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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 85356 packages here.
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2016-07-28 populus 1.0.0b1 Ethereum Development Framework
2016-07-28 wlt 1.0.1 This is a package for wlt(USTC) loging
2016-07-28 myria-cluster 0.1.15 CLI to deploy the Myria parallel database on Amazon EC2
2016-07-28 quotequail 0.2.3 A library that identifies quoted text in plain text and HTML email messages.
2016-07-28 magic-wormhole 0.8.1 Securely transfer data between computers
2016-07-28 django_staticimport 0.0.3 Add static files never was so easy.
2016-07-28 centiment_alpha 0.0.11 [alpha test] SO-CAL sentiment motified for tweets.
2016-07-28 mutablerecords 0.3.0 Mutable records
2016-07-28 coala-bears 0.8.0.dev20160728034129 Bears for coala (Code Analysis Application)
2016-07-28 POC-T 1.7.3 POC-T: Pentest Over Concurrent Toolkit
2016-07-28 leancloud-sdk 1.6.2 LeanCloud Python SDK
2016-07-28 djangoforandroid 0.5 Deploy Django web application on android as APK.
2016-07-28 qcloudcli Universal Command Line Environment for qcloud
2016-07-28 dividebatur 0.3.0 process single-transferable-vote elections as used for the Australian Senate under the Commonwealth Electoral Act (1918)
2016-07-28 jupyterthemes 0.10.1 Select and install a Jupyter notebook theme
2016-07-28 heapq_max 0.11 A max heap version of heapq module for Python.
2016-07-28 ex_nester 1.0.0 a simple printer of nested lists
2016-07-28 glu 0.0.17 Glue for DRY configurations
2016-07-28 burp-reports 1.0rc1 Burp reports package
2016-07-28 pyCatapult 0.1.3 Python Interface to ECRS Catapult
2016-07-28 realtime-stock 1.0.0 A python package to gather realtime stock quotes from Yahoo Finance. The package enables you to handle single stocks or portfolios, optimizing the nunber of requests necessary to gather quotes for a large number of stocks.
2016-07-28 protect 2.3.0a1.dev63 Prediction of T-Cell Epitopes for Cancer Therapy
2016-07-28 diff_cover 0.9.8 Automatically find diff lines that need test coverage.
2016-07-28 Tailbone 0.5.15 Backoffice Web Application for Rattail
2016-07-28 ndio 1.1.5 A Python library for open neuroscience data access and manipulation.
2016-07-28 GitAgent 0.0.7 A web server receive HTTP request to pull local repository
2016-07-28 rattail 0.7.8 Retail Software Framework
2016-07-28 prettytraceback 0.2.0 Python plugin for enabling pretty tracebacks
2016-07-28 ocrtool 0.1.0 change image to txt with baidu-ocr
2016-07-28 racing-data 1.0.0b4 Python horse racing class library
2016-07-28 c7n Cloud Custodian - Policy Rules Engine
2016-07-28 uarango 0.0.2 UNIST arangoDB Restful Python Library
2016-07-28 nanosite 0.1.7 Speedy static site generator in Python.
2016-07-28 minpy 0.1.5 Pure NumPy practice with third-party operator integration.
2016-07-28 say_hello 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2016-07-28 frida 7.2.16 Inject JavaScript to explore native apps on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
2016-07-28 atx 1.0.13.dev76 Automation test library for android based on opencv
2016-07-28 stormhttp 0.0.10 Performant asynchronous web application framework.
2016-07-28 jkspy 0.3.2 Python utilities for doing computer stuff
2016-07-28 requests_logger 0.0.3 Wrapper around Requests to add logging

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