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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 89822 packages here.
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2016-10-01 Mercurial 4.0 Fast scalable distributed SCM (revision control, version control) system
2016-10-01 django-jet 1.0.2 Modern template for Django admin interface with improved functionality
2016-10-01 logistic 0.1.0 A dead-simple logistic regression library.
2016-10-01 sqlalchemy-geonames 0.1.4 UNKNOWN
2016-10-01 sentry-46elks 0.1.4 Sentry plugin for notifying users by text through the 46elks API
2016-10-01 windflow 0.1.4 Windflow is a toolkit for creating web applications faster with tornado and asyncio.
2016-10-01 SAGA-Hadoop 0.31.2 SAGA to launch an Hadoop cluster as a normal batch job on Torque/PBS/SLURM clusters
2016-10-01 pkgtmpl 0.2.6 Bootstrap python packages with sane defaults
2016-10-01 trender 1.0.7 Template Render Engine written in pure Python
2016-10-01 Flask-GeoIP 0.1.3 Flask-GeoIP ------------- Simple Flask extension for pygeoip.
2016-10-01 bgtunnel 0.4.1 Initiate SSH tunnels in the background
2016-10-01 unicodedata2 9.0.0.post2 Unicodedata backport for python 2/3 updated to the latest unicode version.
2016-10-01 Flask-Sendwithus 1.0.2 Forwards-compatible Flask extension to interact with the sendwithus API
2016-10-01 moirai 0.0.1 Digital Control Manager Backend
2016-10-01 julz 1.0.1 A command line utility for creating ambitious julia apps.
2016-10-01 diamond-patterns 0.2.6 diamond-patterns scaffolds projects according to patterns.
2016-10-01 Flask-Resize 0.8.1 Flask extension for resizing images in templates
2016-10-01 pydiceparse 0.3.6 Dice syntax parser and roller
2016-10-01 pysorter 0.1.3 A regex based file organizer
2016-10-01 wizards 1.0.0 Wizards of Industry Common Library
2016-10-01 bullet-dodger 1.6.10 A fun and challenging mouse game where you must dodge bullets. How many points will you get?
2016-10-01 pandora_client 0.2.240 pandora_client is a commandline client for You can use it to import videos into a system. It is currently known to work on Linux and Mac OS X.
2016-10-01 python-ioc 1.0.1 Python Inversion of Control Framework
2016-10-01 kaptl KAPTL generator CLI
2016-10-01 fibratus 0.3.0 Tool for exploration and tracing of the Windows kernel
2016-10-01 neuralist 0.51 A Python interface to access neural-redis.
2016-10-01 easyshell 0.201 Library for creating recursive shells.
2016-10-01 digReadabilityExtractor 0.1.4 digReadabilityExtractor
2016-10-01 scrap_g1 1.0.0 Web Scraping of Brazilian News Website G1
2016-10-01 pyloop 0.10 An universal pacakge manager for python 3
2016-10-01 imgui 0.0.0 Python binding to gorilla-audio library
2016-10-01 python-wink 0.9.0 Access Wink devices via the Wink API
2016-10-01 vxTrader 0.1.0 vxTrader: A Chinese WebAPI wrapper
2016-10-01 SeasObjects_for_Python 1.0.1 SEAS RDF model manipulation in Python
2016-10-01 proteusAI Modeler for AI environments and agents
2016-10-01 zhihu_oauth 0.0.21 尝试解析出知乎官方未开放的 OAuth2 接口,并提供优雅的使用方式,作为 zhihu-py3 项目的替代者
2016-10-01 growler-sass 0.0.1 An extension providing a SASS CSS renderer for Growler web applications
2016-10-01 elasticsearch-loader 0.0.3 A pythonic tool for batch loading data files (json, parquet, csv, tsv) into ElasticSearch
2016-10-01 mot 0.2 Parallel parameter estimation in python and opencl.
2016-10-01 localcider 0.1.9.post1 Tools for calculating sequence properties of disordered proteins [from the Pappu Lab in at Washington University in St. Louis]

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