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GRunner 0.3.4

Lightweight gevent program runner


GRunner ‘Gevent Runner’ is a Python Gevent Server for UNIX. It’s a pre-fork worker model inspired by Gunicorn project. The GRunner server is simply implemented, light on server resource usage, and fairly speedy.


GRunner requires Python 2.x >= 2.6.

Install from sources:

$ python install

Or from Pypi:

$ easy_install -U grunner

Basic Usage

After installing GRunner you will have access to three command line scripts grunner.

Commonly Used Arguments

  • -b BIND, --bind=BIND - Specify a server socket to bind. Server sockets can be any of $(HOST), $(HOST):$(PORT). An IP is a valid $(HOST).
  • -w WORKERS, --workers=WORKERS - The number of worker processes. This number should generally be 2 workers per core in the server.

There are various other parameters that pidfile, pythonpath, logging, etc. You can see the complete list with the expected:

$ grunner -h


The first and most basic script is used to server ‘bare’ WSGI applications that don’t require a translation layer. Basic usage:


Where APP_MODULE is of the pattern $(MODULE_NAME):$(VARIABLE_NAME). The module name can be a full dotted path. The variable name refers to a WSGI callable that should be found in the specified module.

Example with test app:

$ cd examples
$ grunner --workers=2 --bind  -d  -log=/log/file/path --pythonpath=/project/dir/ test:app


GRunner is released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more details.

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