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AgileCLU 0.3.6

Agile Command Line Utilities

Latest Version: 0.4.2

This library and script package is an implementation of command line tools and Python module
that can be used to write software against Limelight Networks' Agile Storage cloud platform.
It leverages Agile Storage's JSON-RPC APIs to manage, ingest and egress objects from the
Agile Cloud.

Feel free to send any questions, comments, or patches to my Github page (you'll need to join
to send a message):

You do not need to download the source code to install AgileCLU. You can install this from PyPI with one of the following commands (sudo is usually required):

easy_install AgileCLU


pip install AgileCLU

If you don't have PyPI installed and you are running on Ubuntu or Debian, install it first.

sudo apt-get install python-pip

If you are upgrading from a release prior to 0.3.1, you may need to manually delete the files from your Python installation (egg and easy-install.pth) prior to invoking easy_install or pip. For future upgrades, can force to latest version with:

easy_install -U AgileCLU

After installing AgileCLU, run use the profile tool to generate the proper output to place in an /etc/agile/agile.conf configuration file. You can create as many configuration profiles as you like, specifying to use them over the default agile.conf profile by specifying the -l option on any given command.


Example output:

```agileprofile (AgileCLU 0.3.4)

This tool generates Agile Storage profile text to be pasted into AgileCLU profile configuration
files (eg. /etc/agile/agile.conf is the default). The information should have been provided to
you by Limelight Networks, often via a "welcome letter". If you have questions regarding the
account information, please contact

Enter Agile username: testcompany
Enter Agile password:
Re-enter Agile password:
Enter your egress hostname:
Enter your egress base path: /testcompany
Enter your ingest hostname:


username = testcompany
password = A4UsWnRpKOdNy0HNWDHY+Q==

protocol = http
hostname =
basepath = /testcompany

protocol = https
hostname =

enabled = no
logfile = /var/log/agileclu.log
level = info```

This package has the following requirements:

* An account on Limelight Network's Agile Storage cloud platform. (
* poster by Chris AtLee - used for streaming ingest (
* progressbar by Nilton Volpato - used for console ingest progress bar (
* pydes by Todd Whiteman - used as part of the password encryption scheme for config files (
* jsonrpclib by John Marshall - an implementation of the JSON-RPC specification (  
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