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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 108898 packages here.
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2017-05-24 giaola-role-permissions 1.1.1 A django app for role based permissions.
2017-05-24 django-publications-bootstrap 2.0.0 A Django app for managing scientific publications with a Bootstrap-powered UI.
2017-05-24 ecs_explorer 0.5 CLI for exploring AWS ECS resources
2017-05-24 awsps 0.2.0 AWS Profile Switcher
2017-05-24 mlx.traceability 1.3.0 Sphinx traceability extension (Melexis fork)
2017-05-24 lndrpc 0.1.0
2017-05-24 invoice2data 0.2.54 Python parser to extract data from pdf invoice
2017-05-24 prerender 0.7.3.dev1 Render JavaScript-rendered page as HTML using headless Chrome
2017-05-24 kroissan 0.2.2 YAML spreadsheet
2017-05-24 print-simi 1.0
2017-05-24 libcnmc 0.18.12 Generaci√≥ fitxers CNMC
2017-05-24 pyLanguagetool 0.4.3 A python library and CLI for the LanguageTool JSON API
2017-05-24 tongdun-test 1.0.2 this is a test package for packing python liberaries tutorial.
2017-05-24 IBMQuantumExperience 1.4.2 A Python library for the Quantum Experience API.
2017-05-24 keyword-ranker 0.1 Python implementation ranking keywords from a corpus with with respect to other text files using the Rapid Automatic Keyword Exctraction algorithm.
2017-05-24 assetic 2017.3.1.6 Assetic Integration API
2017-05-24 datapackage-pipelines 1.0.18 {{ DESCRIPTION }}
2017-05-24 oauth_redirect 0.2.0 Securely redirects OAuth responses to known clients.
2017-05-24 txtorcon 0.19.3 Twisted-based Tor controller client, with state-tracking and configuration abstractions.
2017-05-24 ScaleHD 0.24 Automated DNA micro-satellite genotyping.
2017-05-24 redis-py-with-geo 2.10.5 Python client for Redis key-value store
2017-05-24 intellimatch 0.1.0 Intelligent matching/textsearch/cli interactivity that works for humans
2017-05-24 prett 0.0.5 A Pretty Project Framework
2017-05-24 week 0.0.5 A week package enable you to use week easily
2017-05-24 Lawes
2017-05-24 flake8-quotes 0.11.0 Flake8 lint for quotes.
2017-05-24 RBTools 0.7.10 Command line tools for use with Review Board
2017-05-24 slam 0.5.2 Serverless application manager
2017-05-24 fuku 0.0.17 Easier Docker based deployments to AWS.
2017-05-24 maple_guard 0.1.27 maple guard
2017-05-24 primestg 1.2.0 Prime STG-DC Interface Specification
2017-05-24 pymaid 0.3.7b3 A rpc framework based on gevent/protobuf
2017-05-24 alarme 0.4.2 Universal alarm system
2017-05-24 ModernGL 4.1.0 ModernGL: PyOpenGL alternative
2017-05-24 func_timeout 4.1.0 Python module which allows you to specify timeouts when calling any existing function
2017-05-24 FlexGet 2.10.52 FlexGet is a program aimed to automate downloading or processing content (torrents, podcasts, etc.) from different sources like RSS-feeds, html-pages, various sites and more.
2017-05-24 pyramid-flash-message 0.1.4 Small tool to add and show flash messages
2017-05-24 zencore-jsonrpc2 1.0.3 Zencore Jsonrpc2 Library
2017-05-24 chat 1.0.5.dev43 Chat robot based on natural language understanding and machine learning.
2017-05-24 altuscli 1.0.0 Cloudera Altus Command Line Interface

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