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DARE 0.8.0175

Dynamic Application Runtime Environment

To achieve the goal of supporting both types of parallelism, on heterogeneous distributed computing resources, we have developed the Dynamic Application Runtime Environment (DARE) framework. At the core of the DARE framework, is a SAGA BigJob (which is a flexible general purpose pilot-job implementation). With a suitable Web development framework, it supports the development of a lightweight but extensible, science gateway capable of using a range of distributed resources. The effectiveness of DARE framework supports a wide range of infrastructure, problem instance configurations and size.

Web Page & Mailing List

Web page:

Mailing list: Use


virtualenv dareenv source dareenv/bin/activate easy_install DARE

Configuration of Coordination Backend

Edit or create ~/.darerc

[DEFAULT] COORDINATION_URL =redis://localhost:6379



Building PyPi package

python build

Upload to PyPi

python sdist upload
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
DARE-0.8.0175.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-12-13 14KB