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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 70171 packages here.
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2015-11-27 motioneye 0.29rc2 motionEye server
2015-11-27 LightOn 0.0.15 LightOn - A lightweight Python course taking beginners seriously
2015-11-27 jaobi jaobi is really cool software
2015-11-27 pywemo 0.3.3 Access WeMo switches using their SOAP API
2015-11-27 cognitiveatlas 0.1.4 python wrapper for the cognitive atlas ( RESTful API
2015-11-27 contractvm 0.6.8 A general-purpose framework for decentralized applications
2015-11-27 jaraco.packaging 2.9.1 tools to supplement packaging Python releases
2015-11-27 collective.googlenews 2.0a1 Make easy to add your Plone site to Google News.
2015-11-27 quickstartutil 0.1.2 A simple utility for building application quickly
2015-11-27 lttngust 2.7.1 LTTng-UST Python agent
2015-11-27 pytest-drop-dup-tests 0.1.0 A Pytest plugin to drop duplicated tests during collection
2015-11-27 sorno-py-scripts 0.28.1 Herman Tai's python scripts all prefixed with "sorno_"
2015-11-27 Scal 0.3.0 LaTeX generation of school year calendars
2015-11-27 0.4 A pure Python3 bitcoin protocol implementation.
2015-11-27 esengine 0.0.2 Elasticsearch ODM (Object Document Mapper) inspired on MongoEngine
2015-11-27 tgapp-flatpages 0.2.2 Pluggable application to manage static pages (/about) on DB with RST
2015-11-27 guessit 2.0rc1 GuessIt - a library for guessing information from video filenames.
2015-11-27 pybraincompare 0.1.14 image-based meta analysis and comparison for neuroimaging in python
2015-11-27 idlk 0.0.10 idlk lock filename generator
2015-11-27 SixIsles 0.0.2 PyMongo Based ActiveRecord Pattern O/R Mapper
2015-11-27 rhubarbe 0.53 Testbed Management Framework for R2Lab
2015-11-27 pytvmaze 1.3.5 Python interface to the TV Maze API (
2015-11-27 music21 2.2.1 A Toolkit for Computer-Aided Musical Analysis and Manipulation.
2015-11-27 aws-custom-json-manager 0.1.4 A sample Python project
2015-11-27 nester_Yumin 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested list
2015-11-27 microdev 0.0.7 A collection of simple reusable Django utility modules.
2015-11-27 keepalive 0.5 urllib keepalive support for python
2015-11-27 click 6.2 A simple wrapper around optparse for powerful command line utilities.
2015-11-27 teamsupport 0.2.2 Python library for interfacing with the TeamSupport API
2015-11-27 postboy2 0.0.1 just a simple but high performance client based on pycurl
2015-11-27 pygst_utils 0.2.post2 GStreamer Windows server
2015-11-27 duster 0.2.4 Reset IPython namespace and reload specified packages
2015-11-27 pyOSCapi 0.2 Python API to interact with network devices using the Open Spherical Camera API
2015-11-27 wagtail-modeltranslation 0.3.3 Translates Wagtail CMS models using a registration approach.
2015-11-27 mf2util 0.2.10 Python Microformats2 utilities, a companion to mf2py
2015-11-27 django-invitations 1.4 Django invitation integration for django-allauth
2015-11-27 marigoso 0.1.0 Functional Testing Tools for end to end testing of web applications and APIs.
2015-11-27 pytest-subunit 0.0.7 pytest-subunit is a plugin for py.test which outputs testsresult in subunit format.
2015-11-27 reggae 0.1.8 Python front-end to the Reggae meta-build system
2015-11-27 django-su 0.5.0 Login as any user from the Django admin interface, then switch back when done

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