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Deliverance.Rewrite 0.6.2

Deliverance transforms HTML to theme pages, fork with separate header rewrite

Latest Version: 0.6.3

Deliverance does transformations of HTML to ‘theme’ pages, similar in function to XSLT but using a simpler XML-based language to express the transformation.

New in this version

  • Deliverance now discards caching headers from the request before fetching the theme resource, since it doesn’t know how to handle 304 responses internally. This prevents Deliverance from serving unthemed content if the client request contains caching headers that would cause the theme server to respond with 304 Not Modified.
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
Deliverance.Rewrite-0.6.2.linux-i686.tar.gz (md5)
built for Linux-3.5.4-1.fc17.i686-i686-with-glibc2.0
"dumb" binary any 2012-10-04 365KB