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ComplexNetworkSim 0.1.2

Simulation framework for agents connected in a (complex) network.

Package Documentation

ComplexNetworkSim is a Python package for the simulation of agents connected in a complex network.

Update February 2014: code is now available on github for you to fork if you want to, here:

The framework can can create a virtual complex network with virtual agents that can interact with each other. This can be used for example to study the spread of an epidemic over this simulated network and compare it with a phenomenon in the real world. Agent-based simulation tools generally operate on a simple topology such as grids or lattices, but this framework goes beyond this limitation by providing support for simulation over complex topologies (i.e. any kind of non-regularly connected graph). In addition, this project is not limited to a static network, but also takes into account temporal networks, where processes can dynamically change the underlying network structure over time.

The package requires NetworkX and SimPy to run simulations. It also requires matplotlib (and NumPy) for the visualisations and optionally ImageMagick for animated .gif images.

Please see for documentation, installation instructions, background information and how to get started using this package.

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