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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 74150 packages here.
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2016-02-07 tsmppt60-driver 0.1.3 Python module to get status of your solar charge controller TS-MPPT-60.
2016-02-07 coala 0.4.1.dev20160207215208 Code Analysis Application (coala)
2016-02-07 pd9530 1.0.0 Library to interact with a PD9530 handheld scanner
2016-02-07 jupyter_dashboards_bundlers 0.2.2 Plugins for jupyter_cms to deploy and download notebooks as dashboard apps
2016-02-07 guildwars2api 0.7.1 A Python API Wrapper for the Guild Wars 2 API
2016-02-07 durable_rules 0.33.53 for real time analytics (a Python Rules Engine)
2016-02-07 nyt-docket 0.0.10 Python client for parsing SCOTUS cases from the granted/noted and orders dockets.
2016-02-07 seqSieve 0.9.2 Remove outlier sequences from multiple sequence alignment
2016-02-07 pyportify 0.3.2 App to transfer your spotify playlists to Google Play Music
2016-02-07 eems eems - easy energy monitoring system
2016-02-07 Poort 0.1.2 Poort: The quick gateway.
2016-02-07 utilofies 1.1 UNKNOWN
2016-02-07 ipytest 0.1.0 Unit tests in IPython notebooks.
2016-02-07 let 1.0.0 Assign variables wherever, whenever you want.
2016-02-07 trimesh 1.9.22 Import, export, process, analyze and view triangular meshes.
2016-02-07 lpschedule-generator 0.2.0 LibrePlanet schedule generator
2016-02-07 EVE-SRP 0.11.4 EVE Ship Replacement Program Helper
2016-02-07 remind-caldav 0.6.0 Remind CalDAV tools
2016-02-07 remind 0.9.0 Remind Python library
2016-02-07 python-consul 0.6.0 Python client for Consul (
2016-02-07 urwid_timed_progress 1.0.2 Urwid Timed Progress Bar
2016-02-07 abook 0.3.0 Python library to convert between Abook and vCard
2016-02-07 twisted-mqtt 0.1.3 MQTT client protocol package for Twisted
2016-02-07 darkslide 2.3.0 Lightweight markup language-based html5 slideshow generator. Forked from landslide.
2016-02-07 txdocumint 16.0.0 Twisted Python clj-documint client implementation
2016-02-07 django-slug-preview 1.0.1 An advanced slug field with URL previews.
2016-02-07 climax 0.2.1 Decorator based argparse wrapper inspired by click
2016-02-07 mficlient 0.2.2 A remote control client for Ubiquiti's mFi system
2016-02-07 PyTableGen 0.3 Python port of LLVM's TableGen tool
2016-02-07 pyparsing 2.1.0 Python parsing module
2016-02-07 Flask-HTTPAuth 2.7.1 Basic and Digest HTTP authentication for Flask routes
2016-02-07 aptdetector 0.1 Advanced Persistent Threat Detection by Using Network Analysis.
2016-02-07 cosmos-wfm 1.6.22 Workflow Management System
2016-02-07 humilis 0.1.9 Helps you deploy infrastructure in the AWS cloud
2016-02-07 diff_cover 0.9.0 Automatically find diff lines that need test coverage.
2016-02-07 tgbot 0.32.dev19 Framework to build a Telegram Bot based on a UWSGI Server
2016-02-07 notation 1.1.1 Better human-readable numbers.
2016-02-07 virtualenv 14.0.6 Virtual Python Environment builder
2016-02-07 expfactory 1.9.3 Python module for managing experiment factory experiments, for deployment to a psiturk battery or docker container.
2016-02-07 little_pger 1.0 A thin layer just a tad above SQL, for use with PostgreSQL and psycopg2, when you want to wrap queries in a convenient way, using plain data structures (but you don't feel like using an ORM, for some reason).

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