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CyHunspell 1.1.0

A wrapper on hunspell for use in Python

Latest Version: 1.2.1

Cython wrapper on Hunspell Dictionary


This repository provides a wrapper on Hunspell to be used natively in Python. The module uses cython to link between the C++ and Python code, with some additional features. The hunspell library will cache any corrections, you can use persistent caching by adding the use_disk_cache argument to a Hunspell constructor, otherwise it uses in-memory caching.

NOTE: This repository only works on Unix environments until pthreads can be replicated with an mthread implementaiton.


cacheman – for persistent caching

How to use

Below are some simple examples for how to use the repository.


Language Preferences

  • Google Style Guide
  • Object Oriented (with a few exceptions)


  • Add mthreads alongside pthreads for bulk operations
  • Fix blocking issues for Windows usage (see above)
  • Remove cacheman dependency


Author(s): Tim Rodriguez and Matthew Seal

© Copyright 2014, OpenGov

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