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Colonyzer2 1.0.76

Image analysis for microbial cultures growing on solid agar surfaces

Latest Version: 1.1.22

Image analysis software for estimating cell density in arrayed microbial cultures growing on solid agar. This module contains a set of functions for spot location, image segmentation and spot size estimation, suitable for quantifying culture size/cell density for libraries of microbial cultures growing on a solid agar surface.

There are also a set of console scripts available for specific analysis jobs. For example, after installation, executing:


on the commandline, will run a script to analyse a batch of timecourse images of microbial colonies growing up over time. Detailed documentation can be found at the website below:

Website describing current, stable release.

Open access manuscript describing Colonyzer algorithms:

Open access video and manuscript demonstrating the use of Colonyzer within a Quantitative Fitness Analysis workflow

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