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Django-Drupal-Password-Hasher 0.1.1

Useful password hasher for django sites with drupal components

Django-Drupal Password Hasher is a simple package created to hash Drupal 7 passwords with the prefix ‘drupal’.

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Installation typically looks like:

pip install Django-drupal-password-hasher

Typical usage in a python script looks like:

from djangodrupalpasswordhasher import drupal_password_hasher

hasher = DrupalPasswordHasher()
salt = hasher.salt()
password = "foobar"
encoded_password = hasher.encode(password, salt)

In a django project, change the settings file to look like:


And user authentication continues as normal:

from django.contrib.auth.models import User


user = User(first_name='foo', last_name='bar', email='')

Note: Django uses the first entry in the PASSWORD_HASHERS section of your settings file for user authentication by default. If you have other password hashers but want to use this one, make sure it is the first entry in the list.

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