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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 132524 packages here.
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2018-03-17 libchirp 1.0.1b0 Message-passing for everyone.
2018-03-17 tf-nightly-gpu 1.7.0.dev20180317 TensorFlow helps the tensors flow
2018-03-17 tf-nightly 1.7.0.dev20180317 TensorFlow helps the tensors flow
2018-03-17 ev3py-runlocal 0.2.dev1521297295 Run your ev3dev python script directly on your PC.
2018-03-17 setuptools 38.6.1 Easily download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages
2018-03-17 user-blueprint 0.1.0 Flask blueprint that provides all the user handling features that are required by a web application in a database-independent way, including user registration, login, session management, password reset functionality with JWTs, automatic password hashing with Argon2 and of course the all the required route implementations with the corresponding HTML templates (styled using BlueprintJS).
2018-03-17 django-admin-rangefilter 0.3.2 django-admin-rangefilter app, add the filter by a custom date range on the admin UI.
2018-03-17 samsung_print 0.2.0 Python API for interacting with devices from Samsung.
2018-03-17 tbge 0.1.0.dev3 A text-based game engine
2018-03-17 rstcheck 3.3 Checks syntax of reStructuredText and code blocks nested within it
2018-03-17 pyduin 0.2 Extensive arduino abstraction
2018-03-17 aiohttp-jwt 0.0.2 aiohttp middleware for working with JWT
2018-03-17 chromedriver-binary 2.37.0 Installer for chromedriver.
2018-03-17 django-admin-reset 0.1.0 Django admin password reset
2018-03-17 Collectfast 0.6.2 A Faster Collectstatic
2018-03-17 pytest-expecter 1.2 Better testing with expecter and pytest.
2018-03-17 pixiv-downloader 0.2.0b1 A simple tool to download pixiv's picture
2018-03-17 stemgraphic 0.6.0 Graphic and text stem-and-leaf plots
2018-03-17 s3bro 1.2
2018-03-17 netconflib 0.9.7 A network topology configurator library
2018-03-17 sewer 0.5.1 Sewer is a programmatic Lets Encrypt(ACME) client
2018-03-17 apt-sourcemgr 0.1 CLI around python-apt for simple APT sources.list entry management
2018-03-17 xbox-webapi 1.0.0 A library to authenticate with Windows Live/Xbox Live and use their API
2018-03-17 spbuTimetableAPI 1.0.2 Python SPbU TimeTable API.
2018-03-17 sqlexceller 0.1.1 Command line program that executes SQL queries and stores results in Excel files
2018-03-17 cassandra-pytest 1.0.0 Run Cassandra in Docker container for Pytest.
2018-03-17 adaptivefilter 0.8 Adaptive filter orchestration library for iteratively running adaptive filters with varying parameters
2018-03-17 icemac.addressbook 6.0.1 Multi user address book application
2018-03-17 adapterctl 0.45.2 Een programma om op linux een arduino aan te sturren om zo dmv selectief laden de batterijduur te verlengen
2018-03-17 pygcj 0.0.1 Transfrom coordinate between China GCJ02(colloquially Mars Coordinates) and WGS-84 with high precision
2018-03-17 github-console 1.0.2 github console tools
2018-03-17 sismic 0.26.6 Sismic Interactive Statechart Model Interpreter and Checker
2018-03-17 MLedu 0.0.1 build machine learning models for education purpose
2018-03-17 Flask-Matomo 1.1.1 Track requests to your Flask website with Matomo
2018-03-17 rafter 1.0.1 Building blocks for REST API on top of Sanic
2018-03-17 fava-plugins 1.0 A collection of Beancount plugins.
2018-03-17 MultiRunner 2.2 Add feature: choose the best gpu available
2018-03-17 rpnChilada 7.0.0 command-line RPN calculator
2018-03-17 gumiyabot 0.1.3 Standalone Twitch + Bancho IRC bot for handling osu! beatmap requests
2018-03-17 kallikrein 0.22.0a3 spec framework

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