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FTPwalker 0.4.1

Optimally traversing extremely large FTP directory trees.

FTPwalker is a Python package for optimally traversing extremely large FTP directory trees.

Here is an example of FTPwalker traversing the Uniprot bioinformatics database:

from FTPwalker.runwalker import ftpwalker

walker = ftpwalker("Uniprot", "")

This will create a dictionary formatted as a JSON file in the user’s home directory containing all the full paths as keys and the respective filenames as values. FTPwalker is designed with speed in mind by utilizing state-of-the-art high performance parallelism and concurrency algorithms to traverse FTP directory trees. The resultant hash table (i.e., dictionary) supports fast lookup for any file in any biological database.


For running the FTPwalker you need to have python3.x+ installed. Then you can use pip or pip3 for installation.

# Install
    sudo pip3 install FTPwalker

    # Upgrade
    sudo pip3 install FTPwalker --upgrade
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FTPwalker-0.4.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-03-08 9KB