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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 96816 packages here.
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2017-01-18 str_rev 1.1.4 Useful towel-related stuff.
2017-01-18 vine-python 1.0.2 Python Vine API
2017-01-18 scram 0.6.5 Small Complementary RnA Mapper
2017-01-18 santoshi 0.1.3 UNKNOWN
2017-01-18 openedoo-test 0.10.1 open source platform for education.
2017-01-18 openedoo-test 0.10.0 open source platform for education.
2017-01-18 ludolph-zabbix 1.6 Ludolph: Zabbix API plugin
2017-01-18 python-usbtmc 0.8 Python USBTMC driver for controlling instruments over USB
2017-01-18 rak_arth 1.4.3 UNKNOWN
2017-01-18 atx 1.1.0 Automation test library for android based on opencv
2017-01-18 openedoo-test 0.9.2 open source platform for education.
2017-01-18 suds_requests 0.3.1 A suds transport implemented with requests
2017-01-18 sprint 0.0.7 A toolkit for accurately identifying RNA editing sites without the need to filter SNPs
2017-01-18 aquests 0.4.31 Asynchronous HTTP2/DBO Requests
2017-01-18 stestr 0.2.0 A test runner runner similar to testrepository
2017-01-18 gengo 1.0.0 Official Python library for interfacing with the Gengo API.
2017-01-18 prob140 A probability library for Berkeley's Prob140 course
2017-01-18 loktar 36 ci
2017-01-18 django-polymodels 1.4.6a2 Polymorphic models implementation for django
2017-01-18 FiPy 3.1.3 A finite volume PDE solver in Python
2017-01-18 magicstr 1.96 UNKNOWN
2017-01-18 unsonic 0.0 Unsonic, the un-music server
2017-01-18 djdgcore 0.8.8 UNKNOWN
2017-01-18 Jalapeno 0.0.7 Static Site Generator based on Flask
2017-01-18 coursebin 1.0.0 Tools for undergraduate students to manage classes.
2017-01-18 redis-extensions 1.0.36 Redis-extensions is a collection of custom extensions for Redis-py.
2017-01-18 flexer 1.0.11 Flexer is a command line tool for interacting with nFlex and running nFlex modules locally.
2017-01-18 auxly 0.3.4 Python library for common shell-like script tasks.
2017-01-18 char2image 0.0.3 Creates a dictionary of character to font image in JSON format.
2017-01-18 gaend 1.0.0.dev11 Converts `google.appengine.ext.ndb.Model` into HTTP endpoints
2017-01-18 0.0.0 Knowledge representation for the MCL site
2017-01-18 funkybomb 0.1 Quick and wild HTML tree growth
2017-01-18 irs 2.7.19 A music downloader that just gets metadata.
2017-01-18 nester_roger4 1.3.0 A simple printer of nested list
2017-01-18 techbubbleiotjumpwaymqtt 0.3.2 TechBubble Technologies IoT JumpWay MQTT Client for Python
2017-01-18 neurodesign 0.0.11 Package for design optimisation for fMRI experiments
2017-01-18 g3ar 0.1.9 Python Coding Toolkit for Pentester.
2017-01-18 xdocs 0.2.0 Documentation drives developing.
2017-01-18 log-to-kafka 1.0.5 log to kafka
2017-01-18 rnnlab 2.0.9 Python API for training RNN Lanugage Models with Tensorflow

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