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Flask-User 0.6.11

Customizable User Account Management for Flask: Register, Confirm email, Login, Change username, Change password, Forgot password and more.

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Customizable User Account Management for Flask

So you’re writing a Flask web application and would like to authenticate your users.
You start with a simple Login page, but soon enough you need to handle:
  • Registrations and Email Confirmations
  • Change Usernames, Change Passwords, and Forgotten Passwords

And wouldn’t it be nice to also offer:

  • Role-based Authorization
  • Remember-me cookies
  • Multiple emails per user
  • Internationalization
Flask-User offers these user features (and more) out-of-the-box
while also honoring the following developer needs:
  • Reliable (Code coverage of over 95%)
  • Secure (Built on top of widely deployed Flask-Login)
  • Ready to use (Through sensible defaults)
  • Largely configurable (Through configuration settings)
  • Fully customizable (Through customizable functions and email templates)
  • Well documented
  • Tested on Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3 and 3.4


Flask-User v0.5 and v0.6 are quite stable and are used in production environments.
It is marked as a Beta release because the API is subject to small changes.
We appreciate it if you would enter issues and enhancement requests into the Flask-User Issue Tracker.


The Flask-User Demo showcases Flask-User. To protect against spam mis-use, all email features have been disabled. (If you’re the first visitor in the last hour, it may take a few seconds for Heroku to start this service)


Flask-User Documentation

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Flask-User Revision History

Contact Information

Ling Thio - ling.thio [at]


This project would not be possible without the use of the following amazing offerings:

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