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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 94075 packages here.
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2016-12-03 pygccxml 1.8.2 Python package for easy C++ declarations navigation.
2016-12-03 jianhua_nester 1.2.0 UNKNOWN
2016-12-03 anagram 0.1 I'm a small script that help you get anagram use
2016-12-03 slackbot_wems 0.2.480771899 Python Code for Tech Em Studios WEMS Class
2016-12-03 hahariri_nester 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2016-12-03 text-fabric 0.0.13 Processor for Text Fabric Data
2016-12-03 acp-calendar 1.5.0 Calendar and date management por the Panama Canal
2016-12-03 yarl 0.8.0 Yet another URL library
2016-12-03 mot 0.2.16 Maastricht Optimization Toolbox
2016-12-03 jupyter_nbextensions_configurator 0.2.3 jupyter serverextension providing configuration interfaces for nbextensions.
2016-12-03 hawkular-client-cli 0.13.3 Hawkular client cli
2016-12-03 pyjisooyu 1.2.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2016-12-03 mountwizzard 1.0.14 tooling for a 10micron mount
2016-12-03 block-timer 0.1.1 Measure execution time of your code blocks
2016-12-03 djangolg 0.1.6 A BGP looking glass based on the Django web framework
2016-12-03 bardeen 1.2 Collection of scientific utilities.
2016-12-03 mnem 1.1 A note reminder that uses dzen2 to display notes
2016-12-03 shutit 0.9.268 An programmable automation tool designed for complex builds
2016-12-03 spacy 1.3.0 Industrial-strength NLP
2016-12-03 aioeasywebdav 2.2.0 A straight-forward WebDAV client, ported from easywebdav to use aiohttp.
2016-12-03 py-ugs3client 0.3 UGS3 Python client
2016-12-03 upyun-cli 0.31 UpYun Command Line Tools
2016-12-03 coala 0.10.0.dev20161203113030 Code Analysis Application (coala)
2016-12-03 ym-impyla 0.14.0 Python client for the Impala distributed query engine
2016-12-03 m3-ui UI ExtJS
2016-12-03 smeterd 2.7.0 Read smart meter P1 packets
2016-12-03 django-jet 1.0.4 Modern template for Django admin interface with improved functionality
2016-12-03 FancyLogger 1.1.0 Fork of aubricus/ originated from StackOverflow's Greenstick to allow using multiple progress bars along with regular message logger.
2016-12-03 vortexpy 0.1.1 Synertys observable, routable, data serialisation and transport code.
2016-12-03 goodreadsapi 0.1 Simple wrapper for Goodreads API
2016-12-03 gistey 0.1.0 Make GitHub gists from cmdline/terminal
2016-12-03 chem_gm Graph Machine Application Programming Interface
2016-12-03 powershift 1.3.3 Python library for working with OpenShift.
2016-12-03 weaknet Tiny safety network proxy tools
2016-12-03 revlo 0.15.1 Revlo Python Client
2016-12-03 lyricaly 1.0.5 Lyricaly Gets Lyrics directly to your Terminal.
2016-12-03 PytSite 0.98.7 The Simple Web Framework
2016-12-03 mss 2.0.18 An ultra fast cross-platform multiple screenshots module in pure python using ctypes.
2016-12-03 monal Python Neural Network Engine
2016-12-03 sqlalchemy_monetdb 0.9.3 SQLAlchemy dialect for MonetDB

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