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DesktopStreamer 0.7

Capture A/V from the desktop and stream it to the local network.

Capture audio and video from the desktop and stream it to the local network using avconv and vlc.

Python Script

You can just run the python module and - if you install this package - you could also start the provided script from the console or your desktop shell.


Start the package like this python -m desktopstreamer [options]. Or use the startup script like this:

stream_desktop [-n|--gui] [-a|-A] [capture options] [stream options]
stream_desktop --version
stream_desktop --help

To use it in your desktop shell, a .desktop file is provided.


The easiest way to install this package is trough pip:

pip install --user desktopstreamer

Or download the latest source (or get it trough git clone ...) and install it like this (from the sources root directory):

python install --user


You don’t need to install any Python dependencies.


avconv and vlc are required though. Install them like this:

  • Debian / Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libav-tools vlc


You can use the provided .desktop file and icon from the data/ directory to start the script from your desktop shell.


You can use a file to store the settings in a JSON dictionary.

The default location is ~/.config/DesktopStreamer/settings.json. The supported keys are the capture and stream long-options (with _ instead of -).

To store settings in this file, use the --save option. If you use it, the current settings are stored and previous settings are overwritten. You can create and edit it manually too.

Here’s some example content:

  "port": 420,
  "res_out": "1280x720"

The settings from this file are applied, if you use the --load option.


The provided .desktop file uses the --load option automatically each time.

Shell Script

You can source the data/ in your .bash_aliases or similar to get a quick stream_desktop command. The python script has more options though.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
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