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FarPy-GUIE v0.5.2

Python GUI Editor

Latest Version: v0.5.4

GUIE (GUI Editor) provides a simple WYSIWYG GUI editor for wxWidgets and IronPython. The program was made in C# and saves the GUI that was created to a XML format I called GUIML. This GUIML is a pretty standard representation of the GUI created with the program with some helpful additions for .NET. Next, GUIE takes these GUIML files and translates it to either wxPython Python code or wxRuby Ruby code (more languages in the future). You may ask yourself why I took the extra step? Why didn’t I go straight from C# controls to wxPython code? Why is GUIML necessary? Well, it isn’t. It is there simply for people (or maybe I) to take the GUIML and convert it to other languages. This, by effect can convert this tool from a Python GUI editor, to “any programming language with a GUI module” GUI editor.

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