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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 57227 packages here.
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2015-03-29 rpmvenv 0.9.1 RPM packager for Python virtualenv.
2015-03-29 pynetworktables2js 2015.1.0 RobotPy web-based low fidelity FRC robot simulation package
2015-03-29 SMART-BS-Seq Specific Methylation Analysis and Report Tool for BS-Seq data
2015-03-29 pyeda 0.27.4 Python Electronic Design Automation
2015-03-29 pysony 0.1.9 Sony Camera Remote API for python
2015-03-29 twitch 0.1 Keep your expectations monitored on RabbitMQ
2015-03-29 contex 2.0.1 Contextual string manipulation
2015-03-29 malibu 0.1.1-9 maiome's library of utilities
2015-03-29 restpipe 0.2.13 An SSL-authenticated, durable, bidirectional, RESTful, client-server pipe that transports custom events.
2015-03-29 imgurscrot 0.2.0 imgur/scrot screengrabber/uploader
2015-03-29 websnort 0.5 Web service for analysing pcap files with snort
2015-03-29 flex 3.5.0 Swagger Schema validation.
2015-03-29 ablog 0.5.1 ABlog for blogging with Sphinx
2015-03-29 calysto_chatbot 0.9.0 A Chatbot kernel for Jupyter that can use Python libraries
2015-03-29 colosseum 0.0.1 A (partial) implementation of the CSS box and flexbox layout algorithm.
2015-03-29 colour 0.1.1 converts and manipulates various color representation (HSL, RVB, web, X11, ...)
2015-03-29 spanner 0.2.8 An accumulation of utilities / convenience functions for python
2015-03-29 htrc 0.0.6 Set of Python Libraries for HTRC APIs.
2015-03-29 mathgraph 0.0.5 Mathgraph is an open source Python package for calculating topological indices and energy of graphs
2015-03-29 slacker-cli 0.1.3 Send messages to slack from command line
2015-03-29 noise 1.2.2 Perlin noise for Python
2015-03-29 bree 0.1.2 a micro library for happy coding tornado.
2015-03-29 tm_nester 1.1.1 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-03-29 PySocks 1.5.3 A Python SOCKS client module. See for more information.
2015-03-29 pi_switch 0.3.0 A library for the raspberry pi to control remote power outlet sockets.
2015-03-29 SeedboxManager 2.3.12 Seedbox Task Manager
2015-03-29 scout 0.1.6 scout
2015-03-29 nester_ChoheeKim 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-03-29 vimball 0.5.0 a command-line vimball archive extractor
2015-03-29 libfaketime 0.0.3 A fast alternative to freezegun that wraps libfaketime.
2015-03-29 PyClConvolve 0.0.5 python wrapper for ClConvolve deep convolutional neural network library for OpenCL
2015-03-29 bombast v0.1.3 An obfuscator for Python source code that manipulates the AST.
2015-03-29 nltk_tgrep 1.0.3 tgrep2 Searching for NLTK Trees
2015-03-29 peru 0.2.1 A tool for fetching code
2015-03-29 momap 0.01.b Multi Ordered Map for python
2015-03-29 SpoofMAC 2.0.4 Easily spoof your MAC address in OS X, Windows & Linux.
2015-03-29 pyhocon 0.2.2 HOCON parser for Python
2015-03-29 python-intercom 2.0.alpha Intercom API wrapper
2015-03-29 the-new-hotness 0.4.0 Consume anitya fedmsg messages to file bugzilla bugs
2015-03-29 rusent 0.1 Split Russian text into sentences

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