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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 89660 packages here.
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2016-09-29 pyactr 0.1.3 ACT-R in Python
2016-09-29 django-filter 0.15.2 Django-filter is a reusable Django application for allowing users to filter querysets dynamically.
2016-09-29 urh 1.1.2 Universal Radio Hacker: Hacking wireless protocols made easy
2016-09-29 qcloudcli 0.1 Universal Command Line Environment for qcloud
2016-09-29 shcs 0.1.5 self hosted cloud storage
2016-09-29 mandrill-maintained 1.1.0 A CLI client and Python API library for the Mandrill email as a service platform.
2016-09-29 django-functest 0.1.8 Helpers for creating functional tests in Django, with a unified API for WebTest and Selenium tests.
2016-09-29 strato-skipper 1.1.1 Easily dockerize your Git repository
2016-09-29 form_designer 0.9.0 Form Designer
2016-09-29 thermalprinter 0.1.1 Driver for the DP-EH600 thermal printer (AdaFruit).
2016-09-29 mysqlclient 1.3.8 Python interface to MySQL
2016-09-29 mamonsu 1.6.8 Monitoring agent for PostgreSQL
2016-09-29 DjangoModelTracker Track Django Model Objects over time
2016-09-29 scalerunner 1.0.0a1 PyScale plugin for remote programs running
2016-09-29 CHAID 2.0.0 A CHAID tree building algorithm
2016-09-29 nagios-notification-jabber 0.8.0 Notifications via jabber Nagios plugin
2016-09-29 budy_api 0.2.13 Budy API Client
2016-09-29 nagios-check-supervisord 0.3.1 Check supervisord programs status Nagios plugin
2016-09-29 zorroautomator 0.7.1b1 Zorro Automator - dose-fractionated image registrator
2016-09-29 onespacemedia-server-management 0.4.10 A set of server management tools used by Onespacemedia.
2016-09-29 fnapy 0.4.3 A Python API for FNAC WebServices
2016-09-29 TFBS-footprinting 1.0.0b19 Tool for identifying conserved TFBSs in vertebrate species.
2016-09-29 django-shop 0.9.2 A RESTful Django Shop
2016-09-29 nester_byq 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2016-09-29 dependencies 0.12 Dependency Injection for Humans
2016-09-29 Slowloris 0.1.2 Low bandwidth DoS tool. Slowloris rewrite in Python.
2016-09-29 foreman-ansible-inventory 0.0.4 Ansible dynamic inventory that queries the Foreman
2016-09-29 zenhest 0.0.5 Text based event console for Zenoss
2016-09-29 trove-dashboard Trove Management Dashboard
2016-09-29 requestbin 0.3 a silly wrapper around api
2016-09-29 anoncreds-dev 0.0.2 Anonymous credentials
2016-09-29 twopi-flask-utils 1.0.11 A set of utilities to make working with flask web applications easier.
2016-09-29 erp5.util 0.4.46 ERP5 related utilities.
2016-09-29 gabbi 1.26.1 Declarative HTTP testing library
2016-09-29 mistral-dashboard Mistral dashboard
2016-09-29 diandao 0.2.7 diandao python libs.
2016-09-29 zenpy 1.1.4 Python wrapper for the Zendesk API
2016-09-29 django-weixin 0.1.6 A simple Django application to implementation Wechat API.
2016-09-29 log_colorizer 1.8.4 A color formater for python logging
2016-09-29 hipcat 0.1.0 Pipe text to HipChat

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