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Cnc25D 0.1.10

CAD library for 2.5D parts (including gears) using svgwrite, dxfwrite or FreeCAD as backend

Package Documentation

Cnc25D is a Python Package for 2.5D part design and cuboid assembly.

  • Cnc25D relies on FreeCAD
  • Cnc25D helps create FreeCAD macro
  • Cnc25D helps design 3D parts entirely with Python script
  • Cnc25D provides parametric ready-to-use design examples
  • Cnc25D helps drawing shape makable by a 3-axis CNC
  • Cnc25D helps positioning parts in a cuboid assembly

Have a look at the Cnc25D release documentation or the Cnc25D daily built documentation for more information.

The source code is available at under the license GPL version 3 or any later version.

Why 2.5D ?

3-axis CNC, laser cutter and water jet machine are getting cheaper and can be used in fablab, makerspace or hackerspace. 3-axis machine lets make 2.5D design, i.e. free xy-path at z constant.


Cnc25D is on PyPI.

To install Cnc25D:

  • First, install FreeCAD

  • Then, install the Cnc25D package with the following commands:

    > sudo pip install Cnc25D -U
    > cd directory/where/I/want/to/create/my/3D/parts
  • Or, clone the Cnc25D GitHub repository and run the code directly from there.

Feedback / Contact

If you find bugs, will suggest fix or want new features report it in the GitHub issue tracker or clone the Cnc25D GitHub repository.

For any other feedback, send me a message to “charlyoleg at fabfolk dot com”.

If you want to support financially this project, you can make a donation on my CardanCo website.

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Cnc25D-0.1.10.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-27 235KB