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Flask-ToyBox 0.0.3

Create somehow-RESTful HTTP APIs with Flask

Latest Version: Unknown

Sorry, no documentation yet, this is totally pre-alpha quality.

I just needed something to implement somehow RESTful (or, to be precise, what I consider RESTful) API. I’ve looked around for a readily available solution, but didn’t found anything that suited my needs and desires. So I’ve wrote a hopefully reusable library to do it.

The work is in progress, and API is unstable and subject to various changes.

See feature list below for main points about this library.


What’s implemented:

  • Extensible (de)serialization for both input and output, with HTTP content-type negotiation.
  • Handling of GET and PATCH requests (object retrieval and modification)
  • Relatively flexible field-level permissions. Could be always supplemented by TastyPie-like hydration/dehydration methods.
  • SQLAlchemy model and collection views support. Best used with Flask-SQLAlchemy.
  • Simple pagination helper (pagination using “Range” request header).
  • Built-in helper for filtering SQLAlchemy collections.

What’s missing:

  • Better example.
  • Documentation. There are some docstrings in source code, but not much.
  • POST, PUT and DELETE requests (object creation and deletion).
  • Overriding negotiation using query string (i.e. ?format=json)
  • Nested resources.
  • Better test coverage.
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
Flask-ToyBox-0.0.3.tar.gz (md5, pgp) Source 2012-12-18 27KB