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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 81276 packages here.
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2016-05-26 staps 0.1.0 Simple Throw-Away Publish/Subscribe
2016-05-26 atx 1.0.11.dev29 Automation test library for android based on opencv
2016-05-26 sw-django-perm-division 0.0.6 Soft Way company permission system based on employee division affiliations.
2016-05-26 gentle_rm 0.5 慢慢删除大文件
2016-05-26 pydmrs 1.0.4 A library for manipulating DMRS graphs
2016-05-26 kargo 0.3.6 Kargo kubernetes cluster deployment
2016-05-26 opensubmit-web 0.5.12 A web application for managing student assignment solutions in a university environment.
2016-05-26 scram 0.3 Small Complementary RnA Mapper
2016-05-26 django-form-designer-ai 0.9.2
2016-05-26 cursed 0.1.0 Simplified curses
2016-05-26 python-email-normalizer 0.1.4 Normalize email addresses
2016-05-26 nyuki 0.17.2 Allowing the creation of independent unit to deal with stream processing while exposing an XMPP and REST API.
2016-05-26 django-nicedit 0.24 Nicedit widget for django with image upload feature.
2016-05-26 burst 1.0.87 twisted with master, proxy and worker
2016-05-26 laf-fabric 4.6.1 Processor for Linguistic Annotation Framework ISO 24612:2012), applied to Biblical Hebrew
2016-05-26 hy_nester 1.3.0 A Simple Printer Of Nested Lists
2016-05-26 Lango 0.1 Natural Language Framework for Matching Parse Trees and Modeling Conversation
2016-05-26 excel-export 0.1.1 A command-line tool (and python library) to extract sqlite db from excel files
2016-05-26 fabricio 0.1.9 fabricio
2016-05-26 emq_celery 0.0.8 用于使用EMQ来做为Celery的Broker
2016-05-26 telepot 8.1 Python framework for Telegram Bot API
2016-05-26 pymongo-document-modeling 0.9.1.dev6 PyMongo data modeling library
2016-05-26 python-twitter 3.1 A Python wrapper around the Twitter API
2016-05-26 leap_gwas Liability Estimation in Case Control Studies
2016-05-26 python-instagram-ext 1.3.4 Life extended Instagram API client
2016-05-26 shutit 0.9.167 An programmable automation tool designed for complex builds
2016-05-26 jolla 1.1.11 high performance RESTful framework
2016-05-26 a10-horizon 0.1.3 A10 Networks Openstack Horizon Dashboard
2016-05-26 timeago 1.0.1 A python lib format datetime to *** time ago
2016-05-26 wagon 0.3.1 Creates Python Wheel based archives with dependencies.
2016-05-26 itchat 1.0.8 A complete wechat personal account api
2016-05-26 linkhub 1.0.2 Linkhub Auth Library
2016-05-26 flask-magic 0.0.48 A full stack Flask based framework that put structure in the file system. Features: Caching, Mailing, Storage, CSRF, recaptcha and more
2016-05-26 transmute-core 0.2.5 a utility library to help provide api route generation form function signature for web frameworks.
2016-05-26 BOSI 0.0.150 Big Switch Networks OpenStack Installer
2016-05-26 boatd 3.0.0 Experimental daemon to control an autonomous sailing robot
2016-05-26 a10-neutron-lbaas 1.5.0 A10 Networks Openstack LBaaS Driver Middleware
2016-05-26 redis-helper 0.1.1 Helper functions to store/retrieve redis objects
2016-05-26 torthrift 0.1.1 Tornado asynchronous thrift server and client
2016-05-26 concat 0.1.0.dev1 An experimental concatenative Python-based programming language

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