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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 57438 packages here.
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2015-04-01 emails 0.5 Modern python library for emails.
2015-04-01 brainy-mind 0.1.13 brainy is a nimble workflow managing tool which is a part of iBRAIN framework for scientific computation primarily applied for BigData analysis in context of HPC and HTS
2015-04-01 radiometric_normalization 0.1.92 Radiometric Normalization
2015-04-01 xmastree 0.0.5a merry xmas
2015-04-01 django-require-license 1.0.0b1 License header for django-require projects.
2015-04-01 json2xls 0.1.3c generate excel by json
2015-04-01 django-entity 1.8.2 Entity relationship management for Django
2015-04-01 primer 1.4.1 A primer for prime numbers
2015-04-01 FoLiA-Linguistic-Annotation-Tool 0.3.5 FLAT is a web-based linguistic annotation environment based around the FoLiA format (, a rich XML-based format for linguistic annotation. Flat allows users to view annotated FoLiA documents and enrich these documents with new annotations, a wide variety of linguistic annotation types is supported through the FoLiA paradigm.
2015-04-01 foliadocserve 0.3.0 The FoLiA Document Server is a backend HTTP service to interact with documents in the FoLiA format, a rich XML-based format for linguistic annotation ( It provides an interface to efficiently edit FoLiA documents through the FoLiA Query Language (FQL).
2015-04-01 bagofwords 1.0.2 The main goal this Python module is to provide functions to apply Text Classification.
2015-04-01 pywwt 0.2.0 Python interface to World Wide Telescope
2015-04-01 tapioca-twitter 0.2.1 Twitter API wrapper using tapioca
2015-04-01 KeywordTree 0.3.4 Data structure for keywords to boost searching performance.
2015-04-01 tapioca-facebook 0.2.2 Facebook GraphAPI wrapper using tapioca
2015-04-01 tapioca-parse 0.1.0 Parse REST API wrapper using tapioca
2015-04-01 discogs-client 2.1.0 Official Python API client for Discogs
2015-04-01 sqlew 0.3.2 db client
2015-04-01 parsines 1.0.0a2 A library for reading iNES formatted NES ROM files.
2015-04-01 collective.themesitesetup 0.9.0 GenericSetup profiles for
2015-04-01 smalisca 0.1 Static code analysis tool for Smali files
2015-04-01 firewood 0.1 WSGI app framework
2015-04-01 measure-it 0.4.1 time and count measurement for iterators and other code
2015-04-01 uiautomator 0.1.35 Python Wrapper for Android UiAutomator test tool
2015-04-01 attractsdk 0.0.1 The Attract REST SDK provides Python APIs to communicate to the Attract webservices.
2015-04-01 django-usda-mongo 0.1.0 Import and map the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (SR22) to Django models using MongoDB with mongoengine
2015-04-01 unittester 30 Run python unit-tests as command-line applications (class and method based).
2015-04-01 sortpythonmethods 9 Sort methods, imports and classes in a python source file
2015-04-01 reposmon 34 Monitor a git repository, execute a command when it changes. Basically a polling git-hook for pull.
2015-04-01 pyprofiler 33 Profiler utility for python, graphical and textual, whole program or segments
2015-04-01 k8svag 16 Kubernetes Vagrant Provisioning and management script
2015-04-01 historybash 22 Bash history command colorized on levenshtein distance of last 10 commands
2015-04-01 consoleprinter 32 Console printer with linenumbers, stacktraces, logging, conversions and coloring..
2015-04-01 cmdssh 16 Execute commands on local machine and on remote machine via ssh, and a wrapper for paramikos scp.
2015-04-01 arguments 33 Argument parser based on docopt
2015-04-01 attract-sdk 0.0.1 The Attract REST SDK provides Python APIs to communicate to the Attract webservices.
2015-04-01 Willow 0.2 A Python image library that sits on top of Pillow, Wand and OpenCV
2015-04-01 schemaconvertor a tool to serialize objects by schema
2015-04-01 collective.themefragments 0.9.0 Theme fragments for
2015-04-01 PyStratum 0.1.16 A stored procedure and function loader, wrapper generator for MySQL and MS-SQL

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