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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 106839 packages here.
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2017-04-27 pyramid-restful-framework 0.9.0 RESTful API framework for Pyramid.
2017-04-27 mtm_stats Highly efficient set statistics about many-to-many relationships
2017-04-27 python-ctags3 1.2.4 Ctags indexing python bindings
2017-04-27 entityd 0.16.1 Entity monitoring agent for
2017-04-27 django-pyodbc-azure Django backend for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database using pyodbc
2017-04-27 giusas 2017.4.27 GISAXS and GIWAXS calculator
2017-04-27 PyNeb 1.1.1 Nebular tools
2017-04-27 json-sort 0.1.2 Just a tiny tool to sort keys in a json file
2017-04-27 sovrin-common-3pc-batch 0.2.24 Sovrin common
2017-04-27 gcdt 0.1.9 Glomex Cloud Deployment Tools
2017-04-27 compaslib 2017.4.27 A library to read/convert COMPAS ECG measurement files
2017-04-27 pyf3d 1.0.1 Filtering for micro-tomography data
2017-04-27 envmgr-healthchecks 0.0.2 Consul Deployment Agent - Health Checks
2017-04-27 pi-gcs 0.5 Unofficial python wrapper for Physik Instrumente General Command Set API
2017-04-27 dockerscript 0.4.0 Tool for generating Dockerfiles from Python
2017-04-27 django-websocket-redis 0.5.0 Websocket support for Django using Redis as datastore
2017-04-27 glimix-core 1.2.4 Fast inference for Generalized Linear Mixed Models.
2017-04-27 anna 0.2.2 A Neat configuratioN Auxiliary
2017-04-27 elasticsearch-opentracing 0.1.1 OpenTracing support for Elasticsearch
2017-04-27 dhis2-pocket-knife 0.6.17 Command-line tools for interacting with DHIS2 REST API
2017-04-27 modem-cmd 1.0.0 Send arbitrary AT commands to your modem
2017-04-27 appier_extras 0.10.23 Appier Framework Extra Elements
2017-04-27 shorttext 0.3.4 Short Text Categorization
2017-04-27 Exscript 2.3.2 Automating Telnet and SSH
2017-04-27 idsfree 1.0.0 IdsFree: Launch hacking tests in cloud providers securely, isolated and without raise security alerts in the provider
2017-04-27 paka.cmark 1.14.0 Very lightweight CFFI-based Python bindings to cmark library (CommonMark implementation in C).
2017-04-27 lightifypy 0.0.2 A library to work with OSRAM lightify.
2017-04-27 ideefixe 0.0.0 ideefixe library.
2017-04-27 ANNOgesic 0.5.19 A bacterial transcriptome annotation pipeline based on RNA-Seq
2017-04-27 ak-vendor 0.9.6 Some vendor scripts that we use here at Appknox
2017-04-27 Flask-Ask 0.9.2 Rapid Alexa Skills Kit Development for Amazon Echo Devices in Python
2017-04-27 codecov 2.0.8 Hosted coverage reports for Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab
2017-04-27 p22p 0.4.1 Relay data between clients using a central server
2017-04-27 invo 0.2 A Generalized Inverse Optimization package.
2017-04-27 py-windows-exe 1.0.0 Functions needed when running a Python program as a Windows exe
2017-04-27 django-rest-framework-braces 0.2.1 Collection of utilities for working with DRF
2017-04-27 nodeconductor 0.136.1 NodeConductor is REST server for infrastructure management.
2017-04-27 optimise 0.0.24 Wrapper for optunity optimisation
2017-04-27 stargateRL 0.0.0.dev0 A sci-fi rouge-like game, developed in Python using Pyglet.
2017-04-27 openstacksdk 0.9.16 An SDK for building applications to work with OpenStack

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