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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 89392 packages here.
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2016-09-25 ribosome 9.7.0 neovim plugin framework
2016-09-25 PytSite 0.90.5 The Simple Web Framework
2016-09-25 apize 0.0.2 Write API client (quickly and simply)
2016-09-25 edisionnet 1.0.0 UNKNOWN
2016-09-25 apize 0.0.1 Write API client (quickly and simply)
2016-09-25 rq-retry-scheduler 0.1.0b5 RQ Retry and Scheduler
2016-09-25 12factor-vault 0.1.3 Helper classes to integrate Django and other projects with Vault
2016-09-25 CNFgen 0.7.1 CNF formula generator
2016-09-25 bullet-dodger 1.6.4 A fun and challenging mouse game where you must dodge bullets. How many points will you get?
2016-09-25 pymmd 0.2.0 Python wrapper for the MultiMarkdown library.
2016-09-25 pymcache-fdw 0.1.2 memcache fdw for postgresql
2016-09-25 xontrib-prompt-vi-mode 0.1.1 vi-mode status formatter for xonsh prompt
2016-09-25 acp-calendar 1.1.2 Calendar and date management por the Panama Canal
2016-09-25 pgthumbor 0.0.4 Postgres Storage for Thumbor
2016-09-25 marshmallow 2.10.2 A lightweight library for converting complex datatypes to and from native Python datatypes.
2016-09-25 brevity 0.2.11 Tweet shortening and autolinking utility
2016-09-25 glueplate 1.0 Settings framework for framework or library.
2016-09-25 Qtornado a web framework like rails, which based on tornado
2016-09-25 uc_chalk_rip 0.4 Ripper for Uchicago's chalk site
2016-09-25 coala 0.9.0.dev20160925162152 Code Analysis Application (coala)
2016-09-25 nirum 0.1.6 UNKNOWN
2016-09-25 ghost 0.3.0 Ghost stores your secrets where no one can see
2016-09-25 table-explorer 0.1 HTML tables parsing made easy.
2016-09-25 flask_jsondash 3.10.2 Easily configurable, chart dashboards from any arbitrary API endpoint. JSON config only. Ready to go.
2016-09-25 DataTreeGrab 1.02.03-beta Node-Tree based data extraction
2016-09-25 rotest 0.0.2
2016-09-25 gmail 0.6.1 Simple library to send email using GMail (includes background worker and logging classes) [Python 2/3 support]
2016-09-25 bob.blitz 2.0.10 Bindings for Blitz++ (a C++ array template library)
2016-09-25 respeaker 0.3.0 To build voice enabled objects with ReSpeaker
2016-09-25 turing 0.0.2
2016-09-25 joy 0.0.2
2016-09-25 tbd 0.0.2
2016-09-25 euler 0.0.2
2016-09-25 napoleon 0.0.2
2016-09-25 pyflux 0.4.0 PyFlux: A time-series analysis library for Python
2016-09-25 borat 0.0.2
2016-09-25 tx-manager 0.1.26 Classes for executing tX Manager
2016-09-25 corenetwork 16.9.22 CoreCluster common networking package
2016-09-25 corecluster 16.9.20 CloudOver core IaaS system
2016-09-25 tx-shared-tools 0.1.20 A collection of useful scripts abd classes for tX

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