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CoilMQ 1.0.1

Simple, lightweight, and easily extensible STOMP message broker.

Package Documentation

The provided server implementation for CoilMQ uses the Python SocketServer libraries; however, CoilMQ is only loosely coupled to this server implementation. It could be used with other socket implementations.

The CoilMQ core classes and bundled storage implementations are built to be thread-safe.

News: CoilMQ


  • Error with one subscriber causes topic messages not to be delivered to other subscribers (issue 33).
  • Fixed error in some circumstances when clearing pending transaction frames with commit/abort (issue 30).
  • Fixed incorrect default address in help (issue 29).


  • Added a new diagnostic thread that will run when –debug option is passed on the commandline.
  • Added method to QueueManager API to support tracking subscriber count.
  • Improved unit and functional test coverage of storage engines.
  • Fixed bug in engine.commit() and updated tests to catch previous failure (issue 28).


  • Added support for RECEIPT header and server messages (issue 26).


  • Fixed packaging ( to include defaults.cfg and config.cfg-sample (issue 23).
  • Fixed socket recv loop to appropriately handle client DISCONNECT messages (issue 24).


  • Fixed bug in requeuing of pending frames when client is disconnected (issue 22).
  • Fixed bug in unit test for dbm on windows (issue 21).


  • Added allow_socket_reuse (SO_REUSEADDR) option to SocketServer subclass to avoid having to wait to restart server after unclean client disconnect.


  • Added a changelog ;)
  • Added socket timeouts so that the server can be interrupted (e.g. CTRL-C)
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