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EMFT 0.5.5

Set of tools for the DCS mission builder

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Etcher’s Mission File Tools



0.5.1 (2017-08-14)


  • Added weather management from command line. [132nd-etcher]

0.5.0 (2017-08-01)


  • New updater - please see details below. [132nd-etcher]

    The new updater has different update channels. If the channel you had selected previously (example: “dev”) does not exist in the new updater, it will default to “beta” (which corresponds to the develop branch).


  • Reorder: fix bug if target directory doesn’t exist when re-ordering. [132nd-etcher]
  • Fix bug in log tab: new records are now filtered. [132nd-etcher]


  • Use pefile instead of win32api to infer executable file version (#82) [132nd-etcher]

    [Finishes #148568267]

0.4.3 (2017-07-11)

  • Create [132nd-etcher]

0.4.2 (2017-07-08)


  • Add warning when leaving the radio presets tab without saving. [132nd- etcher]

  • Add radio presets tab. [132nd-etcher]

  • Path settings are now dependent on the current Windows GUID. [132nd- etcher]

    WARNING: all previous settings will be lost ! Namely: - Saved Games path - Output folder for single miz re-ordering - Last miz file for single miz re-ordering - Source & output folder for automated miz re-ordering - active DCS installation of Skins tab - Last directory for the Roster tab - Custom DCS installation paths Fixes #12

  • Roster tab detects position of aircrafts; (Tbilisi, Vaziani, Soganlug, Senaki, Kutaisi and any FARP) [132nd-etcher]

  • Allow for one custom DCS installation. [132nd-etcher]

  • “Roster” tab: displays client Groups from a MIZ file. [132nd-etcher]

  • “Skins” tab: add button to refresh skins. [132nd-etcher]

  • Add link to online changelog. [132nd-etcher]

  • Using gitchangelog to maintain changelog. [132nd-etcher]


  • Set “Save” button as default in output folder edit dialog. [132nd- etcher]

  • Re-worked the re-ordering system. [132nd-etcher]

    Added pre-selection of output folders, added the possibility to define a number of profiles (TRMT, SDCM, …) to the auto-reordering, and started working on encapsulating all of this in a manageable framework to ease maintenance & growth. Finish #14_reorder-profiles Closes #14

  • Changed layout margins. [132nd-etcher]

  • Using single re-order button for both manual and auto mode. [132nd- etcher]

  • Tab_reorder: branches are now sorted alphabetically, with “master” and “develop” always on top. [132nd-etcher]

  • Reorder tab: add explicit error message on remote probing failure. [132nd-etcher]

  • Shows red “error” text instead of staying stuck on “Probing…” [132nd-etcher]

  • Redirect calls to Appveyor and Github to the new repo. [132nd-etcher]

    Following the transfer of ownership of the TRMT repo

  • Dev move ProgressAdapter to its own module. [132nd-etcher]

  • Skin filters are now case insensitive. [132nd-etcher]

  • Remove ‘beta’ and ‘alpha’ as update channels. [132nd-etcher]


  • Auto reorder: fixed bug when no branch is selected. [132nd-etcher]

  • Fixed pending or failed AV build not detected. [132nd-etcher]

  • Fix lag due to scanning of remote branch. [132nd-etcher]

  • Fixed laggy progress dialog when downloading a MIZ file. [132nd- etcher]

  • Fixed MIZ files being decoded twice during re-ordering. [132nd-etcher]

  • Prevent double instantiation of EMFT. [132nd-etcher]

    closes #27

  • Re-order scan for remote branches on GH during refresh. [132nd-etcher]

    closes #17

  • Re-order tab: make an initial scan at startup. [132nd-etcher]

  • Fixed config not initializing with corrupt config file. [132nd-etcher]

  • Fixed Browse dialog adding “.” string after paths. [132nd-etcher]

  • Fixed wrong appveyor project selected. [132nd-etcher]

  • Fixed config file upgrade from v3 to v4. [132nd-etcher]

  • Fixed opening the radio presets file in explorer. [132nd-etcher]

  • Allow for spaces in a radio channel description. [132nd-etcher]

  • Fixed opening of output path in re-order tab. [132nd-etcher]

  • Fix bug in config file handling. [132nd-etcher]

  • Scan for TRMT crash fixed when no local TRMT exists. [132nd-etcher]

  • Fixed performances on skins tab update. [132nd-etcher]

  • Saved_games path wasn’t read from Config. [132nd-etcher]

  • Show develop changelog on experimental versions. [132nd-etcher]


  • Dev: fix: remove default arg. [132nd-etcher]
  • Update changelog. [132nd-etcher]
  • Create [132nd-etcher]
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