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BlazeForm 0.3.4

A library for generating and validating HTML forms

Latest Version: 0.4.2


BlazeForm is a library designed to facilitate the rendering/processing/validating of HTML forms.


  • validation based on FormEncode
  • attempting to have complete HTML spec coverage
  • extensible rendering system() (don’t have to use it)
  • will work with multiple WSGI frameworks (Werkzeug currently supported)
  • extensive unit tests
  • few dependencies: FormEncode, BlazeUtils, WebHelpers

Code Sample

Using it might look like this:

class MyForm(Form):
    def __init__(self):
        Form.__init__(self, 'myform')

        el = self.els.add_header('input-els', 'Optional Elements')
        el = self.els.add_button('button', 'Button', defaultval='PushMe')
        el = self.els.add_checkbox('checkbox', 'Checkbox')
        el = self.els.add_file('file', 'File')
        el = self.els.add_hidden('hidden', defaultval='my hidden val')
        el = self.els.add_image('image', 'Image', defaultval='my image val', src='images/icons/b_edit.png')
        el = self.els.add_text('text', 'Text')
        el.add_note('a note')
        el.add_note('an <strong>HTML</strong> note', False)
        el = self.els.add_text('nolabel', defaultval='No Label')
        el.add_note('a note')
        el = self.els.add_password('password', 'Password')
        el = self.els.add_confirm('confirm', 'Confirm Password', match='password')
        el.add_note('confirm characters for password field are automatically masked')
        el = self.els.add_date('date', 'Date',, 12, 3))
        el.add_note('note the automatic conversion from datetime object')
        emel = self.els.add_email('email', 'Email')
        el = self.els.add_confirm('confirmeml', 'Confirm Email', match=emel)
        el.add_note('note you can confirm with the name of the field or the element object')
        el.add_note('when not confirming password field, characters are not masked')
        el = self.els.add_time('time', 'Time')
        el = self.els.add_url('url', 'URL')
        options = [('1', 'one'), ('2','two')]
        el = self.els.add_select('select', options, 'Select')
        el = self.els.add_mselect('mselect', options, 'Multi Select')
        el = self.els.add_textarea('textarea', 'Text Area')
        el = self.els.add_fixed('fixed', 'Fixed', 'fixed val')
        el = self.els.add_fixed('fixed-no-label', defaultval = 'fixed no label')
        el = self.els.add_static('static', 'Static', 'static val')
        el = self.els.add_static('static-no-label', defaultval='static val no label')

and the view/controller code might look something like:

class FormTest(HtmlTemplatePage):
    def prep(self):
        self.form = MyForm()

    def post(self):
        if self.form.is_cancel():
            self.assign('cancel', True)
        elif self.form.is_valid():
            self.assign('values', self.form.get_values())
        elif self.form.is_submitted():
            # form was submitted, but invalid

    def default(self):
        self.assign('form', self.form)

Questions & Comments

Please visit:

Current Status

The code stays pretty stable, but the API may change, especially the rending.

The blazeform tip is installable via easy_install with easy_install blazeform==dev

Change Log

0.3.4 released 2012-07-05

  • form now has all_errors() method which returns form and field errors as (list, dict) tuple (respectively).
  • update the way file uploads are checked for being sent. Previously, we were testing for the filename header to be None, but Werkzeug is sending it over as an empty string in the FileStorage object now. Could theoretically result in behavior change, but only in narrow edge cases.

0.3.3 released 2011-11-16

  • TextAreaElement now uses maxlength kwarg

0.3.2 released 2011-06-11

  • fix broken distribution of 0.3.1

0.3.1 released 2011-06-11

  • fixed bug in radio button rendering after validation error
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