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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 99574 packages here.
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2017-02-26 peewee 2.8.8 a little orm
2017-02-26 django-jsonplus 0.0.1 Django extension for non-basic types' serialization to JSON via jsonplus lib.
2017-02-26 pixiedust 0.84 Productivity library for Spark Python Notebook
2017-02-26 binilla 0.9.8 A universal binary structure editor built on supyr_struct.
2017-02-26 arxiv_bib_update 0.1.0 tool to search for and update out-of-date arXiv preprints in bibtex files
2017-02-26 vpython 2.0.6 VPython for Jupyter Notebook
2017-02-26 artikcloud 2.0.8 ARTIK Cloud API
2017-02-26 sqlbuilder SmartSQL - lightweight sql builder.
2017-02-26 mimiron 0.2.0 Mimiron is a CLI tool whose purpose is to provide a better workflow when manging tfvars
2017-02-26 Flask-JSONPlus 0.0.3 Flask extension for non-basic types' serialization to JSON via jsonplus lib.
2017-02-26 PytSite 0.98.73 The Simple Web Framework
2017-02-26 snappy 2.5 Studying the topology and geometry of 3-manifolds, with a focus on hyperbolic structures.
2017-02-26 symbolic-quantum-computation 0.2.4 symbolic-quantum-computation description
2017-02-26 jsonplus 0.6.4 Custom datatypes (like datetime) serialization to/from JSON.
2017-02-26 generalized-blender 1.1 Python implementation of generalized model blender with K fold CV
2017-02-26 fdint 2.0.2 A free, open-source python package for quickly and precisely approximating Fermi-Dirac integrals.
2017-02-26 pandas-market-calendars 0.3 Market and exchange trading calendars for pandas
2017-02-26 twelisis 0.1 Extracting Tweets from twitter and analysing them
2017-02-26 Harambe 0.0.10 A mid stack Flask based framework that put structure in the file system. Features: Caching, Mailing, Storage, CSRF, recaptcha, Cors. Supports HTML, Markdown and Jade and more
2017-02-26 Inventicode 1.0.2 Create labels with QR and barcodes.
2017-02-26 slackbot_ce 0.2.488148295 Python Code for Tech Em Studios Create Em Class
2017-02-26 hide_code 0.4.0 A Jupyter notebook extension to hide code, prompts and outputs.
2017-02-26 ctutlz 0.1.0 A python utils library
2017-02-26 ingest_utils 0.0.6 A few utils for operations common to ingestion tasks
2017-02-26 dask-spark 0.0.1 Interactions between Dask and Spark
2017-02-26 pywhdfs 1.0.2 pywhdfs: python Web HDFS Client.
2017-02-26 onyxproject 0.8.5 Intelligent Dashboard
2017-02-26 bellows 0.2.1
2017-02-26 tweetfeels 0.2.0 Real-time sentiment analysis for twitter.
2017-02-26 sentinelsat 0.9 Utility to search and download Sentinel-1 Imagery
2017-02-26 django-rest-knox 3.0.0 Authentication for django rest framework
2017-02-26 threadly 0.7.1 Thread pool and scheduler for python
2017-02-26 pyldpc 0.7.4 Simulation of Low Density Parity Check Codes ldpc
2017-02-26 cypari 2.1.1 Sage's PARI extension, modified to stand alone.
2017-02-26 wsgicors 0.7.0 WSGI for Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
2017-02-26 block 0.0.2 Improved block matrix creation for numpy and PyTorch.
2017-02-26 pyminos 0.2.4 Neural nets hyper parameters & architecture search with genetic algorithms
2017-02-26 astrocats 0.3.10 Package for downloading, analyzing, and constructing open astronomy catalogs.
2017-02-26 pycryptodomex 3.4.5 Cryptographic library for Python
2017-02-26 solidwebpush 1.0.5 This package lets your server to send Web Push Notifications to your clients. NOTE: No particular web framework are required (e.g. Django, Flask, Pyramid, etc.), since it was originally designed to run on a Raspberry Pi with no web server installed (only a bare Python program listening on a port for HTTP requests).

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