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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 59093 packages here.
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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python install" it.

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2015-05-04 testtools 1.8.0 Extensions to the Python standard library unit testing framework
2015-05-04 readthedocs-sphinx-ext 0.5.0 Improved Client for Sphinx.
2015-05-04 meds 63 medicijn effecten registratie programma.
2015-05-04 1.5.13 ZODB blob support for Plone
2015-05-04 messagebus 5.3.0 Message Bus Python SDK
2015-05-04 coinor.gimpy 1.3.5 Graph Methods in Python
2015-05-04 python-ambariclient 0.4.3 Client library for Apache Ambari.
2015-05-04 zymbit 0.4.12 Zymbit cloud library
2015-05-04 zymbit 0.4.11 Zymbit cloud library
2015-05-04 1.1.2 Listing of content for the Plone CMS
2015-05-04 battleschool 0.6.0 simple dev box provisioning
2015-05-04 2.1.4 Plone's content menu implementation
2015-05-04 2.2 Social Like is a Plone package providing simple Google+, Twitter and Facebook integration for Plone Content Types
2015-05-04 easysetup 0.0.15 Helps creating a package distribution setup, that also runs tests, checkers and creates HTML and PDF documentation, for Windows users.
2015-05-04 nervananeon 0.8.1 Deep learning framework with configurable backends
2015-05-04 auxlib 0.0.1 auxiliary library to the python standard library
2015-05-04 nervanagpu 0.3.1 Python bindings for Nervana GPU kernels
2015-05-04 yahoo-finance 1.2.0 Python module to get stock data from Yahoo! Finance
2015-05-04 gnocchi 1.0.0c2 Metric as a Service
2015-05-04 openbts 0.0.14 OpenBTS NodeManager client
2015-05-04 sphinx_rtd_theme 0.1.8 theme for Sphinx, 2013 version.
2015-05-04 quantiacsToolbox 2.0.1 The Quantiacs Toolbox for trading system development
2015-05-04 json-cfg 0.3.3 JSON config file parser with extended syntax (e.g.: comments), line/column numbers and other extras.
2015-05-04 fixtures 1.2.0 Fixtures, reusable state for writing clean tests and more.
2015-05-04 Django-Pushy 0.1.7 Handle push notifications at scale.
2015-05-04 stratus 0.0.2 A simple python http and https webserver
2015-05-04 grub2-theme-preview 1.2 Preview a GRUB 2.x theme using KVM/QEMU
2015-05-04 dbaas_flipper 0.0.9 Flipper integration 4 DBaaS
2015-05-04 rodeo 0.3.1 an ide for data analysis in python
2015-05-04 wafer_map 1.0.8 Semiconductor Wafer Mapping
2015-05-04 pyquickhelper 1.1.542 Various functionalities: folder synchronization, a logging function, helpers to generate documentation with sphinx, generation of code for Python 2.7 from Python 3
2015-05-04 5.0b4 Testing tools for Plone-the-application, based on plone.testing.
2015-05-04 gcovparse 0.0.3 gcov to json
2015-05-04 packit 0.3 UNKNOWN
2015-05-04 django-richenum 2.3.0 Django Enum library for python.
2015-05-04 django-generic-link-tracking 1.0 Generic trackable links for django
2015-05-04 anyblok_pyramid 0.3.1 Web Server Pyramid for AnyBlok
2015-05-04 tinydb 2.3.1.post2 TinyDB is a tiny, document oriented database optimized for your happiness :)
2015-05-04 Products.ATContentTypes 2.2.5 Default Content Types for Plone
2015-05-04 clang 3.7.dev234765 libclang python bindings

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