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Coherence 0.6.6

Coherence - DLNA/UPnP framework for the digital living

Coherence is a framework written in Python, providing a variety of UPnP MediaServer and UPnP MediaRenderer implementations for instant use.

It includes an UPnP ControlPoint, which is accessible via D-Bus too.

Furthermore it enables your application to participate in digital living networks, at the moment primarily the DLNA/UPnP universe. Its objective and demand is to relieve your application from all the membership/the UPnP related tasks as much as possible.

New in this 0.6.6 - the Red-Nosed Reindeer - release

  • new MediaServer backends that allow access to * Banshee - exports audio and video files from Banshees media db ( * FeedStore - a MediaServer serving generic RSS feeds * Playlist - exposes the list of video/audio streams from a m3u playlist (e.g. web TV listings published by french ISPs such as Free, SFR…) * YAMJ - serves the movie/TV series data files and metadata from a given YAMJ (Yet Another Movie Jukebox) library (
  • updates on Mirabeau - our “UPnP over XMPP” bridge
  • simplifications in the D-Bus API
  • a first implementation of an JSON/REST API
  • advancements of the GStreamer MediaRenderer, supporting now GStreamers playbin2
  • upgrade of the DVB-Daemon MediaServer
  • refinements in the transcoding section, having now the choice to use GStreamer pipelines or external processes like mencoder
  • more ‘compatibility’ improvements for different devices (e.g. Samsung TVs or Apache Felix)
  • and - as every time - the usual bugfixes and enhancements

Kudos go to:

  • Benjamin (lightyear) Kampmann,
  • Dominik (schrei5) Ruf,
  • Frank (dev) Scholz,
  • Friedrich (frinring) Kossebau,
  • Jean-Michel (jmsizun) Sizun,
  • Philippe (philn) Normand,
  • Sebastian (sebp) Poelsterl,
  • Zaheer (zaheerm) Merali