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DistributedPydap 0.0.4

Module that implements aggregation of a cluster of Pydap servers.

This module brings a WSGI middleware that aggregates datasets from several Pydap servers.

To install it, add the filter to your server.ini:

use = egg:pydap#server
root = %(here)s/data
templates = %(here)s/templates
x-wsgiorg.throw_errors = 0
filter-with = distributed

use = egg:DistributedPydap
root = %(here)s/data
cache = %(here)s/cache.db

And then add the new index.html template:

$ paster create -t DistributedPydap server

Where server is your installation of Pydap. Then edit the index.html template adding the address of other Pydap servers configured with this middleware.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
DistributedPydap-0.0.4-py2.6.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.6 2011-06-20 14KB
DistributedPydap-0.0.4.tar.gz (md5) Source 2011-06-20 34KB