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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 57172 packages here.
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2015-03-27 durabledict 0.9.1 Dictionary-style access to different types of models.
2015-03-27 frigg-worker 0.7.2 A worker application that listens to the frigg broker an pick up builds and build them.
2015-03-27 MDAnalysisTests 0.9.1 Python tools to support analysis of trajectories (test cases)
2015-03-27 etym 0.0.2 Command-line interface for
2015-03-27 li-pagador-koin 2.0.10 Meio de pagamento usando o Koin (
2015-03-27 bambu-oembed 2.5.1 Embed resources like YouTube videos, tweets and Flickr images by entering their URL on a single line of text. Methodology inspired by WordPress
2015-03-27 jellyfish 0.4.0 a library for doing approximate and phonetic matching of strings.
2015-03-27 MDAnalysis 0.9.1 An object-oriented toolkit to analyze molecular dynamics trajectories generated by CHARMM, Gromacs, NAMD, LAMMPS, or Amber.
2015-03-27 microsip_api 1.5.7 microsip api
2015-03-27 frigg-common 0.2.0 Utils for frigg apps
2015-03-27 tchannel 0.2.0 Network multiplexing and framing protocol for RPC
2015-03-27 SQLObject 3.0.0a1dev-20150327 Object-Relational Manager, aka database wrapper
2015-03-27 readthedocs-build 1.0.0 Build infrastructure for Read the Docs
2015-03-27 python-thumbnails 0.3.0 Thumbnails for Django, Flask and other Python projects.
2015-03-27 grace 0.3.17 A tool to simplify JavaScript development.
2015-03-27 grace_dizmo 0.2.15 A plugin for grace
2015-03-27 li-pagador 2.0.26 Engine de pagamentos da Loja Integrada
2015-03-27 li-pagador-boleto 2.0.13 Meio de pagamento usando boleto bancário
2015-03-27 Cinema 4D Plugin development tools
2015-03-27 nailgun 0.4.1 A library that facilitates easy usage of the Satellite 6 API
2015-03-27 PyJWT-mozilla 0.1.5 JSON Web Token implementation in Python
2015-03-27 compactor 0.3.0 Pure python implementation of libprocess actors
2015-03-27 isbntools 4.2.3 app and framework for 'all things ISBN' (International Standard Book Number) including metadata, descriptions, covers... .
2015-03-27 sdetools 4.4.21 SD Element Tools: A collection of SD Elements integration tools built around SD Elements API.
2015-03-27 django-bulbs 0.4.12 America's Finest Namespace
2015-03-27 pid 2.0.0 Pidfile featuring stale detection and file-locking, can also be used as context-manager or decorator
2015-03-27 argument 0.0.1 Command line argument python
2015-03-27 django-yacon 0.0.27 Django based Content Managment building framework
2015-03-27 lumper 0.2.19 Containers builder for docker.
2015-03-27 scriber 0.1.3 Python client API for
2015-03-27 requests-ucloud 0.1.2 authentication for ucloud service
2015-03-27 configman 1.2.11 Flexible reading and writing of namespaced configuration options
2015-03-27 tessera 0.6.2 Powerful multipurpose dashboard server
2015-03-27 datacats 0.8 CKAN Data Catalog Developer Tools built on Docker
2015-03-27 yotta 0.2.3 Re-usable components for embedded software.
2015-03-27 pymanager 0.1.0a0 A process manager in Python.
2015-03-27 leo 5.1-b1 Leo: Leonine Editor with Outlines
2015-03-27 genomfart 0.29 A Genomics package for Python
2015-03-27 histacom_docs_theme 0.0.1
2015-03-27 prettyip 1.1.4 Pretty-print IPy's IPSets

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