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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 65603 packages here.
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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python install" it.

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2015-09-01 vyked 2.1.31 A micro-service framework for Python
2015-09-01 JSON-log-formatter 0.0.2 JSON log formatter
2015-09-01 te-ai-subt 1.3 Rau de tot
2015-09-01 nestertester2 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-09-01 django-fluent-faq 0.9.1 A FAQ engine for Django Fluent CMS
2015-09-01 JSOV 0.1 JSON visualization lib based on JSOV or custom templates
2015-09-01 wshubsapi 0.4.4a1 function protocol to communicate backend and frontend in a intuitive way like signalR in C#
2015-09-01 mongowriter 0.1.7 Adapter to write documents from a queue to mongodb concurrently
2015-09-01 sky 0.0.139 AI powered scraping in Python 3
2015-09-01 django-fluent-comments 1.0.3 A modern, ajax-based appearance for django_comments
2015-09-01 pyodeint 0.3.0 Python binding for odeint from boost.
2015-09-01 distillery 0.5 fixture utils for python ORMs
2015-09-01 vor12 0.2.dev9 The Vor12 project, a mobile video camera created for object tracking experiments.
2015-09-01 esdrt.content 1.35.1 Content-types for ESD Review Tool
2015-09-01 invenio 2.1.1 Invenio digital library framework - v2.1 release series
2015-09-01 tox-plus 0.0.1 virtualenv-based automation of test activities
2015-09-01 XenonMKV 0.0.28 XenonMKV is a video container conversion tool that takes MKV files and outputs them as MP4 files.
2015-09-01 krebszones 0.4.2 Manages DNS Zones via differnt APIs
2015-09-01 visvis 1.9.2 An object oriented approach to visualization of 1D to 4D data.
2015-09-01 pyjsbn-rsa 0.1 Python RSA module compatible with jsbn.js
2015-09-01 slamon-agent 1.1.0 Python implementation of a SLAMon Agent
2015-09-01 django-smart-forms 0.2 Django smart forms
2015-09-01 bibtexvcs 2015.3 a Python package for managing a BibTeX database and related documents
2015-09-01 zenpy 0.0.15 Python wrapper for the Zendesk API
2015-09-01 fastools 0.11.1 FASTA/FASTQ analysis and manipulation toolkit.
2015-09-01 circlator 1.0.1 circlator: a tool to circularise genome assemblies
2015-09-01 pumptweet 1.6.1 Cross posts from to Twitter.
2015-09-01 carbon-client 0.1.1 graphite/carbon udp client for sending metrics
2015-09-01 django-courseaffils 2.0.4 course affiliations
2015-09-01 z3c.dependencychecker 1.14 Checks which imports are done and compares them to what's in and warns when discovering missing or unneeded dependencies.
2015-09-01 FeinCMS 2.0a2 Django-based Page CMS and CMS building toolkit.
2015-09-01 robotframework-httpd 0.8.1 Robot Framework HTTPD Simulator
2015-09-01 blanc-contentfiles 0.1.2 Blanc Content Files
2015-09-01 portfolioopt 1.0.0 PortfolioOpt: Financial Portfolio Optimization
2015-09-01 twork twork is a Tornado Application FrameWork, it supports plug-in module injection, the module called TworkApp.
2015-09-01 rabbit-qurator 1.1.4 Create RabbitMQ endpoints using decorators.
2015-09-01 checkio_cli 0.0.19 CheckiO common line interface for run and debug mission
2015-09-01 slamon-afm 1.1.0 SLAMon Agent Fleet Manager is part of the Coordinator, which controls deployed agents by giving them tasks and receiving the results. The results are then propagated to e.g. a business process management system (BPMS).
2015-09-01 vpnc 0.1.1 Cisco VPN connector
2015-09-01 nylas-production-python 0.2.5 Nylas production python utilities

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