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FatBotSlim 0.2

Yet another IRC bot library


Yet another Python IRC bot library…


  • asynchronous
  • multi-server
  • easy to use plugin system
  • rights management for user-defined commands
  • automated help messages generation for custom plugins
  • colored logging
  • colored IRC messages
  • command line parser to set your custom bot settings from the console


  • gevent
  • chardet


  • From GitHub:

    git clone
    cd fatbotslim
    python install
  • From PyPI:

    pip install fatbotslim


The documentation is hosted on readthedocs and is available in the following formats:


This very simple bot answers Hello <username>! when someone says !hello in a public message.

Using the fatbotslim.cli helpers also gives your bot an integrated command line arguments parser.

For more detailed informations about writing custom handlers and more complex bots, please refer to the documentation.

from fatbotslim.cli import make_bot, main
from fatbotslim.handlers import CommandHandler, EVT_PUBLIC

class HelloCommand(CommandHandler):
    triggers = {
        'hello': [EVT_PUBLIC],

    def hello(self, msg):
        self.irc.msg(msg.dst, "Hello {0}!".format(

bot = make_bot()

Just try it!

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
FatBotSlim-0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-09-21 14KB