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Centric8Python 2.0.0

Run queries and retrieve data from Centric 8 PLM systems.

Latest Version: 3.7.6

Centric 8 Python provides a python interface to query for data and execute Node operations on a Centric 8 PLM system. You might find it useful for tasks like creating reports or for importing and exporting data.

How it works

Typical Centric 8 Python usage often looks like this:

import centric8python.client as client

# Create a session using a PLM username and password.
host = ''
user = 'joes account'
password = 'joes password'

req = client.Client(host=host)
req.create_session_with_user(user=user, password=password)

# Set up the query and parameters.
query = '''
<Node Parameter="Type" Op="EQ" Value="Style" />
parameters = {'Qry.Limit.Begin': 1,
'Qry.Limit.End': 10,
'Dep.Path': ['__Parent__', 'Images;Attributes;']

# Execute the query on the PLM server.
result = req.query_by_xml(query, parameters=parameters)

# Close the session.


Use pip:

pip install centric8python
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
Centric8Python-2.0.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-01-11 13KB