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Index of Packages

Package Description
0-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-0 0.1 UNKNOWN
01changer 1.0.0 01 change 2-dimensional bar code
02exercicio 1.0.0 Um simples programa dee teste da função def e loop for
0805nexter 1.2.0 a simple printer of nested lest
0x10c-asm 0.0.2 A simple Python-based DCPU assembly compiler
1 1.0.0 test
1020-nester 1.00 a simple printer of nested lists
115wangpan 0.7.6 Unofficial Python API wrapper for
131228_pytest_1 1.0.0 A easy printer of nested list
1337 1.0.0 This is so 1337!
17MonIP 0.2.7 IP search based on, the best IP database for China.
18-e final
199Fix 1.1.2 199fix exception logger for Django
1and1 1.0 1&1 API Client Library for Python
1ee 1.0.0 a simple printer of test list
1pass 0.2.1 A Python library and command line interface for 1Password
1to001 0.3.0 Padding numbers in filenames automatically
2013007_pyh 1.0.0 some print functions
2112 0.1.0 Shows 2112' starman on terminal.
2969nester 1.0.0 a simple printer of nested list 02 Jun 2010 Python-to-C compiler for CPython 2.6
2factorcli 1.1.3 This is a simple python program to allow you to store and generate time-based one-time passwords in a GPG encrypted vault.
2gis 1.3.0 2gis library for Python
2lazy2rest 0.1.0 Effortless generation of PDF, HTML & ODT documents from RST (ReStructuredText)
2mp3 0.1.0 convert your media files to mp3
2mp4 1.0.1 Simple utility to convert your video files into mp4s.
2or3 0.1.0 Writes a single byte to stdout (either "2" or "3") classifying a Python file using heuristics, giving priority to 3 if unclear
3-1 1.0.0 test
36ban_commons 0.0.1 eking commons
3color-Press 0.2.1 A Flask based static site generator for comics
3d-wallet-generator 0.2.0 A tool to help you design and export 3D-printable bitcoin/cryptocurrency wallets
3lwg 4.0 Three Letter Word Game
3t 1.0
3to2 1.1.1 Refactors valid 3.x syntax into valid 2.x syntax, if a syntactical conversion is possible
3to2_py3k 1.0 See 3to2
3xsd 0.0.23 3xsd is a native epoll server serving TCP/UDP connections, a high performance static web server, a failover dns server, a http-based distributed file server, a load-balance proxy-cache server, and a warp-drive server. Written in python, take the full power of multi-cores.
42 0
42cc-pystyle 0.0.15 flake8 checks for 42 Coffee Cups style guide
42qucc 0.0.4 A paste tool in CLI
4ch 1.0.0 Python wrapper for the 4chan JSON API.
4chan 0.0.1 4chan
4chandownloader 0.3 4chan thread downloader
4scanner 1.2.1 4chan threads scanner
4Suite 1.0b1 an open-source platform for XML and RDF processing
4Suite-XML 1.0.2 An open-source platform for XML processing
5 1.0 a test mod
51degrees-mobile-detector 51Degrees Mobile Detector.
51degrees-mobile-detector-lite-pattern-wrapper 1.0 51Degrees Mobile Detector (Lite C Pattern Wrapper).
51degrees-mobile-detector-trie-wrapper 1.0 51Degrees Mobile Detector (C Trie Wrapper).
51degrees-mobile-detector-v3-trie-wrapper 51Degrees Mobile Detector (Lite C Trie Wrapper).
51degrees-mobile-detector-v3-wrapper 51Degrees Mobile Detector (C Pattern Wrapper).
5minute 0.1.1 A tool for quick creation and deployment of Openstack machines used for QA testing.
652ga 1.3.1 A simple printer of nested lists
73.portlet.links 0.1 This product is based on collective.portlet.links with configurable title
73.unlockItems 0.2 A small tool for unlocking web_dav locked item in a plone portal.
73.unlockItems 0.3 A small tool for unlocking web_dav locked item in a plone portal.
7lk_ocr_deploy 0.1.69 Some deploy packages for ocr.
7th 1.0.0 UNKNOWN
9ML 0.1.0 A tool for reading, writing and generally working with 9ML files.
a 1.0 Python Distribution Utilities
a10-horizon 0.1.6 A10 Networks Openstack Horizon Dashboard
a10-neutronclient 0.1.4 A10 Networks Neutron Client Extensions
a10-neutron-lbaas 1.5.1 A10 Networks Openstack LBaaS Driver Middleware
a10-openstack-lbaas 1.0.3 A10 Networks Openstack LBaaS Driver
a10sdk A10 Networks ACOS Python SDK
a2svm 0.0.4 Simple CLI tool to create and delete easily virtual hosts in Apache.
a2x 0.0.3 Valve Server Queries (developing)
A3MIO 0.0.1 A3M/A2M I/O for BioPython
a4t-party_contact 3.0.0 Tryton module to manage party address and contact mechanisms
a4t-sale_tax_included 3.4.1 Tryton module for sale with price with tax included
a8 1.0 The Abominade IDE
aa aa aaa
aaa 1.0.0 quick sort
aaa103439 1.2.0 print list
aaargh 0.7.1 An astonishingly awesome application argument helper
aacgmv2 1.0.13 A Python wrapper for AACGM-v2 magnetic coordinates
aadict 0.2.2 An auto-attribute dict (and a couple of other useful dict functions)
aadishgarg aadish. prints nested lists
aafigure 0.5 ASCII art to image converter
aaltopoiju 0.0.3 Screen scraper for
aam 0.1.5 a lightweight about-me-site generator
aamnotifs 0.1.0 Simple notifications implementation with RabbitMQ using pika.
aamoer 0.0.2 Run statistics on data tables.
aanbieder 5 AANBIEDER - indien het misdrijf wordt gepleegd door toediening van voor het leven of de gezondheid schadelijke stoffen
aangifte 3 AANGIFTE - Men dient de antipsychotica ook toe voor het blokkeren van de receptoren, opzettelijke benadeling van de gezondheid.
Aap 1.0 A portable build tool (make replacement) with internet support
aarddict 0.9.3 Aard Dictionary is a multiplatform dictionary and offline Wikipedia reader.
aardtools 0.8.3 Tools to create dictionaries in aarddict format.
aardvark-py 5.15.2 TotalPhase Aardvark Python API
Aaron 1.1.0 Nice function composition
AarontestAaron 1.0.0 a
aarpy 0.1 Python Connector for AutomaticApiRest
aasms 0.7 SMS interface
aatree 0.1 simplified variant of the red-black balanced binary search tree
ab 0.3 Manage your address book.
ab2cb 0.1.0
aba 0.2 Python library to generate ABA (Cemtext) files.
abacus 0.1.1 Helper Library for Tornado Web Framework
abakaffe-cli 0.2.7 A CLI for the Abakus Coffee API
AbakaffeNotifier 1.0.0 Notifies phone when Abakaffe is ready.
abakus-status-checks 0.0.1 Abakus Status Checks
abalone 0.1 Abalone strategy game
abaparser 0.1 UNKNOWN
abb 0.5 A non-blocking Application Backend Boilerplate (Tornado, SPARQLTools and PyLD)
ABBA 0.1.0 Tools for statistical analysis of A/B test results
Abbas 1.0.0 A simple printer of lists
abbreviate 0.1.1 Automatically abbreviate text
ABBYY 0.3 ABBYY Cloud OCR API Wrapper.
abc1 1.2.0 a list about my think
abclinuxuapi 0.4.6 API for
abcpmc 0.1.2 approximate bayesian computing with population monte carlo
abcyui 1.0.0 Sorry ,This is practice!
abduct 2.0.1 Capture stdout/stderr and optionally release when an exception occurs.
Abe 0.6 Abe: a free block chain browser for Bitcoin-based currencies.
Abe 0.7.2 Abe: a free block chain browser for Bitcoin-based currencies.
abe-mocks 0.1.0 Parse ABE files for usage within python tests
abe-python 0.3.0 Parse ABE files for usage within python tests
aberdeen 0.4.0 Conversion from markdown files to database entries to use as the backend of a blog
aberquota 1.1 Python3 tool for getting internet usage off the Aberystwyth University network
abf 0.1 Abstract Binary Format manipulation : elf pe mach-o
abhi 2.0.0 UNKNOWN
abhiwin_package1 0.1 The sample package
abi 0.1.0 DLL ABI loader
abifpy 0.9 abifpy is a module for reading ABI Sanger sequencing trace files.
abilian-core 0.6.9 A framework for enterprise applications (CRM, ERP, collaboration...), based on Flask and SQLAlchemy
abilian-crm-core 0.1.3 Core framework for CRM applications
abilian-sbe 0.2.6 Social Business platform, including: document management, wiki, forum, enterprise social networking, and more 0.3.1 Client for interacting with the AbiosGaming API
abipy 0.1.0 ('Set of python modules and scripts to analyze the results of ABINIT computations.',)
abiquo-api 0.1.7 Abiquo API Python Client
Abjad 2.17 Abjad is a Python API for Formalized Score Control.
abl.cssprocessor 0.2 A processor to aggregate CSS-files and their referenced media
abl.errorreporter 0.3.1 Lightweight exception recorder, cli part of WebError
abl.jquery 1.5-1 ToscaWidgets wrapping for jquery
abl.jquery.plugins.form 2.49 ToscaWidgets wrapper for jquery.form.js
abl.jquery.ui 1.8.7-3 UI-Extensions for jQuery
ablog 0.8.3 ABlog for blogging with Sphinx
abl.robot 0.2 The Ableton Robot Framework, for writing daemons or commandline tools, with powerful features for error handling and logging.
abl.util 0.1.12 A package that contains various helpful classes and functions used widely in the Ableton Python code base.
abl.vpath 0.8 A OO-abstraction of file-systems
ably 0.8.1 A Python client library for realtime messaging
ABN 0.3.6 Validate Australian Business Numbers.
abNester 1.0.4 Printer of nester lists
ab_nester 1.4.1 A simple printer of nested lists
aboardly 0.1.0 Official Aboardly API library client for python
aboardly 0.1.1 Official Aboardly API library client for python
abofly 1.4.0 A simple printer of nested lists
abo-generator 0.2.2 ABO banking format generator
abook 0.3.0 Python library to convert between Abook and vCard
abo-s-pysync 2.24 A Python implementation of the rsync algorithm
about 5.2 Software Metadata for Humans
aboutdir 1.1 Command line tool for adding description to directories
about-py 0.0.3 Makes a webpage available with information about the projects last version control system commits and the python interpreter and used python libraries.
abouttag 1.2.1 Normalizes about tags for Fluidinfo
aboutyou 1.0 A connection to the shop.
aboutyou 1.0.1 A connection to the shop.
abraxas 1.7 password generator
abris 0.1.4 Small data preprocessing engine built on top of sklearn for easy prototyping.
abroute 0.0.1 Autobahn based router networking. Connect Autobahn routed networks together.
abrupt 0.4 Abrupt: interactive HTTP(S) tool
absdga 0.0.2 Gives the absolute value of a number
Absinthe 1.1.0 A tiny server(-client) app to open sshfs connected files over ssh in any local editor
absolute 1.0.0 A simple function which computes the absolute value of a number
absolute32 0.1.2 UNKNOWN
absolutely_nothing 0.1 Does Absolutely Nothing better than anything else
absorbing_centrality 0.1.0 An implementation of the absorbing random-walk centrality measure for graphs.
abspath 0.1.0 get the absolute paths of files on the command line
abssmt 1.0.1 Gives the absolute value of a number
abstar 0.1.5 VDJ assignment and antibody sequence annotation. Scalable from a single sequence to billions of sequences.
abstrackr 0.3.0dev Web-based Citation Screening Tool
abstraction 2016.3.2.1123 machine learning framework
abstract.jwrotator 0.3 Abstract JWRotator
abstract_rendering 0.5.1 Rendering as a binning process
abstrys-toolkit 1.05e Useful command-line tools and scripts, designed for technical writing and publication.
abtools 0.1.3 Utilities for analysis of antibody NGS data
abu 0.10 An AWS Cluster Manager
abu.admin 0.1.1 UNKNOWN
abydos 0.2.0 Abydos NLP/IR library
abyss 0.0.1 MMO/RPG/RTS/RESTAPI game in your terminal!
abzer 0.1 UNKNOWN
ac 0.3-alpha A python library for writing C/C++ configure files.
academical-api-client 0.1.0 Official Academical API library client for python
acapi 0.4.2 Acquia Cloud API client.
ACAutomation 0.7 ACAutomation python wrapper,support unicode
ACCC 0.0.3 Always Correct Correctness Compilator
accept 0.1.0 Parse and order a HTTP Accept header.
accept-header-match 1.0.0 A tool to make finding the appropriate mimetype to return easy
accepton 0.3.0 AcceptOn Python library
accepts 0.0.5 @accepts decorator to check arguments types
accept-types 0.3.0 Determine the best content to send in an HTTP response
access2theMatrix 0.2.3 Scienta Omicron (NanoScience) (NanoTechnology) MATRIX Control System result file accessing tool
accessall 1.4 Google Music command line tool.
AccessControl 2.13.14 Security framework for Zope2.
AccessControl 3.0.12 Security framework for Zope2.
accessibility 0.4.0 Extension module that wraps the Accessibility API for Mac OS X.
accessible_output 0.7.5 Library to provide speech and braille output to a variety of different screen readers and other accessibility solutions.
accfifo 0.1.1 A FIFO accounting calculator
accio 0.2 Sends information from code editors to server
accloudtant 0.1.2 Cloud cost calculation tool
accmon 1.1 Accmon is an accountability monitoring middleware for django.
Accord 0.8.1 A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
accordian 0.3.1 Event dispatch in Python 3.5 using asyncio
accordion_presentation 1.0.1 It is a simple horizontal accordion for django cms
AccordionWidget 0.1 An accordion widget for TG framework
Accost dev Fast and easy python web framework
accountable 0.1 Command line tools for interacting with JIRA
accounting 1.0.0 accounting is a Python package providing simple and advanced number, money and currency formatting.
accountingModules 0.1 UNKNOWN
accounts 0.1.3 The accounts saves your account of web services.
accountsSSO 0.0.7 AccountSSO bindings for Harmattan platform
accumulator 0.2.1 A framework for the accumulation of occurrences with subjects.
accuri2fcs 0.1.1 Convert Accuri format flow cytometry files to standard .fcs
acdcli 0.3.1 a command line interface and FUSE filesystem for Amazon Cloud Drive
ace 0.3 Non-parametric multivariate regressions by Alternating Conditional Expectations
AceMorse 1.0 Library for encoding and decoding Morse code.
AC-Flask-HipChat 0.2.8 Atlassian Connect library based on Flask for HipChat
ach 0.2 Library to create and parse ACH files (NACHA)
AChemKit 0.3.0 An Artificial Chemistry Tookit
Achoo 1.0 A fluent interface for testing Python objects.
aci 1.2 Analyzer of CRISPR Indel
aci 1.3 Analyzer of CRISPR Indel
acidfile 1.2.1 ACID transaction with common files
acidfs 1.0 ACID semantics for the filesystem.
acid.senza.templates 1.1 Senza template for the automatic PosgreSQL DB deployments
acitoolkit 0.2 This library allows basic Cisco ACI APIC configuration.
acitoolkit 0.3.1 This library allows basic Cisco ACI APIC configuration.
ackg 0.0.5 Script wrapping GNU find, xargs/parallel,grep to search code for pattern
acky 0.2.3 A consistent API to AWS
acl 0.2 Network access control list parsing library.
aclhound 1.8.2 ACL Compiler
acli 0.1.24 A CLI to manage AWS resources
aclust 0.1.3 streaming agglomerative clustering
acmdrunner 1.2 Ascetic command runner. The most ease way to power your python app with custom management commands
acme 0.7.0 ACME protocol implementation in Python
acme-client-lite 1.0a1 ACME client
acme.dchat 0.1 This software aim to provide a chatting tool with the NTT docomo API
acme.hello 0.1 This is a test program for namespace_packages.
acme-mgmtserver 0.2.0 Basic Python Server to execute ACME instead of dump clients
acme.sql 0.0.0 UNKNOWN
acme-tiny 1.0.0 A tiny script to issue and renew TLS certs from Let's Encrypt
aco2sass 0.1 About ===== *aco2sass* is a small python script which converts photoshop `.aco` swatch files to a list of the corresponding swatch colors formatted as SASS varibles. The implementation is based on the file format specified by `Adobe` here::
acollections 0.1 Advanced storage classes
acomms 0.7.0 WHOI Micromodem Interface Library and Tools
ACO-Pants 0.5.2 A Python3 implementation of the ACO Meta-Heuristic
acor 1.1.1 Estimate the autocorrelation time of a time series quickly.
acora 2.0 Fast multi-keyword search engine for text strings
acos-client 1.3.5 A10 Networks ACOS API Client
acoular 16.5 Library for acoustic beamforming
acoustics 0.0 Acoustics module for Python.
acousticsim 0.1.3 Analyze acoustic similarity in Python
acp-calendar 0.3.2 Calendar and date management por the Panama Canal
ACPI 0.0.1
acplugins4python 0.5 Python api layer for Assetto Corsa's UDP server API. Developed and tested with AC 1.3.4 on python 3.3.x
acpr 0.0.3 Download ACPR Banque de France - Regafi (Financial Firms Register)
acq4 0.9.2 Neurophysiology acquisition and analysis platform
AcquireRouterIP 1.0.2 Acquire the IP address on the router's wan port
Acquisition 4.2.2 Acquisition is a mechanism that allows objects to obtain attributes from the containment hierarchy they're in.
acr 0.3.6 ACRCms is an open source Python web content management system based on Turbogears and libacr
AcraNetwork 0.6 Classes and utilities to support Flight Test Instrumentation Ethernet networks
acrylamid 0.7.10 static blog compiler with incremental updates
acrylic 0.2.0 Simple tabular data with Python.
acs 0.1.0 Azure Container Service command line tools
acsclient 1.0.4 Access Cisco ACS 5.6 API
acsone.recipe.odoo.pydev 2.0 A buildout recipe to install and configure a PyDev project for Openerp
ACSpy 0.0.4 Package for working with ACS motion controllers.
acstools 1.7.3 Python Tools for ACS (Advanced Camera for Surveys) Data
act 0.0.1
actadiurna 0.0.3 Acta Diurna is a tool for updating /etc/motd
act_as_executable 1.0 A Python wrapper to build CLI wrappers
act-bb-usage 1.0 Fetch the total internet usage for the month from ACT broadband portal
actdiag 0.5.4 actdiag generates activity-diagram image from text
acted.projects 0.6 UNKNOWN
action 1.1.0b4 A command-line parser you won't hate
actionable-agile-extract 0.1 Extract cycle time analytics data from JIRA
actionbar.babble 0.3b3 A actionbar.panel integration package for the Babble instant messaging system.
actionbar.panel 1.2.1 Provides a (old) facebook style action panel at the bottom of your Plone site
actionkit 0.0.1 REST API client for ActionKit.
ActionServer 0.2.6 UNKNOWN
ActionTree 0.6.3 Executes (long) actions in parallel, respecting dependencies between those actions
Active-Alchemy 0.10.0 ================== Active-Alchemy ================== A framework agnostic wrapper for SQLAlchemy that makes it really easy to use by implementing a simple active record like api, while it still uses the db.session underneath :copyright: © 2014/2016 by `Mardix`. :license: MIT, see LICENSE for more details.
activecache 0.1.3 Active in-memory cache object for Python.
activecampaign 0.1.2 ActiveCampaign API client
activedirectory 0.14 Easiest way to interact with ActiveDirectory / AD / LDAP Servers from Python, pure python approach.
activegit 0.1 Uses git for distributed active learning
ActivePapers.Py 0.1.4 Executable papers containing Python code
active_redis 0.0.2 Simple ActiveRecord pattern for Redis
activesoup 0.0.1 A pure-python headless browser
Active-SQLAlchemy 0.4.0 ================== Active-SQLAlchemy ================== A framework agnostic wrapper for SQLAlchemy that makes it really easy to use by implementing a simple active record like api, while it still uses the db.session underneath :copyright: © 2014/2015 by `Mardix`. :license: MIT, see LICENSE for more details.
activipy 0.1 ActivityStreams 2.0 implementation and testing for Python
activiti 0.1.0 An SDK that helps with interacting with Activiti.
activitisdk 0.1.0dev An SDK that helps with interacting with Activiti.
activity-feed 2.6.4 An Activity Feed for python
activity-monitor 0.12.0 A sort of tumblelog-y thing heavily based on code I got somewhere.
activitysim 0.1.1 Travel modeling
ActivityStream 0.2.2 UNKNOWN
ActivityTracker 1.0 Task and time logging
activity-tracker 0.0.2 DAU/MAU tracker
actmon 0.1 This package provides a user idle timer for X11.
actors 0.5.1b1 Lightweight actor framework with supervision
actr6_jni 1.4.1 A high level library wrapper for the ACT-R JNI using Twisted.
actuariat_python 0.3.215 Helpers for teaching purposes (includes sqllite helpers)
acute-dbapi 0.1.0dev Python DB-API testsuite
ad 1.3.2 Fast, transparent first- and second-order automatic differentiation
ad3 2.0.2 UNKNOWN
Ada 0.1.0 Better living with Python scripts & libraries.
Adafruit-ADS1x15 1.0.1 Python code to use the ADS1015 and ADS1115 analog to digital converters with a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone black.
Adafruit-ADXL345 1.0.0 Python code to use the ADXL345 triple-axis accelerometer over I2C with a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black.
Adafruit_BBIO 0.0.30 A module to control BeagleBone IO channels
Adafruit-BMP 1.5.1 Library for accessing the BMP series pressure and temperature sensors like the BMP085/BMP180 on a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black.
Adafruit-BNO055 1.0.1 Library for accessing the Bosch BNO055 absolute orientation sensor on a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black.
Adafruit-CharLCD 1.1.0 Library to drive character LCD display and plate.
Adafruit-GPIO 1.0.0 Library to provide a cross-platform GPIO interface on the Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Black using the RPi.GPIO and Adafruit_BBIO libraries.
Adafruit-ILI9341 1.5.0 Library to control an ILI9341 TFT LCD display.
adafruit-io 1.1.0 Client library for Adafruit IO (
adafruit_lcd_plate_menu 2.0.1 A simple yet powerful menu library for Adafruit's LCD plates
Adafruit-LED-Backpack 1.8.0 Library to control LED backpack displays such as 8x8 single and bi-color matrices, bargraphs, 7 segment, and 14 segment displays.
Adafruit-LSM303 1.0.0 Python code to use the LSM303 accelerometer & magnetometer with Raspberry Pi & BeagleBone Black.
Adafruit-MAX31855 1.5.1 Library for accessing the MAX31855 thermocouple temperature sensor on a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black.
Adafruit-MAX9744 1.0.1 Library for controlling the MAX9744 class D amplifier with I2C volume control on a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black.
Adafruit-MCP3008 1.0.1 Python code to use the MCP3008 analog to digital converter with a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone black.
Adafruit-MCP4725 1.0.1 Python code to use the MCP4725 digital to analog converter with a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone black.
Adafruit-MCP9808 1.5.1 Library for accessing the MCP9808 precision temperature sensor on a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black.
Adafruit-MPR121 1.1.1 Library for MPR121 capacitive touch sensor.
Adafruit-PCA9685 1.0.0 Python code to use the PCA9685 PWM servo/LED controller with a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black.
Adafruit-PN532 1.2.0 Python library for accessing a PN532 NFC breakout over a SPI connection from a Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, etc.
Adafruit-PureIO 0.2.0 Pure python (i.e. no native extensions) access to Linux IO including I2C and SPI. Drop in replacement for smbus and spidev modules.
Adafruit_Python_DHT 1.1.2 Library to get readings from the DHT11, DHT22, and AM2302 humidity and temperature sensors on a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black.
Adafruit-SSD1306 1.6.0 Python library to use SSD1306-based 128x64 or 128x32 pixel OLED displays with a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black.
Adafruit-TCS34725 1.0.0 Python code to use the TCS34725 color sensor with the Raspberry Pi & BeagleBone Black.
Adafruit-Thermal 1.0.0 Library for controlling Adafruit Thermal Printers
Adafruit-TMP 1.6.0 Library for accessing the TMP006 & TMP007 non-contact temperature sensor on a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black.
Adafruit-VCNL40xx 1.0.1 Python code to use the VCNL4000 & VCNL4010 proximity sensors with the Raspberry Pi & BeagleBone Black.
Adafruit-WS2801 1.0.0 Python code to control WS2801 and similar SPI interface addressable RGB LED strips on a Raspberry Pi & BeagleBone Black.
adage 0.3.0 running dynamic DAG workflows
adagios 1.6.1 Web Based Nagios Configuration
adal 0.1.0 The ADAL for Python library makes it easy for python application to authenticate to Azure Active Directory (AAD) in order to access AAD protected web resources.
adamalib 0.1.0 Adama Library
Adamanteus 0.7 Database Backups with Version Control
adamo_calibrator 0.1.2 A touchscreen calibrator.
ADAM-Tools 0.27dev ADAM Reflectance Database Toolkit
Adapt 0.1 Framework For Creating Commandline Tools and Web Services from Config File
adapted-logger 1.0.4 adapted_logger is a lib based on Python logging module, permetting injection of new data on logsand redirection to different target
adaptfilt 0.2 Adaptive filtering module for Python
adaptivekde 1.0.0 Optimal fixed or locally adaptive kernel density estimation
adaptpath 0.3.2 convinent script to adapt python's sys.path
adapya 0.7.0 adapya - Adabas database API for Python
adb 1.1.1 A pure python implementation of the Android ADB and Fastboot protocols
adb3 1.1.0 A pure python 3 implementation of the Android ADB and Fastboot protocols
adb_android 1.1.0 Enable android adb in your python script
adblockd 0.0.4 Adblock based application
adblockparser 0.5 Parser for Adblock Plus rules
adbpy 0.1.3 A library to communicate with ADB through it's internal socket interface, rather than the commandline.
add_asts 0.4 UNKNOWN
adder 1.0 An AI library
adderall 1.0.0 a miniKanren implementation in Hy.
addfips 0.2.1 Add county FIPS to tabular data
addhrefs 0.9.7 Adds HTML links to text
addhundred 1.1.0 A simple function that prints your number plus one hundred.
addic7ed 1.1.1 Addic7ed scraper written in Python to download subtitles (almost) automatically
addic7ed-cli 1.4.1 A commandline access to addic7ed subtitles
addict 0.4.0 A Python Dict whos keys can be set both using attribute and item syntax
addicted 0.0.5 addict ExtendeD
addlyrics 1.0.0 Adds lyrics (via getlyrics) to mp3 file
add_numbers 3.5.0
addok 0.5.0 Search engine for address. Only address.
addonlist 0.0.1 AddonList Addons package placeholder
addonpy 1.0.9 A simple addon/plug-in module
AddOns 0.7 Dynamically extend other objects with AddOns (formerly ObjectRoles)
addremoveoptions 1.0 Turbogears widget that creates a selectbox in which you can add and remove options
address 0.1.1 address is an address parsing library, taking the guesswork out of using addresses in your applications.
addressable 1.4.2 Use lists like you would dictionaries.
addressbook 1.0.0 A simple stand-alone address book for keeping track of people's addresses, contact information, identification, and relationships.
addressbook 1.0.1 A simple stand-alone address book for keeping track of people's addresses, contact information, identification, and relationships.
address_book_lansry 1.0.0 a command-line address-book program using to browse, add, modify, delete or search for your contacts
addresscleaner 0.0.4 Utility for normalizing (Prisoner-centric) street addresses
address_extractor 0.1.0.post1 A script to extract US-style street addresses from a text file.
addressify 0.0.1 A Python wrapper around's APIs
address_parser 0.0.1 Address parser
addthis 0.1.2 A Python wrapper for the AddThis Analytics API
Adept 0.0.2 Simple binding for Adept
adhan 0.1.1 Python library for computing adhan times
AdHoc 0.3.2 Standalone Package Generator
adhocracy 2.5.3 Policy drafting and decision-making web platform
adhocracy-Pylons 1.0.2dev-20130226 Pylons Web Framework
adhocracy-pysqlite 2.6.3 DB-API 2.0 interface for SQLite 3.x
adi.commons 0.8 Some helpers-methods for often repeating and general purposes, to be used of other eggs.
adict 0.1.7 Dict with attr access to keys.
aDict2 0.1.1 aDict dictionary format handling
adi.devgen 1.0 Misc helper-scripts for creating and expanding Plone-Add-Ons.
adi.dropdownmenu 0.5 A dropdownmenu that is configurable for site administrators and mirrows your folderstructures.
adi.fullscreen 0.2 Give the possibilty of fullscreenmode for plonsite by click.
adi.init 0.4 Deletes Plone's default contents
adios 1.9.1b15 Python Module for Adios
adios_mpi 1.9.1b15 Python Module for Adios MPI
adi.playlist 0.3 Create a playlist in a folder filled with audio-files, using HTML5's audio-tag.
ADiPy 0.6.3 Automatic Differentiation for Python
adi.revertorder 1.2 A Plone addon, to prepend any newly created content-item to its siblings, instead of appending it.
adi.samplecontent 0.2 Deletes Plone's default content and adds some sample content
adi.simplesite 0.6 Configs for small sites
adi.simplestructure 0.4 Removes top and footer viewlets and adds portlets instead.
adi.slickstyle 0.1 A slick style for Plone portals, easily extendable for your own styles.
adisp 0.0.3 Callback-less python async calls dispatcher
adi.suite 0.6 A suite for javascript multimedia galleries.
aditam.agent 0.1 Automated and DIstributed TAsk Manager agent part.
aditam.core 0.1 Automated and DIstributed TAsk Manager core part.
aditam.server 0.1 Automated and DIstributed TAsk Manager server part.
adi.trash 0.1 Plone addon, changing deletion-behaviour: Moves items into a trash-folder, instead of deleting them.
adi.ttw_styles 1.1 Apply your styles TTW.
adium-sh 0.2.4 Command-line wrapper of Adium
ADIVINA_EL_NUMERO 0.1 Ejemplo del funcionamiento de distutils
adi.workingcopyflag 1.4 Adds a field iHas workingcopy to archetypes and makes it available to collections for sorting.
adjacent 1.0.0 Centrifuge integration with Django framework
Adjax 1.0.1 A framework for easing the development of Django sites with Ajax.
Adjector 1.0b2 A lightweight, fast, flexible ad server. Stays out of your way.
AdjectorClient 1.0b2 Client-only package for Adjector, a lightweight, fast, flexible ad server.
AdjectorTracPlugin 1.0b2 Integrate Adjector into your trac installation: render zones in trac templates.
adjointShapeOptimizationFlux 1.0 Python front-end of the adjointShapeOptimizationFoam
adjspecies 0.1.3 Print the name of a random adjective/species, more or less…
adjustText 0.5.2 Iteratively adjust text position in matplotlib plots to minimize overlaps
adjutant 0.1.2 A Python library for parsing StarCraft II replays.
adl3 0.6 ADL (AMD Display Library)
adm 0.1a0 Active Data Mapping, Pre-Alpha Release
admesh 0.98.5 Python bindings for ADMesh, STL maipulation library
adminactionview 0.2 Add an intermediate page to the django admin when preforming actions. Here you can define extra parameters for your action
adminapi 0.21 Eucalyptus Cloud Services and General System Administrative Utilities
admin_bootstrap 0.7.0 Django admin templates that are compatible with Twitter Bootstrap version 2.1.0
admincsvimport 0.1 Add loaddata like csv support at Django Admin Site
admin-extra-urls 1.0 Django mixin to easily add urls to any ModelAdmin
adminish 0.1.3 Auto web admin system for couchdb and restish
adminish-categories 0.1.1dev support library for adminish
AdminKit 0.12 Manage system configurations easily
adminlettuce 0.0.6 Displays lettuce features as documentation in Django admin.
admin_logs 0.1.4 Admin logs for django like in Google Application Engine
admin_scripts 0.3.17 Administration Scripts
admin-timeline 0.5 Facebook-like timeline for Django admin
admin-tools-zinnia 0.1 Admin tools for django-blog-zinnia
adnpy 0.3.8 API library for python
adns 1.4-py1 An interface to GNU adns - python3 port
adns-python 1.2.1 An interface to GNU adns
ado 0.0.2 UNKNOWN
AdobeColor 0.1 A small module for reading .aco and .ase color files
adodbapi A pure Python package implementing PEP 249 DB-API using Microsoft ADO.
adol-Py 0.1 ADOL-Py is a python extension to the ADOL-C automatic differentiation library.
adpasswd 0.2 Pure Python Command line interface to change Active Directory Passwords via LDAP. usage: username [password]
adp-connection 1.0.1 A library to help connect to ADP using Openid-Connect and OAuth 2.0
adpil 1.02 Interface between Adessowiki and PIL.Used by ia636 and ia870 toolboxes.
adp_userinfo 1.0.1 ADP client library to get the logged-in users info
ADPY 0.12.alpha ADPY is a Python library for algorithmic differentiation
adrest 3.3.2 Adrest - Another Django REST. Simple application for quick build REST API.
ads 0.12.1 A Python module for NASA's ADS that doesn't suck.
adsbibdesk 3.2.0 Add papers from or NASA/SAO ADS to your BibDesk bibliography.
ADSBibTeX 1.0.9 ADSBibTeX
adscli 0.8.6 Start, stop, and manage microservices in a codebase
adsense.portlet 1.0dev Display adsense zones from google
adsense_scraper 0.5 Scrapes Google AdSense earnings data with Python using Twill
adshli 0.3.1 Client for the Twincat AMS/ADS protocol
adskalman 0.3.5 Kalman filtering routine
adsorb 0.1 Lightweight loose coupling library for Python. Add listeners to a named event and call them from anywhere to collect their responses.
adspy 0.2.0 Simple bibtex tools for use with ADS.
adspygoogle.adwords 15.7.0 AdWords API Python Client Library
adspygoogle.dfp 9.8.0 DFP API Python Client Library
adt 0.0.1
ADTM Adaptive Data Tabulation Markup
aduana 0.2.1 Bindings for Aduana library
Aduro 0.0.1a0 Progress tracker for Amazon Kindle
advanced-config-manager 1.0 Advanced Configuration Manager
AdvancedHTMLParser 6.5.1 A Powerful HTML Parser/Scraper/Validator/Formatter that constructs a modifiable, searchable DOM tree, and includes many standard JS DOM functions (getElementsBy*, appendChild, etc) and additional methods
AdvancedHTTPServer 1.2.0 Standalone web server built on Python's BaseHTTPServer
advanced_jabberclient 1.0.0 Advanced jabber client with ping timeouts
AdvancedLangConv 0.01 Advanced Language Converter
AdvancedSearchDiscovery 0.0.3 Search and Discover information on a variety of subjects
advanced-ssh-config 1.1.0 Add some magic to SSH and .ssh/config
AdvaS-Advanced-Search 0.2.5 Library for advanced search
advene 1.0 Annotate DVds, Exchange on the NEt
adventure 1.4 Colossal Cave adventure game at the Python prompt
AdventureDocs 0.7.0 Choose your own adventure style documentation!
adver_mng 0.1.4 forbid spiders
advocaat 17 Met mishandeling wordt gelijkgesteld opzettelijke benadeling van de gezondheid.
advocate 0.6.1 A wrapper around the requests library for safely making HTTP requests on behalf of a third party
AdvOptParse 0.2.13 A more advanced options parser for python, allowing for multi command chaining and parameter parsing
advpy 0.99b Collection of small Python modules for WEBand Database
Adytum-NetCIDR 0.0.1 Object representations, operations and logic for hosts, networks, and collections of networks.
Adytum-PyMonitor 1.0.5 Supporting python modules for the pymon monitoring tool
ae 0.2.78 Python accoustic emission tools
aead 0.2 An authenticated encryption implementation.
Aecko 1.0.0rc5 Generate representative image differences in a directory
aeefeg 1.4.0 A simple printer of nested lists
aegea 0.1.0 Amazon Web Services Operator Interface
AEI 1.2 Arimaa Engine Interface tools
aeltei 0.1.0 UNKNOWN
aem-cmd 0.6.2 AEM Command line tools
aeneas aeneas is a Python/C library and a set of tools to automagically synchronize audio and text (aka forced alignment)
aenum 1.4.5 Advanced Enumerations (compatible with Python's stdlib Enum), NamedTuples, and NamedConstants
Aeon 2.0.2 Runtime and number of calls for designated functions, methods, or pieces of code. Optionally output nice report.
Aerate 0.0.1.dev26 Aerate REST APIs: falcons with bravado and swagger.
aero 0.3.6a aero adds django-like apps support to tornado and automates common actions
AeroCalc 0.11 Aeronautical Engineering Calculations
AeroComBAT 1.0a1 A tool for modeling composite beams and aircraft wings.
aerofiles 0.3 waypoint, task, tracklog readers and writers for aviation
aerofs 1.3.5 An AeroFS Private Cloud API SDK written in Python
aerolito 0.1 Python library for natural language processing simulation
aeromancer 0.0.0
aeronaut 0.1.0a3 Aeronaut: A client library for DiData Cloud
aeroport 0.0.2 Organize hub for data arrival / departures
aerospike 2.0.3 Aerospike Client Library for Python
AerospikeClientMock Aerospike client mock
aes256gcm-nacl 0.1.6 aes256gcm support based on pynacl
aesculaap 1 aesculaap - general purpose bot.
Aesthete 0.4.2 Integrated mathematics environment
aestools 0.1.1 AES tools (GCM weak key checker / safe key generator)
aexpect 1.1.0 Aexpect
afanimation 0.0.8 A simple python loading animation including funny expression.
afapi 1.0.4 A Python wrapper for interacting with AppFirst's APIs (v5) See for more info.
afei 1.0.0 这是一个简单的例子
aff4-snappy 0.5 Python library for the snappy compression library from Google
affbio 0.0.2 Affinity Propagation for biostructures
affine 2.0.0.post1 Matrices describing affine transformation of the plane
affinegap 1.10 A Cython implementation of the affine gap string distance
affinitic.docpyflakes 0.1 Pyflakes your doctest
affinitic.recipe.fakezope2eggs 0.4 ZC Buildout recipe to fake zope 2 packages as eggs.
affinitic.simplecookiecuttr 0.1 Basic integration of jquery.cookiecuttr.js for Plone 3
affinitic.verifyinterface 0.1 Verify interface contract for all implements/classImplements declaration
affinitic.zamqp 0.6 AMQP Consumer and publisher integration with Zope
affinity 0.1.0 affinity - control processor affinity on windows and linux
Affirmpy 0.1.1 A Python API wrapper for Affirm
affix 1.0
affurl 0.1.9 Turn URLs into affiliate URLs based on provided domain parameter mapping 0.1.2 Afilio API Client & Bindings
afinder 0.0.3 find attribute in deep object
afinn 0.0.1rc1 AFINN sentiment analysis
afk-time 0.0.2 UNKNOWN
afn 0.1.2012. A collection of useful tools and libraries
afnumpy 1.0 A GPU-ready drop-in replacement for numpy
afp 0.1 Python package and utilities for reading AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) files
afp-cli 340.214 Command line client for AWS federation proxy api
afpproxy 0.1.2 proxy for the AFP (AppleShare) protocol
afpy.ldap 1.0 This module provide an easy way to deal with ldap stuff in python.
afpy.xap 0.1 afpy xapian indexer package
afraid 0.1-dev A simple client for the dynamic DNS service
AfricastalkingGateway 1.4 An Official Python library for communicating with the AfricasTalking REST API
AfricastalkingGateway 1.5 An Official Python library for communicating with the AfricasTalking REST API
afro 0.7.0 Another Free Ripping Orchestra
afsk 0.0.3 Bell 202 Audio Frequency Shift Keying encoder and APRS packet audio tools
AFStatsd 1.1.0 Statsd Library for use with the AppFirst collector (
afterflight 0.2.1 An application for analysis of UAV log and video.
after_hours 0.1.1 retrieve after hours stock information from Nasdaq
aftership 0.2 Python SDK of AfterShip API
afthermal 0.3.1 UNKNOWN
agador 0.0.3 Agador metaservice for microservices
again 1.2.21 Python decorators for type and value checking at runtime. Also, some boilerplate code for making classes that support event registration and firing.
agalma 0.5.0 An automated phylogenomics pipeline.
agamemnon 0.4.0 A graph database built on top of cassandra
agamotto 0.5.1 Agamotto is a module that provides helper functions for testing the configuration of a running server
agar 0.5.1 A collection of libraries for making Google App Engine development easier.
agarclient 0.1.0 client and connection toolkit
agarnet 0.2.4 client and connection toolkit
agaro 0.2.0 Framework to run models
agate 1.4.0 A data analysis library that is optimized for humans instead of machines.
agate-charts 0.1.0 agate-charts adds exploratory charting support to agate.
agate-dbf 0.1.0 agate-dbf adds read support for dbf files to agate.
agate-excel 0.1.0 agate-excel adds read support for Excel files (xls and xlsx) to agate.
agate-lookup 0.2.1 agate-lookup adds remote lookup tables to agate.
agate-remote 0.1.1 agate-remote adds read support for remote files to agate.
agate-sql 0.3.0 agate-sql adds SQL read/write support to agate.
agate-stats 0.3.1 agate-stats adds additional statistical methods to agate.
Agatsuma 0.2.176.default.3499b00918ca.tip Flexible modular metaframework, mostly intended for web but not only
agavepy 0.3.10 SDK for Agave
agdistispy 0.0.2 Python bindings for AGDISTIS - Multilingual Disambiguation of Named Entities Using Linked Data.
agd_tools 0.0.5 Useful functions for datascience.
agd_tools 0.0.6 Useful functions for datascience.
age 0.0 Analog Genetic Encoding
agecalc 3.5.2 Calculates birth information based on a specified Date of Birth.
ageliaco.p10userdata 0.1.3 Member Data for p10 EEEL project (Geneva)
ageliaco.rd 0.2.6 UNKNOWN
ageliaco.rd2 0.8.4 Product to manage project with annual cycles
ageliaco.recipe.csvconfig 0.12 Use a CSV file to populate buildout templates
ageliaco.tracker 0.1.8 Issue tracker
agen 0.1.1 A very simple code generator.
agenda 1.0.2 Module for pretty task logging
agenda2pdf 1.0 Simple script which generates a book agenda file in PDF format, ready to be printed or to be loaded on a ebook reader
agent 0.1.2 Async generators for humans
agent.http 0.3.1 Rackspace Monitoring agent.plugin HTTP check
AgentML 0.3.1 An XML dialect for creating natural language software agents
agent.pgep 0.2.1 Rackspace Cloud Monitoring plugin for PostgreSQL endpoints as an agent.plugin type of check.
agents-collecting 2.9 Acronis Agent Collection
agentsdk 0.1.0 Pure-Python client library for AgentSDK-RPCd
agentx 0.7 Python 2.x and 3.x module for SNMP AgentX functionality
agentzero 0.0.2 AgentZero
AGEpy 0.2.5 Bioinformatics tools for Python developed at the MPI for Biology of Ageing
agg2567 1.1.0 first packet of python
aggdraw 1.1-20051010 High quality drawing interface for PIL.
AgglomCluster 2.0.1 Performs greedy agglomerative clustering on network-x graphs
aggregate6 0.9 IPv6 prefix list compressor
agha 0.1.0 Agha, Another GitHub API
agile 1.3.1 A meta-package containing a full toolset for agile development with TDD
agilearning 0.0.dev1 UNKNOWN
AgileCLU 0.4.2 Agile Command Line Utilities
agile_conf 1.0.3 A config files (in [YAML]( format) and template engine ([Jinja2]( based configuration compile / management tool to make DevOp tasks
Agile-Diamond 0.1.1 Agile-Diamond helps initiate and manage a software development project.
agilegeo 0.1.6 Useful geophysics functions
agileid 0.1.2 Generate and manage AgileID identifiers
agility_automation_summary 0.1 Creates summary of auto tests for Agility
agithub 1.3 The agnostic Github API. It doesn't know, and you don't care.
aglar 0.1.0 Standalone OpenGL Python client using pyglet and agarnet
Aglyph 2.1.0 Aglyph is a Dependency Injection framework for Python 2.7+, supporting type 2 (setter) and type 3 (constructor) injection.
agms 0.1.5 Agms Python Library
Agner 0.2.1 simple data-only queueing system backed by Redis
agnos 1.0.2 Agnos Python Libraries
agnos_compiler 1.0.2 Agnos Compiler Toolchain
agnostic 0.10 Agnostic Database Migrations
agn_periodics 0.1.29 Some statistical functions for searchin periods in time rows
ago 0.0.7 ago: Human readable timedeltas
agon 0.1.dev22 a reusable Django points, positions and levels application
agon-ratings 0.2 a user ratings app
agora 0.6.4 A portfolio and risk management system based on onyx. 0.3.3 Bloomberg datafeed library for agora
Agora-Client 0.4.22 An Agora client for Python that requests and executes search plans for graph patterns
Agora-Curator 0.1.2 A service responsible for enriching resources that belong to a Linked Data Platform powered by Agora
Agora-Fountain 0.5.4 The Agora core service for ontology paths discovery and seeds management
Agora-Fragment 0.0.1 An Agora service that collects fragments for graph patterns
Agora-Fragments 0.0.4 A REST service that provides access to data fragments from a Linked Data Platform powered by Agora
Agora-Planner 0.3.8 The Agora core service that provides search plans for graph patterns
agoraplex.themes.sphinx 0.1.3 A Sphinx theme for Agoraplex projects, based on the Pylons Sphinx theme
Agora-Scholar 0.1.11 The service responsible for providing access to data fragments from a Linked Data Platform powered by Agora
Agora-Service-Provider 0.0.17 A library for making web services built on the Agora
Agora-Stoa 0.1.15 An extensible framework to implement messaging-based services that interact with a Linked Data Platform powered by Agora
Agora-Stoa-Client 0.1.2 Python-based client to interact with a cluster of Agora Stoas
agp87_print_list 1.0.0 A simple list pring module
agpy 0.1.4 agpy, Adam Ginsburg's Python Code (in 0.1 for perpetuity - it won't bump up until I release something)
agrc 1.1.3 A collection of python modules that make life easier for us at AGRC.
Agree 0.2.2 Simple argument resolution.
agrimpy 0.0.3 Algunas operaciones con coordenadas geodésicas.
agsci.blognewsletter 0.4 Plone blog/newsletter package based on the PSU AgSci products.
agssearch 0.4 Python client for the German Destatis Gemeindeverzeichnis
ags_tool_deploy 0.1.1 Provides packaging and publishing tools for ArcGIS python toolboxes
agtl Towards paperless geocaching
agx.core 1.0a2 AGX tree transformation chain processor 1.0a1 AGX development bundle
agx.generator.buildout 1.0a1 AGX generator for buildout
agx.generator.dexterity 1.0a1 AGX generator for dexterity
agx.generator.generator 1.0a1 AGX generator for generators
agx.generator.plone 1.0a1 AGX generator for plone products
agx.generator.pyegg 1.0a1 AGX generator for python and python eggs
agx.generator.sql 1.0a1 AGX generator for sqlalchemy
agx.generator.uml 1.0a1 AGX generator for UML nodes
agx.generator.zca 1.0a1 AGX generator for zope component architecture
agx.transform.uml2fs 1.0a1 AGX UML to Filesystem Transform
agx.transform.xmi2uml 1.0a1 AGX XMI to UML Transform
aha 0.85adev aha is a web application framework specialized for Google App Engine.
aha.application.coreblog3 0.6adev A blog application workins on Google App Engine
aha.application.default 0.82bdev An default application for aha framework.
aha.application.microneimageboard 0.6bdev An image bbs application with twitter authentication.
ahab 1.0.0 Ahab: on which to hang your Docker hooks
aha.plugin.microne 0.62bdev Yet another microframework on the top of the full stack framework aha
aha.plugin.twitteroauth 0.93bdev A twitter auth plugin for aha
aha.recipe.gae 0.71bdev a buildout recipe for web application framework aha
ahc 1.5.0 Package with extensions for Developers on Python(+Django), Ruby(+RoR) and PHP.
ahcm 0.1 ahcm - ad hoc configuration management tool
ahc-tools 0.2.0 Tools for RDO-manager automatic health checks
Ahem 0.2.1 Simple, but rich, declarative notification framework for Django
aheui 1.2.2 Aheui interpreter & compiler toolkit.
ahkab 0.18 a SPICE-like electronic circuit simulator
ahlfors 0.0.2 ahlfors is an automation function lib
ahocorasick 0.9 Aho-Corasick automaton implementation
ahonya-sika 0.1.1 Sika API library client for python
ahoy 0.8.2 Agent-based simulations of active particles
ahoyhoy 0.0.0 Python client for service requests
ahsay 0.2.0 A simple requests wrapper for the Ahsay API
ahsoka 0.0.1 ahsoka - utilities for variant calling
ai.cdas 1.1.1 Python interface to CDAS data via REST API
aiclib 0.88 A declarative system to consume the NVP api.
aid 0.1.0 library and scripts for interacting with ISP AID list
aidan 0.1.2 UNKNOWN
aidsinfo 1.1 A Python wrapper for the AIDSinfo drug information API.
AIGO 0.1.0 Analysis and Inter-comparison of Gene Ontology functional annotations
AIKIF 0.1.9 Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Information Framework
ail 0.2.8 abstract interaction layer
ailove-django-fias 0.5.2 FIAS Django integration (fork Ailove)
aima 2015.4.5 aima -- Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach, by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig
aimes.bundle 0.1.1 Bundle based Information System for AIMES
aimes.skeleton 1.2.0 A Skeleton Generator
aimhii 0.5.5 A pipeline for mapping insertion mutants from whole genome shotgun data
aiml 0.8.6 An interpreter package for AIML, the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language
aimmvp_nester 1.1.0 a simple test
aino-convert Magick for Django
aino-jstools JavaScript tools for Django
aino-mutations Mutating for evolution using Django and Mercurial
aino-utkik 0.9.1 Small, clean code with a lazy view dispatcher and class based views for Django.
aio 0.1 A CPython extension module wrapping the POSIX aio_* syscalls
aio2gis 0.0.1 asyncio-powered 2gis library for Python
aioamqp 0.2.1 AMQP implementation using asyncio
aioamqp 0.3.0 AMQP implementation using asyncio
aioamqp 0.4.0 AMQP implementation using asyncio
aioamqp 0.5.0 AMQP implementation using asyncio
aioamqp 0.5.1 AMQP implementation using asyncio
aioamqp 0.6.0 AMQP implementation using asyncio
aioamqp 0.7.0 AMQP implementation using asyncio 0.1.8 Aio application runner
aioauth-client 0.8.0
aioavast 1.0.1 Asyncio library for Avast antivirus
aioawait 8 Call asynchronous functions of Python 3.4.3 asyncio infrastructure from synchronous code
aiobeanstalk 0.0.3 asyncio based beanstalk client
aio-beanstalk 0.1 Asyncio-based client for beanstalkd task server
aiobotocore 0.0.2 UNKNOWN
aiobottle 0.1.1 Aiobottle, a warper bottle use aiohttp base on Asyncio (PEP-3156)
aiochannel 0.2.3rc1 asyncio Channels (closable queues) inspired by golang
aiocoap 0.2 Python CoAP library
aio.config 0.1.2 Aio configuration utilities
aioconsul 0.3 Consul wrapper for asyncio
aiocore 0.1 does some stuff with things & stuff
aio.core 0.1.0 Aio core utils
aiocouchdb 0.9.1 CouchDB client built on top of aiohttp (asyncio)
aiocron 0.5 Crontabs for asyncio
aio_crud_store 0.0.2 A small subset of dbs capabilities to write dbs-independent asyncio libs
aiocutter 0.0.4 scraping tool for asyncio
aiodcard 0.1.0 Dcard crawler using asyncio(coroutine)
aiodisque 0.1 Asyncio Disque client
aiodjango 0.1.0 Utilities for running async aiohttp based routes in the context of a Django project.
aiodns 1.0.1 Simple DNS resolver for asyncio
aiodocker 0.6 does some stuff with things & stuff
aioes 0.4.0 Elasticsearch integration with asyncio.
aioesl asyncio based protocol for the FreeSWITCH's Event Socket
aio_etcd An asynchronous python client for etcd
aioeventlet 0.5.1 asyncio event loop scheduling callbacks in eventlet.
aioevents 0.1 Events for asyncio (PEP 3156)
aiofiles 0.3.0 File support for asyncio.
aiofirebase 0.2.0 Asyncio Firebase client library
aioflock 0.0.1 File lock support for asyncio.
aioftp 0.6.1 ftp client/server for asyncio
aiogearman 0.0.1 asyncio (PEP 3156) gearman job server support
aiogevent 0.2 asyncio API (PEP 3156) implemented on top of gevent
aiogibson 0.1.3 asyncio (PEP 3156) Gibson cache support
aiogithub 0.1.dev0 asyncio-based GitHub API client
aiogreen 0.2 asyncio event loop scheduling callbacks in eventlet.
aiogreen 0.3 asyncio event loop scheduling callbacks in eventlet.
aiogremlin 0.1.3 Python 3 driver for TP3 Gremlin Server built on Asyncio and aiohttp
aiogrouper 0.1.1 Client library for Internet2's Grouper, using asyncio.
aioh2 0.1.0 HTTP/2 implementation with hyper-h2 on Python 3 asyncio.
aiohdfs 0.1.3.dev1 UNKNOWN
aio-hs2 0.2 Asyncio-based client for hiveserver2 (and sharkserver2)
aiohttp 0.22.0a0 http client/server for asyncio
aio.http 0.0.10 HTTP server for the aio asyncio framework
aiohttp_ac_hipchat 0.4.5 Aiohttp extension to support Atlassian Connect for HipChat
aiohttp_ac_hipchat_postgre 0.3.dev1 Postgre store for aiohttp_ac_hipchat
aiohttp_admin 0.0.1 admin interface for aiohttp application
aiohttp-apiset 0.1.13 Build routes using swagger specification
aiohttp_auth 0.1.1 Authorization and authentication middleware plugin for aiohttp.
aiohttp_autoreload 0.0.1 Makes aiohttp server autoreload on source code change
aiohttp-babel 0.0.3 Babel localisation support for aiohttp
aiohttp_cors 0.4.0 CORS support for aiohttp
aiohttp_debugtoolbar 0.1.1 debugtoolbar for aiohttp
aiohttp_exc_handlers 0.2 Bind views to exceptions for aiohttp
aiohttp-index 0.1 aiohttp.web middleware to serve index files (e.g. index.html) when static directories are requested.
aiohttp_jinja2 0.7.0 jinja2 template renderer for aiohttp.web (http server for asyncio)
aiohttp-jrpc 0.1.0 JSON RPC protocol for aiohttp.web (http server for asyncio)
aiohttp-json-rpc 0.5.1 UNKNOWN
aiohttp_mako 0.0.1 mako template renderer for aiohttp.web (http server for asyncio)
aiohttp-negotiate 0.10.2 Mixin for Negotiate authentication for aiohttp
aiohttp-riak 0.0.1 HTTP Riak connector for aiohttp
aiohttp_security 0.1.0 security for aiohttp.web
aio.http.server 0.1.4 HTTP server for the aio asyncio framework
aiohttp_session 0.5.0 sessions for aiohttp.web
aiohttp-transmute 0.2.2 a toolset to generate routes from objects for aiohttp.
aiohttp_traversal 0.8.1 Traversal based router for aiohttp.web
aiohttp_utils 2.0.1 Handy utilities for aiohttp.web applications.
aiohttp-wsgi 0.4.0 WSGI adapter for aiohttp.
aioirc 0.1 AsyncIO IRC Library for >= Python 3.3
aiojsonrpc 0.0.6 JSON-RPC library to use in asynchronous JSON-RPC services
aiokafka 0.1.2 Kafka integration with asyncio.
aioli 0.0.4 asyncio special sauce
aio_manager 0.1.2 Script manager for aiohttp.
aiomanhole 0.2.1 Python module to provide a manhole in asyncio applications
aio.manhole.server 0.0.2 Manhole server for the aio asyncio framework
aiomas 1.0.3 Asyncio-based, layered networking library providing request-reply channels, RPC, and multi-agent systems.
aiomcache 0.3.0 Minimal pure python memcached client
aiomeasures 0.5.14 Collect and send metrics to StatsD
aiomemcache 0.1 Minimal pure python memcached client
aiompd 0.2 MPD (Music Player Daemon) client for asyncio
aiomultiprocessing 0.1 n/a
aiomysql 0.0.7 MySQL driver for asyncio.
aionotify 0.2.0 Asyncio-powered inotify library
aionsq 0.1.0a0 UNKNOWN
aioodbc 0.0.2 ODBC driver for asyncio.
aiop2p 0.0.1 A peer to peer network framework built on asyncio and aiohttp
aio_periodic 0.1.6 The periodic task system client for python3 base on asyncio
aio_periodic_task 0.1.1 periodic task for asyncio
aiopg 0.9.2 Postgres integration with asyncio.
aiopg8000 1.10.3 PostgreSQL interface library, for asyncio
aiopgx 0.7.0 Postgres integration with asyncio.
aiopipes 0.3.1 This module provides a set of pipe-like data structures for use with asyncio-based applications. See the GitHub repo for examples
aiopool 0.0.2a1 Subprocesses for asyncio
aioprocessing 0.0.1 A Python 3.3+ library that integrates the multiprocessing module with asyncio.
aioproxy 0.0.2 reverse proxy with aiohttp
aio_pybars 0.1.0 pybars3 (handlebars) templates rendering for aiohttp.
aiopyramid 0.3.5 Tools for running pyramid using asyncio.
aiorabbitmq 0.1.0 Class based Rabbitmq using Asyncio. Based off aioamqp.
aioredis 0.2.7 asyncio (PEP 3156) Redis support
aioredux 1.0.3 Pythonic redux
aiorequests 0.1.1 A requests-like API built on top of aiohttp client
aiorest 0.4.0 Support REST calls for asyncio+aiohttp.
aiorest-ws 1.0.0 REST framework with WebSockets support
aiorest-ws 1.0.1 REST framework with WebSockets support
aiorethink 0.1.0 Asynchronous asyncio compatible ODM for RethinkDB
aioriak 0.1.0 Async implementation of Riak DB python client
aio-routes 0.2 Routing for asyncio
aiorq 0.1 asyncio client and server for RQ
aiorwlock 0.4.0 Read write lock for asyncio.
aio-s3 0.1 Asyncio-based client for S3
aiosasl 0.1.1 Pure-python SASL library for asyncio
aiosc 0.1.1 Minimalistic Open Sound Control (OSC) communication module using asyncio
aio-service-client 0.4.1 Service Client Framework powered by Python asyncio.
aioshell 1.0 Run single-threaded concurrent shell and ssh commands withfew keystrokes.
aio.signals 0.1.3 Pubsub system for aio framework
aiosip 0.1.0 SIP support for AsyncIO
aiosmtpd 1.0a1 aiosmtpd - asyncio based SMTP server
aiosmtplib 0.1.3 asyncio version of smtplib
aiosocks 0.1.4 SOCKS proxy client for asyncio and aiohttp
aiotarantool 1.0.6 Tarantool connection driver for work with asyncio
aiotarantool_queue 0.0.2 Tarantool Queue python bindings for asyncio
aioTelegramBot 0.1 TelegramBot Service Framework
aiotest 0.3 test suite to validate an implementation of the asyncio API, the PEP 3156
aio.testing 0.1.0 Testing utils for aio asyncio framework
aiotg 0.7.2 Asynchronous Python API for building Telegram bots
aiothrottle 0.1.2.post0 Throttling, flow controlling StreamReader for aiohttp
aiotkinter 0.2 An asyncio API for the Tkinter event loop
aiotor 0.0.1
aiotraversal 0.9.1 Traversal based asyncronious web framework
aiourlstatus 0.4.0 A tool to check links from a json / text file
aioutils 0.3.10 Python3 Asyncio Utils
aiouv 0.0.1 libuv based event loop for asyncio
aioweb 0.1 Asynchronous web framework, based on asyncio
aio.web 0.0.8 Aio web server 0.1.0 Web page templates for the aio asyncio framework
aiowebrtc 0.1 AsyncIO WebRTC Package
aio.web.server 0.1.3 Web server for the aio asyncio framework
aiowebsocketclient 0.0.5 WebSocket client connection manager for aiohttp
aiowerkzeug 0.1.2 Werkzeug for asyncio
aiowhoosh 0.1 Whoosh HTTP Server with aiohttp
aiowrap 0.1.1 Tools for wrapping existing synchronous libraries into Python3's asyncio framework.
aiowsgi 0.5 minimalist wsgi server using asyncio
aioxmlrpc 0.2 XML-RPC client for asyncio
aioxmpp 0.5.4 Pure-python XMPP library for asyncio
aio_yamlconfig 0.1.1 YAML configuration parser with validation.
aiozmq 0.7.1 ZeroMQ integration with asyncio.
aiozmq-heartbeat 0.0.1 Simple heartbeat implementation on top of aiozmq.rpc
aipsetup 3.3.10 software tools for building and maintaining own gnu+linux distro
aipy 2.1.0 Astronomical Interferometry in PYthon
aiqpy 0.10b2 Python bindings for connecting to a AIQ8 server
aiqterminal 0.1.1 Interactive shell for administrating a AIQ8 platform server
air 0.1.0 An ultra-lightweight static site generator.
airavata 0.9.5 Multiple dynamic sistes with Django
airbnb 1.0.0 A wrapper for API
airbrake 1.3.2 Python SDK for
airbrake-flask 1.0.7 airbrake-flask - Airbrake client for Python Flask
AirbrakePy 1.0.0b2 Airbrake notifier for Python logging framework
airbrake-tornado 0.0.2 Airbrake notifier for Tornado web framework.
airbrite 0.1 Airbrite python bindings
aircable-library-op 0.1.6 AIRcable libraries for BlueZ Development
aircraft 0.0.1
aircv 1.4.4 Find object position based on python-opencv2.
airflow Programmatically author, schedule and monitor data pipelines
airflow_plugin_honeypot 1.0.0 Airflow plugin that captures, parses, and visualizes Hive log files
airframe 0.2.0 Push images to a Toshiba FlashAir Wifi SD card
Airget 0.5
airgram 0.1.3 Wrapper for the airgram api
airi 1.0.c11 AIRi software package
airlock 0.0.13 A lightweight wrapper providing Google OAuth2 integration, sessions, XSRF validators, and user management for App Engine apps.
airoscriptng 0.0.3 Airoscript-ng python complete implementation
airplane 0.1.1 A little statusbar for to allow switching into an airplane mode under OS X written in Python.
airpy 0.0.7 Documentation Installer for the Pythonic Soul
airsea 0.0.1 AirSea Libray for Python
airship 1.5.6 A tool to synchronize game saves between clouds
airship-icloud 1.5.6 iCloud plugin for Airship
airship-steamcloud 1.5.6 Steam Cloud plugin for Airship
airsign 0.0.2 Command line tool to interface with the BitShares network
airspeed 0.5.4dev-20150515 Airspeed is a powerful and easy-to-use templating engine for Python that aims for a high level of compatibility with the popular Velocity library for Java.
AirStrip 2.0.2 Third-party js dependencies manager
airtest 0.0.1.dev6 Automation test library for android based on opencv
airtest_for_h9 mobile test(black air) python lib
airwaveapiclient 0.1.7 Aruba Networks AirWave API Client.
airwing_autopublish 1.0.5 GeoServer REST Configuration
airwing_geoinfo 1.0.6 this is a package for getting geoinfo in geoserver
airwing_gwc 1.0.13 this is a package for auto generating tile layers in geosever
airy 0.1.3 Web Application Framework
airypi 0.0.1 The server libraries for airypi
airypi-rpi 0.0.1 The airypi client for Raspberry Pi
ais 0.0.0
aishwyy_nested 1.0.0 printer of nested lists 0.2.0 Python interface for the Swisscom All-in Signing Service
aitertools 0.1.0 Async versions of the itertools features.
Aito 0.5.6 Ultra-lightweight test suite focused on REST API end-to-end tests.
aiven-client 0.9.1 client library / command-line client
aj 2.1.15 Web UI base toolkit
aja 0.9.1 Buildout-based deployment made safe and easy
ajax 3.0.0 A simple framework for creating AJAX endpoints in Django.
ajaxfeed 1.0.3 Python client library for Google Ajax Feed APIs
ajaxuploader 0.3.8 AJAX file uploader for django
ajcli 0.1.5 another jira interface including cli
AJDecimalMathAdditions 0.2.0 This Decimal math library will add additional trig and math functions to the module in python.
ajenti The server administration panel
ajenti-dev-multitool 1.0.16 -
ajenti-panel 2.1.15 Ajenti core based panel
ajenti.plugin.ace 0.24 Ace editor
ajenti.plugin.augeas 0.13 Augeas API
ajenti.plugin.auth_users 0.26 Custom users authentication
ajenti.plugin.core 0.76 Core
ajenti.plugin.dashboard 0.34 Dashboard
ajenti.plugin.datetime 0.18 Date & time
ajenti.plugin.filemanager 0.21 File Manager
ajenti.plugin.filesystem 0.35 Filesystem API 0.15 Network
ajenti.plugin.notepad 0.23 Notepad
ajenti.plugin.packages 0.26 Packages
ajenti.plugin.passwd 0.20 User DB API
ajenti.plugin.plugins 0.39 Plugins
ajenti.plugin.power 0.17 Power management 0.25 Services
ajenti.plugin.settings 0.21 Settings
ajenti.plugin.supervisor 0.14 Supervisor
ajenti.plugin.terminal 0.32 Terminal
ajenti.plugin.traffic 0.11 Traffic Widget
ajgu 15.07.25 Graph Database for everyday use
AjguDB 0.7.1 Explore you connected data
ajja 4.0.1 Next generation forms in javascript
ajk_ios_buildTools 0.1 for daily build,RC test...
ajl_nester 1.1.0 [This is a test-only module] Printer of the nested list
ajnester 1.0.0 A simple printer of Nested List
aj_nester 1.0.0 A simple printer of Nested List
ajrnester 1.1.0 A simple printer of Nested List
aka 1.0.3 Rename/copy files using Python code
akadata 0.3.0 Python port of Akamai EdgeScape client
akadav 0.6.2 WebDAV module for Twisted
Akamu 0.7 An Akara module for managing the use of an RDF dataset, a XML/RDF filesystem, and XSLT extension functions within a web application
ak-androguard 3.2.1 A fork of official Androguard project
Akara 2.0.0a4 Web components for Amara 2.x
akatsuki 0.2.1 BibTeX to HTML converter
akaudit 0.2.0 Audit who has SSH access to your user homes via authorized_keys.
AKBusGpsParser 1.0.0 A bus-gps parser module.It's easy to use! For more, please visit my blog
akcli 0.1.1 Akamai CLI tool written in Python
akData 0.0.2 Data manipulation - formatting, parsing, validating and converting
ak-django-datadog Simple Django middleware for submitting timings and exceptions to Datadog.
ake 0.0 UNKNOWN
ak-gchartwrapper 0.9.1 Python Google Chart Wrapper
Akhet 2.0 A Pyramid library and demo app with a Pylons-like feel.
akiban-automation 1.1.4 Performance Automation Tool for Akiban
akilib 2.1.0 This Library is Hardware Library. and You can buy parts in Japan Akihabara .
akiokio-django-geoposition 0.2.2 Django model field that can hold a geoposition, and corresponding admin widget.
akismet 0.2.0 A Python interface to the Akismet anti comment-spam API.
Akispy 0.1 Light weight python client for Akismet API.
akkdict 0.0.2 simple utility for looking up Akkadian words in the CAD
AKparser 1.0.0 A simple parser,you just tell me what item you want,and set a list for the parser,it is will return a dict.For more,please visit my blog !
ak-postmonkey 1.0b1 Appknox fork of Python wrapper for Mailchimp API
akshat 1.0.0 UNKNOWN
akshay_choche_nester 1.0.0 UNKNOWN
akshell 0.2.0 An utility and a library for development access to
aksy 0.3-SNAPSHOT-r1389 Control S5000/S6000, Z4/Z8 and MPC4000 Akai sampler models with System Exclusive over USB
ak_temp_test 1.2.0 This is temporary module
aktos 0.1
aktos-dcs 0.7 Aktos DCS core library
ak-vendor 0.2.3 Some vendor scripts that we use here at Appknox
ak-websockify Appknox forn of Websockify.
alabama 0.1.4 A small and simple python orm to connect with postgresql database.
alabaster 0.7.8 A configurable sidebar-enabled Sphinx theme
alabastermobile 0.2.2 theme for ablog
alacarte 0.6.2 A common templating interface for Python applications.
alalibo 1.0.0 a module for nesting lists
alamatic 0.0.1
alamire_of_tamir 0.15.1 Translate the manuscripts
AL---Application-Launcher 1.0.7 Freeware application launcher for windows
alarm 2.1 CLI Alarm Clock
Alarmageddon 1.0.3 Automated testing and reporting
alarmdecoder 0.10.3 Python interface for the AlarmDecoder (AD2) family of alarm devices which includes the AD2USB, AD2SERIAL and AD2PI.
alarmer 0.0.1
alarmserver 1.0.1 Alarmhandling for HMI software
alart 0.1.1 Generate pseudo-random art
alation 0.1.14 UNKNOWN
alation-api 2.0 UNKNOWN
alauda 0.3.8 Alauda CLI
alauda-django-oauth 0.9.0 OAuth2 goodies for Django
alauda_test 0.1.0 Alauda CLI
alba-client-python 1.0.1 API client for Alba.
albatross 1.36 Albatross is a toolkit for developing highly stateful web applications.
albero 0.0.1 albero
Albertson 0.1.8 Easy to use, scalable, counters powered by Amazon's DynamoDB
albopictus 0.3 Environmentally-driven population dynamics model of Aedes albopictus
album-dl 0.2.1 Python application to download full music albums using LastFM and Youtube
AlbumDownloader 0.1.0 Python application to download full music albums using LastFM and Youtube
albuminer 1.2.0 Tool that, given an audio file or a path with audio files, gets a cover for all of them.
albumr 1.0.3 Imgur album downloader
albumthief 0.1 Very fast album downloader made using gevent.
alburnum-maas-client 0.3.0 A client API library specially for MAAS.
alchemist 0.3.12 A server architecture built on top of a solid foundation provided by flask, sqlalchemy, and various extensions.
alchemist-armet 0.1.2 Tight integration of armet with alchemist.
alchemist.audit 0.3.4 Alchemist Auditing Components ( Event Subscribers, Change Recorders, UI ) for Relational Applications 0.4.2 Relational Implementation of Zope Security components
alchemist.traversal 0.4.0 Foreign Key Traversal mechanisms for alchemist containers and domain objects.
alchemist.ui 0.4.2 user interface components for use with zope3 relational database applications, crud, listing and relation views
alchemize 0.3.0 A simple library that allows for serialization and deserialization of models via mapping definitions
alchemy 0.0.1 job processing
AlchemyAPI 1.0 Python access to AlchemyAPI for unstructured text analysis and natural language processing.
alchemyapi_python 1.2.1 Enhanced version of AlchemyAPI Python SDK
alchemyjsonschema 0.3.3 mapping jsonschema for sqlalchemy models
Alchemytools 0.4 Alchemytools is a set of helpers to be used in any SQLAlchemy project
alchimia 0.6.1 (SQLAlchemy - ORM) + Twisted = win
alchy 2.2.1 A SQLAlchemy extension for its declarative ORM that provides enhancements for model classes, queries, and sessions.
al-cloudinsight 1.1 This is an example project which shows how to access the Cloud Insight API using Python.
alco 2.5.2 Autonomous Log Collector and Observer
alcohol 0.5 Handles user authentication, in a way.
alcohol_consumption 1.0.0 A sample to analyze the alcohol consumption.
alder 0.1.0 Asynchrounous Lexical Distributed Event Roster
aldjemy 0.6.0 SQLAlchemy to Django integration library
aldream_test 1.2.0 i don't care
aldryn-addons 1.0.1 Aldryn Addons Framework
aldryn-apphook-reload 0.2.3 Reload urls of django CMS Apphooks without a restart
aldryn-apphooks-config 0.2.7 Namespaces based configuration for Apphooks
aldryn-blog 0.4.6 Adds blogging abilities to django CMS
aldryn-boilerplates 0.7.4 An extension that allows re-usable apps to provide sets of templates and staticfiles for different boilerplates.
aldryn-bootstrap3 0.4.5 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 0.4.6 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 0.4.7 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 0.4.8 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 0.4.9 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 0.5.0 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 0.5.1 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 0.5.2 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 1.0.0 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 1.0.1 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 1.0.2 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 1.0.3 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 1.0.4 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 1.0.5 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 1.0.6 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 1.0.7 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 1.0.8 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 1.0.9 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-bootstrap3 1.0.10 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
aldryn-categories 1.0.3 Hierarchical categories/taxonomies for your Django project
aldryn-client 2.2.4 The command-line client for the Aldryn Cloud
aldryn-cms An opinionated django CMS setup bundled as an Aldryn Addon
aldryn-common 1.0.3 Common utitilities
aldryn-dashboard 0.0.1 Dashboard for django CMS
aldryn-disqus 1.0.0 Allows embeding Disqus threads into the site
aldryn-django An opinionated Django setup bundled as an Aldryn Addon
aldryn-events 1.1.3 An events app for Aldryn
aldryn-faq 1.1.0 FAQ addon for django CMS
aldryn-forms 2.1.1 Create forms and embed them on CMS pages
aldryn-gallery 0.4.1 Gallery
aldryn-gallery-timed 0.0.1 Aldryn Gallery Slides that can be timed
aldryn-jobs 1.2.0 Publish job openings on your site
aldryn-locations 1.0.0 Google Maps plugin with multiple Locations, info boxes and navigations.
aldryn-mailchimp 0.3.0 Plugins for MailChimp integration.
aldryn-news 0.1.16 Publish news in django CMS
aldryn-newsblog 1.2.2 Adds blogging and newsing capabilities to django CMS
aldryn-people 1.2.1 Aldryn People publishes profile pages for people in your organisation including team members, collaborators, partners, clients, and so on, including photographs and address information.
aldryn-pypi-stats 0.0.5 Simple plugin to add dynamic stats from PyPI packages.
aldryn-redirects 1.0.0 A modified version of django.contrib.redirects with multilingual target URLs.
aldryn-reversion 1.0.9 Support for django-reversion on models with translatable fields and django-cms placeholder fields.
aldryn-search 0.2.12 An extension to django CMS to provide multilingual Haystack indexes
aldryn-sites 0.5.3 An extension for django.contrib.sites, featuring domain redirects and automatic population of the django.contrib.sites.Site table based on settings.
aldryn-snake 0.0.2 Adds header and tail scripts from addons
aldryn-snippet 0.1.5 Snippets
aldryn-style 1.1.1 Style Plugin for django CMS
aldryn-tours 0.0.1 Let users take part in your tours
aldryn-translation-tools 0.2.1 Collection of helpers and mixins for translated projects
aldryn-wordpress-import 1.1 Wordpress import for aldryn-blog
aldryn-wow 1.0.0 Plugin for aldryn to include awesome animations from WOW.js and Animate.css
alea 0.1.2
alebot 0.1.2 A super lean and highly modularized irc bot
alembic 0.8.6 A database migration tool for SQLAlchemy.
alembic_autogenerate_enums 0.0.1 UNKNOWN
alembic-offline 1.2.0 Offline extensions for alemic database migration framework
alengen 1.0.9 Automatic model code generator for SQLAlchemy
aleparser 0.1.1 A simple python ALE (AvidLogExchange) parser.
alerta 4.7.15 Alerta unified command-line tool
alerta-server 4.7.21 Alerta server WSGI application
alerta-slack 0.1.4 Alerta plugin for Slack
alert-from-script 0.1.2 Generate SNS alerts from any command.
alert-grid 1.0.0 Alert Grid utility
alertlogic 0.4.2 Alert Logic Library
alex 0.1dev Natural language access to command line
alexa 1.0a0
alexandra 0.3.0 Toolkit for writing Amazon Alexa skills as web services
alexandria 0.0 alexandria
Alexandria-Upload-Utils 0.3.0 Easy uploads to an Alexandria build archive
alex_asr 1.0.4 Incremental speech recognition decoder for Kaldi NNET2 and GMM models.
alex_chi2 0.1.8 Sum Squared Error calculator in c
alexer 0.2 dead simple lexer
alexis 0.1
alex_sayhi 1.0.0 UNKNOWN
alex_test 0.3.1 This is a demo package
alf 0.7.0 OAuth Client
alfajor 0.1 Tasty functional testing.
alfanous 0.7.28 Quranic search engine API
alfanousDesktop 0.7.23 Desktop interface for alfanous Quranic search engine API
Alfe 0.1.0 Extract TODO comment tags from source files
alfred 0.2 Utilities for Alfred script filters.
alfredo 0.2 Alfredo is a gtalk bot born so serve you.
Alfred-Workflow 1.17.3 Full-featured helper library for writing Alfred 2 workflows
alfREST 0.9.3 Alfresco REST web services client library for python
algae 0.1.3 Python advanced collections library
algebraixlib 1.3 A Data Algebra™ library for database management and computer modeling
algen 0.9.3 algen
algobroker 0.0.12 Algorithmic trading broker
algogd 0.1 Algorithmic backtester for incorporating GDELT event data into finance analysis
algoliasearch 1.8.0 Algolia Search API Client for Python
algoliasearch-django 1.2.4 Algolia Search integration for Django
algometer 0.0.1 Easily test the pain thresholds of your algorithms
algopy 0.5.3 ALGOPY: Taylor Arithmetic Computation and Algorithmic Differentiation
algorithm 1.0.0 Model an algorithm as a list of functions.
algorithmia 1.0.4 Algorithmia Python Client
algorithms 1.0 module of algorithms for Python
AlgoTrading 0.1.7 algorithmic trading framework for multiple assets
aliasfile 0.1.1
alib 0.0.1 A LIB-rary of useful Python code
alibaba_helpers alibaba_helpers
alibaba-python-sdk 0.1.3 Aibaba SDK for python.
alibuild 1.3.0.rc1 ALICE Build Tool
alicat 0.1.12 Python driver for Alicat mass flow controllers.
alice 0.1
alicloudcli 1.0.2 Universal Command Line Environment for alicloud
aliddns 0.1.5 DDNS tool for domains hosted on AliYun
alienbuild 1.0 A large code and asset build system written in python.
alienbuild 1.1 A large code and asset build system written in python.
alienbuild 1.01 A large code and asset build system written in python.
AlienFeed 0.3.2 AlienFeed is a simple Reddit client for viewing and opening links from your console.
aliexpress-api-client 1.0 AliExpress API Client
alignak 0.2 Alignak is a monitoring framework compatible with Nagios configuration and plugins
alignak_backend 0.3.1 Alignak REST backend
alignak_backend_client 0.3.0 Alignak REST backend
alignak_checks_EXAMPLE 0.2.2 Alignak - Example and how-to build a checks pack for Alignak monitoring framework.
alignak_checks_glances 0.2.2 Alignak - Checks pack for monitoring hosts with Glances
alignak_checks_nrpe 0.1.0 Alignak - Checks pack for monitoring hosts with NRPE
alignak_checks_snmp 0.1.0 Alignak - Checks pack for monitoring hosts with SNMP
alignak_checks_wmi 0.1.0 Alignak - Checks pack for monitoring hosts with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
alignak-mod-surveil-config 0.1.0 Alignak module load config from Surveil API
alignak_webui 0.2.3 Web User Interface for Alignak REST backend
alignlib-lite 0.2.3 alignlib-lite - simple wrapper around alignlib C++ library for sequence alignment
alignment 1.0.9 Native Python library for generic sequence alignment.
ali-opensearch 2.0.2 Python SDK for OpenSearch of Ali Cloud
alioss 0.22.4 Command line tool for managing Aliyun Open Storage Service.
alipay 0.7.3 An Unofficial Alipay API for Python
aliquoter 0.0.1 Aliquot Mogrifier
alitvb 1.0.1 TV Bridge
aliUtil 1.0.0 milehao util
Aliyun 0.1.1 UNKNOWN
aliyuncli 2.1.2 Universal Command Line Environment for aliyun
aliyunoss 0.3.8b2 Unofficial packaging for official aliyun oss python sdk
aliyun-oss 0.3.7 Command line tool for managing Aliyun Open Storage Service.
aliyun-python-sdk 2.2.0 All modules of aliyun python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-aas 2.0.0 The aas module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-acs 0.0.2 The acs module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-alidns 2.0.0 The alidns module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-batchcompute 0.0.2 The batchcompute module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-bsn 0.0.1 The bsn module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-bss 0.0.2 The bss module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-cdn 2.0.1 The cdn module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-cf The cf module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-cms 3.2.6 The cms module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-core 2.0.33 The core module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-core-emr-hack 2.0.21 The core module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-core-patch-cf 2.0.19 The core module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-crm 0.0.1 The crm module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-cs 2.0.1 The cs module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-domain 2.0.1 The domain module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-drds 0.0.1 The drds module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-ecs 2.1.0 The ecs module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-emr-hack 0.1.2 Temp egg to use emr openapi.
aliyun-python-sdk-ess 2.0.0 The ess module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-ft 0.0.1 The ft module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-green 1.1.0 The green module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-highddos 2.1.0 The highddos module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-httpdns 2.0.0 The httpdns module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-iot 2.0.0 The iot module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-kms 2.0.0 The kms module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-mts 2.0.0 The mts module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-ocs 0.0.2 The ocs module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-oms 0.0.1 The oms module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-oss Command line tool for managing Aliyun Open Storage Service.
aliyun-python-sdk-ossadmin 0.0.1 The ossadmin module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-push 2.0.0 The push module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-ram 2.0.7 The ram module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-rds 2.0.3 The rds module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-risk 0.0.1 The risk module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-r-kvstore 0.0.1 The r-kvstore module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-ros 2.0.1 The ros module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-slb 2.0.21 The slb module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-sts 2.1.6 The sts module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-ubsms 0.0.1 The ubsms module of Aliyun Python sdk.
aliyun-python-sdk-yundun 0.0.1 The yundun module of Aliyun Python sdk.
alkanet-picard Declarative Hyperparameter Optimization for Keras models
alkey 0.7.1 Redis backed tool for generating cache keys.
all 0.0.7 all(module) function - get dict with module public objects
Allanon 0.2 A Web crawler that visit a predictable set of URLs, and automatically download resources you want from them
AllanTools 2016.4 Allan deviation and related time/frequency statistics
AllAttachmentsMacro 0.1 A Trac wiki macro that shows all attachments uploaded on a Trac site.
allauth_battlenet 0.9.4 A django-allauth module for authentication with
Allegra 0.63 Asynchronous Network Peer Programming
allegrordf 1.0.1 RDFLIB Allegro bindings
allein_zu_haus 0.1.4 Needleman-Wunsch Quality-Aware Sequence Alignment
allen 1.1.0 printemyname
allensdk 0.10.1 core libraries for the allensdk.
allensdk 0.11.0 core libraries for the allensdk.
allfiles 1.0 Iterate matched files in directory trees
alligator 0.10.0 Simple offline task queues.
allink_essentials 1.0.32 collection of code fragments
allmychanges 0.9.0 A command line client to
allmydata-tahoe 1.10.2 secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant filesystem
allocine-wrapper 0.3.0 Wrapper of Allocine API
allostery 0.0.0.a1 This package deals with analysis of MD trajectories in order to understantd allostery.
alloy 0.1-alpha
alloyclient 1.0.0 Alloy Client
AllPairs 2.0.1 Pairwise test combinations generator
allparts 0.1.0 A tool to merge all part files in an s3 bucket.
allset 1.0.1 Generates dynamic bindings for module imports
all_spark_cube_client 0.5 Python client library for the All Spark Cube
AllSpeak 0.8 A pythonic internationalization and localization solution
allthedots 0.1.9 Make a list of important stuff.
allthekernels 0.0.1 Multiplexing kernel for Jupyter
AllTray 0.1.1 Tray all application
alltweets 0.2 A very simple Twitter crawler that can collect all friends, followers, and tweets of a specified user.
Allura 0.1dev UNKNOWN
ally 0.1-alpha
allyourbase 1.0.0 Numerical base converter, allowing arbitrary floating point precision and conversion between any integer bases
ally-py 0.9.0 Ally-Py
alman 0.0.1 Alman is a calendar scheduling API.
almanach 3.1.0 Stores usage of OpenStack volumes and instances for each tenant
almir 0.1.8 Almir is a Bacula (backup solution) web interface written in Python.
almonds 1.25b Terminal fractal viewer
almost 0.1.5 A helper to compare two numbers generously
almost-empty 0.4.0-beta Create AlmostEmpty packages
alms 1.0 A Django Based Library Management Software written for Nepali reading users
alm.solrindex 1.1.1 A ZCatalog multi-index that uses Solr
alnair 0.3.2 A simple system configuration framework
alnvu 0.1.0 Reformat and condense multiple sequence alignments to highlight variability
alo-aes 0.3 Python AES module.
aloe 0.1.6 Gherkin runner compatible with Lettuce
aloe_django 0.0.20 Package for testing Django applications with Aloe
aloe_webdriver 0.5.1 Selenium webdriver extension for Aloe 0.0.4 A simple API for getting winds aloft data from NOAA
alogator 0.2.0 Alogator is an aggregated logging actor system.
aloha 1.0.2 A Django template tag that renders "Hello" in different langauges
aloharedis 0.0.3 Aloharedis is a set of tools for working with redis-py.
aloisius 0.3 Create/Update/Delete AWS CloudFormation stacks in parallel
alooma 0.1.30 Alooma python API
alooma_pysdk A Python SDK to embed in your Python app to send events to your Alooma server
alot 0.3.6 Terminal MUA using notmuch mail
alotofeffort 0.2 Instantly deploy static HTML sites to S3 at the command line.
alotofeffort 0.3 Instantly deploy static HTML sites to S3 at the command line.
alotofeffort 0.4.0 Deploy static HTML sites to S3 at the command line.
alotofeffort 0.4.1 Deploy static HTML sites to S3 at the command line.
Alp 0.1.1 Alp time tools
alpaca 1.0.0 UNKNOWN
alpaca-django 0.3.0 Alpaca error logger for Django applications.
alpaca-monitor 0.3.0 Software error aggregator.
alpaca-variant-caller 0.3.3 An algebraic parallel SNV caller using OpenCL
al_papi 0.0.6 AuthorityLabs Partner API Wrapper
alphabet-detector 0.0.5 A library to detect what alphabet something is written in.
alphabetic-simple 0.2 Alphabetic template tag to filter django queryset
alphabot 0.0.0 Bot that connects to Slack.
alphadict 1.01 Recursively sorts dictionaries by key.
AlphaID 0.1.1 UNKNOWN
alphasign 1.0 Implementation of the Alpha Sign Communications Protocol
alphasms-client 0.1.3 Ukrainian AlphaSMS service client API implementation for Python
alphaver 0.5.7 Alpha version for cg_acc
Alquimia 0.7.2 An API to work with JSON schemas in SQLAlchemy
alsapyer 0.2 A ridicolously simple Python binding for libalsaplayer
alsaseq 0.4.1 ALSA sequencer bindings for Python
also 0.0.2 UNKNOWN
alstat 0.0.7 Collection of advanced utils to parse logfiles in different formats and build statistic reports
alt 0.0.4 Web API level tests and test runner
altapay 1.2.0 Unofficial Python SDK for AltaPay (formerly Pensio).
altasetting 0.1.1 A python settings library
alteraparser 1.1.0 A simple parser and grammar definition library
altered.states 0.8.6 Python monkey patching for humans.
alternatives 0.1.0 Alternatives api is just a syntax sugar for selecting alternative variants from some set of values
alternator 0.1.1 Create asynchronous generators from coroutines
alterootheme.busycity 1.0a6 Free City Plone 3.0 Theme
alterootheme.intensesimplicity 1.0a A Plone 3.0 Theme based on a free template by David Uliana
alterootheme.lazydays 1.0a A Theme for Plone 3.0 based on Lazy Days theme
alterparagraphs 0.2.0 Alternative paragraphs for ReportLab.
altf2 1.0.3 Simple program launcher (Alt-F2 handler). Requires PyQt4
altgraph 0.12 Python graph (network) package
altin 0.0.5 Check last 30 days gold prices with email
altmetric 1.0 Altmetric API v1 wrapper for Python.
alto 0.4 A high-level code browser for Django projects.
altpty 1.0 alternate pty module
alttex 0.2a LaTeX pre-processor with support to templates, separate data sources, and alternatives.
aludel 0.3.0 A framework for RESTful services using Klein and Alchimia.
alurinium-image-processing 0.1.2-dev Useful image processing utils using Pillow
alvi 1.1.1 Algorithm Visualization framework
alx 0.4.5 Swiss army knife for Shell, Cloud and DevOps.
am2 0.1 Stuff made on the machine learning course at my university
AM2302-rpi 1.1.2 Drive an AM2302 temperature sensor with a raspberry pi.
ama 0.1 Module to ask a set of questions from the user and return a set of answers
amadeus 0.1.2 Python Package for Amadeus
amalgam 0.4.3 Minimal wrapper for database access
amaliatest 0.0.1 This is a simple function that does nothing. Just trying to get registered with pypi
Amalwebcrawler 0.1 Web crawler in Python
amani 0.0.2 A way to patch configuration files.
Amara 2.0.0 Library for XML processing in Python
amara3-iri 3.0.0b3 Module for handling Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs). Core of the Amara3 project, which offers a variety of data processing tools.
amara3-xml 3.0.0a6 Amara3 project, which offers a variety of data processing tools. This module adds the MicroXML support, and adaptation to classic XML.
Amara-XML-Toolkit 0.9.0 A collection of Python/XML processing tools to complement 4Suite (
amarokHola 1.0 UNKNOWN
amas 0.98 Calculate various summary statistics on a multiple sequence alignment
amathon 0.2 Amazon api wrapper for Python 3.x
Amauri 1.0 Uma função que imprime listas de listas. Retirado do livro Use a Cabeça - Python
amazing 1.0.0 Amazing Python!
AmazonAPIWrapper 0.0.11 Amazon API Wrapper
amazonify 0.1 The simplest way to build Amazon Affiliate links, in Python.
amazon_kclpy 1.2.0 A python interface for the Amazon Kinesis Client Library MultiLangDaemon
amazon-mws 0.2.3 A python interface for Amazon MWS
amazons3 0.1 Django Storage Backend for Amazon S3.
amazon_scraper 0.3.3 Provides content not accessible through the standard Amazon API
amazonstoreprice 0.1.1 Find the price on Amazon store starting from url
amazonwishlist 0.6.1 Query and visualize Amazon wishlists information (e.g. total cost, items etc)
ambari_client 1.0.3-SNAPSHOT Ambari python REST API client
amber 0.0.1 A library that makes using REST API easer.
ambhas 0.4.0 A library devloped under the project AMBHAS
ambikesh13491 1.0.0 Printer of nested lists
ambikesh1349-1 1.0.0 Printer of nested lists
AmbilightParty 1.0 Have fun with your Philips Ambilight TV
ambisafe 0.25.1 Ambisafe server client library
ambition 0.1.2 UNKNOWN
ambition-inmemorystorage 1.4.0 A non-persistent in-memory data storage backend for Django.
ambivert 0.5b1 AmBiVErT - AMplicon BInning Variant caller with ERror Truncation. For calling variants in amplicon based sequencing experiments
ambry 0.3.2031 Data packaging and distribution framework
ambry-censuslib 0.0.6 Common support for building census bundles
ambry-client 0.0.2 Client for Ambry libraries
ambryfdw 0.0.4 Ambry partitions msgpack files Foreign Data Wrapper (postgresql, multicorn).
ambry-sources 0.1.10 Ambry Partition Message Pack File
amcatclient 3.4.1 Python bindings for the AmCAT API
ameliabot 1.0.0 A nifty IRC Bot written on top of untwisted framework
amen 0.0.0rc3 Algorithmic music remixing
amenu 1.0.3 A menu plugin for DjangoCMS.
amenukit 0.1a1 Cross gui-menu building utility.
AmFast 0.5.3-r541 Flash remoting framework. Includes support for NetConnection, RemoteObject, IExternizeable, Flex Producer/Consumer messaging, custom type serialization, and a C-based AMF encoder/decoder.
amfm 0.2 A library for multidimensional AM-FM demodulation
AMFM_decompy 1.0.4 Package to decompose the voiced part of a speech signal into its modulated components, aka AM-FM decomposition.
amfpy 0.0.1 amfpy provides Action Message Format support for python3.
Amfy 0.1.1 AMF serializer/deserializer for python3
amg 1.0.5 app manager tool
amiandopy 0.2 amiandoPy makes it really easy to interact with amiando's API
amibaker 0.8.2 Automate creation of AWS AMIs.
amico 1.0.1 Relationships (e.g. friendships) backed by Redis.
amifs_core 1.0.0-beta1 ATLAS Metadata Interface File System (AMIFS)
amigocloud 1.1 Python client for the AmigoCloud REST API
amigrations 0.5 Ascetic database migrations. The most ease way to power your python app with raw database migrations
ami-organizer 0.1.1 An AMI creator and cataloging system
ami-push 0.1.0 Daemon that makes a bridge to listen Asterisk Management Interface (AMI) Events and send HTTP requests
amitgroup 0.9.0 Code for Yali Amit's Research Group.
amitjaiswal 0.1 A random test lib
amitu-hstore 1.3.5 Bring schemaless PostgreSQL (HStore) in Django
amitu.lipy 0.0.1a4 Lipy - Pythonic Lisp
amitu-putils 0.1.0 Python Utilities
amitu-websocket-client 0.1.0 WebSocket Client Library
amitu-zutils 0.1.0 Generic Utilities for ZMQ based services
aml 0.4.3 A library for working with AML Markup Language
aml 0.4.4 A library for working with AML Markup Language
amlang 1.0.0 Small and simple expression language
AMLT-learn 0.2.1 Python classes for the AMLT course of the Master in Artificial Intelligence (UPC)
ammo 0.0.7 Input data generator for different load tools
amnesia 0.2.0 Amnesia eases web development by reloading WSGI apps and imported modules before each request.
amo2kinto 1.2.1 Generate a blocklists.xml file from the Kinto collections.
amocrm 0.7.5 AmoCRM API wrapper in python
amocrm_api 0.8.2 Python API for Amocrm
amod400_dist1 1.2.0 test distribution from headsfirst
amodem 1.11 Audio Modem Communication Library
amodem 1.12.0 Audio Modem Communication Library
amodem 1.12 Audio Modem Communication Library
amodem 1.13 Audio Modem Communication Library
amoi .lol. UNKNOWN
amonagent 1.0 Linux system and process information collector
amonagent 1.1 Linux system and process information collector
amonagent 1.2 Linux system and process information collector
amonagent 1.3.1 Linux system and process information collector
amongo 0.1 UNKNOWN
amoniak 0.9.1 AMON Tools for GISCE-ERP
amonpy 0.4.2 Python client for the Amon API
amonpy 0.4.4 Python client for the Amon API
amount-in-words 0.1.0 Convert amount to words (Polish translation).
amo-validator 1.10.30 Validates add-ons for Mozilla products.
AMP 1.1.4 A Python 2.7 mathematical parsing library
ampcountpy 0.2.0 Some functions to count the expected amplifications for genomic regions given a set of primer binding locations for a multiple displacement amplification reaction.
ampcrowd_client 0.0.4 A python client for using the AMPCrowd service.
ampd 0.1.1b4 Asynchronous MPD client library
amphipathic 0.0.0 This is a library to evaluate an aminoacid sequence and determine an amphipathic index for each alpha helix or beta sheet.
amphora 0.1.3 AMQP RPC for services based on gevent
ampit 0
ampl 0.1 An IPython extension for working with AMPL.
amplecode.recipe.template 1.1 Buildout recipe for making files out of Jinja2 templates
amplee 0.6.1 Atom Publishing Protocol implementation
amplify 0.2.0 Share music with your friends
amplifyit 0
amplifyme 0
amplikyzer 0.99.4 an amplicon methylation analyzer for flowgrams (SFF files)
AmpliPy 1.1 A Python preprocessor
Amplitude 0.1 Fast, light web-development framework
amply 0
ampoule 0.2.0 A process pool implementation in Twisted Matrix and AMP
amp-player 0.1.24-2 Asynchronous command-line YouTube interface
ampr 1.0.0 Amateur Packet Radio API client
amptrac 0.1 Client for twisted's amp interface to trac
ampy 1.2.6 Ampy - The pure-Python AMP library
amqp 2.0.0 Low-level AMQP client for Python (fork of amqplib)
amqp_client_cli 0.2.post3 A command line interface for interacting with amqp exchanges
amqpclt 0.5 Versatile AMQP client
AmqpConnector 0.0.41 Simple library for building a distributed task system over AMQP.
amqpconsumer 1.6 AMQP event listener
amqpctl 0.2 AMQP Control Command Line Utility
AMQPDeliver 0.1 Asynchronous file transfer using AMQP
amqp-dispatcher 0.8.0 A daemon gevent to run AMQP consumers
amqping 0.4 simple package/command for tesitng if an amqp instance is responding
amqpipe 0.2.3 Twisted based pipeline framework for AMQP
amqplib 1.0.2 AMQP Client Library
amqplib_thrift 0.1 Python library to use thrift services (client and servers) over AMQP with pyamqplib
AMQPQueue 0.4.2 AMQPQueue - Python Queue interface for AMQP
amqpservices 0.5.2 Lightweight AMQP services
amqp_shrapnel 0.1 AMQP for Shrapnel
amqp_shrapnel 0.5 AMQP for Shrapnel
AMQPStorm 1.3.2 Thread-safe Python RabbitMQ Client Library based on pamqp.
AMQP-Storm 1.3.2 Thread-safe Python RabbitMQ Client Library based on pamqp.
amqp_worker 0.2 A python module for writing workers (daemons) triggered from amqp jobs.
amqpy 0.13.1 an AMQP 0.9.1 client library for Python 2.7 & Python >= 3.2.0
amritnray 1.3.0 a simple print function
ams 0.5 Painless queue management
amsin 0.1.4 Simple tool for shortlinking amazon pages.
amsterdam 0.8 Suricata, ELK, Scirius on Docker
amt 0.3.0 Tools for interacting with Intel's AMT
amtk 0.3.1 The Asynchronous Message Tool Kit. Utilities for the AMQP.
amulet 1.15.0 Tools to help with writing Juju Charm Functional tests
amusement 0.1.2 A python package and CLI to get wait times for rides at various theme parks
AmzScrape 0.9.0 A cross-platform module for GUI automation for human beings. Control the keyboard and mouse from a Python script.
ana 0.01 UNKNOWN
anac-csv-upload 0.1 Uploads CSV data to brazilian ANAC
anaconda-build 0.14.0 UNKNOWN
anaconda-client 1.2.2 Anaconda Cloud command line client library
anaconda_mode 0.1.2 Code navigation, documentation lookup and completion for Python.
Anaconda-Navigator 0.1.0
anafero 1.2 a referrals app for Django
Anagrammer 1.1 Anagramming tools.
analog 1.0.0 analog - Log Analysis Utility
analyse 1.0.0 It can tell average about lists and nested lists.
analysis 0.1.7 Source code analysis of Python programs
analyst-remote-control 0.2 # analyst-remote-control Python remote control proxy for VB.NET AnalystControl application.
AnalyticMicroService 0.23 Analytic Micro Service
analytics 0.4.0 Library for efficiently adding analytics to your project.
analytics 0.5.0 Library for efficiently adding analytics to your project.
analytics 0.5.1 Library for efficiently adding analytics to your project.
analytics 0.5.2 Library for efficiently adding analytics to your project.
analytics 0.5.3 Library for efficiently adding analytics to your project.
analytics 0.5.4 Library for efficiently adding analytics to your project.
analytics 0.6.0 Library for efficiently adding analytics to your project.
analytics 0.6.1 Library for efficiently adding analytics to your project.
analytics 0.6.2 Library for efficiently adding analytics to your project.
analytics 0.6.3 Library for efficiently adding analytics to your project.
analytics 0.6.4 Library for efficiently adding analytics to your project.
analytics 0.6.5 Library for efficiently adding analytics to your project.
analytics-python 1.2.3 The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into any python application.
AnalyzeDirectory 1.7.0 analyze directory, and return attributes.
analyzeMFT 2.0.19 Analyze the $MFT from a NTFS filesystem.
analyzer 0.1.1 python project for finance: realtime data collection, analyze, algorithmic trading
analyzerdam 0.1.2 Data Access Model for analyzer
analyzere 0.5.1 Python wrapper for the Analyze Re API.
analyzers 0.1.1 Analysers for elasticsearch for best suggestion and auto complete
analyzerstrategies 0.1.5 Strategies for Analyzer
ananta 0.1.0 AWS Lambda packager
anapioficeandfire 0.1.2 A Python helper library for
anarcho 0.5.3 Android artifact hosting service
anatta_collector 0.1 UNKNOWN
anatta_common 0.1 UNKNOWN
anatta_logger 0.1 UNKNOWN
anatta_publisher 0.1 UNKNOWN
Ancestration 0.1.0 Family Inheritance for Python.
anchor 0.4.0 Webservice to auto-sign certificates for short amount of time
anchora 1.0.1 This is a test Func for Python
anchorhub 0.14 Easily utilize GitHub's automatically generated anchors within and across Markdown documents
anchorman 0.2.2 Anchorman takes a list of terms and a text. It finds the terms in this text and replaces them with another representation.
ancientsolutions-crypttools 0.1 Python Cryptography Utilities
andbug 0.1 The AndBug scriptable Android debugger
anderson.paginator 0.2 UNKNOWN
anderson.picasso 0.4.5 Image Processing + Thread + AWS
anderssontree 0.1.0 Package provides Andersson Tree implementation in pure Python.
andle 1.5.6 android dependency sync tool
andluo_pytest 1.0.1 aaa
andor 1.14 Object-oriented interface for Andor EMCCD cameras
AndrewList 1.0.2 A test printer method of nested list
andrey 0.1.0 A markov chain library
androguard 3.0 UNKNOWN
android 0.0.1 Python for iran.
android2po 1.5.0 Convert between Android string resources and gettext .po files.
android-asset-resizer 1.2.1 A command-line utility for generating Android drawables in the required densities.
android-autotools 0.2.0 Handles autotools mayhem for Android development
android-benchmark-views 0.1.7 LAVA Android Benchmark Views Application
android-debian-builder 1.1.0 Bootstrap a Debian system in a file, mostly for deploying to Android.
android-dumpkey 0.1.1 Python port of
android-flasher 1.3 Flash the Android factory image without removing your data.
android-gendimen 0.1 A simple tool for android dimens.xml
android_gradle_source_mover 0.1.7 A Android sources mover for gradle build.
androidicon 1.0.3 Create Android icons
android-localization-helper 0.1.4 Android localization helper
android-missingdrawables 1.0 Easily find out for which density buckets your drawables are missing.
android-publish-cli 0.1.2 A simple CLI for Google Play Publish API
android-resource-remover 0.1.6 Android resource remover
AndroidResR 1.1.1 A resource manager for Android
android-sdk-updater 1.0.0 A command-line utility for keeping your Android dependencies up-to-date.
android_sms_exporter 0.1 Android sent and received sms export to csv file
androidvideo 1.0.0 Create Android compatible videos that play in ANY Android device without third party software.
androidviewclient 11.5.5 AndroidViewClient is a 100% pure python library and tools that simplifies test script creation providing higher level operations and the ability of obtaining the tree of Views present at any given moment on the device or emulator screen.
android-webview 0.1.3 Python script to generate android webview based apps
AnelPowerControl 0.1 Python library to control Anel Power Control Home/Pro.
Anemone 0.0.1 Monitor long running analyses by remote plotting of selected variables
aneris 0.6 curses time/project planner
anex 0.0.1
an_example_pypi_project 0.0.5 An demonstration of how to create, document, and publish to the cheese shop a5
an_example_pypi_project_dylan 0.0.5 An demonstration of how to create, document, and publish to the cheese shop a5
anfis 0.3.0 Python Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System
angel 0.0.1 Python API for Angellist
angelic 0.1.2 An API for daemonization
angemilner 0.2.03-r0 Manages a library of API keys using MongoDB to prevent rate limiting
anglepipelog 0.3 Library for parsing Angle-Pipe format logs
anglerfish 0.5.0 Helper Library for Python3 Apps.
angles 2.0 Classes for representing angles, and positions on a unit sphere.
anglr 1.1.0 Planar angle mathematics library for Python.
angora 0.0.2 Sanhe's Data Science/Python Dev toolkits
angr The next-generation binary analysis platform from UC Santa Barbara's Seclab!
angr-management GUI for angr
angr-only-z3-custom 4.4.1.post2 pip installable distribution of The Z3 Theorem Prover, for use with angr. Please send all support requests to!
angular 0.0.1 Python for iran.
angular2tmpl 0.1.1 Convert AngularJS templates to Jinja2 templates for SEO.
angular-gettext-babel 0.3 A plugin for babel to work with angular-gettext templates
angus-sdk-python 0.0.7 Angus python SDK
anhima 0.11.2 Exploration and Analysis of genetic variation data.
anidado 1.4.0 Una simple forma de imprimir listas anidadas
anidado2 1.1.0 Imprimir listas anidadas
anidado_sinnick 1.3.0 Un modulo que imprime listas anidadas
anidb 0.0.1 AniDB API wrapper
Anika 1.0.0 this is just a test, please ignore it
anikom15 1.0.0b1 Anikom15’s Computer Game
anillo 0.1.6 Ring/compojure like nanoframework build on top of werkzeug
anillo_auth 0.1.2 Ring/compojure like nanoframework build on top of werkzoug
anillo_sentry 0.1.1 Sentry integration middleware for anillo
anima 0.5.1 Yet another set of tools for django.
AnimalTestProj 0.0.4 An demonstration of how to create, document, and publish to the cheese shop a5
animanager 0.10.2 Command line program for advanced anime watching management
Animapy An anime API for python
animation 0.0.1 Tools for terminal-based await animations
anime 1.1.0 Declarative animation library for pygame.
animemon 0.1.1 Everything about your anime within the command line.
animgifviewer 1.0 Preview and explore step by step animated GIF images.
AnimIO 0.2.0-Preview Convenient Animation Export and Import
aninhado 1.3.2 Um simples exibidor de listas aninhadas
aninhador 1.4.0 Um simples exibidor de listas aninhadas
anircbot 0.1 An IRC Bot
AnishMathew 1.0.0 printer of nested lists
aniso8601 1.1.0 A library for parsing ISO 8601 strings.
anitya 0.1.0 anitya is a project to monitor upstream releases in a distro.
AnkiServer 2.0.6 A personal Anki sync server (so you can sync against your own server rather than AnkiWeb)
ankit 1.0.0 add all element of a list
ankit_lister 1.0.0 A printer of all lists
ankle 0.3.0 Find elements in HTML by matching them with a skeleton
Annalist 0.1.32 Annalist linked data notebook
ANNarchy 4.5.4 Artificial Neural Networks architect
an_nester 1.3.0 Print each items in a list
annex 0.4.0 A Simple Plugin System for Python
annobase 0.0.1 UNKNOWN
ANNOgesic 0.2.17 A bacterial transcriptome annotation pipeline based on RNA-Seq
annopyte 0.3.1 python based tool for annotation and annotation processing.
annotald 1.3.7 A GUI for treebank annotation
annotate 0.6.0 Decorator to set a function's __annotations__ like Py3
annotater 0.2 Inline web annotation application and middleware using javascript and WSGI
annotate_regions 1.0 GUI for annotating regions in chromosomal copy number profiles
annotation 0.0.0
annotations 0.0.0 Multimodal stimulus annotation in Python
annotator 0.14.2 Database backend for Annotator (
annoy 1.8.0 Approximate Nearest Neighbors in C++/Python optimized for memory usage and loading/saving to disk.
anntools 0.5.1 Validation and type conversion tools based on function annotation
anobii.api 0.1dev-r11 wrapper for Anobii API
Anobind 0.5.0 A Python/XML data binding, serving as a very Pythonic XML API
Anobind 0.6.0 A Python/XML data binding, serving as a very Pythonic XML API
anodi 0.0.2 A decorator-based backport of PEP-3107 function annotations to Python 2.7, and related tools.
anodyne 1.0.1 SQLAlchemy Database Utilities
anoikis 0.1 Python library for common EVE Online tasks
anolis 1.2 HTML document post-processor
anonshort 0.4 An anonymizing urlshortener
anonymiseip 0.0.1 Web service for IP anonymisation.
anonymoususage 1.13 Anonymously track user usage patterns and statistics.
anora 0.1.2 Anora is a simple_tag for Django that determines whether or not a word should have an "a" or "an" in front of it. Adds either one of these depending on the phoentic value of the given text.
anosql 0.1.2 Easy SQL in Python
anot_fib 1.0.0 A simple program to return nth fibonacci number
anouman Rapidly deploy your django project behind gunicorn and nginx
anovelmous-grammar 0.2.1 Grammar module for the anovelmous collaborative writing app.
anpy 0.1.4 Python client for website
AnritsuTools 1.0.4 Script running for Anritsu VNAs
ansi 0.1.3 ANSI cursor movement and graphics
ansi2html 1.1.1 Convert text with ANSI color codes to HTML
ansiblator 0.6-13-28-10-2014 Ansiblator - makes Ansible api more Pythonic
ansible 1.9.4 Radically simple IT automation
ansible 1.9.5 Radically simple IT automation
ansible 1.9.6 Radically simple IT automation
ansible Radically simple IT automation
ansible Radically simple IT automation
ansible Radically simple IT automation
ansible Radically simple IT automation
ansible Radically simple IT automation
ansible-bundle 0.1 Manage ansible role and modules versioned dependencies.
ansibleci 0.2.0 Ansbile CI tests
ansible-cmdb 1.6 Generate host overview from ansible fact gathering output
ansible-conductor 0.5.0 Dynamic inventory system for Ansible
ansible-docgen 0.0.3 Generate Documentation from Annotated Ansible Playbooks and Roles
ansible-docgenerator 0.1.0 Simple tool for generating ansible role documentation
ansible-ec2-inventory 0.1.8 Extendable Python module for ansible EC2 inventories
ansible-flow 0.1.0 Workflow tool to speed up interactions with Ansible
ansible_importer 0.0.2 Small library to allow Ansible plugins/modules to be imported.
ansible-inventory-grapher 2.1.0 Creates graphs representing ansible inventory
ansible-library 1.2 Minimal galaxy server to host private roles
ansible-lint 3.0.0rc8 checks playbooks for practices and behaviour that could potentially be improved
ansible-marathon 0.2.0 An Ansible module for deploying applications to Mesos through Marathon
ansible-modules-hashivault 1.1.7 Ansible Modules for Hashicorp Vault
ansible-playbook-debugger 0.2.4 Debugger for Ansible Playbook
ansiblereporter 1.9.5 Scripts for ansible to report host output data
ansible-review 0.4.5 reviews ansible playbooks, roles and inventory and suggests improvements
ansible_role_apply 0.0.0 Apply a single Ansible role to host(s) easily
ansible_role_installer 0.2 Install Ansible roles from Git repositories
ansible-role-manager 0.4 A tool for installing and managing Ansible roles, playbooks & modules.
ansible-roles 0.1.4 Manage ansible roles.
ansible-roles-graph 0.1.0 Generate a graph of Ansible role dependencies.
ansible-shell 0.0.5 Interactive shell for ansible
ansible-test 1.0.1 UNKNOWN
ansible-testing 0.0.1 Python module and CLI to package and upload python lambda functions to AWS Lambda.
ansible-toolkit 1.3.2 The missing Ansible tools
ansible-tools 0.0.7 Keyring integration and local execution wrappers for Ansible
ansible-tower-cli 2.3.1 A CLI tool for Ansible Tower.
ansible-troll 0.0.1 Ansible role testing tool
ansible-universe 1.11.23 Ansible role build tool
ansible-vagrant 1.3.0 Simple helper to use ansible with vagrant
ansible-vault 1.0.4 R/W an ansible-vault yaml file
ansible-windows-compat 0.1.1 Compatibility library to run Ansible Python modules on a Windows target.
ansicol 0.2.1 Color screen output using ANSI escape sequences
ansicolor 0.2.4 A library to produce ansi color output and colored highlighting and diffing
ANSI-Color 1.0.2 print colorful on your *sh
ansicolors 1.0.2 ANSI colors for Python
ANSIColors-balises 1.9.9.public ANSIColors brings a simple and powerful way to use colours in a terminal.
ansiconv 1.0.0 Converts ANSI coded text and converts it to either plain text or to HTML.
ansigenome 0.5.6 A tool to help you gather information and manage your Ansible roles.
ansitagcolor 0.2.2-1 ansi color output defined by tags within the output
ansprogen 0.0.6 A project generator tools for easy create project skeleton.
ansunit 0.1.3 Declarative unit testing for answer set programming projects
answerdiff 0.1.0 Checking Submissions the Boss Way using Celery and DRF
answers 0.0.4 Library for automating command line processes and installers
ant 0.1.0 Python implementation of the ANT, ANT+, and ANT-FS protocols (
antbkp 0.0.1 Ant Backup. Simple Backup: Files, Rotation backups, Postgres, Mysql, OpenERP, Tryton,...
antfarm 0.0.3 An ultra-light-weight web framework
antfs 1.0.4 Python3 Apache Ant path patterns matching library
anthill.customexport 0.3 Makes it possible to export custom folder contents (from portal_skins/custom and portal_view_customizations) to filesystem
anthill.exampletheme 0.2 Example theme for anthill.skinner
anthill.querytool 0.2 GUI for AdvancedQuery with some extensions - searching the easy way for Plone
anthill.skinner 0.8 Skinning for plone made easy
anthill.tal.macrorenderer 0.2.1 Rendering ZPT macros from python code made easy
Anthrax 0.1.0 Form generation lib to end all form generation lib
AnthraxDojoFrontend 0.1.0 Anthrax frontend for using dojo toolkit
AnthraxEplasty 0.0.3 Anthrax - generating forms from Elephantoplasty objects
AnthraxHTMLInput 0.0.8 Anthrax - tools for HTML input
AnthraxImage 0.0.3 Anthrax - tools for HTML input
anti SeoUtils
anticipate 0.8.0 A type checking and adapting library
antidogpiling 1.1.3 Generic and specific implementations of anti-dogpiled caching
antigate 1.4.0 Easy wrapper for
antigravity 0.1 A really simple module that allow everyone to do "import antigravity"
antimarkdown 0.2 HTML to Markdown converter.
antiorm 1.2.0 A Pythonic Helper for DBAPI-2.0 SQL Access
antiparking 0.0.1
antiparser 2.0 antiparser is an API/framework for generating random, malformed data for use in fuzzing and fault injection of network protocols and file formats. antiparser is written in Python and can be imported by scripts that implement additional fuzzing logic.
antipathy 0.82.5 oo view of file paths and names, subclassed from bytes/str/unicode
antiseptic 0.1.2 A simple command-line movie directory name cleaner
antispam 0.0.10 Bayesian anti-spam classifier written in Python.
antispoofing.clientspec 1.0.3 Building client-specific models for anti-spoofing
antispoofing.competition_icb2013 1.1.0 Fusion of spoofing counter measures for the REPLAY-ATTACK database (competition entry for 2nd competition on counter measures to 2D facial spoofing attacks, ICB 2013)
antispoofing.crossdatabase 1.0.1 Antispoofing cross database testing 1.0.2 Idiap's implementation for the paper: A face Antispoofing Database with Diverse Attacks
antispoofing.evaluation 2.0.5 Evaluation tools for verification systems under spoofing attacks: examples in face verification
antispoofing.eyeblink 1.0.4 Eye-blinking counter-measures for the REPLAY-ATTACK database
antispoofing.fusion 2.0.1 Complementary countermeasures for detecting scenic face spoofing attacks
antispoofing.fusion_faceverif 3.0.2 Decision and score-level fusion tools for joint operation of face verification and anti-spoofing system
antispoofing.fvcompetition_icb2015 2.0.0 Running the competition results: "The 1st Competition on Counter Measures to Finger Vein Spoofing Attacks".
antispoofing.lbp 2.0.4 Texture (LBP) based counter-measures for the REPLAY-ATTACK database
antispoofing.lbptop 2.0.3 LBP-TOP based countermeasure against facial spoofing attacks
antispoofing.motion 2.0.3 Motion counter-measures for the REPLAY-ATTACK database
antispoofing.optflow 2.0.0 Optical Flow counter-measures for the REPLAY-ATTACK database
antispoofing.utils 2.0.7 Utility package for anti-spoofing countermeasures
antispoofing.verification.gmm 1.0.2 Replay-Attack Face Verification Package Based on a Parts-Based Gaussian Mixture Models
antiweb 0.2.2 antiweb literate programming tool
antiweb 0.3.2 antiweb - inverse literate programming tool
antk 0.1 Automated Neural-graph Toolkit: A Tensorflow wrapper for common deep learning tasks and rapid development of newmodels.
antlr4-python2-runtime 4.5.3 ANTLR 4.5.3 runtime for Python 2.7.6
antlr4-python3-runtime 4.5.3 ANTLR 4.5.3 runtime for Python 3.4.0
antlr4-python-alt 4.4.1 Alternative Python runtime for ANTLR 4
antlr_python_runtime 3.1.3 Runtime package for ANTLR3
antstar Found path in 2d environment as blind ant
antsy 0.1.0 Sweet interpolated ANSI strings
antz 0.0.1 antz is a bioinformatics package written for python.
anubha_nester 1.1.0 A simple printer of nested lists
anuga 2.0 A set of python modules for tsunami and flood modelling
anuket 0.5.2 Anuket web application
anvil 0.0.2 Generates new project structures from Jinja templates
anvil-build 0.0.1dev A parallel build system and content pipeline
anvil-uplink 0.1.4 The Anvil server uplink library
anvio 1.2.3 An interactive analysis and visualization platform for 'omics data. See for more information
any2 0.3.1 Base package for any2*
any2csv 0.3.5 A tool to generate csv file from a list of python instances
any2fixed 0.3.1 A tool to generate fixed length files from a list of python instances
any2xl 0.1 A library to generate Excel files from Python iterables
anybase32 1.0.0 Encode and decode base32 strings using arbitrary alphabets
AnyBlok 0.8.3 Anyblok is a dynamic injection blok framework
anyblok_pyramid 0.6.1 Web Server Pyramid for AnyBlok
anyblok_pyramid_beaker 0.1.0 Beaker session for AnyBlok / Pyramid
anybox.buildbot.openerp 0.9 Buildbot setup for buildout based openerp installations
anybox.funkload.openerp 0.2 Base classes for functional and load testing of OpenERP with Funkload
anybox.migration.openerp 0.9 Fast OpenERP migration framework
anybox.nose.odoo 0.1 Console script to run nose with the good import
anybox.paster.odoo 1.4.1 Paster templates to create an Odoo module or instance using buildout
anybox.paster.openerp 0.7 Paster templates to create an OpenERP module or instance using buildout 0.6 Postgresql database snapshot versionning tool
anybox.recipe.odoo 1.9.1 A buildout recipe to install and configure OpenERP
anybox.recipe.openerp 1.9.1 A buildout recipe to install and configure OpenERP
anybox.recipe.sysdeps 0.5 A buildout recipe to check system dependencies
anybox.scripts.odoo 0.1.0 Import CSV Odoo scripts
anybox.testing.datetime 0.5 Various utilities related to date and time for testing purposes.
anybox.testing.openerp 1.3.1 Useful testing base classes and tools for OpenERP
anycall 0.3.0 Remote Prodecure Call library using the Twisted framework.
anycast-healthchecker 0.4.4 A healthchecker for Anycasted Services
anycast-healthchecker 0.5.5 A healthchecker for Anycasted Services
anycast-healthchecker 0.5.6 A healthchecker for Anycasted Services
anycast-healthchecker 0.5.7 A healthchecker for Anycasted Services
anycast-healthchecker 0.5.8 A healthchecker for Anycasted Services
anycast-healthchecker 0.5.9 A healthchecker for Anycasted Services
anyconf 0.1.0 Load configuration data from many file formats
anyconfig 0.6.0 Library provides common APIs to access to configuration files in various formats
anydo_api 0.0.1 Unofficial AnyDo API client in object-oriented style.
anyfield 0.1.3 Simplifies structured data processing
AnyFilter 0.05 Base class for easy filtering of iterable of dictionaries.
anyit.djattributes 0.3.1 Attributes and a persistend dict type for django models in a JQuery inspired syntax.
anyjson 0.3.3 Wraps the best available JSON implementation available in a common interface
anykeystore 0.2 A key-value store supporting multiple backends.
anymail 0.0.1 Sync mailboxes using a distributed task queue
anymarkup 0.7.0 Parse/serialize any markup format
anymarkup-core 0.7.0 Core library for anymarkup
anymesh 0.4.0 AnyMesh is a multi-platform, decentralized, auto-discovery, auto-connect mesh networking API.
AnyMetaAPI 1.27 Support library for accessing AnyMeta-based websites from Python.
anypubsub 0.5 A generic interface wrapping multiple backends to provide a consistent pubsub API.
AnyQt 0.0.1 PyQt4/PyQt5 compatibility layer.
anyreadline 0.1.1 Install the proper readline package implementation as needed for your OS: Mac, Windows or Linux
anytemplate 0.0.5 A python template abstraction layer module
anything 0.2.1 Python constants that consider themselves equal to everything else. Useful for unit testing and more.
anythumbnailer 0.1 Generic Thumbnailer library
anytop 0.3.0 Streaming frequency distribution viewer.
AnyValid 1.0.0 Library that eases partial matching of objects.
anyvc Library to access any version control system.
anyvcs 1.4.0 An abstraction layer for multiple version control systems.
anywho 1.0.0 whois in pure Python
anz.cas 1.0.1 This is an Python implementation of the server-end of JA-SIG's CAS protocol.
anz.casclient 1.1.1 This is a Zope PAS plugin that authenticates users against a CAS (Central Authentication Service) server.
anz.dashboard 0.7.0 Plone netvibes like dashboard implementation
anz.ijabbar 1.1 Integrate iJab(an open source XMPP web chat client recommended by to your plone site.
ao2pyv 0.1.1 Converts video searches into API submissions.
aocutils 0.3.0 High level API for PythonOCC
aocxchange 0.3.0 Read/write to/from CAD files
aodag3 1.0.0 it's python3!
aodag.scaffold 0.2.1 tool for manage scaffolds
aodag.util 0.0 command utilities for python developer
aodh 2.0.1 OpenStack Telemetry Alarming
aodhclient 0.5.0 Python client library for Aodh
AoikBookmarksToFiles 0.1.5 Convert a bookmark file in NETSCAPE-Bookmark-file-1 format exported from browsers like Chrome and Firefox into a set of Windows ".url" files or Gnome ".desktop" files.
AoikI18n 0.1.0 A simple I18n solution featuring fallback locale, YAML locale file, synonym locale file, and flexible locale file path.
AoikImportUtil 0.2 Import module by code, name, file path, or HTTP URL. Import any object, not only module.
AoikPwdGen 0.1.0 A password generator program divided in 3 phases: generating random bytes, translating the bytes to password, and filtering the password to see if it's desirable. Custom function can be specified for each phase via command argument.
AoikPyMoPa 0.1.0 Find a Python module's file paths. Have considered Implicit Namespace Packages introduced in PEP 420. Handy for debugging tricky importing problems.
AoikSixyIO 0.1.0 Make Python string encoding and IO code 2*3 compatible, mess-free, and error-proof.
AoikUrlToFile 0.1.0 A command to create Windows ".url" file. And tips on how to use it to save URL in Chrome or Iron's location bar to a ".url" file in one hotkey.
AoikWinProcKill 0.1.0 Kill Windows processes by matching their full command line with regular expression.
AoikWinWhich 0.1.0 Find where executables are located given a name or a path on Windows console. Does what the "which" program does on Linux, only better because it thinks the way Windows console thinks by considering PATH as well as PATHEXT.
aoisora 0.0.2 Lightweight Bluetooth manager for Bluez5 with PyQt4 UI
aojtools 0.2.4 api client library and scripts for aizu online judge system.
aomi 0.1.2 Easy access to secrets is not as bad as it sounds
aonetest 0.0.06 description
AOPython 1.0.3 Aspect Oriented Python
ao.shorturl 1.1.7 Reusable url shortener and lookup library. 1.0.2 Social networking middleware for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google (OpenID + Buzz)
aosong 0.0.2 AOSONG Sensors.
Aoss_Tower_a1_Conversion 1.7.0 convert AossTower ascii files to netCDF files
ao.tron 1.0.0 Tron board and utilities.
APA 1.0.0 Korean twitter crawler about disasters
apache_conf_parser 1.0.1 Parse and manipulate apache conf files.
apache_dev_tool 0.1.23 Tool for apache contributors and committers.
APacheDEX 1.6.2 Compute APDEX from Apache-style logs.
apache-libcloud 1.0.0-rc2 A standard Python library that abstracts away differences among multiple cloud provider APIs. For more information and documentation, please see
apachelog 1.0 Access log parser in python, ported from Peter Hickman's Apache::LogRegex Perl moduleUniversal.
apache-log-parser 1.6.2 Parse lines from an apache log file
apache-manager 0.6 Monitor and control Apache web server workers from Python
Apache_Metrics_CPU_LOAD 1.0 Contains a random forest use for predicting cpu load using transaction volumes and other kpi metrics relevant to apache component
apachemiddleware 0.1.1 Useful Python middleware for use with mod_wsgi deployments
Apartheid 0.1.1 A simple parser (to parse a C file for example)
APASVO 0.0.6 A graphical tool to perform event detection/picking in seismic traces.
apathy 1.0 I was going to write a module, but then I realized I just didn't care.
apcaccess 0.0.4 This project implements the apcaccess tool in pure Python and provides programmatic access to the status obtained from the apcupsd daemon.
ape 0.4.0 A Productive Environment - make/rake/ant/fab-like system with support for FOSD
Apertag 1.0.2 Averaged Perceptron Sequence Tagger
aperture 0.1.14 Wrappers, settings, and extensions for Python/matplotlib
aperturesynth 0.0.2 A tool for registering and combining series of handheld photographs
apesmit 0.01 simple Python module to create XML sitemaps
apesmit-py2 0.01 simple Python module to create XML sitemaps
apex 0.9.10dev Pyramid toolkit to add Velruse, Flash Messages,CSRF, ReCaptcha and Sessions
apex-ac 0.0.1 UNKNOWN
apexpy 1.0.1 A Python wrapper for Apex coordinates
apf 0.1 Automated Planet Finder Reduction Pipeline
apfft 0.3 Provides arbitrary precision FFTs using the mpmath package
apgl 0.8.1 A fast python graph library based on numpy and scipy.
aphone 0.0.7 Reading aspell phonetic grammar rules.
apiai 1.0.2 The API.AI iOS SDK makes it easy to integrate speech recognition with API.AI natural language processing API on iOS devices. 0.1.0 Python client
apiarist 0.1.12 Python Hive query framework
apiarist 0.1.14 Python Hive query framework
apiary 0.0.8 Python version of the Ruby Apiary client
apiary2postman 0.4.9 A tool for converting Blueman API markup from to Postman collection/dumps
ApiAsyncClient 1.1 Async client for ApiDaemon-service
apibee 0.2.2 A dynamic api client
apibox 0.1.1 Building blocks for HTTP API development
apibuilder 0.1.0 Library for building simple REST APIs and clients
apicaller 0.1.2a0 APICaller makes the creating API client library easier.
apicapi 1.0.6 This library provides an interface to the APIC REST api.
apicheck 1.0.4 A Python tool and framework for testing JSON based web APIs
apiclient 1.0.3 Framework for making good API client libraries using urllib3.
apiclient-requests 0.1.2 A simple python base package for building good api clients on
apicPython 0.3.1 This are codes for creating MO in APIC through Python API
apic_python 0.0.1 This are codes for creating MO in APIC through CLI
apicultur 0.1.20 Python client to Apicultur API services
ApiDaemon Daemon for wraps any external APIs
apidev-coop_bar 1.3.2 Pluggable admin bar system , works well with coop_cms
apidev-coop_cms 1.1.12 Small CMS built around a tree navigation open to any django models
apidev-coop_colorbox 1.2.0 Manage lightboxes within coop-cms
apidev-djaloha 1.1.4 Django integration for aloha HTML5 editor
apidev-sanza 3.1.5 Contacts management
ApiDoc 1.0 Api Documentation Generator
ApiDoc 1.2 Api Documentation Generator
ApiDoc 1.4 Api Documentation Generator
ApiDoc 1.4.0 Api Documentation Generator
apigen 1.5.0 Easily create a CLI and JSON-RPC interface from a common API definition.
api_github 1.2 API Python wrapper
apigw 1.0.2 NTT Communications API SDK
api_hour 0.7.0 Write efficient network daemons (HTTP, SSH...) with ease.
api_iam_helpers 0.1 Utilities for building IAM authenticated API requests
apikit 0.3.2 A set of utility functions for RESTful Flask applications.
API-libs 0.0.10 一套灵活的组件,帮助你快速搭建起一个 API 系统
APImetrics 0.1.1 APImetrics Client
apimodel 1.0.0 API-backed Django-style model
api_object_schema 1.5.1 Utilities for defining schemas of Pythonic objects interacting with external APIs
api_pagination 1.0.0 Pagination calculator designed for APIs
apiparse 0.1 Parse api and api groups from sources
apiphant 0.2.5 Simple Python Web API framework, based on Gevent, JSON, CRUD.
apipkg 1.4 apipkg: namespace control and lazy-import mechanism
api-proxy 0.1.3 Thin layer to access resources living behind api's
apipy 0.5.15 A Python 3 library for interacting with the Stack Exchange API.
apirator 0.1.0 easily add simple http api to your django web app
apiscraper 0.0.1 Scraper for different online apis.
apispec 0.12.0 A pluggable API specification generator. Currently supports the OpenAPI specification (f.k.a. Swagger 2.0).
apistar 0.1.0 An API framework for Flask & Falcon.
api-star 0.1.4 An API framework for Flask & Falcon.
api_stats 0.3 Record historical statistics from an API that only offers current numbers.
ApiSyncClient 1.1 Client for ApiDaemon-service
api_toolkit 0.3.11 A library which simplifies the creation of clients for REST webservices.
apitools 0.1.4 Tools to play with json-schema and rest apis
apitopy 0.3.0 Pythonic access to HTTP APIs
apitree 0.3.3 Build an orderly web service API backend.
apiwrapper 0.1.7 Simple API Wrapper
apiwrapy 0.0.1 A generic REST API wrapper
aplazame-sdk 0.2.6 Python SDK for Aplazame REST API
apldx 0.0.1 apldx test project
Aplicacion-de-ejemplo 0.1 Ejemplo del funcionamiento de distutils
aplist 0.1.dev6 Airport List Query module
APLpy 1.0 The Astronomical Plotting Library in Python
aplus 0.11.0 UNKNOWN
ap_nester 1.0.0 Prints Nested List
apng 0.1.0 A python module to deal with APNG file.
apns 2.0.1 A python library for interacting with the Apple Push Notification Service
apns2 0.1.1 A python library for interacting with the Apple Push Notification Service via HTTP/2 protocol
apns3 1.0.0 Modification of PyAPNs python library for interacting with the Apple Push Notification Service
apns-clerk 0.2.0 Python client for Apple Push Notification service (APNs)
apnsclient 0.1 APNSagent Python client
apns-client 0.2.1 Python client for Apple Push Notification service (APNs)
apns_csr 0.3.6 A tool to produce encoded Plist-CSRs for APNS.
apns-proxy-client 0.1.0 Client library for APNs Proxy Server.
apns-worker 0.1 A robust client library for Apple's push notification service.
APNSWrapper 0.6.1 This is wrapper for Apple Push Notification Service.
apocell 1.0.2 Post-processing for apobec collocation data from cellprofiler
apoclaim 3 Een nano bloedmeter is wat we nodig hebben, een bloedglucose meter meet nu in de milli.
apod-wallpaper 1.1.2 NASA APOD wallpaper download
apollo 1.0 WebApollo API library
apostello-cli 0.1.2 sms communication for churches, built with django
apostle 0.1.1 Python Bindings for
app1 0.1 Model to dictionary mapping for Python
app55 0.8.13 App55 API Client for Python
apparmor_monkeys 0.0.1 Monkeypatches to minimize the permissions required to run python under AppArmor
Appathy 0.1 REST Application Framework
appbase 0.3.1 appbase is the foundation for a pyQt based application including: * save, load, autosave * session management * fullscreen with F11 * close-dialog * system tray control
appblocks 0.1 Flow based command line application framework for Python
app-catalog-common 0.0.1 UNKNOWN
app-catalog-ui 1.0.0 UNKNOWN
appcat-glare 0.1.0 A demo plugin to demonstrate the Glance V3 functionality for Application Catalog
appcheck 0.1.7 Codenomicon Appcheck command line tools and API client
appconfig 0.1 An easy to use config file wrapper.
appconfig 0.2dev An easy to use config file wrapper.
app-config 1.0.1 GBDX App Config
appcore 0.9.4 Web infrastructure
appcubator-analytics 0.1.0 Appcubator Analytics
appdan 0.1.0 Useful towel-related stuff.
appdan2 0.1.0 Useful towel-related stuff.
appdeploy 1.0.3 Application deployment tool I use and maintain for years, to be used in a console (uses an ncurses UI)
appdeps 1.0.0 Simple commandline tool to check and/or wait for application dependencies.
appdirs 1.4.0 A small Python module for determining appropriate " + "platform-specific dirs, e.g. a "user data dir".
AppDispatch 0.3.4 Builds upon a PipeStack architecture to provide a nice way of writing apps
appdo 0.2.0 Run command in the context same as application
appdotnet 0.1.3 A library for interacting with the API.
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
appdynamics-bindeps-linux-x64 Dependencies for AppDynamics Python agent
appdynamics-bindeps-linux-x86 Dependencies for AppDynamics Python agent
appdynamics-bindeps-osx-x64 Dependencies for AppDynamics Python agent
AppDynamicsDownloader 0.2.2 AppDynamics Download Robot
appdynamics-proxysupport-linux-x64 Proxy Support Package for AppDynamics Python agent
appdynamics-proxysupport-linux-x86 Proxy Support Package for AppDynamics Python agent
appdynamics-proxysupport-osx-x64 Proxy Support Package for AppDynamics Python agent
AppDynamicsREST 0.4.9 AppDynamics REST API Library
appendonly 1.2 Persistent append-only data structures.
appengine 0.3 Google App Engine re-packaged for PyPI
appengine-config-transformer 0.1 Tool for converting between YAML and JSON representations.
Appengine-Fixture-Loader 0.1.8 Appengine fixture loader
appengine-mailer 0.1 AppEngine Email Proxy
appengine-sdk 1.9.36.post0 Un-official `pip install`-able AppEngine SDK.
appengine-toolkit 0.1.0 None
appenlight-client 0.6.16 Client for App Enlight reporting - supporting WSGI and django (
appenlight-diamond 0.1.0 App Enlight metrics handler for diamond
app_error_handler 1.0.1 An Alternative to web application error handling
appeus.content 1.0 APP.EUS content-types
appeus.theme 1.3.1 Installable theme: appeus.theme
appfy.recipe.gae 0.9.3 Buildout recipes for App Engine development.
appfy.recipe.gae 0.9.4 Buildout recipes for App Engine development.
appfy.recipe.gae 0.9.5 Buildout recipes for App Engine development.
appfy.recipe.gae 0.9.6 Buildout recipes for App Engine development.
appfy.recipe.gae 0.9.7 Buildout recipes for App Engine development.
appfy.recipe.gae 0.9.8 Buildout recipes for App Engine development.
appfy.recipe.gae 0.9.9 Buildout recipes for App Engine development.
appfy.recipe.gae 0.9.10 Buildout recipes for App Engine development.
app-hide 0.0.4 UNKNOWN
appido 0.0.1 a nice memory for future
appie 0.0.7 A Python library for the (hidden) AH rest interface
appier 1.5.8 Appier Framework
appier_extras 0.6.11 Appier Framework Extra Elements
app-image-generator 0.1.0 UNKNOWN
appinfo 1.0.0 UNKNOWN
AppInst 2.1.5 cross platform APIs to install applications menu items
appinstance 22 Check if an app with the same name is running, supports parameters.
Appium-Python-Client 0.22 Python client for Appium 1.5
appium_selector 1.2.20 Creates a Tcl/Tk window to read connected Appium devices from Selenium Grid and display them for selection
AppKit 0.1 Desktop application framework based on Webkit, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Python
AppKit 0.2 Desktop application framework based on Webkit, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Python
AppKit 0.2.1 Desktop application framework based on Webkit, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Python
AppKit 0.2.2 Desktop application framework based on Webkit, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Python
AppKit 0.2.4 Desktop application framework based on Webkit HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Python
AppKit 0.2.6 Desktop application framework based on Webkit HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Python
AppKit 0.2.8 Desktop application framework based on Webkit HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Python
appknox 0.3.1 Python wrapper for Appknox's REST API
applamp 0.3 Python API for controlling AppLamp LED lighting
applause 0.1 Applaud closing bugs.
applause-tool 0.3.0 This package allows integration with Applause Inc. services.
apple 0.0.1 Python for iran.
applepushnotification 0.1.1 Apple Push Notification Service connector
ApplePy 1.1.5 A wrapper for using os.system commands. e.g "clear" ..clear screen.
applepycutter 1.0.4 UNKNOWN
applequist 0.1 UNKNOWN 0.1 A simple script to interface LIRC using the macmini driver with MythTV running the remote control interface.
apple_stock_price 1.0
ApplianceKit-NG 0.6.2 Tools to programatically create distribution images from any distribution
applib 1.2 Cross-platform application utilities in Python
applibase 0.0.8 A framework that simplifies the wrapping of external tools by standardizing input parameters, logging messages and output streams.
applicake 0.0.7 A framework that simplifies the wrapping of external tools by standardizing input parameters, logging messages and output streams.
applicationinsights 0.1.0 This project extends the Application Insights API surface to support Python.
applicationinsights 0.2.0 This project extends the Application Insights API surface to support Python.
applicationinsights 0.3.0 This project extends the Application Insights API surface to support Python.
applicationinsights 0.4.0 This project extends the Application Insights API surface to support Python.
applicationinsights 0.5.0 This project extends the Application Insights API surface to support Python.
applicationinsights 0.6.0 This project extends the Application Insights API surface to support Python.
applicationinsights 0.7.0 This project extends the Application Insights API surface to support Python.
applicationinsights 0.8.0 This project extends the Application Insights API surface to support Python.
applicationinsights 0.8.1 This project extends the Application Insights API surface to support Python.
applicationinsights 0.9.0 This project extends the Application Insights API surface to support Python.
applicationinsights 0.10.0 This project extends the Application Insights API surface to support Python.
application_repository 0.5 A Django site for serving versioned application and plug-in downloads.
application_repository.jsonrpc 0.1 A json-rpc package which implements JSON-RPC over HTTP.
applite 0.0.5 Apps Management based on Python 3, Tornado and torlite.
AppLogger 1.2.0 A simple application logger
APPLPy 0.4.1 open source computational probability software
apply 1.3 An apply function for Python 2 and 3
applyaf 0.3.0 Apply antenna factor and cable loss tospectrum analyzer measurements
apply_firewall 1.0 A tool for applying iptables of linux safely, it rollbacks to original iptables if you don't type yes in specific time period. This is useful to void some situation which like blocked your self from accessing SSH remotely
AppMetrics 0.3 Application metrics collector
AppMetrics 0.4.2 Application metrics collector
AppMetrics 0.5.0 Application metrics collector
app-monitor 0.1.3 Check script scheduler
appname 100 yadda yadda
appnope 0.1.0 Disable App Nap on OS X 10.9
appoints 1.0.1 A Library for managing appointments
appoints 1.1b1 A Library for managing appointments
appomatic 0.0.30 Appomatic is a userfriendly Django environment with automatic plugin (app) management based on pip.
appomatic_admin 0.0.30 Enables the django site admin
appomatic_appadmin 0.0.30 Django admin page to administer appomatic apps
appomatic_autocomplete 0.0.30 AutoComplete for ForeignKey and ManyToManyField.
appomatic_ckeditor 0.0.30 Django admin CKEditor integration.
appomatic_cmsplugin_phlog 0.0.30 Integrates django-cms and Photologue
appomatic_cms_tagging 0.0.30 Adds tagging support to django-cms
appomaticcore 0.0.30 Appomatic is a userfriendly Django environment with automatic plugin (app) management based on pip.
appomatic_django_cms 0.0.30 Get the pony powered CMS With Frontend-Editing
appomatic_django_filer 0.0.30 .
appomatic_djangomail 0.0.1 Django email templating system
appomatic_django_vcs 0.0.30 A way to integrate VCS-agnostic repository browsing into Django apps.
appomatic_migratedata 0.0.1 Shortcut for dumpdata + loaddata to migrate larger datasets between two live databases.
appomatic_photolog 0.0.30 Photologue is a reusable Django application that provides powerful image management and manipulation functionality as well as a complete photo gallery solution.
appomatic_renderable 0.0.5 Renderable is a mini cms framework to make django models easily 'renderable' using templates.
appomatic_tagging 0.0.30 A generic tagging application for Django projects
appomatic_userena 0.0.30 Userena is a Django application that supplies your Django project with full account management.
apppy 1.0 complete python library
app_report 0.0.3 Python client to AppReport API
appresso_sphinx_extensions 1.0.0 Sphinx documentation system extensions created by Appresso AS
approvaltests 0.1.12 Assertion/verification library to aid testing
approx 0.2 A game for mental mathematicsin approximate numbers
approxidate 1.0.3 a quick way to get a unix timestamp from a ton of arbitrary date formats
appscale-tools 2.8.0 A set of command-line tools for interacting with AppScale
appscan 0.0.1
appscript 1.0.1 Control AppleScriptable applications from Python.
appsettings 0.8 Argparse wrapper that supports fallback settings in env vars and/or a yaml file.
AppShed 0.0.1 A library that allows you create apps for the appshed platform.
appspace 0.5.4 easy application construction with easy building blocks
apps-sdk Build tool to develop, build and package apps.
AppState 0.1 Distributed application state via a Google App Engine server
appthwack 1.0.0 AppThwack python client
AppTool 0.0.2 Backup and restore applications from your Android device to your computer
apptools 4.4.0 application tools
apptrace 0.2.3 WSGI middleware to measure the memory footprint of GAE Python applications.
AppValidationAutomation 0.1 Automation Framework - Web and Unix Centric Apps
app_version 0.2.1 A tiny utility to get application version from pkg_resouces
appveyor-artifacts 1.0.2 Download artifacts from AppVeyor builds of the same commit/pull request.
appwsgi default Illustration of building your own ajax framework with a python3 wsgi server
appy 0.9.3 The Appy framework
appypi 0.2.0 appypi: sandboxing apps from Pypi packages
appypod 0.9.6 AppyPod
appy.pod 0.3.0 pod (Python Open Document) : template engine to generate ODT documents
appy.shared 0.1.0 Utilities for appy.pod template engine
aprendendopythonrafael 1.2.0 texto normal
apricot 0.2 A minimal, very fast libevent/pyevent-based http daemon
apriori 1.0.0 implimention of apriori in python
apropos 0.1.0 track the state of things
aprs 4.1.0 Python Bindings for APRS.
aprslib 0.6.44 Module for accessing APRS-IS and parsing APRS packets
APS_api_lite 0.1 APS OCR mini-API
APScheduler 3.1.0 In-process task scheduler with Cron-like capabilities
apsg 0.3.2 APSG - structural geology module for Python
apsis 0.1.1 Toolkit for hyperparameter optimization for machine learning algorithms.
apsw 3.8.2-r1 Another Python SQLite Wrapper
apsw 3.8.5-r1 Another Python SQLite Wrapper
apsw 3.8.6-r1 Another Python SQLite Wrapper
apsw Another Python SQLite Wrapper
apsw Another Python SQLite Wrapper
apsw Another Python SQLite Wrapper
apsw Another Python SQLite Wrapper
apsw Another Python SQLite Wrapper
apsw 3.8.9-r1 Another Python SQLite Wrapper
apsw Another Python SQLite Wrapper
apsw Another Python SQLite Wrapper
apsw 3.9.2-r1 Another Python SQLite Wrapper
apsw-cledoux 3.9.2-r1 Another Python SQLite Wrapper
apt 0.7.8 Python bindings for libapt.
aptdaemon 1.1.1 DBus driven daemon for APT
aptdetector 0.1.2 Advanced Persistent Threat Detection by Using Network Analysis.
aptdetector 0.1.4 Advanced Persistent Threat Detection by Using Network Analysis.
apteligentimporter 1.0.7 Import Apteligent data to graphite
aptfs 0.1 UNKNOWN
aptk 0.6.4 A Parse Toolkit. Create well documented grammars.
Aptly-Api-Cli 0.1 This python command line interface, executes calls to the Aptly server remotely, without blocking the Aptly database.
apt-mirror-updater 0.1.1 Automated, robust apt-get mirror selection for Debian and Ubuntu
aptop 0.3.2b ApTop is top like clone for apaache geting info from apache mod_status
Aptus 2.0 Aptus: A Mandelbrot set explorer and renderer.
apt-wrapper 1.12 A simpler interface to the Debian APT command-line tools.
apush 0.2.3 A simple Apple push notification service provider
apwimgr 0.0.1 An access point-based wireless network manager.
apy 0.2.3 Pythonic API development with flask
APy2 0.1 Versatile API manager for python
apyclient 0.2.0 A Python Api Client
apycot 3.4.2 Continuous testing / integration tool for the CubicWeb framework
apycotbot 1.10.0 Apycot bot client dedicated to launch test suites
Apydia 0.0.2 API Reference Documentation Generator for Python
apyio 0.2.0 Async wrappers for standard Python io streams.
apyori 1.1.1 Simple Apriori algorithm Implementation.
apyrtium 0.1 Python Client Library for the Apertium Machine Translation API
apysignature 0.1.3 Python implementation of the Ruby Signature library (
apysigner 3.0.1 Basic API request signing
apy-users 1.0.0 Provides user management and API authentication for your apy project
AQoPA 0.9.5 Automated Quality of Protection Analysis Tool for QoP-ML models.
aqs_sweeper 0.1.1 Extendable Azure Queue Storage dumper that copy your data into Azure Blob Storage.
aqua-io 0.1.0 Official API library client for Python
Aqualid 0.7 General purpose build system.
aquarium 2.3 Web Application Framework
Aquarius 0.1 Aquarium IoT
aqueduct 0
aquifer 1.1.0 Metrics send/query abstraction layer with URI-based backend configuration
aquire 0.0.0 A python library that allow to download files from internet and show progress to the console.
aquire 0.0.1 A python library that allow to download files from internet and show progress to the console.
aquire 0.0.2 A python library that allow to download files from internet and show progress to the console.
aquire 0.0.3 A python library that allow to download files from internet and show progress to the console.
aquire 0.0.4 A python library that allow to download files from internet and show progress to the console.
ar 1.5.0 UNKNOWN
ara 0.7.0 ARA - Ansible run analysis
arachnado 0.2 Scrapy-based Web Crawler with an UI
Arachne 0.3.1 API for Scrapy spiders
arachnid 0.1.7 Single Particle Data Analysis Suite
araldo 0.0.1 Message-oriented communication relay for pluggable backends
araldo_redis 0.0.1 Redis PubSub endpoint for araldo (Messaging via WebSockets
araldo-websocket 0.0.1 WebSocket client endpoint for araldo (Messaging via WebSockets)
arango 0.2.1 Driver for ArangoDB
arangodb 0.0.12 A Python client for ArangoDB REST API.
ArangoDjango 0.0.25 Bridge between the django and the arangodb world
ArangoPy 0.0.1 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.2 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.3 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.4 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.5 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.6 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.7 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.8 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.9 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.10 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.11 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.12 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.13 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.14 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.15 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.16 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.17 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.18 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.19 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.20 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.0.22 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.1.1 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.1.2 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.1.3 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.2.0 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.2.1 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.2.2 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.2.3 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.2.4 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.2.5 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.2.6 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.3.0 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.3.1 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.3.2 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.4 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.4.1 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.4.2 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.4.3 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.4.4 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.4.5 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.5 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.5.1 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.5.3 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.5.4 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.5.5 Driver for ArangoDB
ArangoPy 0.5.6 Driver for ArangoDB
aranha 0.1.1 simple gevent based web spider and tools
arartekomaps 5.80 Django application serving
arbalest 1.6.2 Arbalest orchestrates bulk data loading for Amazon Redshift
arbetsformedlingen 0.1.0 Wrapper for
arbiter 0.3.0 A task-dependency solver
arbitools 0.977 Chess Arbiter Tools
arbitor 0.1.5 UNKNOWN
arbor 0.0.1
arboris 0.1.0pre7 A rigid body dynamics and contacts simulator written in python.
arcade 0.0.6.post50 Arcade Game Development Library
arcalc 0.2 Never mess up any aspect ratio again.
arc_cache 0.1.1 Memoization decorator using an adaptive replacement cache.
ARCCSSive 0.2.0 ARCCSS Data Access Tools
arcgis-rest-query 0.14 A tool to download a layer from an ArcGIS web service as GeoJSON
arch 3.1 ARCH for Python
archan 0.0.3 A Python module that analyses your architecture strength based on DSM data.
archangel 0.3 An experimental webserver based off tulip (pep-3156)
archelonc 0.6.0 Client connected to archelonc for Web shell history
archelond 0.6.0 Web server for Web shell history
archer 0.3 Thrift app the flask way
ArcherSysOSCashew 2.2.5
ArcherSysOSPeanut 1.0
archery 0.1.5 Traits (Mixins) to give +,/,-,* to MutableMapping
arches 3.1.2 Arches is a new, open-source, web-based, geospatial information system for cultural heritage inventory and management.
arches_hip 1.0.4 The Heritage Information Package (HIP)
archetypes.clippingimage 2.1 Image field and/or patch with clipping support for Plone/Archetypes.
archetypes.configure 0.2 Declarative content type configuration for Archetypes.
archetypes.fieldtraverser 0.4.4 Archetypes fieldtraverser
archetypes.gridfield 0.1a1 Datagrid for Archetypes content, rows based on z3c.form
archetypes.kss 1.7.3 KSS (Kinetic Style Sheets) for Archetypes
archetypes.languagebugfix 1.0.2 This is a package to fix
archetypes.ldapstorage 0.1a1 LDAP Storage for Archetypes
archetypes.linguakeywordwidget 1.1 Archetypes keyword widget with multilanguage support
archetypes.markerfield 1.1 Interface marker field for Archetypes
archetypes.memberdatastorage 1.1 A facade storage layer for Archetypes delegating to the Plone memberdata tool
archetypes.multifile 1.5 This package adds a field to upload multiple files
archetypes.multilingual 3.0.2 Multilingual support for archetypes.
archetypes.querywidget 1.1.2 Archetypes.querywidget implements a widget for creating catalog queries using an email-filtering-like interface, as found in GMail or Apple Mail.
archetypes.recurringdate 0.2 Field/Widget to support recurring dates.
archetypes.referencebrowserwidget 2.5.7 A referencebrowser implementation for Archetypes
archetypes.rolefield 0.1-a1 Archetypes Role Field
archetypes.schemaextender 2.1.5 Dynamically extend Archetypes schemas with named adapters.
archetypes.schematuning 1.2 More Speed with cached Archetypes Schemas.
archetypes.searchwidget 0.1.8 UNKNOWN
archetypes.uploadreferencewidget 0.2.1 A widget for Archetypes with support for both uploading and referencing content.
archgenxml 2.6 UML to code generator for Plone
archicow 0.0.1.alpha1 Backup system supporting copy-on-write storage.
archicv Computer Vision on Landscape Architecture
archie 0.0.3 Symlink management for configuration (rc) file.
archieml 0.3.0 Python parser for the Archie Markup Language (ArchieML)
archimedes 0.1 Test.
archinfo UNKNOWN
archipel-agent 0.6.0beta The hypervisor's agent part of Archipel
archipel-agent-action-scheduler 0.6.0beta Creation and management of planified tasks for hypervisors and virtual machines
archipel-agent-hypervisor-geolocalization 0.6.0beta Make hypervisor able to locate themselves in the world
archipel-agent-hypervisor-health 0.6.0beta Get health of hypervisors
archipel-agent-hypervisor-network 0.6.0beta Manage libvirt networks
archipel-agent-hypervisor-platformrequest 0.6.0beta Manage platform wide operation requests
archipel-agent-iphone-notification 0.6.0beta Can send notification to iPhone using PushApp 3.0
archipel-agent-virtualmachine-oomkiller 0.6.0beta Manage OOM Killer prevention
archipel-agent-virtualmachine-snapshoting 0.6.0beta Manage snapshoting for virtual machines
archipel-agent-virtualmachine-storage 0.6.0beta Manage virtual machine storages
archipel-agent-virtualmachine-vnc 0.6.0beta manage VNC screen connection
archipel-agent-vmcasting 0.6.0beta Manage all stuff about vmcasting
archipel-agent-vmparking 0.6.0beta Handle the virtual machine parking
archipel-agent-xmppserver 0.6.0beta Can manage Ejabberd Server using XMLRPC module
archipel-core 0.6.0beta Base framework of Archipel.
architect 0.5.3 A set of tools which enhances ORMs written in Python with more features
archivalook 1.0 UNKNOWN
Archive 0.3 Simple library that provides a common interface for extracting zip and tar archives.
archivedb 0.2.3 A utility that maintains a checksum database of your media archive
archive-installer 2016.1.1 User local application installer without hassle.
archiveIO 0.4.4 Convenience decorators for reading and writing to compressed archives
Archiver 0.2.2 Manage files based on their SHA1 hashes
archive-rotator 0.2.1 Flexible utility for rotating backup files.
archivist 0.0.dev0 A plugable tool for comparing configuration with a known configuration stored in a source control system.
archiwe 0.9.0 Webification of archive files
archlinux-metapkg 0.3.7 Creates metapackages for Arch Linux.
archmage 0.3.1 CHM decompressor
archvyrt 0.3.5 libvirt provisioner for archlinux libvirt hosts
arclib 0.1 A unified API for accessing Python's compression formats
arc_library 1.0.48 Bug fix of apply local timezone to instance
arcode 0.1 A module providing arithmetic coding to compress/decompress files.
arcomm 2.0.7 Library for connecting to Arista switches
arconfig 0.1.2 Load and gen configuration for argparse
arcpylogger 1.0.0 Classes to define ArcPy message stream handlers and a helper function for us noobs.
arcpy_metadata 0.4.3 Python metadata editing classes for ArcGIS feature classes.
arcrest 10.3 Wrapper to the ArcGIS REST API, and a Python analogue to the Javascript APIs
ArcREST_Package v3.5.3 ArcREST Summary
arcs.gsi 1.2dev-20091120 Library to assist GSI authentication and certificate handling in python.
arcs.project 1.0 A project workspace product for Plone
arcs.shibboleth.client 0.2dev-20091210 Shibboleth authentication handler
arcs.shibboleth.client 0.2 Shibboleth authentication handler
arctic 1.25.0 AHL Research Versioned TimeSeries and Tick store
arcus 0.2.8 Python client for the Arcus Cloud
ArcUtils 0.1.0 ARC Projects utility package
arcvback 4.4 Backup software for a small LAN for user data files
ardaemon 1.0 A library for running Python programs as Unix daemons.
ardbeg 0.0.1 Static site generator based on Jinja2.
ardj 1.2.42 An artificial DJ for you internet radio.
ardpy 1.0.0 arduino controller using python via i2c
arduino-array 0.1 Simple C classes for arrays of standard numeric types.
arduino_device 1.0 Interface to arduino devices with auto creation of class methods with arduino commands and auto discovery of available Arduinos in Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X
arduino_helpers 0.3.post18 Helper functions for reading configs, etc. from an installed Arduino directory.
arduino-memory 0.1.post3 Simple Arduino library for querying amount of free RAM memory.
arduino-python 0.2 A light-weight Python library that provides a serial bridge for communicating with Arduino microcontroller boards
arduino-rpc 1.7.post19 Code generation for memory-efficient remote-procedure-calls between a host CPU (Python) and a device (C++) (e.g., Arduino). The main features of this package include: 1) Extract method signatures from user-defined C++ class, 2) Assign a unique *"command code"* to each method, 3) Generate a `CommandProcessor<T>` C++ class, which calls appropriate method on instance of user type provided the corresponding serialized command array, and 4) Generate a `Proxy` Python class to call methods on remote device by serializing Python method call as command request and decoding command response from device as Python type(s).
arduino_scons 0.1.post11 SCons tools for building Arduino projects.
arduinoserial 1.0.1 A Python interface to Arduino serial ports.
arduino-servo 0.1 Simple C classes for arrays of standard numeric types.
arduino-sketch 0.2 Compile and upload Arduino sketches from command line
arduino_testsuite 0.2.2f Arduino TestSuite for automated Arduino Unit Testing
ardurpc 0.3 An extensible library to control microcontroller boards like Arduino using Python and the ArduRPC protocol
area 1.1.0 Calculate the area inside of any GeoJSON geometry. This is a port of Mapbox'sgeojson-area for Python
Area53 0.94 Python Interface to Route53
AreaCode 1.0.0 China area code list
areaFormulas 1.0.0 Simple shape Area Formulas
arecibo 0.1.3 Connector from Python to Arecibo
areciboware 1.0b1 Arecibo error logging WSGI middleware
AREM 1.0.1 Aligning Reads by Expectation-Maximization. Based on MACS (Model Based Analysis for ChIP-Seq data)
ArenaPy 0.1.0 A simple python interface to the api
areplay 0.6 Apache Log live replicator
arequests 0.1.0 Agnostic API classes for Requests.
ares 0.2 A python wrapper around
ares_util A tool for information system allowing a retrieval of information on economic entities registered in the Czech Republic (ARES - Access to Registers of Economic Subjects / Entities).
are-you-a-human 1.0.5 Are You a Human (AYAH) Python integration library and CAPTCHA alternative
Are-You-Human 0.1 Graphical test to ensure user is a human, not a script.
areyoustillthere 0.1.1 Find dem emails yo.
arf 2.2.1 Advanced Recording Format for acoustic, behavioral, and physiological data
arff 0.9 Python package for reading and writing Weka arff files
arfile 0.001 A pure python library for reading and writing ar format archives.
arfx 2.2.5 Advanced Recording Format Tools
arg 0.0.1 Parses your command line arguments
argcommand 0.2 A Python module that provides simple object-oriented abstraction layer for creating command-line interfaces.
argcomplete 1.2.0 Bash tab completion for argparse
argdeclare 0.5.6 Argdeclare is a declarative argument configurator for python's argparse.
argdispatch 0.1.1 A drop-in replacement for `argparse` dispatching subcommand calls to functions, modules or binaries.
argent 0.01.1 Parse command-line arguments using introspective magic.
arges 0.8.9 Simple and multi platform automated testing and tasks execution tool, that can be used straight from the command line.
argfarce 1.1 Declarative wrapper for argparse
argh 0.26.2 An unobtrusive argparse wrapper with natural syntax
arghandler 1.1.0 argparse extended with awesome feature enhancements to make life easier
arghelper 0.3.2 Python arparse helper module
arghlog 0.9 Logging integration for argh commands
argia 1.0 Eldarion delayed execution with Redis
argmap 1.0.1 Descriptive python argument parsing
argo 1.0.0
argon 0.2.0 Helpers for sub-commands.
argon2 0.1.10 Bindings for the argon2 password hasher
argon2_cffi 16.1.0 The secure Argon2 password hashing algorithm.
argon2pure 1.1 Pure python implementation of the ARGON2 password hash
Argonaut 0.3.4 Lightweight Pylons powered blogging engine.
argopen 0.1.0 open() for argparse
argopt 0.3.1 doc to argparse driven by docopt
argos 0.1.0 Argos Panoptes HDF/NCDF/array data inspector.
Argot 0.6 argot text markup -- a markdown dialect
argparse 1.4.0 Python command-line parsing library
argparse2 0.5.0-alpha1 Fork of Python's argparse to add features and simplify its code
argparse_actions 0.4.4 Custom actions for argparse package
argparse_config 0.5.1 Default values for argparse commandline args read from a config file.
argparsedialog 1.4 Python library converting argparse to Wizzard using dialog.
argparse.extra 0.0.2 Additional classes for argparse
ArgParseInator 1.0.12 Decorators and wrapper for easily define script's arguments within functions and classes. just defining function's args.
argparseplus 3.0.0 argparse extensions.
argparse_plus 0.1.0 ArgumentParser Plus
argparse-safe 1.0.0 Safely transitively depend on argparse
argparse_tools 1.0.6 Share a standardized set of argparse arguments within your codebase
argparseui 0.0.4 Auto generate ui for argparse based command-line tools
argpext 1.3.2 Argpext: multilevel command line interface.
argproc 1.4 A rule-based arguments processor
args 0.1.0 Command Arguments for Humans.
argscript 0.5 Generate argparse parser from function definitions.
argskwargs 0.0.3 flexible container for positional and keyword arguments
argspander 0.1.3 Argument expansion of objects
argsrun 0.0.2 Simple tool for creating commands & sub-commands
argtoolbox 0.1.2 The easy way to create a short program with file options and command line options.
argtools 0.1.4 Building command line tools with minimal effort by decorators
argument 1.4.0 Command line argument parsing library for python
argumented 1.1 Multiply test cases or functions into several functions with argument sets
argumentparser 1.2.1 Python 2/3 compatible commandline argument parser
arguments 72 Argument parser based on docopt
argumentsprocessor 1.1.6 A Python module that process a dictionary of arguments against a supplied dictionary of expected arguments.
argus 0.0.6 Helper routines for using multiple, inexpensive calibrated and synchronized cameras for 3D scientific use.
argus 0.0.9 Helper routines for using multiple, inexpensive calibrated and synchronized cameras for 3D scientific use.
argus-gui 0.2dev Tools for 3D camera calibration and reconstruction with graphical user interfaces
arguswatch 0.0.1 Scalable and easy to use service monitoring system
argutils 0.3.2 Functions to build matched argument parsers and config files
argv 0.0.3 Simpler command line argument parsing
argvalidate 0.9.0 Simple argument validator library
Argvard 0.3.0 Framework for command line applications
argvee 0.4.4 Easily parse command line argument by virtue of the functions defined in the module
argweaver 0.8.1 Ancestral recombination graph sampling method
argy 0.0.2 Simple tool for creating CLI applications
argyle 0.2.1 Argyle is a collection of Fabric utilities for Django deployment.
ari 0.1.3 Library for accessing the Asterisk REST Interface
aria Aria Project
aria-dsl-parser 0.0.1 ARIA DSL parser
aria-dsl-parser 0.0.2 ARIA DSL parser
aria-dsl-parser 0.1 ARIA DSL parser
aria-dsl-parser 0.1.1 ARIA DSL parser
aria-dsl-parser 0.2 ARIA DSL parser
aria-dsl-parser 0.3 Aria DSL parser
ariane_clip3 0.1.3 Ariane Python API Library
ariane_docker 0.1.1 Ariane Plugin Docker
ariane_procos 0.1.2 Ariane Plugin ProcOS
aria-plugins-common 0.3 Contains necessary decorators and utility methods for writing Cloudify plugins
aria-rest-client 0.1 ARIA REST client
aria-script-plugin 0.2 Plugin for running scripts
aria-tosca 0.7 ARIA CLI
ariba 1.0.0 ARIBA: Antibiotic Resistance Identification By Assembly
ariblib 0.0.5 python implementation of arib-std-b10 and arib-std-b24
ariel 0.1 UNKNOWN
arista 0.9.7 An easy multimedia transcoder for GNOME
aristotle-metadata-registry 1.2.4 Aristotle-MDR is an open-source metadata registry as laid out by the requirements of the IEC/ISO 11179:2013 specification.
aristoxenus 0.1.0 Library for music data and humdrum parsing
arisutils 0.0.2 TODO
arithmetic 0.5 Arithmetic module
ArithmeticInterval 0.1.0 A Python Arithmetic Interval Module
ark 1.7.2 A static website generator.
arkaiv 0.1.2dev UNKNOWN
arkcclient 0.4.0.alpha1 A lightweight proxy designed to be proof to IP blocking measures
arkcs 0.1
arkcserver 0.4.0.alpha1 A lightweight proxy designed to be proof to IP blocking measures
arklib v0.2-r95 Ark python library
arkos-cli 0.2 arkOS command-line interface
arkpy 0.6 Simple tools built around the Archival Resource Key and Noid specifications, allowing minting and validating of ARKs via code and the command-line.
arksearch 0.0.1 Searches Intel's ARK site for processor information
Arm4 1.2 Application Response Measurement (ARM) Version 4.0
armada 1.0 Configuration manager for ArmadaPlatform services.
arm_archive 0.1.0 A module for accessing data from the ARM Archive
armet 0.4.44 Clean and modern framework for creating RESTful APIs.
armor 0.0.1 A data validation and sanitization library
armor_api 0.1.3 Armor API Client
armorc 0.2.4 Armor Client
armord 0.1.7 Armor Daemon
armory 0.1.0 A library of python and django tools and scripts.
arm_pyart 1.6.0 Py-ART: Python ARM Radar Toolkit
armsim 0.1dev-r4 ARM Simulator for Linux
armstrong 12.03.1 Armstrong is an open-source publishing system designed for news organizations that gives your team the technology edge it needs to report in a media-rich environment.
armstrong.apps.articles 1.1.2 Provides a concrete implementation of ContentBase
armstrong.apps.content 1.0.5 Provides a concrete implementation of ContentBase
armstrong.apps.crm 0.1.0 Mechanism for hooking up a CRM to Armstrong
armstrong.apps.donations 1.2.3 Provides a framework for accepting donations
armstrong.apps.embeds 0.9 Provides a way to store, relate to, extract metadata and embed content from external URLs via a modular backend system Basic events for Armstrong CMS
armstrong.apps.images 1.1.4 This packages provides images for the Armstrong CMS
armstrong.apps.related_content 2.0.4 Provides mechanism for relating content to other models
armstrong.apps.series 0.2.0 Provides way to create series of content
armstrong.cli 1.2.1 Provides basic commands needed for Armstrong scaffolding
armstrong.cli.experimental 0.1.0 Provides basic commands needed for Armstrong scaffolding
armstrong.core.arm_access 1.0.9 Code for having different access levels for content
armstrong.core.arm_content 1.3.5 A library for building news sites with multiple content types
armstrong.core.arm_layout 1.4.0 Layout code related to Armstrong
armstrong.core.arm_sections 1.6.0 Provides hierarchical taxonomy for content
armstrong.core.arm_wells 1.10.0 Provides the basic well objects 2.1.0 Tools needed for development and testing of Armstrong
armstrong.esi 1.1.0 Utilities to help development of sites that utilize Edge Side Includes
armstrong.hatband 1.4.0 The administrative interface for Armstrong
armstrong.templates.paywall 1.0.0 Provides a basic example of a paywall inside Armstrong
armstrong.templates.standard 1.0.2 Provides a basic project template for an Armstrong project
armstrong.templates.tutorial 1.0.0 The tutorial project for Armstrong
armstrong.utils.backends 1.1.1 Generic backend system to use throughout Armstrong
armstrong.utils.celery 0.1.4 Provides some utility functions for dealing with Celery
armstrong.utils.importers.wordpress 0.1.1 Tools to import wordpress xml data into Armstrong
ArmyOfEvilRobots 0.4.1dev Utility library. Contains per app cross platform config library tools for now.
ar_nester 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
Arnic 0.3a1 App-launcher on illegal performance-enhancing drugs, similar to Quicksilver.
arnold 0.4.1 Simple migrations for python ORMs
aros 0.0.3 A Python Robot Operating System
arouter 0.2.0 Line router using libavoid library.
arp 1.0 ARP / RARP module for Python
arpa 0.1.0b1 This is a library for reading ARPA n-gram models.
arpack 0.0.0 UNKNOWN
Arpeggio 1.4 Packrat parser interpreter
arpm 0.0.3 ansible package manager command line tool
arpreq 0.1.0 Query the Kernel ARP cache for the MAC address corresponding to IP address
arprequest 0.3 A class which sends an ARP Request to know if a host is online on local networks
arpy 1.1.1 Library for accessing "ar" files
arquiapgw 1.0.0 A client to submit payment orders to the Arquia service.
arraybuffer 0.1.1 Cython based buffer for arrays and typed memoryviews.
array_devices 1.0.1 Interface to Array 3710 Electronic Load
arrayfield_tagsinput 0.0.5 An app that gives you tag input field for forms
arrayfire 3.3.20160516 Python bindings for ArrayFire
array_Foriger 1.0.0 Simple printer
arrayfunc 1.1.0 Fast array processing functions
arraymanagement 0.2 Array Management
arrayterator 1.0.1 Buffered iterator for big arrays.
arronax 0.06 Create and modify application, file and URI starters.
arrow 0.7.0 Better dates and times for Python
arrow-fatisar 0.5.3 ("arrow" fork) Better dates and times for Python, with intervals
arrowhead 1.0a1 micro-framework for flowchart-like computing
arrrsync 0.1.0 Secure and restricted file copying and exploring with rsync over ssh.
ARS 0.5b1 Physically-accurate robotics simulator
arsenal 1.01 Utils.
arsenalclientlib 0.1 Arsenal client library
arsenal-director Ironic image caching service
arsenalweb 0.1 Arsenal web api/ui
arsespyder 0.0.3 Web Spider to retrieve links
arstecnica.raccoon.autobahn 0.4 A set of common utilities over Autobahn
arstecnica.sqlalchemy.async 0.4 Asyncio middleware for SQLAlchemy
arswf 0.1 Library for extracting metadata from SWF files.
Art3dUtils 0.3.7 Object models for storing and utilities for processing architecture data
art3d_utils 0.3.6
artbrain 1.0.1 embed images into brain imaging data
artcat 3.12 A cat(1) like utility for text mode art
arte7 2.0.0 A simple command line tool for interacting with the arte+7 database.
artemis 0.1.4 Async Restful TinyDB Models
arte_plus7 2.1.0 CLI script to get videos from Arte plus 7 using their URL
arthur 0.0.1 Software for the exercises in Crypto 101, the introductory book on cryptography.
artichoke 0.4.3 Simple and Lightweight WSGI Web Framework
articleDateExtractor 0.17 Automatically extracts and normalizes an online article or blog post publication date
articledownloader 5.1 A class for downloading scientific journal articles
article-downloader 0.1 A class for downloading scientific journal articles
articlemeta 0.1 A SciELO API to load SciELO Articles metadata
article_segment 0.0.1 article_segment
artie 0.1.1 IRC utility robot framework for Python
artifact-cli 0.1.10 Private Artifact Manager using Amazon S3
artifactory 0.1.17 A Python to Artifactory interface
artifacts 20160114 Artifact Repository.
ArtificialCrawlers 0.1b0 An artificial crawlers implementation
artificialturf 0.1 Greenlet emulation for Jython using threads
artikcloud 2.0.0 Artik Cloud API
artiq 1.0rc3 Advanced Real-Time Infrastructure for Quantum physics
artisan 0.0.2 A python testing library to help craft better tests
artisinal_integers 0.1 get a unique artisinal integer from one of many providers
ArtisinalInts 1.0.0 Interface to hand-crafted integers from Brooklyn and San Francisco.
artist 0.17.0 A plotting library for Python with LaTeX output
art.mashup 1.0 Viewing of external contents
artpacker 1.0.1 Image resources packer to sprite sheets
arts 1 ARTS - De BIG-geregistreerde is schuldig aan mishandeling gepleegd door toediening van voor het leven of de gezondheid schadelijke stoffen
Arugula 0.0.1-alpha a sample Python 3 project for a command-line script
arun 0.0.1 Make asyncio service
arundeckrun 0.2.3 A Rundeck API Python client
arvados-cwl-runner 1.0.20160519200217 Arvados Common Workflow Language runner
arvados_fuse 0.1.20160426220707 Arvados FUSE driver
arvados-node-manager 0.1.20160526140904 Arvados compute node manager
arvados-python-client 0.1.20160517202250 Arvados client library
arv.autotest 0.2.4 Run tests whenever a file changes
ar-virtualenv-api 2.0.0 An API for virtualenv/pip
arxiv 0.0.3 Python wrapper for the arXiv API:
arxiv2bib 1.0.7 Get metadata in BibTeX format
arxiv2speech 0.0.4 Convert the current abstracts listed on the arxiv to a set of audio files.
arxiver 0.0.4 unofficial API tool for scientific publications
arya 1.1.5 APIC Rest to pYthon Adapter
AryaLogger v1.1.7 Use the SimpleAciUiLogServer and arya to convert UI REST API calls to ACI Python SDK code.
asamended 0.04 Client library for the API.
asana 0.5.1 Asana API client
asana-api 0.1 UNKNOWN
asana-hub 0.2.12 A python lib & tool for creating issues and tasks simultaneously on github and asana, and keeping them in sync.
asana-kazoo 2.0.8dev Higher Level Zookeeper Client
AsanaToGithub 1.0.0 Simple script to copy items from Asana to Github issues
ASAPTools 0.5.4 A collection of useful Python modules from the Application Scalability And Performance (ASAP) group at the National Center for Atmospheric Research
asbool 0.1.1 simple converter from ``str`` to ``bool``
asc2wp 0.7.0 File base post to Wordpress with Asciidoc format
ascension_kit 0.0.4 A utility to report ascension information from NAO.
ascension_kit 0.0.5 A utility to report ascension information from NAO.
ascension_kit 0.0.6 A utility to report ascension information from NAO.
ascension_kit 0.0.7 A utility to report ascension information from NAO.
ascension_kit 0.0.8 A utility to report ascension information from NAO.
ascension_kit 0.0.9 A utility to report ascension information from NAO.
ascension_kit 0.0.10 A utility to report ascension information from NAO.
ascension_kit 0.0.11 A utility to report ascension information from NAO.
ascension_kit 0.0.12 A utility to report ascension information from NAO.
ascension_kit 0.0.13 A utility to report ascension information from NAO.
ascension_kit 0.0.14 A utility to report ascension information from NAO.
ascetic Lightweight python datamapper ORM (Object-relational mapper).
asciaf 1.0.0 A Python project for AppStudio CI automation
ascii2hdf5 1.3 UNKNOWN
asciiart 0.2 Just some ascii art stuff...
AsciiBinaryConverter 1.0 Converts Between ASCII strings and a string of binary.
asciibox 0.4.0 Render ASCII boxes and arrows as images.
asciicells 0.9.2 A Simple ASCII Table Generator
asciidrumming 0.3.3 Ascii-based (drum-)sequencer.
ascii_gazebo 0.1.3 UNKNOWN
ascii_graph 1.1.4 A simple python lib to print data as ascii histograms.
asciilove 0.0.1 Convert images to ASCII art in your command line
asciimathml ASCIIMathML to MathML translator
asciimatics 1.6.0 A cross-platform package to replace curses (mouse/keyboard input & text colours/positioning) and create ASCII animations
ASCII-Plotter 1.0 Allows plotting of simple graphs in ASCII-art
asciiporn 2009.05.01 view color images & 3d scientific plots in ssh terminal (screenshots using putty ssh terminal included)
asciiporn3k 2009.11.16.py3k.cpp asciiporn3k
asciipr0n 1.0.2 Display NSFW images in your logfiles
ascii_sparks 0.0.3 UNKNOWN
asciitable 0.8.0 Extensible ASCII table reader and writer
asciitomathml .89 Module converts ASCII math to Mathml
asciitree 0.3.1 Draws ASCII trees.
ascribe 0.0.9.dev1 ascribe api
asd 1.2.0 Various command line helper scripts`
asdb 0.2.8 Instant convenient debugger
asdf 1.1.0 Python tools to handle ASDF files
asdl 0.1.5 A copy of the ASDL parser used in CPython 3.5.
asdnester123 1.3.0 A simple printer of nested lists
asdoc2dash 0.1.1 asdoc2dash is tools that convert from ASDoc to Dash Docset.
ase 3.11.0 Atomic Simulation Environment
aserializer 0.8.1 An object serializer inspired by the django forms.
asgard 0.6.0 asgard
asgi_ipc 0.2.0 Posix IPC-backed ASGI channel layer implementation
asgi_redis 0.12.0 Redis-backed ASGI channel layer implementation
asgiref 0.13.0 Reference ASGI adapters and channel layers
Ash 0.1.3 Thin wrapper for virtualenv for easy environment management
ashd-py 0.4 Python module for handling ashd requests
asheeshs-django-optimizer 2.0 A pretend Django optimizer for use in a web security tutorial
ashes 15.1.0 Lightweight templating for Python (a la dust.js)
Ashser_AthleteList 1.0.0 A modification of the list class
Ashser_sanitize 1.1.2 A little program that restructures time from either #-## or #:## format to #.## format
Ashser_spinner 1.1.0 A little program to make a spinning cursor
ashwin_nester 1.0.0 A simple example of nested lists
asianet-tracker 0.4 A simple Django app to track data from URL visits
asibsync 0.9.5 ASI-SIB synchronization agent
asiconsole 1.0.2 Python ASI console for interactive testing and debugging
asilib 1.0.2 Aalto Social Interface (ASI) Python interface library
asis 0.2.3 Lightweight As-Is Server
asjson 2.0.0 A little wrapper around reading and writing of csv file.
ask 0.0.8 Easy input validation for python
ask-alexa-pykit 0.5.6 Minimalist SDK for developing skills for Amazon's Alexa Skills Kit for Amazon Echo Dot Tap FireTV etc
askbot 0.10.0 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
askbot-fedmsg 0.1.1 Askbot plugin for emitting events to the Fedora message bus
askbot-slack 0.2.0 Simple Slack integration for Askbot.
askbot-tuan 1.5 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
askbot-tuanpa 0.7.48 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
askcli 1.0.4 Generate interactive menus in a python script. Like yes/no question and menu action.
asklet 0.0.2 A learning algorithm for the 20 questions game.
askme 0.0.4 AskMe Python Client
ask-so 1.0.4 AskSO - StackOverflow Python Question Assistant
asl 1.0.1 Bindings to the ASL library on Mac OS X
aslack 0.7.0 Asynchronous Slack API integration.
as_list 0.2.1 Verifies if giving object is list or tuple; if not returns a list with it as single element
asm 0.0.2 Python API ASM carrier
asm2d 0.2.3 An assembler for the 68112D microprocessor
asm2mmc 0.1 memorycoin address decoder for asm_hash strings on the transaction data.
asm.cms 0.1.8 Assembly Website CMS
asm.cmsui 0.1.18 Assembly CMS - CMS UI package
ASMO 0.4 Attentive Self-Modifying Cognitive Architecture
asms 1.0.1 Provides SMS interface, enabling scripts to send text messages (SMSes) via aText mobile application
asm.translation 0.1.13 Multi-lingual content for Assembly CMS
asm.workflow 0.1.8 Workflow extension for the Assembly CMS
asn1ate 0.5 ASN.1 translation library.
asn1crypto 0.17.1 Fast ASN.1 parser and serializer with definitions for private keys, public keys, certificates, CRL, OCSP, CMS, PKCS#3, PKCS#7, PKCS#8, PKCS#12, PKCS#5, X.509 and TSP
asnester 0.0.1 A simple printer of nested lists
asnhistory 2.0.4 Query a redis database to access to the ASNs descriptions.
asoundconf-gtk 1.1 Allows you to select the default ALSA sound card
asp ASP is a SEJITS (specialized embedded just-in-time compiler) toolkit for Python.
aspackt 1.0.2 Arrange rectangles while approximating an aspect ratio
aspath_graph 1.3 Take BGP AS PATHs and generate an interactive javascript graph using NetJSON
aspect 0.0.1 Lightweight Aspect-oriented Module for Python
aspectlib 1.4.2 ``aspectlib`` is an aspect-oriented programming, monkey-patch and decorators library. It is useful when changing
aspectpy 0.1.1 AspectPy is AspectJ implementation in Python.
aspects 0.1.2 Aspect Programming with Python
aspell-python-ctypes 1.13 ctypes-based wrapper around GNU Aspell
aspell-python-py2 1.14 Wrapper around GNU Aspell for Python 2
aspell-python-py3 1.14 Wrapper around GNU Aspell for Python 3
aspen 0.42 Aspen is a Python web framework. Simplates are the main attraction.
aspen-jinja2 0.4 jinja2 plugin for Aspen
aspen-pystache 0.4 pystache plugin for Aspen
aspen-sentry 1.0.0 Sentry plugin for Aspen
aspen-tornado 0.3 tornado plugin for Aspen
asphalt 2.0.0 A microframework for network oriented applications
asphalt-mailer 2.0.0 Mailer component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-memcached 1.0.0 Memcached integration component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-py4j 2.0.0 Py4J integration component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-redis 1.0.0 Redis integration component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-serialization 2.0.0 Serialization component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-sqlalchemy 2.0.0 SQLAlchemy integration component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-templating 1.0.0 Templating component for the Asphalt framework
asposebarcode 1.0.0 Aspose Cloud SDK for Python allows you to use Aspose API in your Python applications
asposebarcodecloud 1.0.0 Aspose.Barcode Cloud SDK for Python allows you to use Aspose.Barcode APIs in your Python applications
aspose-barcode-java-for-jython 1.0 Aspose.BarCode Java for Jython is a project that demonstrates / provides the Aspose.BarCode for Java API usage examples in Jython.
asposecellscloud 1.0.0 Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Python allows you to use Aspose.Cells APIs in your Python applications
aspose_cells_java_for_jython 1.0 Aspose.Cells Java for Jython is a project that demonstrates / provides the Aspose.Cells for Java API usage examples in Jython.
aspose-cells-java-for-python v1.0 Aspose.Cells Java for Python is a project that demonstrates / provides the Aspose.Cells for Java API usage examples in Python.
asposecloud 1.2 Aspose Cloud SDK for Python allows you to use Aspose API in your Python applications
asposeemailcloud 1.0.0 Aspose.Email Cloud SDK for Python allows you to use Aspose.Email APIs in your Python applications
aspose-email-java-for-jython v1.0 Aspose.Email Java for Jython is a project that demonstrates / provides the Aspose.Email for Java API usage examples in Python.
aspose-email-java-for-python 1.0 Aspose.Email Java for Python is a project that demonstrates / provides the Aspose.Email for Java API usage examples in Python.
asposeimagingcloud 1.0.0 Aspose.Imaging Cloud SDK for Python allows you to use Aspose.Imaging APIs in your Python applications
aspose-imaging-java-for-jython 1.0 Aspose.Imaging Java for Jython is a project that demonstrates / provides the Aspose.Imaging for Java API usage examples in Jython.
asposeocrcloud 1.0.0 Aspose.OCR Cloud SDK for Python allows you to use Aspose.OCR APIs in your Python applications
asposepdfcloud 1.0.0 Aspose.Pdf Cloud SDK for Python allows you to use Aspose.Pdf APIs in your Python applications
aspose-pdf-java-for-jython 1.0.0 Aspose.Pdf Java for Jython is a project that demonstrates / provides the Aspose.Pdf for Java API usage examples in Jython.
aspose_pdf_java_for_python 1.0.0 Aspose.Pdf Java for Python
asposeslidescloud 1.0.0 Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for Python allows you to use Aspose.Slides APIs in your Python applications
aspose-slides-java-for-jython 1.0.0 Aspose.slides Java for Jython is a project that demonstrates / provides the Aspose.Slides for Java API usage examples in Jython.
aspose-slides-java-for-python 1.0 Aspose.Slides Java for Python is a project that demonstrates / provides the Aspose.Slides for Java API usage examples in Python.
asposestorage 1.0.2 Aspose Cloud SDK for Python allows you to use Aspose API in your Python applications
asposestoragecloud 1.0.0 Aspose.Storage Cloud SDK for Python allows you to use Aspose.Storage API in your Python applications
asposetaskscloud 1.0.0 Aspose.Tasks Cloud SDK for Python allows you to use Aspose.Tasks APIs in your Python applications
asposewordscloud 1.0.0 Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Python allows you to use Aspose.Words APIs in your Python applications
Aspose-Words-java-for-jython-v1.0 1.0 Aspose.Words for Jython allows you to use Aspose.Words for Java API in your Jython applications
aspose_words_java_for_python 1.0.0 Aspose.Words Java for Python
asprise_ocr_sdk_python_api Asprise OCR (optical character recognition) and barcode recognition SDK is a high performance royalty-free Python API library. It converts images (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, etc) into text, xml, searchable PDF or editable RTF/Word formats. Data capture are supported for processing documents like invoices and forms.
aspyc 0
Aspyct 3.0_beta_4 Python 2.x and 3.x library including aspect oriented programming (AOP), unit testing tools and other general-purpose effective tools.
aspy.refactor_imports 0.1.0 Utilities for refactoring imports in python-like syntax.
aspy.refactor_imports 0.2.0 Utilities for refactoring imports in python-like syntax.
aspy.refactor_imports 0.2.1 Utilities for refactoring imports in python-like syntax.
aspy.refactor_imports 0.2.2 Utilities for refactoring imports in python-like syntax.
aspy.refactor_imports 0.2.3 Utilities for refactoring imports in python-like syntax.
aspy.refactor_imports 0.3.0 Utilities for refactoring imports in python-like syntax.
aspy.refactor_imports 0.3.1 Utilities for refactoring imports in python-like syntax.
aspy.refactor_imports 0.3.2 Utilities for refactoring imports in python-like syntax.
aspy.refactor_imports 0.3.3 Utilities for refactoring imports in python-like syntax.
aspy.refactor_imports 0.3.4 Utilities for refactoring imports in python-like syntax.
aspy.refactor_imports 0.4.0 Utilities for refactoring imports in python-like syntax.
aspy.refactor_imports 0.5.0 Utilities for refactoring imports in python-like syntax.
aspy.refactor_imports 0.5.1 Utilities for refactoring imports in python-like syntax.
aspys 0
aspy.yaml 0.2.0 A few extensions to pyyaml.
aspy.yaml 0.2.1 A few extensions to pyyaml.
aspy.yaml 0.2.2 A few extensions to pyyaml.
asq 1.2.1 LINQ-for-objects style queries for Python iterables.
asqc 0.1.7 A SPARQL Query Client
asr 0.1.3 Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) tools
as.recipe.filetemplate 2.2.2 zc.buildout recipe for creating files from file templates
as.recipe.frozenpkg 0.2.26 ZC Buildout recipe for freezing buildouts in RPM's, tar.gz's, etc
ass 0.4.2 A library for parsing and manipulating Advanced SubStation Alpha subtitle files.
assay 0.0 Future testing framework
assembla 2.8.0 Python wrapper for the Assembla API
assembla-cli 0.1.1 A small command-line tool for working with Assembla spaces
assemblage 0.1 A small Python framework for building objects in dependency-injection style.
Assemble 0.1.13 Assemble: Assemble the packages!
assentio 0.1 A minimal, lightweight flask-based blog
assert_changes 0.0.1 Check expected changes of monitored values in tests.
assertEquals 0.4.4 assertEquals is an epic testing interface for Python.
assert_exists 0.0.5 assert_exists(*paths) - raise AssertionError if path not exists
assertionchain 0.1.1 Utility for chaining commands and incrementally checking the results
assertions 0.0.1 assertion library for python that can be delightfully paired with any python testing framework
assertlib 0.3.1 assertlib is a standalone library of assertion methods.
assertpy 0.9 Assertion framework for python unit testing with a fluent API
asserts 0.5.1 Rich Assertions
assert-select 1.0.1 Make assertions about CSS selectors
assert_tools 0.0.2 A Python Unit/Functional test library.
Assessor 0.2.13 Django Assessment App
asset 0.6.10 A package resource and symbol loading helper library.
asset_bender 0.1.21 A django runtime implementation for Asset Bender
asset_bundles 0.1.3 simple clone of django_assets compatible with django 1.3 and staticfiles
assetcloud 2.3.1 Lightweight Digital Asset Management
assetgen 0.3.10 Asset generator for modern web app development
assetman 0.0.4 Generic blob-data asset manager that provides an API, CLI interface, for managing S3 assets and the respective CloudFront delivery setup.
assetmingle 0.1.2 Convert image and file references in HTML and CSS files to data URLs
assetoolz 0.0.7 Web assets build system
AssetPackager 0.2.1 Utility for determining and making CSS/JS packages from list of paths
assetreload 1.1 Broadcast changes in your assets to the browser.
ass.ets 0.1.1 Assets management for webapps.
assets_angular 0.1.0 Django_assets angular template filter.
assh 0.1.11 aws server list in ncurses - select your server/s and ssh to them
Assign-GUP 2016.0312.0 Assist in assigning APS GUPs to PRP members
assignmentprint 1.0 Pretty printer for student-submitted assignments.
Assimulo 2.9 A package for solving ordinary differential equations and differential algebraic equations.
assisipy 0.11.1 Python API for the ASSISbf project
assist 0.0.1b5 A stochastic simulation toolkit
assoc_space 1.0.2 Computes association strength over semantic networks in a dimensionality-reduced form.
asstosrt 0.1.5 A tool that convert ASS/SSA subtitle to SRT format
ast2json 0.1 convert a python source code into json-dumpable data (dict and lists with strings, ints, ...)
ast2src 2010.01.21.ast2src DESCRIPTION: ast2src - reverse compile ast tree back to legal python source code
astack 0.0.5 Simple stacktrace analysis tool for the JVM
astakosclient 0.16 A client for the astakos authentication service.
astatsa 1.0.1 Some very basic statistical operators.
astcheck 0.2.4 Check Python ASTs against templates
ast-decompiler 0.1 Python module to decompile AST to Python code
astdispatch 0.0.1 Visits AST nodes by singledispatch-like API
astdump 4.3 Extract information from Python modules without importing
aster 0.1.1 A full-stack, cross cloud platform, serverless application framework (WIP)
asterisk-ami 0.0.2 Python AMI Client
AsteriskChannelHangup 0.0.2 Programa utilizado para prevenir canales colgados en una planta asterisk
asterisk_dialplan 0.1.2 Helpers to convert numbers to dialplan strings for use in Asterisk
asterisk_dialplan 0.1.3 Helpers to convert numbers to dialplan strings for use in Asterisk
asterisklint 0.2.1 Asterisk PBX configuration syntax checker
asteriskonf 0.2 Export Asterisk configuration file
asterix 0.1.3 Manage python components startup quickly and efficiently
asteval 0.9.7 Safe, minimalistic evaluator of python expression using ast module
astexport 1.2.0 Python command line application to export Python AST as Json.
ASTFormatter 0.6.2 The ASTFormatter class accepts an AST tree and returns a valid source code representation of that tree.
astgen A generator for Abstract Syntax Trees.
astkit 0.5.4 A collection of tools and utilities built on the ast (python >= 2.6) module.
astLib 0.8.0 A set of python modules for producing simple plots, statistics, common calculations, coordinate conversions, and manipulating FITS images with World Coordinate System (WCS) information.
astm 0.5.0 Python implementation of ASTM E1381/1394 protocol.
astmonkey 0.1.1 astmonkey is a set of tools to play with Python AST.
astng 0.16.1 extend python's abstract syntax tree
Aston 0.7a0 Mass/UV Spectral Analysis Program
astoptimizer 0.6 Experimental AST optimizer for Python
astor 0.5 Read/rewrite/write Python ASTs
astra 0.1a.dev1 The Astra Exploit Framework
astral 1.1 Calculations for the position of the sun and moon.
astralnetworking 0 A very high level gaming network protocol built on top of podsixnet
astratomo 1.8b2 Python interface to the ASTRA Toolbox
astra-toolbox 1.8b5 Python interface to the ASTRA Toolbox
astrid 0.0.1 A simple web framework based on aiohttp.
astride 0.3.0 Automated Streak Detection for High Velocity Objects
astrid-phlyo 1.0 UNKNOWN
astrid-phylo 1.1 Accurate Species TRee Reconstruction with Internode Distances
astroalign 1.0a2 Astrometric Alignment of Images
astrocalc 0.1 An astronomer's calculator used to perform common calculations, conversions and measurements.
Astrodb 0.1.0 Personal Star Database
Astrodb 0.1.5 Personal Star Database
astrodbkit 0.3.0.post6 Astronomy database management using SQL and Python
astrodendro 0.1.0 Python package for computation of astronomical dendrograms
astrodynamics 0.1.0 UNKNOWN
astro-gala 0.1.0 Galactic and gravitational dynamics
astro-gala 0.1.1 Galactic and gravitational dynamics
astrogrid 1.0.4 Python Interface to ACR
astroid 1.2.1 rebuild a new abstract syntax tree from Python's ast
astroid 1.3.2 An abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support.
astroid 1.3.3 A abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support.
astroid 1.3.4 A abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support.
astroid 1.3.5 A abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support.
astroid 1.3.6 A abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support.
astroid 1.3.7 A abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support.
astroid 1.3.8 A abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support.
astroid 1.4.0 A abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support.
astroid 1.4.1 A abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support.
astroid 1.4.2 A abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support.
astroid 1.4.3 A abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support.
astroid 1.4.4 A abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support.
astroid 1.4.5 A abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support.
astroimtools 0.1 Astronomical Image Tools
astro-kittens 0.3.3 Collection of Python utility functions for purr, tigger, meqtrees and others
AstroKML 1.0.2 Compile Astronaut photographs from a specified region into a single KML
astrolabe 0.4.0 Timer library for recording performance metrics.
AstroLabels 0.1 AstroLabels
astrolib.coords 0.39.5 Astronomical coordinates & angular separations (OO)
astrolyze 0.2.8 Reduction and analysing tools for (mainly)Radioastronomical Data.
astromatic_wrapper 0.0.dev250 Wrapper for E. Bertin's AstrOmatic Software Suite
astroML 0.3 tools for machine learning and data mining in Astronomy
astroML_addons 0.2.2 Performance add-ons for the astroML package
astroMontage 0.1 Wrapper around Montage toolkit for displaying astronomical image/overlay data.
astronomer 0.0.0 Combine your virtualenvs.
astronomia 0.4.1 Library for calculation of ephemeris and other astronomical calculations
astronomicon 0.0.9 A test package containing calculations
astroobs 1.3.7 Provides astronomy ephemeris to plan telescope observations
astro-pi 1.1.8 Python API for Astro Pi (Sense HAT) for the Raspberry Pi
astroplan 0.1 Observation planning package for astronomers
astropost 0.1 Commenting API for Australian news sites
astropy 0.2.5 Community-developed python astronomy tools
astropy 0.3.2 Community-developed python astronomy tools
astropy 0.4.6 Community-developed python astronomy tools
astropy 1.0.9 Community-developed python astronomy tools
astropy 1.1.2 Community-developed python astronomy tools
astropy-helpers 0.4.8 Utilities for building and installing Astropy, Astropy affiliated packages, and their respective documentation.
astropy-helpers 1.0.6 Utilities for building and installing Astropy, Astropy affiliated packages, and their respective documentation.
astropy-helpers 1.1.2 Utilities for building and installing Astropy, Astropy affiliated packages, and their respective documentation.
astropyp 0.0.dev133 Astronomy Pypeline Framework and FITS Viewer
astro_pypelines 0.0.dev135 Pypelines for astropyp
Astropysics 1.0 Astrophysics libraries for Python
astro-pyxis 1.4.4 Python Extensions for astronomical Interferometry Scripting
astroquery 0.3.1 Functions and classes to access online data resources
astroscrappy 1.0.3 Speedy Cosmic Ray Annihilation Package in Python
astro-smpy SMpy: Flexible stellar pops., masses and mock observations with python
astrotest 0.1.1 Auto generate unit-tests for a function from executions of the function.
astro-tigger 1.3.3 yet another FITS image viewer
astrotoyz 0.1.4 Astronomy tools built on the Toyz framework
Astrotweet 1
astrox 0.1.106 AstroX Python Server
astsearch 0.1.2 Intelligently search Python source code
astunparse 1.3.0 An AST unparser for Python
astutils 0.0.1 Utilities for abstract syntax trees and parsing with PLY.
astviz 0.1.3 Simple Ast Visualization Tool
astype 0.0.0 Type inference through Python AST
asv 0.1rc2 Airspeed Velocity: A simple Python history benchmarking tool
asv 0.1rc3 Airspeed Velocity: A simple Python history benchmarking tool
asv 0.1 Airspeed Velocity: A simple Python history benchmarking tool
asv 0.1.1 Airspeed Velocity: A simple Python history benchmarking tool
asveloper_nester 1.4.0 Nester allow you to print lists either nested list exists or not
asv_files dev-20121101-01 Module for: * Connecting files to articles and other django models through ContentTypes. * Ajax multi-upload FormField and custom ModelField
asv_imgs dev-20121101-01 Module for connecting images to articles and other django models trought ContentTypes.
asv_media dev-20121101-03 This is a set of media files (js libs, css, pictures) for other asv.* libs.
asv_meta dev-20120127-01 This is a metapackage for quick installing other asv_* packages.
asv_seo dev-20121101-02 This is a title, keywords, descriptions connecting to any django model by ContentTypes.
asv_txt dev-20121101-01 This module helps you for attaching text fields to any django models trought ContentType. In this fields You may use Creole wiki markup and some additional macroses, as <<img NNN>> <<yt key>>
asv_utils dev-20121101-01 This is a set of common functions for other asv.* libs.
asylum 0.4.1 Lightweight containerization solution for Linux
asym 0.1.0 some tools and algorithms for asymetric cryptography
asymm-enum 0.4.2-201509101713 Java style enums for Python
asymmetricbase.core 0.1.1-201404231427 Core utilities for Asymmeric Base Framework
asymmetricbase.displaymanager 0.1.0-201404231340 UNKNOWN
asymmetricbase.enum 0.1.1-201404231622 Java style enums for Python
asymmetricbase.fields 0.1.0-201404231231 UNKNOWN
asymmetricbase.forms 0.1.1-201404241725 UNKNOWN
asymmetricbase.logging 0.1.0-201404231236 UNKNOWN
asymmetricbase.testing 0.1.0-201404231239 UNKNOWN
asymmetricbase.utils 0.1.4-201404241723 Utilies for Asymmetric Base Framework
asymmetricbase.views 0.1.0-201404231345 Base views for Django
asymmetric_jwt_auth 0.2.2 Asymmetric key based authentication for HTTP APIs
asymm-fields 0.2.0-201405201336 UNKNOWN
asymm-jinja 0.2.1-201406061624 UNKNOWN
async 0.6.2 Async Framework
asyncblink 0.1.1 Signals with coroutines!
asyncbot 0.1.1 A simple chat bot for Slack
asyncdef 0.1.0 Meta package for the asyncdef project.
asyncdef.emitter 0.1.1 Tools for handling async events.
asyncdef.engine 0.1.1 Core event loop implementation.
asyncdef.interfaces 0.2.1 Public APIs for the core asyncdef components.
asyncdgt 0.0.1 Communicate asynchronously with DGT boards
asyncdns 0.3 Asynchronous DNS query pipeline for Python
asyncdynamo 0.2.8 async Amazon DynamoDB library for Tornado
asyncflux 0.0
asyncgridfs async mongodb gridfs with tornado IOLoop
async_gui 0.1.1 Easy threading and multiprocessing for GUI applications
asynchia 0.1.3 asynchia is a minimalistic asynchronous networking library.
asynchronousfilereader 0.2.1 Simple thread based asynchronous file reader
asynchttp 0.0.4 A simple httplib2 based asynchronous HTTP library for python
async_http 0.12 An http/https client library that works with asyncore/asynchat
asyncinflux 0.0.3 Uses codap to provide async influxdb
asyncio 3.4.3 reference implementation of PEP 3156
asyncio_dispatch 1.1.0 asyncio_dispatch is a is a signal dispatcher for the asyncio event loop found in Python versions 3.4 and up.
asyncio-docker 1.23b5 Asyncio Docker Client
asyncio_extras 1.1.1 Asynchronous generators, context managers and more for asyncio
asyncio-irc 0.2.1 irc based on asyncio
asyncio_mongo 0.2.4 Asynchronous Python 3.3+ driver for MongoDB <>
asyncio-nats-client 0.3.0 NATS client for Python Asyncio
asyncio_pinger 0.0.4 Ping based on asyncio.
asyncio_redis 0.14.2 PEP 3156 implementation of the redis protocol.
asyncio-redis-cluster 0.1.1 Cluster support for asyncio Redis client.
asyncio-sse 0.1 asyncio Server-Sent Events implementation
asyncio-throttler 0.1.0 Throttling tools for py3.5+ asyncio.
asyncio-time-travel 0.1.4 Asyncio Time Travel Loop
asyncio-yify 0.0.8 Damned fast YIFY parser using Asyncio
AsyncIRC 0.0.3 Dependancy-free Asynchronous IRC Library
async_keepalive_httpc 0.15 An async http client with keep-alive capabilities
asyncmc 0.6.4 Minimal pure python tornado memcached client
asyncmongo 1.3 Asynchronous library for accessing mongodb built upon the tornado IOLoop.
asyncmongo_bufferx 1.4-alpha Asynchronous library for accessing mongodb built upon the tornado IOLoop.
asyncmongoorm 0.3.1 asyncmongoorm
asyncmongoorm-je 0.3.7 asyncmongoorm
async_netcdf 0.1.1 Simple BASH compiler to parallelize some netcdf file operations
asyncnoti 1.0.6 Library to interact with the Asyncnoti API
async_notifications 0.0.3 Email async notifications with celery.
asyncore_patch 20141031 epoll patch for asyncore
asyncorews 0.1 Simple asyncore-based websocket server
asyncoro 4.0 Python framework for concurrent, distributed, asynchronous network programming with coroutines, asynchronous completions and message passing.
asyncplot 0.1 Asynchronous client-server library for simple plotting.
async_pubsub 0.1.1 Asynchronous PubSub in Python using Redis, ZMQ
asyncrest 1.0.1 RESTful helper for asyncio
async_retrial 0.7 asyncio retrial library
async_runner 0.1.2 Async Runner
async-signal 0.1.1 Create signals to use with asyncio coroutines
asyncssh 1.5.3 AsyncSSH: Asynchronous SSHv2 client and server library
asyncssh-unofficial 0.9.2 AsyncSSH: Asynchronous SSHv2 client and server library
async_subprocess 0.2.1 Asynchronous subprocess.Popen module
async-suds 1.0.6 Lightweight async SOAP client (Kamyar's fork)
asynctask 0.0.5 wecatch asynctask
asynctest 0.7.1 Enhance the standard unittest package with features for testing asyncio libraries
asyncthreads 1.5.4 asyncthreads: asynchronous thread utility objects
asyncthrift 0.0.1
asynctools 0.1.2-2 Async tools for Python
AsyncVk 1.0-alpha API async Python wrapper. Only Python 3.4+
asyncwsgi 0.1.0 Async WSGI support for tornado and asyncio
asynczip 1.0.7 Asynchronous `zip` like aggregator for `async for`
AsynMongo 0.2.8 Python Asynchronous MongoDB Driver Use Pymongo
asynmsg 0.1.14 A library help to build tcp server/client application
asynqp 0.4 An AMQP (aka RabbitMQ) client library for asyncio.
AsynQueue 0.9.2 Asynchronous task queueing based on the Twisted framework.
asynx 0.4dev4 Python SDK for an open source, distributed, and web / HTTP oriented taskqueue & scheduler service inspired by Google App Engine
asynx-core 0.4dev1 Core of the open source, distributed, and web / HTTP oriented taskqueue & scheduler service inspired by Google App Engine
asynxd 0.4dev5 RESTful server side of an open source, distributed, and web / HTTP oriented taskqueue & scheduler service inspired by Google App Engine
at 0.0.0 UNKNOWN
atapt 0.2 ATA Pass-Through library
atari-py 0.0.18 Python bindings to Atari games
atavism 0.2 Module to play video to an AppleTV
atbr 0.21 large-memory key-value pair store
atcd 0.1.3 ATC Daemon
atcrashes 0.1 Like atexit, but for crashes
atc_thrift 0.1.3 ATC Thrift Library
atd 0.1.5 McAfee ATD API
ATD_document 0.1.1 setuptools command for uploading Sphinx documentation to PyPI
atdtool 1.3 After the Deadline command-line tool
atelier 1.0.0 A collection of tools for software artists
atf ATF (ATF is a Test Framework)
atfork 0.1.2 Provides an API to register pre & post callbacks when forking & fixes the standard library to be safe for fork + threads.
atg 0.0.6 A small timezone utility
at-hackerspace 0.2.0 Determine who's in the hackerspace based on DHCP leases.
athelelist 1.0.0 Python Learning
atheletlist 1.0.0 A simple object to model atheledata
athena 0.8.0 Interact with your Hadoop cluster from the convenience of your local command line.
athenaCL 2.0.0a15 modular poly-paradigm algorithmic music composition in a cross-platform interactive command-line environment.
AthenaVoice 1.0.0b1 Your personal voice assistant
athentoimaging 0.1 Image cleaning and OCR improvement package in Python using OpenCV.
Athlete 1.2.0 UNKNOWN
AthleteClass 1.0.0 example of ch6
AthleteFunc 1.3.0 Function for athletes
athletelist 1.1.0 An AthleteList to keep track of runner times
athlete_list 1.0.0 A simple athlete list class ;
athletelist1 1.0.2 A athletelist class
athletelist1981 1.0.0 A simple printer of athletes lists
athletelist_cww 1.3.2 A simple class of athlete lists
athletelist_jw 1.0.0 Extension of list to track athlete times
athletelist-koyo 1.0.0 A AthleteList for HeadFirst Python
athletelistlogan 1.3.0 define class list
athletelist_play 1.0.1 test module
athletelist_test14 1.0.1 To deal with Athlete data
athletelistyy 1.8.0 AthleteList
athletelist_zhazha 1.1.0 zhajun practice:athletelist clsss
athletemodel 1.0.0 A script for listing athletes and their times
athlete_modle 1.0.0 A simple athlete list class ;
athletes1981 1.0.0 A simple printer of athletes lists
athletes981 1.0.0 A simple printer of athletes lists
aticonfig-indicator 0.2.1 Aticonfig Temp Indicator on Unity desktop.
atilla 1.2.5 flask API projects helper
atinline 0.1.1 forcibly inline python functions to their call site
atkit 0.1.0 atkit (an Admin Took KIT) provides a suite of tools whose goal is "total knowledge" regarding the python environment and process.
atklite 1.0-release Library to simplify process of gathering identifiable attributes about files
atklite 1.1-release Library to simplify process of gathering identifiable attributes about files
atl 11 atl - wat weet jij van die dag?
atlas 0.27.0 Atlas Build Tool - simple, extensible build system.
atlassian-jwt-auth 2.5.2 Python implementation of the Atlassian Service to Service Authentication specification.
atlassian-python-api 0.13.2 Python Atlassian REST API Wrapper
atl-django-component 0.2.dev0 An initiative to encapsulate components in django
atl-hello-world-component 0.1.dev3 This is a simple example of atl-django-component
atm 0.0.8 UNKNOWN
atmark 0.7.2 Awk/Sed for humans.
atmdb 0.1.3 Asynchronous API wrapper for TMDb (
atmos 0.2.5 Atmospheric sciences utility library
atmosphere-python-client 1.0 Atmosphere REST API client written in python
AtmosphericChemistry 0.1.0 Tools for creating and managing atmospheric chemistry mechanisms.
atodorov-test 0.3.4 Dummy test package, please ignore.
atoll 0.0.1 data analysis pipelines
atom 0.3.10 Memory efficient Python objects
atomac 1.1.0 Automated Testing on Mac - test GUI applications written in Cocoa by using Apple's Accessibility API
atomgen 0.1.9 Creates Apple Newsstand Atom Feed
atomia-client 12.5.0 Client library for Atomia Automation Server.
atomic 0.7.2 An atomic class that guarantees atomic updates to its contained value.
atomicapp-builder 0.0.1 Application for building Atomicapps
atomicfile 1.0 Writeable file object that atomically updates a file.
atomiclong 0.1.1 An AtomicLong type using CFFI.
atomicpress 1.1.0 AtomicPress is a static blog generator for python developers.
AtomicPuppy 0.2.4 A service-activator component for eventstore
atomic-reactor 1.6.9 Python library with command line interface for building docker images.
atomictempfile 0.2.post11 An atomic file write context manager
AtomicWrite 0.1 write file contents atomically in one operation
atomicwrites 1.0.0 Atomic file writes.
Atomisator 1.3 Expert Python Programming - Data processing framework
atomisator.db 0.3.4 Expert Python Programming - Manages the Atomisator storage.
atomisator.enhancers 0.1.5 Expert Python Programming - Enhancers
atomisator.feed 0.3.2 Expert Python Programming - Feed generator
atomisator.filters 0.2.1 Expert Python Programming - Filters
atomisator.indexer 0.1.1 Expert Python Programming - Indexing
atomisator.main 0.5.7 Expert Python Programming - Main package for Atomisator app
atomisator.outputs 0.1.2 Expert Python Programming - Outputs
atomisator.parser 0.2.7 Expert Python Programming - A thin layer on the top of the Universal Feed Parser
atomisator.readers 0.1.3 Expert Python Programming - Readers
Atomix 0.01 Chemical Calculator
Atomix-3d 0.02 Atoms
atomize 0.2.0 A simple Python package for easily generating Atom feeds
atomman 0.5.2 Atomistic Manipulation Toolkit
atomman 0.6 Atomistic Manipulation Toolkit
atomos 0.3.1 Atomic primitives for Python.
atompiglet 0.8 AtomPiglet is a library for interacting with AtomPub servers.
atompiglet 0.8.1 AtomPiglet is a library for interacting with Atom Feeds and AtomPub servers.
atompiglet 0.9b1 AtomPiglet is a library for interacting with Atom Feeds and AtomPub servers.
AtomPy A cloud atomic data service for astrophysical applications.
atoms 0.1 Atomic data
atomstorage API for storing and retrieving Atom entries.
atomx 1.5 python interface for the atomx api on
atool 1.0.0 demo for print_arr
atosl 0.0.1 atosl: atos for linux
atp 0.1.0 An adaptive thread pool implementation
atpp 1.6.6 atpp tcp protocol
atpublic 0.3 public -- @public for populating __all__
ATpy 0.9.7 Astronomical Tables in Python
atrack 0.9 A minimalist high performance tracker for App Engine.
atramhasis 0.4.4 A web based editor for thesauri adhering to the SKOS specification.
atrcopy 2.6.1 Disk image utilities for Atari 8-bit emulators
atreal.cmfeditions.unlocker 1.0.0 CMFEditions modifier that unlocks clone before saving
atreal.filecart 1.1rc1 A cart for Plone to add file and download them in an archive.
atreal.filestorage.blobfile 1.0.0rc1 Defines a common API to handle file objects independently of storage - Blobfile plugin
atreal.filestorage.common 1.0.1 Defines a common API to handle file objects independently of storage
atreal.layouts 0.6.2 Various layouts for Plone
atreal.mailservices 1.1.1 Send mails from Plone to users and groups
atreal.massloader 3.1.2 Add an action to import zip files.
atreal.monkeyplone 2.0.0 A Patch for Plone cut/copy/paste/delete permissions
atreal.override.albumview 1.0.0rc2 Override album view of Plone for FileCart or/and RichFile Packages
atreal.override.sharing 1.0.0beta2 New UI for sharing roles tab in Plone
atreal.patchfss 1.0.0 Patch __init.py__ for iw.fss < 2.8.0b1 package (USELESS since 2.8.0rc1)
atreal.portlet.backwardlinks 1.0.0 A portlet to display backward links
atreal.portlet.myrecentitems 1.0.0 A recent-like portlet that presents only the user's items
atreal.richfile.image 1.0.0rc1 Image Support Plugin for RichFileQualifier
atreal.richfile.metadata 1.0.0rc1 A plugin for atreal.richfile that extracts metadata
atreal.richfile.preview 0.2.0 Preview Support Plugin for RichFileQualifier
atreal.richfile.qualifier 1.1.2 System to enrich a file content type in Plone with a marker interface regarding its mimetype.
atreal.richfile.streaming 1.0.0rc1 Streaming Support Plugin for RichFileQualifier
atrealtheme.algol 1.0.0beta1 An installable theme for Plone 3.0
atrealtheme.gienah 1.0.0rc1 An installable theme for Plone 3.0
atreal.usersinout 1.2.3 Import / export users via CSV files
atropine 0.2 HTML Scraper Thing
atsd_client 1.0.0 Axibase Time-Series Database API Client for Python
atsd_client 1.0.1 Axibase Time-Series Database API Client for Python
atsd_client 1.1.1 Axibase Time-Series Database API Client for Python
atsd_client 1.1.2 Axibase Time-Series Database API Client for Python
atsd_client 1.1.3 Axibase Time-Series Database API Client for Python
atsd_client 1.1.4 Axibase Time-Series Database API Client for Python
atsim.potentials 0.1.1 atsim.potentials provides tools for working with pair and embedded atom method potential models including tabulation routines for DL_POLY and LAMMPS
att 0.1.6 Extract informations from att website.
attacksurfacemeter 0.10.0 Library for collecting metrics of the attack surface.
AttendanceTracker 0.3 School Attendance Tracking App
Attendly 0.2.3 UNKNOWN
Attest 0.5.3 Modern, Pythonic unit testing.
Attest-latest 0.6.1dev-20130603 Modern, Pythonic unit testing.
Attic 0.16 Deduplicated backups
atticmatic 0.1.8 A wrapper script for Attic/Borg backup software that creates and prunes backups
att_iot_client 2.2.0 This package provides device & asset management + data feed features for the AllThingsTalk platform to your application.
att_iot_gateway 0.4.0 This package provides device & asset management + data feed features for the AllThingsTalk platform to your application.
Attitude 0.1.2 Attitude computes the orientations of planes from point data.
attowiki v0.5.1 small wiki engine based on static reST files in a directory and git for versionning
attr 0.1.0 Simple decorator to set attributes of target function or class in a DRY way.
attractsdk 0.0.1 The Attract REST SDK provides Python APIs to communicate to the Attract webservices.
attract-sdk 0.0.1 The Attract REST SDK provides Python APIs to communicate to the Attract webservices.
attrcheck 0.1.2 A simple attribution checker implemented as a decorator
attrdict 2.0.0 A dict with attribute-style access
attrgettersetter 0.1 Attribute getter and setter helper tools (useful for
attributetools 0.1.4 A decorator to set some attribute to a function.
attribute_wrapper 0.2.0 Class wrapper, which maps attribute calls to HTTP API.
attr_ns 0.3 A collection of tools relating to namespaces.
attrs 15.2.0 Attributes without boilerplate.
attrz 0.1.1 attrz in Python, getfattr/setfattr cross platform implementations
attune-puthon 1.0
attune-python 1.0.3 API Client
atws 0.1.6 An Autotask API wrapper
atx 1.0.11.dev37 Automation test library for android based on opencv
atxpdf 0.1.3 AtExpert PDF generator.
aTXT data mining tool for extract text for files
atx-uiautomator 0.2.7 Python Wrapper for Android UiAutomator test tool
auacm 0.4 A command line interface to the Auburn ACM website
aubio 0.4.0alpha1 interface to the aubio library
audio 1.5.0 UNKNOWN
audio-batch-processor 0.1.0 Batch tool for processing audio files.
audio.bitstream 2 UNKNOWN
audiocalc 0.0.9 A few audio/sound calculation utilities
audioclipextractor 0.2.4 Easily extract multiple clips from audio files
audio.coders 4.0.2 Unary and Rice codecs
audiodiff 0.3.0 Small library for comparing audio files
audio_display 0.1.0 Generate image stack representing audio
Audio-Enriched-Links 1.42a AEL: Audio Enriched Links
audio.filters 0.2.2 Audio Filters
audio.fourier 0.1 UNKNOWN
audio.frames 2.3.1 Audio Frames Toolkit
audiogen 0.1.2 Generator based tools for working with audio clips.
audiogrep 0.1.2 Creates audio supercuts
audio.index 1.0.2 Acoustic-Phonetic Index 2.0.1 UNKNOWN
audiolayer 0.1.1 This module provides a wrapper around the libav C library
audiolazy 0.01dev Expressive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) package for Python
audiolazy 0.02dev Expressive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) package for Python
audiolazy 0.03 Expressive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) package for Python.
audiolazy 0.04 Expressive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) package for Python.
audiolazy 0.05 Real-Time Expressive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Package for Python!
audio.lp 1.0.0 Linear Prediction Toolkit
audio-offset-finder 0.3.0 Find the offset of an audio file within another audio file
audio.psychoacoustics 1.0.4 Psychoacoustics
audio.quantizers 2.2 UNKNOWN
audioread 2.1.2 multi-library, cross-platform audio decoding
audioscrobblerws 0.1.1 a pure python interface to the Audioscrobbler Webservices API
audiosearch 1.0.1 Client to interact with the API
audio.shrink 1.0.3 SHRINK Lossless Audio Codec
audiosocket 0.7 Pure Python network audio
audio.wave 4.0.2 WAV Files Reader/Writer
audit 0.2-beta-2 This is a fairly comprehensive Audit Trail App for use with standard RDBMS databases.
AuditBWC 0.1.1 A record history and comparison component for the BlazeWeb framework
audit-cuos 0.1 Generate activity reports for functionaries on the English Wikipedia.
auditok 0.1.5 An Audio/Acoustic Activity Detection and Audio Segmentation Tool
auditor 0.1
auditwheel 1.4.0 Cross-distribution Linux wheels
audman 0.3.1 Control the audacious media player.
aufmachen 0.2.1 Turns a website's HTML into nice, clean objects.
auf-refer 1.1.1 AuF utility to optimize access to reference data
augeias 0.2.0 Augeias. Stores your shit.
Augment 0.4 Python decorators for contracts and augmenting OOP.
Augmentor 0.1 Image augmentation library for Machine Learning
augploy 0.3.5 AUGmentum dePLOYment automation tool, powered by ansible
aupostcodes 0.1.0 Australian postcode allocation mapping utility.
aupyom 0.1.0 Real-time Audio time-scale and pitch modification.
aur 0.11.0 Arch User Repository API interface.
auroch 0.1 UNKNOWN
auromat 1.0.8 AUROra MApping Toolkit
auroraplot 0.4.8 Analyse and plot space weather datasets.
aury 1.1.3 AUR (archlinux) packages maintenance made easy via PyPi lookup
auset 2.0.0 This is a automatic moduel for making cx_Freeze setup! v2.0.0 add new change save place!
ausgang 0.0.1 ausgang - utilities for AWS
au-skema 0.1-dev01 UNKNOWN
auslfe.formonline.content 0.8.1 The Form Online content type for Plone
auslfe.formonline.pfgadapter 0.7.2 An adapter for PloneFormGen that add to Plone a way for manage online forms submission
auslfe.formonline.tokenaccess 0.3.1 Plone add-on that enable anonymous use (with secret token) of auslfe.formonline features
auslfe.portlet.multimedia 1.0.1 A simple Plone multimedia Portlet with an eye to accessibility
auspost-apis 0.1 A Python wrapper around Australia Post's APIs
austere 0.2.0 a default browser switcher based on material conditions & contexts
austin 2016.0.1 austin scipy package
austin-data-catalog 0.0.1 Archive the /api/views endpoint on Austin's data catalog.
australian_ntv2_grid_conversion 1.1.5 Converts between Australian coordinate systems AGD66/AGD84 and GDA94 using ntv2 grid files
autest 1.0.0 Resuable gold file testing system
auth 0.5.3 Authorization for humans
auth0 0.1.0 Python Client for the Auth0 v2 api
auth0db 0.1.0 Auth0 authentication backend for Django
auth0plus 0.2.3 Unofficial enhancements to the Auth0-python package
auth0-python 2.0.0 Auth0 Python SDK
authbox_tornado 0.7 UNKNOWN
AuthBWC 0.2.4 A user authentication and authorization component for the BlazeWeb framework
Authcode 1.5.0 Awesome authentication code
auth.credential 1.0 Credential abstraction
AuthEncoding 4.0.0 Framework for handling LDAP style password hashes.
authentic2 2.1.20 Authentic 2, a versatile identity management server
authentic2-auth-kerberos 1.1.0 Authentic2 Auth Kerberos
authentic2-auth-msp 1.0.5 Authentic2 plugin
authentic2-idp-freshdesk 0.2 Freshdesk simple SSO support for Authentic2
authentic2-idp-oauth2 1.0.14 Authentic2 IdP OAuth2
authenticity 0.1.1 OpenID Server running on mod_python and using a LDAP directory
authentise-services 0.6.0 A client library for Authentise open services
authform_middleware 0.2.3 Form authentication middleware for WSGI applications
auth_functional 0.1.0dev Functional library for working with authentication and authorization in django
authgoogle-middleware 0.2.4 Google authentication middleware
auth_jwt 0.1.5 Module to give secure the api with jwt token
authkerb 0.1 Kerberos authentication for Twisted
AuthKit 0.4.5 An authentication and authorization toolkit for WSGI applications and frameworks
Authlog 0.8.1 Log Django Authentications and Admin page visits.
Authomatic 0.1.0.post1 Authorization / authentication client library for Python web applications
authopenid_middleware 0.2.2 OpenID authentication middleware for WSGI applications
authorid 0.0.1 A utility to determine the author of a document using linguistic analysis
authorize 0.1.0 An API to connect to payment services.
authorize_cim 0.3 A payment module for the Authorize CIM gateway
authorizeme 0.2.1 Authorization library for Python
authorize_middleware 0.1 An authorization middleware for WSGI applications
authorizenet 1.0.9 Authorize.Net Python SDK
authorizenet-sdk-python 1.0.0 Authorize.Net Python project
AuthorizeSauce 0.5.0 An awesome-sauce Python library for accessing the API. Sweet!
authortoolkit 0.1.0 automatically determine the identities of authors in collections of publications
authprogs 0.5.4 SSH Command Authenticator
AuthProxy 0.1.0dev middleware wsgi d authentification
auth_pubtkt 0.1 This software implements mod_auth_pubtkt authentication for Python world.
authres 0.800 authres - Authentication Results Header Module
AuthRPC 0.3.2a A JSONRPC-like client and server with additions to enable authenticated requests
AuthServerClient 0.0.3 AuthServer client lib
auth-signals-connector 0.1.0 Simple abstraction layer for django.contrib.auth.signals
AuthTkt 0.3.3 Python implementation of the mod_auth_tkt handler and Perl scripts
auth_tkt 0.1.0 Python implementation of mod_auth_tkt cookies
auth-userpass 0.5.0 Simple but not so secure username and password storage and retrieval
auth-utils 0.0.1 Authentication utils.
authy 2.1.3 Authy API Client
AuthZ-Group 1.2.0 Group interface and implementations
AuthzPolicyPlugin 0.1 Trac's authz_policy with some improvements.
authz-tools 0.6.1 a set of tools for working with authz files
autism 0.1 Collection of useful code
auto 0.1 auto package
auto2to3 0.3 Wrapper to run 2to3 automatically at import time
auto-adjust-display-brightness 1.3 Automatically adjust Linux display brightness
autoant 0.4.0 File processing automation
autoapi 1.2.2 Automatic API reference documentation generation for Sphinx inspired by Doxygen
auto_api 0.0.1 Automatic API REST
auto_api_client 0.0.1 Automatic API REST from Python
AutoApt 0.1 Automatic finding of a Ubuntu/Debian package delivering a missing Python module
autoarchive 1.0.3 A simple backup utility.
autoarchive 1.2.1 A simple backup utility.
auto-argcomplete 0.9.7 Auto argument completion for script with argparse.
autoauth 1.0.2 authentication in urllib2 and requests for the command line
autobahn 0.14.1 WebSocket client & server library, WAMP real-time framework
autobahn-autoreconnect 0.0.2 Python Autobahn runner with auto-reconnect feature
autobahn_rce AutobahnPython - Optimised and modified for the RoboEarth Cloud Engine.
autobahn-sync 0.3.2 Bring autobahn to your synchronous apps !
autobahntestsuite 0.7.5 AutobahnTestSuite - WebSocket/WAMP protocol implementation test suite.
autoblocks 1.0.4 Place arbitrary django-cms placeholders into templates
autobot 0.1.1 buildbot front-end incarnation
autobreadcrumbs Django application to add breadcrumbs to your pages
autobreadcrumbs 0.9.0 Django application to add breadcrumbs to your pages
autobreadcrumbs 0.9.1 Django application to add breadcrumbs to your pages
autobreadcrumbs Django application to add breadcrumbs to your pages
autobreadcrumbs 1.0 Django application to add breadcrumbs to your pages
autobreadcrumbs 1.1 Django application to add breadcrumbs to your pages
autobrowser 0.2.0 Toolset for automated browsing
autobuild 1.0.1 Linden Lab Automated Package Management and Build System
autobus 0.1 Decentralized message bus that will be split out from the afn project soon
AutoCache 0.1b Simple cache and memoizing module.
autocheck 0.2.7 Improved unittest test runner
autocolorize 0.1.3 Automatic colorizaton of grayscale images using Deep Learning.
autocommand 2.1.0 A library to create a command-line program from a function
autocomplete 0.0.104 tiny 'autocomplete' tool using a "hidden markov model"
autocompleter 0.1.0
autoconfig 1.1.0 Simple environment, logging, and sys.path setup from a config file
autoconnect 0.9.3 This module helps in automatic client-server discovery and connection setup for networked applications.
autocorrect 0.2.0 Python 3 Spelling Corrector
autocov 2016.4.29.15 A tool that automatically generate coverage report
Autocurry 0.1 Automatic currying using a decorator
autodebug 1.0.1 Importing this module enables automatic post mortem debugging upon any exception. It uses module specified in envvar
auto_deploy 0.4 Appengine Autodeploy Script
autodoc 0.3 Autodoc Python implementation.
autodock 0.0.2 Daemon for Docker Automation
autodock-cron 0.0.2 autodock cron plugin
autodock-hipache 0.0.2 autodock hipache plugin
autodock-logger 0.0.2 autodock logger plugin
autodocs 0.1.3 Management command for documenting and validating data models in Django projects.
autoenv 1.0.0 Directory-based environments.
autoextractor 1.02 Auto copy and extraction tool
autoflake 0.6.6 Removes unused imports and unused variables.
autoflight 1.0.2 A simple script to upload a given .apk or .ipa to testflight.
autoforms 0.5 Custom form engine for django
auto-generate-test 1.1 UNKNOWN
auto_getlogger 1.0 Consistent category logging via automated calls to logging.getLogger()
autogit 0.0.3 autosave using git
autograd 1.1.4 Efficiently computes derivatives of numpy code.
Autograde 0.1.1 A django autograder.
autograph 1.0.0 A Django application for managing signature/autograph data.
autoguard 0.3.4 Configuration setup for sentry
AutoHDL 3.0.1196 Automatization Utilities for HDL projects
autohook 1.1.0 Automatic hook configuration for multiple Mercurial repositories
autoimp 1.0.4 Automatic Python imports
autoinstall 0.2 package loader for auto installing Python packages.
autoinstaller 0.1 A library that automatically imports from Pypi everything you try import
AutoItLibrary 1.1.post1 AutoItLibrary for Robot Framework
autojenkins 0.9.0 Jenkins Remote Control Library
autojenkins 1.0.0 Jenkins Remote Control Library
autokey-py3 0.93.4 Python 3 port of AutoKey. New features have been implemented since the initial porting.
autolearn 0.0.0
autolink 0.1.2 Linkify plain text
autoload 0.0.1 Simple HTTPerf loadtest runner with pretty output.
autoloads python web and databases's tools.
autolog 0.1.3 quick and easy logging setup
Autologging 1.0.1 Autologging makes logging and tracing Python classes easy.
autologin 0.1.2 A utility for finding login links, forms and autologging into websites with a set of valid credentials.
autologin-middleware 0.1.2 A Scrapy middleware to use with autologin
automa 0.1.21 Scripting automation utility
automain 1.2 A more aesthetically pleasing replacement of "if __name__ == 'main':" 1.2 This script make file automatically
Automat 0.3.0 Self-service finite-state machines for the programmer on the go.
automata 0.1.4 finite automata for python
automatatron 1.1.0 Python Cellular Automata Engine
automate 0.9.2 General purpose Python automatization library
automate-arduino 0.9.2 Arduino Support for Automate
automated-ebs-snapshots 0.4.1 Automatic backup management of AWS EC2 EBS volumes
Automated-Lazy-Unit-Testing-in-Python 1.0.0 FYP project module
AutomateLogin 1.0.0 A simple printer of automated lists
automate-rpc 0.9.2 Remote Procedure Call Support for Automate
automate-rpio 0.9.2 Raspberry Pi GPIO Support for Automate
automate-webui 0.9.2 Web User Interface for Automate
automate-wsgi 0.9.2 WSGI Support for Automate
automatic 0.1 Client library for the Automatic API
automation 0.6.1 A Django-specific implementation of Fabric
automation-service Automation Service Library
automaton 1.2.0 Friendly state machines for python.
Automiko 1.0 Automation Engine with Remote Execution
automium 0.2.6 Automium System
automium_web 0.1.1 Automium System Web Interface
auto-mix-prep 0.2.0 Application for automatically preparing stems for mixing.
automodinit 0.13 Solves the problem of forgetting to keep files up to date
autoneg 0.5 Simple Content Autonegotiation (F)CGI
autonetkit 0.11.2 Automatic configuration generation for emulated networks
autonetkit_vis 0.1.13 Visualisation for AutoNetkit
Autonimo 0.1dev
autonose 0.2.2 continuous test runner for python
autopager 0.2 Detect and classify pagination links on web pages
autopep8 1.2.4 A tool that automatically formats Python code to conform to the PEP 8 style guide
autopilot 0.3.0 Helper to create and distribute Python packages
autoplanner 0.8.1 No description yet.
autoprefixer 0.1.0 UNKNOWN
autoprotocol 3.4.0 Python library for generating Autoprotocol
autoprotocol 3.5.0 Python library for generating Autoprotocol
autoprotocol 3.5.1 Python library for generating Autoprotocol
autoprotocol 3.5.2 Python library for generating Autoprotocol
autoprotocol 3.5.3 Python library for generating Autoprotocol
autopwn 0.25.0 Specify targets and run sets of tools against them
autopy 0.51 A simple, cross-platform GUI automation toolkit for Python.
autopy3 0.51.1 A simple, cross-platform GUI automation toolkit for Python 3.
autopylot 1.9.6 Put your Python on autopylot.
autopython 0.3 Autoscripting for Python 3
Auto_Python_2014 14.1.5 The test of Mobile API,Auto Create Test Method
Auto_Python_For_Mobile 14.1.5 The test of Mobile API,Auto Create Test Method
autoqueue 1.0.0 A cross music player plug-in that queues similar tracks
AutoRecalcDict 0.1.1 dict that allows dependency definition.
AutoRedis 0.2.1 AutoRedis - Balance your Redis commands accross your master/slaves
autoregressive 0.1.1 Extension for switching vector autoregressive models with pyhsmm
autoreload_prime 1.0 An auto reload module that should work with most servers (patched from Tornado)
autoreport 0.1.2 Self-made relatorio reports for Django
autorepr 0.1.1 Easily implement __repr__, __str__, and __unicode__ methods
autoreq 2016.3.15.3 A tool that automatically formats requirmentsto the PEP 8 style guide
autorerun 0.1.1 autorerun
auto-resizing-text-edit 0.1.0 A Qt widget based on QTextEdit, that changes its height automatically to accommodate the text
autoresponse 0.3.1 UNKNOWN
autorm 0.5.4 A minimal ORM
auto-rsync 0.0.6 Auto RSync by watch filesystem events.
autoscale 0.0.2 Extensible library to manage scaling logic and actions
autoscalebot 2.1 Automatic scaling of web dynos on paas services
autoscaler 0.0.10 AutoScaler makes it easier to create and manage a large number of Launch Configurations and AutoScaling Groups
autoself 1.1.0 Automagically add method definition boilerplate
autosign 1.1.0 Adds signature to your files
autosimulationcraft 0.1.1 A python script to run SimulationCraft reports for World of Warcraft characters when their gear/stats/level/etc. changes.
auto-sklearn 0.0.1 Automated machine learning.
autoslack 0.0.1.dev1 AutoSlack is a simple module designed to automate some tasks for
autosort 0.1.0 Automatically sort import statements.
auto-ss 0.1.3 Auto acquire ss-link free shadowsocks accounts and test connection speed
autostat 0.1.8 make statsd work with flask, django, maple or other server
autosub 0.3.8 Auto-generates subtitles for any video or audio file
autosubmit 3.5.0 Autosubmit: a versatile tool to manage Weather and Climate Experiments in diverse Supercomputing Environments
autosuper 0.1.0 backport the magical zero-argument super() to python2
AutoSwish 1.2 CD autoplay HTTP server with embedded search engine
autosync 0.0.4 Efficent synchronization of the local file system to S3
autotag 0.457 Tag suggestion according to text
autotagger 0.1.6 Tag .mp3 and .m4a audio files from iTunes data automatically.
auto_tagify 1.4 Auto-tags a selection of text and generates links to the tagified versions of the words
autotask 0.5.3 A django-application for handling asynchronous tasks.
autotest 0.16.2 Autotest test framework
autotex 0.1 UNKNOWN
autotorrent 1.6.1 AutoTorrent allows easy cross-seeding
auto-translator 0.88 Translates text files using the Google API through a command line or visual(Tk) interface. Also designed for translation of web2py language files, just put the path and the app do the rest!
autotweet 0.3.0 learn your tweet and auto tweet it.
autotweet-web 0.1.0 web instance for autotweet
autoupgrade 0.2.0 Automatic upgrade of python modules and packages
autouseragents 0.5.1 A simple script to easily generate browser/robot User-Agent.
autovenv 0.2.1459304939 virtualenv with less hassle
autoversion 1.1.1 Obtain installed version of package automatically, even if it is installed using editable or develop
auto-version 0.1.3 A not-so-simple versioning semi-automation.
autovizwidget 0.0.5 AutoVizWidget: An Auto-Visualization library for pandas dataframes
autowatch 1.1.0 Auto Watch
autowrap 0.7.1 Generates Python Extension modules from commented Cython PXD files
autowrapt 1.0 Boostrap mechanism for monkey patches.
autowsgiserver 0.1.26 autowsgiserver v. 0.1.25 CherryPy based WSGI server that scans specified dir for WSGI clients and runthem as WSGI applications with different virtual hosts. Allows to runmultiple simple web applications on one server without any configuration.
autoxinit 0.1.2 automodinit + X
autumn 0.5.1 A minimal ORM
autumn2 Project has moved to (Source Code )
auvyon 0.1 AuVyon - Audio-Visual Tools
aux 0.0.2 Automation Framework
auxi 0.0.4 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.1.0rc1 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.1.0rc2 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.1.0rc4 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.1.0rc5 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.1.0rc6 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.1.0rc7 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.1.0rc8 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.1.0rc9 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.1.0rc10 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.1.0rc11 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.1.0rc12 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.1.0rc13 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.1.0rc14 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.2.0rc1 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.2.0rc2 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.2.0rc3 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.2.0rc4 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.2.0rc5 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.2.0rc6 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.2.0rc7 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.2.0rc8 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxi 0.2.0 A toolkit to help metallurgical process engineers to rapidly do day-to-day calculations.
auxlib 0.0.37 auxiliary library to the python standard library
av 0.3.1 Pythonic bindings for FFmpeg/Libav.
av2hdf5 1.0 Extract video frames into an HDF5 file
ava 0.1.1427870901 EAvatar Ava - A versatile agent.
avahi-aliases 0.0.10 Simple python application that manages the announcement of multiple avahi aliases
avahi-recorder 0.1.0 Dynamic Zero Config DNS Server powered by Avahi.
avakas 0.3.1 Interact with project version metadata
ava-key 0.2.0 Key generator and validator.
avalanche 0.3.0 Web Framework with a focus on testability and reusability
avalanchetoolbox .4.2 Toolbox for identifying and describing branching processes from continuous time series, such as neuronal avalanches
avalize 0.1.0dev share files over a network.
avalon 0.1.0
avalon-cli 0.1.0
avalonms 0.6.0 Avalon Music Server
avantgarde 0
avatar-generator 0.1 Generates default avatars from a given string (such as username).
avatarsio 0.1 Avatar picker and uploader for
Avatax 0.1 UNKNOWN
AvayaERSConnect 1.0.0 AvayaERSConnect’s main purpose is to connect to any Avaya ERS Device via Telnet and perform various administration operations easily, without the need to write any Python code at all.
avc 0.11.0 AVC, the Application View Controller is a multiplatform, fully transparent, automatic and live connector between the values displayed and entered by GUI widgets and the variables of an application using the GUI.
avcaesar_api 1.0.4 library and tool for AVCaesar API
avdata 0.1.0 Aviation Data (routes, waypoints, fixes)
ave 0.8.0 ave Activates Virtual Environment
Avena 1.7 Avena is an image processing library and command-line tool.
avendesora 0.0.4 An XKCD-style password generator.
Avenue 0.1.5 Avenue: Highway routing.
aversion 0.1.0 AVersion WSGI Version Selection Application
Avery 0.1.0 Miscellaneous packages
avi2mkv 1.1 Simple AVI to MKV converter
avidaspatial 1.01 Tools for working with spatial data generated by the Avida Digital Evolution platform 0.3.3 Python library for interacting with Avid systems.
avinester 1.4.0 list printer that can print to files
AVISO 0.9.2 A library to handle altimetric data produced by AVISO
avix 0.1 avicoder gone mad and learning python packaging
avl 0.1 An AVL tree library
avocado 2.4.0 Metadata APIs for Django
avocado-framework 36.0 Avocado Test Framework
avoid_disaster 1.3 Script backups easily to Amazon S3
avoin Misc python tools
avos 0.1.0 an incredible python package
Avpy 0.1.3 ctypes binding for libav and ffmpeg
AVRem 0.2.6 An emulator for the AVR series of microcontrollers, aiming to be Arduino-compatible. *** Currently WIP and probably won't work yet ***
avr_helpers 0.1 Minimal tool-set for flashing bit-streams to AVR micro-controllers.
avro 1.8.1 Avro is a serialization and RPC framework.
avro3k 1.7.7-SNAPSHOT Avro is a serialization and RPC framework.
avrocat 0.4.2 `cat` (and write) for Avro files
avro_codec 1.1.0 An avro codec which exposes an API similar to the standard library's marshal, pickle and json modules
avroconsumer 0.6.2 Rejected consumer mixins for serializing and deserializing Avro datum
avro_json_serializer 0.4 Avro Json Serializer
avro_json_serializer 0.4.1 Avro Json Serializer
avroknife 1.0.5 Utility for browsing and simple manipulation of Avro-based files
avrolight 1.0.9 A light and fast implementation of the avro message format
avro-py3 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT Unofficial Avro library for Python3.
avro-python3 1.8.1 Avro is a serialization and RPC framework.
avro-python3-snapshot 1.7.7-SNAPSHOT-rc1 Avro is a serialization and RPC framework.
avro-python3-snapshot 1.7.7-SNAPSHOT Avro is a serialization and RPC framework.
avro-service-clients 0.0.4 avro-service-clients
avrpython 0.0.1 My Python-AVR-Compiler-Programm
avrsim 0.1.2 An MyHDL simulator for AVR chips
avrtsb 0.2.5a2 Python version of TinySafeBootA tiny and safe Bootloader for AVR-ATtinys and ATmegas
avwx 0.2.1 A tool to grab aviation-related weather
awacs 0.5.4 AWS Access Policy Language creation library
await 0.1.0 Minimalist decorators for asynchronous control flow.
await-cmd 0.0.5 UNKNOWN
awake 1.0 Command and library to wake on lan a remote host.
aware 1.0 a python wrapper for the Aware JPEG2000 library
aware_api 0.0.1 Aware Research API
awasu-api 1.0 Tools for automating Awasu via its API.
awasu-tools 1.0.1 Tools for writing Awasu extensions.
awc 1.0.0 Adaptive Weights Clustering
aweber_api 1.4.0 A python client library for the AWeber API.
awesome 0.11 Just making sure that name is registered
awesome-aws 0.1.0 A curated list of awesome Amazon Web Services (AWS) libraries, open source repos, guides, blogs, and other resources.
awesome-hello-world 0.1 UNKNOWN
awesomelib 0.1.0 Awesome Python Utils.
awesome_lib 1.0 EBB group retreat package presentation
awesomelog 1.4.0 Bootstrap for console and file logging configuration
awesome_module 0.1.0 Python command line html creator
awesomeness 0.0.1 AWESOMENESS
awesome-package 1.10.3 Integrates the awesomeness
awesome_pip_module 0.1.0 Python command line html creator
awesome_pip_module_html 0.1.0 Python command line html creator
awesome_print 0.1.3 Awesome print.
awesome-slugify 1.6.5 Python flexible slugify function
awesomestream 0.1 AwesomeStream makes awesome streams
AwfulPy AwfulPy - forums dot somethingawful dot com api
awg 0.1.1 automatic web generator
awkwardduet 1.1a4 Lib3to2 maintenance fork. Lib3to2 is a set of fixers and utilities for lib2to3, a source code transformer included in Python standard library.
awlsim 0.43 S7 AWL/STL Soft-PLC
aw.managersmanager 1.0.0a2 Manages Plone site managers on multiple sites and clusters.
aws 0.2.5 Utility to manage your Amazon Web Services and run Fabric against filtered set of EC2 instances.
aws-architect 0.0 AWS Architect is used to configure and deploy AWS-based microservices.
awsarchive 0.1.0 Toolkit for archiving files using AWS products.
aws-auth-helper 1.5.0 Helper library providing ArgumentParser and Credentials class for AWS authentication
aws.authrss 1.0.0b2 Private Plone RSS feeds through a user private token
aws-autodiscovery-templater 1.0.1
aws-backup-client 0.0.5 aws backup clients
awsbuilder 0.0.6 Command line tools top create AWS objects based on a config file
awscatalyst 0.0.5 boto3 wrapper to make AWS DevOps' life easier
awschimp 0.0.2 aws utils fit for a chimp
awscli 1.10.34 Universal Command Line Environment for AWS.
aws-cli 0.0
awscli-cwlogs 1.4.0 AWSCLI CloudWatch Logs plugin
awscli-keyring 0.1.2 AWS command line credentials from OS X Keychain and other keyrings.
aws-cli-menu 0.4.45 Menu system for Managing AWS Accounts
aws-cloudhsm-cli 3.0.5 Command line interface to CloudHSM
awsclpy 0.4 Chain AWSCLI commands in Python.
awscodedeploy 1.4 CLI for Code Deploy supporting docker-compose
aws_common 0.0.1.dev1 All common functionality across all AWS APIs
awscommons 1.0.0a5 Helpful utilities for managing AWS
awscurl 0.6 Curl like tool with AWS request signing
aws-custom-json-manager 0.1.4 A sample Python project
awsdd 0.2.3 An AWS (Route53)-based dynamic DNS client.
awsebcli 3.7.6 Command Line Interface for AWS EB.
aws-ec2-assign-elastic-ip 0.5.0 Automatically assign Elastic IPs to AWS EC2 instances
aws-ec2-scheduler 1.0 A scheduling script for aws ec2 instances
aws-ec2-ssh 0.1.1 View all active instances on your AWS EC2 account and easily SSH into any of them
awsenv 1.10 AWS profile and session management from the CLI
awsenv-profiles 0.0.1 UNKNOWN
awsfabrictasks 1.3.0b1 Fabric tasks for Amazon Web Services.
aws-fuzzy-finder 0.3.4 SSH into AWS instances using fuzzy search through tags.
awsh 1.0.6 SSH into your EC2 instances based on their configurations.
aws_helper 0.2.2 Helpers for dealing with AWS services.
aws-hostname 0.0.4 Outputs a valid hostname for a given AWS instance
awshucks 1.0.0 UNKNOWN
aws-identity-manager 0.0.3 Manage credentials for multiple AWS accounts
aws.inlineuserpref 1.0.0 Per user Plone inline KSS editing preference
awsite 0.0.3a-1-g61ef Tools to publish sites via Amazon Web Services, easily
awsjuju 0.0.2 Framework for AWS resource management
awsjump 0.0.4 Command line tool to SSH into EC2 servers from multiple accounts
aws-keyring 0.2.4 Manage AWS credentials in your OS keyring.
aws_kinesis_agg 1.0.1 Python module to assist in taking advantage of the Kinesis message aggregation format for both aggregation and deaggregation.
aws_kpl_deagg 1.0.10 Python module to simplify processing of Amazon Kinesis Records which have been created with the Kinesis Producer Library.
aws-lambda-configurer 0.1.1 aws-lambda-configurer - Resolve AWS lambda configuration from description field and other sources (e.g. s3)
aws-lambda-deploy 1.0.0 AWS Lambda functions deployment tool
aws-lambda-sample-events 1.0.1 A Python module for creating sample events to test AWS Lambda functions.
awsli 0.0.1 A Line Interpreter for Amazon Web Services
awslib 0.6 Small library providing Amazon Web Services utility functions on top of boto
awslimitchecker 0.4.3 A script and python module to check your AWS service limits and usage, and warn when usage approaches limits.
awslogs 0.5.0 awslogs is a simple command line tool to read aws cloudwatch logs.
awsmanager 0.3.6 Simple boto wrapper script
AWS-Manager 0.4 An open source project for managing your AWS resources easily in your day to day coding
awsmeta 0.5.1 A tool for querying the AWS metadata service from the CLI
awsmfa 0.2.6 Manage temporary MFA AWS credentials.
aws-mfa 0.0.5 Manage AWS MFA Security Credentials
aws.minisite 1.0.2 Minimal sites for Plone
aws-monocyte 0.3.385-143 Monocyte - Search and Destroy unwanted AWS Resources relentlessly.
awsnapshots 0.1.2 Simple tool to manage AWS Volume Snapshots using the AWS API
awsom 0.0.3 Browse your AWS resources using a hierarchical object model
aws_ops 0.0.2 Building special snowflakes consistently
aws-opsworks-smooth-deploy 0.1.8 Smooth Deploy on AWS Opsworks
aws.pdfbook 1.1 Download Plone content views as PDF
AWSpider Amazon Web Services web crawler
aws-portal 0.0 UNKNOWN
aws-portal 1.0 UNKNOWN
awsprofile 0.4 Easy way to swap aws iam profiles
aws-rds-manager 1.0.3 CLI tool providing sunsetting of RDS snapshots
awsrequests 0.0.5 For making signed requests to AWS API Gateway endpoints
aws-requests-auth 0.2.5 AWS signature version 4 signing process for the python requests module
aws_role_credentials 0.6.2 Generates AWS credentials for roles using STS
aws-saml-login 1.0.7 SAML login for AWS using Shibboleth IDP
awssh 0.1 AWS SSH Config Helpr
aws-shell 0.1.1 AWS Shell
awssig 0.2.2 AWS signature verification routines
aws-sqs-alert 0.1.1 Amazon Web Services - Alert on AutoScale or Cloudwatch via SQS
AwsSsh 0.0.2 Easily manage ec2 ssh configs
aws-status 0.0.17 Wraps AWS status informations obtained via the status page.
aws_syncr Application that reads yaml and syncs definitions with amazon
awstestutils 0.2.0 Artifacts to test dependencies with AWS using boto3
aws-timely 0.2.0 Manage the uptime of Amazon Web Services EC2 containers
awstools 0.3.10 High level tools to manage an AWS infrastructure
aws-trade-in 0.1 Amazon Trade-In Helper
awsutils 1.0.7 Utilities for managing Amazon ec2 instancesbased "Name" tags as unique identifiers
aws-voyeur 0.1.2 List AWS inventory
aws.windowsplonecluster 0.11 A super script to control a zope/apache/pound/squid cluster for windows
aws.zope2zcmldoc 1.0.0 ZCML documentation browser for Zope 2
aws.zope2zcmldoc 1.1.0 ZCML documentation browser for Zope 2
awvspy 0.0.1 AWVS Python Library.
Awwparse 0.1-dev A parser for command line arguments
awy_nester 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
ax88179_178a-pinger 1.0 A helper to work around regular failure of the ax88179_178a driver for the ASIX A88179 and A88178 USB3.0-to-Gigabit-Ethernet adapters.
axarray 0.1.1 numpy array with labeled axes
Axe 0.0.4 An Extendable Python Web Framework
axel 0.0.5 Python events handling
Axelrod 1.0.1 Reproduce the Axelrod iterated prisoners dilemma tournament
axemas 0.0.14 Quickstart script for gearbox that setups a new mobile project using AXEMAS.
axf 0.0.19 AXANT ToscaWidget2 Widgets collection
Ax_FuzzyTourney 0.8.1 Fuzzy Tournament - Big Data Heuristic Programmable Reducing Miner.
Ax_Handoff 1.1.3 Easy secure protocol for passing encrypted structured data over unencrypted channels (such as URLs) while maintaining tamper-proof integrity.
axigen-api 1.0.0-1 Python module to interface with Axigen's CLI API
axil_dates 0.1.1 axil_dates
Axilent-Dox 0.1.4 Markdown-oriented content authoring for Axilent.
Axiom 0.7.5 An in-process object-relational database
axiombench 0 Silly benchmarks for Axiom
axiome 2.0.4 AXIOME2: Automation Extension and Integration of Microbial Ecology
Ax_Metrics 0.9.2 "BI Glue" Business Intelligence middleware library for aggregation of metrics/KPI from any source and custom reporting for humans or other APIs
AxmlParserPY 0.01 Python support for extract information from android 'apk' package
axographio 0.1.1b1 A python library for reading and writing AxoGraph data files
axon 0.2.1 A library to communicate with visionmedia's axon
axosoft_api 0.2.1 An Axosoft API Client
axsemantics 0.1.post3 AXSemantics API client
AXUI 0.2.4 A cross platform UI auto framework
ayab 0.80 GUI for Machine assisted Knitting.
ayahuasca 1.0
ayame 0.1 An Apache Wicket-like component based WSGI framework
ay_athlete 1.0.0 a class which handle coach data
ayd 0.0.7 generate Azkaban Flow
Ayla 1.0
aylien-apiclient 0.6.0 AYLIEN Text API Client Library for Python
aylien_news_api 0.0.1 AYLIEN News API Client Library for Python
ayps 0.2.2 Asynchronous Python Shell: extended Twisted Conch Shell
AYQM_201603 1.4.0 A simple printer ofnested list
AYQM_test 1.1.0 A simple printer ofnested list
ayrton a shell-like scripting language based on Python3.
azcat 1.0.5 A alternative to cat(1); specialized for printing files
Azimuth 0.41 Machine Learning-Based Predictive Modelling of CRISPR/Cas9 guide efficiency
azkaban 0.9.3 AzkabanCLI: a lightweight command line interface for Azkaban.
azkaban_ctrl 0.2.7 A Python Azkaban Command Line Interface
azmq 0.0.1 An asyncio-native implementation of ZMTP (ZMQ).
azoth 0.3.0 Sqlalchemy utilities
azoufzouf 15.02.15 Sleek markup language
azrcmd 0.2.5 Azure Blob Store command line tool to download and upload files.
aztec 0.1 Aztec code package
aztex 0.0.3 A zippy markdown to latex compiler
azuki 1.2 Beanstalkd utilities for CLI and python
azure 2.0.0rc4 Microsoft Azure Client Libraries for Python
azure-batch 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure Batch Client Library for Python
azure-batch-apps 0.5.2 Batch Apps Python Client
azureblur 0.1 The triple box blur implementation from Firefox’s moz2d/Azure, with Python bindings.
azure-common 1.1.4 Microsoft Azure Client Library for Python (Common)
azure-elasticluster 1.1-dev0 A command line tool to create, manage and setup computing clusters hosted on a public or private cloud infrastructure.
azure-elasticluster-current 0.1.dev2 A command line tool to create, manage and setup computing clusters hosted on a public or private cloud infrastructure.
azure-graphrbac 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure Graph RBAC Resource Management Client Library for Python
azure-mgmt 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure Resource Management Client Libraries for Python
azure-mgmt-authorization 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure Authorization Resource Management Client Library for Python
azure-mgmt-batch 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure Batch Management Client Library for Python
azure-mgmt-cdn 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure CDN Resource Management Client Library for Python
azure-mgmt-commerce 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure commerce Library for Python
azure-mgmt-common 0.20.0 Microsoft Azure Resource Management Client Library for Python (Common)
azure-mgmt-compute 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure Compute Resource Management Client Library for Python
azure-mgmt-logic 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure Logic Apps Resource Management Client Library for Python
azure-mgmt-network 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure Network Resource Management Client Library for Python
azure-mgmt-notificationhubs 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure Notification Hubs Resource Management Client Library for Python
azure-mgmt-nspkg 1.0.0 Microsoft Azure Resource Management Namespace Package [Internal]
azure-mgmt-redis 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure Redis Cache Resource Management Client Library for Python
azure-mgmt-resource 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure Resource Management Client Library for Python
azure-mgmt-scheduler 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure Scheduler Resource Management Client Library for Python
azure-mgmt-storage 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure Storage Resource Management Client Library for Python
azure-mgmt-web 0.30.0rc4 Microsoft Azure Web Apps Resource Management Client Library for Python
azureml 0.1.1 Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Python client library
azureml 0.2.0 Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Python client library
azureml 0.2.1 Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Python client library
azureml 0.2.2 Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Python client library
azureml 0.2.3 Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Python client library
azureml 0.2.4 Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Python client library
azureml 0.2.5 Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Python client library
azureml 0.2.6 Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Python client library
azureml 0.2.7 Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Python client library
azuremonitor 0.1 Windows Azure Monitor
azure-nspkg 1.0.0 Microsoft Azure Namespace Package [Internal]
azurepython3 1.7.7 Incomplete Windows Azure library for Python 3
azurerm 0.5.2 Azure Resource Manager REST wrappers
azure-servicebus 0.20.1 Microsoft Azure Service Bus Client Library for Python
azure-servicemanagement-legacy 0.20.3 Microsoft Azure Legacy Service Management Client Library for Python
azure-storage 0.32.0 Microsoft Azure Storage Client Library for Python
azure-storage-logging 0.5.0 Logging handlers to send logs to Microsoft Azure Storage
b 1.0.0 ccccccccccc
B1python 0.8.7 Python macros for (A)SAXS evaluation
b2 0.5.6 Command Line Tool for Backblaze B2
b2btest 1.2 Light framework to setup back-to-back test scripts
b2g-commands 0.11 A set of mach commands to make working with the B2G repo easier.
b2gperf 0.1 App startup tests for B2G
b2gperf 0.32 App startup tests for B2G
b2gperf-v1.3 0.1 App startup tests for B2G
b2gperf-v1.4 0.1 App startup tests for B2G
b2gperf-v2.0 0.1 App startup tests for B2G
b2gperf-v2.1 0.1 App startup tests for B2G
b2gperf-v2.2 0.1 App startup tests for B2G
b2gpopulate 0.29 Content population tool for B2G
b2gpopulate-v1.3 0.1 Content population tool for B2G
b2gpopulate-v1.4 0.1 Content population tool for B2G
b2gpopulate-v2.0 0.2 Content population tool for B2G
b2gpopulate-v2.1 0.1 Content population tool for B2G
b2gpopulate-v2.2 0.1 Content population tool for B2G
b2g_util 0.0.19 B2G Utilities
b2tob3 0.4 Help migrate HTML files and templates form bootstrap 2 to 3.
b2tool 0.0.4 bbtool is a command line tool to manage BitBucket
b2upload 0.1.9 backblaze folder uploader
b3 1.9.2 BigBrotherBot (B3) is a cross-platform, cross-game game administration bot. Features in-game administration of game servers, multiple user access levels, and database storage. Currently include parsers for Call of Duty 1 to 8, Urban Terror (ioUrT 4.1 and 4.2), BF3, Arma II, CS:GO, Red Orchestra 2, BFBC2, MOH 2010, World of Padman, ETpro, Smokin' Guns, HomeFront, Open Arena, Altitude.
b3 1.10.10 BigBrotherBot (B3) is a cross-platform, cross-game game administration bot. Features in-game administration of game servers, multiple user access levels, and database storage. Currently include parsers for Call of Duty 1 to 8, Urban Terror (ioUrT 4.1 and 4.2), BF3, Arma II, CS:GO, Red Orchestra 2, BFBC2, MOH 2010, World of Padman, ETpro, Smokin' Guns, HomeFront, Open Arena, Altitude.
b3j0f.annotation 0.3.3 Reflective annotation library for python
b3j0f.aop 0.8.4 Python Aspect Oriented Programming
b3j0f.conf 0.3.13 Python object configuration library in reflective and distributed concerns.
b3j0f.middleware 0.0.10 Middleware utilities library
b3j0f.sync 0.0.3 Synchronizer design pattern library
b3j0f.utils 1.4.2 Set of tools and utilities useful in python projects
b64img 0.1.0 Base64 Image Converter.
BA-4chan-thread-archiver 0.8.7 Makes a complete archive of imageboard threads including images, HTML, and JSON. (Notice: This is a transitional package, please migrate to BASC-Archiver)
baanlib 0.1.5 ole automation library around win32com for use with Baan/Infor LN
baas 0.2.2 'Buddy as a Service' is a xmpp / wavelet robot using Yahoo YQL API, Google API and other services to do searches (web, news, reviews, wikipedia, imdb) and some other stuff (translations, weather forecast, etc) for you.
baas32 0.3.2 An alternative Python implementation of Douglas Crockford's base32 encoding scheme
baaya 0.0.3 converter for age to/from height or weight for Japanese Kids
babbage 0.1.1 A light-weight analytical engine for OLAP processing
babble.client 2.0 Babble: Instant messaging client for Plone
babble.demo 0.2 Creates a demo Babble instant messaging setup for Plone
babbler 0.3.4 A Twitter bot that polls an RSS feed and posts its entries as tweets, with auto-generated hashtags. For extra mischief, replies to the bot are responded to using a basic Eliza implementation. After installing, the 'babbler' command will be available which you can use to run the bot. Data will be stored in the current directory.
babble.server 1.1 A backend messaging server for Zope2.
Babel 2.3.4 Internationalization utilities
babelchart 0.1.1 Pluggable timeseries data converter
babel-cli 0.3.5 A command line interface for sending anything anywhere.
BabelDjango 0.2.2 Utilities for using Babel in Django
BabelDjango-onefinestay 0.2.4 Utilities for using Babel in Django
babelfish 0.5.5 A module to work with countries and languages
BabelGladeExtractor 0.2dev-r288 Babel Glade XML files translatable strings extractor
Babelian 1.1 The Babelian is a dictionary of a Terminal.
Babel-lex 2.0-lex-20150116 Internationalization utilities
babel-obviel 0.7.1 Obviel Template message extractor for Babel
babel_util 1.0.1 Utilities to support the babel platform
babigo 0.1.1 babigo translate module
baboon 0.1.4 Detect merge conflict in realtime.
babtools_EXAMPLE 0.9 Example structure with efficient PyPI usage: very small overhead for updating the PyPI entry.
babtools_gentoo 0.4.0 Some tools for the casual Gentoo user and ebuild dabbler.
babtools_gnutella 0.1 Tools for Gnutella.
babtools_misc 0.1.3 several small tools.
babtools_tags 0.4.0 babls - an improved "ls" which shows id3 tags for mp3 and ogg vorbis files.
baby 0.0.1 Baby Announcement
BAC0 0.99.7 BACnet Scripting Framework for testing DDC Controls
bachata 0.1 Bachata is a chat server toolkit on top of asyncio and Tornado.
baciphacs 1.0 Bar Charts In Pure HTML And CSS
backache 0.0.7 Docido software development kit for Python
backalaika 0.2.1 Backup utility for small offices
backasa 0.9.5 A Picasa Web Albums backup utility
backblaze-b2 0.0.1 Backblaze B2 object storage unofficial Python library.
backcall 0.1.0 Specifications for callback functions passed in to an API
BackDoor all Backdoor Client/Server pair
backdrop 0.0.3 Configuration system
backend Backend Utility Tools
Backgroundr 1.1.11 A simple way to create backgrounds for your computer with custom colors and text
backhaul 0
backitup 0.9.6 Simple library for easily customized backup and uploading of your files
backlash 0.1.1 Standalone WebOb port of the Werkzeug Debugger with Python3 support meant to replace WebError in future TurboGears2
backlift 0.5.3 Backlift Command Line Interface
backlift-test 0.1.4 Backlift Command Line Interface
backlight 0.1d A comment system or Bulbs
backlog 1.0.0 A Simple Note Manager
backloglib 0.2.4 Backlog client library
backlog_puller 1.0.0 A python module for pulling data from a backloggery account in a variety of different formats
backlog-restlib 0.0.1 thin wrapper for Backlog API v2. This is an experimental development
backoff 1.2.1 Function decoration for backoff and retry
backplane2-pyclient 0.2 Backplane 2 library for python
backport_collections 0.1 Backport of Python 2.7's collections module
backport_importlib 0...1 A script to backport the full importlib to 2.x
backport_ipaddress 0.1 Backport of Python 3's ipaddress module
backports 1.0 Namespace for backported Python features
backports_abc 0.4 A backport of recent additions to the '' module.
backports.csv 1.0.1 Backport of Python 3 csv module
backports.datetime_timestamp 1.0.1 backports.datetime_timestamp
backports.functools_lru_cache 1.2.1 backports.functools_lru_cache
backports.functools_partialmethod Backport of functools.partialmethod from Python 3.5.1.
backports.inspect 0.0.3 Backport (some) Python 3 `inspect` module features to 2.7 (extending aliles/funcsigs)
backports.lzma 0.0.3 Backport of Python 3.3's 'lzma' module for XZ/LZMA compressed files.
backports.method_request 1.0 backports.method_request
backports.os 0.1rc1 Backport of new features in Python's os module
backports.pbkdf2 0.1 Fast PBKDF2 for Python 2.6 - 3.4
backports.print_function 1.0 Print function with Python 3.3 flush argument
backports.shutil_get_terminal_size 1.0.0 A backport of the get_terminal_size function from Python 3.3's shutil.
backports.shutil_which 3.5.1 Backport of shutil.which from Python 3.3
backports.socketpair Python 2 support for socket.socketpair() on Windows
backports.ssl 0.0.9 The Python 3.4 standard `ssl` module API implemented on top of pyOpenSSL
backports.ssl_match_hostname The ssl.match_hostname() function from Python 3.5
backports.statistics 0.1.0 statistics backport 2.6 - 3.3
backports.tempfile 1.0rc1 Backport of new features in Python's tempfile module 0.1rc1 Backport of Python 3's package
backports.typing 1.0 backports.typing
backports.unittest_mock 1.1.1 backports.unittest_mock
backports.weakref 1.0rc1 Backport of new features in Python's weakref module
backquotes 0.0.3 shell command invocation with backquotes, like Perl, Ruby.
backrefs 1.0.post1 A wrapper around re and regex that adds additional back references.
backslant 0.3.8 Python template engine.
backslash 2.13.1 Client library for the Backslash test reporting service
backtask backtask Run functions in a background process
backtrader BackTesting Engine
backtranslate 0.0.5 BackTranslate: Functions for reverse translation.
backup 0.1 Create back-up of file with specified extension (default: ".bak"
backup2 0.0.2.dev5 Tools for creating a backup suite
backup2github 0.0.5 get user idle time (seconds)
backup2swift 0.9.4 Backup data to OpenStack Swift
BackUpa 1.0 Batch downloader for .zip files.
backupallthethings 0.0.5 Batt simply backup all the things; databases and files
backupchecker 1.7 automated backup checker
backupmanager 0.2.12 A wrapper to unify configuration/running backup tools
backup_monkey 1.0.0 A service that makes sure you have snapshots of all your EBS volumes
backup-my-hub 0.9 Command line tool to make local backups of GitHub repositories and gists
backuppurge 1.0.4 Selectively purge daily full backups
backy 2.1.1 Block-based backup and restore utility for virtual machine images
bacman 0.1.1 Take snapshots of Postgres and MySQL databases and upload to AWS S3.
ba-colander 1.0b1 A simple schema-based serialization and deserialization library
bacon 0.3.1 Bacon Game Engine
BACpypes 0.13.8 BACnet Communications Library
bacula_configuration 1.0 Bacula configuration management tool
BaculaFS 0.1.7 Bacula Filesystem in USErspace
bacula-scripts 0.3.2 Bunch of bacula scripts. Includes also scripts to realize offsite backup solution.
badass 3.14159 Betterize your Python.
bade 0.2.2 Micro-blogging with rST
badgekit-api-client 0.5.1 Python client for Mozilla's BadgeKit API
badgermole 0.4 A command line argument library
BadLinksPlugin 0.1.1 Log bad local links found in wiki content.
badwolf 0.3.6 ci
bae 2.0.9 A BAE Client Tool
bae_image 1.0.0 bae image sdk
baelfire 0.3.2 Makefile for python.
bae_log 1.0.0 BAE Log SDK for V3.0
bael.project 0.2.3 Simple project generator.
bae_memcache 1.0.0 bae memcache sdk
bae_utils 1.0.0 utils for bae sdk
baf 1.0 example packaging layout
baf-file 0.0.0
bag 0.8.0 A library for several purposes, including javascript i18n and stuff for the Pyramid web framework.
bag8 0.1.0 Cli to orchestrate docker images and containers the easy way.
bagcat 0.0.3 A command line utility for managing BagIt packages in Amazon S3
bagit 1.5.4 This package can be used to create BagIt style packages of digital content for safe transmission and digital preservation. See: for more details.
bagit_profile 1.0.2 This module can be used to validate BagitProfiles.
bagofwords 1.0.2 The main goal this Python module is to provide functions to apply Text Classification.
BaGua 0.1.4 科学占卜, 计算机算命.
bahai.theme 1.0.3 Theme for site
bahttext 1.0.1 Tool for convert currency number to Thai text
bai2 0.3.0 BAI2 Parser
baidu 0.2 An English-Chinese translator running in terminal
baidubaike 1.3.2 A wrapper of Baidu Baike
baidubce 0.8.3 Python sdk for baidu bce
baidufm 0.2.5 BaiduFm cli python
baidupan 0.0.1 A baidu netdisk api sdk
baidupcs 0.3.2 百度个人云存储(PCS)Python SDK
baidupcsapi 0.3.5 百度网盘API
baidupush 0.1.1 Python Client for Baidu Push APIs
baiduPushWrapper Wrapper of baidu push api
baidupy 0.0.5 baidupy: baidu SDK for Python
bai-indexer 0.1.1 An index for your BAM Index (BAI)
baiji 2.2.9 High-level Python abstraction layer for Amazon S3
baiji-pod 1.0.0 Static caching of files from Amazon S3, using baiji
baiji-serialization 1.0.1 Read and write common file formats to Amazon S3 and local files
baipython 1.3.0 A simple printer of nester lists
bak 0.2.0 simple file backup library.
bake 1.0.0a1 A project scripting and build utility.
baked 0.2.5 Import order detection
bakeit 0.2.2 A command-line interface for Pastery, the best pastebin in the world.
bakemate 0.5 a baker helper
bake_o_matic 0.1 baker boilerplate reduction
Baker 1.3 Easy, powerful access to Python functions from the command line
bakery 0.1a0
baklabel 1.0.3-2729-py3.2 Automatic pathnames for Grandfathered backups
baklava 0.0.0 a consolidated torrent search api
bakthat 0.6.0 Bakthat is a MIT licensed backup framework written in Python, it's both a command line tool and a Python module that helps you manage backups on Amazon S3/Glacier and OpenStack Swift. It automatically compress, encrypt (symmetric encryption) and upload your files.
balafon 3.2.11 Contacts management
balanced 0.11.14 Payments platform for marketplaces
balanced 0.11.15 Payments platform for marketplaces
balanced 1.0 Payments platform for marketplaces
balanced 1.0.1 Payments platform for marketplaces
balanced 1.0.2 Payments platform for marketplaces
balanced 1.1.0 Payments platform for marketplaces
balanced 1.1.1 Payments platform for marketplaces
balanced 1.2 Payments platform for marketplaces
balanced-ach 0.1.5 Balanced ACH client library
balanced-billy 1.0
BalancedDiscStorage 1.0.3 Makes sure, that there are never more files in one directory, than your LIMIT.
BalazarBrothers 0.3.1 A 3D action/puzzle game.
balbuzard 0.19 Malware analysis tools to extract patterns of interest from files and crack obfuscation such as XOR
bald 0.1
balderdash 1.6.1 Builders for monitoring dashboards
baldr 0.4.5 Odin integration to Django
baleen 0.3.3 An automated ingestion service for blogs to construct a corpus for NLP research.
baler 1.0.4 Bundle assets into iOS static libraries
Balert 1.1.8 A speaking battery's charge level
ballade 0.97.1 A light weight http proxy based on tornado and an upstream proxy switcher using SwitchyOmega rules
balloon 0.03-alfa Set of cloud computing automation utilities
balloon-client 0.01-alfa
balloon-core 0.01-alfa
balloon-server 0.01-alfa
ballotbox 0.1 A Python library for voting algorithms.
ballpark 1.1.1 Better human-readable numbers.
balog 1.2.3 Balanced event logging schema and library
balrog 1.1.0 Python access control library.
baluhn 0.1 A base-agnostic implementation of the Luhn Algorithm for Python. Useful for generating and verifying check digits.
bam 0.1 Text snippets on the command line.
bam2fpkc 0.1.0 bam2fpkc
bam2x 0.2.5 bionformatics python lib for query bam files, this version set matplotlib as optional.
Bambino 0.0 Bambino
bamboo 0.2.10 A stream routing service
bamboo_api 0.0.1 Bamboo API Client
bamboo-data 0.5.5 Dynamic data analysis over the web. The logic to your data dashboards.
bamboo.pantrybell 0.0.4 Co-ordinating Jenkins Jobs
bamboo.scaffold 0.0.7 Misc tools supporting build and deployment, usually via jenkins
bamboo-server 0.6.3 Dynamic data analysis over the web. The logic to your data dashboards.
bamboo.setuptools_version 0.1.0 Tiny package to dop just one things -0 solve gettng a vfersion number for a package
bambou 2.1.0 REST Library for Nuage Networks
bambu 0.1 Namespace package for the Bambu Tools toolset
bambu-ajax 0.1 AJAX utility functions for Django
bambu-analytics 2.0.1 Provides a simple, pluggable system for analytics in Django
bambu-api 2.0.1 Quickly expose your models to a JSON or XML API, authenticated via HTTP or OAuth.
bambu-attachments 3.2 A setup for handling generic model attachments
bambu-blog 0.3 A simple set of models for a basic blog, with some tools for custom-designed blog post writing
bambu-bootstrap 3.3 Use Twitter's Bootstrap CSS framework to build your app. All the views Bambu uses all extend a base template which you create, that can be based on a skeleton Bootstrap template. Shortcut tags let you easily add breadcrumb trails and icons to your apps.
bambu-buffer 3.3.3 Post to Buffer and manage profile settings through a Django-powered site
bambu-codemirror 0.1 Adds static files for the CodeMirror editor
bambu-comments 0.2 Generic model commenting
bambu-cron 3.1 A simple scheduling system that lets you define jobs that get performed at various intervals. Use a virtual "poor man's cron" or a single Django management command to run the jobs.
bambu-dataportability 0.1 Generic import and export tools
bambu-enqueue 0.2 Enqueue CSS and JavaScript (inspired by WordPress)
bambu-enquiries 3.2 A simple model and contact form
bambu-faq 0.1 A simple set of models for a Frequently-Asked-Questions site
bambu-ffmpeg 0.3 A shortcut function for converting video and audio files to HTML5-ready formats
bambu-fileupload 3.4 A wrapper around the jQuery.fileupload library
bambu-formatrules 2.0 Syntactical sugar ontop of Markdown for adding extra formatting, expressed in a human-readable way.
bambu-gensite 1.1 Fill a website with data generated from a YAML file
bambu-grids 0.2.1 Show tabular data with filtering options and support for AJAX and pushstate
bambu-international 0.1 Provides a list of countries and a helper function to retrieve the Country object from a user's IP address
bambu-jwplayer 0.2 A wrapper around the JWPlayer
bambuk 0.1
bambu-mail 3.4 A shortcut function for sending template-based emails in HTML and plain-text format
bambu-mapping 0.1.1 A pluggable, provider-based system for rendering maps
bambu-markup 3.0 Replacements for Django's Markdown and reStructuredText support
bambu-minidetect 0.1 Tools for Django webapps
bambu-navigation 0.1 A set of template tags and settings for creating automatically-built menus
bambu-notifications 0.2.1 Generic, developer-defined model notifications that can be delivered via a set of pluggable, provider-based endpoints (email, SMS, Pusher, etc)
bambu-oembed 3.1 Embed resources like YouTube videos, tweets and Flickr images by entering their URL on a single line of text. Methodology inspired by WordPress
bambu-pages 3.4 Tools for Django webapps
bambu-payments 0.2 Pluggable, provider-based payment handling
bambu-pusher 0.1 A wrapper around the Pusher API
bambu-saas 0.2.1 A set of models, templates, views and helpers to manage the plans-and-pricing side of a paid-for web app
bambu-signup 2.0 A fluid signup method for free web apps
bambu-sites 0.1 Middleware that redirects users to a site's primary domain, based on the `django.contrib.sites` framework
bambu-tools 3.3.4 Tools for Django webapps
bambu-urlshortener 2.0 Shrink a URL using an internal or external shortening service
bambu-webhooks 2.0 Create webhooks and allow users to assign URLs to them
bambu-xmlrpc 3.0 An extensible XML-RPC provider
bam_readgroup_to_json 0.5 convert each readgroup id to a json file from a BAM
bam_reheader 0.22 reheader a BAM to include GDC @SQ info
BamTyper 0.2.6 Working with paired reads in BAM format
bamutil_tool 0.18 call bamutil tools and store time/mem metrics in sqlitedb
banana.maya 0.0.2 Set of extensions for the Python API of Autodesk Maya.
banana_py 0.1.2 OAuth2 Backend for MailChimp
Bananas 0.1.2 My Bananas project. Learning how to use project skeletons and make packages.
bananatag-api 0.1.0 The Bananatag API Python Library is used in conjunction with Bananatag's REST API. The Bananatag REST API allows users access to all data associated with their account and sub-accounts.
banchan 0.0.4 Collection of small Python utilities
bancommons 0.0.1 36ban commons
ban_commons 0.0.1 eking commons
bandar 0.1.0 Create development overlays for the FreeBSD ports tree
bandcamp_dl 0.4 Download audio from
bandcamp-downloader 0.0.4 bandcamp-dl downloads albums and tracks from Bandcamp for you
bandcamp_get 0.1.4 automated music downloading via selenium
bandcampscrape 0.0.2 Downloader for BandCamp albums
bandersnatch 1.11 Mirroring tool that implements the client (mirror) side of PEP 381
bandicoot 0.5 A toolbox to analyze mobile phone metadata.
bandit 1.0.1 Security oriented static analyser for python code.
bandmat 0.5 A banded matrix library for python.
bandoleers 1.1.0 AWeber development tool belt
bandpage 1.0.1 The Python library for BandPage
Band-Saw 0.3.0 Band Saw is a syslog monitoring program for GNOME
bandstructureplot 0.1.2 A Lightweight Band Structure Plotting Library
bandwidthMonitor 1.0.0 A collection of methods to interface with a rrd file containing data on bandwidth usage via /proc/net/dev.
bandwidth-sdk 1.0.9
bandwidthTracker 1.0.1 A class with methods to interface with a rrd file containing data on bandwidth usage via /proc/net/dev.
bang 0.4 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.5 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.6 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.7 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.7.1 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.8 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.9 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.10.1 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.11 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.12 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.13 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.14 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.14.1 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.15 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.17 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.17.1 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bang 0.18 Server and cloud resource deployment automation
bangarang 0.1.2 Offical client library for the bangarang monitoring platform
bangoo 2 An open source content management system on the top of Django framework
bangtext 0.2.4 A static site generator
bank 0.0.1 Core Banking for Python
bank-account-validator 0.1 UNKNOWN
bankbarcode 0.1.4 barcodes for financial documents
bankers 0.0.1 Bankers - This is an implementation of the banker's deadlock algorithm
banknumber 1.0 Python module to validate Bank codes
bank_transactions 0.3 Python package for importing bank transaction files.
Banner-Ad-Toolkit 0.2.0 A command line tool to aid in the development of banner ad campaigns. Auto generates PSDs at the required sizes with specified filenames to get you started, then when done designing, exports static banners at or under max file sizes specified. All managed via a very simple manifest file.
banners 0.7dev A simple banner manager app
bannock 0.5.0 Agent-based simulations in confined environments
banta 1.23.0 Accounting, point of sale, inventory
banter 0.2.2 Create crucible code reviews from the command line
Banyan 0.1.5 Highly-optimized search trees (red-black, splay, and sorted-list) with optional augmentation (dynamic order statistics, interval trees, etc.)
banzai 0.0 Tool for pipelining tasks together through a CLI interface
BanzaiDB 0.3.0 Database for Banzai NGS pipeline tool
Banzai-NGS 0.0.5 Banzai is a Microbial Genomics Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Pipeline Tool
baojinhuan 1.1.0 UNKNOWN
BAOW 1.1 BAOW is a lightweight content manage system.
BAPDatabase 0.5.0 UNKNOWN
bar 0.2.1 Configurable progress bars/status monitors for Python console applications.
baraag 0.2 Markdown preview server work with Evernote in Mac
Barabash 0.6.0 Barabash, a build scripting framework.
Barak 0.3.2 A set of astronomy-related routines for generating Voigt profiles from atomic data, reading and writing data, working with SEDs, passbands and dust extinction laws.
baratine 0.9.0 Python client for Baratine
baratron 0.1.2 Python driver for MKS eBaratron capacitance manometers.
barbeque 1.0.0 Helper and tools collection
barbican 0
barbot 1.2.2 Create your bot for
barchart-ondemand-client-python 0.0.4 A Python library to get data from BarChartOnDemand API
barcode 0.5.1 Design NGS barcodes.
barcodegen 0.1 A Python module generating barcode images
barcode-generator 0.1rc15 Simple lightweight python barcode EAN generator. Output format SVG and ASCII
barcodenumber 0.2.1 Python module to validate Product codes (EAN, EAN13, ISBN,...)
barcode-scanner 0.2.post16 Barcode scanner based on GStreamer, zbar, and gtk.
bard 15 announce ware
barectf 2.2.0 Generator of C99 code that can write native CTF
baremetal-network-provisioning 0.1 HP mechanism drivers for bare metal connectivity
BareNecessities 0.2.8 Provides the ``bn`` module containing a dictionary allowing attribute access to values - I use it so much I've made into a package.
Bareon 0.0.1a3 Bareon
bareon-ironic 0.1.0
baresql 0.7.3 playing SQL directly on Python datas
barify 0.1.6 generate text progress bar for given values
barin 0.0.2 Barin, yet another MongoDB schema validation layer
barin 0.0.3 Barin, yet another MongoDB schema validation layer
barin 0.0.4 Barin, yet another MongoDB schema validation layer
barin 0.0.5 Barin, yet another MongoDB schema validation layer
Barista 0.0.22 A Flask application creator
bark 0.1.0 WSGI logging middleware
BarkingOwl 0.8.1 Scalable web crawler.
bark-ssg 1.3.4 Single file static site generator.
BarkTracker 0.1.0 Bark Tracker monitors and notifies you if your dog is barking while you are away.
barman 1.6.1 Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL
barmanapi 0.2 This project convert from BARMAN command to RESTful api. Barman API support full future and all versions of BARMAN.
barnum 0.5.1 Create random data for your applications
baron 0.6.2 Full Syntax Tree for python to make writing refactoring code a realist task
barpy 0.1.2 Ruby barby barcodes generating library port to Python
barrel 0.1.3 Flexible WSGI authentication and authorization tools.
barrelhouse 0.3 WSGI OpenID authentication handler
barrels 0.0.6 Instead of tarballs, barrels of files
barrister 0.1.6 Polyglot RPC
bars 0.0.1 A command-line interface that loads a CSV file and outputs a bar chart.
barsup-core 0.2.9 UNKNOWN
barsup-swagger 0.1.0 API UI for barsup-core-based applications
bart 0.0.3 UNKNOWN
bart_api 0.1-5 a python client that interacts with the bay area rapid transit api
bartender 1.0 WSGI App Auto-Loader
bart-py 1.5.0 Behavioural Analysis and Regression Toolkit
Barun_Heehaw 1.0.0 A sample junk project
baruwa 2.0.9 Ajax enabled MailScanner web frontend
BaruwaAPI 0.0.2 Python bindings for Baruwa REST API
barySSH v0.2 Proxy which uses simple time-based XOR scheme to make heuristic detection of underlying transmission impossible.
basalt 0.0.1 CI server
basalt-tasks 0.1.1 Helper functions for the basalt invoke build file.
basc 1.0.0 A framework for rapid searches for adsorbate-surface structures
BASC-Archiver 0.9.3 Makes a complete archive of imageboard threads including images, HTML, and JSON.
BASC-py4chan 0.6.0 Python 4chan API Wrapper. Improved version of Edgeworth's original py-4chan wrapper.
BASC-WARC 0.0.1 Create and manage WARC files. Currently in planning / pre-alpha stage.
base116676 0.0.post1 Cram data in a small number of code points
base32-crockford 0.3.0 A Python implementation of Douglas Crockford's base32 encoding scheme
base36 0.1.1 Yet another implementation for the positional numeral system using 36 as the radix.
base58 0.2.2 Base58 and Base58Check implementation
base58_encoded 0.1 Encode an integer using base58. You know, for short urls.
base-62 0.1.1 UNKNOWN
base65536 0.1.1 Base-65536 Python implementation
base91 1.0.1 Base91 encoding in Python
base92 1.0.3 A library to create base92 encoded strings
basebot 1.1.0 a base IRC bot extensible with plugins
basebox 0.1.5 A small library for interacting with Vagrant boxes using Fabric
BaseBWA 0.3.4 A supporting application for BlazeWeb applications.
basecamp 0.0.12 Almost complete warapper around the Basecamp API.
basecampreporting 0.5 Read-only interface to Basecamp projects, with support for Scrum concepts like sprints and backlogs.
BasecampWrapper 0.1 A wrapper around the Basecamp API.
basecampx 0.1.8 Wrapper for Basecamp Next API.
BaseConv 0.1a A generic base-conversion library for Python.
baseconvert 1.0.0a4 Convert numbers between bases.
basecrm 1.1.1 BaseCRM Official API V2 library client for Python
basedata 0.2 support library for
baseframe 0.3.0 Baseframe for HasGeek projects
basefs 0.7 Basically Available, Soft state, Eventually consistent File System
basegateway 0.10 A base gateway to make api calls
basehangul 1.1 Human-readable binary encoding, BaseHangul for Python
BaseHash 3.0.4 Reversible obfuscated identifier hashes.
basemap 1.0.7 Plot data on map projections with matplotlib
basemap_Jim 0.1.1 basemap of Northwestern Atlantic Coastline for python plotting .
basement 0.2.2 A python project scaffolding generator.
basen 0.1 BaseN
base-node-rpc 0.16.post1 Provides: 1) A memory-efficient set of base classes providing an API to most of the Arduino API, including EEPROM access, raw I2C master-write/slave-request, etc., and 2) Support for processing RPC command requests through either serial or I2C interface. Utilizes Python (host) and C++ (device) code generation from the `arduino_rpc` ( package.
basepair 0.9.7 Python clint for Basepair's API
baserip 0.2-beta2 The alkali version of acidrip (libav based).
basespaceapp 0.0.8 template for basespace native app. 0.2.2 A python port for
base_utils 1.0.14 utils
bash 0.5 Bash for Python
bash8 0.1.1 A pep8 equivalent for bash scripts
bashate 0.5.1 A pep8 equivalent for bash scripts
BashBam 2.0 UNKNOWN
bashbeautify 0.1.0 A beautifier for Bash shell scripts written in Python.
bashcolor 0.9.1 A simple library to get colors in the bash terminal
Bashful 1.0 A simple library
bash_kernel 0.4.1 A bash kernel for Jupyter
bashlex 0.8 Python parser for bash
bashlint 0.1.0 Bash linting tool
basho-erlastic 2.1.1 Erlastic
bashplotlib 0.6.5 plotting in the terminal
bash-powerprompt 0.1.0 Powerful dynamic bash prompt inspired by Vim Powerline
bashpunchcard 0.1.1 Command line script for creating a PNG punchcard graph of your bash history
bashquote 2.0 Library to access and retrieve quotes from
bash_quote 1.0.1 Browse quotes on from the comfort of your shell.
bash-toolbelt 0.0.2 UNKNOWN
bashup 2.0.0 A (toy) language that compiles to bash.
Bashutils 0.0.4 Bash colors management and log system
basicanalysis 0.2b1 Extract and project fundamental factors in MPI applications.
basic_argparse 1.1 A helper function for setting up an argparse parser.
basicauth 0.3 An incredibly simple HTTP basic auth implementation.
basicCAS 1.0 basic CAS parsing faculties
basic_crypto 1.0.1 Wrapper around PyCrypto providing basic symmetric key encryption with AES in CFB mode.
basicevents 1.2.4 python events non-blocking
BasicHttp 0.4.2 A easy to use and clean HTTP client lib for Python
BasicHttpServer 1.0.0 A basic http server
basiciw 0.2.2 Get wireless info of interface.
basic-modeling-interface 0.1.3 Python bindings for the Basic Modeling Interface
basic_oauth 0.1.5 Implements the "Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant" from Oauth v2.
basicproperty 0.6.9a Core data-types and property classes
basicrpc 0.0.2 A very simple Python RPC client
basics 0.0.0
basicsorts 1.0 Basic sorting algorithmes for arrays
basicstruct 1.0.3 A simple struct-like object for Python
basictracer 1.0rc1 UNKNOWN
basik 0.1.1 Simple network analysis tool
basil 0.1 Build a system instant-like.
basil_daq 2.4.3 Basil - a data acquisition system and system testing framework
basil_django 0.1 Basil template to create a basic django project.
basilisk 0.1 Basilisk is a object-NoSQL mapper for Python 2.7 and 3.3+,supporting models, lists, hashes and sorted sets.
basin 0.1 A Python module for generating string representations of integers and bytestrings with arbitrary base and alphabet.
basitapi 0.1.2 UNKNOWN
Basket 1.0 A local static PyPI repository builder
basketball_reference_web_scraper 2.1 An API for NBA data that is scraped from Basketball Reference
basket-client 0.3.12 A Python client for Mozilla's basket service.
basketweaver 0.1.3-r0 Provides utilities for making your own python package index.
Baskit Minecraft Server Manager
bass 0.9.4 Static site generator
bassa 0.0.1 Automated Download Queue for Enterprise to take the best use of Internet bandwidth
basset 0.0.1 Package for interacting with
bastio-agent 0.1.2 Bastio agent to provision system accounts and SSH access
bastion-proxy 1.1.1 Bastion proxy to connect to other proxies via it.
bastion_ssh 0.0.3 bastion host for ssh.
BatAlgorithm 0.1 Bat algorithm implementation
batavia 0.0.0 Tools to run Python bytecode on the Javascript VM.
batbelt 0.5.2 A collection of gagdets that makes Python even more powerful.
batchcli 0.2 A simple API to run tasks in batch mode and track progress on CLI.
batchcompute 2.0.6a12 Python SDK for aliyun batchcompute service
batchcomputecli 0.1.3 Alicloud BatchCompute command line interface
batchcompute-cli 1.2.7 Alicloud BatchCompute command line interface
Batcher 2 Cut sliceable objects into batches, eg for paging display on a website
batchhttp 1.1.1 Parallel HTTP through MIME multipart encoding
batchlib 1.3 Run computations in parallel in a LAN
batchly_api 0.7.2 Batchly API SDK for integration with the REST endpoint
batchly_sdk 0.2.4 Service provider interface for the batchly processor system
batchmp 0.84 Command-line tools for batch media processing
BatchNotebook 0.0.3 Tools for running an IPython notebook in batch mode.
batchOpenMPI 0.2.2 Easy parallelization built on top of mpi4py.
batchpath 0.2 Developer utility to generate and verify pathnames
BatchQ 0.1-2-pre-alpha Python automatisation tools.
batch-queue 0.4 simple batch queuing system
batch_sms 0.1.0 Library to send large numbers of text messages.
batchy 0.3 batching framework
bat-country 0.2 A lightweight, extendible, easy to use Python package for deep dreaming and image generation with Caffe and CNNs
batemaneq 0.1.0 Python package for evaluating Bateman's equation
bates 0.0.1 HTML5 adaptive images polyfill: a Django and javascript solution
batfish 0.0.2 A DigitalOcean shell, API and CLI interface
batinfo 0.3 A simple Python lib to retreive battery information
Batman 0.7.0 A deployment toolbelt
Bat-man 0.3.1 A YouTube batch downloader and converter.
batman-package 2.1.0 Fast transit light curve modeling
batou 1.3b2 A utility for automating multi-host, multi-environment software builds and deployments.
batou_scm 0.3.2 Batou components for managing source code in a development deployment.
batt 1.0 Lightweight terminal battery monitor
battalion 0.5.6 Python framework for commandline applications
batterystaple 0.1.0dev1 Small library for generating XKCD style passphrases
battery_status 0.0.9 Battery Status Notifier
batticon 0.1.4 This is a simple battery indicator for system tray
battlenet 0.2.6 Python Library for Blizzard's Community Platform API
battleschool 0.8.0 simple dev box provisioning
battleship 0.1a a battleship game with a curses interface
battleship_game 1.0 This is a simple version of the battleship game
BatzenCA 0.1 UNKNOWN
bauble 1.0.52 Bauble is a biodiversity collection manager software application
bauhattan 0.1.2 Automated CI/CD Tool
baya 0.1.17 Nested LDAP Groups authorization.
bayeosgatewayclient 0.2.6 Transfers client data to a BayEOS Gateway.
bayes 0.1.1 Bayes classification implementation
BayesFlare 1.0.2 Python functions and classes implementing a Bayesian approach to flare finding.
Bayesian 0.3.1 Library and utility module for Bayesian reasoning
BayesianBozo 0.1.0 Bayesian statistical functions for Python
bayesian_bozo 0.0.3 Bayesian statistical functions for Python
bayeslite 0.1.8 BQL database built on SQLite3
bayeslite-apsw 3.9.2-r1 Another Python SQLite Wrapper -- bayeslite custom edition
bayes_logistic 0.2.0 Bayesian Logistic Regression using Laplace approximations to the posterior.
bayesnet 0.1 Bayesian network implementation. Influenced by Cecil Huang's and Adnan
bayes_on_redis 0.1.9 bayes_on_redis library provides bayesian classification on a given text similar to many SPAM/HAM filtering technique.
bayespy 0.5.1 Variational Bayesian inference tools for Python
bayesredis 1.2.0 A Simple Naive Bayes Classifier in Python
bayeux 0.10.3 Generator of the TAP protocol
bayez 0.1 Bayesian redshift estimation
bayfiles 0.0.3 A library to upload files to
baymax 0.0.4 Data Visualization Template Engine for Django/Flask
bayrell 0.1 Bayrell Web Application Framework for Python
bazaarrecipe 0.1dev Buildout recipe for Bazaar
bazaarrecipeinfrae 0.1.2dev Buildout recipe for Bazaar
Bazinga 0.2.4 Bazinga is a nose plugin to run tests only if their dependencies were modified
bb 0.1 bitbucket simple CLI interface
bb8 0.2.4.dev0 BB8 - A robot to support developer
bbarchivist 2.5.1 BlackBerry autoloader tools
bbb 1.5.17 Buildbot <-> Taskcluster Bridge
bbcflib 1.4.0 Utility modules for deploying workflows in the BBCF
bbcli 0.2.2 Browse BBC News like a hacker. (based on pyhackernews)
bbcode 1.0.22 A pure python bbcode parser and formatter.
bbc-radio-tracklisting-downloader 0.0.2 Download BBC radio show tracklistings
bbdb.gmailfilter 0.5 Export BBDB contacts to gmail filter import XML
bbfreeze 1.1.3 create standalone executables from python scripts
bbfreeze-loader 1.1.0 provide binary loaders for bbfreeze
bbgateway 0.0.4 Python 3 package for Bankcard Brokers Payment Gateway integration.
bbgun 0.10 bbgun: Move phpBB forums to Wordpress blogs
bbking 0.0.1 A Django BBCode Parser
bblame 0.1.4 An ncurses app for viewing git file history
bbnotify 0.3 Tray notification for BuildBot
bbot 1.0.0a1 UNKNOWN
bbox 0.1
bboxtiler 0.1.0 Tile a bounding box into format suitable for use with Google Earth Engine.
bb-pytest 0.2 Buildbot step for py.test.
bbq 0.1 Tasty deploy recipes
BBQSQL 1.2 Rapid Blind SQL Injection Exploitation Tool
bbqutils 0.1 Brendan's utilities
bbrecorder 1.0.2 Black box style logging handler to delay logs emitting to crisis situation.
bbricks 1.0.18 C/C++ builder on top of SCons, automatically enforcing quality, coding standards, etc
bbvisa2ofx 0.21 Converter uma fatura de cartao de credito TXT do Banco do Brasil para OFX
bc1 0.1.2 UNKNOWN
bcbio 0.1 UNKNOWN
bcbiocov 0.99.4 exome coverage calculation
bcbio-gff 0.6.2 Read and write Generic Feature Format (GFF) with Biopython integration.
bcbio_monitor 1.0.6 bcbio-monitor is an extension of bcbio-nextgen to visualize its progress
bcbio-nextgen 0.9.8 Best-practice pipelines for fully automated high throughput sequencing analysis
bcbio-phyloblast 0.1.2 Distributed BLAST for gene phylogeny estimation
bcbreport 0.99.20 report templates for bcbio analysis.
bcd 0.4 Library to handle binary-coded decimal conversion
bcdoc 0.16.0 ReST document generation tools for botocore.
bce 4.7.9643 A chemical equation balancer.
bce-python-sdk 0.8.8 BCE SDK for python
bcferries 0.1.2 BC Ferries Python Library
Bcfg2 1.3.4 Bcfg2 Server
bChart 0.1.1 A Python script for bChart
bchelpers 0.3.0 Handy helpers to make botocore easier to use
bcloud 3.8.2 Baidu Pan client for Linux Desktop users
bcloud-core 3.8.2.dev1 A fork of bcloud
bcmwindow 1.0.0 bcmwindow
bcode 0.6 bencode encoding and decoding functions
bcoding 1.5 bencoding & -decoding library
bcolz 1.0.0 columnar and compressed data containers.
bcresolver 0.0.5 Blockchain to DNS with DNSSEC Resolver Library
bcrypt 1.0.0 Modern password hashing for your software and your servers
bcrypt 1.0.1 Modern password hashing for your software and your servers
bcrypt 1.0.2 Modern password hashing for your software and your servers
bcrypt 1.1.0 Modern password hashing for your software and your servers
bcrypt 1.1.1 Modern password hashing for your software and your servers
bcrypt 2.0.0 Modern password hashing for your software and your servers
Bcryptor 1.2.2 Python wrapper for bcrypt
bctpy 0.5.0 Brain Connectivity Toolbox for Python
bcubed 1.2 Simple extended BCubed implementation in Python for clustering evaluation
bcwallet 1.2.7 Simple BIP32 HD cryptocurrecy command line wallet
bcx-basic-compile-tool v 1.0 bcx basic gcc compile tool works with any ide
bcx-error-check 1.0 some error checking for bcx basic
BD 0.0.5 Bangladesh Details with postal code
bd2k-python-lib 1.6.dev1 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.7.dev1 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.8.dev1 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.8.dev2 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.8.dev3 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.9.dev1 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.9.dev2 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.10.dev1 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.10.dev2 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.10.dev3 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.10.dev4 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.10.dev5 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.10.dev6 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.11.dev4 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.11.dev5 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.11.dev6 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.11.dev7 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.12.dev8 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.13.dev10 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.13.dev12 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.13.dev13 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.13.dev14 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bd2k-python-lib 1.13.dev16 The BD2K Python module kitchen sink
bda.awstatsparser 1.2.1 Library for parsing of awstats result files
bda.basen 1.1 bda.basen
bda.bfg.tile 1.0 Handle web application parts as tiles.
bda.blogview 1.0-beta1 module providing a blog view for plone.
bda.cache 1.1.3 Simple caching infrastructure.
bda.calendar.base 1.2.2 Base common calendaring features: Convinience or not coverd yet.
bda.contentproxy 1.0 module providing content proxying for plone.
bda.daemon 1.1.1 Take a class and run it as a simple daemon.
bda.disclaimer 1.1 Cookie based access restriction for Plone sites.
bda.intellidatetime 1.2.1 bda.intellidatetime
bdajax 1.6.3 Ajax convenience.
bda.ldap 1.5.2 LDAP convenience library
bda.plone.ajax 1.6 ``bdajax`` integration for Plone.
bda.plone.finder 1.3.1 Mac Finder like view for Plone.
bda.plone.wfintranet 1.0 Intranet Workflow by Bluedynamics Alliance
bda.portlet.sitenavigation 2.1 Yet Another Navigation Portlet.
bda.recipe.deployment 2.0b8 python deployment process based on buildout and mr.developer
bda.resultduplexer 1.0-beta2 module providing duplexing of search results in plone.
bdates 0.2 Better Dates (bdates) helps you work with dates, including extracting dates from text.
bdateutil 0.1 Adds business day logic and improved data type flexibility to python-dateutil.
bda.zeopack 1.0 Pack (multiple) databases (ZODB) on Zope ZEO servers
bdbcontrib Hodgepodge library of extras for bayeslite
bdbdatastore 0.2.2 An alternate datastore backend for App Engine, implemented using BDB JE.
BDD4Django 0.3.13 "Behavior Driven Development" (BDD) -- Integrating Morelia + Splinter + Django
bdec 0.8.0 A set of tools for decoding binary files.
bdf 2.2.0 CTF framework and exploit development library.
bdflib v1.0.2 Library for working with BDF font files.
bdfu 1.0.3 A "brain dead"-simple file upload server
bdgt 6 A command line budget application
bdi 0.1.13 Bioinformatics Data Interface
bdist_docker 0.1.1 Distutils extension command to build docker images for python applications.
bdist_mpkg 0.5.0 Builds Mac OS X installer packages from distutils
bdist_nsi 0.1.5 Create NSIS windows installers for Python modules.
bdist_venv 0.1.2 Python distutils extension to bundle package as a virtualenv.
bdist-venv2 0.1.3 Python distutils extension to create virtualenv built distributions.
bdl 0.0.0 Bondage and Discipline, Python style.
bdmd 1.0.0 A great dba,a great coder!
BdMusic 0.2.1 Baidu Music Download Helper
bd_nester 1.4.0 A simple printer of nested lists
bdot 0.1.7 Fast Dot Products on Pretty Big Data (powered by Bcolz)
bdp 0.2 Block Diagrams in Python
bdpcrypt 0.1 Encrypt and decrypt Sony(TM) Blueray players images
bdsync-manager 0.2 Synchronize one or more blockdevices to a remote target via bdsync
bdt_8chan 1.0.0 8Chan Thread Archiver - Downloads a thread; images, webms and all.
bdt_sitemap 0.9 Sitemap.xml generator for a local copy of a website
bdyson 0.1dev UNKNOWN
be 0.3.7 Minimal asset management system
bea 0.2.2 Blogger Export Analyzer
beach 0.4.2 Simple private python cloud framework
Beacon 1.3-alpha Python IRC bot for Python 3
BeadCalculator 0.1 A script to calculate peyote stich beadwork design options.
BeaEnginePython 3.1.0 BeaEngine disassembler bindings for Python
Beaker 1.8.0 A Session and Caching library with WSGI Middleware
BeakerCleanup 0.1.3 A beaker plugin that implements a function to be called from the command line via PasteCall.
beakeredis 0.0.3 Redis backend for Beaker
beaker-es-plot 0.0.0 ESPlot class for Beaker Notebook
beaker_extensions 0.1.1dev Beaker extensions for additional back-end stores.
beaker_extensions_sentinel 0.2.2dev Beaker extensions for additional back-end stores.
BeakerHelpers 0.1 An extendable Beaker helpers package to manage Beaker sessions
beaker-mongo 0.2.2 Beaker backend MongoDB
beaker_mongodb 0.3 Beaker backend to write sessions and caches to a MongoDB schemaless database.
beaker_redis dev Beaker backend for redis
BeakerShowSessions 0.1.4 A Beaker extension to show the active sessions
beam_integrals 1.1.0 Console app and Python API for determining beam integrals of all 6 supported beam types, as described in D.D. Milasinovic, "The Finite Strip Method in Computational Mechanics" (ISBN 8680297194)
beam_interactive 0.3.0 reference Robot implementation for Beam Interactive
beamline 1.2.2 online model package for electron accelerator
beanbag 1.9.2 A helper module for accessing REST APIs
beanbag-django16-installer Helper to install Django 1.6.11 with backported security fixes.
beanconns 0.1.0 Connections Pool for beanstalk
beancount 2.0b11 Command-line Double-Entry Accounting
beancount-fava 0.3.0 A rich web interface for the CL-accounting tool beancount.
beancount-plugins 0.0.4 Library of user contributed plugins for beancount
beancount-pygments-lexer 0.1.2 A pygments-lexer for beancount-files.
beans 1.2.0 The Python client library for the Beans API
beansoup 1.0a4 A companion to beancount, a command-line double-entry accounting tool
beanstalkc 0.4.0 A simple beanstalkd client library
beanstalkc3 0.4.0 A simple beanstalkd client library (python 3 compatible fork)
beanstalkclient 0.1.3 beanstalkclient is a simple beanstalkd client library for Python.
beanstalk-stack 0.1.92 Django base for common use
beanstalkt 0.7.0 An async beanstalkd client for Tornado
beanstalktop 0.0.4 A simple, top-like monitoring tool for beanstalkd
beanstream 1.0.0 Beanstream SDK library for processing credit card payments.
beantool 0.2.13 A beanstalkd console client.
beantop 0.2.5 UNKNOWN
bearandlion 0.1
bearcart 0.1.3 Python Pandas + Rickshaw.js = BearCart
beard 0.2 Bibliographic Entity Automatic Recognition and Disambiguation
bearfield 1.9.6 Small MongoDB object layer.
bearfirstexp 1.3.0 A simple printer of nested lists
bearform 1.2 Easy data conversion and validation for frontends.
bearlib 0.9 bear
bearychat-py 0.3.1 A simple package for interacting with bearychat.
beast2bpp 0.13 Script that converts starBeast xml format input files to BPP format
beastling 1.1.1 Command line tool to help mortal linguists use BEAST
beat 0.1.6 Swatch Internet Time conversion(beats)
beatbox 32.1 A Python library for querying/updating data via SOAP API
beatbox3 0.96.1 Makes the SOAP API easily accessible. for Python 3
beatboxxx 21.5 A Python client for the SOAP API
beatle 0.0.12 A development environment made in python
beatle 0.0.14 A development environment made in python
beatle 0.0.15 A development environment made in python
beatloop 0.1 Python module for programming simple beat loops.
beatport 0.0.1 Unofficial Python API client for
beats 1.0
beautifier 0.3.1 Cleanup and beautifier emails, urls and patterns
BeautifulCharts 0.6.5 Simple, elegant and fast charting library for Python
BeautifulHTML 1.2.0 Can write a Beautiful HTML Code in python script.
BeautifulHue 0.1.2 A Python module for the Philips Hue Lighting System API.
beautiful_print 0.11 Prettier pretty-printing of HTML.
beautiful-readme 0.1.0
beautifulscraper 1.0.3 Python web-scraping library that wraps urllib2 and BeautifulSoup.
BeautifulSoup 3.2.1 HTML/XML parser for quick-turnaround applications like screen-scraping.
beautifulsoup4 4.4.1 Screen-scraping library
beautifulsoup4-slurp 0.0.2 Slurp packages Beautifulsoup4 into command line.
beautifulsoupselect 0.2 Simple wrapper to integrate BeautifulSoup and in a single package
beautify 0.1.4 Simplifies the process of formatting and printing beautiful and responsive output in terminals
Beautils 0.0.2 a module to make Beau stop bitching about time in Python
beautysh 2.2.2 A Bash beautifier for the masses.
Beaver 36.2.0 python daemon that munches on logs and sends their contents to logstash
beaver_sqs 0.0.1 python daemon that munches on logs and sends their contents to logstash
bebop 0.0.3 Solr object mapping and schema generation without all the XML
bebop 0.0.4 Solr object mapping and schema generation without all the XML
bebop 0.0.5 Solr object mapping and schema generation without all the XML
bebop 0.0.6 Solr object mapping and schema generation without all the XML
bebop.protocol 0.1 This package allows to register components from Python. It also provides a basic implementation of generic functions in Zope3
bebop-server 0.3.5 A tool for rapid web development
becas 1.0.3 becas API client for Python.
BECer-GAE 1.0 Chinese words segregation and full text search for Google App Engine
bechdel 0.1 Retrieve Movies' Bechdel Score
bed 0
Bedframe 0.13.5 A resource-oriented web services framework
bedlam 0.0.0
bedserver 0.1 A fast and simple bedfile server
bedup 0.10.1 Deduplication for Btrfs filesystems
bee 0.0.1 a simple egg
beebotte 0.4.0 Python library for interfacing with Beebotte
beecloud 3.0.0 beecloud, make payment simpler
beecom 0.2.8 BVC Printer Python driver
beefapi 0.2.1 Python library that facilitates interfacing with BeEF via it's RESTful API
beefish 0.1.2 simple file encryption using pycrypto
beegarden 2.2.9 The package allows you to create Beegarden game for programmers.
beehive 1.0 beehive is behaviour-driven development, Python style
beekeeper 0.9.2
beemodoro 1.2.0 Beeminder Pomodoro Timer
beep 0.0.0
beepboop 0.1.2 Beep Boop client and Bot Manager
beeper 0.9.0 Bundle virtualenv and project to an artifact.
beepfun 0.1.0 UNKNOWN
beepoo 1.0.0 Simple Test
beer 0.1.1 Wouldn't it be great thought?
beerprogress 0.0.2 Command line progress indicator library for Python3 0.2.0 A Beer implementation in Python.
beer-review 0.1.7 CLI for managing your JIRA / Gerrit / git workflow.
beertools 0.1.6 Utils for working with beer data
Beeswarm 0.7.14 Honeytoken transmission, reception and analysis.
beeswithmachineguns 0.1.4 A utility for arming (creating) many bees (micro EC2 instances) to attack (load test) targets (web applications).
Beetle 0.7.1 Beetle is a simple static site generator
Beetle-Htmlmin 1.0.0 Enables Beetle to minimize HTML files
Beetle-Image-Compressor 0.1.0 Auto image compressor for Beetle
Beetle-Markdown 0.1.0 Makes Beetle do markdown
Beetle-Preview 0.1.0 Local test server plugin for Beetle
Beetle-S3Uploader 0.1.0 Beetle plugin to upload the site to S3
Beetle-Sass 1.2.0 Enables Beetle to handle Sass files
Beetle-Sitemap 1.0.0 Enables Beetle to generate a sitemap.xml file
beets 1.3.17 music tagger and library organizer
beets-artistcountry 0.1.1 Beets plugin to retrieve the country of an artist from musicbrainz
beets-copyartifacts 0.1.2 beets plugin to copy non-music files to import path
beets-follow 1.0.0 Plugin for the music library manager Beets. Follow artists from your library using
beets-noimport 0.1.0b5 add directories to the incremental import "do not import" list
before_after 0.1.3 before_after provides utilities for testing race conditions
beget 0.1.3 Django project generator
begin_nester 1.2.0 A simple printer of nested lists
begins 0.9 Command line programs for busy developers
behance_python 0.2.4 Python wrapper for the Behance API
behave 1.2.5 behave is behaviour-driven development, Python style
behave_base_library 0.1.5 Base files for any behave automation project
behave_cli 0.2 Longaccess BDD CLI step library
behave-django 0.3.0 Behave BDD integration for Django
behave-http 0.1.0 Behave HTTP steps
behave-jenkins behave is behaviour-driven development, Python style. This version is an adaption of behave to work with jenkins.
behave-py3 1.2.5-r2014122202 behave is behaviour-driven development, Python style. behave-py3 is a personal fork with python 3 support. Hope it could be merged back to upstream.
behave-pytest 0.1.1 Integrates pytest asserts with behave
behave-teamcity 0.1.23 TeamCity test report formatter for behave
behave-web-api 1.0.6 Provides testing for JSON APIs with Behave
behaving 1.5.4 Behavior-Driven-Development testing for multi-user web/mail/sms apps
Behaviour 0.1a4 Behaviour Driven Development in Python
Beheaded 1.2 Generic X window and recording for headless setups in Python.
beim 0.01 beim: a release builder
bein 1.06 Miniature LIMS and workflow manager for bioinformatics
bein-htminilims 1.065 Web frontend to the MiniLIMS from bein
beizer 0.1 Illustration of Boris Beizer's algorithm
belfrywidgets 0.9.3 A collection of useful tkinter widgets.
beliefs 0.1 ['Partial-information datastructures used to represent belief states']
belier 1.2 Ssh connection generation tool
bell 0.5.6 Realtime anomalies detection based on statsd, for periodic time series.
bellatrix 1.1.10 Bellatrix is a set of (magic) tools to automate the management of Amazon EC2 services.
bellite 1.4.22 Create desktop applications for Mac OSX (10.7 & 10.8) and Windows XP, 7 & 8 using modern web technology and Python (Node.js or Ruby or PHP or Java).
bellman 0.0.1 Bellman
belt 0.5 belt
beluga 0.1.0 Automated, experimentally-driven design of genetic circuits.
bemo 0.0.2 It's simple way to mock your back-end from webdriver UI tests
bench 2.8 Benchmark resources usage
benchbase 1.1.0 Store bench result from JMeter of FunkLoad for reporting.
benchbuild 1.1 This is the experiment driver for the benchbuild study
bencher 1.0.0 Python Benchmarking Library
BenchExec 1.9 A Framework for Reliable Benchmarking and Resource Measurement.
bench-it 0.2.5 Quick and easy python benchmarking.
benchline 0.5.3 Modules for important things I don't want to reinvent over and over again.
Benchling 0.1
benchmark 0.1.5 Python benchmarker / benchmarking framework
Benchmarker 4.0.1 small but awesome utility for benchmarking 0.31 Benchmarking for basically no effort.
benchmark-harness 0.0.1 Generic framework for writing simple benchmark suites
benchmarking 0.0.12 Simple benchmark framework (in active development)
benchmark-places 0.0.8 Place abstraction
benchmarks 0.0.1
benchmaster 1.0b1 Tools for running and automating distributed loadtests with Funkload
benchpress 1.0 Collection of benchmarks and tools for running them.
benchpy 1.1.1 Benchmark Python code
benchy 1.0.1 simple line by line benchmarking
bencode 1.0 The BitTorrent bencode module as light-weight, standalone package.
bencodepy 0.9.5 Bencode encoder/decoder written in Python 3 under the GPLv2.
bencoder 0.2.0 A simple bencode decoder/encoder library in pure Python.
bencoder.pyx 1.1.1 Yet another bencode implementation in Cython
bencoding 0.2.2 bencoding is implemented over python3.
bendcode 1.1.0 Python module to decode Bencoded data
bender 0.0.3 Telegram bot framework
bender-hooks 0.1.0 Create hooks as decorators.
benford 0
Benjen 1.2 Static blog engine
bennu 0.4.1a4 muchu's utility module
benri 0.0.4 A REST-service creation framework.
benri.client 0.0.3 A client package for benri-based services.
benry 0.1.0 Experimental utilities for Python
benterm 1.0 terminal emulator using pygtk and vte
Bentham 0.1.0
bento 0.1.1 A tool to nicely packages your python sotftware
BENTO-Seq .01 Bootstrap Estimation Tool for RNA-Seq
benzo 0.1.0 Hand-curate your artisanal REST requests more easily.
beout 0.1.0 beout is a library for easily generating beautiful output for long-running processes
bep 0.7.1 A tool to make package management from source easier.
bepasty 0.4.0 a binary pastebin / file upload service
bepasty-client-cli 0.3.0 Command Line Client for the Bepasty Pastebin
beproud.django.commons 0.36 Common utilities for Django
beproud.utils 0.34 Dependency free utilities
berend 0.3 Extensible IRC bot
berend 0.4 Extensible IRC bot
beret 0.2.2 Parse a csv file and score through a yhat model
beretta 0.2.4 BERT (de)serializer for your Pythons
beretta 0.2.5 BERT (de)serializer for your Pythons
beretta 0.2.6 BERT (de)serializer for your Pythons
beretta 0.3.0 BERT (de)serializer for your Pythons
bergcloud 2.1 BERGCloud library
bergholm-api-client 0.0.1 Simple Client to fetch products from
berkeley500A 0.1.1 API for Berkeley 500A delay generator
BerkeleyDB-Backend-Storage-Engine-for-DURUS 20070503 This code provides a new storage engine for DURUS, an excellent persistence system for Python
bermuda 0.0
bernd leatherbill
bernhard 0.2.4 Python client for Riemann
bernhard_cletus 0.2.6 Python client for Riemann to test sending metrics with double instead of float. Do not use!
bernhard_joe 0.2.5 Python client for Riemann with some extra fields that joe needs
bernoulli 0.1.6 A Python API for Bernoulli
bernoulli_django 0.1.8 Package to integrate django app with Bernoulli
berrl 1.3 A Python library for MapBox map integration.
berry 0.3.1 a minimal DSL for building a WSGI app
berry_module 1.3.0 Module to print data items within a nested list
berrymq 0.3
berserker_resolver 2.0.1 Fast mass dns resolver which can bypass loadbalancers
bert 2.2.0 BERT Serialization Library
berth 1.3.4 Utility to generate package files using Docker containers
bertha 0.1.1 Python client library and console util for BerthaD
bertlet 0.2.3 BERT-RPC using Eventlet
bertrpc 0.1.1 BERT-RPC Library
bes 0.3 Log actions to Elastic Search via bulk upload
besnappy 0.1.0 An unofficial client library for the BeSnappy HTTP API.
bespin Opinionated wrapper around boto that reads yaml
BESST 2.2.4 Scaffolder for genomic assemblies.
bessy 0.0.1 Behavioural Specification System
bestappever 0.1 An example application which uses repoze.bfg
best-before 0.1.0 UNKNOWN
BestBuyAPI 0.0.51 Best Buy API Wrapper
bester 1.0.0 A simple sorter of oddly formatted data!
best_friends 1.0.0 A simple app for testing
best_log_formatter 0.1 A pretty cool log formatter.
bestseller 1.0.0 Bestsellr lists of for 2008
beswitch 0.1 Backend switch for Python packages
betago 0.2 Create your own go bot from scratch. We are Lee Sedol!
betahaus.emaillogin 0.6.1 Enables you to login using your emailaddress.
betahaus.memberprofile 0.2rc1 Flexible member profiles for Plone
betahaus.portlet.maillist 0.1 Subscribe or unsubscribe from maillists
betahaus.pyracont 0.3b0 betahaus.pyracont
betahaus.viewcomponent 0.4.1 Plugin structure for menus, JSON responses or similar.
betamax 0.7.0 A VCR imitation for python-requests
betamax-matchers 0.3.0 A VCR imitation for python-requests
betamax-serializers 0.2.0 A set of third-party serializers for Betamax
betamax-yaml-serializer 0.1.6 YAML serializer for betamax
Betelgeuse 0.2.3 Betelgeuse reads standard Python test cases and offers tools to interact with Polarion.
betfair 0.1.1 Betfair Next Generation asyncio API
betfairng 0.1.6 Client library for Betfair API Next-Generation 0.2.2 Python client for the Betfair API (
bethel.clustermgmt 1.0 Zope Cluster Management facilities
bethel.silva.purge 1.0b Send HTTP PURGE to caching servers on content publishing events
bets-api 0.0.9 A wrapper over API
bettadb 0.1.3 Simple-to-use embedded database, modelled on MongoDB
betterast 0.4 A generic ast.
BetterBatch 1.3.2 Powerful batch file/script replacement
better-bencode 0.2.1 Fast, standard compliant Bencode serialization
betterbib 1.1.2 Better BibTeX data
bettercache 0.7 A suite of better cache tools for Django.
betterconfig 0.3 betterconfig -- A Better Config for Python
BetterCSV 1.5 Python CSV Parsing tools
betterdialogs 0.0.3 Simple boilerplate library for tkinter GUIs (Python 3 ONLY)
better_doc_tool 0.2.4 A documentation tool based on pandoc
BetterImageExtension 0.0.1 Python-Markdown extension to add additional image syntax eg print and web sizes from a single image
better_od 0.2.1 A more flexible implementation of OrderedDict
betterpath 0.2.2 Path manipulation library
betterplotlib 0.1.0 Some wrappers for matplotlib to make plotting easier and nicer.
betterprint 0.2 Alternate to pprint
BetterTablesExtension 0.0.2 Python-Markdown extension to add additional table options
Better-Than-You-Found-It 0.9.1 PEP8 clean only the parts of the files which you have touched since the last commit, a previous commit or (the merge-base of) a branch.
bettertimeit 1.1.2 A Better Timeit
betterTTK 1.0 UNKNOWN
betterurl 0.1.0 A better URL manipulation library
better_verilog 0.1 A translactor from better_verilog HDL to pure verilog.
betty-cropper 2.4.1 A django-powered image server
between 0.2.7 Between of VCNC for Python
bewth v0.0.1-alpha A photo booth
bewype 0.1 Widget based web application framework core. 0.1 Foo bar for Bewype.
BEXML 0.01 Provides fast, lazy, RESTful fastcgi access to various issue (bug) trackers. Compilable into a fast binary with IronPython and PyPy for even faster access. 1.0.2 Installable Plone 3 theme for World Plone Day
beyondskins.ploneday.site2009 1.0 Installable Plone 3 theme developed to promote World Plone Day 2009 (April 22nd)
beyondskins.ploneday.site2010 1.0.3 World Plone Day 2010 theme.
beyondskins.ploneday.site2011 1.0 World Plone Day 2011 theme.
beyondskins.pyconbrasil2008 1.0 Plone Theme developed by Simples Consultoria 3.0.1 This product is a installable Plone 3 Theme developed by Simples Consultoria for use in Python Brasil [7] Conference web site.
beyondskins.responsive 0.4 A responsive design for Plone/Diazo powered sites
beyonic 0.1.8 The official Python client for the API
bezel 1.0dev-r162 A game development library for Python (graphics with PyGame).
bf 0.2 File interface library
bf3stats 0.99 Python interface to the API
bfab 0.1.0 Advanced fabric deployments
bfdpie 0.1.13 A tiny interface around a subset of libBFD. Code based on
bfg 0.0.2 a load generation tool and framework
bfg9000 0.1.1 A cross-platform build file generator
bfh 0.6.2 Smacks schemas into other schemas
bflmpsvz 0.1.1 Stub package to test multiple pypi accounts updating it
bg 1.7.0b1 Implementation of Breakpoint Graph data structure
bgapi 0.5 Interface library for BlueGiga BLE112 and BLE113 modules
bgcluster 0.4.0 UNKNOWN
bgconfig 0.3.0 Bgconfig library to manage configuration files.
bgconvert 0.4.0 UNKNOWN
bgcore 0.5.0 Biomedical Genomics Python core libraries
bg.crawler 0.2.6 Crawler for importing data from a filesystem directory into Solr
bgdata 0.16.0 Simple data repository managment.
bgeo.catasto 0.3.1 Italian land registry utilities
bgg 0.24.1 A love story with Bugzilla, git and Github
bggcli 0.9 Command Line Interface for
bgionline 2.1.3 UNKNOWN
bgit 0.0.1
bgmi 0.3.8beta BGmi is a cli tool for subscribed bangumi.
bgpdumpy 1.0.0 A Python CFFI wrapper for analyzing MRTv1 and MRTv2 BGP table dump files
bgpranking-web 1.2 Library to access the BGP Ranking REST API.
bgqmap 1.0.0 Bgqmap it's a python library and script to parallelize multiple jobs in a DRMAA compatible cluster.
bGrease 0.3 BasicGrease: The highly extensible game engine framework for Python
bgscripts 0.2.0 Generic python scripts used at Biomedical Genomics group
bg.solr 0.2 bg.solr
bgtunnel 0.4.0 Initiate SSH tunnels in the background
bh 0.0.1b0 UNKNOWN
bhargav_mac_nester 1.5.0 A simple printer of nested lists built by Bhargav
bhf 1.0 Build Helper Functions
bhfpython 1.0.0 examples from the book
bhmm 0.6.1 BHMM: A toolkit for Bayesian hidden Markov model analysis of single-molecule trajectories.
bh_oauth 2.0.0 REST API Client
bhtsne 0.1.9 Python module for Barnes-Hut implementation of t-SNE (Cython)
bhyve 0.2.1 A tool for managing bhyve VM's, because libvirt doesn't do want I want it to
biannester 1.3.1 A simple printer of nester lists
bib e18a3b5 Packaging is hard
bib2bbl v3 bibtex to bib items converter a utility for latex documents
bib2coins 0.1 bib2coins is a simple tool which will convert BibTeX files to COINS metadata
bib2web 0.17 Reference manager and generate website with it using
bibbliothon 1.0.1 Python wrapper for Bibblio API.
bibbreviate 0.1.1 Abbreviate journal titles in BibTex files.
bibcleaner 0.0.7 Poor man's bibtex cleaner and normalizer
BibConverter 3.4.0 Convert data from IEEEXplore, EV, and ISI WoS to the BibTeX format
bibgen 0.2 A citation and bibliography generator
bibi 0.1.6 Simple way to publish your blog
bible 0.2 Bible reference classes
bibletk 0.2 Toolkit for bible
biblib 0.1 A library to handle BibTeX bibliographic data.
bibliograph.core 1.0.3 Core definitions of bibliograph packages
bibliograph.parsing 1.0.1 Parsers for bibliograph packages
bibliograph.rendering 1.0.2 Bibliographic renderers
biblion 2.6.2 a Django blog app
BiblioPixel 2.0.10 BiblioPixel is a pure python library for manipulating a wide variety of LED strip based displays, both in strip and matrix form.
biblio-py 0.6.1 Package to manage bibliography files
biblioticker 1.0.0 Print nested lists;based upon the book of Paul Berry: Head First Python, p. 40
biblio.webquery 0.4.3b Extracting bibliographic information from web services
bibolamazi 3.2.post1 Prepare consistent BibTeX files for your LaTeX documents
bibolamazigui 3.2.post1 Prepare consistent BibTeX files for your LaTeX documents
bibolamazi_gui 3.0beta3 Prepare consistent BibTeX files for your LaTeX documents
bibos_client Clients for the BibOS system
bibos_utils Utilities for the BibOS system
bibpy 0.1.0 UNKNOWN
BibReview 0.2.4 BibReview is a software for managing bibliographic database. It includes avanced functions for literature reviews.
bibsonomy 0.2.1 BibSonomy REST client
bibtex_comparator 1.0 This application aims to compare two bibtex files and help the user in keeping bibtex records in sync on both the files
Bibtex_Difference_Checker 2.1 This application aims to compare two bibtliographical reference database (.bib) files and allow the user to keep the reference records in sync on both the files
Bibtex_File_Comparison 1.0 This application aims to compare two bibtex files and help the user in keeping bibtex records in sync on both the files
Bibtex_File_Comparison_and_Update 1.4 This application aims to compare two bibtex files and help the user in keeping bibtex records in sync on both the files
bibtexparser 0.6.2 Bibtex parser for python 2.7 and 3.3 and newer
bibtex_project 0.3 The funniest joke in the world
bibtex-pygments-lexer 0.0.1 Pygments Lexer for BibTeX
bibtexvcs 2015.16 a Python package for managing a BibTeX database and related documents
bibtools 0.2 Command-line bibliography manager
bibulous 1.3.2 BibTeX replacement and enhancement
bibupdate 1.2 ('Automatically update the entries of a bibtex file using mrlookup/MathSciNet',)
bibutils 0.0.1 bibutils wrapper.
bicop 1.0rc2 Read bind-style configuration files
bicti 0.1.1 Bicti, efficient startup script for within docker containers
bicyclator 3.0.0 A Python 3.4 bicycle calculator for calculating quantities such as gain ratio, trail, and spoke length.
bicycle_calculator 2.1.0 A Python 3.4 program for calculating various bicycle-related quantities, such as gain ratios, trail, and spoke length.
BicycleDataProcessor 0.1.0 Processes the data collected from the instrumented bicycle.
BicycleParameters 0.2.0 Generates and manipulates the physical parameters of a bicycle.
bicyclerepair 0.7.1 Bicycle Repair Man, the Python refactoring tool
bidhu 1.1.0 a good thing, it is a good thing
bidict 0.11.0 Efficient, Pythonic bidirectional map implementation and related functionality
bidon 1.0.4 A simple, easy to use, and flexible data handling library
bidpom 2.0 Mozilla BrowserID (Persona) Page Object Model
bids 0.0.1 a simple package
biff 0.1 Pow but for Django.
biflux 0.0.1 Python binding for BiFluX
bigben-python-lib 0.0.5 Client library used for interacting with BigBen APIs.
bigbluebutton 0.5.1 API for bigbluebutton.
BigchainDB 0.4.0 BigchainDB: A Scalable Blockchain Database
bigcommerce 0.14.0 Connect Python applications with the Bigcommerce API
bigcommerce-api 0.10.1 (Deprecated) Connect Python applications with the Bigcommerce API
bigdoorkit 0.1.4 Client library for the BigDoor API, based on RESTkit
bigfile 0.1.9 python binding of BigFile, a peta scale IO format
big_file_sort 0.1.0 Python library to sort large files
BigFiveInventory 1.0.0 this is a simple quiz to test your personality using Big Five Inventory
BigFiveInventory 1.0.1 this is a simple quiz to test your personality using Big Five Inventory
bigfloat 0.3.0 Arbitrary-precision correctly-rounded floating-point arithmetic, via MPFR.
Biggus 0.12.0 Virtual large arrays and lazy evaluation
bigimg 0.0.3b bigimg lets you generate big images with just a lambda expression.
BigJob 0.64.5 P* Pilot-Job Implementation based on SAGA-Python
BigJob2 0.54.post73 P* Pilot-Job Implementation based on SAGA-Python
big_letters 0.0.2 prints text in big letters in your terminal
bigmax 3.5.1 Big MAX - MAX Web Administration Interface
bigml 4.6.0 An open source binding to, the public BigML API
bigmler 3.6.4 A command-line tool for, the public BigML API
bigmouth 0.1.3 Django interface to the Pelican static blog generator.
bigO 0.2 Symbolic representation of big-O notation.
big_O 0.7 Empirical estimation of time complexity from execution time
bigos 0.0.3 Do stuff on file change
bigpanda 2.1 Python module for integration with BigPanda
bigpanda-splunk v1.0.0 BigPanda Splunk Action Script
bigpanda-splunk v1.0.1 BigPanda Splunk Action Script
bigpy 0.1.2 A collection of various Python utilities
bigquery 2.0.17 BigQuery command-line tool
BigQuery-GCS 0.0.8 Export Large Results from BigQuery to Google Cloud Storage
BigQuery-Python 1.8.0 Simple Python client for interacting with Google BigQuery.
bigschema 1.0.3 bigschema provide primitives for writing more maintainable/readable schemas for bigquery in yamland getting bigquery target output from the specification.
bigsec_mod1 0.3.0 a first module
bigsignal 0.0.1 simple evented objects
BigSitemap 0.1.0 A sitemap generator suitable for applications with greater than 50,000 URLs.
bigsky 0.0.0 WNYC's big data image processing toolkit
bigslacker 0.1.1 Slack RTM Client
bigstash 1.4 The BigStash Python SDK
bigsuds 1.0.4 Library for F5 Networks iControl API
bigsuds-with-jork 1.0.2 Library for F5 Networks iControl API. This fork uses jorks suds fork
bigtempo 0.38.9 BigTempo is a powerful and scalable programming model, originally crafted for temporal data processment / analysis. 3.1.8 Bika Health Open Source LIS
bika.lims 3.1.11 Bika LIMS
bikeshares 0.0.0 Standardized parsers for data published by bicycle-sharing programs. Currently supporting: NYC's Citi Bike, Chicago's Divvy, and Boston's Hubway.
bikesrv 0.2.0 bikesrv - A server to measure the output of an exercising bike and make it available via an API.
bikestats 1.1.1 Scrape and save information from 0.1.1 CLI tool for
bilean 0.0.1 OpenStack Billing Service
bilicaptcha 0.0.4 Crack captcha when login on
Billabong 0.2.5 Personal Encrypted file storage, backup and sharing 2.0.2 Unofficial Python API for accessing charts
billiard Python multiprocessing fork with improvements and bugfixes
Billie 1.0
billing 0.0.1 Recurring payment system
billogram_api 1.2 Library for connecting to the Billogram v2 API
billomapy 2.2.2 A Python library for
billomat 0.1.28 API client
billow 0.0.1 a large undulating mass of cloud services
billparser 0.1.1 Parse PDF files and extract fields based on definition files
billy 1.8.1 scraping, storing, and sharing legislative information
billy-client 0.0.8 Recurring payment system client library
biloba 3.1.0 Provides gevent primitives to orchestrate different orthogonal servers and services together.
binario 0.0.4 Package that lets an application read/write primitive data types from an underlying input/output stream as binary data.
binarize 0.0.1 an efficient, small and flexible binary serialization format
binaryornot 0.4.0 Ultra-lightweight pure Python package to check if a file is binary or text.
binaryplist 0.0.1 Reads Apple binary plist files
binary_tree_dict_mod 1.0 Pure Python binary tree (dictionary) module
binch 0.2.22 a light ELF binary patch tool
bincopy 2.1.1 Mangling of various file formats that conveys binary information (Motorola S-Record, Intel HEX and binary files).
bindep 1.0.0 Binary dependency utility
binder 0.6 Binder is a lightweight mapping engine for SQL databases.
bingads 10.4.4 A library to make working with the Bing Ads APIs and bulk services easy
bingapi 0.02 Python Wrapper over Bing API
bingmaps 0.3.7 bingmaps
bingo 0.1.15 Bingo is a library that creates bingo cards and game raffles
bingo12 1.3.0 UNKNOWN
bingpy 0.0.1 Python Bing Search API (2014)
bingsearch 0.1 A simple python wrapper for the Azure Bing Search API.
bing_search_api 0.1 Bing Search API (Azure) wrapper
bingtrans 0.1 Python Client Library for the Microsoft Translate API
BingTranslator 0.1 Micrososft Translator API V2 for Python
bing_translator 0.1 Micrososft Translator API V2 for Python
binhotm 1.5.1 Print list
bini 1.0.3 A library for binary ini-file(bini) manipulation in Python3
binify 0.1.6 A command-line tool to better visualize crowded dot density maps.
binio 1.2.3 A python module to simplify reading and writing binary files (or file-like objects). This module is a convenience layer on top of standard python module "struct".
binjitsu 1.1 binjitsu is a CTF framework and exploit development library. Written in Python, it is designed for rapid prototyping and development, and intended to make exploit writing as simple as possible.
BinKeul 0.1.1 A Python library to support BinKeul.
binlog 1.0.1 Store/Recover python objects sequencially.
binmapper 0.1a5 Domain Specific Language(DSL) for parsing and mapping binary data to python objects
Binner 0.1.0 Calculate bin sizes for items. Easy!
binomia_translatable_multilevel_menu 0.0.7 Simple translatable multilevel menu system.
binpack 0.3 Binary packing of data.
binpacking 1.2 Aims at optimal distribution of weighted items to bins (either a fixed number of bins or a fixed number of volume per bin). Data may be in form of list, dictionary, list of tuples or csv-file.
bin-parser 0.0.12 General binary file parser
binplist 0.1.4 A binary plist parser
BinPy 0.3.1 Virtualizing Electronics
binstar 0.11.0 Binstar command line client library
binstar-build 0.13.0 UNKNOWN
binstarsolver 0.1.3 Estimate physical quantities of a binary star system from observed quantities.
binstr 1.3 Utility functions for strings of binary digits
binstream 1.0.3 Binstream is used for serializing and deserializing basic types. It is compatible with the .NET System.IO.BinaryReader and BinaryWriter classes, and is useful as a bridge when exchanging data with the .NET framework.
binstruct 1.0.1 Library for read/write access of binary data via structures
binterlude 1.0b1 Provides an interactive shell aka console inside your doctest case.
BinTools 0.2.0 Toolkit for Elf / Dwarf handling.
bintray-upload 0.1.2 Simple BinTray utility for uploading Debian packages.
bintrees 2.0.4 Package provides Binary-, RedBlack- and AVL-Trees in Python and Cython.
BinTut 0.2.0 Teach You A Binary Exploitation For Great Good.
BinTut 0.2.1 Teach You A Binary Exploitation For Great Good.
BinTut 0.3.0 Teach You A Binary Exploitation For Great Good.
BinTut 0.3.1 Teach You A Binary Exploitation For Great Good.
binwalk 2.1.0 Firmware analysis tool
bioa 1.24 Library for viral diversity estimation and identification using next-gen sequencing data.
bio-apricot 1.1.1 Sequence-based identification and characterization of protein classes
bioasp 1.1 Answer Set Programming for Systems Biology
bio_assembly_refinement 0.5.1 Assembly refinement tools, mostly useful for (but not limited to) pacbio bacterial assemblies
biobambam_tool 0.23 call biobambam tools and store time/mem metrics in sqlitedb
bioblend 0.7.0 CloudMan and Galaxy API library
biobox 2016.106 BioBox scripts
biobox_cli 0.0.0 Run biobox Docker containers on the command line
biobox_cli 0.0.1 Run biobox Docker containers on the command line
biobox_cli 0.1.0 Run biobox Docker containers on the command line
biobox_cli 0.2.0 Run biobox Docker containers on the command line
biobox_cli 0.2.1 Run biobox Docker containers on the command line
biobox_cli 0.2.2 Run biobox Docker containers on the command line
biobox_cli 0.3.0 Run biobox Docker containers on the command line
biobox-py 0.2.1 Create and run biobox Docker containers
bioc 1.0.dev11 Data structures and code to read/write BioC XML.
biocma 0.2.1 I/O and utilities for the Consensus Multiple Alignment (CMA) file format. 0.0.6 resources and tools for biocommons software development
biocyc 0.2.0 Python interface to BioCyc REST API with caching mechanism
biodec.recipe.riak 1.0.0a1 ZC Buildout recipe for setting up Riak.
biodocks 0.10.11 Pyqtgraph based widgets for image analysis
bioepic 0.0.8 Chip-Seq broad peak/domain finder.
Bio_Eutils 1.65 Standalone version of the Biopython Eutils modules
bioext 0.9.5 Misc utilities and definitions not included or hidden in biopython
biofloat 0.4.5 Software for working with data from Bio-Argo floats
biofluff 2.0.2 fluff : exploratory analysis and visualization of high-throughput sequencing data
bioformats 0.1.12.post1 Classes to handle bioinformatics data
biofrills 0.3.1 Bioinformatics utilities for molecular sequence analysis.
bioFuzz 0.0.1 bioFuzz
BioID 1.0 A python package for autonomously identifying Bioinformatic file formats.
bioinfo 0.1.8 Bioinformatics scripts
bioinf-utilities 1.3.24 Some utilities for sequence analysis
biokit 0.2.1 Access to Biological Web Services from Python
biokits 1.0.0 UNKNOWN
biolib 0.0.22 Package for common tasks in bioinformatic.
biolite 0.5.0 A lightweight bioinformatics framework with automated tracking of diagnostics and provenance.
BiologicalProcessNetworks 1.0a5 Identify significant connections between biological processes using gene interaction networks.
biomaj 3.0.17 BioMAJ
biomart 0.9.0 Python API that consumes the biomart webservice
biomartian 0.0.19 Access BioMart from the command line.
biomartpy 0.1.2 Simple interface for accessing biomaRt from Python (via rpy2 and pandas)
biome 0.1.2 Painless access to namespaced environment variables
biom-format 1.3.1 Biological Observation Matrix (BIOM) format
biom-format 2.0.1 Biological Observation Matrix (BIOM) format
biom-format 2.1 Biological Observation Matrix (BIOM) format
biom-format 2.1.1 Biological Observation Matrix (BIOM) format
biom-format 2.1.2 Biological Observation Matrix (BIOM) format
biom-format 2.1.3 Biological Observation Matrix (BIOM) format
biom-format 2.1.4 Biological Observation Matrix (BIOM) format
biom-format 2.1.5 Biological Observation Matrix (BIOM) format
BioMine 0.7 Bioinformatics data-mining
bio-MOSAIC 1.0
BioNEB 0.4 BioNEB - Bioinformatics utilities
BioPandas 0.1.4 Molecular Structures in Pandas DataFrames
biopantograph 0.3.2 Pantograph is a toolbox for the reconstruction, curation and validation of metabolic models.
biopy-isatab 0.1.1 Python parser for ISAtab, a biological file format for experimental metadata
biopython 1.66 Freely available tools for computational molecular biology.
bioread 1.0.1 Utilities to read BIOPAC AcqKnowledge files
bioscons 0.8.1 Functions extending the scons build tool for reproducible research in bioinformatics.
bioscraping 0.0.3 Scrape biological data from websites
bioscripts.convert 0.4 Biopython scripts for converting molecular sequences between formats.
bioseq 0.2 Bioseq is a lightweight Python package for handling nucleotide, protein, and codon sequences.
bioservices 1.4.11 Access to Biological Web Services from Python
bioshadock-biotools 1.0.1 Import tool for biotools from Dockerfile
bioshake_device 1.7.2 Interface to Q.instruments BioShake devices.
BioSignalML 0.5.0 Python BioSignal Abstraction Library
BioSignalML 0.6.0a Python BioSignal Abstraction Library
BioSignalML 0.6.0b Python BioSignal Abstraction Library
biosppy 0.2.2 A toolbox for biosignal processing written in Python.
BioTK 0.0.0 Utilities for genome analysis, expression analysis, and text mining.
biotools 1.2.12 A bunch of bioinformatics utilities.
BioUtil 0.1.1 Bioinfomatics File access tools
bioutils 0.1.1 miscellaneous simple bioinformatics utilities and lookup tables
bio_utils 0.7.14a2 importable functions often used by bioinformatic scripts
BIP 0.6.4 Bayesian Inference Tools for Python
bip32utils 0.3-1 Utilities for generating and using Bitcoin Hierarchical Deterministic wallets (BIP0032).
biplist 1.0.1 biplist is a library for reading/writing binary plists.
bipolar-client 0.1.2 Bipolar client
bipython 0.1.3.-894b734- bipython: the boldly indiscriminate python interpreter
bird 0.1 BIRD
birdback 0.2 Birdback API client.
birdcage 0.9.0 library to squeeze text fragments into a phrase of a specified length.Used mainly to create tweets
birdfeeder 0.1.9 A newslynx-opinionated wrapper around twython
bird-feeder 0.1.2 Bird Feeder publishes Thredds metadata catalogs to a Solr index service with birdhouse schema.
birdhouse-birdy 0.1.8 Birdy provides a command-line tool to work with Web Processing Services (WPS).
birdhousebuilder.recipe.adagucserver 0.3.4 A Buildout recipe to install and configure Adaguc Web Map Service with Anaconda.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.celery 0.1.1 A Buildout recipe to install and configure Celery for Birdhouse.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.conda 0.2.7 A Buildout recipe to install anaconda packages
birdhousebuilder.recipe.docker 0.4.8 A Buildout recipe to generate a Dockerfile for Birdhouse applications.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.mongodb 0.2.2 A Buildout recipe to install and setup mongodb with Anaconda.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.ncwms 0.2.0 A Buildout recipe to install and configure ncWMS2 server with Anaconda.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.nginx 0.2.6 A Buildout recipe to install and configure Nginx with Anaconda.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.postgres 0.2.0 A Buildout recipe to install and configure Postgres database with Anaconda.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.pycsw 0.3.0 A Buildout recipe to install and configure pycsw Catalog Service (CSW) with Anaconda.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.pywps 0.4.0 A Buildout recipe to install and configure PyWPS Web Processing Service with Anaconda.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.r 0.1.4 A Buildout recipe to install R packages with Anaconda.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.redis 0.1.0 A Buildout recipe to install and configure Redis for Birdhouse.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.solr 0.1.5 A Buildout recipe to install and configure Apache Solr with Anaconda.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.sphinx 0.1.5 Buildout recipe to generate and Sphinx-based documentation for Birdhouse.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.supervisor 0.2.8 A Buildout recipe to install and configure supervisor for Anaconda.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.thredds 0.3.0 A Buildout recipe to install and configure thredds server with Anaconda.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.tomcat 0.2.9 A Buildout recipe to install and configure tomcat for Anaconda.
birdhouse-twitcher 0.1.5 Security Proxy for Web Processing Services (WPS)
birding 0.1 Stream twitter searches using the public API.
birding 0.2.1 Stream twitter searches using the public API.
birdjson 0.6.5 Generic json to object parser for python
birdpy 0.7.2 Helper functions for python, cherrypy, jinja2, and more!
birdseed 0.2.3 Twitter random number seeder/generator
bird-snmp 0.2 BGP4-MIB AgentX support for Bird
birdsql 0.6.6 Very simple and basic MySQL speaking objects for python
birdsuite 1.1 UNKNOWN
birdsuite_internal_tools 1.2 UNKNOWN
birdy 0.2 birdy is a super awesome Twitter API client for Python.
biribiri.rpc.client 0.1 Simple client class for accessing JSON rpc web-servers
birkhoff 0.0.4 Birkhoff--von Neumann decomposition for doubly stochastic matrices
biro 0.0.4 bidirectional URI routing
Biryani 0.10.4 Toolbox to convert and validate data (for web forms, CSV files, XML files,
BiscuIT 0.1 Freies Schul-Informations-System BiscuIT - Kernsystem
biscuit-py 0.1.2 biscuit-py decrypts secrets managed by Biscuit.
bise.biodiversityfactsheet 1.3 Content-types to manage Biodiversity factsheets
bise.catalogueindexer 1.3.1 Catalog indexer methods for BISE
bisect-b2g 1 This program is used to bisect multiple repositories
bisector 0.1
bise.ecosystemservices 1.0.1 Ecosystem Services Maps
bise.multilingualglossary 1.0 Schema Extenders to add multilingual term and definitions to PloneGlossary
bise.theme 1.20.1 Installable theme: bise.theme
bisheng 0.10.0 A set of utility functions for processing Chinese text.
bishop 0.2.0 Simple Configuration Management
biskit 2.4 A Python platform for structural bioinformatics
Bison 0.1.0 Site generator.
bisque_api 0.6a8 Bisque Module API
bisque_base 0.6a4 Bisque Utility Classes
bisque_engine 0.6a9 The BisQue module engine: build add-on modules for BisQue
bissue 7.0 UNKNOWN
bisync 0.8.2 Bisync
Bit2DArray 2.0 A memory-efficient packed representation for 2D bit arrays
bit9-api 1.0.8 Bit9 API for their Cyber Forensics Service
bitalino 0.6 BITalino Python API.
bitarray 0.8.1 efficient arrays of booleans -- C extension
BitArray2D 2.1 A memory-efficient packed representation for 2D bit arrays (This is a renamed version of the Bit2DArray module)
bitbake 1.3.2 BitBake build tool
BitBucket 0.4a
bitbucket2github 0.1 Mirrors all public repos of a BitBucket account to GitHub and vice versa.
bitbucket-api 0.5.0 Bitbucket API
bitbucket-batch 0.1.2 A tool for bulk updating access to repos.
bitbucketcli 1.0 Command Line Interface to
bitbucket-cli 0.5.1 BitBucket command line interface
bitbucket-distutils 0.1.2 Distribute/setuptools/distutils command for Bitbucket. You can use Bitbucket downloads instead of PyPI downloads for release.
bitbucket-jekyll-hook 0.1.post1 BitBucket webhook to trigger a static site build through Jekyll
bitbucket-linter 0.0.10 Run a linter on bitbucket diffs, and add comments.
bitbucket-sync 0.3.3 bitbucket-sync synchronize locally all the repositories of a bitbucket account
BitbucketSyncPlugin 0.1.1 Sync Bitbucket repository with local repository used by Trac.
BitBuffer 0.1 StringIO a-like where you can save bits instead of bytes
bitcasa 1.0 This is the Python SDK for the Bitcasa API.
bitcodin 1.6.5 Python interface for bitcodin API
bitcoin 1.1.42 Python Bitcoin Tools
bitcoinapi 0.1.17 Bitcoin API module
bitcoin-price-api 0.0.4 API's for bitcoin exchanges
bitcoinpy 0.1 Powerfull bitcoin module
bitcoin-python 0.3 Friendly Bitcoin JSON-RPC API binding for Python
bitcoin-python3 0.3.1 Friendly Bitcoin JSON-RPC API binding for Python 3
bitcoins 0.0.0 Python Bitcoins for Humans.
bitcoinspend 0.1.6 Secure Bitcoin spend
bitcointools 1.1.44 Python Bitcoin Tools
bitcoinWebRPC 0.101 Bitcoin WebRPC for Python
bitdata 1.0 An API for bitly's data apis
Bitdock 0.1.0 Push Bitbucket pull requests to Flowdock.
bitemporal 1.0 A bitemporality framework for Python 2.5
bitevery 0.0.1b3 BitEvery Python API
bitey 0.0 Bitcode Import Tool
bitfield 1.32 A Cython fast compressed number set
bitfile 0.2 Module for reading/writing an arbitrary number of bits from a file.
bitfinex 0.2.6 Python client for the Bitfinex API
bitflyer 0.0.1 Bitflyer API Library for Python
bitforge 0.1 A python bitcoin library
bitgo 0.1.2 alpha version of a bitgo python library
bithex 1.0.5 Bithex is a Python 2 library to analyze bitcoin scripts
bitio 0.2 Input/output utirites of a bit-basis file
bitis 0.12.3 Bitis is a processing library for binary timed signals
bitiverse 0.1.3 A Decentralized Web Page
bitjet 0.2.1 Binary visualization using IPython widgets
bitjws JWS using Bitcoin message signing
bitlove 0.1 A simple client for the API
bitlyapi 0.1.1 A thin wrapper for the REST API
bitly_api 0.3 An API for
BitLyClient-Library 1.0.0 Shortening the long link(s) via web service from the Bit.Ly and sharing on your FaceBook or Twitter account.
bitlyclip 0.2.2 a url in the X clipboard
BitlyShorter 1.1.2 Branded bitlink generator for Bitly
bitmagic 0.2.1dev Python wrapper for BitMagic
bitmap 0.0.6 .
bitmapist 3.97 Implements a powerful analytics library using Redis bitmaps.
bitmask 0.1dev
bitmat 0.1.1dev BitMat Index for RDFLib
bitmath Pythonic module for representing and manipulating file sizes with different prefix notations.
bitmazk-contact-form 1.1 A reusable contact form app for Django. Can be used with a modern user-friendly spam protection.
bitme 0.0.7 Bitme bitcoin exchange API
bitmerchant 0.1.8 Bitcoin/altcoin merchant tools
bitnodes-hardware 0.1.0 Django project for Bitnodes Hardware, a low footprint quad-core single-board computer built and configured to operate as a dedicated Bitcoin full node.
bitnomon 0.1.1 Monitoring/visualization GUI for a Bitcoin node
bitpack 1.0 Python data-binary serialization / deserialization library.
BitPacket 0.1.0 A Python representation for bit field structures
bitpay 2.3.3 Accept bitcoin with BitPay
bitpay-client 0.1.0 Python client for the BitPay payment web API distributed via PyPi
bitpay-client 0.1.1 Python client for the BitPay payment web API distributed via PyPi with object-orientated interface
bitpay-py2 2.3.5 Accept bitcoin with BitPay A pure Python3 bitcoin protocol implementation.
bitprophet 0.0.1
bitquant 0.3.1 Bitcoin trade and exchange data miner
bitraider 0.0.4 A suite of tools for algorithmic Bitcoin trading
bit.recipe.android_ndk 0.0.2 bit foundation android_ndk zc.buildout recipe
bit.recipe.android_sdk 0.0.2 bit foundation android_sdk zc.buildout recipe
bit.recipe.python_for_android 0.0.2 bitfoundation python_for_android recipe
bitrot 0.8.0 Detects bit rotten files on the hard drive to save your precious photo and music collection from slow decay.
bits 0.0.0 UNKNOWN
bitsets 0.7.10 Ordered subsets over a predefined domain
bits_mod 1.00 Pure Python efficient array of bits
BitstampClient 2.0.3 Bitstamp API python implementation
bitstampy 0.0.8 Bitstamp API wrapper for Python
bitstream 2.0.3 A Binary Data Type with a Stream Interface
bitstring 3.1.5 Simple construction, analysis and modification of binary data.
bitstruct 3.1.0 This module performs conversions between Python values and C bit field structs represented as Python byte strings.
bitsyauth 0.1.2 form + digest auth middleware
bitsyblog 2.4.5 a tiny tiny blog
bitter 0.3 Simplifying how researchers access Data. It includes a CLI and a library.
bitterGravel 1.0.0 bitterGravel
bittivahti 0.9.3 Bittivahti bandwidth monitor for Linux
bittle 0.2.1 Simple library to help with bit manipulations.
BitTornado T-0.3.4 (BitTornado) UNKNOWN
BitTorrent 3.3 UNKNOWN
BitTorrent-bencode The BitTorrent bencode module as leight-weight, standalone package.
bittrex 0.1.4 Unofficial Python bindings for the Bittrex API
bitty 0.4.1 A tiny database layer. Serious Python Programmers(tm) with Enterprise Requirements need not apply.
bitvault 0.1.0 Python client for
BitVector 3.4.4 A pure-Python memory-efficient packed representation for bit arrays
bitwav 0.1d Bitwav Client
bitwave 0.1d Bitwav Client
bitwaves 0.1d Bitwav Client
bitwavs 0.1d Bitwav Client
Bivouac 0.1.1 a light-weight, wsgi-compliant web framework in Python
bizdays v0.2.0 Functions to handle business days calculations
Bizowie.API 0.0.1 A Python interface to the Bizowie API
bjarkan 1.1.5 Bluetooth command line utility
bj_nester 1.1.0 This is a description text
bjoern 1.4.3 A screamingly fast Python WSGI server written in C.
bjsonrpc 0.2.1 Asynchronous Bidirectional JSON-RPC protocol implementation over TCP/IP
bk 0.2 An utility that lets you change desktop background for GNU/Linux and Windows.
bk_flower 0.9.0 Celery Flower, Change lot of origin apis
bkheatmap 0.1.4 Interactive Heatmap for Python
bkkcsirip 1.0.0
bknews 0.1 Tools for bknews
bk_orbfit 0.1 Python binding on B&K Orbfit.
bkp879b 1.0.2 BK Precision 879B/878B Python Library/Driver
bkrdoc 1.3.0 This project aims to provide tools for automated documentation generation for BeakerLib tests.
bkrypt 0.1.1 bkrypt: Easy Password wrapper around BCrypt.
bkup 1.1.0 easily backup directories
bl 0.12.0 Black Earth core library
Bla 0.1.0 Test
blackbelt 0.12.3 Project automation the Apiary way
blackbird 0.4.1 Daemon that monitor each middleware by using ZABBIX-SENDER
blackboard 0.0.1 A simple Python script to manage your to-do lists
blackboard_analysis_tools 0.0.4 Blackboard analysis tools
blackbox 0.7.1 A Python module to abstract and encapsulate the IRC protocol
blackdog 1.0.2 A bukkitdev to maven repository mapper
blackgate 0.1.0 A set of utility to build API gateway.
blackhole 2.1.5 Blackhole is an MTA (message transfer agent) that (figuratively) pipes all mail to /dev/null.
blackjack 1.1.1 Red-black trees
blacklinks 0.0.1
black_links 0.0.1
blacklotus.garnish 1.0.1 Black Lotus Garnish
black-magic 0.0.12 Decorator utility that operates on black magic
BlackRed 0.3.0 Dynamic blacklisting library using redis.
blacksap 1.2.5 Track torrent RSS feeds
BlackSentiments 0.1 Fast sentiment analysis for Tolkien's Black Speech of Mordor.
Blackskirt 0.1.1 Relative weekday/date utilities useful for finding public holidays
blacktie A python wrapper for analysis of RNA-seq data with the popular tophat/cufflinks pipeline.
blackwidow 0.1.6 Visualizing and refactoring python project import graphs.
blacs 1.0 Part of the labscript suite, provides an interface to hardware used to control a buffered experiment.
blade 0.6.0 Powerful iterable processing tools extracted from knife.
bladerunner 4.1.9 Execution of commands on hosts
blah 0.1.12 Thin wrapper around source control systems
blahblah 0.5.8 Fake data generator for district42 schema
blah-blah 1.3.0 a simple printer of nested list
blahblahblahblah3 13.13.13 A package to test packaging with
blake2 0.1.6 blake2 hash function module for python
blam 0.0.7 manage text snippets on the command line.
blamehangle 0.1.0 Yet Another IRC Bot Framework
blanc-admin-theme 1.0.1 Blanc's theme for the Django admin.
blanc-basic-assets 0.3.2 Blanc Basic Assets for Django
blanc-basic-assets-redactor 0.1 Blanc Basic Assets RedactorJS Upload for Django
blanc-basic-events 0.3.4 Blanc Basic Events for Django
blanc-basic-forms 0.2 Blanc Basic Forms for Django
blanc-basic-news 0.2.5 Blanc Basic News for Django
blanc-basic-pages 0.3.6 Blanc Basic Pages for Django
blanc-basic-podcast 0.3 Blanc Basic Podcast for Django
blanc-contentfiles 0.2.3 Blanc Content Files
blanc-django-admin-skin 0.1.4 Blanc Admin Skin for Django
blanche 0.1 Tiny CDN
blancmange 0.2 Determine what's missing from Python by using Monty Python's Flying Circus.
blanc-seo 0.2 Blanc SEO for Django
blanket 0.0.1 The right choice for storing choices.
blanketjs-jasmine 2.0 blanketjs-jasmine brings the Jasmine binding of BlanketJs code coverage tool as a package in Python.
blankslate 0.1.10 Blank Slate - A foundation for complex projects
blarf 0.0.1.dev5
blargparse 0.0.3 Combine arguments inside your blargument parser.
blargs 0.2.29b Blargs command line parser
blast 0.3.0 a simple web-based, multi-platform music/mp3 player written in python, HTML/CSS and javascript
BlastOff 0.3a2 A Pylons application template providing a working site skeleton configured with SQLAlchemy, mako, repoze.who, ToscaWidgets, TurboMail, WebFlash and (optionally) SchemaBot. The generated app is pre-configured with authentication, login and registration forms, and (optionally) email confirmation.
blaz 0.0.10 Composable tasks inside docker containers
blazar 0
blazar-nova 0
blaze 0.10.1 Blaze
BlazeCommandHelper 0.2.1 A framework that facilitates shell and batch scripting in Python
BlazeForm 0.3.9 A library for generating and validating HTML forms
BlazeGrid 0.1.0dev A library for generating HTML tables
blazer 0.0.1
BlazeUtils 0.5.1 A collection of python utility functions and classes.
BlazeWeb 0.4.14 A light weight WSGI framework with a pluggable architecture
blazing 0.1 UNKNOWN
Blazor 2.0.1 Voci Natural Language Processor.
bleach 1.4.3 An easy whitelist-based HTML-sanitizing tool.
bleachfields 1.0.6 Tools for bleaching text and JSON of HTML
bleach-whitelist 0.0.7 Curated lists of tags and attributes for sanitizing html
bleep 0.4.3 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Library for Python
blekko 0.1.1 bindings for the Blekko search engine API
blemapper 0.0 UNKNOWN
Blend 0.1.5 A cross-platform tool for merging and processing client-side assets for a web application.
blender-bam Bam Asset Manager
blend-lib 0.12, CloudMan, and Galaxy API library
blendpdb 0.1.2 Blending two PDB files to create solvate
blessed 1.14.1 A thin, practical wrapper around terminal styling, screen positioning, and keyboard input.
blessings 1.6 A thin, practical wrapper around terminal coloring, styling, and positioning
bleutradeapi 0.3 Python client library implementation of the Bleutrade API
blexnest 1.3.0 Definitely not an example from Head First Python
BLhello 1.0.1 this is going to say Hello to world!
blih 2.0 BLIH - Bocal Lightweight Interface for Humans
blimey 0.9.4 A password management library with AgileKeychain (1Password) support
blimp 0.0.2 Blimp library for Python
blimp-cli 0.5.4 CLI interface for Blimp Tasks API
bling 0.0.3 Bling is a simple languagee for controlling LED strips.
Blingalytics 0.2.5 Blingalytics is a tool for building reports from your data.
blingjson 0.1.2 Module for colorful JSON syntax highlighting. With emoji bling.
blink 0.0.1 REST client interface
blink1 0.0.12 PyUSB-based Blink(1) control library
blink1py 0.1.0 blink(1) library wrapper
blinker 1.4 Fast, simple object-to-object and broadcast signaling
blinker_herald 0.1.0 The Blinker Herald includes helpers to easily emit signals using Blinker. Decorate a function or method with @blinker_herald.emit() and pre and post signals will automatically be emitted to connected handlers.
BlinkStick 1.1.8 Python package to control BlinkStick USB devices.
BlinkyTape 1.0 Library for controlling your BlinkyTape using Python
bliptv.reader 1.0 A library for reading video episodes from any show
blipy 0.1 A Python API for
Bliss 0.1.0 Organise photos using metadata and templates.
blist 1.3.6 a list-like type with better asymptotic performance and similar performance on small lists
Blit 1.4.1 Simple pixel-composition library.
blitz 0.3.3 python API client
blitz-ca 0.1.1 Certificate authority for humans
blitzdb 0.2.12 A document-oriented database written purely in Python.
blitzl1 0.0.1 Fast, principled, L1-regularized loss minimization
BlitzMail 1.8 BlitzMail client library
blitzortung 1.4.0 python modules
blitzr 1.1.0 Blitzr Python Client
blizzard 0.0.3 Find the unique indices for a ton of datasets
bllipparser 2015.12.3 Python bindings for the BLLIP natural language parser
blns 0.1.7 Big List of Naughty String. Forked from
blnuhr 0.1.10 Python & Qt rendition of Berlin's quantity didactics clock
blo 0.3 UNKNOWN
blob 0.16 UNKNOWN
blob_app 0.4 A Tekton's app to handle file download and upload
BlobDetector 1.0.0 A small package that detects and categorizes blobs in images.
blobs 0.1dev Blobs is a simple web-based file server.
blobstore 0.1-alpha-2 Generic, zerorpc-powered, blobs storage
blobuploader 1.2.4 Command-line client for uploading blobs to the Mozilla [blobber] server.
blobxfer 0.10.0 Azure Blob storage transfer tool with AzCopy-like features
Bloch 1.0.1 Simplify linework in polygonal geographic datasources.
blochsimu 0.1.2 Bloch equation simulator for e.g. NMR-related simulations
blockade 0.2.0 Blockade: network fault testing with Docker
blockcanvas 4.0.3 visual environment for creating simulation experiments
blockchain 1.3.3 Blockchain API library (v1)
blockchainauth 0.2.0 Blockchain Auth Library
blockchain-parser 0.1.1 Bitcoin blockchain parser
blockcypher 1.0.0 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.1 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.2 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.3 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.4 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.5 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.6 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.7 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.8 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.9 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.10 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.11 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.12 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.13 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.14 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.15 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.16 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.17 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.18 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.19 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.20 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.21 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.22 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.23 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.24 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.25 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.26 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.27 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.28 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.29 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.30 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.31 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.32 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.33 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.34 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.35 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.36 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.37 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.38 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.39 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.40 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.41 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.42 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.43 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.44 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.45 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.46 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.47 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.48 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.49 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.50 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.51 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.52 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.53 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.54 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.55 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.56 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.57 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.60 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.61 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.62 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.63 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.64 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.65 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.66 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.67 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.68 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.69 BlockCypher Python Library
blockcypher 1.0.70 BlockCypher Python Library
blockdiag 1.5.3 blockdiag generates block-diagram image from text
blockdiagcontrib-cisco 0.1.8 noderenderer plugin for blockdiag
blockdiagcontrib-class 0.1.2 noderenderer plugin for blockdiag
blockdiagcontrib-class 0.1.3 noderenderer plugin for blockdiag
blockdiagcontrib-eps 0.1.1 EPS imagedrawer plugin for blockdiag
blockdiagcontrib-excelhogan 0.1.0 imagedrawer plugin for blockdiag
blockdiagcontrib-excelshape 0.1.0 imagedrawer plugin for blockdiag
blockdiagcontrib-labeledbox 0.1.1 noderenderer plugin for blockdiag
blockdiagcontrib-math 0.9.0 LaTeX math plugin for blockdiag
blockdiagcontrib-nationalflags 0.1.6 noderenderer plugin for blockdiag
blockdiagcontrib-octicons 0.2.0 octicons plugin for blockdiag
blockdiagcontrib-qb 0.1.3 noderenderer plugin for blockdiag
blockdiagcontrib-square 0.1.3 noderenderer plugin for blockdiag
blockdiagcontrib-tex 0.2.3 TeX plugin for blockdiag
block_diag_ilu 0.2.2 block_diag_ilu is a C++ implementation of an incomplete LU factorization.
block-disposable-email 1.0.1 Python client for
blocked-table 1.1 Efficient on-disk sorted table format.
blockext 0.2.0a2 Module for writing Scratch 2.0 and Snap! extensions
blockext-mindstorms-nxt 0.2 Lego Mindstorms NXT extension for Scratch 2.0 and Snap!
blockext-sphero 0.2.4 Orbotix Sphero extension for Scratch 2.0 and Snap!
blockfinder 4.0.0 Blockfinder enumerates network information for countries.
blockhash 0.1.1 Speed up your SHA. A different hash style
blockify 3.6.2 Mute spotify advertisements.
block-io 1.1.6 The easiest way to integrate Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin in your applications. Sign up at for your API key.
BlockLoggingInator 1.0.5 A silly class to logging blocks execution time.
blockmodel 1.0.1 Converts Minecraft models to 3D models
blocks 0.1.1 Conversion tools for block devices
Blocks-and-Bullets 0.1 A simple game of Blocks and Bullets
blockscore 4.1.0 Official BlockScore API library client for python
blockspring 0.1.13 Blockspring api wrapper
blockstack Decentralized naming and storage secured by the blockchain
blockstack-client Python client library for Blockstack
blockstack-profiles 0.4.3 Library for blockstack profile generation and validation
blockstack-proofs 0.0.5 Python library for verifying proofs (twitter, github, domains etc) linked to a blockchain ID
blockstack-schema 0.2.0 Library for blockstack profile generation and validation
blockstack-server Name registrations on the Bitcoin blockchain with external storage
blockstore Name registrations on the Bitcoin blockchain with external storage
blockstore-client Python client library for Blockstore
blocktools 0.1.2 Bitcoin blockchain parser
blocktools 0.1.3 Bitcoin blockchain parser
blocktrail-sdk 1.0.6 BlockTrail's Developer Friendly API binding for Python
blocktrail-sdk-beta 1.0.6 BlockTrail's Developer Friendly Bitcoin SDK
blocky 0.0.2 Block rendering for flask and django using jinja2.
BlogBackup 1.4 Script to dump a blog feed to files suitable for backing up or reprocessing.
b-logcat 1.0.3 A small tool to view / filter the android logs.
blogdegins 0.5.0 Another static html code generator.
blogdown 1.2.0 a simple static blog generator
blogen A local static blog site generator and previewer,that help you deploy blog on github pages
blogger2zinnia 1.1 Import your Blogger blog into Zinnia
bloggerfs 0.5.1 Blogger filesystem using FUSE
bloggertool 0.4.2 Command line tool to communicate with and
blogger-to-puput 0.1 Import your Blogger blog data into Puput.
blogit 0.2 A quick and simple static site generator based on markdown and jinja2
Blogmaker 0.6 Blog application for Django
blognajd 1.1.1 Simple django blogging application
blogodev 0.1.3 An interim front end for blogofile development
Blogofile 0.8.3 A static website compiler and blog engine
blogofile_blog 0.8.3 A simple blog engine plugin for Blogofile
blog.policy 0.1b10 A policy for blog suite 0.1b4 This package is use to create a Plone blog site
Blogstrap 0.3.1 A dumb blogging platform based on Strapdown.js
blogtool 1.1.2 A command-line, XMLRPC based blog client
blogtopoid 0.0.2-alpha simple blog generator
blohg-tumblelog 0.2 A blohg extension with reStructuredText directives to run a tumblelog
BloodhoundLabs 0.1.0
bloom 0.5.21 Bloom is a release automation tool.
BloomFilter 0.1.0 A simple implement of bloom filter
bloom-python-driver 0.4.8 Client library to interface with multiple bloomd servers
bloop 0.9.4 ORM for DynamoDB
blosc 1.3.2 Blosc data compressor
bloscpack 0.10.0 Command line interface to and serialization format for Blosc
blotre 0.1.12 Thin Python Blot're client.
blowdrycss 0.2.2 The revolutionary CSS compiler
blowfish 0.6.1 Fast, efficient Blowfish cipher implementation in pure Python (3.4+).
Blowout 0.0.0 Simulation of plasma blowout radius
blox 0.3.1 Build it with Python
bls 0.0.5 A library to access Bureau of Labor Statistics data
blt 0.2.1 blt - provides simple CLI superpowers.
blti 0.1.6 py-blti: basic LTI authentication for python/django
blueberry 0.2 Blueberry Web Framework
blueberrypy 0.5.4 CherryPy plugins and tools for integration with various libraries, including logging, Redis, SQLAlchemy and Jinja2 and webassets.
blueberrywsn 0.1.0 A Bluetooth wireless sensor network
Bluebook 0.0.1 Pylot is a Flask extension that adds structure and map your views and templates together for rapid application development
bluebream 1.0 The Zope Web Framework
bluebutton 0.4.1.post0 The Blue Button Python Library
bluecanary 0.0.6 UNKNOWN
BlueChips 1.0.4 BlueChips - finances for people with shared expenses
bluedart 1.0.2 Bluedart Web Services API wrapper.
bluefin 1.4 A simple Bluefin Payment System API.
blueflood-carbon-forwarder 0.3.1 Treat other 2xx response code from blueflood as success
blueflood-graphite-finder 1.0.1 A plugin for using graphite-web and graphite-api with Blueflood
bluejay 0.0.0
bluelake 1.1.1 Bluelake python client.
bluelet 0.2.0 pure-Python asynchronous I/O using coroutines
Bluemindo 1.0-rc1 Ergonomic and modern music player designed for audiophiles.
blue_nester_sky 1.1.0 a simple program of print function
blueox 0.11.3 A library for python-based application logging and data collection
bluepass The Bluepass password manager.
blueprint 3.4.2 reverse engineer server configuration
blueprint_io 0.1.1 centralized blueprint service client
Blueprints Python bindings of Tinkerpop's Blueprints
bluepy 1.0.5 Python module for interfacing with BLE devices through Bluez
bluepy-devices 0.2.1 Usability Library for bluepy, and device implementations, mainly for homeassistant integration
bluepyopt 1.1.132 Bluebrain Python Optimisation Library (bluepyopt)
blue-ribbon-plus 1.0 Library for retrieving data from Nike+
bluesky_libpython 0.0.0 The testing package version 0.0.0 of client library connecting blue-sky server (The library responds as a browser HTTP client).
bluestocking 0.1.2 An information extraction toolkit built on top of NLTK.
bluetrain Django CMS
bluezero 0.0.1 Python library for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on Linux
blug 0.2.0 Static site generator for Markdown based blogs, with a built-in webserver
blumpkin 0.4.3 Testing tooling
bluread 1.2 Python wrapper for libbluray
blutils 0.4 A bunch of usefull functions
blz 0.6.2 blz: a compressed data container
bm 1.6.1 Simple command line bookmark and/or tagging utility.
bmail 0.2.3 Email library
bm_common 0.0.1b This is shared code between projects
bmd 0.0.1 Baidu 320k Music Downloader
BMDanalyse 0.1.3 Tool to analyse regional changes in a time series of 2D medical images.
bme280 0.3 Python Driver for the BME280 Temperature/Pressure/Humidity Sensor from Bosch.
bmfstock 0.4 Library to retrieve info about equity from BMF Bovespa
bmi 1.0.0 It returns the bmi for respective inputs you need to import bmi and call the function bmi.bmi(weight,height), weight in kg and height in meters
BMI-Body-Mass-Index-Calculator 0.1
bmpc 0.1.1b7 BMPC Music Player Client
bms 0.0.6 Block-Model Simulator for python
bm_structures Common structures for python
bmt_tools 0.1.10 Tools for Bad Movie Twins
bmu 0.0.1 GitHub/Buildbot integration service
BMV 0.2.1 A python script to record data from Victron BMV-600S and BMV-602S
bn 0.1.5 Lightweight profiling tool to detect performance BottleNecks in Python code.
bna 4.1.0 Authenticator routines in Python.
bnclient 0.3 Blade Network Technologies Netconf Python Client
bnd 0.0
bndr 1.0 A library + command line tool to facilitate databending/glitch art.
BNfinder 2.1.1 Bayes Net Finder: an efficient and exact method for learning bayesian networks
bng-latlon 1.0 Converts british national grid (OSBG36) to lat lon (WGS84) and vice versa.
bnlp 0.4 Better Natural Language Processing, a collection of open source nlp methods used by Better Know The Opposition
bnm 1.0.0 good
bnWordnet 1.0pre1dev Bengali Wordnet
bo 0.1-alpha A simple, multi-protocol, extendable and embeddable chatbot
boa 0.1-alpha
boaconstructor 0.3.0 The boacontructor is a templating library for *data*, i.e. templating for dictionaries.
boadata (B)rowser (O)f (A)rbitrary Data - a Python GUI browser of data.
boarded 0.1 On-screen keyboard for X
boardgamegeek 0.13.2 A Python interface to's API
BoardTester 1.0.1 collect data with automated hardware power cycling
boat 0.0.1 Instantly transfer files locally over HTTP
boatd 3.0.0 Experimental daemon to control an autonomous sailing robot
boatd_client 0.1.5 Python wrapper for the boatd API, used to write behavior scripts.
boatman 0.0.6 A simple logic game.
bob 2.2.0 Bob is a free signal-processing and machine learning toolbox originally developed by the Biometrics group at Idiap Research Institute, in Switzerland.
bob-ajax-selects 1.6.1 jQuery-powered auto-complete fields for editing ForeignKey, ManyToManyField and CharField
bob.ap 2.0.5 Bob's audio processing utilities 2.0.8 Basic tools for running biometric recognition experiments 2.0.3 Wrapper classes to use the PythonFaceEvaluation classes from the CSU Face Recognition Resources 2.0.4 Tools for running face recognition experiments 2.0.7 Tools for running biometric recognition experiments using GMM-based approximation 2.0.5 Tools for running speaker recognition experiments 2.0.2 Run biometric recognition algorithms on videos
bob.blitz 2.0.8 Bindings for Blitz++ (a C++ array template library)
bob-builder 0.0.10 Binary Build Toolkit.
bob.buildout 2.0.9 zc.buildout recipes to perform a variety of tasks required by Bob satellite packages
bobby 0.0.11 Bobby is a video container conversion tool that takes MKV files and outputs them as MP4 files.
bob.chapter.FRICE 1.0.3 Running the experiments as described in the boock chapter "Face Recognition in Challenging Environments: An Experimental and Reproducible Research Survey"
bob.core 2.1.2 Core utilities required on all Bob modules
bob.db.arface 2.0.4 AR Face Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.atnt 2.0.3 ATNT/ORL Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.atvskeystroke 2.0.3 ATVS-Keystroke Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.avspoof 2.0.6 Audio AVspoof Attack Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.avspoof_btas2016 1.0.1 Audio AVspoof Attack Database Access API for BTAS 2016 Speaker Anti-spoofing Competition
bob.db.banca 2.0.4 BANCA Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.base 2.0.6 Bob's Basic Database API
bob.db.biosecure 2.0.4 Biosecure Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.biosecurid.face 2.0.5 BANCA Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.casia_fasd 2.0.5 CASIA Face Anti-Spoofing Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.casme2 2.0.5 CASME2 Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.caspeal 2.0.4 CAS-PEAL Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.cbsr_nir_vis_2 2.0.1 CASIA NIR-VIS 2.0 Face Database protocol
bob.db.cuhk_cufs 1.0.1 CUHK Face Sketch Database (CUFS)
bob.db.frgc 2.0.3 Database Access API of the Face Recognition Grand Challenge (FRGC) ver2.0 image database for Bob
bob.db.gbu 2.0.4 Database Access API of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (GBU) image database for Bob
bob.db.ijba 2.0.0 IJB-A Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.iris 2.0.4 Bob access API for Fisher's Iris Flower Dataset
bob.db.kboc16 2.0.3 KBOC16 Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.lfw 2.0.4 Labeled Faces in the Wild Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.livdet2013 2.0.1 LivDet 2013 Fingerprint database access
bob.db.mnist 2.0.3 MNIST Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.mobio 2.0.5 MOBIO Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.msu_mfsd_mod 2.0.0 MSU Mobile Face Spoofing Database Access API for Bob, with modified protocol
bob.db.multipie 2.0.4 Multi-PIE Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.multispectral_spoof 1.0.1 Mutlispectral (VIS + NIR) Face Spoofing Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.nist_sre12 2.0.4 Speaker verification protocol on the NIST SRE 2012
bob.db.replay 2.0.5 Replay Attack Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.scface 2.0.4 SCface Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.utfvp 2.2.0 UTFVP Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.verapalm 2.0.0 VERA Palmvein Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.verification.filelist 2.0.3 Verification File List Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.verification.utils 2.0.7 Utilities for bob.db verification databases
bob.db.voxforge 2.0.3 Speaker verification protocol on a subset of the VoxForge database 2.0.3 Wine Database for bob
bob.db.xm2vts 2.0.4 XM2VTS Database Access API for Bob 2.0.4 Youtube Faces Database Access API for Bob
bob.example.faceverify 2.1.2 Example for using Bob to create three distinct face verification systems
bob.extension 2.1.0 Building of Python/C++ extensions for Bob
bobik_python_sdk 1.0 Bobik Python SDK 2.0.0 Audio I/O support for Bob 2.0.9 Basic IO for Bob 2.1.0 Image I/O support for Bob 2.0.5 Enable to handle Matlab(R) files 2.0.7 Video I/O support for Bob
bob.ip.base 2.0.9 Basic Image Processing Utilities for Bob
bob.ip.color 2.0.5 Color Conversion Utilities of Bob
bob.ip.draw 2.0.3 Line and Box drawing utilities of Bob
bob.ip.facedetect 2.0.7 Face detection using boosted LBP features
bob.ip.flandmark 2.0.3 Python bindings to the flandmark keypoint localization library
bob.ip.gabor 2.0.5 C++ code and Python bindings for Bob's Gabor wavelet analysis tools
bob.ip.optflow.hornschunck 2.0.7 Python bindings to the optical flow framework of Horn & Schunck
bob.ip.optflow.liu 2.0.6 Python bindings to the optical flow framework by C. Liu
bob.ip.skincolorfilter 0.0.1 Skin color filter in the rg colorspace
bob.learn.activation 2.0.5 Bindings for bob.machine's Activation functors
bob.learn.boosting 2.0.7 Boosting framework for Bob
bob.learn.em 2.0.8 Bindings for emelaneous machines and trainers of Bob
bob.learn.libsvm 2.0.5 Bob's Python bindings to LIBSVM
bob.learn.linear 2.0.8 Bob's Linear Machine and its Trainers
bob.learn.misc 2.0.1 Bindings for miscelaneous machines and trainers of Bob
bob.learn.mlp 2.0.11 Bob's Multi-layer Perceptron and Trainers
bob.math 2.0.4 Mathematical functions of Bob
bob.measure 2.1.1 Bob's evalution metrics
bobo 2.3.0 Web application framework for the impatient
bobodoctestumentation 2.2.0 Bobo tests and documentation
bob.palmvein 2.0.0a1 Palmvein recognition based on Bob and the facereclib
bob.paper.CVPRW_2016 1.0.0b1 Running the experiments as given in paper: "Heterogeneous Face Recognition using Inter-Session Variability Modelling".
bob.paper.ICB2015 2.0.0a0 Running the experiments as given in paper: "On the Vulnerability of Palm Vein Recognition to Spoofing Attacks".
bob.paper.SCIA2015 2.0.4 Source code for regenerating the results of the paper "Gender Classification by LUT based boosting of Overlapping Block Patterns"
bobsleigh 1.0.3 Helps write less code when configuring Django installations.
bobsleigh_seddonym 0.1.4 Helpful Bobsleigh settings for my projects.
bob.sp 2.0.5 Bob's signal processing utilities
bob.spear 1.9.0 Speaker recognition toolkit
bobtemplates.bsuttor 0.1.1 Templates by Benoît Suttor.
bobtemplates.ecreall 0.6 Templates for Ecréall projects.
bobtemplates.fanstatic 0.1-1 mr.bob template for Fanstatic packages
bobtemplates.fon 0.3 Templates for fon projects
bobtemplates.gillux 1.3.0 Python project bootstraps for mr.bob: usual Python distro, buildout, and mr.bob template
bobtemplates.jpcw 0.2 bobtemplates basic_namespace
bobtemplates.kotti 0.2a1 mr.bob templates for Kotti development
bobtemplates.niteoweb 0.3 Templates for NiteoWeb projects.
bobtemplates.plone 1.0.3 Templates for Plone projects.
bobtemplates.pypbr 0.3 bobtemplates to create python packages with pbr
bob.thesis.ichingo2015 0.0.1 Trustworthy biometric recognition under spoofing attacks: application to the face mode
boby 0.0.0 boby (super secret acronym) is a Build and Deployment Webapp [BETA]
bodami 1.0.2 test
bodatools 0.1.0 A collection of python utilities and scripts for working with binary files
bodleian.recipe.fedorainstance 1.0.0 zc.buildout to configure a fedora instance
boduch 0.2.1 Simple Python tools.
boek 11 BOEK - XMPP - IRC - CLI - RSS - UDP - API
bofhexcuse 0.3.0 Generate random BOFH themed technical excuses!
boggleboard 1.0.5 Manipulate and analyse anagrams and variations of Boggle boards.
bogglesolver 0.0.1 Boggle Solver is a Python 3 package for solving Boggle boards.
bogo 1.1 Library for implementing Vietnamese input method editors with a purely functional interface.
bogosort 0.2 bogosort - also permutation sort, stupid sort, slowsort, shotgun sort or monkey sort.Is a particularly ineffective sorting algorithm based on the generate and test paradigm.
bogus 0.2.0 A simple bogus server to use in tests
boil 0.1.0 Jinja2 compile tools for building static web site
boiler 1.0.1 A command line tool to quick manage boilerplate structures called **plates**, it is extensible
boilerpipe Python interface to Boilerpipe, Boilerplate Removal and Fulltext Extraction from HTML pages
boilerpipe-py3 Python interface to Boilerpipe, Boilerplate Removal and Fulltext Extraction from HTML pages with Python 3 support
boilerpipy 0.2.5 Readability/Boilerpipe extractor in Python
boilerplate 1.2.2-beta Easy to use tool for painless project layout templating
boilerplate_dcc_pyside_widget 0.0.5 Repository for boilerplate PySide DCC widget. This tool serves as barebone, fully functional skeleton for DCC GUI tools written in PySide.
boilerpot 0.92 HTML content extraction
boing 0.3.1 Boing is a toolkit designed to support the development of multi-touchand gesture enabled applications.It enables to create pipelines for connecting different input sources tomultiple target destinations (e.g. applications, logs, etc.) andeventually process the data before being dispatched.
boiseopensourcedemo 0.0.1 Boise Open Source Demo
bok_choy 0.5.2 UI-level acceptance test framework
bokeh 0.11.1 Statistical and novel interactive HTML plots for Python
bokeh_image_explore 1.1.0 Quickly explore large image embeddings with Bokeh
bokeh-metaplot 0.5 a enhanced bokeh plot type which can including some additional infomation inside
boknows 0.0.2 Get NCAA stats and figures without the hassle of
bokuno-py-console 0.0.3 Python console helper
bolacha 0.6.0 Bolacha is a simple http client that allows you testing http requests, handling cookies and file upload.
bold 0.3 A software build automation tool
bold_retriever 1.0.0 It queries the BOLD database to get identification of taxa based on COI sequences
boletin 0.5.1 Newsletter generation and sending application for Django
boletosimples 0.0.4 Library to use
bolg 0.1.0 UNKNOWN
bolib 0.9.2 Python library for Bayesian Optimization.
bolos 0.1 A library to solve the Boltzmann equation
bolt 0.9 Multi-server automation and deployment toolkit
boltons 16.3.1 When they're not builtins, they're boltons.
bolt-python 0.7.0 Unified and scalable interface for multidimensional arrays
Boltzmannizer 0.1 Visualization tool for discrete Boltzmann distributions.
bomb 0.1.18 Web frond-end publish tools
bombardier_cli 1.10-783 Open Source Configuration management and package delivery: central server components
bombardier_client 1.10-783 Open Source Configuration management and package delivery: central server components
bombardier_core 1.10-783 Open Source Configuration management and package delivery: shared components
bombardier_server 1.10-783 Open Source Configuration management and package delivery: central server components
bombast 0.2.4 An obfuscator for Python source code that manipulates the AST.
bomber 0.0.5 Get data from the BoM in Python
bomberman-python 2.0.0 UNKNOWN
Bommel_looplist 1.2.1 A simple print of nested lists
bompy 0.1.3 A very light wrapper around the weather data api.
bonaparte 0.0.1 Of bays and bottles...
bon-csvAvg 0.2 calculate the average of a number of bonnie++ test
bond 1.1.0 Testing with Spies and Mocks
bond_zlj 0.1.1 this is a package for bond calculation
bonemapy 0.4.1 An ABAQUS plug-in to map bone properties from CT scans to 3D finite element bone/implant models
bones 0.1 A python toolkit for biology
bonfire 0.0.6 A CLI Graylog Client with Follow Mode
bong 1.1.4 Wait for a period of time, then display a notification.
bongo 0.2.1 An API wrapper for Iowa City's bus data
bonner_nacht.policy 1.2.0 Bonner Nacht Site Policy
bonner_nacht.theme 1.2.0 Theme for the Bonner Nacht website
bonsai 0.8.5 Module for Python 3 to access LDAP directory servers.
bonspy 0.0.1 Library that converts bidding trees to the AppNexus Bonsai language.
bonzo 0.1.2 Bonzo is a minimalistic SMTP Proxy built on top of Tornado.
boo_box 0.3.7 Boo-Box to monetize
booby 0.7.0 Data modeling and validation Python library
boodebr 1.5.1 A collection of modules from for JSON, XML, config files, SQL, locking, thread queues, and more.
Boodler 2.0.3 A programmable soundscape tool
boofuzz 0.0.3.dev15
booger 0.4.5 Pretty curses-based nose frontend
boogs 0.1 Builder objects to construct http requests for the Bugzilla REST API
boois_cmd_parser 1.1.2 boois_cmd_parser
boois_conf_parser 1.1.2 boois_conf_parser
boois_creator 1.0.15 boois_creator
boois_json_encoder 1.0.0 boois_json_encoder
boois_mysql_db_helper 1.1.0 boois_mysql_db_helper
boois_return_codes 1.1.3 boois_return_codes
boois_return_result 1.1.3 boois_return_result
boois_search_str_parser 1.1.2 boois_search_str_parser
boois_vali_input 1.1.4 boois_vali_input
boois_vali_rule_chker 1.1.3 boois_vali_rule_chker
boois_vali_rule_info 1.1.3 boois_vali_rule_info
book 1.0 Simple module to obtain info (online) on books by their ISBN number.
book2arrange 1.0.1 Arrange audio files from in one convenient collection for better language acquisition.
Bookbank 0.0.1 Book manager and automatic downloader
bookbinder 0.2.1 ePub generation from Google Documents
bookcommit 1.0 Mercurial extension to automatically prepend the current bookmark name to the commit message.
bookends 0.0.5 A simple piping syntax
bookie 0.0.1 The Bank Account Keeper
bookie_api 0.4.7 Api and command line client for Bookie
book.isbn 0.0.2 `book.isbn` is a package for book ISBN.
Bookkeeper 0.0.2 GNU Stow with steroids
Bookmark 0.0.1 Web bookmark manager
bookmarkd 0.1 Convert between IPython notebooks and markdown
bookmark_merger 0.2.4 code for merging multiple firefox bookmark.html files
Bookmarks 1.0 Bookmarks is a simple personal web-based application to manage web bookmarks.
bookofnova 0.007 Nova Compute Library for Python
bookreader 1.0 A Django book reading application that utilizes Djatoka and a DSpace repository to present browseable views of scanned books.
books 0.1.2 A book management app
bookshelf 0.0.1dev-r41 Bookshelf is a twExtJs demo with Pylons
bookshops 0.2.1 Get book information (isbn or search) from real bookstores.
BooksMe 1.0 Book system recommendation that depending on the purchases we recommend the best products for you on oru system.
bookstore 1.0.0 IPython notebook storage on OpenStack Swift + Rackspace.
Booktype 1.5 FLOSS Manuals collaborative book writing tool
boolean 1.1.0 Converts string to their equivalent boolean value
BooleanNet 1.2.8 Boolean Network Simulation Toolbox
booleano 1.0a1 Boolean Expressions Interpreter 1.2 Define boolean algebras, create or parse boolean expressions and create custom boolean DSL. 2.0.dev1 Define boolean algebras, create or parse boolean expressions and create custom boolean DSL. 2.0.dev2 Define boolean algebras, create or parse boolean expressions and create custom boolean DSL. 2.0.dev3 Define boolean algebras, create or parse boolean expressions and create custom boolean DSL. 2.0.0 Define boolean algebras, create and parse boolean expressions and create custom boolean DSL. 3.0.dev1 Define boolean algebras, create and parse boolean expressions and create custom boolean DSL. 3.0.dev2 Define boolean algebras, create and parse boolean expressions and create custom boolean DSL. 3.0.dev3 Define boolean algebras, create and parse boolean expressions and create custom boolean DSL. 3.0.dev4 Define boolean algebras, create and parse boolean expressions and create custom boolean DSL.
Boolean-Solver 0.5.0 Fast development with generated boolean expressions.
boolexp 0.1 Safe boolean expression evaluator
boolexpr 1.2 Boolean Expressions
boolfab 0.0.2 Boolfab: override fabric Task so it handles arguments as bool.
BoolMerge 1.0 Tools for merging sorted iterables according to boolean operators
boolopt 1.1 Boolean expression minimizer
boolparser 0.2.2 Boolean Parser
boom 0.8 Simple HTTP Load tester
boom2 1.2.0 UNKNOWN
boomerang-client 0.11 Python API client
boomslang 1.0 A thin layer over matplotlib that simplifies creation of common plots
boondoggle 2.5 A script to deploy server fleets using pre-baked AMIs
boopyboop 0.0.8 Turn long numbers in whatever format to human-readable long series of words
BOORL 0.0.0 Bond Orientational Order Recognition Library
BooruPy 0.1.6 BooruPy is a simple library for interacting with various image board "Booru" systems.
boos 0.5.0 A library and cli to communicate with Bose Soundtouch devices
boosh 0.1.0.dev1 SSH to your your private EC2 instances by ID
boosterpacks 0.2.1 Sample of boosterpack in Star Crusade
boostmpi Boost MPI Python wrappers
boost_queue 0.4.2 Queue using boost's locking API
boost_regex 0.57 Very basic interface to the boost regex library.
boot 0.30 VHDL simulator and synthesis tool
bootalchemy 0.4.1 A package to create database entries from yaml using sqlalchemy.
bootd 1.0.8 Wizard startproject from django base template.
bootdev 0.2.10 Bootdev command for AWS deployments
BootFlask 0.1 A simple tool for turn your flask projects more quick and fun.
bootils 0.1.0.dev4 Bootils offers process boot-strapping utilities that support writing robust application/service launcher and process life-cycle management scripts.
bootlegger 1.1.1 Command Line Interface to Speakeasy
bootmachine 0.6.0 A fabric library to bootstrap servers and configuration management software.
bootstrap_2to3 0.1.1 Script to migrate bootstrap 2 templates to bootstrap3.
bootstrap_admin 0.3.6 Responsive Theme for Django Admin (Django 1.7)
bootstrap_admin_legacy 0.1.4 Bootstrap theme for Django admin
bootstrap_cfn 0.9.0 MOJDS cloudformation bootstrap tool
bootstrap_env 0.6.0 Create a complete self contained virtualenv bootstrap file by enbed ''
bootstrap-modeltranslation 0.1.2 Tabbable translation fields for django-admin-bootstrapped and django-modeltranslation
bootstrapper 1.0.0 Bootstrap Python projects with virtualenv and pip.
BootstrapPy 0.6 A Python web framework with Twitter's Bootstrap.
bootstrap-py 0.5.1 Bootstrap Python package
bootstrap_salt 1.3.0 MOJDS salt bootstrap tool
bootstrap_vi 0.0.4 Bootstrap virtualenv without pip or easy_install
bootstrap-vz 0.9.0 Bootstrap Debian images for virtualized environments
bootstrapy 0.0.1 A python bootstrap application, so that you can focus on writing code
BoozeLib 0.4 A Python module containing a couple of functions to calculate the *blood alcohol content* of people.
bop 0.2.0 bop - parses results from Boa's less than helpful text output
bopen.atcontenttypes 0.1 B-Open AT Content Types for Plone
bopen.recipe.libinc 0.3.0 zc.buildout recipe that parses compile time options from config scripts
boprox_client 0.3.0 Client API package for the boprox project
boprox_server 0.3.0 Server package for the boprox project
bops 0.5 A non-distributed numpy-based analysis module focusing on the manipulation, grouping and filtering of data from various sources. Bops also has map-reduce functionality.
bopy 0.1 bopy is coming!
borda 0.1 Voting system based on the Borda counting scheme
boreas 0.1 Websocket pub/sub server for python
borg 2012.4.01 the borg algorithm portfolio toolkit
borgbackup 1.0.3 Deduplicated, encrypted, authenticated and compressed backups
borg.localrole 3.1.1 A PAS plugin which can manage local roles via an adapter lookup on the current context
borg.project 1.1rc9 Ability to create project workspaces with local workflow
borgqueen 0.0
borg.supergroup 1.0rc1 Create groups as if by super
borgweb 0.2.0 Browser-based user interface for BorgBackup
borinud 0.7.1 weather data web api
borinud 0.7.2 weather data web api
borinud 0.7.3 weather data web api
Boris 0.1 Easily access and search Barclays bike availability in London, UK.
boristool 0.0.3 A system and network monitoring, security, and performance analysis agent
bormeparser 0.2.3 bormeparser is a Python library for parsing BORME files
bosh 0.2.14 BigObject service command line tool
bosh-db2bt 0.0.5 copy mysql/postgresql tables to BigObject server
bosh-dumpRes 0.0.2 dump BigObject query result as a file
BOSI 0.0.154 Big Switch Networks OpenStack Installer
bosonnlp 0.7.0 API wrapper.
bos-python-sdk 0.8.4 BOS-Python-SDK
bosrvclient 0.1.8 BigObject service client for python
boss 0.9.20 Baseline Open Source Software Templates and Utilities
bossdata 0.2.8 Tools to access SDSS spectroscopic data.
bossformation 0.1.0 Tool to enhance AWS CloudFormation
bossimage 0.1.9 Tool to create AMIs with Ansible
bossy 0.0.3 Write commands in Python, run them from the shell.
bosun 1.0.3 UNKNOWN
bot 0.0.1 Site Scraping Framework
botalert 0.5a parse logged dropped outgoing packets in order to detect bot infected machines
botbits 0.0.1 Bits for building bots.
BotBot 0.0.4 Laboratory computational resource management
botchallenge 1.2.0 A Python API for interacting with a Minecraft server plugin to control a bot.
BOTEC 0.3.5 A simple astrophysics and orbital mechanics simulator
botibal 0.7.5 The silly, quizzical XMPP bot
botje 50 xmpp, irc, shell, cli, json
botkit 0.1 A python toolkit to write intelligent bots.
botnee 0.1.3 The botnee tool.
boto 2.40.0 Amazon Web Services Library
boto3 1.3.1 The AWS SDK for Python
boto3facade 0.2.2 A simple facade for boto3
boto3helper 0.1.3b2 boto3 helper classes
boto3_paste 0.1 Adapt boto3 to paste
botocore 1.4.24 Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3.
botocore_paste 0.2 Adapt botocore to paste
botocore-tornado 0.93.1 botocore subclasses that uses AsyncHTTPClient
botocorev063p 0.63.2 Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3.
botogram 0.2.1 A Python framework for Telegram bots
boto-mangrove 0.0.1 An amazon aws services connexion pool on top of boto python library
botool 0.1.1 A botocore helper lib
botools 0.0.1 Utilities to automate common AWS tasks, like uploading to S3
boto-patch 2.38.0 Amazon Web Services Library
botor 0.0.1dev6 A thin wrapper around boto3
botornado 0.0.4 boto on tornado - an asynchronous Amazon Web Service (AWS) client
botornot 0.1 Check Twitter accounts for bot behavior
boto_rsync 0.8.1 An rsync-like wrapper for boto's S3 and Google Storage interfaces.
boto-s3-shim 0.1.1 Inject an alternative S3 server into any boto-based project
boto-scripts 0.0.0 Does something foo
boto_utils 0.1.5 Command-line tools based on Boto
boto_utils 0.1.6 Command-line tools based on Boto
boto_utils 0.1.7 Command-line tools based on Boto
boto_utils 0.2 Command-line tools based on Boto
boto_utils 0.3 Command-line tools based on Boto
botoweb 1.5.5 Boto based webapp framework
botox 0.1.1 High level Boto (AWS) wrapper. Gives boto a facelift!
BotParse 0.1.0 A modified version of argparse to make bot making easer
bots-open-source-edi-translator version 3.0.0 edi translator
bottle 0.4.3 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.4.4 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.4.6 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.4.7 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.4.8 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.4.9 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.4.10 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.4.11 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.4.12 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.4.13 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.4.14 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.5.3 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.5.4 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.5.6 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.5.7 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.5.8 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.6.0 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.6.1 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.6.2 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.6.3 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.6.4 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.6.5 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.6.6 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.8.1 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.8.2 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.8.3 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.8.4 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.8.5 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.9.1 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.9.2 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.9.3 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.9.4 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.9.5 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.9.6 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.9.7 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.9.8 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.10.1 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.10.2 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.10.3 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.10.4 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.10.5 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.10.6 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.10.7 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.10.8 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.10.9 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.10.10 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.10.11 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.10.12 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.11.1 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.11.2 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.11.3 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.11.4 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.11.5 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.11.6 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.11.7 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.12.1 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.12.2 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.12.3 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.12.4 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.12.5 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.12.6 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.12.7 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.12.8 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle 0.12.9 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
bottle-agamemnon 0.1.0 Agamemnon integration for bottle
bottle-api 0.0.3 useful decorator for building WebAPI on Bottle web framework development
bottle-api-json-formatting 0.1.1 A bottle plugin to json format standard and error responses. Intended for REST APIs.
bottle-auth 0.3.3 Bootle authentication, for Personal, Google, Twitter and facebook.
bottle-beaker 0.1.1 Bottle plugin beaker, WSGI middleware for sessions and caching
bottle-boilerplate 0.3 Boilerplate code for new Bottle projects
bottlecap 0.8.0 Extras for Bottle
bottle-cassandra-driver 0.0.2 Cassandra Driver plugin for Bottle.
BottleCBV 0.2 Class based views for Bottle apps
Bottlechest 0.7.1 Fast NumPy array functions written in Cython
bottle-config 0.1.2
bottle-cork 0.12.0 Authentication/Authorization library for Bottle
bottle-couchbase 0.2.0 Couchbase integration for Bottle.
bottle_cql 0.1 CQL integration for Bottle.
Bottle-Cuturl 0.0.21 A simple URL Shortener
BottleDaemon 0.1.2 A simple tool to help daemonize bottle applications.
Bottle-DebugToolbar 0.5 A port of the Django Debug Toolbar to Bottle
bottle-elastic 0.2.1 Elasticsearch integration for Bottle
bottle-extras 0.1.0 Meta package to install the bottle plugin collection.
bottle-fdsend 0.1.1 Library for constructing responses from file descriptors
bottle-flash 0.1 flash plugin for bottle
bottle-gui 0.2.1 Package used to vizualize services in Bottle web framework.
bottle-haml 0.1.4 UNKNOWN
bottle-healthcheck 0.2.1 Adds healthcheck endpoints to Bottle apps
bottle-hotqueue 0.2.5 FIFO Queue for Bottle built upon HotQueue
bottle-i18n 0.1.4 I18N integration for Bottle.
bottle-i18n 0.1.5 I18N integration for Bottle.
Bottle-Inject 0.1.3 Dependency injection for Bottle.
bottle-jade 0.2.1
bottle_leveldb 0.0.1 LevelDB plugin for bottle
bottle-logging 1.1.3 A simple bottle plugin for logging application events
bottle-login 0.0.3
bottle-manage 0.2.2
bottle-memcache 0.2.1 Memcache integration for Bottle.
bottle-memcache-decorator 0.0.1 Adds a memcache decorator in your Bottle application. It automatically stores the route result to memcache for routes where the bottle-memcache plugin is enabled.
bottle-mongo 0.3.0 MongoDB integration for Bottle
bottle-mongodb 0.2.1 MongoDB integration for Bottle
bottle-mongoengine 0.0.1 MongoEngine integration for Bottle.
bottle-msgpack 0.0.1 MsgPack integration for Bottle.
bottle-mysql 0.3.0 MySQL integration for Bottle.
bottle-mysql-connector 0.0.4 MySQL integration for Bottle.
Bottleneck 1.0.0 Fast NumPy array functions written in Cython
bottlenose 0.6.3 A Python hook into the Product Advertising API
bottle-peewee 0.1.5
bottle-pgsql 0.2 PgSQL integration for Bottle
bottle_pika 0.1.0 Pika plugin module for Bottle microframework
bottle-pycassa 0.1 Bottle plugin for Cassandra/Pycassa
bottle-pymysql 0.1.2 MySQL integration for Bottle.
bottle-pystache 0.0.3 Bottle Pystache template wrappers
bottle-rauth 0.1.1
bottle-redis 0.2.3 Redis integration for Bottle.
bottle-renderer 0.1.1 Renderer plugin for bottle
bottle-request 0.2.0 Plugin to give bottle a 'stateless' request object
bottle-rest 0.4.1 Decorators to make REST easier in Bottle.
bottlerocket 0.5.3 UNKNOWN
bottle-servefiles 0.1.1dev A reusable app that serves static files for bottle apps
bottle-servefiles 0.1.2dev A reusable app that serves static files for bottle apps
bottle-session 0.5 Redis based sessions for bottle.
bottleship 0.2.4 Authentication for the Bottle web framework meant for very simple workflows and little-to-none user interaction
bottle-sqlalchemy 0.4.3 SQLAlchemy integration for Bottle.
bottle-sqlite 0.1.2 SQLite3 integration for Bottle.
Bottle-SSLify 0.0.1 Force SSL on any Bottle app.
bottle-streamline 1.0.dev3 Python module writing class-based route handlers in bottle.
bottle-swagger 1.0.1 Swagger integration for Bottle
bottle-toolbelt 0.0.2 UNKNOWN
bottle-tornadosocket 0.13 WebSockets for bottle
bottle-tornado-websocket 0.13 WebSockets for bottle
bottleutils 0.1.5 Reusable components for bottle
bottle-utils 1.0 Assortment of frequently used utilities for Bottle framework
bottle-utils-ajax 0.3.1 AJAX utilities for developing apps with Bottle web framework
bottle-utils-common 0.3.2 Commmon utilities for developing apps with Bottle web framework
bottle-utils-csrf 0.3.3 CSRF utilities for developing apps with Bottle web framework
bottle-utils-flash 0.3.2 Flash message utilities for developing apps with Bottle web framework
bottle-utils-form 0.3.11 Form utilities for developing apps with Bottle web framework
bottle-utils-html 0.3.9 HTML utilities for developing apps with Bottle web framework
bottle-utils-http 0.3 HTTP utilities for developing apps with Bottle web framework
bottle-utils-i18n 0.3.6 Translation utilities for developing apps with Bottle web framework
bottle-utils-lazy 0.3.2 Lazy evaluation utilities for developing apps with Bottle web framework
bottle-utils-meta 0.3.2 Page/social metadata utilities for Bottle framework
bottle-web2pydal 0.0.1 Web2py Dal integration for Bottle.
bottle-websocket 0.2.9 WebSockets for bottle
bottle-werkzeug 0.1 Werkzeug integration for Bottle.
bottle-yang-extractor-validator 0.2.1 A web application that allows you to fetch, extract and validate YANG modules by RFC number, by IETF draft name, or by uploading YANG files.
bottom 1.0.1 asyncio-based rfc2812-compliant IRC Client
bottrap 0.5 Provides a honeypot for bots to digest
boty 0.1.1 Time Flies
bounce 0.1.1 Search using special commands
bouncer 0.1.12 Simple Declarative Authentication based on Ryan Bates excellent cancan library
bouncy post-r5 You are a hungry rabbit. Eat food to complete the level.
boundary 0.2.1 Command line tools for using the Boundary REST APIs
boundary 0.3.0 Command line tools for using the Boundary REST APIs
boundary 0.3.1 Command line tools for using the Boundary REST APIs
boundary_annotations 1.0.1 Boundary Annotations API Client
boundaryFlux 2.1 Python front-end of the boundaryFoam
BoundRequests 0.0 HTTP Request Library that Supports Interface Binding
boupy 0.1.2 Boupy help your life with file system backup to the cloud!
Bourbon 1.1 WSGI Windows Service
boussole 0.9.0 Aims to reproduce the useful Compass commandline tool behaviors
Boutique 0.1.3 The command line tool for It contains a web server embedded that can emulate the BoutiqueForge environment. This allows you to develop and test on your local machine before pushing any changes to online. More information at
BoutiqueCommons 0.1.3 Boutique Commons
bovespa 0.1.0 reads bovespa historic quote files
bovespaparser 0.6.5 Bovespa's historical series files parser.
bow 0.1 Manage isolated environments for your projects using Docker
bowerbird 0.4.0 A collection of stdlib logging.Formatter classes using Pygments
bower-cache 0.5.0 A local caching proxy for Bower packages. 1.0 How I learned to stop worrying and love the bower
bowerrecipe 0.2 zc.buildout recipe to install static resources using Twitter Bower.
bowerstatic 0.9 A Bower-centric static file server for WSGI
bowl 0.3.0 Tool for easily building and configuring virtual environments on top of Docker.
bowling 0.0.2 bowling score calculator
bowser 0.0.0
bowshock 0.0.2 An all-in-one library for NASA API's
box0 0.1.0 libbox0 Binding
Box2D 2.0.2b0 Python 2D Physics Engine
Box2D 2.0.2b1 Python 2D Physics Engine
Box2D 2.3b0 Python Box2D
box2d-py 2.3.1 Python Box2D
box-auth 0.1.0 Headless box api v2 auth provider
boxcalendar 0.0.11 just a simple chinese calendar
boxcar 0.0.1 Python library for
boxclient 1.2.1 Box API v2.0 client
boxdotcom 0.2.1 Python wrapper for API
boxed 0.3.0 Simple and lightweight sandbox solution for Python an Linux.
boxeeremotelib 0.1 an interface to the boxee remote api
box-it-up 0.0.3 Python class for formatting various kinds of table data into an ascii table.
Boxley 0.1.5 Sync files to Dropbox using a git-like CLI.
box-linux-sync 0.1.0 Linux client for
boxmath 0.1.3 Simple image box arithmetic
boxmongodb 0.0.10 just a simple mongodb orm
box-notifer 0.0.1 tells you if a new client is connected to your router
BoxOfficeMojo 0.0.9 Unofficial Python API for Box Office Mojo. 1.2.8 Python client for Box
boxpython 1.0.5 Box Python SDK for v2 of the API.
boxsdk 1.5.3 Official Box Python SDK
boxtree 2013.1 Quadtree/octree building in Python and OpenCL
boxup_bicolormatrix 0.0.3 a visualization implementation for boxup. uses a adafruit bicolor matrix 8x8
boxup_core 0.0.2 The main boxup programm for showing different datasources at different visualizations
boxup_gmailunread 0.0.2 datasource of unread emails for boxup input.
boxup_weatherradar 0.0.2 datasource for boxup input
boxv2 Box Python SDK for v2 of the API.
boxy 0.0.1 a toolbox library
boy 0.0.0 Python Pipboy client (pip install boy)
boyle 0.1.1 Medical Image Conversion and Input/Output Tools
bp 0.0.4 Binpack implementation for python
bpaste 1.0.1 Code snippet uploader for
bpbroker 0.22 CenturyLink Cloud Blueprint Broker Service Tools
bpch 1.0 GEOS-Chem Binary Punch File Reader/Plotter/ncdumper
bpcs 0.0.2 BPCS Steganography: embedding a message in a vessel image file
bpdiag 0.5 A Python script to visualize blood pressure data.
bpel 0.0.1
bpext 0.1
bpf 0.2 BPF
bpf4 0.6.6 Pice-wise interpolation
bpformation 0.24 Blueprint Formation CLI
bpgsql 2.0alpha2 barebones pure-python PostGreSQL client
bphython 0.0.2 Fancy Interface to the Python Interpreter
BplusPy 1.0 BplusDotNet python implementation
bpm 0.1.1 Brubeck Project Manager
bpmappers 0.8.2 A mapping tool from model to dictionary.
bpmn 0.0.1
bpolicy 0.2.1 A collection of basic policies for resources anti-spammer
bpp 0.0.15 Pairwise distances by maximum likelihood
B_pp 1.1 A code template processor
bprint 0.1.0 Serverless Blueprints
bprofile 1.3.3 A wrapper around profile/cProfile, gprof2dot and dot, providing a simple context manager for profiling sections of Python code and producing visual graphs of profiling results.
bpssl 1.0.3 SSL/HTTPS for Django
bpt 0.5.2 Tool to create isolated environments 0.11.0 Post to Blogger or WordPress in markup language seamlessly
bpython 0.15 Fancy Interface to the Python Interpreter
bq 0.3.1 Queue library
bqclient 0.5.5 BotQueue's client bumblebee
bqfoobar 0.1 The bqfoobar joke in the world
bqlib 0.0.2 BigQuery Python Library
bqplot 0.6.1 Interactive plotting for the Jupyter notebook, using d3.js and ipywidgets.
bquery A query and aggregation framework for Bcolz
bquick 0.1.9 The command line tool for BigQuery management.
bqx 0.2.4 Query generator for Google BigQuery and other SQL environments
br 0.1 batch rename
brabbel 0.4.4 A simple python based expression language
brabeion 0.1 a reusable Django badges application
brace 0.1 An open, convenient, secure, and memory constructable password manager
braceexpand 0.1.2 Bash-style brace expansion for Python
braces 0.5.2 Mustache for Python
brace-tags 1.0.10 The simplest static site generator
bracket_expansion 0.1.0 string generator for bracket patterns
BracketMaker 0.3.0 Create and store readable brackets.
braga 0.6.2 Entity-Component system
bragly 0.1.4 A small tool to remind yourself of your day-to-day accomplishments
braillegraph 0.10 A library for creating graphs using Unicode braille characters
brain 0.1.6 DDB front-end for SQL engines
brainart 1.0.6 make images out of brain imaging data
brainatlas 1.0 Rat brain atlas module
braincore 2014.12.5 Core objects needed for most brainfuck-like languages
braindump 0.0.8 braindump - record what's on your mind
BrainFreeze 0.1rc2 BrainFreeze is an SQLAlchemy plugin that supports object composition (as opposed to class inheritance). Google for "composition vs inheritance" to get the general idea. Another way to think of BrainFreeze is that it's a plugin for proxying properties on one-to-one related objects. BrainFreeze uses SQLAlchemy's AssociationProxy for the python properties, only BrainFreeze goes the extra step of making those properties query-able using SQLAlchemy's session.query() machinery.
brainfuck 1.0.2 Epic Brainfuck Interpreter
Brainiac 0.0.2 Various Components For Use In An Artificial Intelligence System Which Are Totally Usable On Their Own
brains 0.0.5 Helps submit files to brains app
brainstorm 0.5 Fast, flexible and fun neural networks.
braintree 3.27.0 Braintree Python Library
Braintree_Scraper 0.3 This module allows you to easily scrape transactions from braintree
Brainy 0.1.3 brainfuck interpreter
brainy-mind 0.2.1 brainy is a nimble workflow managing tool which is a part of iBRAIN framework for scientific computation primarily applied for BigData analysis in context of HPC and HTS
branca 0.1.1 Generate complex HTML+JS pages with Python
branchio 0.1.1 This is a library for connecting to API Services.
brandelion 0.1.6 Social media brand analytics
Brandon-Taylor 1.4.4 Drag and drop sorting for models and inline models in Django admin
brasil 0.0.0 1.0.1 Agenda de membros do Governo Brasileiro 1.1 Barra de Identidade 1.0a1 Suporte à busca multifacetada para Portal Padrão 1.0b1 Complemento ao Portal Padrao para criacao de microsites e campanhas 1.1.4 Implementação Modelo da Identidade Digital de Governo 1.0b1 Portlets para Portal Padrão 1.1 Temas para o Portal Padrão do Governo Federal 1.0.7 Tiles para o Portal Padrão do Governo Federal 2.0.0 Vocabulário Controlado do Governo Eletrônico
brasil.vocab 0.8 Basic Brazilian vocabularies for Python
braspag 0.2.1 Python library to consume Braspag SOAP Web services
Brat 0.0.2 Simple framework for creating REST APIs
bratabase-social-auth-backend 0.1.2 OAuth2 Backend for to be used with Django-social-auth
braubuddy 0.4.2 An extensile temperature management framework.
bravado 8.1.2 Library for accessing Swagger-enabled API's
bravado-bitjws Library for accessing Swagger-enabled API's with bitjws authentication.
bravado-core 4.2.2 Library for adding Swagger support to clients and servers
braveapi 0.3 Python API bindings for both utilizing and hosting the secure RPC mechanism.
bravia-remote 1.2 Remote Control API client to Sony Bravia TV
Bravo 2.0 Minecraft server and utilities
bravo.plugin 1.9 Featureful interface-based plugin loader
brazilnum 0.8.7 Validate Brazilian CNPJ, CEI, CPF, PIS/PASEP, CEP, and municipal numbers
brazil-types 0.0.3 Biblioteca com os tipos de dados usados no Brasil.
brb 0.0.1 Be Right Back, cache for functions
br_documents 0.0.1-p1 Provide objects for brazilian documents like CPF and others, with validation
breach_buster 0.0.4 BREACH resistant gzip middleware for Django
bread 2.2.0 Binary format parsing made easier
breadability 0.1.20 Port of Readability HTML parser in Python
breadpool 0.0.5 A Python Thread Pool and a Scheduled Executor
breadsticks 1.0.1 Install breadsticks into your python.
breakdancer 1.0 Generate all the tests.
breakdown 1.0.9 Lightweight jinja2 template prototyping server
breaker 0.1 Tools used by the PanSTARRS & ATLAS teams when surveying the likely sky-locations of LIGO-VIRGO discovered Gravitational Waves
BreakfastSerial 0.0.9 Python Framework for interacting with Arduino
breaking-point 0.1.0 helps to find a size of input data where one function starts outperform another function. It is a convenient way to compare different algorithms for a single task.
breakpoint 2.1.4 Function Execution Tracker
breaks 0.2.0 calculate bins on spatial data
breathe 4.0.0 Sphinx Doxygen renderer
breathe 4.1.0 Sphinx Doxygen renderer
breathe 4.2.0 Sphinx Doxygen renderer
brebis 0.9 automated backup checker
bredala 1.0.1 .. image::
bree 0.1.3 a micro library for happy coding tornado.
breed 0.1 Multi build utility
breezedb 1.1.0 A simple file-based database engine
breezedb 1.2.0 A simple file-based database engine
bref 0.0.1
breq 0.7 Browse Web service requests.
Brequire 11.5.4 A small module that collects 'I need this non-Python file to operate correctly' declarations.
Breve 1.3.0 An s-expression style template engine.
brevity 0.2.9 Tweet shortening and autolinking utility
brew 0.1.3 BREW: Python Multiple Classifier System API
brew-cron 0.1 A helper for Homebrew operations from cron
brewer2mpl 1.4.1 Connect color maps to Python and matplotlib
brewery 0.8.0 Framework for analysing data and measuring quality of data using structured data streams
brian 1.4.3 A clock-driven simulator for spiking neural networks
Brian2 2.0rc2 A clock-driven simulator for spiking neural networks
brian2tools 0.1.2 Tools for the Brian 2 simulator
Briareus 0.6.3 UNKNOWN
brick 0.0.2 brick is a pure python templating system.
bricklayer 4.0.23 A package builder that watch git repositories
BrickPi 0.1.3 BrickPi interfaces for Python and Scratch
brickpi_python 1.0 This library for using the BrickPi in Python.
BrickPython 0.4 Python interface for the BrickPi using Objects and Coroutines
bricks 0.6.0 Rapid web application development framework
bricksink v0.0.0
brick_wall_build 0.0.1a Lightweight Python Build Tool.
bridge 0.4.0 General purpose XML library for CPython and IronPython
bridgedb 0.3.1 Backend systems for distribution of Tor bridge relays
BridgePython 0.2.2 A Python API for the Bridge service.
briefcase 0.1.3 Tools to support converting a Python project into a standalone native application.
briefkasten 0.2.10 a reasonably secure web application for submitting content anonymously
briefkasten_watchdog 0.2.1 Perform functional testing of a Briefkasten instance
briefs-caster 0.1.1 A server for exposing your briefcasts to the world
BrightContent 0.1 Bright Content is Python Weblog software built from reusable components.
brightcove 0.2 A python wrapper for the Brightcove read-only API.
bright-fabric 0.1.0 Bright Interactive's Fabric Utilities
bright-vc 1.1.0 Bright Interactive Version Control
brightway 0.5.1 UNKNOWN
brightway2 2.0.2 UNKNOWN
brigit 1.2 Very simple git wrapper module
briketpi 0.1.1 UNKNOWN
brillixy 0.6.2 Customizations for Django admin interface.
brilws 2.0.2 bril worksuite
brimstone 0.0 UNKNOWN
brine 1.0.0 Advanced pickle features, such as anonymous function pickling
brining 0.2.5 Python object to/from JSON serialization/deserialization module
brisa-media-renderer 0.1.1 BRisa Media Renderer
brisa-media-server 0.1.1 BRisa Media Server
brisa-media-server-plugins 0.1.1 BRisa Media Server plugins
brisa-media-tools 0.1.1 BRisa Media Tools
brisk 0.1 Fast implementation of numerical functions using Numba
briticle 0.9.3 Extract the main content of a webpage
britney 0.5.0 Python implementation of SPORE
britney-http-signature 0.1 Http Signature authentication middleware for britney
britney-utils 0.1.2 Utilities for the Python SPORE client called Britney
BrittleWit 0.0.1
brkt-cli 0.9.16 Bracket Computing command line interface
brkt_sdk 0.1.1 Python SDK to the Bracket API
brlcad 0.0.1 An attempt at a post-install script.
brnPrintList 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
bro 0.1 Bro - Semantic Source of Truth for Infrastructure
broadcaster 0.1dev Library to easily use multiple types notifications
broadcast-logging 0.1 A Python logging system handler which broadcasts log messages and a matching receiver executable.
broadlink-auto-login 0.1.0 Broadlink hotspot auto login script
broadview-collector 0.1
broadview-lib 0.1
broadview-ui 0.1
broadwick 1.2.0 A Python Application Environment.
broc 0.1.3 Broc: the brownie coder. Code for brownie points
broca 0.4.1 rapid nlp prototyping
brocade-plugins 2015.1 Brocade Vyatta L3 router Neutron plugin
brocade-tool 0.1.11 Monitors Brocades
brocas-lm 1.0 Broca's LM is a free python library providing a probabilistic language model based on a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) with Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM). It utilizes Gensim's Word2Vec implementation to transform input word sequences into a dense vector space. The output of the model is a seqeuence of probability distributions across the given vocabulary.
broccoli 1.0.0 A simple dependency injection package based on type annotations
brocket 1.1 Build Amazon Associates Links in the clipboard super fast.
brockman 0.1dev A Python client for the FocusLab API
brod 0.4.3 brod lets you produce messages to the Kafka distributed publish/subscribe messaging service. It started as a fork of pykafka (, but became a total rewrite as we needed to add many features. It's named after Max Brod, Franz Kafka's friend and supporter.
brodul.recipe.template 1.2.1 Buildout recipe for making files out of Jinja2 templates
broffeact 0.2.3 A simple brunch/coffeescript/reactjs documentation generator
brofser 0.0.1 brofser - short description
brokenegg 0.0.0 Ann egg with SyntaxErrors
broken_since 0.1.1 broken_since nose plugin to disable unittests errors
broker 0.0.2 Function dispatch based on MIME Accept headers.
brokerest 0.1.14 Python REST API client
broku 0.1 A terrible terminal remote for Roku
brome 0.1.9 Framework For Selenium
bronto 0.0.0 UNKNOWN
bronto-python 0.4.0 A python wrapper around Bronto's SOAP API
bronto-python 0.4.1 A python wrapper around Bronto's SOAP API
bronto-python 0.5.0 A python wrapper around Bronto's SOAP API
bronto-python 0.6.0 A python wrapper around Bronto's SOAP API
bronto-python 0.7.0 A python wrapper around Bronto's SOAP API
bronto-python 0.8.0 A python wrapper around Bronto's SOAP API
bronze 0.0.1
brood 0.0.1 a distributed agent-based simulation framework
brood-json-schemas 0.4.0
brooklynmuseumapi 0.1.0 Interact with the Brooklyn Museum Collection API
broot 0.1.1 Library for converting python numpy datastructures to the ROOT output format.
brotherprint 0.1.3 Wrapper for Brother networked label printing commands.
brotlipy 0.3.0 Python binding to the Brotli library
browler 0.1.3 Selenium Based Web Crawler
brownant 0.1.6 A lightweight web data extracting framework.
BrownBat 0.0b2 A lazy source code generation library
brownfox 0.1.1 The quick brown fox switches directories amazingly fast
Brownie 0.5.1 Common utilities and datastructures for Python applications.
Brownstone 1.0a1 A small WSGI application framework based on WebOb.
browscap-python 0.0.5 Python Borwscap Library.
browse 1.0.1 Open a web page in a browser, as simple as that...
browsepy 0.4.0 Simple web file browser
browseragents 0.2.0 Generate a random user agent
browsercast 0.5.0 An IPython Notebook plugin which allows IPython Notebook notebooks to be set to audio, creating a screencast-style presentation in the browser - a browser cast.
browser_compare 0.0.1 Library for detecting browser changes
browsercookie 0.6.3 Loads cookies from your browser into a cookiejar object so can download with urllib and other libraries the same content you see in the web browser.
browser-cookie3 0.6.0 Loads cookies from your browser into a cookiejar object so can download with urllib and other libraries the same content you see in the web browser.
browsercookiejar 0.1 CookieJar for browsers
browsergui 0.4 A GUI toolkit targeting browsers
browserid 1.4 Mozilla BrowserID (Persona) Page Object Model
browsermob-proxy 0.7.1 A library for interacting with the Browsermob Proxy
browserplus 0.0.1 Advanced Mechanize browser.
browserstack 0.1 Unofficial Python Library for Browserstack
browserstacker 0.3 Python wrapper for BrowserStack features.
browserstack-local 0.3.1 Python bindings for Browserstack Local
browser_vulnerabilities 0.1.0 Library for detecting vulnerable browsers
Browshot 1.14.0 Client to interact with Browshot
brozzler 1.1.dev12 Distributed web crawling with browsers
brss 0.8.14 Offline DBus RSS reader
brtools 0.0.1 Does something and then we make money
brubeck 0.4.0 Python Library for building Mongrel2 / ZeroMQ message handlers
brubeck-mysql 0.2.8 Brubeck module for MySQL Querysets using Schematics
brubeck-oauth 0.1.11 Brubeck OAuth module
brubeck-service 0.1.4 Library to allow Brubeck framework to call other instances as services
brubeck-uploader 0.1.14 Brubeck module for uploading files
bruce 3.2.1 Bruce, the Presentation Tool, puts reStructuredText in your projector
bruges 0.2.1 Useful geophysics functions
brukva 0.0.1 Asynchronous Redis client that works within the Tornado IO loop
brunel 1.2 Brunel Visualization For Jupyter/IPython Notebooks
brush 1.0.0 Monitor and log data from Menlo Systems optical frequency combs
brutal 0.3.3 a multi-network asynchronous chat bot framework using twisted.
brutal-ng 0.3.11 The new generation of brutal, a multi-network asynchronouschat bot framework using twisted
brute 0.0.3 Simple brute forcing in Python.
brutha 1.1.0 Sync FLAC music files to Ogg Vorbis (or keep lossy as-is)
brutius_slurmimus 0.1.1dev Parse-and-return slurm commands. Don't use this. Use pyslurm instead.
brutto 1.0 Easy brute forcing to whatever you want
bryl 0.1.0 .
brythonmagic 0.2.1 Magics to use brython in Jupyter notebook.
brython-tizen 0.0.1 Implement Tizen web apps with Brython (i.e. Python)
brzipcode 0.1.2 brzipcode is a lightweight app for retrieving brazilian addresses from a zip code
bs4 0.0.1 Screen-scraping library
bsa 0.1.0 Bind Status Analyzer
BSCodeTabs 1.0 Converts Fenced Sequential Blocks in Markdown into Bootstrap HTML Tabs.
bscrp 0.4 Better Scrape, a collection of open source scraping methods used by Better Know The Opposition
bsdconv 11.3.0 bsdconv library
bsddb185 1.1 bsddb185 module from Python 2.6
bsddb3 6.2.1 Python bindings for Oracle Berkeley DB
bsdgames 0.0.7 BSD Games is a collection of the classic text based games distributed with some BSDs like FreeBSD and NetBSD.
bsdiff4 1.1.4 binary diff and patch using the BSDIFF4-format
bsdploy 2.1.0 A tool to remotely provision, configure and maintain FreeBSD jails
bsdradius 0.7.1 BSD Radius server
bservices 0.4 A server service library from the components of Openstack
bservices 0.5 A server service library from the components of Openstack
bservices 0.6 A server service library from the components of Openstack
bservices 0.6.1 A server service library from the components of Openstack
bservices 0.6.2 A server service library from the components of Openstack
bservices 0.7 A server service library from the components of Openstack
bservices 0.7.1 A server service library from the components of Openstack
bservices 0.7.2 A server service library from the components of Openstack
bservices 0.7.3 A server service library from the components of Openstack
bsncpsec 0.0.1 Tool to secure BCF control plane
bsnlldp 3.0.0 Big Switch Networks LLDP agent
bsnstacklib 2015.1.56 Big Switch Networks Plugins for OpenStack Networking
bson 0.4.3 BSON codec for Python
bson_lazy 0.2.4 A lazy BSON file loader
bsonrpc 0.1.2 JSON-RPC 2.0 and BSON-RPC 2.0 library for socket transports. Supports gevent.
bsql 0.2.0 Black Earth’s SQL Database Interface Library
bss-client 0.2.1 CPBM BSS API client.
BSSLint 0.5 Derived from the popular CPPLint from Google, but modified to incorporate code styles by Dr. B.S. Sanjeev for my undergraduate Data Structures and Algorithms courses
bssm_pythonSig 1.0.0 Python Sig
bst.pygasus.core 1.0.1 Pygasus web framework working with ExtJs
bst.pygasus.datamanager 1.0.1 Handle data from extjs to bst.pygausus server
bst.pygasus.demo 1.0.2 Demo web application build with bst.pygausus framework
bst.pygasus.i18n 1.0.1 provide translations for bst.pygasus framework
bst.pygasus.resources 1.0.1 resources manager for bst.pygasus framework
bst.pygasus.scaffolding 1.0.2 provide form, grid, model, store generation for the bst.pygasus framework 1.0.1 provide authentication for bst.pygasus framework
bst.pygasus.session 1.0.1 Server session for bst.pygasus framework
bst.pygasus.wsgi 1.0.1 WSGI Interface for bst.pygasus framework
bstvis 0.2.0 A visualisation framework for binary search trees and algorithms.
bsub 0.3.5 submit jobs to LSF with python
bsvn 0.1 Subversion interface library
bsw 1.0.4 bsw - Build Static Web, a simple static website builder.
bt 0.1.13 A flexible backtesting framework for Python
bta 0.6 Active Directory Auditing tool
btable-py 0.1.0 A binary serialization format for sparse, labeled 2D numeric datasets
btb dev Backup system using rsync and btrfs snapshots
btb 0.1-dev Backup system using rsync and btrfs snapshots
btc 0.3 Buy, sell, and transfer bitcoin instantly in your terminal!
btcaddr 1.0 Generate bitcoin addresses.
btcde 1.0 Provides functions to work with Trading API.
btce-api 0.3 A library for the public and private APIs of the digital currency trading site
btce-bot 0.3 A framework for building trading bots for the digital currency trading site
btcelib 1.1dev Bitcoin Exchange Query Library
btcmagic 0.1 Library for bitcoin transaction manipulation
btcndash 2.3.0 Lightweight status dashboard for Bitcoin nodes.
btcnet_info BitCoin Network Information Library
bt-ctfirtg 0.0.1 Generator of Babeltrace CTF IR field type creation code
btcturk_client 0.0.2 api client
btctxstore 4.8.0 Library to read/write data to bitcoin transaction outputs.
btcutils 1.0 Python native extension providing Bitcoin related functions
BTEdb 6.00 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.1 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.1.1 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.1.2 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.1.3 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.1.4 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.1.5 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.1.6 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.1.7 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.1.8 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.1.9 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.2.0 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.2.1 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.2.2 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.2.3 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.2.4 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.2.5 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.2.6 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.2.7 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.2.8 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
BTEdb 6.2.9 Python schemaless JSON/YAML database interface
btef 0.1 c extension for file object
btform 0.1 web app forms tools
btk 0.3 Python binding for the C++ library Biomechanical ToolKit (BTK)
btlroute 0.12.1 URL Route parser HEAVILY based on Bottle Web server
BT-Manager 0.3.0 Python-based Bluetooth Device Management
btnamespace 1.1.1 Isolate state on the Braintree sandbox during testing.
bt_nester 1.4.0 A simple printer of nested lists
BtoDConverter 0.1 Converts a binary number to a decimal number
btools 0.999999 Command line navigation and organization tools
btparser 0.1.0 A Bittorent file parser
btponto 0.1 Software to register presence based in Bluetooth device proximity.
btrc 3.2.1 Couchbase view stats collector
btrdb 0.2 Python bindings for BTrDB
btree 0.1.0 BTree implementation as a C python extension
btree 0.2.0 BTree implementation as a C python extension
btree 0.2.1 BTree implementation as a C python extension
BTrees 4.3.1 Scalable persistent object containers
btrfs-sxbackup 0.6.6 Incremental btrfs snapshot backups with push/pull support via SSH
bts 0.6.6 api for BitShares
btsbots 0.0.16 trade bots for Bitshares
btsbots-wallet 0.1.6 web wallet for BitShares
btsprice 0.2.18 get price for BitShares
bts_proxy 0.1 BitShares RPC proxy
btspusher 0.0.8 push service for Bitshares
bts_tools 0.2.3 BitShares delegate tools
bts_tools 0.2.6 BitShares delegate tools
bts_tools 0.2.7 BitShares delegate tools
bts_tools 0.2.8 BitShares delegate tools
bts_tools 0.2.9 BitShares delegate tools
bts_tools 0.2.10 BitShares delegate tools
bts_tools 0.2.11 BitShares delegate tools
bts_tools 0.3 BitShares delegate tools
bts_tools 0.3.1 BitShares delegate tools
bts_tools 0.3.2 BitShares delegate tools
bts_tools 0.3.3 BitShares delegate tools
bts_tools 0.3.4 BitShares delegate tools
bts_tools 0.4 BitShares delegate tools
BTSyncConfigManager 0.1 Wraps the BTSync config file to make it easy to add shared folders. 0.9.9 A Python API client for BitTorrent Sync
bttf 0.1 Brings some of the magic from the future to the past and from the past back to the future.
btx 0.1 A botocore helper class
btzen 0.0.8 BTZen - Bluetooh Smart sensor reading library
bu 0.1 Build Utilities, a build system.
bubble 2016.5.4 cli tool to bubble information from one to another service, with rule based transformations ">>>"
bubblepy 1.0 Bubble Babble Binary Data Encoding
bubbler 0.1 Python Events
bubbles 0.1 Virtual Data Object framework for data processing (ETL) and quality monitoring
bubblewrap 1.2.0 UNKNOWN
bu-cascade 2.03 Cascade Server web services integration
buccaneer 3.8.0 A tool to generate a static blog from reStructuredText or Markdown input files.
buchner Flask project template and helper library
bucho 0.1.1 `bucho` is a package for exercises.
bucho 0.1.2 `bucho` is a package for exercises.
bucket 0.20151202 Bitbucket from command line
bucket3 0.14.3 Static blog generator.
BucketBrigade 0.1 A simple utility to allow syncing/copying S3 bucket files across AWS accounts.
BucketCache 0.11.3 Versatile persisent file cache.
bucket-filter 0.5 A filtering library to present data that matches a series of conditional expressions
bucketlist 0.0.1 A tool to partition an S3 bucket
bucket_lister 0.2.3 List S3 buckets for an account
bucket_observer 0.1 Pulls S3 buckets, observes changes and emits blinker signals.
buckets 1.0.2 managing data by relevancy.
buckingham 0.2 A library for unit conversion and error propagation
Buckley 0.1
buck.pprint 0.0 A fork of the cpython's pprint which gives standard indentation.
bucky 2.3.0 StatsD and CollectD adapter for Graphite
budcy-utils 0.2 Budcy proprietary utilities
budget 0.0.10 Personal Finance
budgetdatapackage 0.0.4 Manage and load Budget Data Packages
budgie 0.1 Pythonic remote commands via ssh
budiluhur-jadwal 1.1.0 Python API Jadwal Perkulahan Budiluhur
bud.nospam 1.0.1 ROT 13 encrypt text to prevent spam
budoc 0.2 A command line tool and library to auto generate API documentation to Markdown file for Python libraries.
budy 0.1.6 Budy E-commerce System
budy_api 0.2.2 Budy API Client
buff 0.1.2 Buffer and protocol builder and designer
Buffalo 0.1.6 Site generator.
buffalofq 0.0.3 File movement utility
buffer-alpaca 0.1.0 Buffer API library client for python
bufferapp 0.2.0 Python library for Buffer App
buffering-smtp-handler 0.2 Enables sending multiple logging events in a single email
bufferkdtree 1.1.1 A Python library for large-scale exact nearest neighbor search using Buffer k-d Trees (bufferkdtree).
buffer_ops 0.1 Collection of operators for Simple Buffer Interface
buffer-python 1.06 Python library for Buffer App
buffersort 0.0.5 Provide a variety of sorting algorithms that operate in-place on types that implement the Python buffer protocol.
Buffet 1.0 A flexible templating filter for CherryPy
BuffetMyghty 0.3 Myghty templating language plugin
BuffetString 0.1.1 Python string.Template plugin
BuffetXSLT 0.2 XSLT templating plugin
buffo 0.1 FTP Library for human
buffpy 1.07 Python library for Buffer App
bufrpy 0.2.2 Pyre-Python BUFR decoder
bug 0.1 Always with you :)
bugbuzz 0.1.2 Easy to use web-base online debugger 0.2.0 Get help for Python errors in your interactive console
bugger 0.2 Easily embed accessible python interactive console into your application
bugh 1.1.1 Create read-only backups of your Github repositories.
bughunter 0.0.3 Service
bugjar 0.1.0 A graphical Python debugger.
bugle 0.0.0
bugle-cms 0.0.0
bugle-sites 0.0.4 static sites from markdown and yaml
bug-predict 0.2.1 A Python based implementation of the bug prediction algorithm proposed by Google
bug-repo-syncer 0.2.0 Program to synchronize bug repositories
bug-repo-syncer 0.3.0 Program to synchronize bug repositories
bugs-everywhere 1.1.1 Bugtracker supporting distributed revision control
Bugs-Everywhere-BEurtle-fork Bugtracker supporting distributed revision control
bugsnag 2.4.0 Automatic error monitoring for django, flask, etc.
bugspots 0.1 Identify hot spots in a codebase with the bug prediction algorithm used at Google.
bug-spots 0.3 A Python based implementation of the bug prediction algorithm proposed by Google
bugspots3 0.3.0
bugsy 0.9.0 A library for interacting Bugzilla Native REST API
bugwarrior 1.4.0 Sync github, bitbucket, and trac issues with taskwarrior
bugzfeed 0.3 notification system for Bugzilla via WebSockets
bugzilla 1.0.0 A client library for Bugzilla
bugzilla2fedmsg 0.3.0 Consume BZ messages over STOMP and republish to fedmsg
bugzilla2gitlab 0.0.2 An opinionated Bugzilla to Gitlab Issues bug migration tool
Bugzilla-ETL 0.3.13353 Mozilla Bugzilla Bug Version ETL
bugzillatools 0.5.5 Bugzilla CLI client, XML-RPC binding and VCS plugins
bugzscout 0.0.1 Python interface for the FogBugz BugzScout API.
bugzscout-py 0.0.2 Deprecated
build 1.0.2 A tiny base class for fluent builders
buildapi_client 0.3.0 Package designed to trigger jobs through Release Engineering's buildapi self-serve service.
buildbot 0.8.12 BuildBot build automation system
buildbot 0.9.0b5 The Continuous Integration Framework
buildbot 0.9.0b6 The Continuous Integration Framework
buildbot 0.9.0b7 The Continuous Integration Framework
buildbot 0.9.0b8 The Continuous Integration Framework
buildbot 0.9.0b9 The Continuous Integration Framework
buildbot-console-view 0.9.0b9 Buildbot Console View plugin.
BuildbotEightStatusShields 0.1 Adds badges to Buildbot
buildbot-gitlab 0.1.2 Enhances a BuildBot installation to nicely integrate with GitLab
buildboticon 0.3.2 A buildbot monitoring utility
buildbot-junit 0.1 Junit for buildbot
buildbot-pkg 0.9.0b9 Buildbot packaging tools
buildbot-scheduler-graph 1.0 A tool for generating digraphs of Buildbot Builders and Schedulers
buildbot-slave 0.8.12 BuildBot Slave Daemon
buildbot-slave 0.9.0b5 Buildbot Slave Daemon
buildbot-slave 0.9.0b6 Buildbot Slave Daemon
buildbot-slave 0.9.0b7 Buildbot Slave Daemon
buildbot-slave 0.9.0b9 Buildbot Slave Daemon
buildbot_status_logentries 0.0.3 A Logentries status plugin for buildbot
buildbot_travis 0.2.2 Travis CI implemented in Buildbot
buildbot-waterfall-view 0.9.0b9 Buildbot Waterfall View plugin
buildbot-worker 0.9.0b9 Buildbot Worker Daemon
buildbot-www 0.9.0b9 Buildbot UI
build_commands 0.0.1 build_commands
builder 0.1.0 A framework for building batch processing pipelines
builders 1.2.8 Lightweight test data generation framework
buildfox 0.2.1 Minimalistic ninja generator
Building-C-projects-ots.make 1.0 bjam-like library written in pure python
buildingspy 1.5.0 Package for simulating and testing models from the Modelica Buildings and Annex 60 libraries
buildit 0.90 A simple build tool for small projects.
buildkit 0.2.2 Cloud infrastructure and .deb file management software
BuildNotify 0.3.5 Cruise Control build monitor for Windows/Linux/Mac
buildout.autoextras 1.1 zc.buildout extension to automatically include requirement extras
buildout.bootstrap 1.4.8 Buildout extension to download automatically.
buildout_couchdb 0.1 ZC buildout recipe for Apache CouchDB server
buildout.disablessl 1.1 Disable SSL verification of setuptools for buildout
buildout.dumppickedversions 0.5 Dump buildout picked versions.
buildout.dumppickedversions2 1.1 Dump buildout 2 picked versions.
buildout.dumprequirements 0.1.1 Dump buildout picked versions as a pip compatible requirements.txt file.
buildout.eggnest 0.2 buildout extension to auto load eggs
buildout.eggscleaner 0.1.7 A buildout extension to move non-used eggs to a specified directory
buildout.eggsdirectories 1.0 zc.buildout extension to include supplementary preloaded egg-directories
buildout.eggtractor 0.6 Auto generates zcml slugs, buildout:egg and buildout:develop entries.
buildout.extensionscripts 1.0 Use simple python scripts as zc.buildout extensions
buildout.gc 1.1 A buildout extension to move non-used eggs to a specified directory
buildout-helpers 1.0.1 A buildout config file normalizer
buildout.locallib 0.3.1 buildout.locallib use egg-packages installed on site-packages folder.
buildout-md5sums 0.1 A zc.builout extension that allows you to specify and enforce md5 checksums for all downloads
buildout.minitagificator 2.4.29 A buildout extension to replace buildout part by minitage interesant ones sponsored by Makina Corpus
buildout-offline 0.0.0 A buildout offline extension to run a buildout offline consistently with no network connection
buildout.packagename 1.0 A `zc.buildout` extension to extract the package name from an adjacent ``.
buildout.packager 0.0.1dev-r662 buildout.packager generate installer from and buildout.cfg files.
buildoutpip 0.1dev Buildout extension to install from pip requirements files
buildout-platform-versions 1.2.3 Dependency version management forklift for buildout.
buildout.python_libevent 0.9.1 Buildout recipe for python-libevent
buildout.recipe.isolation 0.3a1 Recipe for isolating Python distributions (packages and scripts).
buildout.recipe.uwsgi 0.0.25 Buildout recipe downloading, compiling and configuring uWSGI.
buildout.recipe.uwsgi 0.1.0 Buildout recipe downloading, compiling and configuring uWSGI.
buildout.recipe.uwsgi 0.1.1 Buildout recipe for downloading, compiling and configuring uWSGI
buildout.requirements 0.2.2 Dump buildout picked versions as a pip compatible requirements.txt file. Fork of buildout.dumprequirements.
buildout.sanitycheck 1.0.2 Sanity checks for buildout environment.
buildout_script 0.3 zc.buildout recipes for generating script and conf files from templates.
buildout.sendpickedversions 1.0-alpha.1 Sends buildout data as JSON to specified URL.
buildout-starter 0.1.0 A project creation utility for starting zc.buildout Python and Django projects.
buildout.threatlevel 1.1 A zc.buildout extension that reports the current global buildout threat level
buildout-tox 1.0dev zc.buildout recipe to build and test packages in multiple environments.
buildout.ucsdetector 0.5 A buildout extension that enables dependency links to install eggs according to the UCS(Unicode Character Set) version of the python distribution.
buildout.umask 0.5.2 Use a custom umask when running buildout.
buildout.variables 0.3 Provides dynamic variables in buildouts
buildout-versions 1.7 zc.buildout extension to display and record versions of packages used.
buildout-versions-checker 1.9.3 Checks egg updates in your Buildout configurations.
buildozer 0.32 Generic Python packager for Android / iOS and Desktop
buildparser 0.1.1 Generic job build specification parser
buildploy 0.2.0 Build projects into deployment repositories
buildprof 0.1.8 Build profiling tools and UI
buildpy-server 0.1.0 buildpy-server: reliable local ci server
buildpy-server-envs 0.1.1 environments: A simple plugin to use with Buildpy-Server
buildpy-server-testcommands 0.1.0 buildpy-server-testcommands: Testcommand Plugin
buildstack 6.3.0 Build stack wrapper
buildthedocs 1.0.3 A Sphinx documentation building tool on steroids.
buildtimetrend 0.3 Visualise what's trending in your build process
buildtools 1.0.6 Mozilla RelEng Toolkit
buildup 0.1 Static Blog Generator
build-utilities 0.3.0 Build utilities for python and go projects.
buildutils 0.3 Distutils extensions for developing Python libraries and applications.
builtin-password-reset 0.0.1 UNKNOWN
builtwith 1.3.2 Detect the technology used by a website, such as Apache, JQuery, and Wordpress.
bulb 0.1a a RESTful client connector to reXster
bulbflow 0.1a a Python framework for the graph-database era 0.1a a RESTful client connector to reXster
bulbs 0.3.29-20140417 A Python persistence framework for graph databases that connects to Neo4j Server, Rexster, OrientDB, Lightsocket. 0.1a a RESTful client connector to reXster
bulby 0.0.1.dev0 Manages the phillips hue lightbulbs
bulkmailer 14.2.1 API library for accessing GAE Bulk Mailer
bulkrecode 1.2 Bulk recode audio files
BulkSMS 0.3 Python implementation.
BulkWhois 0.2.1 Interfaces for popular bulk WHOIS servers
bull 0.4.1 Digital goods payment processing made simple
bulletphysics 0.1 python wrapper for bulletphysics library
bullfrog 0.0.1 It eats everything
bullock 0.0.5 Distributed lock using Redis
bullseye 0.1.1-dev laser beam profiler
bullwinkle 0.3.6 Python tools inspired by Perl::Moose
buluml 0.0.1 bulu Dog's machine learning library
Bulutfon 0.1.0 Bulutfon Offical Python SDK
Bumblebee 1.0a2 deliverance-like implementation that only works on html output(no theme file)
bumblebee-indicator 0.2.0 A Unity desktop bumblebee indicator - switch dual screen on/off, enable 3d mode
buml 0.1.6 buml markup language
bump 0.3.0 Bumps package version numbers
bumper 0.1.11 Bump (pin/manage) your dependency requirements with ease
bumper-lib 0.2.16 A library to bump / pin your dependency requirements.
bumple-downloader 0.1.2 UNKNOWN
bumpr 0.2.1 Version bumper and Python package releaser
bumps Data fitting with bayesian uncertainty analysis
bumpversion 0.5.3 Version-bump your software with a single command!
bumpy 0.4.3 Create build files and CLI tools easily.
bunch 1.0.1 A dot-accessible dictionary (a la JavaScript objects)
bundesliga-cli 0.2.1 Bundesliga results and stats for hackers
bundle 1.1.2 Create and manage bundle packages.
Bundle-Buggy 0.9.0 Tool for tracking merge requests
bundle-celery 2.5 Bundle that installs Celery related modules
bundleman 1.3.0 Manage svn bundle releasing.
bundlemanager 1.0.5 DDeflect bundle management system
bundletester 0.7.0 A juju charm and bundle test runner
bundlewrap 2.6.1 Config management with Python
bundlewrap-teamvault 2.0.1 Access TeamVault secrets from BundleWrap
bungee 0.1 Python models and query expressions for ElasticSearch
bungiesearch 1.3.0 A Django elasticsearch wrapper and helper using elasticsearch-dsl-py high level library.
Bunny 0.0.1 Hop around the experiment space
bunny1 1.1 bunny1 is a tool that lets you write smart bookmarks in python and then share them across all your browsers and with a group of people or the whole world.
bunnyq 1.0.2 A command shell and CLI app for testing/administering RabbitMQ using its RESTful HTTP Management API.
bunyan 0.1.2 Bunyan python logger
buoyant 0.4.1 Wrapper for the NOAA National Data Buoy Center
buoyantBoussinesqPimpleFlux 1.0 Python front-end of the buoyantBoussinesqPimpleFoam
buoyantBoussinesqPisoFlux 1.3 Python front-end of the buoyantBoussinesqPisoFoam
buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFlux 2.1 Python front-end of the buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam
buoyantPimpleFlux 2.1 Python front-end of the buoyantPimpleFoam
buoyantPisoFlux 1.3 Python front-end of the buoyantPisoFoam
buoyantSimpleFlux 2.1 Python front-end of the buoyantSimpleFoam
buoyantSimpleRadiationFlux 2.1 Python front-end of the buoyantSimpleRadiationFoam
bup_cron 1.3 bup jobs wrapper
Bups 0.2.0 Simple GUI for Bup, a very efficient backup system.
BUPTLogin 0.0.6 A Simple login program for bupt net
bureaucrat 0.3.6 Procfile and Deployfile process manager for Python virtual environments
burgemeester 1 BURGEMEESTER - mishandeling gepleegd door toediening van voor het leven of de gezondheid schadelijk stoffen
burger 0.9.6 Burger Becky's shared python library.
burglar 0.3 Publish weixin, zhihu daily, zhihu zhuanlan into feeds.
Burki_Module 1.3.0 Im sick of this shit. :P
burlap 0.7.4 Fabric commands for simplifying server deployments
burn 0.4.6 Command-line tool for writing optical media.
burndown_for_what 0.1.3 Simple django application for generate burndown graphics.
burner-email-providers 1.0 Burner Email Providers
BurnerOnFire 0.1 BurnerOnFire is multi-threaded program that can write same content (iso files for now) to multiple CD/DVD burners simultaneously.
burnman 0.9.0 a thermoelastic and thermodynamic toolkit for Earth and planetary sciences
Buro 0.1.27 A very simple Python-powered open-source web framework inspired by Flask, but following different design decisions
burp-ui 0.2.1 Burp-UI is a web-ui for burp backup written in python with Flask and jQuery/Bootstrap
burrahobbit 0.1.1 Persistent data-structures in Python.
burrito 0.9.1 Framework for wrapping and controlling command-line applications.
burrito-fillings 0.1.1 burrito-fillings: burrito application controllers for bioinformatics
burro 0.0.1 A Python Enterprise Service Bus
burrow 0.0.4 Python Client For Nest Mobile API
burst 1.0.90 twisted with master, proxy and worker
burstlogging 0.2 Burst logging library.
burst_s5 0.1 standards-compliant HTML slideshows with HTML5 video and Inkscape
burst_statsd 0.1.9 upload burst stat to statsd
busbus 0.1.0 A platform for working with public transit data
busby 1.0.0 Parse a csv file and send through a websocket.
Busca 0.1 Full featured Gnome file searching application
buscacep 0.1.1 Biblioteca utilitária para a utilização do serviço de busca de CEPs disponibilizado no website do Correio
bus_component 0.1.0 amqp bus communication lirbrary to pass infromation
bushy 0.2.5 A git workflow plugin.
business_calendar 0.2.1 Simple business days, including custom work week and a holiday list.
BusinessHours 1.02 Calculate Business days/hours between any two dates.
business-rules 1.0.1 Python DSL for setting up business intelligence rules that can be configured without code History ------- 1.0.1 +++++ released 2016-3-16 - Fixes a packaging bug preventing 1.0.0 from being installed on some platforms. 1.0.0 +++++ released 2016-3-16 - Removes caching layer on rule decorator
businesstime 0.2.0 A simple utility for calculating business time aware timedeltas between two datetimes
businesstimedelta 0.1 Timedelta for business time. Supports exact amounts of time (hours, seconds), custom schedules, holidays, and time zones.
business_tools 0.2.14 A python module for various business transactions.
busmon 0.4.6 A webapp for visualizing activity on the Fedora Message Bus.
busmon_consumers 0.4.5 fedmsg-hub consumers for the busmon webapp
BusScraper 0.2.2 Scraper for ACIS based bus time sites
bustard 0.1.6 A tiny WSGI web framework
buster 0.1.3 Static site generator for Ghost and Github
buster-selenium 0.1 Manage buster.js slave browsers using selenium.
busticate 1.0 This is the CTF framework used by Gallopsled in every CTF.
busticati 1.0 This is the CTF framework used by Gallopsled in every CTF.
bustime 0.2.1 SDK for the MTA Bus Time API
bustools 0.1.0.dev2 Python tools for electrical busses
busybees 0.2.0 An implementation of threading that abstracts away the threading.
busyflow.pivotal 0.3.4 Pivotal API client library.
butils 0.0.5 A useful utils package
butler 0.3.0 0MQ based Service Oriented RPC Framework
butter 0.12.2 Library to interface to low level linux features (inotify, fanotify, timerfd, signalfd, eventfd, containers) with asyncio support
buttercms-django 0.3.6 Company blogs as a service. Built for developers.
buttercoin 1.0.2 Buttercoin API Python Client
butterdb 0.1.5 butterdb is a Python ORM for Google Drive Spreadsheets.
butterfly 2.0.2 A sleek web based terminal emulator
ButterflyNet 1.1.0 A better networking library.
butterknife 0.2.0 Butterknife makes bare-metal Linux deployment dead-simple using the Linux Containers (LXC) and Btrfs filesystem.
buttersink 0.6.8 Buttersink is like rsync for btrfs snapshots
Butteur 0.1 a preprocessor to write beamers slide more easily
buu 1.5.0 Un simple impresor de listas anidadas
buxfer 0.0.0
buzhug 1.8 A fast, pure-Python database engine
buzz_agent 1.1.16 agent for buzz system
buzzer_as_a_service 0.1.2 IRC Bot to play an audible buzzer sound
buzzer_as_a_service.message 0.1.0 A test message plugin for BaaS
buzz-python-client 0.2.1 A Python client library for Google Buzz
buzzweb2pdf 0.1 An Open Source tool to convert HTML documentation with an index page into a single PDF.
buzzy 0.5.2 Static site generator
bvatar 1.0.a5 Random-art avatar generation
bvcopula 0.9.0 Probability and sampling functions for six common seen bivariate copulas
bvcs 0.0.1.dev0 Asynchronous VCS command runner
bvg-grabber 0.1.1 Querying the upcoming public transport departures in Berlin
bw2all 0.1 UNKNOWN
bw2analyzer 0.9 UNKNOWN
bw2calc 1.3 UNKNOWN
bw2data 2.1 Tools for the management of inventory databases and impact assessment methods. Part of the Brightway2 LCA Framework
bw2io 0.5 Tools for importing and export life cycle inventory databases
bw2parameters 0.5.1 UNKNOWN
bw2regional 0.2 UNKNOWN
bw2restapi 1.2 UNKNOWN
bw2search 0.2 Search functionality for the Brightway2 LCA Framework
bw2simple 0.3.1 ('Simple proxies to make command-line life with Brightway2 objects a bit easier.',)
bw2speedups 2.1 Cython functions to speed up Brightway2 LCA calculations
bw2temporalis 0.9.1 Provide a dynamic LCA calculations for the Brightway2 life cycle assessment framework
bw2ui 0.18.2 Web and command line user interface, part of the Brightway2 LCA framework
bw2webreports 0.4 UNKNOWN
bwapi 1.0.2 A software development kit for the Brandwatch API
bwa_tool 0.11 map fastq reads to a reference genome with bwa
bw-attributes 0.8 UNKNOWN
bweb 0.1 web interface library
bw.forms 0.0.3 Custom web widgets built with ToscaWidgets (tw.forms)
bwikibot 0.4.14 Simple mediawiki robot
bword 0.10 a console translation dictionary used Api
BWP 0.5.1 The Business Web Platform is Django-application. Contains models, templates and other preparations for the fast building of ERP system
bw_sphinxtheme 0.1.8 Minimalistic sphinx theme in black and white colours
bw-stats-toolkit 0.7 UNKNOWN
bx 0.3.0 Simple in-memory storage for Python
bxa 2.3 Bayesian X-ray spectral analysis
bxdev 0.5 BasicX development libraries
bxml 0.4.1 XML library
bx-python 0.7.3 Tools for manipulating biological data, particularly multiple sequence alignments
bxt_description_generator 0.3 BoxTorrents Description Generator
byCycleCore byCycle Core Services
byCycleTripPlanner byCycle Trip Planner
bye 1.0.0 simple text
Byline 0.4beta Multi-protocol XML-RPC weblog client
Byline 0.5beta Multi-protocol XML-RPC weblog client
bynamodb 0.1.7 High-Level DynamoDB Interface for Pythonwrapping Low-Level Interface of boto
BYONDTools 0.1.8 Tools and interfaces for interacting with the BYOND game engine.
bype 0.1a Python Fluent DSL
bypi 0.0 Bypi
bypy 1.0.20 Python client for Baidu Yun (Personal Cloud Storage) 百度云/百度网盘 Python 客户端
bypy 1.2.1 Python client for Baidu Yun (Personal Cloud Storage) 百度云/百度网盘 Python 客户端
bypy 1.2.2 Python client for Baidu Yun (Personal Cloud Storage) 百度云/百度网盘 Python 客户端
bypy Python client for Baidu Yun (Personal Cloud Storage) 百度云/百度网盘 Python 客户端
bypy 1.2.3 Python client for Baidu Yun (Personal Cloud Storage) 百度云/百度网盘 Python 客户端
bypy 1.2.4 Python client for Baidu Yun (Personal Cloud Storage) 百度云/百度网盘 Python 客户端
bypy 1.2.5 Python client for Baidu Yun (Personal Cloud Storage) 百度云/百度网盘 Python 客户端
bypy 1.2.6 Python client for Baidu Yun (Personal Cloud Storage) 百度云/百度网盘 Python 客户端
bypy 1.2.7 Python client for Baidu Yun (Personal Clo