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Annalist 0.5.8

Annalist linked data notebook

(Short README for PyPI - a longer version can be found at

Free-form web data notebook - “Data management for little guys”

Annalist is a Linked Data Notebook, supporting collection, organization and sharing of structured and semi-structured data. The name “Annalist” derives from “a person who writes annals”.


The overall goal of Annalist is to make it easy for individuals and small teams to create and explore linked data on the web, without requiring software development.

  • Easy data: out-of-box data acquisition, modification and organization of small data records.
  • Flexible data: new record types and fields can be added as-required.
  • Sharable data: use textual, easy to read file formats that can be shared by web, email, file transfer, version management system, memory stick, etc.
  • Remixable data: records that can be first class participants in a wider ecosystem of linked data, with links in and links out.

Demo system home page

For general information about Annalist, and demonstration system links, see the [Annalist demonstration system home page](

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