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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 130152 packages here.
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2018-02-22 im-util 0.0.1.dev1 Utilities for the im package library; used by most of them
2018-02-22 py-evm 0.2.0a11 Python implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine
2018-02-22 chessboardCLI 1.1.2 Chessboard generator in command line
2018-02-22 deployv 0.9.61 Base for all clases and scripts in VauxooTools
2018-02-22 dnsimple 1.0.1 Client for DNSimple REST API
2018-02-22 speccy-parser 0.1.0 A simple library for parsing a Speccy snapshot
2018-02-22 pesos-python 0.0.3.dev1 An API Client to interact with Pesos
2018-02-22 rpnChilada 7.0b20 command-line RPN calculator
2018-02-22 pytest-expecter 1.1 Better testing with expecter and pytest.
2018-02-22 PyVisaInstrument 0.9.2 PyVisaInstrument provides boilerplate for various NI-VISA instruments.
2018-02-22 DockerMake 0.6.1rc2 Build manager for docker images
2018-02-22 dendrosplit 0.1 A Python 2.7 package for performing interpretable clustering and feature selection for single-cell RNA-Seq datasets.
2018-02-22 pycoins 0.2.2 A little command line tool for tracking cryptocurrency prices.
2018-02-22 CaseRecommender 1.0.2 A recommender systems framework for Python
2018-02-22 ccxt 1.10.1177 A JavaScript / Python / PHP cryptocurrency trading library with support for 90+ exchanges
2018-02-22 upsetplot 0.1a1 Draw Lex et al.'s UpSet plots with Pandas and Matplotlib
2018-02-22 pygclip 0.0.8 Pygmentize to clipboard for macOS.
2018-02-22 ccommon 1.1.4 a package of cc
2018-02-22 topfile_util 0.1 SaltStack Topfile Utilities
2018-02-22 pywoudc 0.1.9 High level package providing Pythonic access
2018-02-22 dash 0.21.0 A Python framework for building reactive web-apps. Developed by Plotly.
2018-02-22 jobstamps 0.0.20 Cache output of idempotent jobs.
2018-02-22 netron 1.5.3 Viewer for neural network models
2018-02-22 dash_flow_example 0.0.3 Example of a Dash library that uses Flow Types
2018-02-22 lulu 0.4.5 A simple and clean video/music/image downloader that supports many websites 👾
2018-02-22 pytest-resilient-circuits 29.1.0 Resilient Circuits fixtures for PyTest.
2018-02-22 resilient-circuits 29.1.0 Resilient Circuits Framework for Custom Integrations
2018-02-22 resilient 29.1.0 Resilient API
2018-02-22 naga A powerful Clojure-inspired Python/Lisp-hybrid-monster!
2018-02-22 django-db-file-storage 0.5.1 Custom FILE_STORAGE for Django. Saves files in your database instead of your file system.
2018-02-22 drf-yasg 1.4.2 Automated generation of real Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 schemas from Django Rest Framework code.
2018-02-22 cstp 0.0.86 CSTP(Command String List Transfer Protocol) wrote by Weber Juche.
2018-02-22 smartsheet-python-sdk 1.3.0 Library that uses Python to connect to Smartsheet services (using API 2.0).
2018-02-22 studioml 0.0.11.post256 TensorFlow model and data management tool
2018-02-22 iotile-support-firm-accelerometer-2 2.2.0rc1
2018-02-22 cassiopeia-sqlstore 1.0.1 A sql data store for the Cassiopeia League of Legends wrapper.
2018-02-22 pmk 0.39 An experiment control system for reproducible research.
2018-02-22 Rest-Framework-Auth-Toolkit 0.7 Simple, flexible signup and login for APIs
2018-02-22 kanboard 1.0.3 Kanboard API client
2018-02-22 azure-mgmt-commerce 1.0.1 Microsoft Azure Commerce Client Library for Python

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