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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 58598 packages here.
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2015-04-25 DwaPython 1.1.4 Python library to communicate with Divine Warfare game API
2015-04-25 Mopidy-Grooveshark 1.0.3 Mopidy extension that plays sound from Grooveshark
2015-04-25 apigen 0.1.5 Easily create a CLI and JSON-RPC interface from a common API definition.
2015-04-25 igz 1 medicijn effecten registratie programma.
2015-04-25 bzt 0.2.2 Taurus Tool for Continuous Testing
2015-04-25 tale 1.5 Interactive Fiction, MUD & mudlib framework
2015-04-25 tempmon 0.6.0 Temperature Monitoring Daemon
2015-04-25 satispy 1.0 An interface to SAT solver tools (like minisat)
2015-04-25 Mopidy-Mobile 0.9.2 Mopidy Web client extension for mobile devices
2015-04-25 Markdown2PDF 0.1 A tool convert Markdown file to PDF, originally designed for developers' resume release.
2015-04-25 latex 0.5.2 Wrappers for calling LaTeX/building LaTeX documents.
2015-04-25 lxml 3.4.4 Powerful and Pythonic XML processing library combining libxml2/libxslt with the ElementTree API.
2015-04-25 django-generic-helpers 0.3.5 The small frameworks that helps to write reusable django apps with generic relations
2015-04-25 django-profiles2 0.6 User-profile application for Django
2015-04-25 karta 0.4.4 Geospatial analysis in Python
2015-04-25 Unihandecode 0.50 US-ASCII transliterations of Unicode text
2015-04-25 shutilwhich 1.1.0 shutil.which for those not using Python 3.3 yet.
2015-04-25 pyade 0.0.2 Python client for ADE web API
2015-04-25 htmlmin 0.1.6 An HTML Minifier
2015-04-25 pusher 1.0.0 A Python library to interract with the Pusher API
2015-04-25 cantools 0.2.0 CAN BUS tools.
2015-04-25 sloth-ci.validators.github 1.0.6 GitHub validator for Sloth CI
2015-04-25 EMpy----ElectroMagnetic-Python 1.0 EMpy: Electromagnetic Python.
2015-04-25 pyline 0.3.4 A grep-like, sed-like command-line tool for line-based processing in Python.
2015-04-25 sdataflow 0.1 A simple language to describe dataflow between entries, implemented in Python.
2015-04-25 pyrpo 0.2.0 A shell command wrapper for hg, git, bzr, svn
2015-04-25 pyexperiment 0.2.0 Run experiments with Python - quick and clean.
2015-04-25 JustReleaseNotes 0.0.3 Release notes generator package
2015-04-25 django-confy 1.0.4 Django project configuration helpers
2015-04-25 syncloud-platform Syncloud platform
2015-04-25 dynamic-dynamodb 1.20.5 Automatic provisioning for AWS DynamoDB tables
2015-04-25 nester_chu 1.2.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-04-25 0.1.3 Python bindings for chdkptp
2015-04-25 django-simplecrud 1.0b12 CRUD framework for Django
2015-04-25 Flask-httpretty 1.2.0 flask-httpretty help you to mock http requests via flask.
2015-04-25 bottle-rest 0.4.1 Decorators to make REST easier in Bottle.
2015-04-25 Python-Cmdr 0.0.0 A command manager (i.e. Commander) for Python modules and packages.
2015-04-25 libusb1 1.3.1 Pure-python wrapper for libusb-1.0
2015-04-25 mac 0.2a2 Multi-cloud orchestration platform for servers and infrastructures
2015-04-25 ProfileEye A browser-based visualization frontend for gprof2dot and graphviz

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