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D2LValence 1.1.0

D2LValence client library for Python.

Desire2Learn Client Library for Python
The Python library divides functionality into a number of modules. The primary
module helps with authentication. Several supporting modules can assist with
making calls in several areas of the Valence API.

**Authentication**. The :py:mod:`d2lvalence.auth` module provides assistance for
the authentication needed to invoke Valence APIs. You use the module's functions
(and perhaps also classes) to create a
:py:class:`calling user context <d2lvalence.auth.D2LUserContext>` object that
you can then employ in conjunction with the Requests package as an
authentication helper.

You can find the source for our Python client library SDK in two locations:

* Our own `Python client GitHub repository <>`_.

* On the PyPi `package index repository <>`_,
  so you can install it as a package with pip or easy_install.

**Dependencies**. In order to use the Python client library SDK, you'll need to
first ensure you have a working Python development environment:

* Python 3 (the reference environment uses Python 3.3).

* The `Requests Python package <>`_
  gets in our our :py:mod:`auth <d2lvalence.auth>` module so that you can use a
  calling user context object as an authentication helper for Requests.

* The `Bottle Python package <>`_ if you want to
  use the samples available in conjunction with this client library (not a
  dependency for the client library itself).

Where'd and d2lvalence.service go?
The data and service modules have been decoupled from this package going
forward. Continued support for them may appear in a separate `d2lvalence-util`

.. :changelog:


1.1.0 (2013-11-18)
* Added `D2LUserContext.decorate_url_with_authentication()` to accept an entire URL
  and generate Valence authentication tokens for it; re-factor D2LUserContext
  to pull out the token generation code into an internal method

1.0.1 (2013-11-12)
* PEP8-ified the code; left some long lines for clarity, though.

* Cleaned up README contents.

1.0.0 (2013-10-01)
* Split away and d2lvalence.service from the auth
  library. Further support for these two modules may appear in a future
  `d2lvalence-util` package.

* Re-casting of internally used HTTP scheme constants to be lower-case strings
  to provide wider support for various versions of the `requests` library.

0.1.15 (2013-05-22)
* added structures and routes for support user activation

* repair news item attachment upload (in create_news_item_for_orgunit) to avoid
  tacking on extra CR-LF pairs to file data

* broad change to the way dictionaries of control values get passed down from
  the `service` into the requests library, for two reasons: to attempt to
  simplify the code around setting them, and to attempt to better avoid stomping
  values passed down from higher calling layers

* provide a `data.D2LDebugInfo` to act as a carrier for the actual
  request/response object used in the bowels of a service function call: passing
  down a `D2LDebugInfo` in a `d2ldebug` keyword argument captures a ref of the
  request/response used so that you can inspect it after making the service call
  (for examining outgoing URL/headers, full response headers/body/reason, etc)

* factor `Response.raise_for_status()` call into the `_fetch_content()` private
  service method to put it in one place, and to allow us the opportunity to
  gather the response object into a provided `D2LDebugInfo` before possibly
  raising the exception for a failed call

* added `with_traceback()` to the various exceptions service libarary raises for
  more provided trace info on exceptions

* added more type checking around parameters passed into service functions that
  are expected to be D2LValence data classes

* repaired post to create a discussion post to account for being able to send
  one or more file attachments along with the new post; added
  `data.D2LDiscussionPostAttachment` child of `data.D2LFile` to handle
  discussion post attachments

* repaired `service.check_versions()` to consume an array of
  SupportedVersionRequest objects

* fixed bug in `data.CreateCourseOffering.fashion_CreateCourseOffering` factory
  function to set `Path` property for the new instance

* added service function to retrieve a raw news item attachment for a news item
  in an org unit

* added structures and routes to support ePortfolio package export and import

0.1.14 (2013-04-29)
* repaired D2LUserContext so that it (a) handles API routes that contain
  characters that would URL-escaped in both it's AuthBase implementation *and*
  its :func:`create_authenticated_url` method, and (b) does this handling in the
  same way that does D2L authentication on other language platforms.

0.1.13 (2013-04-17)
* enhanced `service` functions to allow for passing keyword args down into the
  requests library making the outgoing HTTP calls

* explicitly added 'application/json' content type header to service actions
  sending JSON to the service

* modified multipart/mixed upload functions in `service` module to cope with
  changes in requests v1.2.0 around setting the Content-Type header for the
  upload action: now the functions use sessions around a prepped-request object,
  consistent with requests library new pattern for messing with the headers/body
  of an HTTP request

* added `data.D2LNewsAttachment` child of `data.D2LFile` to handle adding
  attachments to news events; added `data.NewsItemData` structure to support
  creation of news events; added new routes to support more news actions

* added `data.CreateEnrollmentData` structure to handle structure sent during
  enrollment creation; added service routes around user enrollment (delete,

* added `data.GroupCategoryDataFetch` and service methods to support some group
  routes; added routes around group org units

* added `data.GradeObjectCreateData` and re-factored `data.GradeObject`, as well
  as the derived grade object type classes, to separate structures for fetching
  and creating grade objects; added `data.GradeObjectCategory` and
  `data.GradeObjectCategoryData` to support grade object category routes; added
  service routes around grade objects, grade categories, grade values

* added factory methods to the incoming-grade-value structures for easier
  creation; added `data.IncomingFinalAdjustedGradeValue` structure for updating
  final adjusted grade value

* added data structures and routes around course completion

* added routes around calendar events

* fixed `service.get_organization_info` to return an Organization JSON
  structure, and not raw request content.

* fixed `service.get_all_my_grade_values_for_org` to return grade value
  instances, instead of grade object instances

0.1.12 (2013-01-23)
* fixed bug in D2LUserContext's implementation as a requests.auth.AuthBase so
  that it more properly handles API routes that contain characters that would be
  URL escaped by the requests library

0.1.11 (2013-01-04)
* revised `auth.D2LAppContext.create_url_for_authentication` to include an
  `encrypt_request` parameter (true by default) to allow generation of
  for-authentication URLs that do not use HTTPS

* added `data.D2LDropboxSubsmission` and several service functions to fill out
  support for the dropbox routes

* fixed parm name in get dropbox folder route

* fixed the `ExternalEmail` properties for `data.CreateUserData` and
  `data.UpdateUserData` to provide better support for having `None` values
  (which will translate to `null` when serialized to JSON)

* added `service.update_user()` for updating user records

* fixed the `RoleId` property for `data.CreateUserData` to have an empty default
  value rather than a numeric default (which probably isn't a useful default for

* added `data.UserPasswordData` and service methods to support the user password
  routes (deleting, changing, resetting)

* added `data.Organization` and `data.OrgUnit` and service methods to support
  routes that query the org structure

* added `data.EnrollmentData` and service functions to fill out support for
  enrollment routes

* added `data.IncomingGradeValue` and its derived classes, and service functions
  to fill out support for grades routes

* added `data.NewsItem` and several service functions to fill out support for
  the news routes

* added support to `service` module to try and support pre-1.0.0 requests
  package as well as post-1.0.0 versions.

0.1.10 (2012-12-18)
* revised `data` and `service` modules to update for compatibility with requests
  package post version 1.0.0

0.1.9 (2012-10-15)
* added data and service functions for Learning Repostory routes

* added data and service functions for course offering and content routes

* added data and service functions for discussion forum routes
* renamed utility functions in `data` module used for property set/getting to
  suggest they should be internal and not directly used

* added default (empty) value for `DescriptorDict` property to the
  `data.D2LLockerFile` class

* added `files` named parameter to post and put utility methods for simple file

* fix `service.rename_group_locker_folder()` to properly form route

* cleanup service module to python-ify parameter names

0.1.8 (2012-08-30)
* added support to the `auth` module for building an anonymous user context
  (context with no user ID/Key pair) -- clients can use such a context to make
  calls to the various API Property/Version routes to query LMS for API versions

* moved auth to use direct `==` comparison to check for empty parameters instead
  of use `in (singleItemList,)` pattern

* factored out process of fetching contents of Requests objects into a single
  funtion, moved to examine `request.headers['content.type']` to determine how
  to handle contents rather than just `try` to fetch r.JSON and default to

* repaired `service.check_versions()` to pass the `supported_version_request_array`
  as json data

* fixed `service._simple_upload()` to seek underlying buffer stream to head
  position before and after read, instead of trying to seek on the byte-string
  we read the stream into

* added support to the `service` library for distinguishing between anonymous and
  non-anonymous user contexts, and let version calls be made with anonymous
  contexts, raise errors in the case of all other calls that demand a user context

* added more grade routes for fetching 'my' grades

0.1.7 (2012-08-10)
* added `service.get_profile_by_user_id()`

* added `data.LockerItem`, `data.LockerFolder`, `data.GroupLocker` to support
  locker operations

* added to suite of locker functions to the `service` module to assist with locker
  operations: this includes an example of how you might want to handle the
  "simple upload" process for those Valence routes that use simple file upload

0.1.6 (2012-07-13)
* Fix bug in `update_social_media_url_by_url()`... we should look
  for 'url'-keyed entries, not 'name'-keyed entries

* Some documentation revisions

* Remove 'exceptions' module as not utilized

0.1.5 (2012-07-11)
* Changed `D2LStructure.as_json()` to kick back a deep-copy of the encapsulated
  data, instead of a ref to the instance's internal data structure

* Bug fixes

0.1.4 (2012-07-06)
* Refactoring and re-building of the libraries: moved data-structures into
  `data` module and service-related functions into `service` module;
  auth-related functionality remains in `auth`

* Re-worked samples to be more in line with design for the other client

0.1.0 (2012-06-02)
* Initial version
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