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FCRes 0.1

Python utilities for the FCSys package

Latest Version: 0.4

.. warning:: This package is still in development.  There are likely to be many
   bugs.  Please check back soon.

FCRes is a Python_ package to load, analyze, and plot simulation results from
FCSys_---a Modelica_ library for modeling fuel cells and electrochemistry.  It
is based on and requires ModelicaRes_.  For more information about the
functions of FCRes, see the HTML or PDF documentation in the doc folder.

Kevin Bandy helped to develop this package.

First, download and set up ModelicaRes_.  It is hosted in the Python Package
Index (PyPI) at  Follow the
installation instructions there.

Next, install FCRes by running the set up script ( from the base
folder.  On Windows, use the following command::

   python install

On Linux, use::

   sudo python install

The matplotlibrc file in the base folder has some recommended revisions to
matplotlib_'s defaults.  To use it, copy or move the file to the working
directory or matplotlib_'s configuration directory.  See for details.

.. _Python:
.. _FCSys:
.. _Modelica:
.. _ModelicaRes:
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FCRes-0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-01-13 740KB
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