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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 65493 packages here.
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2015-08-30 todoman 1.3.2 A simple CalDav-based todo manager.
2015-08-30 pyensembl 0.8.2 Python interface to ensembl reference genome metadata
2015-08-30 envsettings 2.0.0 Read settings from environment variables.
2015-08-30 SpectralToolbox 0.1.15 Tools for building spectral methods
2015-08-30 pyonep 0.12.3 Python bindings for Exosite API over HTTP JSON RPC.
2015-08-30 sky 0.0.132 AI powered scraping in Python 3
2015-08-30 PyHatch 0.0.8 PyHatch initializes files and directory structure for new python projects.
2015-08-30 todotxt-machine 2.2.2 An interactive terminal based todo.txt file editor with an interface similar to mutt
2015-08-30 mongotail 1.0.0 Mongotail, Log all MongoDB queries in a "tail"able way.
2015-08-30 jupyter_console 4.0.1 Jupyter terminal console
2015-08-30 green 2.0.4 Green is a clean, colorful, fast python test runner.
2015-08-30 lighthouse 0.13.0 Service discovery tool focused on ease-of-use and resiliency
2015-08-30 pyrs-schema 0.7.3 Python microservice framework
2015-08-30 merkle 0.1.1 Python Merkle Tree Implementation
2015-08-30 libhexgrid 0.1.0 A python utility library for hex grid games
2015-08-30 django-menuware 0.1.0 A simple yet effective menu generator for any Django project.
2015-08-30 stackhut 0.5.6 Run your software in the cloud
2015-08-30 headlessvim 0.0.3 programmable Vim, no need of +clientserver!
2015-08-30 movienamer 0.1.1 Command-line utility to organize movies
2015-08-30 PyISY 1.0.6 Python module to talk to ISY994 from UDI.
2015-08-30 FLaP 0.2.3 Flat LaTeX Projects
2015-08-30 grammar-check 1.0 Checks grammar using LanguageTool.
2015-08-30 mocodo 2.0.0 A tool for designing and teaching relational databases
2015-08-30 pypacker 3.1 Pypacker: The fast and simple packet creating and parsing module
2015-08-30 tircd 0.0.1
2015-08-30 microsatellites_finder 1.1.0 Python package that searches for microsatellites in fasta sequences
2015-08-30 cvxpy 0.2.28 A domain-specific language for modeling convex optimization problems in Python.
2015-08-30 Orange3-Network 1.0.0 Networks add-on for Orange 3 data mining software package.
2015-08-30 motioneye 0.27.1 motionEye server
2015-08-30 statico 0.1.3 Static site generator
2015-08-30 greenlet 0.4.9 Lightweight in-process concurrent programming
2015-08-30 kivy-automate 0.1 Kivy automation, currently used to automate screenshots on various devices at specific places.
2015-08-30 ruamel.yaml.convert 0.1.1 data format conversion routines to/from YAML
2015-08-30 olimex-ekg-emg 0.1.8 A package for gathering data from the Olimex EKG/EMG Shield.
2015-08-30 skew 0.11.0 A flat address space for all your AWS resources.
2015-08-30 mbe 0.7.3 MBE is a backend written in Python 3 that provides database access, authentication, access control and other features on top of the MongoDB document database.
2015-08-30 zirpu-utils 0.1.3 Zirpu's Misc. Utilities.
2015-08-30 ruamel.yaml.cmd 0.1.1 commandline utility to manipulate YAML files
2015-08-30 pyvpsolver 2.0.0rc4 Arc-flow Vector Packing Solver (VPSolver)
2015-08-30 pysmbus 0.1 Pure Python implementation of the I2C SMBus protocol.

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