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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 109205 packages here.
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2017-05-28 ffmpeg-python 0.1.3 Python bindings for FFmpeg - with support for complex filtering
2017-05-28 akamodel 0.0.0 UNKNOWN
2017-05-28 requests 2.16.5 Python HTTP for Humans.
2017-05-28 odoo9-addon-web-widget-image-webcam Allows to take image with WebCam
2017-05-28 odoo9-addon-web-timeline Interactive visualization chart to show events in time
2017-05-28 odoo9-addon-web-ir-actions-act-window-message Show a message box to users
2017-05-28 odoo9-addon-purchase-request-procurement Purchase Request Procurement
2017-05-28 odoo9-addon-mgmtsystem-action Management System - Action
2017-05-28 odoo9-addon-kpi Key Performance Indicator
2017-05-28 odoo9-addon-help-online Help Online
2017-05-28 odoo9-addon-date-range Manage all kind of date range
2017-05-28 odoo8-addon-website-hr-contact Display your hr address book in your website
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-web-m2x-options web_m2x_options
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-user-immutable Add Immutable User Support
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-sale-automatic-workflow-payment-mode Sale Automatic Workflow - Payment Mode
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-sale-automatic-workflow Sale Automatic Workflow
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-project-task-pull-request Adds a field for a PR URI to project tasks
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-project-task-dependency Enables to define dependencies (other tasks) of a task
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-project-task-code Sequential Code for Tasks
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-project-task-add-very-high Adds an extra option 'Very High' on tasks
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-project-stage-state Restore State attribute removed from Project Stages in 8.0
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-project-model-to-task Project Model to Task
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-project-issue-timesheet-time-control Project issue timesheet time control
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-product-weight Allows to calculate products weight from its components.
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-product-service-duration Extends events and meetings with services.
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-product-sequence Product Sequence
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-product-brand Product Brand Manager
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-l10n-it-ricevute-bancarie Ricevute Bancarie
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-date-range Manage all kind of date range
2017-05-28 odoo10-addon-configuration-helper Configuration Helper
2017-05-28 multidict 2.1.6 multidict implementation
2017-05-28 marshmallow-select 1.0.2 make sqlalchemy select fields with marshmallow schemas
2017-05-28 pytablewriter 0.19.9 A python library to write a table in various formats: CSV / HTML / JavaScript / JSON / LTSV / Markdown / MediaWiki / Excel / Pandas / Python / reStructuredText / SQLite / TOML / TSV.
2017-05-28 coala 0.12.0.dev20170528042231 Linting and Fixing Code for All Languages
2017-05-28 pipecat 0.3.0 Elegant, flexible data logging in Python for connected sensors and instruments.
2017-05-28 skitai Skitai App Engine For Microservices
2017-05-28 pychord 0.2.6 A library to handle musical chords in python.
2017-05-28 pmfp 0.1.0 a simple package manager for python like npm.
2017-05-28 pytablereader 0.11.1 A python library to load structured table data from files/strings/URL with various data format: CSV/Excel/Google-Sheets/HTML/JSON/LTSV/Markdown/SQLite/TSV.
2017-05-28 makeapp 0.9.0 Simplifies Python application rollout and publishing.

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