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A simple encryption module meant for running in the command line, and from python

Package Documentation

Welcome To Encry!

This is a simple, and fairly insecure Encryption module for python

Meant to be perfect for things like chat messages...

To use simply type this command once installed
``$ --help``

this command may change (see changelog)

You can use this as a normal command
``$ -e test -d``

this means encrypt(-e) the message(test) with the default key(-d)
you can get a randomly generated key with -r

to decrypt your previous message do:

``$ --entry 1 -d``

this means look for entry(1) in output.txt and decrypt it(-d)

You can also use this as a python module
simply type:

``>>>import Encry``

that's it!

better documentation coming soon!


- -1.1.1: Added a changelog

- -1.1.2: improved the documentation

- - Removed the annoying formating on the README file

- -1.1.3: Added some backdoor stuff to get ready for 1.2

- -1.2: Added Joshification

- -1.2.1: Fixed Joshification

- -1.3: Added functionality to the --settings command

- -1.3.1: Improved the documentation

- - Fixed the README file not displaying correctly

Patch Notes For Current Release:

- The --settings command actually changes settings!
- For now there are 3 of the settings you can change(see below)
- Fixed a bunch of minor bugs
- You can now install user made settings files from anywhere! (``--settings -i``)
- Moved the ``-J`` command to ``--setup`` for sense-making purposes
- Using ``--settings`` by itself will now display a sample file for you to edit
- Added propper documentation
- Changed the documentation theme

Change settings in the command line!
``$ --settings (setting) (variable)``

For now there are 3 variables:

1. enigmafy - will change the encryption process (true or false)

2. debug - turns on/off debug mode (true/false)

3. out - the output file, you can insert a path here to put the file wherever you want!

Please, If you have any bug reports, and/or ideas, Please email me:
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