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Toolbox for Complex Sytems including : Public Good Game, Human Based Mobility Models

Latest Version: 0.3.2


Python package for complex systems simulations. See bitbucket or github for the latest source.

This Toolbox for Complex Sytems simulation include:

  • Human Based Mobility Models
[Rhee08]Injong Rhee, Minsu Shin, Seongik Hong, Kyunghan Lee and Song Chong, “On the Levy-walk Nature of Human Mobility”, INFOCOM, Arizona, USA, 2008


You will need sphinx installed to generate the documentation. Documentation can be generated by running sphinx-build -b html . build/. Generated documentation can be found in the doc/build/html/ directory. Or consult the online documentation .


The easiest way to run the tests is to install nose (easy_install nose) and run nosetests or python test in the root of the distribution. Tests are located in the tests/ directory.

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