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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 87418 packages here.
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2016-08-28 django-slack-invitation 0.1.0 API client for Beddit sleep tracker
2016-08-28 redisbeat 0.1.0 Redis Scheduler For Celery, Support Add Task Dynamic
2016-08-28 quality_report 1.55.0 Software quality report generator
2016-08-28 mezzanine-instagram-quickphotos 0.0.2 Latest Photos from Instagram for Mezzanine
2016-08-28 pypythia 0.0.3 UNKNOWN
2016-08-28 otree-core 0.9.5 oTree is a toolset that makes it easy to create and administer web-based social science experiments.
2016-08-28 sadf 0.1.1 Parse sysstat (sa/sar) output into Pandas Dataframes
2016-08-28 koball 1.0.3.dev2016082828 A Python interface to Aliyun Web Services
2016-08-28 django-oauthost 0.4.0 Reusable application for Django to protect your apps with OAuth 2.0.
2016-08-28 docl 0.14 Cloudify Docker dev tools
2016-08-28 invenio-files-rest 1.0.0a10 Files download/upload REST API similar to S3 for Invenio.
2016-08-28 djmessenger 0.0.8 A simple framework to create powerful Facebook Messenger BOT
2016-08-28 newspider 0.9.1 分类扒数据的简易框架
2016-08-28 udisplay 1.0.0 Drivers for displays for MicroPython.
2016-08-28 stdf 0.3.0 Read a raw STDF file and iterate between records, easily.
2016-08-28 peony-twitter 0.2 An asynchronous Twitter API client for Python
2016-08-28 Eureqa 1.48 Nutonian Eureqa API
2016-08-28 coala-bears 0.9.0.dev20160828091203 Bears for coala (Code Analysis Application)
2016-08-28 HelloMyWorld 0.1.1 Print Hello world message.
2016-08-28 django-siteblocks 0.5.1 Reusable application for Django introducing URL-dependent static and dynamic data blocks
2016-08-28 fnv1apc 0.1.3 pure c fnv1a_32 implement.
2016-08-28 tdf.extensionuploadcenter 0.9 TDF Extension Upload Center
2016-08-28 aiodns 1.1.1 Simple DNS resolver for asyncio
2016-08-28 bookpy 0.1.2 A cli tool for rename your e-books.
2016-08-28 dai 0.3.20 python worker for distributedAI
2016-08-28 pyskeleton 0.2.5 quickly create a python module, have some other good concern.
2016-08-28 ts 0.4.0 Twitter Search CLI
2016-08-28 GPyM 0.5 GPM Python Module
2016-08-28 httsleep 0.1.3 A python library for polling HTTP endpoints - batteries included!
2016-08-28 django-rangepaginator 1.0.0 Nice paginator for Django
2016-08-28 yaoguang-python-client 0.0.7 baixing data service python client
2016-08-28 jgtnester 1.0.0 a printer of nested lists
2016-08-28 banditvis 0.4 A library for simulating and visualizing bandit algorithms.
2016-08-28 shaderdef 0.8.2 Transform Python code into GLSL shaders
2016-08-28 sesamclient 0.2.28 sesamapi client
2016-08-28 blynkapi 0.1.1 This is a simple blynk API wrapper.
2016-08-28 django-sitemetrics 0.6.0 Reusable application for Django providing easy means to integrate site metrics counters into your sites
2016-08-28 unicodemoticon 2.5.0 Like a Color Picker but for Unicode Emoticons. Trayicon with Unicode Emoticons using Python3 Qt5.
2016-08-28 spyking-circus 0.4 Fast spike sorting by template matching
2016-08-28 python-gitlab 0.15 Interact with GitLab API

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