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BlazeUtils 0.4.1

A collection of python utility functions and classes.

Latest Version: 0.5.3


BlazeUtils is a library to hold common tools for the Blaze library family:

Questions & Comments

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Current Status

The code and API stay pretty stable.

The blazeutils tip is installable via easy_install with easy_install BlazeUtils==dev


0.4.1 released 2013-05-17

  • fix packaging issue

0.4.0 released 2013-05-17

  • testing.raises() gets support for custom exception validators, docstring updated w/ usage
  • decorators.curry() use a different approach so multiple curried functions can be used
  • add decorators.hybrid_method() ala SQLAlchemy
  • add decorators.memoize() primarily for SQLAlchemy method caching
  • BC break: .decorators now uses ‘wrapt’ so that is a new dependency

0.3.14 released 2013-12-17

  • fix bug in xlrd.workbook_to_reader()
  • exc_emailer() now has print_to_stderr argument, defaults to True

0.3.13 released 2013-12-17

  • fix bug which was always causing xlwt to be imported

0.3.12 released 2013-12-17

  • add stderr output when exc_email() encounters an exception
  • add dates.trim_seconds()

0.3.11 released 2013-12-06

  • DEPRECATE: xlrd.workbook_to_reader() moved to .spreadsheets
  • DEPRECATE: spreadsheets.XlwtHelper renamed to Writer
  • added spreadsheets.Reader
  • fix a deprecation warning bug in our tests
  • modified testing.raises() decorator to accept keyword args that will be converted into tests of attributes on the exception object
  • move package version to text file
  • add dates.trim_mils()
  • adjustments so deprecation warning always shows in testing

0.3.10 released 2013-06-10

  • added testing.mock_date*() methods
  • rst: breakout refid prefixing into separate prefix_refids()
  • rst: doctree2dict() now handles RST without doctinfo fields, renamed that function docinfo2dict(), but kept an alias for BC.
  • add xlrt.workbook_to_reader()
  • add XlwtHelper.write_merge()

0.3.9 released 2013-02-05

  • added numbers.ensure_int() and numbers.convert_int()
  • fix readme to have correct bitbucket URL to source

0.3.8 released 2012-03-22

  • added rst.create_toc() to generate a table of contents from a reST document
  • added some utility functions for reST processing with docutils
  • added testing.FailLoader to help when testing failed imports
  • ensure_datetime() now takes a time_part argument
  • added HTMLAttributes to new containers module, moved LazyDict to containers but left reference in datastructures.
  • make error_handling.raise_unexpected_import_error() more thorough and stop matching exceptions that shouldn’t have been matched
  • add helpers.ensure_list() and ensure_tuple()

0.3.7 released 2011-12-15

  • (BC BREAK) changed testing.raises() to regex escape by default. There is now a keyword arg to control regex escaping. Also switched it to be more lenient in its matching by using instead of re.match()
  • added exc_emailer() decorator
  • added testing.assert_equal_text()
  • add retry() decorator for retrying a function call when exceptions occur

0.3.6 released 2011-08-19

  • fix bug in sdist build

0.3.5 released 2011-08-18

  • XlwtHelper can now use XFStyle instances directly.

0.3.4 released 2011-06-11

  • deprecate error_handling.traceback_* functions
  • deprecate datetime module, moved safe_strftime to dates module
  • add decorators.deprecate() decorator
  • add testing.emits_deprecation() decorator (only usable w/ python >= 2.6)
  • add testing.raises() decorator
  • add dates module and ensure_date(), ensure_datetime()

0.3.3 released 2011-05-19

  • made moneyfmt/decimalfmt handle floats
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