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Flask-Via 2014.05.19.1

Provides a clean, simple URL routing framework for growing Flask Applications.

Latest Version: 2015.1.1


Inspired by the Django URL configuration system, Flask-Via is designed to add similar functionality to Flask applications which have grown beyond a simple single file application.


from flask import Flask
from flask.ext.via import Via
from flask.ext.via.routers.default import Functional

app = Flask(__name__)

def foo(bar=None):
    return 'Foo View!'

routes = [
    Functional('/foo', foo),
    Functional('/foo/<bar>', foo, endpoint='foo2'),

via = Via()
via.init_app(app, route_module='flask_via.examples.basic')

if __name__ == "__main__":


Growing your application can be quite difficult when it’s not always clear where and how your routes are discovered. This can lead to a cluttered application factory method when all your routes are defined at application creation - resulting in code which is difficult to maintain, not to mention messy.

A better solution is to define your routes in a and automatically load them at application start up. This is what Flask-Via helps to do.

Third party Flask extensions don’t always follow the same conventions for adding routes to an application, so Flask-Via has been designed to be easy for developers to write their own custom routers. For an example of this, take a look at the bundled Flask-Restful Resource router.

If you do write a custom router that is useful to you, it will probably be useful to someone else so please do contribute back :)

Change Log


  • Hotfix: Fixed issue where routes would be reregistered with an app incorrectly in the event of multiple app creations


  • Feature: Include now supports endpoint prefixing
  • Feature: Blueprint router can now take a blueprint instance
  • Feature: Added support for VIA_ROUTES_NAME to set a common routes name
  • Deprecated: Basic Router in favour of the Functional router
  • Improved: Pluggable Router API is now cleaner
  • Improved: Test Suite now uses PyTest
  • Improved: ImproperlyConfigured now raised if routes module is not defined in either init_app or in application configuration via VIA_ROUTES_MODULE


  • Feature: Flask Admin Router
  • Feature: Include url_prefix option


  • Feature: Flask extension initialisation
  • Feature: Basic and Pluggable Flask Routers
  • Feature: Flask-Restful Router
  • Feature: Ability to include other routes
  • Feature: Ability to register blueprints
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