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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 56005 packages here.
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2015-03-06 ACCC 0.0.3 Always Correct Correctness Compilator
2015-03-06 coinkit 0.7.8 Tools for Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies (incl. Namecoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.).
2015-03-06 docker-zabbix-sender 0.3.3 Push Docker containers statistics to Zabbix efficiently
2015-03-06 EasyModeler 2.1.1 Simple ODE Tools for Modelers
2015-03-06 django-shpaml 1.3.0 A Django template loader for loading and converting SHPAML markup to HTML
2015-03-06 python_moztelemetry 0.2.9 Spark bindings for Mozilla Telemetry
2015-03-06 armorc 0.1.28 Armor Client
2015-03-06 halonctl 1.3.0 Manage Halon nodes from the commandline
2015-03-06 odo 0.3.0 Data migration utilities
2015-03-06 conn-check 1.0.16 Utility/library for checking connectivity between services
2015-03-06 djeneralize 1.3rc1 Generalizations of specialized models for Django
2015-03-06 simplenote 0.4.0 Python library for the API
2015-03-06 fastdtw 0.2.0 Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) algorithm with an O(N) time and memory complexity
2015-03-06 checkio_docker 0.0.5 Build docker images from CheckiO mission module
2015-03-06 cubicweb-bootstrap 1.0.2 UNKNOWN
2015-03-06 taxi 4.0.0b3 Taxi: timesheeting made easy
2015-03-06 pytest-flask 0.7.4 A set of py.test fixtures to test Flask applications.
2015-03-06 dockerup 1.0.28 Docker container bootstrapper
2015-03-06 pygeoprocessing 0.1.2.dev1 Geoprocessing routines for GIS
2015-03-06 django-gipsy 1.0.8 A set of fancy tools for django.
2015-03-06 hcpsdk 0.9.2.post4 An SDK for the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)
2015-03-06 taxi_zebra 1.0.0 Zebra backend for Taxi
2015-03-06 many-stop-words 0.1.3 stop words lists in many languages
2015-03-06 OApackage 1.9.102 Python interface to Orthogonal Array library
2015-03-06 cgroup-utils 0.6 Utility tools for control groups of Linux
2015-03-06 reposmon 18 Monitor a git repository, execute a command when it changes. Basically a polling git-hook for pull.
2015-03-06 consoleprinter 18 Console printer with linenumbers, stacktraces, logging, conversions and coloring..
2015-03-06 arguments 18 Argument parser based on docopt
2015-03-06 appinstance 19 Check if an app with the same name is running, supports parameters.
2015-03-06 compysition 1.0.63 Build event pipeline servers with minimal effort.
2015-03-06 setuptools 13.0.2 Easily download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages
2015-03-06 settingsd 0.8.8 settings.d
2015-03-06 boundary 0.0.2 Command line interface to Boundary REST APIs
2015-03-06 obspyDMT 0.9.0 obspyDMT: A Python Toolbox for Retrieving and Processing of Large Seismological Datasets
2015-03-06 cubicweb-company 0.6.1 company component for the CubicWeb framework
2015-03-06 Flask-Boost 0.3.4 Flask application generator for boosting your development.
2015-03-06 scadat 0.2.10 A shell interface to tango open source scada
2015-03-06 PyAvaTax 1.2.0 UNKNOWN
2015-03-06 CGATReport 0.2.2 CGATReport : a report generator in python based on sphinx
2015-03-06 anarcho 0.5.0 Android artifact hosting service

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