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DatabaseWizzard 0.4

Web framework for easy database access.

This is a python web framework that integrates with databases.

It allows to read a current database scheme and generate sql-alchemy files to access data from that database and directly produce screens based on those tables.

It will be possible to directly insert and search through data with autocomplete fields for related records and data validation. This library can also be used to quickly create new pages with different layout than the automatically generated pages.

A fully multi-user version is planned that shows changes from other users directly into the current lists of records.

Example application

There is a runnable example application in the directory /example. Run it with:

python example/

Connect to the application with:

firefox localhost:8765

Or insert your own favorite browser name instead.


python the language, with better unicode support
template generation:
database abstraction and simple caching:
any database can be used including:

sqlite3.. used in the example

mysql-server python3-drizzle

postgresql python3-psycopg2

and lots of other databases are possible:

Development tools

help with unit tests:
generate python documentation pages:
check layout issues inside python code:
detect other problems in python:

Pylint under python3

This is not yet packed for python3 but can still be used in the following way.

create a working directory, another name is ok here:
mkdir devel cd devel
download sources:
apt-get source python-pylint apt-get source python-logilab-astng apt-get source python-logilab-common
install python3 modules:
cd logilab-common-0.58.0 sudo python3 install cd ../logilab-astng-0.23.1 sudo python3 install cd ../pylint-0.25.1 sudo python3 install –no-compile
create a pylint3 script:
sudo mv /usr/local/bin/pylint /usr/local/bin/pylint3