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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 67538 packages here.
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2015-10-14 drf-lafv 0.0.1 A better way than DRF proposed for do some basic filters
2015-10-14 python3_riak_pb Riak Protocol Buffers Messages
2015-10-14 pytest-session2file 0.1.6 pytest-session2file (aka: pytest-session_to_file for v0.1.0 - v0.1.2) is a py.test plugin for capturing and saving to file the stdout of py.test.
2015-10-14 url-mon 0.0.2 URL Monitor
2015-10-14 qworkerd 0.2.post10 Celery based worker (default/pluggable)
2015-10-14 compliancelib 0.3.2 A python library of IT Compliance Standards
2015-10-14 django-user-activity-log 0.0.9 HTTP queries logger with flexible filters.
2015-10-14 font-unicode 0.9.1 Command line Unicode character code point and character name search
2015-10-14 easyium 1.1.2 easy use of selenium and appium
2015-10-14 maxleap-sdk 0.1.12 MaxLeap Python SDK
2015-10-14 librosa 0.4.1rc0 Python module for audio and music processing
2015-10-14 SolrClient 0.1.0 Python based client for Solr.
2015-10-14 slacker-cli 0.2.3 Send messages to slack from command line
2015-10-14 Tailbone 0.4.22 Backoffice Web Application for Rattail
2015-10-14 django-display-exception v0.6 This app can (slightly) encourage modularity and readability, as well as decrease code repetition and length, by using Exceptions to handle exceptional (non-standard) situations.
2015-10-14 odpslides 0.0.1 Creates OpenDocument Presentations for Microsoft PowerPoint, LibreOffice and OpenOffice
2015-10-14 WhatColorIsX 0.1.1 Get color of a string via Google iamge search API
2015-10-14 synapse_pay_rest 0.0.25 SynapsePay Rest Python Library
2015-10-14 bdbcontrib 0.1.1 Hodgepodge library of extras for bayeslite
2015-10-14 bayeslite 0.1.1 BQL database built on SQLite3
2015-10-14 yak-signals 0.2.3 A tool for auto generating libraries for different platforms to communicate with your API
2015-10-14 twitter_bot_utils Python utilities for twitter bots
2015-10-14 s6 UNKNOWN
2015-10-14 libpebble2 0.0.12 Library for communicating with pebbles over pebble protocol
2015-10-14 patreon 0.0.5 Python library for interacting with the Patreon API. OAuth-centric for now.
2015-10-14 threadpool 1.3.1 Easy to use object-oriented thread pool framework.
2015-10-14 jaweson 1.2.1 A safe, modular, format agnostic, serialiser. Provides support for JSON, MsgPack
2015-10-14 falconjsonio 0.1.1 JSON-Schema input and output for Falcon
2015-10-14 pueue 0.3.3 Pueue is a fancy queue for bash commands
2015-10-14 qeventlog 0.3.post22 Celery job event logger
2015-10-14 cfgtool 0.2.post13 Cfgtool configuration management
2015-10-14 nsot 0.10.6 Network Source of Truth (IP Address Management).
2015-10-14 django_hreflang 1.3 Generate the hreflang html header lines when using i18n urls
2015-10-14 graphql-core 0.1a4 GraphQL implementation for Python
2015-10-14 ua-parser 0.5.0 Python port of Browserscope's user agent parser
2015-10-14 pyzlog 0.1.0 Simple python module to standardize logging for applications
2015-10-14 PytSite 0.27.2 The Simple Web Framework
2015-10-14 ARCCSSive 0.1.2 ARCCSS Data Access Tools
2015-10-13 panopta-api 2.0.0 Panopta API Client
2015-10-13 pysqldf 1.2.3 sqldf for pandas

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