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AIKIF 0.0.3

Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Information Framework

Latest Version: 0.2.2

AIKIF - Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Information Framework
*NOTE - this is very much an experimental work in progress*
- the code runs, but wont do anything useful at this stage

This is an example framework to capture the flow of information initially for personal data management, but ultimately useful for AI applications.
Initially it will be populated and tested for human use, but includes tests and verification process for future ‘General AI’s.
Functions (Octave, Python, SQL) are called at set stages of the AI process which log the results into a standard database schema.

Quick Start
The goal is to get any set of information and parse it into a consistent format so a machine can read it.
For example:
Project Management
Code Management
Personal Information Management

Main Programs - sample main program to show a trivial example of logging data - simple command driven procedure to show various details of the system - creates text indexes of all the files - searches, using both indexes and ontologies
go_web_aikif.bat- starts the web server for the AIKIF admin interface

Various modules which contain generic functions

collection of modules to manage data transformations

Standard Library Programs - standard utils for the filelists - main routine that decides what the output files will be called - manages security, which will allow users to have private data (not the norm for this)

Data Load programs
These programs are used to load a specific dataset, the code used to parse each file is in a separate load procedure - this calls all data load programs and logs results - loads a list of nouns, verbs, adjectives from web into local structures - loads a country reference file - loads a list of local files into objects, events, photos - sample to show how a personal shopping list is loaded  
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