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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 63997 packages here.
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2015-08-03 murano-dashboard The Murano Dashboard
2015-08-03 preprocessor 1.0.8 Preprocessor for files.
2015-08-03 murano Murano API
2015-08-03 lov2pi 0.1 Python sdk for lov2pi webservice
2015-08-03 extern 0.0.4 UNKNOWN
2015-08-03 Pyrebase 0.2.940 A simple python wrapper for the Firebase API
2015-08-03 tkGabe 0.1b.post1 tkGabe - Tkinter game browser
2015-08-03 miniorm 1.3.4 mini mysql db orm :: miniorm
2015-08-03 Flask-Injector 0.6.1 Adds Injector, a Dependency Injection framework, support to Flask.
2015-08-03 audioread 2.0.0 multi-library, cross-platform audio decoding
2015-08-03 json-rpc-helpers 1.0.0 Helpers for bootstrapping of JSON-RPC API
2015-08-03 salt_state_graph 0.0.1 a tool to represent salt states and their dependencies as an acyclic graph
2015-08-03 beets 1.3.14 music tagger and library organizer
2015-08-03 robotframework-scplibrary 1.0.0 Robot Framework test library for transferring files via Secure Copy (SCP)
2015-08-03 pipfreeze 0.0.4 A tool to audit pip freeze outputs and test version requirements
2015-08-03 walkscore-api-binding 0.2.2 Unofficial WalkScore API binding
2015-08-03 ayd 0.0.5 generate Azkaban Flow
2015-08-03 asposestorage 1.0.1 Aspose Cloud SDK for Python allows you to use Aspose API in your Python applications
2015-08-03 emigrate 0.10.0 A package for simulating electrophoresis.
2015-08-03 django-quickapi 3.3.0 The Django-application for the fast organization API.
2015-08-03 ryu 3.24 Component-based Software-defined Networking Framework
2015-08-03 clientsubnetoption 2.0.0 EDNS Client Subnet option support for dnspython
2015-08-03 StarClusterExtensions 0.1.0 StarCluster Extensions
2015-08-03 mycli 1.2.0 CLI for MySQL Database. With auto-completion and syntax highlighting.
2015-08-03 polysquare-generic-file-linter 0.1.5 Polysquare Style Guide Linter
2015-08-03 noaaclass 0.0.18 A python library that allow to request images to the NOAA CLASS (Comprehensive Large Array-Data Stewardship System).
2015-08-03 polysquare-setuptools-lint 0.0.25 Provides a 'polysquarelint' command for setuptools
2015-08-03 dytranscoder 0.0.2 Da yang transcoder Python SDK
2015-08-03 bitmerchant 0.1.6 Bitcoin/altcoin merchant tools
2015-08-03 jobstamps 0.0.16 Cache output of idempotent jobs.
2015-08-03 eelbrain 0.17.3 MEG/EEG analysis tools
2015-08-03 pycd 0.3.17 Tool to change directory for python modules.
2015-08-03 chineseseg 0.3 A Python3 wrapper for a collection of Chinese word segmenter
2015-08-03 robotframework-dynamodbsqllibrary 0.2.0 An Amazon AWS DynamoDB big data testing library for Robot Framework with SQL-like DSL
2015-08-03 little 0.1
2015-08-03 Pextant 0.2.0 Python version of SEXTANT pathfinding tool
2015-08-03 airwaveapiclient 0.1.2 Aruba Networks AirWave API Client.
2015-08-03 seabird 0.6.3 Non official parser for Sea-Bird's sensors.
2015-08-03 amadeus 0.1.0 Python Package for Amadeus
2015-08-03 godcomplex 0.1.0 this will say something if you say god. or other stuff

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