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FiscalHr 0.2.10

Helper class for fiscalization in Croatia

FiscalHr for Python

FiscalHr is Python helper class for fiscalization in Croatia.


pip install --process-dependency-links FiscalHr


pip install
pip install FiscalHr

Certificate conversion

Example for openssl:

umask 0077
openssl pkcs12 -in "FISKAL 1.P12" -out fiskal-1.pem

Example Usage

Send receipt

from fiscalhr.fiscal import Fiscal

fis = Fiscal('fiskal-1.pem', 'fiskal-1.pem', key_passphrase='some secret')

now = fis.localtime_now()

racun = fis.create('Racun')
racun.Oib = '01234567890'
racun.USustPdv = True
racun.DatVrijeme = fis.format_time(now)
racun.OznSlijed = 'P'
racun.BrRac.BrOznRac = 7
racun.BrRac.OznPosPr = 'PP-1'
racun.BrRac.OznNapUr = 'NAP-4'

porez = fis.create('Porez')
porez.Stopa = fis.format_decimal(25)
porez.Osnovica = fis.format_decimal(100)
porez.Iznos = fis.format_decimal(25)


racun.IznosUkupno = fis.format_decimal(125)
racun.NacinPlac = 'K'
racun.OibOper = '01234567890'
racun.NakDost = False

racun.ZastKod = fis.generate_zki(racun)

print racun.ZastKod

response = fis.send('racuni', racun)

print response

Register business premises

Example for registering internet shop, with no pass phrase on SSL key and test mode enabled:

from datetime import datetime
from fiscalhr.fiscal import Fiscal

fis = Fiscal('fiscal-key.pem', 'fiscal-cert.pem', test=True)

pp = fis.create('PoslovniProstor')
pp.Oib = '01234567890'
pp.OznPoslProstora = '1'
pp.RadnoVrijeme = 'non-stop'
pp.DatumPocetkaPrimjene = fis.format_time(datetime(2013, 7, 1), 'Datum')

adresa = fis.create('OstaliTipoviPP')
adresa = "Internet trgovina"

pp.AdresniPodatak.OstaliTipoviPP = adresa

response = fis.send('poslovniProstor', pp, nosend=False)

print response
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