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Django-PeerReview 0.1.0

Simple reusable app for management of peer review of arbitrary django models.

Version : 0.1.0 Author : Thomas Weholt <> License : Modified BSD WWW : Status : Beta

Django Peer Review is a reusable app for management of peer based reviews of arbitrary django models. It consists of a backend
using the normal django admin and a frontend based on bootstrap from the guys behind Twitter.

NB! This is alpha/pre-beta software and the structure of the code WILL change until marked as stable.


0.1.0 - Initial release


  • django 1.4+


  • pip install django-peer-review

  • or download the source distro and do python install

  • add ‘peerreview’ to INSTALLED_APPS in

  • add “url(r’^peerreview/’, include(‘peerreview.urls’)),” to for your project

  • for every model you want to use in reviews, create a template looking like:

    {% extends "peerreview/frontend/item_list.html" %}
  • following the pattern of “templates/appname/modelname_peerreview.html”

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