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Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.7.2

Add Flask support for MongoDB using MongoAlchemy.

Package Documentation

Flask support for MongoDB using MongoAlchemy.


If you want to get started, check the example sourcecode out.

For full documentation, see the online docs at:


Bootstraping the development environment

If you are using a virtualenv, bootstrap your development environment by running:

$ make bootstrap

Running tests

With all dependencies installed (after bootstrap development env), just run:

$ make test


#cobrateam on chanel


Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.7.2

  • Pin pymongo version to ensure driver compatibility.

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.7.1

  • Support for specifying the full connection string, via the MONGOALCHEMY_CONNECTION_STRING configuration value.

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.7.0

  • Multiple database support (thanks Misja Hoebe)

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.6.1

  • Replica set support, via the MONGOALCHEMY_REPLICA_SET configuration value.

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.6.0

  • Use the not-so-new extension scheme for Flask, users now should import the extension using the flask.ext metapackage
  • Some fixes in the docs, regarding other extensions usage in examples

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.5.4

  • [bugfix] fix compatibility with pymongo 2.2

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.5.3

  • [bugfix] fixed a bug on

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.5.2

  • added a configuration flag for user authentication based either on database or server
  • [bugfix] fixed server based authentication

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.5.1

  • [bugfix] fixed the subpackage structure

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.5

  • Support for multiple MongoDB sessions

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.4.3

  • [bugfix] added database to MongoDB URI for authenticated connectinos

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.4.2

  • Fixed pymongo dependency in

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.4.1

  • MongoAlchemy 0.9 as dependency
  • [bugfix] safe session operations on connect, save and remove

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.4

  • Documentation improvements
  • Support for safe or unsafe sessions and operations

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.3.3

  • Fixed dependencies on

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.3.2

  • Compatibility with Flask 0.7

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.3.1

  • [bugfix] method get on Query objects was never returning the object

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.3

  • Introduced update queries support

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.2

  • Reverse compatibility broken on Document class. The get() method was moved to BaseQuery class. Here the old code, on version 0.1:

    >>> Document.get(mongo_id)

    And the new code, on version 0.2:

    >>> Document.query.get(mongo_id)
  • Added get_or_404, first_or_404 and paginate methods on BaseQuery class. Check the documentation to know how to use them :)

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Flask-MongoAlchemy-0.7.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-06-03 6KB