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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 89460 packages here.
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2016-09-26 pyblish-starter 0.1.0 Build your own publishing pipeline, starting with the basics.
2016-09-26 jhBacktestMini 20160926.0 Mini Backtest and analysis trading strategy with Python
2016-09-26 helium-commander 0.9.8 A CLI and service wrapper for the Helium API
2016-09-26 bootable-usb 0.4 Wrapper utility around *dd* to put iso images on usb-s fast and effortless
2016-09-26 sprockets-influxdb 1.2.0 Buffering InfluxDB client and mixin for Tornado applications
2016-09-26 modoboa-stats 1.0.8 Graphical statistics for Modoboa
2016-09-26 ensae_projects 0.1.115 Helpers for teaching purposes, projects...
2016-09-26 actuariat_python 0.3.305 Helpers for teaching purposes (includes sqllite helpers)
2016-09-26 logipy 1.2.0 A simple python wrapper for Logitech G's LED and Arx SDKs.
2016-09-26 vos 2.3.5 Tools for interacting with CADC VOSpace.
2016-09-26 wrc 1.1.3 Tool to build and perform checks on WCA Regulations and Guidelines
2016-09-26 testcontainers 1.0.2 Library provides lightweight, throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker containers
2016-09-26 joystick 0.1.0 Real-time plotting and logging while console controlling
2016-09-26 Histogrammar 1.0.4 Composable histogram primitives for distributed data reduction.
2016-09-26 helium-python 0.1.5 Wrapper for the Helium API
2016-09-26 pystray 0.9 Provides systray integration
2016-09-26 tx-shared-tools 0.1.26 A collection of useful scripts abd classes for tX
2016-09-26 Django 1.9.10 A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
2016-09-26 cuckoo-modified-api 20160926.2 A Python library to interface with a cuckoo-modified instance
2016-09-26 pynput 1.1.2 Monitor and control user input devices
2016-09-26 ucf_options_base 1.3 Options data retrieval tool for weekly pitches
2016-09-26 Django 1.8.15 A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
2016-09-26 sockjs 0.5.0 SockJS server implementation for aiohttp.
2016-09-26 juriscraper 1.1.14 An API to scrape American court websites for metadata.
2016-09-26 options-base 1.3 Options data retrieval tool for weekly pitches
2016-09-26 taxcalc 0.6.7 taxcalc
2016-09-26 djangorestframework-jsonapi 2.1.1 A Django REST framework API adapter for the json-api spec.
2016-09-26 cauldron-notebook 0.0.17 The Un-Notebook Notebook: Scientific Analysis Environment
2016-09-26 nett-tv-nom 1.0.2 A simple python script for playing video from nrk nett-tv using media players such as vlc.
2016-09-26 peewee-moves 1.1.0 Simple and flexible migration manager for Peewee ORM.
2016-09-26 althea 0.0.1 ALgoriTHms Exposed through a RESTful API .
2016-09-26 snowflake-connector-python 1.3.0 Snowflake Connector for Python
2016-09-26 arvados-cwl-runner 1.0.20160926124243 Arvados Common Workflow Language runner
2016-09-26 cfn 0.0.9 Small script to manipulate AWS CloudFormation stacks
2016-09-26 scrapy-beautifulsoup 0.0.2 Simple Scrapy middleware to process non-well-formed HTML with BeautifulSoup
2016-09-26 OASYS-XOPPY 1.0.13 XOPPY: XOP (X-ray oriented programs) in Python
2016-09-26 pbs-generator 0.5 A PBS script generator
2016-09-26 zorg-firmata 0.0.3 Firmata adapter for the Zorg framework.
2016-09-26 graphene-gae 1.0 Graphene GAE Integration
2016-09-26 urh 1.1.1 Universal Radio Hacker: Hacking wireless protocols made easy

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