket
2017-08-21 pubkeeper.brew.local 0.2.2 Brew, Consume, Local
2017-08-21 django-remote-submission 1.1.2 A Django application to manage long running job submission, including starting the job, saving logs, and storing results.
2017-08-21 gameanalysis 3.2.1 A python module for analyzing sparse and empirical games
2017-08-21 brewer 0.1 A package to control our brew rig
2017-08-21 collective.themefragments 2.8.0 Theme fragments for
2017-08-21 abodepy 0.7.0 An Abode alarm Python library running on Python 3.
2017-08-21 mobly 1.6.1 Test automation framework for complex end-to-end tests in the mobile/IOT/networking space.
2017-08-21 ckanext-govdf_theme The Brasília Government Theme for Opandata
2017-08-21 flask-dynamo 0.1.0 DynamoDB integration for Flask.
2017-08-21 celegans 0.0.1 CELEGANS Network Toolbox
2017-08-21 fxr 0.2.1 Pythonic Find and Replacetest
2017-08-21 aioservice 0.0.4 Library to provide HTTP advanced service building
2017-08-21 mg-thumbor 0.2.0 Extra filters and optimizers for thumbor by MindGeek
2017-08-21 us 1.0.0 US state meta information and other fun stuff
2017-08-21 python-ecobee-api 0.0.8 Python API for talking to Ecobee thermostats
2017-08-21 pyqt5-tools Tools to supplement the official PyQt5 wheels
2017-08-21 lorax 0.94.26 lorax -- speaks for the (phylogenetic) trees.
2017-08-21 esub 0.0.4 esub python client library
2017-08-21 urlextract 0.5 Collects and extracts URLs from given text.

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