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Geoza 0.0.3

A prototype for playing songza playlists based on geoloction.

## Intro
This a prototype on that plays Songza playlists based on geolocation data.
Right now it works on forests and us cities. It will then pull data from
askgeo and coordinates2statistics api to determine what type of forest and us city.

## Installation
On Linux/OSX:
sudo pip install geoza

On Windows:

pip install geoza

## Usage
geoza "<place>""

Where place can be a place name or a latittude and longitude.
example calls:

geoza "Eugene Or"

geoza "44.104071, -123.270008"


Looks like I'll have to switch data sources as coordinates to statistics is great for getting the land cover (i.e if the area is covered with trees, city, water etc.) but the rainfall seems off, as it's giving the toal yearly rainfall of the amazon rainforest as 45 inches.

I avoided using api because it only gives the average rainfall one call at a time and
I wanted to avoid making 12 api calls, but I might have to. Wolfram alpha is also a possibility
but it is rather slow.  
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Geoza-0.0.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-05-27 4KB