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Axe 0.0.4

An Extendable Python Web Framework

- What is Axe?

Axe is an extremely extendable web framework for Python based on `Werkzeug`.
It help developer keep project easy to extend and test when project grows.

Unlike Flask, there is no **Thread-Local** variables like `flask.request`, `flask.g`.
All variable are injected into view function through function name inspired by `py.test fixture`.

**Warning**: It's still experimental and has many buggy.

- Example

from axe import Axe
import os
app = Axe()

def config():
return {'system':}

def index(config):
return config.get('system', 'Unknown'){'/': index})

if __name__ == '__main__':

- Where can I get help?

You can ask any question in [Github Issue]( :)
Read documentation here:  
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