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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 62371 packages here.
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2015-07-04 shapeshift 0.2.1 A collection of python logging formats and helpers for transforming logs.
2015-07-04 leonardo-import-export 2015.7.1 Import & Export for Leonardo CMS
2015-07-04 nester_zy 1.4.4 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-07-04 django-simple-history 1.6.2 Store model history and view/revert changes from admin site.
2015-07-04 lazybone 0.1.2 Python Library for connecting to a Lazybone Bluetooth Relay
2015-07-04 cli-github 1.0.8 Github inside the Command Line
2015-07-04 cosmos Thin server application framework
2015-07-04 trottersuzuki 1.3 A massively parallel implementation of the Trotter-Suzuki decomposition
2015-07-04 tabview 1.4.1 A curses command-line CSV and list (tabular data) viewer
2015-07-04 Flask-Blogging 0.1.2.post1 A flask extension for adding Markdown blog support to your site
2015-07-04 django-viewsets 0.1.8 Avoid boring views and urls.
2015-07-04 ua2.ajax 0.0.6 Django Ajax wrapper
2015-07-04 pyrbac 0.4 RBAC (Role Based Access Control) library
2015-07-04 gajira2 1.2.0 Monday time saver
2015-07-04 pydora 1.3.0 Python wrapper for Pandora API
2015-07-04 vstruct 2.0.1 Vivisect Structure Definition/Parsing Library
2015-07-04 gajira 1.2.0 Monday time saver
2015-07-04 django-generic-links 0.3.0 Simple and generic application for Django projects to attach and handle links for any object
2015-07-04 atg 0.0.5 A small timezone utility
2015-07-04 aTXT data mining tool for extract text for files
2015-07-04 popparser 0.1.0.dev2 The POP parser framework
2015-07-04 Pyzotero 1.1.10 Python wrapper for the Zotero API
2015-07-04 BucketCache 0.10.0 Versatile persisent file cache.
2015-07-04 plock 0.4.4 Pip installs Plock. Plock installs Plone.
2015-07-04 steam 0.1 Module for interacting with various Steam features
2015-07-04 facebook-online-friend-tracker 1.0.3 This tool tracks the number of online friends a user has on Facebook at a given time.
2015-07-04 rattail 0.4.20 Retail Software Framework
2015-07-04 Fangorn 0.3.0 Nested Sets SQL Tree for Python
2015-07-04 zoosync 1.0.1 Zookeeper service discovery
2015-07-04 elapsedtimer 0.1 Elapsed timer and utilities
2015-07-04 python_moztelemetry Spark bindings for Mozilla Telemetry
2015-07-04 google_oauthclient 2.3 UNKNOWN
2015-07-04 urlscan 0.8.1 View/select the URLs in an email message or file
2015-07-04 clipboard_memo 0.2 A command-line clipboard manager
2015-07-04 autosub 0.3.1 Auto-generates subtitles for any video or audio file
2015-07-04 python-engineio 0.3.1 Engine.IO server
2015-07-04 FuncDesigner 0.5610 A python module for function design and automatic derivatives
2015-07-04 django-vest 0.1.4 Extension for default template system for making inheritance more flexible. Adding some kind of themes.
2015-07-04 carreralib 0.1.0 Python library for communication with Carrera Digital 124/132 Control Unit
2015-07-04 openopt 0.5609 A python module for numerical optimization

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