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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 112698 packages here.
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2017-07-20 mattoolkit 0.0.14 Material Toolkit cli and library
2017-07-20 simplace 4.0.2 Interact with the simulation framework Simplace
2017-07-20 okonomiyaki 0.17.2 ('Self-contained library to deal with metadata in Enthought-specific eggs',)
2017-07-20 coala 0.12.0.dev20170720164229 Linting and Fixing Code for All Languages
2017-07-20 os-traits 0.3.3 A library containing standardized trait strings
2017-07-20 django_openstack_auth 3.5.0 Django authentication backend for use with OpenStack Identity
2017-07-20 bubble-dubble 2017.7.20 Azimuthal powder integration
2017-07-20 uinames 1.0.0 A light Python wrapper for the UINames API
2017-07-20 integracio 2017.7.20 pyFAI on steroids
2017-07-20 malaffinity 2.2.3 Calculate affinity between MyAnimeList users
2017-07-20 ieml 0.2.23 Implementation of the artificial natural language IEML
2017-07-20 cert-tools 2.0.1 creates blockchain certificates
2017-07-20 hepcrawl 1.0.10 Scrapy project for feeds into INSPIRE-HEP (
2017-07-20 kombu 4.1.0 Messaging library for Python.
2017-07-20 Ardy 0.0.3 AWS Lambda toolkit
2017-07-20 km3pipe 7.2.4 An analysis framework for KM3NeT
2017-07-20 azurerm 0.8.4 Azure Resource Manager REST wrappers
2017-07-20 NeuNorm 1.1.1 neutron normalization data
2017-07-20 flask-apidoc 1.1.1 Adds ApiDoc support to Flask
2017-07-20 drf-nested-resources 1.2b2 Support for nested routes in the Django REST Framework
2017-07-20 python-ics 2.6 Intrepidcs icsneo40 Python 3 API/Wrapper
2017-07-20 icalevents 0.1.0 iCal downloader and parser
2017-07-20 pypelined 0.1.2 stream and pipeline processing service
2017-07-20 shooju 0.9.5 Official Shooju Client
2017-07-20 doboto 0.6.1 BOTO-like library for interacting with the Digital Ocean API
2017-07-20 ImagingReso 1.0.0 resonance imaging neutron data
2017-07-20 eventmq EventMQ job execution and messaging system based on ZeroMQ
2017-07-20 postalcode 1.7 pip install postalcode
2017-07-20 pyTvocal 0.0.2 A python tutorial for vocal detection @ZHANG Xu-long
2017-07-20 cdindex 1.0.12 Package for computing the cdindex.
2017-07-20 conan 0.25.1 Conan C/C++ package manager
2017-07-20 livebridge-scribblelive 0.4.0 Scribblelive plugin for Livebridge.
2017-07-20 snipsowm 0.1.1 OpenWeatherMap weather skill for Snips
2017-07-20 drophi 1.5 A client for interacting with docker daemon
2017-07-20 pyblish-qml 1.2.0 Frontend for Pyblish written in PyQt5/QML
2017-07-20 PyAsciiArt 1.2.2 Convert image to character painting.
2017-07-20 dvh-analytics 0.0.36 Create a database of DVHs, views with Bokeh
2017-07-20 Submit4DN 0.9.12 Tools for data wrangling and submission to
2017-07-20 indy-node-dev 0.4.53 Sovrin node
2017-07-20 simple-validator 1.0.3 A simple way to validate dictionary values by using functions.

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