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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 99113 packages here.
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2017-02-19 OpenglExample 1.2 A simple example demonstrating how to render an obj file to visualize in 3-D using Pyopengl and Pygame.
2017-02-19 httpreverse 0.1.0 Reverse-engineer legacy HTTP APIs
2017-02-19 wrc 1.1.5 Tool to build and perform checks on WCA Regulations and Guidelines
2017-02-19 django-ghoster 0.1.1 ghoster is a admin theme which includes markdown features for Django users
2017-02-19 BinField 0.5.0 Python BinField implementation for binary data manipulation
2017-02-19 pytranslator 1.3.6 基于有道云翻译API的python英汉互译模块
2017-02-19 closer 0.2.0 close remote SSH processes automatically
2017-02-19 jsoncache 0.0.2 File based JSON cache
2017-02-19 alooma 0.1.36 Alooma python API
2017-02-19 django-inline-media 1.4.1 django-inline-media allows insertion of inline media objects in text fields.
2017-02-19 peercoin_rpc 0.48 Library to communicate with peercoin daemon via JSON-RPC protocol.
2017-02-19 instabot 0.3.1 Cool Instagram bot scripts and API python wrapper.
2017-02-19 fish-hook 0.0.6 A tool who Manages your webhooks easily.
2017-02-19 django-triflesoft-localization 0.7.1702191535 Django alternative localization by TrifleSoft
2017-02-19 gluttonyTw 1.7 An API for time2eat.
2017-02-19 avocado-framework 36.3 Avocado Test Framework
2017-02-19 pp.client-plone 0.4.4 Produce & Publisher Plone Client Connector
2017-02-19 PyGeoj 0.2.5 A simple Python GeoJSON file reader and writer.
2017-02-19 ziggurat-foundations 0.7.1 Set of classes that are reusable across various types of web apps, base user object, auth relationships + structured resource tree
2017-02-19 onedep-biocuration-api 0.1 wwPDB OneDep Biocuration Web Service API.
2017-02-19 insteonplm 0.7.4 Python API for controlling Insteon PowerLinc Modems
2017-02-19 django-mailtrail 0.1.5 A seamless integration that makes Django email awesome.
2017-02-19 eapi 0.4.7 Modul zur Ansteuerung eines EA-Moduls fuer den Raspberry Pi.
2017-02-19 print_util 1.4.0 simple python module
2017-02-19 TinyQ 0.1.0 A tiny job queue framework.
2017-02-19 luma.core 0.3.0 A component library to support SBC display drivers
2017-02-19 knossos 0.4.4 A simple mod manager for FreeSpace 2 Open
2017-02-19 devour 0.4
2017-02-19 django-adminlte-admin 0.4.10 Django AdminLTE is a smart admin based on adminLTE and django
2017-02-19 Telethon 0.7.1 Python3 Telegram's client implementation with full access to its API
2017-02-19 yadm 1.3.0 Yet Another Document Mapper (ODM) for MongoDB
2017-02-19 mistool 1.1.1b0 Miscellaneous missing tools that can help the py-developper.
2017-02-19 multicache 0.1.7 Simple caching mechanisms
2017-02-19 scrapyd-heroku 0.1.0 A wrapper for running Scrapyd in Heroku or in console as normal Scrapyd service
2017-02-19 shortuuid 0.5.0 A generator library for concise, unambiguous and URL-safe UUIDs.
2017-02-19 orpyste 1.2.0b0 orPyste is a tool to store and read simple structured datas in TXT files using a human efficient syntax.
2017-02-19 cryptoapy 0.4.48 Python/C++ wrapper for Microsoft cryptoapi services (currently, Russian GOST algorithms only)
2017-02-19 otreechat 0.1.6 oTree chat.
2017-02-19 django-tables2-column-shifter 0.3.0 Extension for django_tables2 can dynamically show or hide columns
2017-02-19 PyWaves 0.6.2 Object-oriented library for the Waves blockchain platform

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