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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 115148 packages here.
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2017-08-22 kubernaut 0.1.23
2017-08-22 bullhorn_interface 1.0.6.dev0 A simple Python package to facilitate interactions with the Bullhorn REST API
2017-08-22 oe_utils 0.18.0 Utility Library
2017-08-22 youtube3 Python Youtube v3 API Wrapper
2017-08-22 coala_utils 0.6.5 A collection of coala utilities.
2017-08-22 PyMysqlPool 0.3 python practical mysql pool -motivation from=>[lost connection to MySQL server during query] base on mysql-connector
2017-08-22 microcosm-flask 0.80.0 Opinionated persistence with FlaskQL
2017-08-22 pyArubaCloud 0.7.6 Python Interface to interact with ArubaCloud IaaS Service.
2017-08-22 0.1.3
2017-08-22 loady 1.6.6 loady lets you load Python libraries, JSON and raw text dynamically from git
2017-08-22 msrest 0.4.13 AutoRest swagger generator Python client runtime.
2017-08-22 tsrc 0.2.2 Manage multiple repositories
2017-08-22 django-asana 0.4.6 Django Asana integration project
2017-08-22 indy-sdk 0.0.1-134 This is the official SDK for Hyperledger Indy (, which provides a distributed-ledger-based foundation for self-sovereign identity ( The major artifact of the SDK is a c-callable library.
2017-08-22 catalearn 1.0.1b1 A module for running machine learning code on cloud GPUs
2017-08-22 flickpyper 0.1.1 Fresh wallpapers from Flickr
2017-08-22 cirrus-cli 0.2.4 cirrus development and build git extensions
2017-08-22 ml-insights 0.0.16 Package to understand ML Models
2017-08-22 ribosome 10.9.3 neovim plugin framework
2017-08-22 event-model 1.3.0
2017-08-22 redash-client 0.1.2 A client for the re:dash API for stmo (
2017-08-22 jenkins_trackerscraper 1.1.0 Pivotal Tracker Scraper for Jenkins
2017-08-22 Spartacus 0.34 Generic database wrapper
2017-08-22 markdocs 0.0.0 Markdocs - Python documentation using markdown
2017-08-22 orthopy 0.1.0 tools for orthogonal polynomials, Gaussian quadrature
2017-08-22 find-job-titles 0.7.0 Fast extraction of job titles from strings
2017-08-22 clarus 0.1.24 Clarus Microservices
2017-08-22 stressypy 0.0.11 A simple program for calling stress and/or stress-ng from python
2017-08-22 pyOlog 4.3.0 Python Olog Client Lib
2017-08-22 ophyd 0.7.0rc1
2017-08-22 xylose 1.26.0 A SciELO library to abstract a JSON data structure that is a product of the ISIS2JSON conversion using the ISIS2JSON type 3 data model.
2017-08-22 onegov.applications 2017.8.5 Meta-package containing all OneGov Cloud applications.
2017-08-22 bluesky 0.10.0rc1
2017-08-22 fwgen 0.3.6 A simple management framework for ip(6)tables based firewalls
2017-08-22 pyinvariant 0.1b1 A python interface of the Invariant library
2017-08-22 ParallelDots 1.0.1 Python Wrapper for ParallelDots APIs
2017-08-22 gfort2py 1.0.2 Python bindings for Fortran
2017-08-22 fs 2.0.9 Python's filesystem abstraction layer
2017-08-22 b-labs-models 2017.8.22 Ready to use CRFSuite models for sentence segmentation, tokenization and so on
2017-08-22 mocksftp 0.2.0 Mock SFTP server for testing purposes

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