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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 57274 packages here.
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2015-03-30 corpkit 0.8 A toolkit for working with parsed corpora
2015-03-30 oioswift 0.1 OpenIO Swift Gateway
2015-03-30 optional 0.0.1 Optional Class for Python2/3
2015-03-30 deepy 0.0.2 Highly extensible deep learning framework based on Theano
2015-03-30 chessproblem.ui 1.1.0rc3 The user interface to edit chessproblems for tex files using the chess-problem-diagrams latex style.
2015-03-30 slash 0.14.2 A Testing Framework
2015-03-30 ava 0.1.13 EAvatar Ava - A versatile agent.
2015-03-30 consumerism 0.3.3 Expert360 Python SQS consumer library
2015-03-30 diff-highlight 1.0.3 pretty diff highlighter; emphasis changed words in diff
2015-03-30 Freezes 1.0.4 Transform the plain text or blog to static website
2015-03-30 defaultsettings 0.0.3 Handle settings with default in python
2015-03-30 fabric-gce-tools 0.2 Fabric integration with Google Compute Engine (GCE)
2015-03-30 unqlite 0.2.0 Python bindings for UnQLite, the embedded NoSQL database.
2015-03-30 VESPA 0.2 Calculate astrophysical false positive probabilities for transiting exoplanet signals
2015-03-30 python-vagrant 0.5.8 Python bindings for interacting with Vagrant virtual machines.
2015-03-30 xonsh 0.1.4 an exotic, usable shell
2015-03-30 pyhumod 0.4 Access SMS, GSM and 3G features of Huawei and compatible modems via clean and pragmatic Python API
2015-03-30 tictactoe-py 1.0.0 Yet another Python Tic-Tac-Toe library
2015-03-30 tmdbsimple 1.3.0 A Python wrapper for The Movie Database API v3
2015-03-30 cltk NLP support for Classical languages.
2015-03-30 labMTsimple Basic usage script for dictionary-based sentiment analysis. Intended use with labMT data
2015-03-30 python-monascaclient 1.0.17 Monasca API Client Library
2015-03-30 volapi 1.2.6 RESTful API for
2015-03-30 rtv 1.1 A simple terminal viewer for Reddit (Reddit Terminal Viewer)
2015-03-30 visibility_graph 0.3 From time series to graph thru visibility algorithm.
2015-03-30 asheeshs-django-optimizer 1.0 A pretend Django optimizer for use in a web security tutorial
2015-03-30 niprov 0.1.post5 provenance for neuroimaging data
2015-03-30 rsocks 0.2.2 A SOCKS reverse proxy server.
2015-03-30 immut 0.1.2 An immutable container library for python
2015-03-30 datagami-python 0.0.5 Datagami library for Python
2015-03-30 flask-marshmallow 0.5.0 Flask + marshmallow for beautiful APIs
2015-03-30 tno.euphorie 4.4 TNO specific extensions for Euphorie
2015-03-30 spectra 0.0.6 Color scales and color conversion made easy for Python.
2015-03-30 lerrylib 0.3.9 Some common use functions
2015-03-30 necpp 1.6.1 Python Antenna Simulation Module (nec2++) C-style interface
2015-03-30 td-client 0.1.10 Treasure Data API library for Python
2015-03-30 x_x 0.9 Excel file CLI Reader
2015-03-30 pyxie 0.0.2 Little Python to C++ Compiler
2015-03-30 xcffib 0.2.2 A drop in replacement for xpyb, an XCB python binding
2015-03-30 sqlalchemy_bigquery 0.0.1adev BigQuery for SQLAlchemy

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