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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 60472 packages here.
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2015-05-29 gopress-scrape 0.1 Module to scrape website
2015-05-29 sqlew 1.0.0 db client
2015-05-29 zmon-cli 0.5 Command line interface for Zalando's monitoring tool ZMON
2015-05-29 Flask-LDAPConn 0.6.1 Pure python, LDAP connection and ORM for Flask Applications
2015-05-29 ypkpathway 0.8.3 Assemble metabolic pathways from the command line using the ypkpathway protocol
2015-05-29 read-device 3.2.0 Collect metrics from real-world devices
2015-05-29 torpedomsg 0.2 Flexible Pub-Sub on top of Tornado
2015-05-29 exon-python-libs 0.0.14 Exon Python Library
2015-05-29 seth 0.3 Smart and practical set of utilities for Pyramid framework
2015-05-29 mcloud-plugin-haproxy 0.10.13 Haproxy integration for mcloud
2015-05-29 mcloud 0.10.13 A tool that helps you manage Docker based deployments
2015-05-29 platformer-game 0.1.1 atmospheric platformer game
2015-05-29 mkdong 6.1 A CLI utility to print dongs.
2015-05-29 tow 1.0.0a11 Tow is tool for automatization docker configuration managment workflow
2015-05-29 djangocms-calltoaction 0.8.1 djangocms plugin for managing lead generation calls to action
2015-05-29 netvisor 0.3.3 Python wrapper for the Netvisor API
2015-05-29 nnester 1.1.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-05-29 pybuilder 0.10.60 An extensible, easy to use continuous build tool for Python
2015-05-29 pythemis 0.9.1 Data security library for network communication and data storage for Python
2015-05-29 mulpyplexer 0.05 A module that multiplexes interactions with lists of python objects.
2015-05-29 grmaster 0.1.3 Tool for dividing students into groups.
2015-05-29 onegov.form 0.2.3 Common OneGov form library based on WTForms.
2015-05-29 mapletree 1.0.0 WSGI app framework
2015-05-29 cocaine-cli 0.12.0-alpha22 Cocaine Cloud Management Tool.
2015-05-29 emzed 2.12.1 Rewrite of emzed framework for LCMS data analysis
2015-05-29 onegov.core 0.3.2 Contains code shared by all OneGov applications.
2015-05-29 bpython 0.14.2 Fancy Interface to the Python Interpreter
2015-05-29 sjt94 1.1.0 A simple
2015-05-29 tri 0.2 Tri - (Constrained) Delaunay Triangulation of Planar Straight Line Graphs
2015-05-29 OpenREM 0.7.0b1 Developer beta only
2015-05-29 batchmp 0.75 Command-line tools for batch media processing
2015-05-29 runHiC 0.5.0 A easy-to-use Hi-C processing software based on hiclib
2015-05-29 spa 0.0.2 A Python micro framework for REST APIs and single-page-applications.
2015-05-29 gm 2.1.0 Goldminer SDK(GMSDK)
2015-05-29 monocle_slider 0.1.4 Slider app for monocle project
2015-05-29 pyhn 0.2.8 Hacker News in your terminal
2015-05-29 Orange-Bioinformatics 2.6.2 Orange Bioinformatics add-on for Orange data mining software package.
2015-05-29 pygeogrids 0.1.3 Module for creation and handling of discrete global grids
2015-05-29 leancloud-sdk 1.0.15 LeanCloud Python SDK
2015-05-29 sphinx-gallery 0.0.10 Sphinx extension to automatically generate an examples gallery

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