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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 58237 packages here.
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2015-04-19 django-planet 0.7 Django app to build a planet, RSS/Atom feeds aggregator.
2015-04-19 tlp 0.1.0 tlp is a python library that parses a body of text for indicators of compromise (iocs) using natural language processing modules to derive their context.
2015-04-19 popgen 2.0 Synthetic Population Generator 2.0
2015-04-19 z2pack 1.1.0 A tool for computing topological invariants
2015-04-19 bootstrap_admin 0.3.6 Responsive Theme for Django Admin (Django 1.7)
2015-04-19 pycd 0.1.16 Tool to change directory for python modules.
2015-04-19 itv 0.2.0 Download ITV Player ( programmes.
2015-04-19 django_th 0.10.0 Trigger Happy - micro enterprise service bus (ESB) - a bridge between your internet services
2015-04-19 autocheck 0.2.3 Improved unittest test runner
2015-04-19 gizmo 0.1.12 Async Python 3 driver for TP3 Gremlin Server
2015-04-19 bitstruct 0.5.1 This module performs conversions between Python values and C bit field structs represented as Python bytearrays.
2015-04-19 p01.kibana 0.7.0 Kibana logging client and server for logging without logstash
2015-04-19 domplus 0.1.3 domplus is a python package with common functions for commercial applications
2015-04-19 flickr_download 0.2.8 Download a Flickr set
2015-04-19 agora 0.2.8 A portfolio and risk management system based on onyx.
2015-04-19 haproxy_log_analysis 1.1 Haproxy log analyzer that tries to gives an insight of what's going on
2015-04-19 webm 0.2.1 Encode webm videos
2015-04-19 bottle-fdsend 0.1 Library for constructing responses from file descriptors
2015-04-19 python-ev3dev 0.1.0 Python language bindings for ev3dev
2015-04-19 bootstrap-admin-feincms 0.0.3 Responsive Theme for Django Admin (Django 1.7+)
2015-04-19 revscoring 0.2.0 A set of utilities for generating quality scores for MediaWiki revisions
2015-04-19 django-translate 1.0.10 Non-gettext translations for django.
2015-04-19 apigen 0.1.1 Easily create a CLI and JSON-RPC interface from a common API definition.
2015-04-19 ghhooks 1.1 Executes commands based on Github hooks
2015-04-19 emoticry 0.0.3 Mercilessly translates file names to emoji
2015-04-19 seqfile 0.0.1 Find the next file in a sequence of files in a thread-safe way.
2015-04-19 django-simplecrud 1.0b9 CRUD framework for Django
2015-04-19 hotel-elasticsearch 0.1.1 UNKNOWN
2015-04-19 qutebrowser 0.2.1 A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5 and QtWebKit.
2015-04-19 check-graylog-lag 1.0.1 Nagios plugin to check graylog lag
2015-04-19 django-dict-response 0.0.8 Django Dict Response
2015-04-19 psforms 0.2.0 Hassle free PySide forms.
2015-04-19 py-artm 0.1.2 UNKNOWN
2015-04-19 xml2rfc 2.4.12 Xml2rfc generates RFCs and IETF drafts from document source in XML according to the dtd in RFC2629.
2015-04-19 confined 0.1.10 Sage templating language with bounded resource
2015-04-19 repren 0.3.4 repren: Multi-pattern string replacement and file renaming
2015-04-19 redisext 1.2.3 Data models for Redis
2015-04-19 PyTMX 3.20.7 loads tiled tmx maps. for python 2.7 and 3.3
2015-04-19 opensimplex 0.1 OpenSimplex n-dimensional gradient noise function.
2015-04-19 confined 0.1.9 Sage templating language with bounded resource

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