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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 55998 packages here.
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2015-03-06 ftw.contentpage 1.10.1 Contentpage based on Simplelayout for for web/intranet
2015-03-06 scikit-allel 0.9.1 A Python package for exploring and analysing genetic variation data.
2015-03-06 prestring 0.2.3 source code generation library (with overuse with-syntax)
2015-03-06 electronfactors 0.1.0.dev1 Electron factor equivalent ellipse spline modelling
2015-03-06 haikunator 0.0.1 Heroku-like random name generator.
2015-03-06 useless 0.5.1 Useless is useless. Oh yeah, and parses bit and piecesof ELF and PE dynamic libraries
2015-03-06 li-pagador-bcash 1.0.8 Meio de pagamento usando o Bcash (
2015-03-06 python_moztelemetry 0.2.6 Spark bindings for Mozilla Telemetry
2015-03-06 atlassian-python-api 0.6.0 Atlassian Python API
2015-03-06 commodity 0.20150306 General purpose python utilities library
2015-03-06 kemptech-openstack-lbaas 0.1.1 KEMP Technologies OpenStack LBaaS Driver V2
2015-03-06 rpmvenv 0.5.0 RPM packager for Python virtualenv.
2015-03-06 prophy 0.6 prophy: fast serialization protocol
2015-03-06 0.20 Flexible software building recipe.
2015-03-06 imagebot 1.2.0 A web bot to crawl websites and scrape images.
2015-03-06 snakebite 2.5.2 Pure Python HDFS client
2015-03-06 mandarinAward 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-03-06 qubic 4.4.post02 Simulation and map-making tools for the QUBIC experiment.
2015-03-06 pysimulators 1.1.dev68 Tools to build an instrument model.
2015-03-06 armorc 0.1.23 Armor Client
2015-03-06 emails 0.4 Elegant and simple email library for python 2/3
2015-03-06 python-economic-rest 0.6 Easy to use and dynamic python interface to the experimental e-conomic REST api
2015-03-06 meds 36 Ikzelf zal mijn schapen weiden en ze een rustplaats wijzen.
2015-03-06 emails 0.4.1 Elegant and simple email library for python 2/3
2015-03-06 muffin 0.0.16 web framework based on Asyncio stack
2015-03-06 django-userapp 0.0.4 Django userapp integration
2015-03-06 pyprofiler 12 Profiler utility for python, graphical and textual, whole program or segments
2015-03-06 reposmon 12 Monitor a git repository, execute a command when it changes. Basically a polling git-hook for pull.
2015-03-06 unittester 14 Run python unit-tests as command-line applications (class and method based).
2015-03-06 consoleprinter 12 Console printer with linenumbers, stacktraces, logging, conversions and coloring..
2015-03-06 arguments 12 Argument parser based on docopt
2015-03-06 appinstance 13 Check if an app with the same name is running, supports parameters.
2015-03-06 appier_extras 0.3.6 Appier Framework Extra Elements
2015-03-06 touchosc2midi 0.0.6 TouchOSC Bridge clone in python
2015-03-06 armord 0.1.6 Armor Daemon
2015-03-06 django_metrics 0.0.1 Basic Django app that provides an interface to add metrics code snippets from the Django admin.
2015-03-06 cloudcix 0.1.4 Python bindings and utils for CloudCIX API.
2015-03-06 SMBL 0.0.14 SnakeMake Bioinformatics Library
2015-03-06 aws-account-configurator 0.4.1 Configure AWS accounts
2015-03-06 devicehub 0.3 UNKNOWN

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