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Collectors 1.0

Monitor your (SimPy) simulation models or other objects and collect data from them.

Collectors was initially developed to monitor SimPy simulation models but it can also be used to monitor any Python objects and collect data from them.

Our main development goals were:

  • Ease of use (simple API, little typing)
  • Efficiency:
    • No impact on simulation speed if you don’t use it.
    • As little impact as possible if you use it.
  • Flexibility and easy extensibility
  • Separation of data collection and data analysis

Simple usage example

>>> class Spam(object):
...     a = 1
...     b = 2
>>> spam = Spam()
>>> # Create and configure the collector
>>> col = Collector(
...     ('a', lambda: spam.a),
...     ('b', lambda: self.b)
... )
>>> # Collect all monitored variables (spam.a and spam.b)
>>> col()
>>> spam.a, spam.b = 3, 4
>>> col()
>>> # Get the collector’s data
>>> col
([1, 3], [2, 4])
>>> # You can also access it's elements by their name ...
>>> col.a
[1, 3]
>>> # ... or by their index
>>> col[1]
[2, 4]


Collectors has only been tested with Python 2.6 but older versions should also work. Python 3.0 might also work; if not, we’ll put it on our schedule.


The easiest way to install Collectors is via PIP or distribute:

pip install Collectors


easy_install Collectors

If you downloaded the archive, execute:

python install

And finally, if you checked out the repository and always want to use the newest version, type:

pip install -e path/to/Collectors


pip install -e https+hg://


The Documentation can be found in the docs/ directory or online.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
Collectors-1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2010-06-24 520KB