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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 106503 packages here.
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2017-04-23 agora 0.8.2 A portfolio and risk management system based on onyx.
2017-04-23 win32core 221.11 Python for Window Extensions
2017-04-23 sentry_elastic_nodestore 0.0.3 Sentry nodestore Elasticsearch backend
2017-04-23 resdk 1.8.1 Resolwe SDK for Python
2017-04-23 pyempt 1.0.26 Python emacs syntax checking
2017-04-23 picks 0.6.3 A picture viewer, tagger and picker
2017-04-23 carbonate 1.0.1 Tools for managing federated carbon clusters.
2017-04-23 targqc 0.0.0 Genome capture target coverage evaluation tool
2017-04-23 PyMieScatt 0.1 A collection of forward and inverse (coming soon) Mie solving routines
2017-04-23 ophidian 0.1.0 UNKNOWN
2017-04-23 githooks1c 3.3.2 Git hooks utilities for 1C:Enterprise
2017-04-23 decompiler1cwrapper 1.2.2 Decompile and compile utilities for 1C:Enterprise
2017-04-23 vidme 0.8.10 A Python VidMe API interface library that supports oauth.
2017-04-23 diff1c 2.2.1 Diff utility for 1C:Enterprise
2017-04-23 carbon 1.0.1 Backend data caching and persistence daemon for Graphite
2017-04-23 whisper 1.0.1 Fixed size round-robin style database
2017-04-23 django-multipageforms 0.5.2 Form wizard is dead, long live multipageforms
2017-04-23 ocspbot 0.9.0 Ensure up-to-date OCSP responses for certificates are available.
2017-04-23 kubey 1.0.1 Simple wrapper to help find specific Kubernetes pods and containers and run asynchronous commands.
2017-04-23 graphite-web 1.0.1 Enterprise scalable realtime graphing
2017-04-23 persistent Translucent persistent objects
2017-04-23 clust 1.1.3 Optimised consensus clustering of multiple heterogeneous datasets
2017-04-23 zope.proxy 4.2.1 Generic Transparent Proxies
2017-04-23 npTDMS 0.11.0 Cross-platform, NumPy based module for reading TDMS files produced by LabView.
2017-04-23 amg-player 0.4.4 Browse & play embedded tracks from Angry Metal Guy music reviews
2017-04-23 4.0.0 Zope Content Type
2017-04-23 4.0.0 Local Persistent Permissions for
2017-04-23 fhurl 0.1.9 Django generic form handler view
2017-04-23 tsgettoolbox Will get time series from different sources on the internet.
2017-04-23 ADLES 0.12.1 Automated Deployment of Lab Environments System (ADLES)
2017-04-23 Autowire 0.1.0 Simple dependency injection.
2017-04-23 mirtop 0.1.5a0 Small RNA-seq annotation
2017-04-23 math-tokenizer 1.0.1 Simple and lightweighted tokenizer for mathematical functions
2017-04-23 awss 0.9.5 AWS Shortcuts for Command-Line Instance Control
2017-04-23 django-markdownx 2.0.0 A comprehensive Markdown editor built for Django.
2017-04-23 C-Viewer 0.0.1 package description.
2017-04-23 comiccrawler 2017.4.24 An image crawler with extendible modules and gui.
2017-04-23 devpi-web 3.2.0 devpi-web: a web view for devpi-server
2017-04-23 devpi-server 4.3.0 devpi-server: reliable private and caching server
2017-04-23 devpi-client 3.0.0 devpi upload/install/... workflow commands for Python developers

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