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Django-MobilityHelpers 0.1.0a

Simple middleware and helper function to help handle request from mobile devices.

Latest Version: 0.3.0

Mobility Helpers

Version : 0.1.0a
Author : Thomas Weholt <>
License : Modified BSD
Status : Beta - Experimental.

Mobility Helpers are a small reusable django app making it easier to target mobile platforms/devices. It comes as a piece of middleware
and a helper function to render a view.

In short using a special function to render your views will detect requests from mobile devices and look for a special template for that devices. Normal clients
will get a normal template. So if you access a page with your tablet the app will use to render the view instead of templatename.html.

* pip install django-mobilityhelpers
* add 'mobilityhelpers.middleware.MobileDetectionMiddleware' to your middleware section in
* in your views do a 'from mobilityhelpers import smart_response'


* After installation your should have a 'is_mobile' property on your request instances. You can use this to tune your queryset etc. for mobile devices.
* Instead of using render_to_response use smart_response(request, template_name, context_data).

Configuration options
* You can settings.DISABLE_MOBILITY_HELPERS = False to disable rendering of templates aimed at mobile devices.
* settings.DETECT_MOBILE_FLAVOUR = True will add a specific tag to the template being rendered, ie. for ipad ( the only supported device so far ) will
render index.ipad.html instead of when accessed with an iPad. All other supported mobile devices will use

0.1.0 - Initial release.

* django

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