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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 119743 packages here.
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2017-10-20 martian_chatbot 0.3.7 Chatbot creation module
2017-10-20 anybox.buildbot.capability 0.1 Static capability system for buildbot
2017-10-20 mistral-lint 0.2.1 Linter for Mistral Workflows
2017-10-20 django-tool 1.3.4 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based tool.
2017-10-20 is-valid A small validation library.
2017-10-20 jk_sql 0.2017.10.20 This python module provides a uniform API to create, modify, read and write data to SQL tables in a database independent way.
2017-10-20 esgprep 2.7.23 Toolbox to prepare data for ESGF publication
2017-10-20 nctime 3.4.0 Diagnoses NetCDF time axis.
2017-10-20 python-crontab 2.2.5 Python Crontab API
2017-10-20 superset-hand-china 1.3.6 A interactive data visualization platform build on SqlAlchemy and
2017-10-20 udata-croquemort 0.0.131 Croquemort support for uData
2017-10-20 clickatell-platform 2.0.0 Library for interacting with the Clickatell Platform SMS Gateway
2017-10-20 justpith Core code for justpith infrastructure
2017-10-20 pyramid_oereb 1.1.0.dev20171020 pyramid_oereb, extension for pyramid web frame work to provide a basic server part for the oereb project
2017-10-20 pymchelper 0.10.0 Python toolkit for SHIELD-HIT12A and Fluka
2017-10-20 jitcsde 0.21 Just-in-Time Compilation for Stochastic Differential Equations
2017-10-20 jitcode 0.61 Just-in-Time Compilation for Ordinary Differential Equations
2017-10-20 jitcdde 0.32 Just-in-Time Compilation for Delay Differential Equations
2017-10-20 jitcxde-common 0.5 Common code for JiTC*DE
2017-10-20 metr 0.1 Simple metric service
2017-10-20 monal Python Neural Network Engine
2017-10-20 jorgemarcial_moto 1.1.24 A library that allows your python tests to easily mock out the boto library
2017-10-20 ccxt 1.9.212 A JavaScript / Python / PHP cryptocurrency trading library with support for 85+ exchanges
2017-10-20 alignak_webui 0.9.4 Alignak - Web User Interface
2017-10-20 inspire-json-merger 2.0.0 Project to set all the configurations necessary for the json-merger
2017-10-20 scrapy-httpcache 0.0.1 A middleware to cache http response for Scrapy
2017-10-20 django-cdnjs 2017.10.19.post0 Django template plugin to be used to simplify static CDN resources connecting.
2017-10-20 sygicmaps 0.1.dev0 Python client library Sygic maps services.
2017-10-20 hunters 1.3.8 A spider automation framework, provide uniform API to use selenium and requests
2017-10-20 genomelink 0.1.2 GENOMELINK
2017-10-20 kqueen 0.5 Kubernetes cluster orchestrator
2017-10-20 aldryn-search 0.4.0 An extension to django CMS to provide multilingual Haystack indexes
2017-10-20 reportify 1.3.0 Generate report-like documents from Jupyter notebooks
2017-10-20 twitter 1.18.0 An API and command-line toolset for Twitter (
2017-10-20 aiopeewee 0.4.1 Async Peewee
2017-10-20 pymathjax 0.1.0 install MathJax on local
2017-10-20 pytorch-skipthoughts 0.4.3 Multi-GPU Customizable Implementation of Skip-Thoughts in PyTorch
2017-10-20 btfxwss 1.1.4 Python 3.5+ Websocket Client for the Bitfinex WSS API.
2017-10-20 moon-utilities 1.3.2 Some utilities for all the Moon components
2017-10-20 stylelens-feature 0.0.6 stylelens-feature

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