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FilterPype 0.3.5

FilterPype is a process-flow pipes-and-filters Python framework.

Package Documentation


FilterPype is being used for multi-level data analysis, but could be applied to
many other areas where it is difficult to split up a system into small
independent parts.

Some of its features:

* Advanced algorithms broken down into simple data filter coroutines
* Pipelines constructed from filters in the new FilterPype mini-language
* Domain experts assemble pipelines with no Python knowledge required
* Sub-pipelines and filters linked by automatic pipeline construction
* All standard operations available: branching, joining and looping
* Recursive coroutine pipes allowing calculation of e.g. factorials
* Using it is like writing a synchronous multi-threaded program

Project sponsored by `Flight Data Services`_ and released under the Open
Software License (`OSL-3.0`_).


Package requires ``pip`` for installation.

pip install FilterPype

Source Code

Source code is available from `GitHub`_:



Documentation is available from the `Python Package Index`_:


.. _Flight Data Services:
.. _OSL-3.0:
.. _GitHub:
.. _Python Package Index:

* Migrated to GitHub. No code changes.

* Packaging now uses SetupFixer
* License changed from MIT to OSL-3.0

* Completed test suite
* Minor documentation tweaks


* Refactored documentation and Sphinx configuration
* Documentation auto published to PyPI


* Refactored package structure and
* Source distribution auto published to PyPI


* Minor code cleanup for hosting source on Google Code


* Initial release

To Do

* class DataLength(dfb.DataFilter) cf. CountBytes
* Use tank_queue for calculating vertical height change rate
* Make ">>>" redundant, since it adds nothing to the logic of
and just complicates things because of when it is required.

See the **TO-DO** markers in filterpype/*.py for a complete list.


FilterPype is written and maintained by Flight Data Services, Ltd

Substantial parts were written by Rob Collins
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