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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 113060 packages here.
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2017-07-25 Flask-SAML 0.4.3 Flask SAML integration
2017-07-25 OpenQuant 0.0.3 futu openquant api
2017-07-25 ccxt 1.1.78 A library for cryptocurrency trading and e-commerce with support for many bitcoin/ether/altcoin exchange markets and merchant APIs
2017-07-25 gym-mazeexplorer 0.0.1 A maze exploration environment for openai/gym
2017-07-25 armada-heal 0.0.4 Script for healing overloaded armada ship.
2017-07-25 mazeexp 0.0.1 A maze exploration game engine
2017-07-25 PySerialAssistant 1.0.10 Cross platform serial debug assistant
2017-07-25 termicoder 0.1.7 a CLI to view, code and submit problems directly from terminal
2017-07-25 wechatpy 1.5.0.dev3 wechatpy: WeChat SDK for Python
2017-07-25 diff2d 0.1.5 Module for calculating 2D Diffusion.
2017-07-25 hammr 3.7.6-RC4 Command-line tool for building conistent and repeatable machine images for multiple cloud platforms
2017-07-25 zsl 0.16.10 zsl application framework for web based services
2017-07-25 codealert 1.0.1b1 Slack/Email/Sound alert when your code block finishes running
2017-07-25 useful-graphs 0.1.2 useful graphs
2017-07-25 ftw.publisher.sender 2.7.9 Staging and publishing addon for Plone contents.
2017-07-25 glow-navigator 0.1.0 Tool for navigating Glow object relationships
2017-07-25 mujoco-py
2017-07-25 bis-common-py
2017-07-25 container-service-extension 0.0.1.dev64 Container Service Extension for vCloud Director
2017-07-25 graphene 2.0.dev20170725061556 GraphQL Framework for Python
2017-07-25 uforge_python_sdk 3.7.6-RC4 UForge python SDK
2017-07-25 uforge_python_sdk 3.7.6 UForge python SDK
2017-07-25 python-mistralclient 3.1.1 Mistral Client Library
2017-07-25 ruamel.yaml 0.15.21 ruamel.yaml is a YAML parser/emitter that supports roundtrip preservation of comments, seq/map flow style, and map key order
2017-07-25 simulatesv 0.1.1 Simulate structural variations and SNPs with artificial dna sequences
2017-07-25 vca-cli 18.0.2.dev30 VMware vCloud CLI
2017-07-25 api 0.0.6 Consume an API from ReadMe Build
2017-07-25 c2cgeoportal 2.2.0.dev13 c2cgeoportal
2017-07-25 pyvcloud 18.0.4.dev28 VMware vCloud Python SDK
2017-07-25 musictools 2.1.6 Lets you repair your music files by adding metadata and album art
2017-07-25 OlymLibrary 0.5.8 olymtech test
2017-07-25 storyboard 0.1.8 Customizable video storyboard generator with metadata report
2017-07-25 pyswarms 0.1.1 A Python-based Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) library.
2017-07-25 git-url-parse 1.0.1 git-url-parse - A simple GIT URL parser.
2017-07-25 sdklib 1.8.11 SDK helper library
2017-07-25 git-ext 0.3.3 A git extension that allows you submit pullrequests from command line.
2017-07-25 brownian 0.3.3
2017-07-25 skitai Skitai App Engine For Microservices
2017-07-25 aquests Asynchronous Multiplexing HTTP2/DBO Requests
2017-07-25 ytsearch 0.2.7 A program to search and diplay youtube videos.

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