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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 85069 packages here.
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2016-07-24 coala 0.8.0.dev20160724044737 Code Analysis Application (coala)
2016-07-24 jupyterthemes 0.9.1 Select and install a Jupyter notebook theme
2016-07-24 hark-builder 1.0.0.dev5 tool to build hark images
2016-07-24 youtube_dl 2016.7.24 YouTube video downloader
2016-07-24 django-simple-version 0.0.1 django-simple-version
2016-07-24 django-simple-profile 0.0.1 django-simple-profile
2016-07-24 django-simple-keywords 0.0.1 django-simple-keywords
2016-07-24 django-simple-files 0.0.1 django-simple-files
2016-07-24 sphinx-JDLinker 1.0.4 A sphinx extension designed to allow you to create links to a JavaDoc website from your sphinx documentation.
2016-07-24 mklibpy 0.2.0 Python library created by Michael Kim
2016-07-24 hark-imagestore 1.0.0.dev3 image store service for the hark tool
2016-07-24 pydart2 0.3.4 Python Interface for DART Simulator
2016-07-24 tasks-for-notebook 0.0.1 UNKNOWN
2016-07-24 PureCloudPlatformApiSdk PureCloud Platform API SDK
2016-07-24 django-account-helper 0.1.4 django account helper utils for `django.contrib.auth`
2016-07-24 pyagram 1.2.0 Pyagram: Python Finite State Machine Diagram Generator
2016-07-24 ct Modern minimal web framework
2016-07-24 racing-data 1.0.0b2 Python horse racing class library
2016-07-24 databench 0.4b1 Realtime data analysis tool.
2016-07-24 rivescript 1.14.0 A Chatterbot Scripting Language
2016-07-24 seriously 2.0.31 A Python-based golfing language
2016-07-24 masterqa 1.0.21 Automation-Assisted Manual Testing -
2016-07-24 portend 1.5.1 TCP port monitoring utilities
2016-07-24 jip 0.9.7 jip installs packages, for Jython and Python
2016-07-24 simab 0.1.35 Simple Multi-Armed Bandit Simulator
2016-07-24 pypolyback 0.12.4 A simple back-end rest framework in python using twisted and cyclone
2016-07-24 punters-client 1.0.0b3 Python client library for
2016-07-24 Touchandgo 0.13.3 A python app and library to watch series magically
2016-07-24 django-tracking-analyzer 0.1a4 User actions tracking and analytics for Django sites.
2016-07-24 bunsen 0.1 Opinionated boilerplate for building web services in Python.
2016-07-24 fabdeb 0.2.16 Fabfile solutions for Debian Linux
2016-07-24 FlexGet 2.1.22 FlexGet is a program aimed to automate downloading or processing content (torrents, podcasts, etc.) from different sources like RSS-feeds, html-pages, various sites and more.
2016-07-24 cycle_detector 0.0.3 Cycle detectors
2016-07-24 pypolymake 0.1.beta3 Python wrapper for polymake
2016-07-24 zengin_code bank codes and branch codes for Japanese.
2016-07-24 svgpathtools 1.2.1 A collection of tools for manipulating and analyzing SVG Path objects and Bezier curves.
2016-07-24 singularity 0.16 Command line tool for working with singularity-hub and packaging singularity containers.
2016-07-24 custom_inherit 1.1.0 A Python package that provides customized docstring inheritance schemes between derived classes and their parents.
2016-07-23 tethne 0.8.1.dev8 Bibliographic network and corpus analysis for historians
2016-07-23 regart 1.0.4 Register art generator for ASCII based visual register section descriptions.

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