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BYONDTools 0.1.4

Tools and interfaces for interacting with the BYOND game engine.

Latest Version: 0.1.8


A set of tools for BYOND-based games.


This is a toolkit for developers of BYOND-based games intended to do common, complex
tasks that the engine itself does not currently possess. It also exposes common
interfaces for developers wishing to obtain information from the BYOND object tree,
maps, and DMIs.


* Python 2.7+
* Pillow (fork of PIL)
* numpy


Initial documentation is taking shape at


No commercial or official support is provided, but you are free to
submit bug reports or harass N3X15 in #vgstation.

0.1.4 - 6/18/2014

* Added dmm diff and patch commands for patching maps.
* Added color name support to BYOND2RGBA. Should fix rendering maps on TG/NT/Bay.
* Proper handling of nulls.

0.1.3 - 6/17/2014

* Fixed broken post-install operation on Linux (sorry)

0.1.2 - 6/17/2014

* Fixed line-ending stupidity on Linux
* Fixed python trying to interpret DME-derived paths literally (mostly path seperator stuff)

0.1.1c - 6/10/2014

* Missed data directory. Whoops.
* Object tree: Fixed mishandling of list() in variables when [ is on the same line.

0.1.1b - 6/2/2014

* Fixed some leftover packaging issues:

* post-install didn't create self-executables on Linux, so just calling dmi, dmmfix, etc. wouldn't work.
* didn't specify sub-packages for installation, so installations were fairly broken.

* Post-install process now uses sys.executable, rather than trying to figure it out via hackier means.
* README changed to reStructuredText for eventual pip release.
* Oh my god there's a changelog now
* Added (fixed a problem uploading *.rst files).  
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