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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 74489 packages here.
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2016-02-13 sshsec 1.3.1 SSH server configuration tester
2016-02-13 passerine 1.4.1 A generic object relational mapper (ORM) and data abstraction layer (DAL) primarily designed for NoSQL databases.
2016-02-13 kd100 0.0.3 I'm a small script that help you get express package information use api.
2016-02-13 pyriodic 0.0.5 A job scheduler written in Python to run periodic tasks.
2016-02-13 marrow.mailer 4.0.1 A light-weight modular mail delivery framework for Python 2.7+, 3.3+, Pypy, and Pypy3.
2016-02-13 qqqfome 0.0.4 I'm a daemon server that auto send message to your zhihu new followers.
2016-02-13 fastavro 0.9.9 Fast read/write of AVRO files
2016-02-13 docker-harpoon Opinionated wrapper around docker
2016-02-13 ptdistribution 1 UNKNOWN
2016-02-13 homeassistant 0.13.0 Open-source home automation platform running on Python 3.
2016-02-13 chilero_pg 0.1.7 PostgreSQL utilities for chilero
2016-02-13 RestUnlClient 0.0.9 UNetLab REST Client Library
2016-02-13 django-graphiql 0.4.4 Integrate GraphiQL easily into your Django project
2016-02-13 trimesh 1.11.1 Import, export, process, analyze and view triangular meshes.
2016-02-13 graphene 0.7.3 GraphQL Framework for Python
2016-02-13 mpldatacursor 0.6.2 Interactive data cursors for Matplotlib
2016-02-13 fionautil 0.4.11 helpful utilities for working with geodata with Fiona
2016-02-13 tse2sql 1.0.0 Convertidor a SQL del padrón electoral publicado en CSV por el Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones
2016-02-13 mobile-address 0.0.1 手机归属地查询
2016-02-13 hdu Human-friendly summary of disk usage.
2016-02-13 clairvoyance 0.0.1
2016-02-13 osrframework 0.10.5 OSRFramework - A set of GPLv3+ OSINT tools developed by i3visio for online research.
2016-02-13 grpcio 0.13.0
2016-02-13 django-tz-detect 0.2.6 Automatic user timezone detection for django
2016-02-13 randomstate 1.11.0 Next-gen RandomState supporting multiple PRNGs
2016-02-13 serverless_helpers 0.1.0 Handy dandy functions for python development using the Serverless framework
2016-02-13 topology-docker 1.3.0 Docker based Platform Engine plugin for the Network Topology Framework.
2016-02-13 remindme 0.6.0 Command Line Application for reminding you of something
2016-02-13 BiblioPixel 2.0.7 BiblioPixel is a pure python library for manipulating a wide variety of LED strip based displays, both in strip and matrix form.
2016-02-13 topology 1.2.0 Network Topology Framework using NML, with support for pytest.
2016-02-13 diff_cover 0.9.5 Automatically find diff lines that need test coverage.
2016-02-13 pyparadox 0.3.7 PyParadox is a nix launcher for Paradox titles.
2016-02-13 boofuzz 0.0.1-dev3
2016-02-13 pysenteishon 1.0.0b1 Control your presentations swiping your touchscreen!
2016-02-13 fermipy 0.6.5 A Python package for analysis of Fermi-LAT data
2016-02-13 YORM 0.6.dev3 Automatic object YAML mapping for Python.
2016-02-13 pyline 0.3.7 Pyline is a grep-like, sed-like, awk-like command-line tool for line-based text processing in Python.
2016-02-13 pybindxml 0.5 Read ISC BIND's statistics XML for processing.
2016-02-13 pytest-runner 2.6.3 Invoke py.test as distutils command with dependency resolution.
2016-02-13 flake8-quotes 0.2.3 Flake8 lint for quotes.

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