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Chandler-HelloWorldPlugin 0.7

This is just an example plugin project

This plugin is just an example to show how minimal a plugin project can be. It doesn’t actually do anything, but is a complete example with a setup script and tests.

To download and install the plugin from the Chandler UI, use the “Plugins -> Download” and “Plugins -> Install” menus.

To download and install the plugin from the command line, use Chandler’s InstallPlugin script and restart Chandler:

InstallPlugin Chandler-HelloWorldPlugin

If you want to experiment with its code, you can use:

RunPython develop

to install it in development mode (where you can make changes and have them take effect whenever Chandler is restarted), or you can use:

RunPython install

to install it as an .egg file.

Note that when installed as an egg file, changes made to the source code will not affect Chandler execution, until you run install or develop again.

If you want to run this plugin’s tests (which also don’t do anything), use:

RunPython test

The only thing this plugin actually does when Chandler is run, is to write an entry to the log file when it is first loaded. The entry will appear only if the parcel has just been installed in a fresh repository, or if it is the first time running a new or changed version of the parcel.

For more information on this plugin and the plugin development process, see the original proposal at:

The svn sources for this plugin are at:

and can be retrieved with:

RunPython -m easy_install --editable -b . Chandler_HelloWorldPlugin==dev
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
Chandler-HelloWorldPlugin-0.7.tar.gz (md5) Source 2007-09-11 2KB