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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 110684 packages here.
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2017-06-23 nsbl 0.0.9 elastic ansible configuration
2017-06-23 configr 2017.1623.3102
2017-06-23 cert-store 2.0b11 A library for retrieving blockchain certificates
2017-06-23 sketchtml 0.0.2 Helper library to experiment with HTML fingerprinting.
2017-06-23 nnClassify 0.0.15 A command line tool for classifying images using transfer learning
2017-06-23 dependencies-schema 0.1.1 Definition and validation of the JSON schema.
2017-06-23 pixiedust 1.0.7 Productivity library for Spark Python Notebook
2017-06-23 sparkmagic 0.12.0 SparkMagic: Spark execution via Livy
2017-06-23 autovizwidget 0.12.0 AutoVizWidget: An Auto-Visualization library for pandas dataframes
2017-06-23 hdijupyterutils 0.12.0 HdiJupyterUtils: Utils for Jupyter projects from HDInsight team
2017-06-23 UW-RestClients-IASystem 0.1.1 A library for connecting to the IASystem API
2017-06-23 cert-schema 2.0b20 tools for working with blockchain certificates
2017-06-23 azure-mgmt-powerbiembedded 1.0.0 Microsoft Azure Power BI Embedded Management Client Library for Python
2017-06-23 inaugurate 0.1.0 hit the ground running bootstrap
2017-06-23 pytimetrack 0.0.dev0 Track Classification
2017-06-23 pines 1.7 A toolkit for various purposes
2017-06-23 guillotina-elasticsearch 1.1.6 elasticsearch catalog support for guillotina
2017-06-23 okta 0.0.4 Okta client APIs
2017-06-23 PyVimeo 0.3.10 Simple interaction with the Vimeo API.
2017-06-23 onsager 1.2.3 A package to compute Onsager coefficients for vacancy-mediated diffusion and interstitial elastodiffusion tensors
2017-06-23 arvados-node-manager 0.1.20170623174334 Arvados compute node manager
2017-06-23 arvados-cwl-runner 1.0.20170622185740 Arvados Common Workflow Language runner
2017-06-23 alignak_webui 0.8.7 Alignak - Web User Interface
2017-06-23 etcdb 1.5.1 PEP 249 compatible driver for Etcd
2017-06-23 cnx-publishing 0.8.0 Application for accepting publication requests to the Connexions Archive.
2017-06-23 applicationinsights-jupyter 0.13 Easy querying of Application Insights data for Jupyter
2017-06-23 target-stitch 0.9.0 target for the Stitch API
2017-06-23 webfriend 0.1.4 An API binding and automation control language for the Chrome Remote Debugging API
2017-06-23 ieml 0.1.4 Implementation of the artificial natural language IEML
2017-06-23 squad 0.14.1 Software Quality Dashboard
2017-06-23 logdna 1.0.6 A python package for sending logs to LogDNA
2017-06-23 azure-mgmt-commerce 1.0.0 Microsoft Azure Commerce Client Library for Python
2017-06-23 xcessiv 0.5.0 A web-based application for quick and scalable construction of massive machine learning ensembles.
2017-06-23 python-mystem 0.0.1 Python MyStem
2017-06-23 real-django-s3 1.2.6 A simple API for download and upload graphics resources to/from a Amazon S3 bucket
2017-06-23 kuorra 0.4.0 Create basic MVC skeleton using Microframework
2017-06-23 lcc 1.1.2 Light Curves Classifier is package for classification stars by using their light curves and metadata
2017-06-23 wesci 0.0.6 We-Sci's seamless python toolset for tracking and managing research data
2017-06-23 aws-polly 0.1 A better Speech Synthesis algorithm for AWS Polly
2017-06-23 mujoco-py

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