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Flask-Mime 0.1.0

Provides MIME type based request dispatching mechanism.

Flask-Mime is Flask extension that enables applications to dispatch requests based on Accept header of it.


Install the extension with the following command:

$ pip install Flask-Mime


Create a Mime object and define routes with MIME types:

from flask import Flask, render_template, jsonify
from flask_mime import Mime

app = Flask(__name__)
mimetype = Mime(app)

def index_html():
    return render_template('index.html')

def index_json():
    return jsonify(data={'content': 'index'})

Each requests are dispatched depending on the value of Accept header, even though they have same request path:

client = app.test_client()
client.get('/', headers={'Accept': 'text/html'})  # returns html
client.get('/', headers={'Accept': 'application/json'})  # returns json


Note that MIME type based request dispatching mechanism may have negative influence for some applications, for example, which has a cache system.

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