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Doorstop 0.0.11

Text-based requirements management using version control.

Latest Version: 1.5b1


Doorstop is a tool to manage the storage of textual requirements alongside source code in version control.

Each requirement item is stored as a YAML file in a designated directory. The items in each designated directory form a document. Document items can be linked to one another to form a document hierarchy. Doorstop provides mechanisms for modifying this hierarchy, checking the tree for consistency, and publishing documents in several formats.


0.0.x releases are experimental and interfaces will likely change.

Getting Started


  • Python 3
  • Git or Veracity (for requirements storage)


Doorstop can be installed with pip or easy_install:

$ pip install Doorstop

After installation, Doorstop is available on the command-line:

$ doorstop --help

And the package is available under the name doorstop:

$ python
>>> import doorstop
>>> doorstop.__version__

Document Creation

Parent Document

After configuring version control, a new parent document can be created:

$ doorstop new REQ ./reqs
created document: REQ (@/reqs)

Items can be added to the document and edited:

$ doorstop add REQ
added item: REQ001 (@/reqs/REQ001.yml)

$ doorstop edit REQ1
opened item: REQ001 (@/reqs/REQ001.yml)

Child Documents

Additional documents can be created that link to other documents:

$ doorstop new TST ./reqs/tests --parent REQ
created document: TST (@/reqs/tests)

Items can be added and linked to parent items:

$ doorstop add TST
added item: TST001 (@/reqs/tests/TST001.yml)

$ doorstop link TST1 REQ1
linked item: TST001 (@/reqs/tests/TST001.yml) -> REQ001 (@/reqs/REQ001.yml)

Document Validation

To check a document hierarchy for consistency, run the main command:

$ doorstop
valid tree: REQ <- [ TST ]

Document Publishing

A text report of a document can be displayed:

$ doorstop publish TST
1       TST001

        Verify the foobar will foo and bar.

        Links: REQ001

Other formats are also supported:

$ doorstop publish TST --html
<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>1 (TST001)</h1>
<p>Verify the foobar will foo and bar.</p>
<p><em>Links: REQ001</em></p>

Or a file can be created using one of the supported extensions:

$ doorstop publish TST path/to/
publishing TST to path/to/

Supported formats:

  • Text: .txt
  • Markdown: .md
  • HTML: .html
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