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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 60131 packages here.
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2015-05-23 koning 1 Behandeling met antipsychotica zonder de noodzakelijke verpleging is maken van omstandigheden die suicide in de hand werken.
2015-05-23 cmd3 1.9.2 cmd3 - A dynamic CMD shell with plugins
2015-05-23 django-money 0.6.0 Adds support for using money and currency fields in django models and forms. Uses py-moneyed as the money implementation.
2015-05-23 ownercredit 5.0.0 Ownercredit implements some concepts for a wealth-backed currency system
2015-05-23 pyDAL 15.05 a pure Python Database Abstraction Layer
2015-05-23 leonardo-team 2015.5.1 Team Application for Leonardo CMS or plain FeinCMS
2015-05-23 OpenWeatherForecast 0.1.3 Openweather python wrapper to forecast weather data.
2015-05-23 chessproblem.ui 1.1.0 The user interface to edit chessproblems for tex files using the chess-problem-diagrams latex style.
2015-05-23 vyked 1.1 A micro-service framework for Python
2015-05-23 overrides 0.1 A decorator to automatically detect mismatch when overriding a method.
2015-05-23 gevent 1.0.2 Coroutine-based network library
2015-05-23 env_utils 1.0.1 Utility functions to make it easier to work with os.environ
2015-05-23 syncloud-platform Syncloud platform
2015-05-23 nester3 1.0.0 nester3
2015-05-23 0.0.7 ipv4ToLocation
2015-05-23 five 0.1.2 Gives you five. A library to overcomplicate `5`
2015-05-23 Mopidy-Mobile 0.10.2 Mopidy Web client extension for mobile devices
2015-05-23 tprofile 0.0.1 a profile tool for tornado web requesthandler
2015-05-23 passh 1.0.0 Python3 asyncio library to run SSH in parallel
2015-05-23 webapp-health-monitor 0.1.4 UNKNOWN
2015-05-23 skoolkit 4.4 A suite of tools for creating disassemblies of ZX Spectrum games
2015-05-23 googleanalytics 0.20.5 A wrapper for the Google Analytics API.
2015-05-23 commandify Simple command line commands through decorators
2015-05-23 PyNLPl PyNLPl, pronounced as 'pineapple', is a Python library for Natural Language Processing. It contains various modules useful for common, and less common, NLP tasks. PyNLPl can be used for example the computation of n-grams, frequency lists and distributions, language models. There are also more complex data types, such as Priority Queues, and search algorithms, such as Beam Search.
2015-05-23 five 0.1.1 Gives you five. A library to overcomplicate `5`
2015-05-23 PyLaTeX 0.8.0 A Python library for creating LaTeX files
2015-05-23 redcrab 0.1.1 A crawler for the Reddit API that will take comments and store them in a database
2015-05-23 wheezy.core 0.1.140 A lightweight core library
2015-05-23 aio.http 0.0.10 HTTP server for the aio asyncio framework
2015-05-23 django-webpack-loader 0.0.5 Load your webpack bundles and chunks in django
2015-05-23 pyxie 0.0.9 Little Python to C++ Compiler
2015-05-23 teambition 0.1.7 Teambition Python API
2015-05-23 aiomysql 0.0.4 MySQL driver for asyncio.
2015-05-23 rig 0.2.3 A collection of tools for developing SpiNNaker applications
2015-05-23 docker-playground 0.0.2 Persistent docker playground testing environment.
2015-05-23 Mopidy-Spotify-Web 0.1.0 Mopidy extension for providing the browse feature of Spotify for artists and albums
2015-05-23 gosh 1.3.0 Global SSH
2015-05-23 wechatpy 0.8.7 wechatpy: WeChat SDK for Python
2015-05-23 pyltp 0.1.7 pyltp: the python extension for LTP
2015-05-23 0.2.4 API

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