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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 42449 packages here.
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2014-04-17 proso-geography-models 0.9.7 Models library for PROSO Geography project
2014-04-17 bergcloud 2.1 BERGCloud library
2014-04-17 django-waitinglist 1.4.1 a Django waiting list app for running a private beta with cohorts support
2014-04-17 geograpy 0.3.4 Extract countries, regions and cities from a URL or text
2014-04-17 django-db-parti 0.3.3 Fully automatic database table partitioning for Django
2014-04-17 genderizer Genderizer tries to infer gender information looking at first name and/or making text analysis
2014-04-17 holmes 0.10.9 Holmes is a service to investigate your website health.
2014-04-17 dbaas_cloudstack 0.0.4 A cloudstack adapter to DBaaS
2014-04-17 sheep 0.3.10 Sheep is a console worker generator.
2014-04-17 clint 0.3.7 Python Command-line Application Tools
2014-04-17 python-weed 0.1.3 A python module for weed-fs
2014-04-17 tendenci 5.1.325 Tendenci - A CMS for Nonprofits
2014-04-17 xmltodict 0.9.0 Makes working with XML feel like you are working with JSON
2014-04-17 project-cylon 0.1.1 Web automated framework with behave and selenium
2014-04-17 django-user-management 1.1.0 UNKNOWN
2014-04-17 django-pgjson 0.1.0 PostgreSQL json field support for Django.
2014-04-17 yattag 0.9.3 Generate HTML or XML in a pythonic way. Pure python alternative to web template engines.Can fill HTML forms with default values and error messages.
2014-04-17 yhat 0.7.1 Python client for Yhat (
2014-04-17 modcommon 0.99.0 MOD common libraries, used by both device, SDK and cloud
2014-04-17 python-translate-cli 0.0.1 命令行查词
2014-04-17 poeditor 1.0.3 Client Interface for POEditor API (
2014-04-17 acky 0.1.1 A consistent API to AWS
2014-04-17 n3d 0.3.4 Utility for step-by-step application deployment
2014-04-17 flywheel 0.2.0 SQLAlchemy-style ORM for Amazon's DynamoDB
2014-04-17 pyrannosaurus 0.0.2 Salesforce Development Tools
2014-04-17 sahara 2014.1 Sahara project
2014-04-17 2.0a1 The Plone calendar framework
2014-04-17 Flask-Track-Usage 1.0.0 Basic metrics tracking for the Flask framework.
2014-04-17 django-fluent-comments 1.0a2 A modern, ajax-based appearance for django.contrib.comments
2014-04-17 explauto 0.1.2 Python Library for Autonomous Exploration
2014-04-17 APacheDEX 1.6.2 Compute APDEX from Apache-style logs.
2014-04-17 django-bootstrap-typeahead 1.0.1 A typeahead django form input which accepts a queryset to populate the typeahead options.
2014-04-17 yakonfig 0.5.1.dev1 load a configuration dictionary for a large application
2014-04-17 frida 1.2.0 Inject JavaScript to explore native apps on Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS
2014-04-17 junos-eznc 0.1.0 Junos 'EZ' automation for non-programmers
2014-04-17 scadat 0.1.0-alpha A shell interface to open source scada - such as tango/epics
2014-04-17 pyramid_layout 0.9 Pyramid add-on for facilitating UI layout
2014-04-17 xtas 2.99.6 Distributed text analysis suite
2014-04-17 modulegraph 0.11.1 Python module dependency analysis tool
2014-04-17 py3oauth2 0.1.2 OAuth 2.0 library for Python 3.

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