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Archive 0.3

Simple library that provides a common interface for extracting zip and tar archives.

This package provides a simple, pure-Python interface for handling various archive file formats. Currently, archive extraction is the only supported action. Supported file formats include:

  • Zip formats and equivalents: .zip, .egg, .jar.
  • Tar and compressed tar formats: .tar, .tar.gz, .tgz, .tar.bz2, .tz2.

Example usage

Using the Archive class:

from archive import Archive
a = Archive('files.tar.gz')

Using the extract convenience function:

from archive import extract
# Extract in current directory.
# Extract in directory 'unpack_dir'.
extract('files.tar.gz', 'unpack_dir')

Note that calling extract with safe=True will ensure that the archive is safe prior to extraction: UnsafeArchive exception will be raised when archive contains paths which would be extracted outside of the target directory (e.g. absolute paths):

# Safely extract in directory 'unpack_dir'.
extract('files.tar.gz', 'unpack_dir', safe=True)

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