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BlazeUtils 0.5.3

A collection of python utility functions and classes.


BlazeUtils was originally developed as a library to hold common tools for the Blaze library family.

Over the years it has been expanded to be somewhat of a catch-all for tools commonly used by the Level 12 development team.

Questions & Comments

Please visit:

Current Status

The code and API stay pretty stable.


Source code and issue tracker are on GitHub.


$ git clone blazeutils-src
$ cd blazeutils-src
$ tox
  clean: commands succeeded
  py27: commands succeeded
  py34: commands succeeded
  stats: commands succeeded
  congratulations :)

Recent Changelog

This is the most recent activity. See changelog-archive.rst in the source distribution for older changelog notes.

0.5.3 released <in development>

  • Create setup.cfg to build universal wheel
  • Create set of functional programming tools

0.5.2 released 2016-11-23

  • Added Python 3.5 compatibility
  • Set up CI and coverage

0.5.1 released 2015-05-12

  • Fixed spreadsheets.xlsx_to_reader Python 3.4 compatibility
  • Fixed numbers.convert_int exception test for Python 3.4 compatibility
  • Fixed case where error handling’s _uie_matches masked real exception by creating one

0.5.0 released 2015-03-24

  • Added Python 3.4 compatibility.
  • Remove blazeutils.xlrd. It had been deprecated and the objects moved to .spreadsheets.

0.4.4 released 2014-12-25

  • changed how the version string is determined in
  • archive old changelog notes

0.4.3 released 2014-12-16

  • add xlsx_to_strio() and WriterX.mwrite()

0.4.2 released 2014-12-08

  • fix wrong dates for 0.4.0 and 0.4.1 releases in changelog

  • add roundsecs argument to dates.trim_mils

  • updates to spreadsheets module including .xlsx file support

    • xlsx_to_reader(): converts xlsxwriter.Workbook instance to xlrd reader
    • WriterX: like Writer but for xlsxwriter Worksheets, API is slightly different and won’t have any faculties for style management like Writer does.
    • Reader: gets a .from_xlsx() method
    • http_headers(): utility function to help when sending files as HTTP response

0.4.1 released 2014-05-17

  • fix packaging issue

0.4.0 released 2014-05-17

  • testing.raises() gets support for custom exception validators, docstring updated w/ usage
  • decorators.curry() use a different approach so multiple curried functions can be used
  • add decorators.hybrid_method() ala SQLAlchemy
  • add decorators.memoize() primarily for SQLAlchemy method caching
  • BC break: .decorators now uses ‘wrapt’ so that is a new dependency
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
BlazeUtils-0.5.3-py2.py3-none-any.whl (md5) Python Wheel py2.py3 2017-12-28 33KB
BlazeUtils-0.5.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-12-28 27KB