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Application development framework

Latest Version: 0.2.5

Application development framework.

Project Goals

  • Strong security by default.
  • Focus on being developer-oriented.
  • Promote funcional pythonic style.
  • Promote continuous testing+profiling.

Why Fanery

Fanery is an opinionated development framework build around a few simple concepts:

  • Strong cryptography must be transparent and enabled by default.
  • Encryption must not rely on cryptographic keys generated client side.
  • Encryption must only rely on unbroken high-quality ciphers/algorithms/implementations.
  • Session security must not rely on SessionIDs, bizare URLs, secure cookies, secret tokens, magic keys or any other piece of information that can be guessed or stolen during transmission.
  • Capture and re-transmission of encrypted messages must be pointless.
  • The framework must protect transparently against brute-force and authenticated sessions abuse.
  • The framework must handle transparently input serialization to harmless/built-in only object types.
  • The framework must not depend on strict/pre-defined configuration style/format and/or directory structure.
  • The framework must not tie to a particular storage or UI technology.
  • The framework must provide the facilities for easy testing, debugging and profiling.
  • The framework must not rely on components that inhibit elastic/horizontal scalability.

A lot of discussions happens around JavaScript Cryptography Considered Harmfull so a bit of clarification is needed to understand why and how Fanery use it:

  • HTTPS cannot be replaced by JavaScript Cryptography, however SSL/TLS is no help against the majority of common attacks, that’s why Fanery use “scrypt + NaCl + One-Time Pad” (both server and client side) together with SSL to achieve protection against many of those threats.


  1. First make sure to install successfully the following C libraries:

    pip install PyNaCl
    pip install cxor
    pip install ujson
    pip install scrypt
    pip install bsdiff4
    pip install ciso8601
    pip install python-libuuid
    pip install msgpack-python
  2. Then install Fanery and run test files:

    pip install Fanery
    python tests/
    python tests/
  3. The following libraries offer great help during debug, profiling and testing:

    pip install ipdb
    pip install xtraceback
    pip install profilehooks
    pip install line-profiler
    pip install memory-profiler
    pip install linesman objgraph
    pip install multi-mechanize
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