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Desire2Download 0.2.0beta

Download all of the content from the University of Waterloo's Desire2Learn LMS

## Note ##
UWaterloo recently updated Desire2Learn to 10.1 which broke a lot of functionality and introduced bugs.
This update tries to mitigate some of them but there are a lot of them.
The main issue is that the folder structure is not preserved and sub folders are not downloaded.

Download all of the content from the University of Waterloo's
new learning management system which uses Desire2Learn instead of the old Angel
based UWACE.

d2d was inspired by Jamie Wong's fabulous [UWAngel-CLI](
written in Ruby.

d2d is somewhat hacky and has not been tested extensively. If you do find a bug,
please [let us know](

To install, just do either:

- python install
- pip install desire2download

To use d2d, just browse to the folder you want to download the files in, type
d2d and hit enter! d2d will not download a file if it has been already saved.

- d2d
- d2d --username ktalwar
- d2d -u ktalwar -p icanhazcatz
- d2d -i ".*.ppt"
- d2d -u scholida -p hecanhazcatz -i ".*.ppt" -c "CS+"

Username: scholida
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ECE 224 - Fall 2011
+ ECE 224 - Fall 2011/Labs/Lab Tools Tutorial.html (1.70K)
+ ECE 224 - Fall 2011/Labs/Lab 1/lab1_checklist-s2010.pdf (107.65K)

Credits: Stephen Holiday, Ansis Brammanis, Kartik Talwar and Jacob Parry  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
Desire2Download-0.2.0beta.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-05-05 6KB