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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 91189 packages here.
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2016-10-21 django-tracking2 0.3.3 django-tracking2 tracks the length of time visitors and registered users spend on your site
2016-10-21 django-councilmatic 0.6.6 Core functions for family
2016-10-21 rglogger 1.3.4 Use Python's standard logging library to send messages to Raygun (
2016-10-21 matrix_parser 1.0 A matrix shaped text (e.g csv) parser
2016-10-21 moesifapi 1.0.6 Moesif API Lib for Python
2016-10-21 toil-scripts 2.1.0a1.dev674 A repository of genomic workflows developed by the UCSC Computational Genomics lab
2016-10-21 rest_framework_auth0 0.1.7 Django Rest Framework Library to use Auth0 authentication
2016-10-21 ptpop 1.0.0 top for PTP
2016-10-21 marm 0.3.0 Muxing archived media (and more!).
2016-10-21 pilotwire-controller 0.6.7 Electrical heaters driving controller
2016-10-21 lambada 0.2.1 A framework for multiple AWS lambdas in one library/package
2016-10-21 libsourcemap 0.5.0 Helps working with sourcemaps.
2016-10-21 etcdb 1.0.1 PEP 249 compatible driver for Etcd
2016-10-21 grattify 0.2.1 Script to download music
2016-10-21 django-fobi 0.8.9 Form generator/builder application for Django done right: customisable, modular, user- and developer- friendly.
2016-10-21 ricecooker 0.3.5rc6 API for adding content to content curation server
2016-10-21 ldclient-py 3.0.1 LaunchDarkly SDK for Python
2016-10-21 powerline-hgstatus 0.1.2 A Powerline segment for showing the status of a Mercurial working copy
2016-10-21 stix An API for parsing and generating STIX content.
2016-10-21 virtualenv-api 2.1.12 An API for virtualenv/pip
2016-10-21 cloudflare 1.3.0 Python wrapper for the Cloudflare v4 API
2016-10-21 django-categories 1.4.3 A way to handle one or more hierarchical category trees in django.
2016-10-21 cmsplugin-mathjax 0.1.1 MATHJAX Plugin for django CMS
2016-10-21 texttable 0.8.6 module for creating simple ASCII tables
2016-10-21 lxd-nomad 0.2 UNKNOWN
2016-10-21 modulenv 0.0.3 Module software environment configuration tools
2016-10-21 pyIbex 1.5.0rc2 PyIbex a python interface of ibexlib
2016-10-21 expynent 0.0.1 Library that provides RegEx patterns.
2016-10-21 pathspider 1.0.0.dev0 A tool for measuring path transparency in the Internet
2016-10-21 pygeoprocessing 0.3.0 PyGeoprocessing: Geoprocessing routines for GIS
2016-10-21 citrination-client 1.1.15 Python client for accessing the Citrination api
2016-10-21 Flask-JWT-Extended 0.0.8 Extended JWT integration with Flask
2016-10-21 cumulusci 2.0.0a5 Build and release tools for Salesforce developers
2016-10-21 ogn-client 0.6.0 A python module for the Open Glider Network
2016-10-21 avroconsumer 1.0.0 Base consumer class for working with Avro datums
2016-10-21 two1 3.9.10 Buy and sell anything on the internet with bitcoin.
2016-10-21 curio-client 0.0.3
2016-10-21 dynamorm 0.0.3 DynamORM is a Python object relation mapping library for Amazon's DynamoDB service.
2016-10-21 galaxy-lib 16.10.9 Subset of Galaxy ( core code base designed to be used a library.
2016-10-21 pydslice 1.0.1 Python library for computing dynamic slices using a debugger

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