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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 67554 packages here.
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2015-10-07 metric-learn 0.1.1 Python implementations of metric learning algorithms
2015-10-07 flask-ldap3-login 0.9.8 LDAP Support for Flask in Python3/2
2015-10-07 newslynx 1.2.2 A modular toolkit for analytics.
2015-10-07 changetip 0.3.6 ChangeTip helper library
2015-10-07 pageone 0.2.2 a module for polling urls and stats from homepages
2015-10-07 django-toolware 0.0.8 A utility application that offers the most commonly-used tools.
2015-10-07 toil 3.1.0a1.dev31 Pipeline management software for clusters.
2015-10-07 instaclone 0.3.0 instaclone: Fast, cached file installation
2015-10-07 agate 0.11.0 A Python data analysis library designed for humans working in the real world.
2015-10-07 spa 0.2.3 A Python micro framework for REST APIs and single-page-applications.
2015-10-07 ctmatching 0.0.5 Treatment group, control group matching algorithm high level python implementation.
2015-10-07 ossos 0.4.1 Outer Solar System Origins Survey (OSSOS)
2015-10-07 homebrew-pypi-poet 0.5.2 Writes Homebrew stanzas for pypi packages
2015-10-07 misfit 0.3.1 Misfit API client implementation
2015-10-07 cox-nnet 0.102 Extension of neural network architecture for Cox Regression
2015-10-07 distributed 1.0.1 Distributed computing
2015-10-07 XlsxWriter 0.7.6 A Python module for creating Excel XLSX files.
2015-10-07 es_stats 0.0.4 Collect stats from Elasticsearch
2015-10-07 GloboNetworkAPI 0.6.8 GloboNetworkAPI Client Python
2015-10-07 pytube 6.0.2 A simple, yet versatile Python library (and command-line) for downloading YouTube videos.
2015-10-07 cgcloud-toil 1.1a1.dev129 Setup and manage a toil and Apache Mesos cluster in EC2
2015-10-07 cgcloud-mesos-tools 1.1a1.dev129 Setup and manage an Apache Mesos cluster in EC2
2015-10-07 cgcloud-mesos 1.1a1.dev129 Setup and manage a Apache Mesos cluster in EC2
2015-10-07 cgcloud-spark-tools 1.1a1.dev129 Setup and manage a Apache Spark cluster in EC2
2015-10-07 cgcloud-spark 1.1a1.dev129 Setup and manage a Apache Spark cluster in EC2
2015-10-07 cgcloud-jenkins 1.1a1.dev129 Setup and manage a Jenkins continuous integration cluster in EC2
2015-10-07 cgcloud-agent 1.1a1.dev129 Management of ~/.ssh/authorized_keys for a fleet of EC2 instances
2015-10-07 cgcloud-core 1.1a1.dev129 Efficient and reproducible software deployment for EC2 instances
2015-10-07 cgcloud-lib 1.1a1.dev129 Components shared between cgcloud-core and cgcloud-agent
2015-10-06 t4k 0.2 my personal swiss army knife
2015-10-06 beam_integrals 1.1.0 Console app and Python API for determining beam integrals of all 6 supported beam types, as described in D.D. Milasinovic, "The Finite Strip Method in Computational Mechanics" (ISBN 8680297194)
2015-10-06 untwisted 0.3 UNKNOWN
2015-10-06 uszipcode 0.0.6 USA zipcode programmable database, includes up-to-date census and geometry information.
2015-10-06 HoroscopeGenerator 0.1.7 Generates horoscopes
2015-10-06 TerminalOne 1.0.5 A package for interacting with MediaMath's TerminalOne API.
2015-10-06 ShadowOui 1.2.9 Shadow, Ray-tracing simulation software
2015-10-06 jmatt-scons 2.4.0 Open Source next-generation build tool.
2015-10-06 payeezy 1.0.9 Unofficial Python 3 module to process basic(purchase and authorize) transactions with Payeezy
2015-10-06 kinto 1.5.1 Kinto Web Service - Store, Sync, Share, and Self-Host.
2015-10-06 djangocms-helper 0.9.3 Helpers for django CMS plugin development

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