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Flask-CAS 0.4.3

Flask extension for CAS

Latest Version: 0.5.1


Flask-CAS is a Flask extension which makes it easy to authenticate with a CAS.


The Central Authentication Service (CAS) is a single sign-on protocol for the web. Its purpose is to permit a user to access multiple applications while providing their credentials (such as userid and password) only once. It also allows web applications to authenticate users without gaining access to a user’s security credentials, such as a password. The name CAS also refers to a software package that implements this protocol.

(Very short) Setup Tutorial

First create a Flask instance:

from flask import Flask

app = Flask(__name__)

Apply CAS on your Flask instance:

from flask.ext.cas import CAS


Do needed configuration:

app.config['CAS_SERVER'] = ''

app.config['CAS_AFTER_LOGIN'] = 'route_root'


After you setup you will get two new routes /login/ and /logout/.

Reference documentation


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